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Speech to AIPAC could give Netanyahu his out

One shoe dropped on Friday: Abe Foxman of the ADL said that Israeli PM Netanyahu ought to cancel his scheduled speech to the Congress because the controversy has turned into a political “circus.” Foxman: “Now is a time to recalibrate, restart and find a new platform and new timing to take away the distractions.”

Another shoe dropping. Haaretz reports increasing pressure on Israeli PM Netanyahu to cancel the speech, set for early March.

An official at the Prime Minister’s Office denied on Monday a Reuters report claiming Benjamin Netanyahu was considering canceling his speech before a joint session of the U.S. Congress.

Earlier, the report quoted Israeli officials who said that the content of Netanyahu’s speech may be “toned down” to be less partisan, that the speech may be made behind closed doors and that Netanyahu may make his speech at the AIPAC convention rather than in Congress.

That could be the out: Netanyahu would just address the AIPAC policy conference on March 1-3 in Washington, thus saving face. And he’d get full attendance of Congress after all!

Another Democrat has bowed out of the Netanyahu show. Independent Bernie Sanders, who represents Vermont. DaveWeigel tweets:

At Brookings, Bernie Sanders says he’s not going to the Netanyahu address to Congress.

No one can put this fire out. Now David A. Love of the Grio is calling on the Congressional Black Caucus to boycott the speech as a “highly abnormal” affront to President Obama. Two black congresspeople have already said they’re not going: John Lewis and G.K. Butterfield. Love says “the rest of the CBC should follow suit” because the Republicans are trying to embarrass Obama and undermine his Iran policy. And the move is the “ultimate sign of disrespect” to African-Americans. It follows Republican efforts to disempower African-American voters and Israel’s efforts to punish African asylum-seekers.

[I]f all of this will not keep the Congressional Black Caucus from Netanyahu’s speech, then perhaps they should ask the prime minister why he believes African people are a threat to Israel.

Netanyahu said yesterday that he accepts invitations to speak, and implied that the plans are full speed ahead.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday that despite the growing criticism both in Israel and the United States, he plans to address a joint session of the U.S. Congress to lobby against a nuclear deal with Iran, just as he went to Paris last month after the attack on a kosher supermarket.

“I went to Paris not just as the prime minister of Israel but as a representative of the entire Jewish people,” Netanyahu said, during a conference for French-speaking Likud activists. “Just as I went to Paris, so I will go anyplace I’m invited to convey the Israeli position against those who want to kill us. Those who want to kill us are, first and foremost, any Iranian regime that says outright it plans to destroy us. I will not hesitate to say what’s needed to warn against this danger, and prevent it.”

Netanyahu is becoming increasingly incensed about a possible Iran deal with the west. He tweets:

PM at the Cabinet meeting: The major powers and Iran are galloping toward an agreement that will endanger the existence of Israel.

Josh Block of the Israel Project does Netanyahu one better. President Obama is demented.

Sadly its Pres Obama who is trying cement Iran as what he dementedly calls “a force for stability”

Philip Weiss and Adam Horowitz

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  1. Krauss on February 9, 2015, 1:09 pm

    What a historic humiliation for Bibi. He’ll be re-elected, of course. See for all the polls. Not a single one is even close. We’ll be looking at a hard-right government like the one that emerged out of Cast Lead.

    But so what? They’ll reschedule this. He’ll do his speech to AIPAC and a symbolic Congress tour/mini-speech with no TV cameras to try to save face but it is already too late.

    Obama has all the political capital in the world to ignore the Israelis now. The Palestinians are going to the ICC. Is Obama going to stop them? He’ll still veto at the UN but watch them do nothing as the ICC begins its investigation and the pressure turns up.

    Was this the final nail in the coffin? Of course not. Clinton is waiting in the wings, much to the relief of the lobby. But Clinton is the last breath of the post-war liberal concensus, protect Israel, lock black people up, puff up Wall Street.

    Meanwhile, the American campus has already been lost. The only question now is how long. How long until the changes in the liberal universities start to seep into progressive publications.

    When I see Jewish Clintonite liberals write this kind of drivel I know that they are feeling the screws:

    The Jewish vote for the democrats has been declining in 3 consecutive elections. It’s bound to get even lower. I wrote yesterday that Scarsdale, NY was the perfect town to represent the social isolation of the assimilaited Jewish elites who have so thoroghly moved into white America that we are now seeing people like Chait talking like retrograde WASPs. Are you telling me the purge of the TNR is unrelated?

    All I say is this: please don’t drag down the rest of us with you.

    • Krauss on February 9, 2015, 2:25 pm

      Update: seems like Bibi’s doubling down:

      This after Obama explictly called out Bibi in his presser with Merkel today. Even if I could write the script for him, I don’t think I could have tanked Bibi as hard as he has tanked himself.

      • seafoid on February 9, 2015, 2:38 pm

        Bibi is unhinged. He thinks the Hebrew bubble is real . He think the world will always buy his shtick. That the goys have a g spot that he can reach every time by talking about the Shoah.

        He’s nuts.

      • Krauss on February 9, 2015, 4:51 pm

        That the goys have a g spot that he can reach every time by talking about the Shoah.

        Seafoid, you are a genius.

      • MRW on February 9, 2015, 8:58 pm

        I fuckin’ agree with Krauss. What a line, Seafoid! Loved it.

  2. Mooser on February 9, 2015, 1:20 pm

    Anybody catch Joe Scarborough this morning concerning Nettie’s speech?

    • Krauss on February 9, 2015, 1:23 pm

      Always makes me laugh when I see Christians trying to be more Jewish than the Jews.
      Sort of like Evangelicals telling Max Blumenthal that they are more Jewish than him.
      (Yes, has happened and yes, it is hilarious).

      • Mooser on February 9, 2015, 8:53 pm

        But did you catch the part about Scarbourough trolling for, begging for, anti-Semitic tweets?

  3. just on February 9, 2015, 1:37 pm

    “That could be the out: Netanyahu would just address the AIPAC policy conference on March 1-3 in Washington, thus saving face. And he’d get full attendance of Congress after all!”

    That is brilliantly written and sadly, too true. I did laugh, though.

    I don’t think he can “save face” with the WH or the American people, though. I also believe that some others in Congress and in AIPAC were aware of this way ahead of the WH. Dermer , Netanyahu, and Boehner are not that skilled to have pulled this off alone. ahem.

    Just read this in The Guardian:

    “According to a poll by Army Radio published on Monday, 47% of Israelis believe Netanyahu should cancel the speech, scheduled for 3 March, and 34% think he should go ahead with it. However, a majority of 63% say the speech doesn’t factor in to their decision on whether to vote for Netanyahu in elections due later next month.”

  4. oldgeezer on February 9, 2015, 1:41 pm

    I’m not sure how he could really spin a speech to AIPAC back home as not caving in. He has been adamant that he was going to speek to congress and insisting he wouldn’t back down and that it is a duty. I think his opponents would be able to make hay with such an action.

    That said the analysis is right that it would be just as effective.

  5. seafoid on February 9, 2015, 1:55 pm

    Zionism is a stranger
    In an open tank
    To tempt you in
    And drive you far away

    And I want it
    And I want it
    And I want the land
    It’s an obsession

    Zionism is a danger
    Of a different kind
    To take you away from Judaism
    And leave you far behind
    And Land- land -land
    Is a dangerous drug
    You have to receive it
    And you still can’t
    Get enough of the stuff

    Zionism is savage and it’s cruel
    And it shines like Gaza destruction
    Comes in like the flood
    And it seems like religion
    It’s ignoble and it’s brutal
    It distorts and deranges
    And it wrenches you up
    And you’re left like a zombie
    And it’s not Jewish

    • just on February 9, 2015, 2:18 pm

      well done, seafoid.

    • john h on February 10, 2015, 1:29 am

      Brilliant adaptation, fits like a glove.

    • ivri on February 11, 2015, 12:04 pm

      Man, you became an Israel addict. And you are not alone. I sometime think it is the sworn enemies of Israel and their obsessed focus on it that makes what is essentially a very, very small country look so big. After all if they are ready to spend so much energy on it, their whole life literally, there must be something exceptional in it – otherwise how could such a miniature country, stuck in the middle of the Middle-East, be so important? So should I be angry with this chorus or thank them? I don`t know – maybe angry because of the underlying bad intentions.

      • Taxi on February 11, 2015, 12:52 pm

        You measure by land-grab and we measure by human suffering. Israel is not important in the grand scheme of things nor is it an obsession except for zionists. If we’re talking “important”, then Palestinian suffering is important. But not to you, naturally. And people who support the plight of the Palestinians are increasing in number because they’re realizing that PALESTINIAN LIBERATION IS VITAL TO WORLD PEACE, and to them it looks like israel is a warmongering land thief that must be stopped from continuing its crimes against humanity and mass-murder spree.

        And you find that kind of attention flattering? Man, you are real screwy. Rotten eggs are being thrown at israel’s face, not flowers.

  6. Marnie on February 9, 2015, 1:56 pm

    “I went to Paris not just as the prime minister of Israel but as a representative of the entire Jewish people,” Netanyahu said, during a conference for French-speaking Likud activists. “Just as I went to Paris, so I will go anyplace I’m invited to convey the Israeli position against those who want to kill us. Those who want to kill us are, first and foremost, any Iranian regime that says outright it plans to destroy us. I will not hesitate to say what’s needed to warn against this danger, and prevent it.”

    That’s one arrogant son-of-a-bitch. He won’t hesitate to say anything that will incite hatred and create danger where there wasn’t any at all, just to continue to drive home the false narrative that there must be a nation state for the Jews, that’s all that matters (feeling guilty yet goyim?). No one has evere suffered like the Jews. The more ratcheting up the antisemitism rhetoric, the more dangerous the world is becoming to all of us.

    • seafoid on February 9, 2015, 2:36 pm

      Imagine having Milikovsky speaking on your behalf. Like having a rapist for a father.

  7. surewin on February 9, 2015, 2:49 pm

    Well, Gideon Levy sold me on his view. Ultimately the results will be better for everyone if Netanyahu wins next month. He’ll probably be able to hang in there for another two years or so, but then his time will be up. If the rest of the world intends to impose a two-state solution, which I think is possible, it would have to happen after the next inauguration in the U.S. I realize that it seems far-fetched, but I wouldn’t rule out Naftali Bennett succeeding Netanyahu and acquiescing to the pressure to establish two states. They always say it takes a hawk to make peace. Even if Herzog wants to solve the problem, he probably would not be able to.

    I was all excited about how the Congressional speech thing might play out, but now I’m with Levy, hoping Netanyahu remains in place for a while longer. If and when an agreement is reached between Iran and the P5+1, Netanyahu’s reaction will tend to clarify things, which should be helpful.

    • Krauss on February 9, 2015, 5:01 pm

      Bibi is the same age as Hillary Clinton. He could easily stay in politics until 2020, if not longer.

      The long-term demographics favor the Likud. But there is no challenger to challenge him. He is for Likud like Hillary is for the dems right now.

      Bennett has a long-term chance to succeed him but he’s falling in the polls after the ultra-right Kahane party “Yachad” has risen. It has people like Eli “Israel belongs to the white man” Yishai.

      But yes, Levy is correct, it’s going to be better if Likud/far-right keeps winning. Labor hasn’t had a say in Israeli politics for almost 15 years now, why not make it 20. This will only cement the liberal perception of Israel as a country which inherently hostile to its values – which is correct.

      Israel favored Mitt Romney over Obama in 2012 the most of any major country that was polled.

      So democrats are, slowly, coming to the conclusion that Israel is basically the Deep South in one state, and if anything to the right of the Deep South. Why would there be anything resembling a “shared values” alliance for them at all?

      I say let Bibi rule, and finalise what is already happening so that the severing will be harsher and faster.

  8. German Lefty on February 9, 2015, 3:20 pm

    OT – From the Forward advice column:
    “I am a non-Jewish person who works for a Jewish organization. How do I politely tell my bosses and other colleagues how offensive I find their focus on battling intermarriage?”

    • Citizen on February 9, 2015, 4:46 pm

      Depends on if the questioner wants to keep his or her job at the Jewish Organization?

    • Mooser on February 9, 2015, 8:40 pm

      “How do I politely tell my bosses and other colleagues how offensive I find their focus on battling intermarriage?”

      Well, if you’re single, you could marry one of their kids…..that’ll show ’em!
      It’s not hard, just let them know you’re available, and your chances are pretty good, at least 58%

  9. David Doppler on February 9, 2015, 3:33 pm

    When the risk of peace became too intense in the 90s, Rabin was assassinated. Netanyahu gives every indication that he regards the prospect of a deal between the US/West with Iran as just such a risk. For the megalomaniac personal defeat and defeat of his state become one and the same.

    The US should push forward with the Iran deal, but should be on high alert for any level of effort by the Israelis to stifle it before the election.

  10. Pixel on February 9, 2015, 4:13 pm

    Peter Feld @peterfeld

    Lol, @Netanyahu, you’re not my real dad.

  11. a blah chick on February 9, 2015, 4:18 pm

    ““I went to Paris not just as the prime minister of Israel but as a representative of the entire Jewish people,” Netanyahu said”

    I guess that makes it official, Mooser.

  12. Citizen on February 9, 2015, 4:54 pm

    There’d be no kurtuffle amounting to anything if black leadership was not involved–Bibi knows America is easily moved by Israel, but he didn’t count on some of said leadership getting their backs up “disrespectin'” President Obama, the “first black president.”

  13. gracie fr on February 9, 2015, 4:58 pm

    The leaders of the pro-Netanyahu lobby not only believe that the prime minister’s speech is essential, they are convinced that the White House is inciting Congressional Democrats against Bibi; they are seeking to exploit the situation in order to eat away at traditional Jewish support for their political rivals and they have, of course, one more critical characteristic in common.

    “It’s really an anti-American, anti-patriotic position to take”, according to Mort Klein, president of Zionist Organization of America, a group heavily funded by Sheldon Adelson. We will make sure people know that the Bibi’s boycotters “chose partisan interests and to stand with President Obama,” says Matt Brooks, executive director of the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC), a group that basks in the largesse of Adelson, Sheldon. “If they boycott the speech, they’ll be casting their lot with the more liberal, not pro-Israel base of the party,” is the formulation proposed by Ari Fleischer, an RJC director who is also, you guessed it, close to Adelson. “There really isn’t any debate as to what the right decision is,”, says the sole Jewish Republican in Congress, Lee Zeldin, whose winning election campaign in November was helped by generous donations, direct and otherwise, from Adelson et al.

    So this is their plan: to inject even more inter-party venom into hitherto bipartisan support for Israel, to pour high-octane political fuel on the already burning fires, to stain Obama loyalists as Israel-haters whose place is outside the fence, where they should remain.

    • just on February 9, 2015, 5:17 pm

      You mentioned Adelson, so here’s something else:

      “Sheldon Adelson is donating another $40 million to Birthright Israel and the Azrieli Foundation will give $5 million.

      The gifts for the free 10-day educational trips to Israel for Jewish young adults were announced recently.

      The latest donation to the Birthright Israel Foundation from Dr. Miriam and Sheldon Adelson’s Adelson Family Foundation adds to the $140 million it has already given Birthright. The Adelsons are the largest individual donors to Birthright. The new donation includes a $20 million challenge grant.

      The Azrieli Foundation announced a five-year, $5 million gift to Birthright Israel Foundation of Canada to be used to support and expand offerings of Birthright trips for eligible Canadians, as well as sponsor trips for individuals with developmental and/or physical disabilities. Like the Adelson gift, the Azrieli one includes a matching gift, or challenge grant, component.”

      (Is Adelson implicated in the Epstein/Dershowitz debacle yet?)

      • American on February 10, 2015, 10:38 am

        If you checked all the names I think you’d find a lot of well know US Zionist uber rich on it.
        More than one way to skin a cat—go after their money.
        I have also long thought the tax free donations to Israel are at least in part a money laundering and tax dodging operation.

        Leaked files implicate over 6,000 Israelis in massive bank scandal
        Some $10 billion held in Israeli-linked accounts at Swiss branch of HSBC bank, including Edmond Safra and Yoshiyahu Pinto

        By Times of Israel staff and AFP February 9, 2015, 3:22 pm 0

        Banking giant HSBC faced damaging claims Monday that its Swiss division helped wealthy customers dodge millions of dollars in taxes after a “SwissLeaks” cache of secret files emerged online. Among their clients are over 6,200 Israelis, with holdings totaling some $10 billion.

        The documents published over the weekend claim the bank helped clients in more than 200 countries evade taxes on accounts containing $119 billion.
        The huge cache of files, which were stolen by an IT worker in 2007 and passed to French authorities, has sparked criminal probes in several countries and attempts to claw back the cash.
        Israel was ranked sixth on the list of countries with the most money in the hidden Swiss accounts, with an estimated $10 billion overall.
        The funds were distributed among over six thousands clients and 9,769 accounts.
        One Israeli client alone had $1.5 billion in his account. The documents noted that while over six thousand people were associated with Israel, only half of them are Israeli citizens.
        Brazil-born banker Edmond J. Safra was listed as holding a Swiss account with up to $5.3 million, and Israeli-Canadian oil trader Jonathan Kollek was linked to accounts holding as much as $72 million.

        Diamond dealer Beny Steinmetz, celebrity rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto — who is embroiled in an ongoing graft case – and businessman Zadik Bino were also named as account holders.
        The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) obtained the files via French newspaper Le Monde, and shared them with the BBC and The Guardian newspaper in Britain, US TV program “60 Minutes” and more than 45 other media organizations worldwide.
        The documents showed that HSBC provided accounts to international criminals, businessmen, politicians and celebrities, according to the ICIJ.
        The revelations are likely to stoke calls for a crackdown on sophisticated tax avoidance by the wealthy and by multinational companies, a key political issue across Europe.
        Tax avoidance is legal, but tax evasion is not.
        “HSBC profited from doing business with arms dealers who channeled mortar bombs to child soldiers in Africa, bag men for Third World dictators, traffickers in blood diamonds and other international outlaws,” ICIJ reported.
        A range of former and current politicians from Russia, India and a range of African countries, as well as Saudi, Bahraini, Jordanian and Moroccan royalty, and the late Australian press magnate Kerry Packer were named in the files.
        Following the bombshell disclosure, there were calls for a Swiss probe against the bank, which is already facing prosecution in France and Belgium.
        “I am angry,” former Swiss foreign minister Micheline Calmy-Rey told public broadcaster RTS, claiming the scandal had seriously damaged Switzerland’s reputation.
        HSBC shares were up 1.24 percent to 621.00 pence in late morning trade in London.
        Switzerland has to date only launched an investigation against HSBC employee-turned-whistleblower Herve Falciani who stole the files at the heart of the scandal.
        The files were used by the French government to track down tax evaders and shared with other states in 2010, leading to a series of prosecutions.
        HSBC’s Swiss banking arm insisted it has since undergone a “radical transformation.”
        “HSBC’s Swiss Private Bank began a radical transformation in 2008 to prevent its services from being used to evade taxes or launder money,” Franco Morra, the head of HSBC’s Swiss unit, told AFP in an email.
        He said the bank had closed “the accounts of clients who did not meet our high standards and ensuring we have strong compliance controls in place.”
        “We have no appetite for business with clients or potential clients who do not meet our financial crime compliance standards.
        “These disclosures about historical business practices are a reminder that the old business model of Swiss private banking is no longer acceptable,” he said.
        The Swiss Banking Association said the country’s banks had worked hard in recent years to clean up the shop and ensure conformity with tax laws.
        But it warned that banks “must always respect existing laws… (both) in their own country and the laws in the countries where they operate.”
        If they don’t follow the law “they have to take the consequences,” it said in a statement to AFP.
        Notes in the leaked files indicate HSBC workers were aware of clients’ intentions to keep money hidden from national authorities.
        Of one Danish account holder collecting cash bundles of kroner, an employee wrote: “All contacts through one of her 3 daughters living in London. Account holder living in Denmark, ie critical as it is a criminal act having an account abroad non declared.”
        In another memo, an HSBC manager discusses how a London-based financier codenamed “Painter” and his partner could avoid Italian tax.
        Names in the files include people sanctioned by the United States, including Turkish businessman Selim Alguadis and Gennady Timchenko, an associate of Russian President Vladimir Putin targeted by sanctions over Ukraine.
        Alguadis told the ICIJ it was prudent to keep savings offshore, while a spokesman for Timchenko said he was fully compliant with tax matters.
        Former Egyptian trade minister Rachid Mohamed Rachid, who fled Cairo during the 2011 uprising against former president Hosni Mubarak, is listed as having power of attorney over an account worth $31 million, according to the files.
        Other individuals named include the late Frantz Merceron, an associate of former Haitian president Jean Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier, and Rami Makhlouf, cousin of Syrian President Bashar Assad.
        Also named were designer Diane von Furstenberg, who told the ICIJ the accounts were inherited from her parents, and model Elle Macpherson, whose lawyers told the ICIJ she was fully in compliance with UK tax law.
        Motorcycle racer Valentino Rossi, listed as having $23.9 million in two accounts, said he had regularized his tax situation with Italian authorities.
        Formula One businessman Flavio Briatore is connected to 38 bank accounts that held as much as $73 million from 2006-2007, according to the ICIJ. His lawyer told the ICIJ the accounts were legal and complied with tax laws

      • American on February 10, 2015, 10:48 am

        Another way to get some of the elite zionist….Strauss-Kahn, who as head of the IMF said he went to work every day thinking how he could help Israel, got nailed this time–for good…he’s finished in the influence circle.

        Dominique Strauss-Kahn To Testify About Hooker Sex Parties
        Ex-IMF Chief Faces Procurement Charges

        Read more:

  14. italian ex-pat on February 9, 2015, 5:37 pm

    ‘Just as I went to Paris, I will go whenever I’m invited …….” Quote from Netanyahu.

    I thought he was NOT invited to Paris, in fact Mr Hollande had asked him not to come.
    So I guess what he means is ” I will go whether I’m invited or not”.

    • Marnie on February 10, 2015, 1:09 am

      Yes, he was told not to come, but I guess he has the ears of a rapist and to him no always means yes.

  15. JLewisDickerson on February 9, 2015, 5:57 pm

    RE: “Josh Block of the Israel Project does Netanyahu one better. President Obama is demented.” ~ Weiss & Horowitz

    MY COMMENT: Hot damn, Josh Block is “Da Man”*! ! !

    * Da Man –

    Josh Block is not an Israel firster! No way, man –

  16. just on February 9, 2015, 5:59 pm

    “The Vermont senator Bernie Sanders has confirmed his interest in running for president in 2016 with a blistering prescription for mending America’s “broken democracy” that would position him significantly to the left of Hillary Clinton.”

  17. JLewisDickerson on February 9, 2015, 6:03 pm

    RE: “I went to Paris not just as the prime minister of Israel but as a representative of the entire Jewish people,” Netanyahu said . . .

    MY COMMENT: So, Catholics have the Pope, and Jews have Netanyahu! ! !

  18. Kathleen on February 9, 2015, 6:11 pm

    On Sunday’s MSNBC Melissa Harris Perry she had two of my heroes middle east analyst Hillary Mann Leverett and the incredible reporter Ayman Moyheldin on to discuss this important issue. Most in depth interview about the issue so far that I have heard about or listened to

  19. just on February 9, 2015, 8:19 pm

    Benny Ziffer has a serious crush, should the PM be worried?

    “Bedazzled by Sara Netanyahu

    Meeting her, the reason for our national Sara-phobia suddenly struck me: fear of the erotic woman, the ghost that hovers over Israeli politics.

    But there’s something else, that is unhealthy and dangerous, in Israel’s macho, boorish political culture: the fear of the erotic woman. It seems to me that the whole ever-swelling heap of defamatory tales about Sara Netanyahu stems from this fear of the erotic woman: For the first time in Israeli history, the head of state is a relatively young man, who has a sexually active marriage with a younger woman who is, first and foremost, a young wife and mother. In any other country, this would be considered most normal and agreeable. Not here, in a country that hasn’t been able to free itself of the Jewish complex that views a couple’s erotic relations as something that must be kept hidden when you’re a public figure. And it certainly doesn’t help that Sara Netanyahu has a presence that’s impossible to hide. This is her chief sin.”

    The picture here:

    • Kay24 on February 9, 2015, 8:30 pm

      Bibi might act like a bully with the rest of the world, but it seems according to their help at home, she is a tyrant. Bibi might be the henpecked hubby who takes orders at home, but takes his frustration out of the rest of the world, especially his poor neighbors.

    • Mooser on February 9, 2015, 8:46 pm

      “It seems to me that the whole ever-swelling heap of defamatory tales about Sara Netanyahu stems from this fear of the erotic woman:”

      Oh Lord, who needs ipecac, just bottle that. What happened to rest-room sex in Tel Aviv? I’ll give Israel this, of hypocrisy they are completely unafraid.

      • just on February 9, 2015, 8:49 pm


        After I laughed, I felt queasy.

      • Kay24 on February 9, 2015, 9:25 pm

        Lol, good point Mooser. :))

      • Mooser on February 10, 2015, 2:42 pm

        “Lol, good point Mooser. :))”

        I’ve never forgotten a video I saw, of some kind of marine creature, very primitive, a nudibranch, I think that seems to move by continuously turning itself inside-out!. Always presenting a new shape, a new proportion, a new inside, a new outside, all in a roiling kind of continuity. Never forgotten it, I thought it was a perfect visualization of Zionist-Jewish identity. And yup, it makes me queasy to watch it.

    • Marnie on February 10, 2015, 1:24 am

      It’s going to take a lot more than that to take the focus off Benjamin and try to cast his wife as some kind of femme fatale. Unless of course, the whole idea is to ultimately blame Miz Sara for everything wrong and turn Mr/Mrs Netanyahu into a modern day version of Ahab and Jezebel.

      The woman they are really scared to death of is Haneen Zoabi. She’s younger, attractive, outspoken, intelligent, fearless – everything they hate in a women, and she’s forbidden fruit. Just ask Lehava.

  20. MRW on February 9, 2015, 9:03 pm

    but as a representative of the entire Jewish people,” Netanyahu said

    Really. This might come back to bite a lot of people in the ass.

    Why do American Jews let him get away with this?

    • Marnie on February 10, 2015, 1:30 am

      That’s a great question. Maybe it’s not political at all, something else altogether

    • SonofDaffyDuck on February 10, 2015, 9:44 am

      I guess that since the Pope–as representative of all Catholics–will speak to Congress, Bibi wants to establish hisself on equal footing.

      Seems reasonable!

      • MRW on February 16, 2015, 2:29 am

        Netanyahu isn’t a religious leader. He was elected, and with only 740,000+ votes at that. No comparison, none at all.

    • Mooser on February 10, 2015, 2:50 pm

      “Why do American Jews let him get away with this?”

      Because up til now, and even now in most US places, being a Zionist Jew is a cost-free pretense. Hell, it’s a profitable pretense! Make being a Zionist costly to American Jews in some way, even socially, and watch how fast the great majority drop it. Make it cost a little more, and you will see Jewish individual, even denominations repudiating it!

      And of course, that is starting to happen.

      • eljay on February 10, 2015, 3:27 pm

        || Mooser: Make being a Zionist costly to American Jews in some way, even socially, and watch how fast the great majority drop it. Make it cost a little more, and you will see Jewish individual, even denominations repudiating it! ||

        But…that would mean Jewish Americans – born and raised in the good ol’ U.S. of A. – would have to accept the U.S. – and not some supremacist state in the Middle East – as their actual homeland. Why, that’s just crazy!

  21. MRW on February 9, 2015, 9:11 pm

    And he’d get full attendance of Congress after all!

    Smart politicians should avoid showing for his speech; meaning the ones who have already said they won’t appear in Congress. They’re going to get clocked.

  22. traintosiberia on February 9, 2015, 10:52 pm
    “In these very moments, the protocols are being rewritten. Rich Jews are writing them in their own handwriting. They, in their wealth, are confirming with their own signatures what anti-Semites used to slander them with in days gone by: We, the elders of Zion, pull the strings of Congress, and the congressmen are nothing but marionettes who do our will. If they don’t understand our words, they’ll understand our threats. And if in the past, we ran the show from behind the scenes, now we’re doing it openly, from center stage. And if you forget our donations, the wellspring will run dry.”

    Threat from Mort Klein and Mathew Brooks are alarming to any democratic process. But money and media exposures would be the weapons used against the absentee. Democrat ever fearful will grovel at Netanyahu’s feet by grovelling like dirt on the door mat at AIPAC. May be its a generous offer from AIPAC and Netanyahu as kind of way out for the lawmakers to redeem themselves.

  23. Taxi on February 10, 2015, 5:28 am

    5 Reasons Israel Won’t Attack Iran:

    A little reminder of who the boss is.

    • Kay24 on February 10, 2015, 6:13 am

      Who says Israel will attack Iran? Israel’s dirty work and any attacks will be done by the US, as usual. Israel does not need to send their troops to attack Iran, they will somehow get Americans to send troops and use American resources, while they do not send one single soldier to help.
      Actually Israelis are experts at sending their agents into places like Iran or Dubai, to kill their scientists or other officials, rather than send troops to fight their never ending wars. In fact they will use false passports from other nations to do that.

      Finally from the article you linked: ““The security concerns of Israel and all the countries of the region have to be taken into account. – Bibi’s words

      Yeah Bibi, but who is taking into account the security concerns of your neighbors, and especially the Palestinian people, from a deadly nation like yours?

  24. Kathleen on February 10, 2015, 9:35 am

    Please continue to contact your Reps!

  25. SonofDaffyDuck on February 10, 2015, 9:41 am

    It is suggested that Bibi speak only at AIPAC since the congress would be there anyhow. But why not have the AIPAC meeting right on the floor of Congress since AIPAC runs that show as well. Save lots of money moving folks from the halls of Congress down to the Convention Center. AIPAC could bring their Lobby Squads–which generally bang on the doors of individual Member–right onto the Floor. More convenient for all.

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