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‘Everything Hillary Clinton will do will always be for Israel’ — Saban warns the Republicans

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There’s more pressure on Obama over the Iran deal. The Hill reports that Israel’s Channel One interviewed Haim Saban about Hillary Clinton’s candidacy for the presidency and that he hinted that she is against the Iran deal.

Then came the big question: What is her position on the Iran deal?

Saban responded carefully, “She will have to, at some stage, express her opinion. But we know that in essence and in every important matter, she is committed to the security of Israel. She is a friend of the State of Israel. And we’ve seen this over the past 25 to 30 years. So, there won’t be any problems with relations between the United States and Israel when Hillary Clinton is president. No problem. On the contrary.”

But Ya’akov Ayalon, the host of the nightly Channel One news pressed on: And where does Hillary Clinton stand on this issue?

“I know where she stands but I can’t talk about it,” Saban admitted.

“Give me a hint,” Ayalon had to ask.

“I hinted to you – that I know,” Saban couldn’t repress a laugh. “But I can’t reveal to you things that were said behind closed doors. She has an opinion, a very well-defined opinion. And in any case, everything that she thinks and everything she has done and will do will always be for the good of Israel. We don’t need to worry about this.”

Haim Saban is an ardent supporter of Israel and a huge supporter of Democratic candidates.

And this just shows why the Republicans are lining up so squarely on Israel’s side– indeed, why the party is becoming Israel’s strongest supporter in the U.S., in opposition to the Democratic Party. The Republicans are right now conducting a campaign for pro-Israel money, against Hillary Clinton. They are convinced that the Democratic Party is at last in play on Israel, and that by positioning themselves for Israel, they will be able to free up large chunks of cash that had been part of the Democratic warchest, and thereby make it difficult for Hillary to raise her $2 billion, so that she is a weaker candidate in a general election in 2016.

Republicans are joined in this desire by grassroots anti-Zionists and non-Zionists. We also want the issue politicized, we want Democratic candidates to run against U.S. support for Israel, we want Hillary Clinton under huge pressure from her base to have a more progressive position on Palestine. Remember that we almost succeeded in politicizing the matter at the 2012 Democratic convention, when the rank and file demonstrated against a platform position naming Jerusalem the capital of Israel. President Obama suppressed that uprising, and the ultra-Zionist position went through, surely because Obama was counting on Haim Saban’s money for the election campaign.

The last thing Hillary Clinton wants is warfare inside the Democratic Party over Israel, of course.

But the Republicans believe that if the Democratic grassroots grow and Chris Matthews and Chris Hayes are hosting Democratic candidates who speak out against Israel’s human rights record or U.S. support, the Zionist moneybags will cross the aisle to the Republicans. That’s what this is all about.

They’ve had this dream before. Reagan famously got 40 percent of the Jewish vote after Jews abandoned Jimmy Carter in the 1980 election– a lesson that Bill Clinton absorbed in 1992 when he ran in favor of the settlements and knocked off a president (Bush 1) who had opposed settlement construction. Hillary Clinton surely believes she can maintain the same ancien regime. But… it’s crumbling. Lincoln Chafee is thinking of running as an antiwar candidate. He knows all about the Israel lobby. Maybe this is his issue. Maybe it’s Jim Webb’s. But it’s out in our politics now, and someone’s gonna ride it.

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25 Responses

  1. Krauss
    Krauss on April 18, 2015, 1:03 pm

    Hillary is the last and final hail mary pass of the lobby. The final candidate from the “left” that they can reliably count on to do their bidding.

    After her, the best-case scenario they could hope for will be like Obama. Say nice things but quietly move away.

    More likely will be people like Donna Edwards.

    But seriously folks: can’t we get a better candidate for 2016 than her? I’m dismayed at how weak the democratic field is. Even Bernard Sanders is hard-right on Israel.

    And let’s not even talk Wall Street(where Sanders is better but that’s about it).

    • ckg
      ckg on April 18, 2015, 6:21 pm

      But seriously folks: can’t we get a better candidate for 2016 than her?

      There are three who are ‘formally exploring a candidacy’ for the Democratic nomination: Lincoln Chafee, Martin O’Malley, and Jim Webb. Any of them would be better than Hillary. Two were senators and two were governors. The press shouldn’t ignore them.

      • ckg
        ckg on April 18, 2015, 7:34 pm

        Does anyone in the press give a damn if Chafee, O’Malley or Webb ate lunch at Chipotle?

  2. MRW
    MRW on April 18, 2015, 1:40 pm

    ‘Everything Hillary Clinton will do will always be for Israel’

    I heard a Jewish guy who was legal counsel for the US Senate Finance Committee under Reagan describe Zionism as organized crime. I’m beginning to believe it.

    • Mooser
      Mooser on April 18, 2015, 4:18 pm

      ‘Everything Hillary Clinton will do will always be for Israel’

      So you Republicans better do better than just %100! We can get that from the Democrats. You Repubs have to top it!

    • ckg
      ckg on April 18, 2015, 8:01 pm

      Like Hyman Roth, Zionism always makes money for its partners.

  3. traintosiberia
    traintosiberia on April 18, 2015, 1:57 pm
    Paul Singer,Adelson are behind Netanyahu. Kristol with both WSJ and Weekly Standard are doing the voice over to guide Senate how to kill the deal. They are the Republican angle. Saban is the Democratic side of this equilateral triangle .changing sides does not decrease the scope ,breadth,or the shape of the plan of action .

  4. Pixel
    Pixel on April 18, 2015, 2:29 pm

    Two things:

    1. The Haim Saban quote makes me want to puke.

    2. Sorry if I missed it somewhere but, if anyone knows… exactly what happened to the twitter account of MJ Rosenberg ___ @mjayrosenberg?? My bookmark now says, “Sorry that page doesn’t exist.”

    I always got a kick out of his tweets and I can’t imagine where he went/why he went.

    • philweiss
      philweiss on April 18, 2015, 2:55 pm

      Agreed. I was wondering myself.

    • JLewisDickerson
      JLewisDickerson on April 18, 2015, 4:34 pm
    • Sycamores
      Sycamores on April 19, 2015, 2:18 pm

      i’m guessing he’s taking a sabbatical

      Former AIPAC employee M.J. Rosenberg: Is it all about the money?
      Panel 5 How Does the Lobby Influence Congress?
      April 10, 2015 Conference at the National Press Club

  5. JLewisDickerson
    JLewisDickerson on April 18, 2015, 4:14 pm

    RE: “The Hill reports that Israel’s Channel One interviewed Haim Saban about Hillary Clinton’s candidacy for the presidency and that he hinted that she is against the Iran deal.” ~ Weiss

    MY COMMENT: And, if Hillary Clinton gets back into the White House (i.e., is elected president), Haim Saban will virtually have a sublet on the Lincoln bedroom!

    SEE: “The Clinton Years Revisited”, By Philip Giraldi,, 2008-02-26

    [EXCERPTS] As bad as the past eight years have been, it may be fruitful to remember what U.S. national security policy was like under Bill Clinton . . .
    . . . In an astonishing testament to the resiliency of the Clinton era neocon-lites, several of the better-known examples have recently surfaced in Doha. Qatar hosts an annual conference called the U.S.-Islamic World Forum, which was just concluded, running from Feb. 16-18. This year, for the first time, there was a co-sponsor, the Saban Center of Washington’s Brookings Institute. The Saban Center, far from an objective observer of the Middle East, is funded by Israeli-American billionaire Haim Saban, who said in a 2004 interview, “I’m a one-issue guy, and my issue is Israel.” Saban is extremely close to the Clintons and is also reported to be the largest contributor to the Democratic National Committee. When Bill was in office, Saban and his wife slept in the Lincoln bedroom on a number of occasions. Like its founder, the Saban Center is Israel-centric in its policy analysis, sponsoring bilateral meetings in Jerusalem to discuss issues of common concern. . .


    • JLewisDickerson
      JLewisDickerson on April 18, 2015, 4:16 pm

      P.S. ALSO SEE: “Haim Saban”, by Matthew Yglesias, The Atlantic, June 10, 2007

      [EXCERPT] If you’re interested in the foreign policy views of major Hillary Clinton financial backer Haim Saban, there’s no need to follow the Atrios path of attempting guilt by association with Kenneth Pollack. He [Saban] discussed his views on the Middle East and Persian Gulf region in great detail in a reasonably recent interview with ‘Haaretz’:

      “When I see Ahmadinejad, I see Hitler. They speak the same language. His motivation is also clear: the return of the Mahdi is a supreme goal. And for a religious person of deep self-persuasion, that supreme goal is worth the liquidation of five and a half million Jews. We cannot allow ourselves that. Nuclear weapons in the hands of a religious leadership that is convinced that the annihilation of Israel will bring about the emergence of a new Muslim caliphate? Israel cannot allow that. This is no game. It’s truly an existential danger.” . . .

      . . . Saban was the largest overall contributor to the Democratic National Committee during the 2001-2002 cycle, when the party leadership was backing the Iraq War and Terry McAuliffe was DNC chair, and if Clinton becomes president, they’ll be back in the positions of influence they enjoyed back then. I doubt this all means that Hillary Clinton’s secretly itching for war with Iran, but it’s yet another illustration of the fact that her views on national security policy are too neoconnish for my tastes.

      SOURCE –

      • JLewisDickerson
        JLewisDickerson on April 19, 2015, 7:28 pm

        P.P.S. AND SEE: “Where Does Hillary Stand on the Iran Agreement?”, by Eli Clifton,, April, 19,2015

        [EXCERPT] . . . Saban, a pro-Israel powerhouse within the Democratic Party, lavishly funds Bill Clinton’s presidential foundation as well as the American Israel Education Foundation (AIEF). This fundraising arm of AIPAC arranges for congressional junkets to Israel, among other projects.

        Between 2008 and 2013, Saban’s family foundation pumped over $8 million into the Clinton presidential foundation in Little Rock, Arkansas and contributed $5 million to the AIEF. AIPAC has expressed reservations about the framework agreement, warning that it “could result in a final agreement that will leave Iran as a threshold nuclear state.”

        Saban has gone even further. Speaking alongside GOP megadonor Sheldon Adelson at an Israeli-American Council conference in November, Saban criticized the Obama administration’s negotiating tactics with Iran, complaining, “we’ve shown too many carrots and a very small stick.” He warned that if necessary to defend Israel against Iran, “I would bomb the living daylights out of the sons of bitches.”

        Indeed, Saban, a dual Israeli-U.S. citizen, has also been supportive of the Israeli military. Between 2008 and 2013, Saban gave $7.43 million to Friends of the Israel Defense Forces, a group that provides support for serving members of the IDF and the families of fallen soldiers, according to tax documents. . .


    • traintosiberia
      traintosiberia on April 18, 2015, 6:23 pm

      Self interest or survival instinct is driving the new Gulf and the Saudi Royal. Over last 60 yrs or so,Arabs have changed significantly . From not accepting to Israel to allowing Israel to become the arbiter ,the protector and even the spokesman . Amazing feat for Israel. In between Arabs have made peace here and there,have established trade ,have secured tacit understanding and have floated peace formula . Israel has retreated tactically on certain occasions . But it hasnt forgot its prizes that it plans to reconquer – S lebanon, WB, even Sinai .It has made those noises at various times .It also plans to engage the royal courts and gain the access to the military,intelligence,resources and finances . of Gulf and Saudi. Morocco and Jordan are already beholden to the whims of Israel.

      But how does and why Saudi end up in this blind alley?
      The changes in Saudi were apparent after 2006 Israel-Lebanon-Gaza war. Since then it has become hostile to resistance to Israel. Was it under fear? Was it coercion ? Was it blackmail? Was it the fear of being blown away with the underlying tension and chaos reaching its capital?
      Shia fear itself does not explain it. Though the Shia factor has been repeatedly used by the same figures who have offered previous false and sinister and purpose driven explanations for terrorism,WMD existence,pursuit of Nuclear activities by Syria,Iran and about the rage of Arab street . They have popularized a myth : 7th century Shia-Sunni schism .

      Most likely the explanations are the behind the scene blackmail,threat,and exposure and of threat of (false ) accusation by Israel.

      The “Arabist” that Kristol got rid of is coming back or being allowed back by Israel after “kosherization”

      and the slow surreptitious dependence on Israel for survival.

      It is even touching the mob mentality that is so pervasive in some non Arab muslim countries with Sunni population like Pakistan.

      The killings of Hamas leader in Gulf few years ago ,the serenade coming out of Doha’s new intellectual hub financed by Saban ,elevating of Shia as enemy above the Jews by the Saudi clerics ,trade deal and periodic pounding of Hamas against the collective silence of Arab countries point to sinister merger between two politically corrupted religious ideologies (Zionsm and new Sunnism) . Both Judaism and Islam are dying chaperoned by Saudi and Israel.

      Will this lead to the emergence of muslim variant of Evangelical Christianity? Will it lead to preeminence of certain Hadith or reinterpretation of sudden new found-Hadith over Koran? The book of revelation and ideas of Dispensionalism /Millennialism have been selectively nurtured by various actors over last 100 years .It also arose out of the imperial disintegration and chaos and breakdown of society under violence in Europe and eventually became the main message of Christianity in US.It now has spread to Latin America,Africa, and SE Asia.

      • Walid
        Walid on April 19, 2015, 5:11 am

        “But how does and why Saudi end up in this blind alley? ” (traintosiberia)

        Yeterday, the Saudi air force carpet-bombing killed 4 Saudi soldiers raising the number of Saudis killed by friendly fire to 10. The Yemeni Houthis still succeeded in taking over Aden. Nothing is being spared from bombing in this country of 24 million; hospitals, schools, electricity generating plants, water treatment plants, food silos, homes and so on. A repeat of what Israel repeatedly destroyed in Gaza. Saudia is insisting that it’s not harming civilians.

  6. JWalters
    JWalters on April 18, 2015, 5:38 pm

    More evidence the Big Money already has their inside deal with Hillary.

    In Iowa recently Hillary said the answer to big money in politics is eliminate the anonymity – nothing about eliminating the big money that is trampling “government by the people”. To give her proposal the appearance of boldness, she added her willingness to support a Constitutional amendment. Exactly how stupid does she think I am? Or you?

    I’d like to hear her discuss her husband’s signing away Glass-Steagall, which had protected the country from big money playing the stock market with bank depositers’ money, while being backstopped by the government. Why was that done? Does she think the equivalent should be re-instated?

    Also on the question of whether she has been compromised by big money, how does she justify her daughter receiving $75,000 to give a speech? On the surface, that sure looks like there is some ulterior motive behind such a huge payment.

    Her listening tour of New York made sense when she was a new resident of New York and needed to learn about it. But that logic does not apply to her current situation. She has been a U.S. Senator and Secretary of State. If she doesn’t have a world view now, with some plans to address the glaring problems, then she has no business asking to be president. When I compare her evasive talk in Iowa to Jim Webb’s brief remarks on his priorities, she’s not even in the same league of professionalism.

  7. just
    just on April 18, 2015, 5:50 pm

    It’s that time again:

    Jim Webb, John Kerry, Howard Dean… somebody emerge.


    • Brewer
      Brewer on April 18, 2015, 9:45 pm

      If that is not the best standup routine of all time I don’t want to see the one that tops it. At my age and stage there’s risk of heart attack!

  8. Boomer
    Boomer on April 18, 2015, 6:39 pm

    “And in any case, everything that she thinks and everything she has done and will do will always be for the good of Israel. We don’t need to worry about this.”

    If a gentile said that, what outrage about Jew-hatred would follow. The “we” in his sentence clearly does not refer to Americans in general; only those who put Israel first. I worry. Unfortunately, I don’t see any Republicans that would be better. As with the comment you earlier reported about the need to buy the NYT, reality exceeds fantasy.

  9. ramzijaber
    ramzijaber on April 18, 2015, 6:50 pm

    a zionist is a zionist is a zionist
    left right middle or anywhere in between
    they all are the same
    kill steal lie cheat
    that’s their only way

  10. Citizen
    Citizen on April 18, 2015, 11:17 pm

    from wikipedia:
    Zionist Occupation Government or Zionist Occupied Government (abbreviated as ZOG) is an antisemitic conspiracy theory that holds that Jews secretly control a given country, while the formal government is a puppet regime.[1]

    “And in any case, everything that she thinks and everything she has done and will do will always be for the good of Israel. We don’t need to worry about this.”

    “But the Republicans believe that if the Democratic grassroots grow and Chris Matthews and Chris Hayes are hosting Democratic candidates who speak out against Israel’s human rights record or U.S. support, the Zionist moneybags will cross the aisle to the Republicans. That’s what this is all about.”

  11. ckg
    ckg on April 19, 2015, 7:25 am

    Saban holds both U.S. and Israeli citizenship and lives in Beverly Hills. From a Haaretz interview:

    Let’s go back to Israel – do you see yourself returning?

    “Home? No.”

    Why not?

    “I could say I am contributing far more to Israel being here. But with you I must tell the truth. And the truth is that I have it good here. I love my life here. I really enjoy it.”

  12. traintosiberia
    traintosiberia on April 19, 2015, 5:32 pm

    Can a Muslim donate large amount to any of the candidates’s re election campaign or sponsor any of her or his pet program and say ” I would blast the daylight of Israel if it threatens any Muslim country” ?
    Well Saban can” I will bomb th living daylight out of the sons of the bitches” to defend Israel.

    Saban has stood alongside Adelson blasting Obama’s attempts to reach a solution with Iran.
    Adelson is one who is not interested in Democracy in Israel.
    The loose ends all are scattered but joined to the mother’s navel behind the screen of the Zionism.

  13. traintosiberia
    traintosiberia on April 19, 2015, 5:38 pm

    Actual threat of physical violence against Muslim is par for the course . Its all brought to US by Zionist. Saban provides money for IDF .He inculcates new ideas to Gulf Arab – about ( ?) – in the process inserts Zionism in the mind of the opportunistic Muslim and Arab .

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