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‘Administrative revenge’ — settlers are believed responsible for arson targeting family on outskirts of Duma

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A Bedouin tent was burned to the ground overnight in an apparent settler arson attack in Ein Samiya, a West Bank tent village on the outskirts of the village where a Palestinian baby and father were killed during a nationalist firebombing two weeks ago. The assailants spray painted “administrative revenge” on a rock near the enclosure, a reference to Israel’s recent announcement that it would jail Jewish terrorists without trail in a policy of “administrative detention.”

Known as “price tagging” the graffiti the assailants left behind indicates their criminal act was motivated  by the government’s decision to weed out and prosecute extremists. Last week nine suspected Jewish terrorists were jailed without charges, yet all were released within two days.

No one was injured in the attack inside the occupation. Yousef Kaba’ane, his wife and eight children had used the tent up until last week as their primary lodging. However, they recently began sleeping in other tents outside of their village.

“Chairs, bicycles, sugar, flour,” were all charred in the fire, Zakaria Sadah, a field monitor for Rabbis for Human Rights said. “It was storage for the family, the food for the family.”

Sadah arrived at the scene in the early morning hours, notified by neighbors of the Kaba’ane family. The village is a scant six miles from Duma. By the time Sadah reached the small Bedouin encampment, which does not appear on any map and is not connected to local water, sewage or electrical lines, Israeli border police were already present. According to Sadah, it was the border police who extinguished the fire.

Arsonists spray paint "administrative revenge" next to burned Bedouin tent. (Photo: Zakaria Sadah/Rabbis for Human Rights)

Arsonists spray paint “administrative revenge” next to burned Bedouin tent. (Photo: Zakaria Sadah/Rabbis for Human Rights)

Arsonists spray paint "administrative revenge" near burned Bedouin tent. (Photo: Zakaria Sadah/Rabbis for Human Rights)

Arsonists spray paint “administrative revenge” near burned Bedouin tent. (Photo: Zakaria Sadah/Rabbis for Human Rights)

Charred bicycle inside of burned Bedouin tent. (Photo: Zakaria Sadah/Rabbis for Human Rights)

Charred bicycle inside of burned Bedouin tent. (Photo: Zakaria Sadah/Rabbis for Human Rights)


“It was a matter of luck to some extent, because if they hadn’t have moved to another place,” Yariv Mohar said, a spokesperson for Rabbis for Human Rights, “it could have been another murder. They [the arsonists] could have not known that nobody was in the tent.”

“The children usually sleep in a corner of the tent,” Mohar added.

Israeli police told CNN an investigation was opened to apprehend those responsible, but would not state that the attack was nationally motivated. “As of this point, all directions are being examined. There is continuing exploration in the Shai region,” Luba Smari told CNN.


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22 Responses

  1. pabelmont
    August 13, 2015, 3:27 pm

    It goes without saying, except in deliberately-badly-educated-and-informed America, that the settlers are present illegally and with Israeli government support, so that the arsons and murders are, in effect, government-supported terrorism.

    Since the USA supports (or fails to condemn) the settlement project, the USA’s government is also a government-supporting-terrorism.

    Some brave soul in congress should say so!

    • Deist
      August 14, 2015, 12:13 pm

      Thanks for making such an accurate and true observation. Too few people realize the fact that the illegal Israeli occupation is religious violence on a daily basis that is growing and is supported by the Israeli government and by the US government.

      Progress! Bob Johnson

  2. a blah chick
    August 13, 2015, 3:58 pm

    “Israeli police told CNN an investigation was opened to apprehend those responsible, but would not state that the attack was nationally motivated.”

    That sentence is “Israeli speak” for “we think it was done by Jews but we hope it wasn’t.”

    In related news the latest conspiracy theory going on in settler circles is that Duma was perpetrated by Arabs and the government is covering for them. Do NOT try to understand the logic, it will only cause seizures.

    • italian ex-pat
      August 14, 2015, 8:36 pm

      @ a blah chick

      ” . . . The latest conspiracy theory going on in settler circles is that Duma was perpetrated by Arabs . . . ”

      Not only in settler circles. When the news of the arson attack and baby Ali’s death were first reported in the NYT, some commenters snidely remarked “How do you know it was the work of Jewish settlers ? Anybody can write something in Hebrew”.
      And didn’t the Israeli police first tried to blame Abu Khdeir’s immolation on his family (supposedly an honor killing) until the real culprits were revealed in a videotape? Are they simply in denial, or is it something more sinister?
      Because clearly the entire Israeli government doesn’t want to see this can of worms opened, and having the settlers’ brutality and hatred for the Palestinians exposed for the world to see wouldn’t play well in the international court’s opinion, after claiming for so long they are the victims of Palestinian violence. The recent arrests of known Jewish extremists was just for show, just as the promises to deal with Jewish terrorists in the same manner as Arab terrorists were just words, to placate public opinion. They’ve already been released, and frankly I doubt forceful interrogation was even considered.
      So I’m not holding my breath that those murderers will ever be found, let alone convicted – at best, we would hear another insanity plea. But I really believe they are and will remain well hidden and protected by their sympatizers, if they haven’t already fled the country.

  3. Laurent Weppe
    August 13, 2015, 5:30 pm

    So, the Israeli government does something they settlers don’t like and in retaliation they decide to target members of the israeli underclass?

    Seriously, it feels like schoolyard bullies who used to beat up smaller kids to vent the frustration of being grounded by their parents reaching adulthood without maturing in the slightest and retaining the same type of reasoning and behavior, except with more firepower.

    • Annie Robbins
      August 13, 2015, 7:25 pm

      laurent, this has always been the rational for the ‘price tag’ attacks. meaning this is the price that will be paid for the government applying pressure to jewish terrorism or jewish outposts or whatever — they will target palestinians. they spelled it out early on.

      • Laurent Weppe
        August 14, 2015, 7:04 am

        The fact that its lunatic rationale was announced beforehand does not make it less perversely inane.

  4. eGuard
    August 13, 2015, 6:25 pm

    Again. Don’t write Known as “price tagging”. Ever. It is the language of the terrorist you are using. Quite mean, it is ‘known as’ because you and you again keep writing it this way.

    It is “terrorism” plain and simple. (Possibly racist motivated, or Zionist motivated. Whatever). But just don’t write “price tag” as an euphemism without saying the non-euph term.

  5. eGuard
    August 13, 2015, 6:30 pm

    ..even worse, why are you diverting to another terrorists language diversion saying admin revenge, in the title even? WHY? Stop it.

    • Annie Robbins
      August 13, 2015, 7:27 pm

      what? i want to know when they say this stuff. it’s the news. you want a report on it not mentioning their perverted sick logic. allison mentioned “Jewish terrorists” twice. if that graffiti was in english would you also like us not to publish the photo to protect you from their language?

      • eGuard
        August 13, 2015, 7:39 pm

        The title says: ‘Administrative revenge’ (quotes included, fwiw). That is an euphemism for ‘price tag attack’. Which in chain is an euphemism for terrorist attack. But the word “terror” does not appear in the title. And the euphemism is not ever defined as “terror”.

        I maintain that the euphemisms is the language of the terrorists. Consider writing: “The terrorist attacks (they themselve call it ‘price tags’) …”.

        Final mental check: how are other groups treated in similar situations? (But don’t bother to mention. Would be just as bad, not an excuse).

      • Annie Robbins
        August 13, 2015, 8:08 pm

        And the euphemism is not ever defined as “terror”.

        The assailants spray painted “administrative revenge” on a rock near the enclosure, a reference to Israel’s recent announcement that it would jail Jewish terrorists without trail in a policy of “administrative detention.”

        I maintain that the euphemisms is the language of the terrorists.

        obviously the euphemism is the language of the terrorist, as allison’s description as well as the photos makes clear.

        anyway, you can always write phil, adam and allison with your complaints. but i doubt it will make a bunch of difference. as an aside we did have 2 article last week referencing jewish terrorists or terrorism in the headlines. i don’t think there’s been any policy decision not to reference these people as terrorists or theor actions as terrorism. sorry the framing doesn’t meet your standards.

    • ziusudra
      August 13, 2015, 11:27 pm

      Greetings eGuard,
      How about :
      Vile, hideous, terrorist, Settlers ‘price tagging’ Palestinians?

      There is just too much condemnation of mincing of word
      usage when discussing the motives of the Zionists.

      You & Ms Annie agree: a crime is a crime is a crime.

      Use of language is a matter of Interpretation, so are

  6. Boo
    August 14, 2015, 10:06 am

    Semantics aside, I’d simply like to know what color shirts they were wearing.

  7. Deist
    August 14, 2015, 12:16 pm

    The root of this Jewish religious violence […] we’d have a much better and more peaceful world.

    Progress! Bob Johnson

    • aiman
      August 14, 2015, 12:43 pm

      How about all the megalomaniac gods and goddesses occupying the pagan pantheons? And how do you suggest “neutralising” those books? I suggest atheists, now a deist, or even the religious not score cheap points and morally “neutralise” the Palestinian issue to stoke their own philosophical identity.

    • diasp0ra
      August 15, 2015, 3:33 pm

      I don’t understand how people like you come to think of themselves as having anything to do with “progress”.

      What a shallow and historically ignorant position to take.

      You seem to be under the delusion that this conflict is religious in nature and not colonial. And you also seem to have missed history lessons because there is literally not a thing in this world that hasn’t been used as a justification for war, including religion, and including science and humanitarian reasons.

      Have you ever heard of scientific racism? How it was used to justify the enslavement of people? Why women should never vote? Eugenics? A million other examples?

      Did your “analysis” ever look at the root causes and correlations why people in different places tend to gravitate towards fundamentalism of any kind? It has everything to do with social context and the construction of the hierarchy and status quo of society. Anything and everything can be used to justify extremism in that case.

      I’m so tired of shallow analyses of this issue. Is there an issue with religious extremism? YES, of course there is. But this is not a helpful or insightful in the slightest, you’re basically just going “Durrr religion bad” over and over in your comment history.

      You coming here and talking with such certainty about how these books are so terrible, on a story about Palestinians SUFFERING, the same Palestinians that ascribe to these books and consider them holy…to make an unrelated point and advertise for your page?

      Do you not see how wrong that is? Do you not see how COLONIAL your behavior is? How you’re acting as the savior that wants to protect the natives from their own dumb selves? I’m not surprised you think this is progress. Colonists thought they brought progress too. You’re just wearing a different guise.

      If I were you I’d seriously reevaluate my stance or at least look deeper into it. This condescension is the last thing Palestinians need right now so if you have nothing else to say, just save your breath.

      • Annie Robbins
        August 15, 2015, 3:51 pm

        thanks for calling my attention to that comment diasp0ra. i neutralized it. it should not have passed moderation imho.

      • diasp0ra
        August 15, 2015, 4:15 pm

        @Annie Robbins

        Thank you Annie.

        Bit of a touchy subject for me, I suppose.

      • Annie Robbins
        August 15, 2015, 4:16 pm

        as i can imagine. it tarnishes the site too. we don’t need these kinds of appeals here. thank you.

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