It starts early: Netanyahu warns first graders Hamas is trying to kill them

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Some behaviors are so bizarre that they require no commentary except by qualified psychiatrists. I shall therefore not comment on a speech Benjamin Netanyahu gave on September 1st, the first day of the Israeli school year, to a classroom of first-graders in Ashkelon. I shall simply translate and emphasize that he is speaking to six-year-old boys and girls. (Comments in brackets are mine. Translation ends at the 2:05 mark)

“… I want you to be not only excellent, but also Zionists [it rhymes in Hebrew]. We have only one land and it is this land. We must defend it. The first lesson in first grade was “Shalom [peace] first grade”, with emphasis on the “peace”. We educate our children for peace. A few kilometers from here, Hamas is teaching its children the opposite of peace and occasionally it tries to shoot at us, at you, and my policy is clear: zero restraint, zero containment, zero tolerance for terrorism. We respond to every launch into our territory, whether by overt or by covert operations, and we also foil terrorism, as we did yesterday in Jenin, and I wish a full recovery to the IDF soldier who was wounded. We want peace, but first we shall protect our land, we shall protect our children, we shall protect you. This is our first obligation—the security of you children. I want you to know it; it’s important.”

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Is there not a way to get rid of this idiot ?

well, this really explains the mentality of so many Israelis. If they are brainwashed to this extent starting so early, one almost can’t blame them. What Netanyahu is doing is really criminal — teaching these children that Palestinian children are essentially evil because they are being taught by Hamas. This… Read more »

If this clown really wanted to teach “peace” he would have mentioned diplomacy, giving innocent civilians their rights, ending the occupation, lifting the blockades, and giving Hamas no reason to want to attack them. Despite the accusations that Hamas is teaching their children the opposite of Peace, by action Bibi… Read more »

This is why they have their segregated school system, because of the different messages they need to send to the young ‘uns. The Jews get the one articulated above while the Palestinians and other non-Jews are instructed to be obedient and grateful and not make trouble. I take heart that… Read more »

As the Jesuits say, “Give me the boy at seven, and I will give you the man.” (Glad I never was taught by Jesuits.)