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American press coverage grants Israelis all the humanity

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Hillary Clinton’s shocking statement yesterday sympathizing with Israeli Jewish victims of attacks and saying nothing about Palestinian victims is actually reflective of American press coverage. Mainstream news sites continue to emphasize Jewish victims over Palestinian victims, and leave out the larger context of the conflict, Israeli occupation and the hatred it is producing, on both sides.

For instance, USA Today has a grotesque account of a Glock-bearing settler that portrays her as a pioneer confronting savagery (“Glocker mom”) and leaves out the military occupation she lives inside, entirely.

As violent clashes erupted throughout Israel and Palestinian territories, Aviva Yisraeli decided to carry a handgun while commuting from her home in the West Bank settlement of Tekoa to a weekly course in Jerusalem. “I feel that it’s important for us to do everything in our power to protect ourselves,” said the mother of four, adding that she refuses to be a “sitting duck.”

Reporter Shira Rubin repeatedly speaks about “Arab” violence:

The Israeli government announced new policies to contain Arab violence..

But Yisraeli and many neighbors said tougher security measures have done little to deter Palestinian assailants….

“The Arabs have absolutely no fear from our army .…but when I started carrying our gun, I realized that they do have fear from the civilian response,” she said. “As they say, it’s better to visit you in jail than at the graveyard.”..

Yagil Henken, a military historian at the Israeli Defense Forces college whose brother was killed in a West Bank shooting on Oct. 1, said he carries a gun to assuage his “paranoia,” but his West Bank community is still maintaining a calm resolve.

Did the Jim Crow south or the Algerian colonial-settlers ever get such a fair shake from the establishment press?

The New York Times publishes an article by Jodi Rudoren and Isabel Kershner, “4 Attacks by Palestinians Leave 3 Dead in Israel,” which again portrays Arabs as malefactors, some of whom actually have freedom to “freely roam the country” and “work in Jewish areas.”

A police spokeswoman said the steps to be considered included a complete closing of Jerusalem’s Arab neighborhoods, whose residents are generally not citizens of Israel but can freely roam the country and often work in Jewish areas, and an easing of gun-licensing procedures.

But those Arabs think that “the country” is also theirs, and for good reason. The Times mentions the occupation, but fairly far down. Donald Johnson explains that the article reflects an institutional bias:

It focuses on Israeli shootings but only in cases where the dead Palestinian either had stabbed someone or was accused of wielding a knife and whose innocence can’t be proven. (And yes, a Palestinian killed by Israelis is guilty until proven innocent, and if so it is still not Israel’s fault.). They quote critics and skeptics of the police, but the message is that the Israelis are at worst guilty of shooting Palestinians who have been violent or might be violent.

I don’t recall a single NYT story devoted to the shooting of Gaza fishermen–it has been mentioned in passing and I am certain this was only due to reader complaints, but shootings that can’t be spun as understandable reactions to Palestinian violence don’t interest the NYT. Doesn’t fit the narrative.

The Times piece is open to comment, the first time in days that the Times has permitted comment; and the Readers’ Picks echo concerns we have on this site. TMC in New York:

New York Times, this is outright racist coverage. I’m sick of it. I watched a video of a two year old girl killed by an Israeli bomb being hugged by her father and you attempt to make it sound like the Palestinians are are attacking Israelis out of the blue. You ignore the context of the occupation. Editors, writers, internet post reviewers, have you no empathy? Is this how you would have covered apartheid in South Africa? I’d love to say you are on the wrong side of history, but there is a distinct chance the Israelis will succeed in wiping out the Palestinians, partially because of resorting like this. For shame.

And Finnbar in Seattle makes a similar point.

Very biased reporting, showing compassion for Israelis but none for the Palestinians. When we are finally able to show compassion for all that suffer then maybe there will be a solution.

This Washington Post article about the spate of Palestinian attacks: by William Booth and Ruth Eglash dares to state that Palestinian violence is a response to occupation in the third paragraph:

Palestinians are also frustrated by their own weak leaders and almost 50 years of military occupation. The latest round of U.S.-brokered peace talks collapsed last year in failure.

But the article doesn’t really follow up that point. Its concern is Jewish victims, till the last paragraph says:

At least 30 Palestinians, including rock throwers and knife attackers, have been killed by Israeli forces and civilians. Palestinians say that several of their dead were shot and killed without cause.

And on twitter, Eglash reminds us of the society she lives in:

U know the situation is out of control when ur 13-yr-old comes home from school n says: “I’m still alive”

Here by contrast is fantastic coverage by Ynet of a racist mob of Israeli Jews going out at night to hunt down Arabs in Jerusalem.700 people are in this mob! And the reporting by Roi Yanovsky is terrifying:

During their entire march, organized by La Familia (a group of far-right fans of the Beitar Jerusalem soccer club) and Lehava (a right-wing organization dedicated to preventing the “assimilation” of Jews with non-Jews in Israel), the protesters chanted slogans such as “death to Arabs” and “may your village burn,” and looked for Arabs to attack. And indeed, after the protest ended a number of the participants attacked a taxi driver and attempted to attack other Arab passersby.

The main group of protesters, which was controlled by the police, didn’t engage in physical violence, but small splinter groups moved toward the city center and began searching for Arabs. They entered stores, asking clerks if Arabs were employed there. They asked employees random questions like “what’s the time?” in order to test their accent.

Yanovsky helps save a Palestinian storekeeper from harm.

Ynet is at least acknowledging the deep racism inside Israeli society. That hatred was also expressed in this shocking video from Jerusalem of a wounded Palestinian 13-year-old who was charged with stabbing someone before he was run over by a car. An Israeli shouts at him: “Die you fuck, die you son of a whore, die die, die you son of 66 whores.” His name is Ahmed Manasra and you can see that he is not receiving medical attention and that an Israeli officer pushes him to the pavement with his foot when he seeks to sit up. We haven’t put it on our site because it is so disturbing. The New York Times mentions the boy’s injury and the killing of his cousin Hassan, who also allegedly participated in the attack, but does not identify them by name.

Correction: I initially mixed up Ahmed Manasra, 13, for Hassan Manasra, 15, in my description of the video and said the boy in the video is dying. Ahmed survived the serious injuries. Palestinian Center for Human Rights has set the matter straight. It also makes clear that the cousins’ alleged attack took place in Pisgat Ze’ev, which is in occupied East Jerusalem, not Israel, as the NYT states.

Thanks to James North.

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  1. on October 13, 2015, 3:24 pm

    The Main Stream Disproportionately Jewish Media (MSDJM) in the USA including the NY Times, the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal, all work cleverly to make sure that the truth about Israel/Palestine is not reported. The goal is to convince the reader that the problem is caused by the Palestinian terrorists who for no good reason other than inherent evil and anti-Semitism, continue to attack the innocent Jews. The words occupation, settler and colonization are used as little as possible as the truth is concealed from the naive Americans and international laws are violated. The emperor has no clothes and most people are afraid to point it out, such is the intimidation and viciousness of the Zionists and their vice-like grip on the arbiters of information.

    • Krauss on October 13, 2015, 5:50 pm

      Jewish overrepresentation in the media surely helps, but it isn’t sufficient to explain the bias. What sets the U.S. apart from Europe is a massive amount of religious Christians.

      It’s also important to understand that Jews have undergone a 50-year process of assimiliation in the West, which Arabs – including Palestinians – by and large have not.

      Finally, the fact that most Palestinians are muslims is also playing its part. Jews are seen as natural allies to Christians – muslims are not.

      P.S. I continue to maintain that Jewish apartheid has far more supporters than white Apartheid ever had. Would the media describe this violent situation with such glowing sympathy for the settler-colonialists during the 70s and 80s in South Africa?

      • ivri on October 14, 2015, 4:02 am

        Your one before last paragraph explains the observation in the last one. The situation in Israel-Palestine is not seem by almost everybody as apartheid, namely exclusion by ethnicity, but as yet another flashpoint in the globally spanned Muslim vs. West “clash of civilizations”. The fact that Israeli Arabs enjoy full citizenship in Israel inherently ascertains that – invalidating ethnic-based attitudes or discrimination and placing everything in the conflict on political-security grounds.

    • JWalters on October 13, 2015, 6:45 pm

      That “vice-like grip” must be a primary target of the American resistance.

      • brent on October 14, 2015, 1:18 pm

        Walters is so right. The place to start is where the leverage exists. PBS and NPR depend on contributions largely from progressives. The ball is in our court.

  2. JLewisDickerson on October 13, 2015, 3:45 pm

    RE: “During their entire march, organized by La Familia (a group of far-right fans of the Beitar Jerusalem soccer club) and . . .” ~ Weiss


    ■ FROM WIKIPEDIA (Beitar Jerusalem F.C.):

    [EXCERPT] Beitar Jerusalem Football club (Hebrew: מועדון כדורגל בית”ר ירושלים‎; Moadon Kaduregel Beitar Yerushalayim) is an Israeli professional football club from Jerusalem City. Founded in 1936 and plays in the Israeli Premier League. . .
    . . . Beitar Jerusalem was founded in 1936 by David Horn (born 1916) as a youth team.[1] The first games were held against Armenian and Arab teams in Jerusalem, while Hapoel Jerusalem stayed away because of political hate against Beitar Jerusalem. The club was dismantled in 1938 after one of its managers was arrested by the British Mandate authorities and another was shot and injured in another incident. Beitar’s troubles were linked to its close connections with the Irgun underground with which David Horn and the club’s players were associated. In 1942, the club was reestablished, this time as a club for adults rather than just a youth team, and Shmuel Kirshtein joined the management. Politics again became a problem, with British soldiers and policemen often attending Beitar games to spy and identify the faces of the players. . .
    . . . On 19 October 1944, several club players were among 251 persons who were deported to Eritrea, Kenya and Sudan by the British Mandate Authorities. Among the deportees were David Horn and Rabinovich and some members of Beitar Jerusalem’s “First team of 1936.” ., . .

    SOURCE –

    ■ AS TO THE FASCIST ORIGINS OF BEITAR/BETAR, SEE: “The Hidden History of Zionism”, Chapter 6, by Ralph Schoenman

    [EXCERPT] . . . Mussolini set up squadrons of the Revisionist Zionist youth movement, Betar, in black shirts in emulation of his own Fascist bands.
    When Menachem Begin became chief of Betar, he preferred the brown shirts of the Hitler gangs, a uniform Begin and Betar members wore to all meetings and rallies – at which they greeted each other and opened and closed meetings with the fascist salute. . .

    SOURCE –

    ■ FROM WIKIPEDIA AS OF 1/25/14 [Betar]:

    (EXCERPT) The Betar Movement (בית”ר, also spelled Beitar) is a Revisionist Zionist youth movement founded in 1923 in Riga, Latvia, by Vladimir (Ze’ev) Jabotinsky. Betar has been traditionally linked to the original Herut and then Likud political parties of Israel, and was closely affiliated with the pre-Israel Revisionist Zionist splinter group Irgun Zevai Leumi. It was one of many right-wing movements and youth groups arising at that time out of a worldwide emergence of fascism.[1] Some of the most prominent politicians of Israel were Betarim in their youth, most notably Prime Ministers Yitzhak Shamir and Menachem Begin, the latter of whom idolized Jabotinsky.[2]. . .
    . . . The group initially praised Mussolini for his anti-communism and fascist principles, leading it to adopt the black uniform shirt of Italian fascism for a short period. Mussolini’s invasion of Abyssinia, however, was seen as “cowardly” by Betar and led them to break with him shortly after.[12] . . .

    SOURCE –

    • JLewisDickerson on October 13, 2015, 3:47 pm

      P.S. ALSO RE: “During their entire march, organized by La Familia (a group of far-right fans of the Beitar Jerusalem soccer club) and . . .” ~ Weiss

      ■ FROM WIKIPEDIA AS OF 1/25/14 [La Familia (Beitar supporters’ group)]:

      La Familia are an Association football supporters’ group of Israeli Premier League club Beitar Jerusalem.[1] They are known for their opposition to Arab and Muslim players.

      • Organization
      The organization began in 2005 and occupy the eastern sections of Teddy Stadium. Estimates of the group’s numbers vary. A reporter put the number at a few hundred[2] while a leader of the group said that it encompassed a network of 3,000 supporters.[3] At a home match in 2008, a correspondent for the BBC said that the group was about 20% of the crowd. They are the most vocal in the stadium and some local fans follow their chants.[2][3]
      La Familia is proud of its Jewish identity. The group is notorious for chants that insult Arab and black players, and for displaying the flag of the banned Kach party.[2] Cheers with lines such as “death to the Arabs”[4] and “Muhammad is a homosexual”[5] are common. Unlike other top clubs in the country, no Arabs have ever played for Beitar. La Familia has continuously raised strong objections to any Arab transfers.[6] The group was adamantly against the signing of Nigerian Muslim (who lasted half a season in 2005) and the 2013 transfer of two Chechnyan Muslims.[7]
      The team has roots in the Betar Zionist youth movement and has been supported by several Israeli politicians on the political right throughout its history. La Familia has similarly been labeled far-right and is openly against those they view as being on the left.[4][8] The club has publicly condemned the group and has gone as far as barring it from a match.[7] Some Beitar fans have expressed embarrassment over the organization and openly oppose their ideals.[9][7]

      • Incidents
      During a December 2007 Toto Cup semifinal game between Beitar Jerusalem and the Israeli-Arab team Bnei Sakhnin, Beitar Jerusalem fans took up provocative chants that insulted Muhammed. The Israel Football Association (IFA) punished Beitar by forcing them to play their next game against Sakhnin with no fans present. Vandals set fire to the IFA’s offices and left graffiti threatening the life of the IFA chairman. The graffiti included the initials “LF” for La Familia, but the group denied involvement.[10][11]
      Beitar was disciplined in 2008 after fans disrupted a minute of silence to mark the death of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. Later that year La Familia led a pitch invasion in what would have been a title-clinching win against Bnei Herziliya. The IFA deducted two points from Beitar and ordered that the next game be played behind closed doors.[12] In December 2011, fans yelled “Give Toto a banana”[2] towards Nigerian-born Toto Tamuz. The IFA again punished Beitar with a two-point deduction and another game in an empty stadium.
      Supporters stormed the Malha Mall after a match in March 2012 while chanting racist slurs. It was reported that Arab workers were harassed and beaten.[6]
      The club’s 2013 signing of two Chechnyan Muslims, Dzhabrail Kadiyev and Zaur Sadayev, raised anger from the supporters. Members of La Familia set a team office blaze after the announcement.[7] Fans walked out of a match in March that saw Sadayev score his fist goal for Beitar.[13]

      SOURCE –

      • zaid on October 13, 2015, 4:49 pm

        This beitar club represents the essence of Israel

    • JLewisDickerson on October 13, 2015, 4:03 pm

      P.P.S. ALSO SEE: “Beitar Jerusalem owner to sell club after fan violence in Belgium” | by Ori Lewis | | July 17, 2015

      [EXCERPT] The owner of Beitar Jerusalem said on Friday he was putting the Israeli Premier League club up for sale because he felt ashamed of supporters who threw smoke bombs, flares and firecrackers at a Europa League qualifying round match in Belgium.

      Thursday’s violence also drew condemnation from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who said the national image was at stake and ordered legal action against the Beitar fans who had rioted at the Charleroi game.

      Nine-man Beitar were thrashed 5-1 in the first leg tie – a match that was held up at the start when fans threw dozens of incendiary devices onto the pitch, enveloping it in smoke.

      Towards the end of the match, Charleroi goalkeeper Nicolas Penneteau was hit by a hard object thrown from the crowd, which forced another delay. Beitar can expect severe punishment from European soccer’s governing body, UEFA.

      “I am ashamed … I have decided to end my involvement with Israeli soccer and am returning to the United States … I will appoint a trustee to run the club until somebody is willing to buy it,” Beitar owner Eli Tabib said in a statement.

      Beitar are a bastion of Israel’s political right-wing and a group of supporters known as “La Familia” has been openly abusive toward Israel’s Arab minority.

      Israeli media said some Charleroi fans had made Hitler salutes during the fracas. Beitar coach Slobodan Drapic said Beitar’s fans had been provoked, although he did not explain why some had come to the match with the flares and smoke bombs. It was unclear how so many devices were smuggled into the stadium.

      The club is the only major Israeli outfit that has never employed an Arab player and this was one of the grievances that the Palestinian FA cited in its call for Israel to be suspended from FIFA this year.

      Beitar have by far the worst disciplinary record in Israel’s Premier League and over the past decade has faced about two dozen hearings and received various punishments, including points deductions, fines and matches behind closed doors. . .

      SOURCE –

      • amigo on October 13, 2015, 4:42 pm

        “Thursday’s violence also drew condemnation from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who said the national image was at stake and ordered legal action against the Beitar fans who had rioted at the Charleroi game. – See more at:“JLD.

        Well aint that a hoot coming from the guy who has put Israel,s image lower than a snakes belly.

  3. surewin on October 13, 2015, 5:26 pm

    “The Times piece is open to comment, the first time in days that the Times has permitted comment…”

    Since I boycott the New York Times, I rely on sites like this to tell me what they’re doing. Is this the first time in days that they have permitted comment on Israel/Palestine, or on any story? I assume it’s the former. Wow. They have a commenting facility but they turn it off for certain stories? That’s shocking, and I’m not being sarcastic.

  4. a blah chick on October 13, 2015, 5:27 pm

    According to our elite media Israeli violence is either defensive or responsive. When you couple that with the attitude that Arabs are naturally violent and unreasonable then you have a toxic mix. Most Zionists, especially the ones who post here, hold passionately to this myth because it (at least in their eyes) allows Israel the right to “respond” to Arab violence when they are not “defending” themselves and to escape ANY responsibility for the human damage it causes. “Israel didn’t start the fight, Hamas was lobbing missiles!” “The terrorists started it when they started knifing people!” “What do you expect us to do when people start throwing molotov cocktails!” Meanwhile the question of why missiles are being fired and people knifed is never asked, because that would mean looking at the racism and repression.

    This sad state of affairs that is tolerated because Israel is simply more important than the Palestinians.

    • inbound39 on October 14, 2015, 6:15 am

      Coverage of events in New Zealand here is balanced from my observation. They freely report the Palestinian deaths as well as the Israeli deaths thus showing the imbalance. They are also critical of Israeli Government handling of the situation and generally infer that Palestinians have more than suffered enough. It was a pleasant feeling to see our media so balanced. Though given the debacle with Mossad Agents being caught forging New Zealand Passports and Dead Sea Cosmetics being run out of NZ for ripping off pensioners and mentally challenged in NZ there is no real love loss when it come to Israeli’s. They are not welcome here overall.

  5. Les on October 13, 2015, 5:45 pm

    When that bias is on behalf of zionism/Israel, Jews have a special reason to object.

  6. Kathleen on October 13, 2015, 6:45 pm

    Most of us know this biased media coverage is par for the course for literally decades. Although folks shining lights on the biases and inaccurate reporting.

    Hillary has her priorities and Palestinians are not one of them.

  7. Amar on October 14, 2015, 4:54 am

    I believe Israel is just as strenuously involved in attempting to shape public perception here as it was on the Iran deal. It gives added weight to their arguments re the security issues and why they cant make peace with their neighbors. Of course missing from the picture is they are the ones stoking the violence, hence their need to twist and manipulate the media. Israels entire strength rests on the ignorance of the American people and the need to keep them that way with a horribly suppressed and distorted media. It will tremendously help them if or when ‘the need’ arises to embark on another Gaza campaign or wave of mass killings again.

  8. just on October 14, 2015, 6:10 am

    They’re jailing the Palestinians of East Jerusalem!

    See the headline and the sub- headline beneath it???

    “Israel authorises police to seal off Palestinian areas of Jerusalem

    Netanyahu’s office announces move as part of package of ‘aggressive’ measures to stem wave of violence that has left 37 dead

    Israeli police will be authorised to seal off Palestinian areas of Jerusalem in response to continuing violence and attacks, part of a package of “aggressive” measures announced by the office of the prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu.

    The controversial measure – approved by Netanyahu’s security cabinet – comes as the Israeli military announced it was preparing to deploy six companies of soldiers to reinforce police, also called for in the same meeting.

    Announcing the measures early on Wednesday, Netanyahu’s office said he had ordered police to “impose a closure on, or to surround, centres of friction and incitement in Jerusalem, in accordance with security considerations”.

    It also announced that a terrorist’s house that has been demolished will not be rebuilt, and that the permanent residency rights of terrorists will be revoked and their property confiscated.

    The moves were criticised by Human Rights Watch, which warned that they risked inflaming an already dangerous situation.

    “The recent spate of attacks on Israeli civilians would present a challenge for any police force,” said Sari Bashi, Israel/Palestine country director at Human Rights Watch. “But exacerbating the punitive policy of home demolitions is an unlawful and ill-considered response.”

    “Locking down East Jerusalem neighbourhoods will infringe upon the freedom of movement of all Palestinian residents rather than being a narrowly tailored response to a specific concern. The checkpoints are a recipe for harassment and abuse.”

    Among other moves disclosed were plans to hire 300 extra security guards to secure public transport in the city. …”

    Only after this (and a bit more) do the dead get sorted out, sort of. And notice that the “panic” and “fears” is reserved for Israelis only, and that the identification of the 12 that were murdered by Israel as “attackers” is taken as truth by The Guardian:

    “Eight Israelis have died in a string of stabbings, shootings and the stoning of a car, while 29 Palestinians, including 12 identified by Israel as attackers, have been killed. In the latest bloodshed, a 27-year-old Palestinian man was shot dead during a protest in the West Bank town of Bethlehem. The Israeli military said he was hurling a firebomb at a car.

    The attacks have caused a sense of panic across Israel and raised fears that the region is on the cusp of a new round of heavy violence….”

    Hey, Sari Bashi of HRW~ what about the daily “spate of attacks” on Palestinian civilians? Huh?



    • just on October 14, 2015, 6:25 am
    • just on October 14, 2015, 6:26 am

      “American press coverage grants Israelis all the humanity”

      lol~ the faux humanity granted by the MSM is the only “humanity” that Israel has.

      Here are the grim facts that you’ll never see reported by or in the NYT. There are grim videos there, too:

      “We are the masters,” says Israeli mayor as 3 more Palestinians are killed …”

      • Kay24 on October 14, 2015, 6:33 am

        “We are the masters,” says Israeli mayor as 3 more Palestinians are killed …” –

        That is exactly what the nazis said, and it shows the supremacist mind set.
        We all know what happened to that arrogance and violence at the end.

  9. Xpat on October 14, 2015, 7:58 am

    Netanyahu’s strategy is to fill the media with official Israeli spokesmen who will connect emotionally with Western audiences. He was a breath of fresh air after all those old Israeli politicians with poor English and terrible accents. That was his big success when he started out as Israel’s UN ambassador. Netanyahu spoke fluent American. Now he’s cloned himself with Michael Oren, Ron Dermer, Mickey Rosenfeld (Israel police), Mark Regev etc. Seems to me that we should use this as a point of weakness: Israel is a colonial/immigrant country ethnically cleansing the indigenous population. Just look at all its spokesmen.

    • eljay on October 14, 2015, 8:26 am

      || Elliot: Netanyahu’s strategy is to fill the media with official Israeli spokesmen who will connect emotionally with Western audiences. He was a breath of fresh air after all those old Israeli politicians with poor English and terrible accents. … Seems to me that we should use this as a point of weakness: Israel is a colonial/immigrant country ethnically cleansing the indigenous population. Just look at all its spokesmen. ||

      Turning Israeli spokesmen (and -women) who are “a breath of fresh air” and who “connect emotionally with Western audiences” into a weakness is an uphill battle on a very steep slope, IMO.

      Especially when the “other side” has old “Aye-rab” (or, scarier, “Mooslim”) politicians with poor English and terrible accents, and “martyrs” who (are perceived to) want to “kill Jews” (including those “breath of fresh air” Israelis).

  10. Kathleen on October 14, 2015, 9:08 am

    Just the term “settler” is so folksy. When will people start regularly calling these people what they are….criminals…thieves of Palestinian lands.

  11. W.Jones on October 14, 2015, 9:19 am

    I know how the mass media affects people’s thinking. For years I was under the impression from the mass media that Palestinians were basically Muslim extremists attacking the Israelis in a battle of semi-equal power relations. This impression was particularly strong during the intifada of 1992. I read that New Jewish Agenda was JVP’s predecessor and it collapsed in 1992 over the issue of that intifada.

  12. hophmi on October 14, 2015, 10:51 am

    “I don’t recall a single NYT story devoted to the shooting of Gaza fishermen–it has been mentioned in passing and I am certain this was only due to reader complaints, but shootings that can’t be spun as understandable reactions to Palestinian violence don’t interest the NYT. Doesn’t fit the narrative.”

    Yeah, I mean, why bother actually doing the research, Donald? No need to challenge your ridiculous assumptions.

    That’s not including the reportage the Times did on the 4 boys who were killed on the beach during the last war.

  13. James Canning on October 14, 2015, 12:53 pm

    Are most Americans even aware that Israel continues to occupy the West Bank?

  14. Kay24 on October 14, 2015, 1:10 pm

    Right now the man who cries wolf Blitzer of CNN is covering the situation in Jerusalem, with an obvious bias. He is getting the zionist tall tales from non other that Lying Regev. Lying is in their psyche. No chance Blitzer will use the world “occupation” or giving the Palestinians a state.

    I am tired of the zionist media of America, and the way they keep feeding naive minds with zionist garbage, to gain sympathy for their crimes. It looks like the chosen ones are the only side entitled to “defend” themselves. The young Palestinians are now taking knives to a gunfight.

  15. Ossinev on October 15, 2015, 11:26 am

    You may be aware of similar pro-Israel/Israel First bias in the MSM here in the UK but generally it has been reasonably succinct as opposed to the overtly nauseous variety in the US. Things however may be changing rapidly and our MSM with guess what the Murdoch Times” taking the lead. I have gotten quite used to the small Zionist cabal of “leading article writers” such as Finklestein,Aaronovitch and the truly odious Melanie Phillips deftly crafting into their articles on baked beans and sofabeds references and reminders about the holocaust and anti semitism. – par for the course I`m afraid. However as a result of the recent upsurge of violence in Palestine there has been much greater coverage of the situation in the paper and guess who is being portrayed as the victim – yes you have got it the poor old defenceless terrified occupiers with perhaps a grudging reference to any attack by a a Jewish Israeli ( who has invariably it seems a history of mental problems ) on an innocent Arab tacked on at the end of the report.I suspect the Murdoch machine will crank this up in the coming weeks. Again the pro-Israel lobby here in the UK is not as openly vomit inducing as in the US but it does exist and has powerful influence in the UK Parliament both obviously within the right wing Conservative and definitely since the saintly Tony Blair within the supposedly left wing Labour Party. As an example witness this little gem from the readers Letters to the Editor section in yesterday`s paper. Headlined Israel “under siege” and strategically positioned at the prime spot top left of the page it goes as follows:
    “Sir Israel is experiencing a wave of terror not seen in a decade.The methods may be rudimentary but the results are deadly.The spiralling levels of violence are utterly contemptible.The attacks have been encouraged by continued incitement by senior Palestinian officials. For years Conservative politicians and Conservative Friends of Israel have called on the British government to tackle this Palestinian incitement. Enough is enough.Inaction and silence has led us to this dark place.Faced with the echoes of the devastating second intifada,the government can no longer afford to be silent”
    Signed by Sir(sic) Eric Pickles MP,Guto Bebb MP , Bob Blackman MP , Mike Freer MP , Matthew Offord Mp , Andrew Percy MP , Dame (sic) Angela Watkinson MP.
    As ever it is a difficult call given the tragic circumstances FOR THE OCCUPIED PEOPLE OF PALESTINE but I don`t know whether to weep,throw up or just p..s myself laughing at the hypocrisy.

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