Video: Undercover Israeli soldiers kill one, arrest one inside Hebron hospital

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Early Wednesday morning, an undercover Israeli special forces unit disguised as Palestinian civilians accompanying a pregnant woman inside a Hebron hospital killed one man and arrested another while holding doctors at gunpoint. The arrested man, Azzam al-Shalaldeh, 22, is reportedly suspected of attacking an Israeli weeks ago.

Security camera footage from the al-Ahli hospital published by local media shows a group of officers with faux beards and mustaches, and traditional Palestinian scarves entering the medical facility shortly before 3:oo am.

They rush past a reception desk in the surgical ward into a treatment room where Azzam al-Shalaldeh was recovering from injuries sustained during clashes with the Israeli army outside of Hebron 20 days ago. The Israeli forces then arrested Shalaldeh, during which Israeli forces shot and killed his cousin Abdullah al-Shalaldah, 27.

Palestine Today reported Israeli forces shot al-Shalaldah four times in the chest and head, with a weapon that was fixed with a silencer.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health released a statement condemning the operation inside of the medical facility, stating 21 Israeli undercover officers participated.

Abdallah al-Shalaldeh
Abdallah al-Shalaldeh

Immediately following the shooting the Israeli forces were filmed exiting the hospital holding handguns. Staff at al-Ahli said the identity of the woman who entered with the Israeli officers is unknown.

“A hospital should be the safest place even in times of war, yet they have penetrated the hospital, arrested someone and murdered someone in it,” the director of the al-Ahli medical complex Dr. Jihad Shawour said to Mondoweiss, describing the incursion as “an ugly and disrespectful manner to enter the hospital.”

“We are used to getting arrested in various places and we have seen this scenario playing out before,” said Shawour, making a reference to another Palestinian arrested from a hospital bed by Israeli security forces in Nablus two weeks ago on similar suspicions of attacking an Israeli, “however this is the first time there has been a murder in the hospital.”

“So now the Palestinians are being killed in the road, the mosque, the church, the school and now the hospital,” Shawour added.

Palestinian parliament member Qais Abdel Karim called the incident a “double heinous crime” and said Israeli forces had “executed” al-Shalaldah.

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Amnesty International: The killing of a 28-year-old Palestinian man by Israeli forces during a raid on al-Ahli hospital in Hebron in the early hours of Thursday morning may amount to an extrajudicial execution, Amnesty International said today. … “The fact that Abdullah Shalaldah was shot in the head and upper body suggests this was an extrajudicial execution, adding to a disturbing pattern of similar recent incidents by Israeli forces in the West Bank which warrant… Read more »

This made the main TV station in Ireland.It included the video showing the most moral army cowards dressed as Arabs and carrying out just one more war crime.

A Palestinian was interviewed and managed to mention that this is a war crime.I am not sure the average viewer will see it for what it is and not as another Entebbe type heroic op by those brave and daring Jews.

So many to re-educate.

@amigo “A Palestinian was interviewed and managed to mention that this is a war crime.I am not sure the average viewer will see it for what it is and not as another Entebbe type heroic op by those brave and daring Jews.” I am sure that the average normal viewer of whatever persuasion both in the North and the South of Ireland will see it for what is. The exception as always will be the… Read more »

If there was ever any doubt about the cowardice of the IDF, here’s the proof: Apparently at least two dozens IDF soldiers (disguised as Arabs) are needed to arrest ONE Palestinian – wounded and harmless, lying in a hospital bed. And for good measure, shooting and killing his cousin (unarmed) as he emerged from the bathroom. Of course, they are already saying he ‘attacked’ them! Sure, an unarmed guy attacking a dozen fully armed Israeli… Read more »

So what are the leader of the US Congress and others saying? What damn excuse can Israel come up with this time? Storming a hospital and assassinating people inside is AGAINST INTERNATIONAL LAWS. Of course we all know Israel is a rogue nation, acts like it is above all laws on this earth, and are experts at sending their murderers into civilians places like a hospital, to kill scientists in other nations, or even a… Read more »