What would Prophet Mohammad do to Trump?

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Leading GOP Presidential Candidate Donald Trump calling for a “total and complete ban on Muslims entering the US” is the worst public insult directed against Muslims I have ever heard in 40 years of living in America.

He has even suggested that American Muslims be required to register in a database and have their mosques be put under surveillance or completely shut down. The proposal will affect US citizens visiting abroad and US Muslim soldiers returning back home from tours of duty and risking their lives. If Trump gets his way, even Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) would not be allowed to enter the US as he was born in Palestine and recent forensic science revealed that Jesus (pbuh) was not white, blond and blue eyed.

Donald Trump is a fascist man who insulted Mexicans, attacked refugees, disparaged Muslims, maligned Arabs, defamed women, called a former POW a traitor, and yes, even mocked a disabled reporter. No any other public office seeker in recent history would have been able to get away with it.

This man’s views and remarks add insult, subtract pleasure, divide attention and multiply ignorance. His outrageous remarks have been condemned universally and he has become an embarrassment not just to his party but to the whole United States. As long as the media caters to him and his fans by giving him unlimited airtime and newspaper space he will continue to act and bark like a junkyard dog.

It was a slap in the face for this veteran to endure such insults coming from a US presidential candidate. I am an American citizen who also wore the uniform with pride and served for 20 years with honor in our armed forces. While Mr. Trump dodged the draft 5 times during the Vietnam War, yours truly was willing and ready to die for America if need be. When America called Trump, he did not answer the call of duty. Then he had the nerves to question the loyalty and patriotism of Muslim Americans like me. I find it quite preposterous.

I was reflecting over the last few days about what to do and say about Trump’s vicious attack and how best to respond to it. First thing that went through my mind was to dare him a duel at Weehawken, New Jersey, the same place where the former secretary of the treasury, Alexander Hamilton and the sitting vice president had their famous duel 111 years ago. Then I dismissed the idea as illegal.

Finally I asked myself the question, “what would prophet Mohammad do to Trump?” Two stories kept popping through my head which took place during the life of Prophet (pbuh). Based on the Prophet’s response to the woman and man in those stories, I feel the Prophet would not treat Trump any differently. Americans and especially Muslims can take heed from these two stories.

The Bedouin who urinated in the mosque

Anas Bin Maalik narrated:

While we were in the “masjid” mosque with the Messenger of “Allah” God, a Bedouin came; he then urinated in the masjid. The Companions of the Messenger of God were furious and severely scolded the Bedouin. The prophet said, “Do not put a halt to his urinating, but instead leave him.” They left him alone until he finished urinating.

The prophet then called him over and said to him, “Any kind of urine or filth is not suitable for these masjids. Instead they are only [appropriate] for the remembrance of “Allah” God, the Prayer, and the recitation of the Qur’aan,” or this is near to what the Messenger of Allah said.

Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) issued an order to a man from the people, who then came with a bucket of water, which he poured over the [effected] area [of the masjid].

The woman who threw trash at the Prophet

This story of this woman is very similar to Donald Trump’s treatments of America’s Muslims:

The woman always picked up a basket full of trash, stood up on the roof of her house and waited till the Prophet (pbuh) passed by her house and threw all the garbage on him as he passed by. Much to the woman’s disappointment, he did not say anything and continued on his way. She did the same the following day thinking, “Maybe this time I will be able to annoy him.”

But he was too gentle to shout at a woman. She misinterpreted his attitude as fear and decided to repeat the same mischief everyday in order to keep him frightened, so that he might stop preaching the Oneness of God.

The Prophet did not want to disappoint the woman and so he continued to walk down the street everyday, instead of picking an alternate route, and prayed for the woman to recognise the Truth. One day, the Prophet (pbuh) did not see the woman to be on the roof of her house. This worried him, because he thought something must have happened to her for not being over there. So he knocked at the door to inquire if she was ill. When she opened the door, she was pleased by the affectionate tone of the Prophet’s (pbuh) voice and his kind attitude inspired her into recognition of the truth, and his prayers were answered in the form of her embracing Islam.

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“Invite (all) to the Way of thy Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching; and argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious: for thy Lord knoweth best, who have strayed from His Path, and who receive guidance.”

The Holy Qur’an, 16:125

Thanks for the Bible study. When is the Torah lesson?

As long as the media caters to him and his fans by giving him unlimited airtime and newspaper space he will continue to act and bark like a junkyard dog.

perfectly stated! thank you for the illuminating and entertaining article Mahmoud El-Yousseph.

“recent forensic science revealed that Jesus (pbuh) was not white, blond and blue eyed.” they found his body? perhaps Shingo gave it up. what does this refer to.

It looks like the Presidential campaign from the Republicans are going to be an Anti Muslim one, right now the Muslim bashing is loud and clear on the debate stage. Islamaphobes like Geller, and others who have poured in millions on this anti Muslim campaign, must be pleased. Their work… Read more »