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Why is AIPAC legitimating Donald Trump’s bigotry?

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Critics of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee have long contended that the lobbying group puts Israel’s interests before America’s. AIPAC’s invitation to Donald Trump to speak at its annual conference next week in the face of his bigoted comments about Muslims and Mexicans and endorsement of violence at rallies suggests that the organization has now forgotten to take account of America’s interests at all.

Trump’s rhetoric is not just another candidate’s speech. Abe Foxman, the former head of the Anti-Defamation League, gets straight to the point. After Trump asked that crowd in Florida to raise their right arms and promise to vote for him, Foxman said: “It is a fascist gesture. He is smart enough — he always tells us how smart he is — to know the image that this evokes.” Trump’s promotion of violence and his open bigotry against Muslims and Latinos add to Foxman’s dangerous picture.

The Reform Jewish Movement made a feeble effort to excuse AIPAC’s invitation, citing the organization’s standard policy “to invite all the viable candidates for president.” The Reform Movement’s hint that it will protest against Trump is not enough.

AIPAC expects some 20,000 people in the audience at this year’s conference. Trump’s performance is predictable. He will tone down his rhetoric, profess his love for Israel, mention his Jewish son-in-law, make lame jokes, and leave at least some thinking that they can work with him. Cable news, even the supposedly liberal MSNBC, will cover Trump’s speech, probably live, and most of the commentators will note that he seems to be mellowing. With every such speech, and each new television interview, Trump’s racist views become more legitimate — a plausible alternative perspective, a bit odd, but let’s give it a chance.

Trump will probably not win the election this year, although we’ve had to add that “probably” in the past month or so. But Trumpism is now part of the political landscape, and it is not going away soon. What happens when the next recession pushes unemployment up to 8 or 9 percent, and all those people who are (understandably) angry that their wages have stagnated for decades are earning nothing at all?

Trumpism needs to be delegitimated. So far, his bigotry has advanced due to what Katrina vanden Heuvel, publisher of The Nation, calls “media malpractice;” television has given him several times the coverage of the other candidates combined.

Enough is enough. Some Republicans, politicians and commentators, have already said they will not support Trump in the general election. These are the same people who have let their party slide toward Trumpism over the years, though they are now making what seem to be tough decisions.

And what about AIPAC? Does it truly want to give yet another national stage to violent, dangerous bigotry?

James North

James North is a Mondoweiss Editor-at-Large, and has reported from Africa, Latin America, and Asia for four decades. He lives in New York City.

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54 Responses

  1. a blah chick on March 19, 2016, 12:00 pm

    Aipac has tolerated bigots for years. As one of the bloggers at 972mag pointed out they have never cared about human rights in Israel or anywhere else. This is about maintaining Israeli hegemony in the Middle East in partnership with the US.

    Trump is bad, but he’s not nearly as bad as most of the others who will be welcomed warmly at Aipac.

  2. Kay24 on March 19, 2016, 1:31 pm

    It is typical zionist hypocrisy. They would be howling about anti-semitism had these been anti Jewish attacks by Drumpf, and they would not have generously invited him to speak at their love fest for Israel. But hey, these vile remarks were against Muslims, and we know the zionists love Muslims and Arabs, because they show their love for them every day in Israel. AIPAC is the tool used by Israel to control our politicians and to interfere in our political system. It is embarrassing to see our leaders, accept these invitation to speak at these events, and see them groveling, and vying, to show that apartheid nation how devoted they are, and offer unwavering support for it’s endless crimes. Only in the US folks.

    • niass2 on March 20, 2016, 9:29 pm

      what is it about rastafarians that bothers u so much. Just kidding, actually, only people like us know this is even happening. Its actually isn’t very important in the real world, where real people live. maybe it matters, to Palestine, on the barest of margins, but not really. We have our local JCRC being idiotic. I wrote some very blunt stuff to their local leader to inform him that as a Jew I think he is a moral coward, a fool, a liar, etc etc. etc. This is almost over, look at everyone at this event. They all think they matter, but in the long run they just destroyed and chance I had of even having a religion, they’re all insane, and they are not Jews, they’re political wacks. Whatever, smoke a fatty and ignore it. Israel and Trump are the same, both will be gone soon, due to their idiocy and racism. So says this Cohen. I know where to Go, California. he cant have California, and he can’t have NY. The other thief has those. I realize were all going to die quite soon. Israel is just a piece of earth, with a bunch of idiots, ruining their stolen country. These people pray to god, but god has something waiting for them. Its called confinement loaf, and is made out of bean by products. You feed some confinement loaf to a law breaking Zionist and it seems to mellow them out right away. Ask Frank for the recipe. With Jews like me around, the JCRC is not happy. I challenged them to burn my house down since they like that kind of thing. I hope they do. I have the FBI, my neighbors are all cops, and we have…Insurance.

  3. Mooser on March 19, 2016, 1:40 pm

    “And what about AIPAC? Does it truly want to give yet another national stage to violent, dangerous bigotry?”

    If AIPAC can contribute to driving a wedge between Jews and others in the US, they’ll be happy. A testimony to how far we’ve come in the Goldenah Medina.

  4. Steve Grover on March 19, 2016, 1:45 pm

    Gee North, thanks for your concern about what is in AIPAC’s best interest. I wonder what Katrina vanden Heuvel calls your bigotry towards Israel and Jews. Maybe she’ll tell you in your next paycheck.

  5. just on March 19, 2016, 2:48 pm

    “These are the same people who have let their party slide toward Trumpism over the years, though they are now making what seems to be tough decisions.”

    I don’t think that they “let their party slide…” I watched it happen and it was deliberate. Trump, Cruz, Rubio are only the latest manifestation. Trump is their Frankenstein and the hordes aren’t coming out with torches this time. They are covered in the frothy rapture that the Repubs have incited for a long, long time~ appealing to the deep- seated bigotry that unfortunately abounds.

    (The Tea Party came about when a man of color was elected President, you know. )

  6. on March 19, 2016, 2:57 pm

    They (AIPAC) probably read Phil’s many articles that positively glorify Trump as the non antisemitic American leader who will finally free the country from the evil clutches of the Zionists/Neocons/foreign lobbyist.

  7. Bandolero on March 19, 2016, 3:06 pm

    I think there have spoken more ugly people at AIPAC already than Trump.

    Even open racists like Netanyahu spoke there.

    Regarding Abe Foxman, I find him ridiculous: he supports all the racism & fascism in Palestine, and now he suddenly feels disturbed by Trump due to fascism? Who would believe that?

    The matter of all the fuzz is, that Trump said he going to be neutral on Israel/Palestine and will work with Putin and Assad to defeat Israel’s Al Qaeda allies. That’s what the whole anger is about.

    Oh, and I see, moderate Republican candidate Ted Cruz with his moderate advisors like Elliott Abrams and Frank Gaffney is no problem at all for people like Abe Foxman. And neither are serial war of aggression perpetraitors like Hillary Clinton. The hypocrisy is breath-taking.

  8. Keith on March 19, 2016, 3:52 pm

    JAMES NORTH- “Why is AIPAC legitimating Donald Trump’s bigotry?”

    A better title might have been “Why is Donald Trump legitimating AIPAC?” Actions speak louder than words, kiddo. So far, Donald Trump’s major crime has been that he is an egotistical capitalist fat-cat with a big mouth. Repugnant, no doubt. But Hillary? A proven war monger and mass murderer. In any event, Wall Street and the MIC effectively run the empire and disaster looms regardless of who wins. As for me, I am voting for Jill Stein. I simply refuse to go along with the BS.

    • niass2 on March 20, 2016, 10:04 pm

      Jill Stein, you might as well vote for my cat. She is a fraud, ifyu work inbosston, provide ACTUAL HEALTHCARE TO THE POOR DAILY, you wonder what the obsessionwith Jill Stein, who know one who actually works with the poor inBostonknows. She livesinLexington, a rich town,and is afraud and a perpetualhas been. For those who

      • diasp0ra on March 21, 2016, 6:48 am


        Actually this is interesting to me. Do you have anything reliable I could read on her?

        Her positions seem admirable but I have never talked to her so it could all be an act. I know a lot of Palestinian leaders who talk the talk but are morally corrupt here so it might be the same for Jill.

      • on March 21, 2016, 7:01 am


        Niass is talking nonsense. Jill Stein’s record is as clean as it can be for a politician, and is infinitely better than both Bernie’s and Hillary’s.

        I suggest you watch her many interviews and speeches, familiarize with the writings she published ever since she took up the role in politics and be the judge yourself. I have and I can tell you that Jill is an extremely intelligent, self-aware, and honest person who I would argue to be too good for the likes of American politics, and to represent the American people. They honestly do not deserve her.

  9. Danaa on March 19, 2016, 4:06 pm

    Let’s talk about them elephants in the room again, shall we?

    What is AIPAC after all, if not the mputhpiece of the most virulent, toxic, bigoted and obnoxious strains in the so-called Jewish state? who or what does AIPAC support – to the detriment of the American people – if not a xenophobic, racist, ethno-supremacist country called israel? what is heard day in, day out on the streets of israel, and the neocon halls of America, populated by exalted figures such as Adelson, Foxman and Gaffney (now part of the Cruz team of killer-shills), if not bigotry, hatred and contempt of any and all minorities? which country in the world makes trump look like a saint by comparison?

    And while we are at it, what exactly has Trump said about migrants and alternative religions (not jewish or christian) that AIPAC has not endorsed and indeed promoted from the and to the highest offices in the land?

    Why, you say, it’s not mexicans or some feckless “muslims” they are against. It’s those Arabs called palestinians that they wish to see gone from the white-washed streets of israel, and their friends banished from US campuses.

    Is there a body politic more prejudiced against anyone not jewish than the illustrious AIPAC and its oh-so-jewish “values? who exactly are these rabbis protesting anyways – Some ill-conceived pronouncements by Trump or the fact that he proposed even-handedness and/or humanistic approach to the I/P conflict? why, Trump failed to condemn all palestinians as hate-filled “terrorists” even as he had some issues with muslims in general. may be he doesn’t realize that protesting israeli murderous occupation and spite for all non-Jewish residents within and without the Green line is simply not kosher.

    I think AIPAC is way to the right of the Trump in the hate mongering business, and may be that’s what upsets the high and mighty congregation – that Trump may not be “saufficiently “right” in the right direction.

    The upset over Trump’s speech to AIPAC is thoroughly disingenuous. After all, that other masked hater of all things not empire, called Hillary (of the “we came, we saw, he died”) is speaking in front of AIPAC too, probably to protest her undying support for the most racist, bigoted, hate-filled country in the world.

    Now, now…..

    • niass2 on March 20, 2016, 10:15 pm

      aipac hates Jews also. They’d hate me, instantly, and as such, they hate Jews they disagree with, all day long. Did it matter, does it now, and what would be the answer to the answer man?

  10. jeff_davis on March 19, 2016, 4:07 pm

    Trump’s bigotry? “Have you stopped beating your wife?” Same presumptive rhetorical trickery. Same baloney.

    What bigotry? Objecting to uncontrolled immigration from Mexico is not the same as being bigoted towards Mexicans, and those attempting to invent that equivalence do so dishonestly. They’re just anti-Trump and need to cook up — in their own heads, reality free — some justification for their own prejudice (against Trump).

    As other posters have observed, characterizing Trump’s “anti-Muslim immigration” stance as an example of anti-Muslim bigotry is a breathtaking example of both dishonesty and hypocrisy. In the midst of a Zionist-inspired worldwide war on Islam — aka the “war on terror” — we have also witnessed the parallel Zionist-inspired campaign of anti-Muslim hate-mongering across the US. The US is in the grip of an anti-Muslim bigotry fest.

    Leave us not forget the context: Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria currently, and of course the century-long “erasure” of Palestine

    Within this context of Zionist-inspired murder and chaos, Syrian — and other — Arab refugees fleeing the foreign-funded-killer-jihadi bloodbath, flood into Europe. Considering that the US-as-Israel’s-bitch has generated a white-hot anti-US hatred among Muslims worldwide, Trump says “Let’s not accept Muslim extremist killers into the US. Let’s not accept so-called refugees until we know what exactly we’re dealing with.” Branding this eminently reasonable position as bigotry is already, all by itself, some sort of insanity. Denial, projection, and god-knows-what other mental derangement is at play here.

    Trump tells the truth, and the lifelong Kool-Aid drinkers — right and left — go postal.

    We have crossed over into the Twilight Zone.

  11. Danaa on March 19, 2016, 4:21 pm

    Just to emphasize once again – AIPAC has no problem with mexicans and latinos in general because just like the rest of the 1% they love the economic migrants – excellent for low wages and profit taking. Just as Merkel over in Germany thinks a couple of million refugees and migrants can do just great to prop up a decreasing labor force and insufficiently consuming, overly saving Germans.

    The AIPAC shills who never tire of calling for the blood of Iranians, and secular rulers of muslim countries such as Assad, of course are all for the combating ‘prejudice” against “muslims in general”. It’s just when they happen to be Palestinians, or Shiites like hezbollah or iran, that they have issues with.

    And here we are, talking about the bad trump who, in truth, has shown not one hundredth of the bigotry afflicting the high and mighty AIPAC movers and shakers and their even more contemptible racist-to-the-core “bretherns-in-faith” from israel.

    To me it seems that it is this ill-disguised anti-American, power-hungry, war-mongering organization called AIPAC that should be protested as the most disgusting exhibit of bigotry, hatred and anti-humanity, rather than someone like Trump who is apparently the voice of millions of disaffected, left-behind people, whether they are prejudiced or not. Disaffected people, from time-immemorial found others, lower than they, as targets for their resentment and unhappiness. In Israel, the Mizrahi descendants and Russian emigres voice far more hatred for Palestinians, and muslims in general than any Trump-supporting republican voter ever has. For true, concentrated hatred, I suggest we look to the east Mediterranean rather than west of the Atlantic.

    PS I am obviously a Sanders supporter , but i find the hissy-fits thrown around about Trump disingenuous as well as dangerous. Let the people vote for whom they wish, and drop the sacred “Humanitarian” coverings.

  12. YoniFalic on March 19, 2016, 4:36 pm

    I am not sure that Trump has any problem with Muslims or Hispanics that are rich.

    Trump makes me think of a wealthy Junker that lived in Wilhelmian Germany and who would shoot off his mouth too much.

    Such a Junker might even have married the daughter of a wealthy Jewish banker in order to replenish his wealth. In return the Jewish banker might have received en·trée to the elite class of Wilhelmian Germany.

  13. wondering jew on March 19, 2016, 6:26 pm

    Aipac invites the leading candidate of one of the two parties in a 2party country. They are practical.

  14. just on March 19, 2016, 6:40 pm

    Roy Isacowitz:

    “Protesting Bigots and Demagogues at AIPAC? Don’t Stop at Trump. Call Out Netanyahu Too

    American Jews are capable of recognizing the potential fascism of Trump, but not the existing tyranny of Israel’s rule over the Palestinians, under the decade-long leadership of Netanyahu.

    Many American Jews are angered at the prospect of Donald Trump addressing the AIPAC policy conference in Washington this coming week and are promising to abstain from attending, walk out of the hall or protest his presence in other ways.

    “Throughout his campaign Trump has made statements that have been bigoted, racist, misogynistic, and Islamophobic – some could argue even statements that were anti-Semitic,” wrote Rabbi Jesse Olitzky, representing a group of professionals and clergy which calls itself Come Together Against Hate.

    “If we sit around and do nothing, even if we sit in silence, that shows complacency and that, by default, we agree with what he says,” Olitzky wrote. “It is imperative to me as a communal leader, and to all Jews there who are going, that we stand up to his demagoguery.”

    Which would make perfect sense, were it not for the fact that the American community, both as individuals and as communal leaders, has been sitting in silence and showing complacency in the face of demagoguery and racism for years already, without feeling the need to stand up and do something about it.

    APIAC, that bastion of Jewish values, has gone even further. Rather than sitting in complacent silence, it has given repeated and resounding standing ovations, year after year, to Benjamin Netanyahu and other Israeli demagogues and racists, who not only talk the talk – as Trump has done so far – but walk the walk, as well.

    Israel has already built the wall that Trump only talks about. It has blighted the lives of millions of Muslims, as Trump says he would like to do. Its behavior has been far more bellicose than anything Trump has exhibited so far and its racism is not only more extreme, but a lot more deadly.

    The supporters of Israeli Trumpism have assassinated a prime minister, gunned down worshippers in a mosque, burned a Palestinian baby to cinders in its bed and committed thousands of other racist atrocities. But when the Israeli Trump-in-chief arrives in Washington, he is feted by AIPAC as the true representative of Jewish values. The anti-Trump.

    What perversion allows American Jews – or the majority of them, it would seem – to regard Donald Trump as the antithesis of their Jewish values and Benjamin Netanyahu as their exemplar? What cognitive bypass enables them to recognize the potential fascism of Trump, but not the existing tyranny of Israel’s rule over the Palestinians, under the decade-long leadership of Netanyahu?

    Trump’s values, according to Rabbi Olitzky of Come Together Against Hate, “are not the values of the Jewish community. They are not the values of our founders’ vision of an America where all citizens are ‘endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.’”
    Does that mean that those unlucky enough to be born outside America weren’t endowed by the creator with unalienable rights? Does it mean that Jews in America, basking in the glory of their founders’ vision, need not be concerned when Jews in Israel deny others those same unalienable rights? …

    … Netanyahu himself has declined AIPAC’s invitation to address the conference in person, explaining first that he hadn’t been invited to meet with President Barack Obama while in Washington (a lie, according to the White House) and then that such an appearance would not be proper at the height of the American election campaign. 

    Coming from the man who thought it appropriate to address Congress at the height of the struggle over the Iran nuclear agreement, Netanyahu’s explanation exudes the sort of hypocrisy that AIPAC appreciates. Olitzky and his Come Together friends may be well-meaning, but they are no less hypocritical.

    Still, it’s a pity. Having both Trump and Netanyahu address the assembled ranks of Israel’s apologists at AIPAC would be a fitting tribute to an organization dedicated to dishonesty and myopia. It would cast American Jewish values in their true and unambiguous light – a value system that exempts Israel from every value it purports to hold dear.

    It is entirely fitting to have Trump attend the AIPAC congress, while Bernie Sanders stays away. The Democratic candidate may have been invited out of obligation, but his honesty, decency and barely-concealed skepticism about Israel are not welcome at AIPAC. The pomposity and bluster of the Trump-Netanyahu duo are a much better fit.”

    read more:

  15. yourstruly on March 19, 2016, 11:40 pm

    Faced with a growing BDS movement AIPAC & other Israel-first organizations may see fascism as the surest way to save Israel from the challlenge posed by anti-Zionism. So what if a charasmatic American leader has emerged, who, like certain fascist leaders of yesteryear, revs up his followers by asking them to pledge allegiance to him with their right arm extended. Also never mind that he further imitates those same leaders by designating certain groups (Muslims & Mexican undocumented ‘border-crossers’) as enemies of state, something that should scare the hell out of a predominately Jewish organization, given the last century’s Holocaust. Toss-in a promise to ‘make America great again’, to be merciless in pursuit of a world in which those who resist a hegemonic USA are destroyed, while at the same time sparing Social Security and Medicare the ravages of austerity and, voila, you have an updated version of the mix of racist, xenophobic & war hawking rhetoric (along with a bone or two of populist social policies to chew on) that brought Hitler and Mussolini to power. Remember, too, that their rise to power coincided with an emergent Left, and with that period’s .01% being under attack. And now we are witnessing the same phenomena in Turkey (among other places), with racism, xenophobia and warmongering wiping out an emergent Left, at the same time attacking what had been a promising, albeit fragile democracy.

    Undoubtedly AIPAC leaders know the dangers from flirting with fascism, but for them, since Israel comes first, it’s a risk worth taking.

  16. Frankie P on March 20, 2016, 4:09 am

    Donald Trump: “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re sending people who have a lot of problems, and they’re bringing those problems. They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime. They’re rapists, and some of them, I assume, are good people, but I talk to border guards, and they tell us what we’re getting.”

    Frankie says: Not the most articulate way to explain the situation, I agree. Please note that he’s talking about illegal immigrants from Mexico, and that there’s a subset of them who are criminals. They’re bringing drugs across the borders, and some are rapists. I wouldn’t say that Mexico is sending the people. I would say that the people are deciding to come on their own.
    However, the media wants to say it another way, and James North obviously agrees with the media. They are all too willing to report that either a) Trump was talking about all illegal Mexican immigrants. or b) Trump was talking about ALL Mexican immigrants. or even c) Trump was talking about all Mexicans.

    New York Times: “Trump’s claim that illegal Mexican immigrants are ‘rapists’.”
    Huffington Post: “He called Latino immigrants ‘criminals’ and ‘rapists’.”
    Washington Post: “He referred to Mexicans as ‘rapists’.”
    AP: “Trump called Mexican immigrants ‘criminals’ and ‘rapists’.”
    Time Magazine: “Trump’s comment that Mexican immigrants are ‘rapists’.”

    Mondoweiss (James North or Phil Weiss, who usually does the headlines)
    “Trump’s bigotry.”

    By the way, Trump was referencing a Fusion article stating that according to directors of migrant shelters, a “staggering 80% of Central American girls and women crossing Mexico en route to the United States are raped along the way.”

    I guess the directors of the migrant shelters are bigots, too. Right James?

    Frankie P

    • Donald on March 20, 2016, 12:17 pm

      The fact that Central American girls are raped along the way doesn’t justify Trump’s statement about immigrants–it means that women in vulnerable circumstances are likely to be victimized.

      But go ahead and defend the bigot. Somehow I doubt the directors of migrant shelters would agree with your Trump favorable perversion of their words.

    • Danaa on March 20, 2016, 11:13 pm

      Donald, what makes trump mre bigotted than the American jews who support the ultra-racist, hyper-Islamophobic, etohno-supremacist theocracy known as israel?

      I am not saying you are, but the vast majority of attendees to AIPAC must be inherently racist, bigotted, islamphobic and suffer from a serious supremacy complex. OK, they don’t mind the mexicans. Why should they – the 1-5% (which, conservatively speaking encompasses the majority of attendees – both jewish and non-jewish sycophants) have no issue with those lower than low wage earners, do they?

      Basically, support for AIPAC or the holier-than-thou trump protesting “rabbis-in-good-standing” or the thieving, illegal,settlement fund raisers who day in, day out defend ugly racist practices, is so much worse than support for trump. If anything the 20,000 or so AIPAC attendees make trump sound like a boy scout.

      20,000 is a lot of people, I think. I know hardly anyone who frequents this blog is among them and I know we can subtract perhaps a 1000 who are there to gather information or speak to people in the vain hope of affecting change. What I want to know is where are the Black-Lives-Matter protesters and the others who are so keen to disrup ttrump rallies. Why aren’t they disrupting and protesting this gathering of this sliver of the elite who support a reprehensible foreign entity that is guilty of war crimes galore – often at the expense of their own country?

      Where are the AIPAC protests, Donald? (yes I know there are a few. but where is the buzz? where are the multitudes? where is the disgust and the opprobrium?)

      Again, it’s not you or james north or Phil or anyone here I accuse of bigotry, racism and/or blood lust. But you know as well as I do who the guilty ones are. In fact, they’ll be momentarily on our very TV screens, preening and crowing to all the media that are handsomely paid to deliver their unctuous, hypocritical, condescending utterances.

      So, Frankie P got a point. may be you should re-read it.

    • Sibiriak on March 21, 2016, 1:00 am

      @Frankie P

      An anti-immigration position need not be anti-immigrant , but it certainly can be.

      An anti-immigration position can have a reasonable rationale, or a racist motivation– or both at the same time (or neither, etc.).

      Either way, a serious (not just a mild, electoral-tactical) anti-immigration position is antithetical to hegemonic neoliberalism, hence it becomes a target for demonization.

  17. Pretext on March 20, 2016, 10:29 am

    As virulent as Trump’s rhetoric is, AIPAC, Bibi, and Saban don’t own him like they own Hilary, and Bernie isn’t going to win the nomination. In realpolitik terms, HRC may speak with more decorum but she’s at least as likely to get us into another Middle East conflict, and there’s precisely zero chance of her being helpful to the Palestinian cause.

    Trump isn’t going to cause another Korematsu in 2017-2021 America. On the other hand, HRC is certain to give Tel Aviv unconditional support whenever they decide to “mow the lawn” with massed artillery shells in Gaza.

  18. echinococcus on March 20, 2016, 4:09 pm

    And what about AIPAC? Does it truly want to give yet another national stage to violent, dangerous bigotry?

    Who’s the writer? AIPAC, J-Street and the lot of course want to give a “national stage to violent, dangerous bigotry” –their own. And they take it already, anyway. None more dangerous or bigoted.
    They are at least as dangerous and bigoted as the Empress Clinton II. In comparison, Trump is a piker, just a clown but a clown who should be supported in anything he may do or say that gets the Zionist murderers’ goat.

  19. Citizen on March 20, 2016, 9:03 pm

    …a clown who should be supported in anything he may do or say that gets the Zionist murderers’ goat.

    AIPAC & HRC & Cruz are much more dangerous than Trump, or Bernie.

    • echinococcus on March 20, 2016, 9:38 pm

      Oh but J-Street and its stout disciple Sanders are possibly way more dangerous. Never underestimate the power of so-called “liberal” genocidaires.

  20. kalithea on March 20, 2016, 10:20 pm

    Will Trump pretend to be aloof and hard to get with the 20,000 plus Aipac Crowd?

    Someone’s going to be disappointed…

    Will he instead throw thick slabs of Trump red meat onto the Zionists’ plates railing against Muslims and especially Iran and engage in the orgy of Islamophobia they’re foaming at the mouth to hear?

    Will Trump give those Zionist fat cats who fund perpetual injustice against Palestinians, push for wars that decimate hundreds of thousands of Muslims and create so much endless misery and who fund the worst kind of Islamophobic propaganda everything they’re dreaming of?

    The expectations are great; exactly as Trump wants them to be. So will he disappoint?

    I doubt it.

    That room with it’s massive screens exuding absolutist foreign power and filled with the richest, most influential Zionists is the real reason the system is so corrupt and rigged and Trump will be in his element with his own kind betraying his anti-establishment credentials.

    His ego will outperform everything that competes with it in that room, after all; he has to Trump the Queen of Zionism for their favor to end up with the Crown.

  21. RobertHenryEller on March 20, 2016, 10:24 pm

    Israelis like Trump for one reason. Trump is exactly like Netanyahu.
    Trump wants to build a wall, and make Mexico pay for it. Netanyahu did build a wall, and made the U.S. pay for it.

    Trump wants to keep Muslims out of the U.S. Netanyahu wants to kick Muslims not only out of Israel, but the Palestine created by the U.S., and occupied illegally by Israeli settlers.

    Trump wants to kill the families of terrorists. Netanyahu not only does kill the families of unbowed Palestinians who dare to rise up against their opporessors, but also hundreds and hundred of Palestinian men women and children for the crime of also being Palestinian. It’s called “collective punishment.” Netanyahu practices collective punishment, just as Saddam Hussein did, just as Bashar Assad does.

    Israelis look at Trump and see their “hero,” Netanyahu. Israelis are indistinguishable for Trump’s rally crowds.

    • echinococcus on March 21, 2016, 2:08 am

      Wrong. The Zionists loathe him because he risks giving them an unreliable US. Most intolerable, he reminds them that he is not for sale. He attacked our warmongering done on behalf of then Zionists.
      The Zionists aren’t exactly stupid: they see that Trump is inconsistent and most of what he says he doesn’t mean, but they cannot afford to have all their fig leaves blown away by a prospective Prez of the US.
      I suppose there are a number of AIPAC and JStreet lawyers already at work drafting writs of impeachment, going through Trump’s tax records and past business deals, others drafting plans to plant things or gathering snipers, etc.

  22. ToivoS on March 20, 2016, 10:28 pm

    As deplorable as Trump’s Islamophobia is there seems to be considerable hypocrisy in singling him out about it. We have been inundated with it for the last 15 years. AIPAC is as bad as Fox News. Bill Maher anyone? The new atheists? Give us a break.

    One thing that Trump has going for him is his foreign policy instincts. He is the only candidate to clearly point out that US policies regarding not only the Iraq war was wrong but also Obama and Hillary’s destructive regime change decisions destroyed Libya and destabilized Syria allowing ISIS to grow their. He also thinks our belligerent actions against Russia are a mistake. He is the only one to point out that Bush out-right lied when leading us to war in Iraq. Hillary, on the other hand, simply thinks it was all an intelligence “error”.

    However bad Trump is in his attitudes towards Muslims and Mexicans, he is the only credible candidate over the last half century to seriously question the War Party. I think avoiding a nuclear showdown with Russia and/or China would be worth the risks that he might pose to our civil liberties. Also the POTUS has the power to make war on his own, in order to carry out his threats against minorities would require approval from the legislative and judicial branches.

  23. RobertHenryEller on March 20, 2016, 10:36 pm

    Trump is the American Netanyahu.

    Netanyahu is the Israeli Trump.

  24. Jackdaw on March 21, 2016, 2:13 am

    Who’s the real bigot? Trump, or the guy who wants to prevent his free speech?

    • on March 21, 2016, 3:57 am

      Trump is the racist bigot mobilizing dumb impressionable folks to commit violence on marginalized people. I don’t care about his free speech, he can say whatever he likes but if he talks about hurting in any way the people I care for and love, he is going down by any means necessary. So it’s up to him to check what comes out of his mouth, say the wrong things and expect the wrong type of consequences, real talk.

      • Mooser on March 21, 2016, 2:17 pm

        ” I don’t care about his free speech, he can say whatever he likes but if he talks about hurting in any way the people I care for and love, he is going down by any means necessary.

        Oh feh! You’re such a “pisk-malocheh“!

        ROTFLMSJAO!! “by any means necessary”! Okay Rambo.

    • diasp0ra on March 21, 2016, 6:41 am


      Pretty sure it’s still Trump.

    • talknic on March 21, 2016, 6:48 am

      @ Jackdaw March 21, 2016, 2:13 am

      “Who’s the real bigot? Trump, or the guy who wants to prevent his free speech?”

      A) Trump, by his very words is obviously a blatant bigot.

      B) How is someone opposed to Trump blatantly expressing bigotry a bigot?

      • echinococcus on March 21, 2016, 10:28 am

        How is someone opposed to Trump blatantly expressing bigotry a bigot?

        Even though definitions for the word “bigot” vary a lot in Standard American English, the neocons and Hillariouses and sundry other monsters who oppose Trump’s “blatantly expressing bigotry” are worst than anyone you can imagine in that same department. Also, compared to them Trump’s isolationism makes him some kind of a peace god –all other things being equal.

        The Zio panic almost pushes me to support Trump.

    • eljay on March 21, 2016, 7:42 am

      || Jackdaw: Who’s the real bigot? Trump, or the guy who wants to prevent his free speech? ||

      So…you’re saying that when anti-Semites are prevented from speaking freely about their “Jew-hatred”, the bigots are the people who prevent the free speech? Interesting.

  25. on March 21, 2016, 4:25 am

    Why is the American nation legitimizing Donald Trump’s bigotry?? This racist idiot is running for the presidency and is attracting support from over half the nation (mostly white)! AIPAC didn’t invent and propagate white supremacy that is allowing for this barely evolved imbecile to do whatever he is doing. Is AIPAC bad, sure! But it doesn’t compare with the white supremacist institution it is operating within and the white supremacist political systems it is playing with.

    Check yourself, when we have a huge piece of rotting turd spinning around in the punchbowl, having too much lemon slices is no longer the problem. How the hell is AIPAC the issue, when it was white capitalism, white supremacy, Manifest Destiny and white privilege that collectively forced the ascent of Trump near the premiership.

    Nah, having a racist bigot running for presidency is the symptom, AIPAC having as much influence as it does is the symptom, the cause will always be the rooted in the foundation of the USA, a capitalist entity propped up with the ideology of white supremacy, covered with the facade of meritocracy, human rights and equality. We need to BURN THIS SHIT DOWN NOW!

  26. Boo on March 21, 2016, 10:05 am

    Well, I don’t get a two-fer like this very often. At 4 pm EST we’ll be protesting BOTH Drumpf and AIPAC. One side of my sign: “Zionism = Apartheid”. The other: Pictures of Bibi and Drumpf, caption “Demagogues ‘R’ Us”. Hope to see one or two of you there!

  27. Scott on March 21, 2016, 10:08 am

    So here we have Mondoweiss allying itself with rich right wing Republicans against Donald Trump, the first antiwar Republican with a real chance at the nomination since forever. North talks about AIPAC as if it’s Daddy, “legitimating” Donald Trump. He puts the powerful war-mongering group in the role of our moral arbiter, over a guy who is fumbling way is trying to run a populist, pro working class campaign. How revealing. How sad!

    • on March 21, 2016, 12:43 pm

      I’m not sure who exactly are you talking about, but the founder of MW, Phil Weiss has written multiple articles in praise of Donald Trump because of similar reasoning as yours. Phil is a Trump supporter I think, only the other commenters who are not directly affiliated with MW object to Trump being president.

  28. Ossinev on March 21, 2016, 10:55 am

    Leaving aside Trump`s overt racism and focusing on the Zionist Lobby/AIPAC perspective on him they must be decidedly worried and have their knickers in a twist over how to handle him and most importantly how they want to be seen handling him. Unlike the other running and no longer running bought and bent Republican candidates he is not the routine puppet on a string in the Republican fold who can be relied upon to do their(ie Israel`s) bidding. He has got his own lucre and doesn`t appear to need or want theirs. What`s more he is a bit of a bare knuckle pugilist – if someone in the Zionist AIPAC camp throws a rhetorical punch off script at him he will respond instinctively loudly and seriously off script.

    Whatever you think of the man he has certainly the potential to stir up the old cosy settled hasbarised Zionist mixture in America and that can only be for the good.

  29. genesto on March 21, 2016, 11:52 am

    AIPAC WELCOMES hate and bigotry, as long as it’s directed against Muslims and Arabs and not against Jews.

  30. Stogumber on October 18, 2016, 11:29 pm

    On the bright side, we must be grateful that Mr. (((North))) allows people to be “angry that their wages have stagnated for decades”. This shows real, and rather unusual, generosity.

    On the dark side, Mr. (((North))) unfortunately believes that a recession is a kind of natural catastrophe, and if that impersonal recession does something rather personal and “pushes unemployment up to 8 or 9 percent”, nobody will be responsible for that and nothing can be done against that.
    Mr. (((North))), that is not the way to fight Trumpism successfully. It’s more an affirmation that something like Trumpism is needed.

    (I’ve reflected the possibility that Mr. (((North))) is not a real (((North))), but a fake (((North))) – but I suppose that, in polite society, one would prefer to accept those brackets at their face value.)

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