Day One in Trump’s America

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Insanul Ahmed, a Senior Editor at Genius, published the following is a collection of tweets on Twitter. They show the immediate surge in racist attacks on Muslims and people of color in the U.S. since Donald Trump was elected president, not even two days ago. New York Daily News journalist Shawn King has been charted similar incidents on his Twitter account.

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As as excited as Trent Lott was about the passage of the ‘Patriot Act’ he must be simply ecstatic at tRUMP’s election.

What will next week bring? God help us.

as to the Hijab ask a Mufti this is from 2005, he said the same before, it provided an opportunity for ignorant Muslims to abandon adab and make complete fools of themselves almost all men, oppressive ignorance appears to be a secondary male sexual characteristic.

Muslim women advised to abandon hijab to avoid attack


You know I heard the same stuff after 9/11 – one colleague was complaining – ‘They are beating up brown people’ in the days after that event. Sorry to say it but it sounds a little hysterical. We still have a constitution, free speech, checks and balances, etc. Set tight and let’s just see where this goes. Let’s be a little more circumspect before we conclude we’ve just ‘completely lost our democracy’ or some other… Read more »

This is exactly what happened here in the UK after the referendum vote last June.