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Trump says he’s ‘happy’ with one-state outcome, ringing in a new era

Donald Trump today changed US policy, saying he’s not wed to a two-state resolution of the Israel-Palestine conflict. In his press conference with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, Trump said:

As far as settlements, I’d like to see you hold back on settlements for a little bit. We’ll work something out. But I would like to see a deal be made. I think a deal will be made. So I’m looking at two-state and one-state, and I like the one that both parties like. I’m very happy with the one that both parties like. I could live with either one. I thought for a while the two-state looked like it may be the easier of the two, but honestly, if Bibi and if the Palestinians, if Israel and the Palestinians are happy, I’m happy with the one they like the best. The Israelis are going to have to show some flexibility, which is hard, it’s hard to do… I think the Palestinians have to get rid of some of that hate…

The new reality is already being reflected in the media. The New York Times has a story up on the policy shift. “Trump, Meeting With Netanyahu, Backs Away From Palestinian State.”

(Image: Carlos Latuff)

On MSNBC, Cal Perry said the two-state solution had been U.S. policy “till this morning.”

Perry then posed important questions. If there’s one state, will Palestinians have “equal rights?” Will they have “citizenship” rights? Will they be drafted for the army? What will happen to their right of return as refugees? Will they be under civilian rule?

While Martin Fletcher asserted that if Israel and Palestine become one state, Israel will “never agree to one person, one vote.”

Also today, it was revealed that Mike Pompeo, the new director of the CIA, was in the West Bank last night, meeting with President Mahmoud Abbas– evidently preparing Palestinians for the news coming out of the White House today.

Many in the human rights community will welcome the end of a hypocritical period in which the U.S. maintained a two-state policy even as no viable state was possible in light of Israel colonization. Jamil Dakwar of the ACLU writes:

The 2-state solution has been long dead so the choice is between an apartheid colonial state or one democratic state with full equal rights.

While Yousef Munayyer crystallizes the moment, and the issues, for the Institute for Middle East Understanding:

“The comments by the Israeli Prime Minister and President Donald Trump today make one thing perfectly clear; the questions about one-state or two-states are dead and decided. There is and will be one state between the river and the sea encompassing millions of Israelis and Palestinians. The question now is what sort of state will that be, one of full equality or an Apartheid state. In his comments today, and in his policies, Netanyahu has made clear he will never support relinquishing control over the West Bank and favors perpetual occupation or Apartheid. For years the United States has supported this in its actions but opposed it in its words. Now President Trump has finally put America’s mouth where its money has been all these years.

“This is the clarifying moment we had been expecting. Now Americans must ask themselves what it is that they support, an exclusivist, ethno-nationalist, Apartheid state or freedom, justice and equality for all regardless to race, religion or ethnicity?

Diana Buttu of IMEU also heralds the new era of apartheid and resistance:

Israel’s apartheid regime will be challenged in the same way that South Africa’s was- by holding Israel accountable through boycotts, divestment and sanctions. Ultimately, as in South Africa, the outcome will be the same:  equality for all. And no one should have a problem with that.

Mitchell Plitnick is also grim:

it is difficult indeed to fathom how things can improve for Israel, let alone for the Palestinians. Indeed, based on what we saw today, any movement from the already terrible status quo is almost certain to make matters worse.

Aaron David Miller’s head must be exploding.

Philip Weiss and Adam Horowitz

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  1. AddictionMyth on February 15, 2017, 2:06 pm

    Well just give them 3/5 of a vote. LOL jk. But seriously. Just enshrine full freedom of speech, religion and the press in the new constitution – no exceptions! They’ll be fine. :-)

    • Mooser on February 15, 2017, 3:22 pm

      Does Israel have a political procedure which can produce a “new” Constitution? What does the ‘old’ Constitution say about it?

      • CigarGod on February 16, 2017, 10:17 am

        Trick question.

  2. eljay on February 15, 2017, 2:50 pm

    The insatiable greed of Zionists has made the two-state solution all but impossible. Trump is the final nail in its coffin…or, to put it more Zionistically, the final bullet in its skull.

    • diasp0ra on February 15, 2017, 4:08 pm

      Exactly eljay,

      A tiny meaningless Palestinian state could have secured Israel’s existence for the long term. Their expansionist greed will bring the entire Zionist regime crumbling down eventually, if Palestinians choose to pursue the equal rights route, which seems increasingly likely.

    • Theo on February 16, 2017, 1:23 pm

      Anyone with a little understanding the history and situation in Palestina knew that the so called two state solution never was a possibility, MW is and always was fighting the windmills, like Don Quiote did once.
      The zionists never entertained the idea of having an independent state beside their Eretz Israel, not even nearly a century ago. The palestinians never had a leadership that was not a paid agent of Israel/USA, the millions every year they pocket and pay into foreign accounts more than insure their loyalty. When Arafat died, he had a swiss bank account with more than 50 million dollars credit, all saved from his pay als president, and I bet that Abbas and the rest of those traitors also have similar sums at their disposal.

      We, the USA, insured that the zionist expension will not have serious opposition, by destroying governments who could face up to Israel. First Saddam Hussein had to go, then we destroyed the state in Syria, the only two countries who could put up a good fight. Egypt is bought with the millions they receive every year, Saudi Arabia could care less for their brother palestinians, so who is left? Lebanon with their constant civil strife?
      The zionists won and we must except it, like it or not. Or anyone of us thinks that in the USA we ever will have a president that is not controlled by zionist interests? For a moment I considered Trump, however he is a deal maker, a nascissist, he will never fight for something where he personally has nothing to gain.

      • Mooser on February 16, 2017, 5:12 pm

        “For a moment I considered Trump, however he is a deal maker, a nascissist, he will never fight for something where he personally has nothing to gain.”

        Ah, that must be what makes Trump eminently qualified to be President.

        “The zionists won and we must except it, like it or not.”

        Nonsense, “Theo”! The world has plenty of leverage with Israel. After all, there must be nearly 10 million Jewish people all over the world who can be used for hostages.

      • talknic on February 16, 2017, 6:22 pm

        @ Theo February 16, 2017, 1:23 pm

        “Anyone with a little understanding the history and situation in Palestina knew that the so called two state solution never was a possibility,”

        No doubt, especially while Israel, the so called Jewish State (with no Jewish morals what so ever) refuses to adhere to the law and continues to occupy and illegally settle other folks territories …

        The Palestinians have made some incredibly generous offers. 78% of Palestine, recognition. Israel has refused them and offered precisely nothing.

        ” … the millions every year they pocket and pay into foreign accounts more than insure their loyalty. “

        Problem. Aid moneys are most often spent in the countries giving the aid.

        “When Arafat died, he had a swiss bank account with more than 50 million dollars credit, all saved from his pay als president,”

        The IMF final audit says your lying out of your fat Zionist rrrrrrs

        From the NY Times (SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED)

        “In total, the Fund estimates, the amounts diverted from the official budget from 1995 until 2000, when the diversions stopped, may have exceeded $898m. IMF officials say $799m was returned to the PA, with the difference accounted for by investment losses………the bulk of the money diverted from the budget – including all the Swiss bank accounts – was either given back or invested in companies that became part of the PIF, an assertion backed by the IMF”

        “and I bet that Abbas and the rest of those traitors also have similar sums at their disposal”

        Which according to the IMF audit is NOTHING

        “We, the USA, insured that the zionist expension will not have serious opposition, by destroying governments who could face up to Israel.”

        Glad we got that sorted.

        “The zionists won and we must except it, like it or not”

        Accept a vile war mongering bunch of murderous thieves? I believe the expression deservedly shouted is GO F*CK YOURSELF!

      • Theo on February 17, 2017, 8:32 am


        I am glad you believe in official statements, after all I am sure the palestinian leaders tell how much money they stole and where is it located! LOL
        When Arafat died, european press reported how much money his widow inherited in swiss bank accounts. Millions!
        I am sure those traitors collect yearly special bonuses from Israel and the US, not going through official channels. What is your job, lad?

      • Mooser on February 17, 2017, 4:21 pm

        “I am glad you believe in official statements, after all I am sure the palestinian leaders tell how much money they stole and where is it located! “

        Yeah, the Palestinians are refusing to show their tax returns.

        “Theo” I want to thank you for keeping us in touch with your developing thoughts on this.
        It’s like having a personal glimpse into the process in 1930’s Germany.

      • talknic on February 17, 2017, 6:42 pm

        @ Theo February 17, 2017, 8:32 am

        “I am glad you believe in official statements, after all I am sure the palestinian leaders tell how much money they stole and where is it located! LOL”

        Palestinian leaders did not do the IMF final audit

        “When Arafat died, european press reported how much money his widow inherited in swiss bank accounts. Millions!”

        News paper reports need to be verified. Most, as with the IMF report, are the usual stupid MSM cherry pickings. The NYT article was “backed by the IMF”

        “I am sure those traitors collect yearly special bonuses from Israel and the US, not going through official channels.”

        Sources? None. How clever

        “What is your job, lad?”

        I retired a long time ago. I now have the freedom to pursue a long list of long held interests including private research into the I/P conflict.

        What’s your job kiddo? Spreading easily disproven Ziocrap?

  3. Maghlawatan on February 15, 2017, 3:15 pm

    Israelis think Trump can solve the Palestinian issue forever. By ignoring rights. JewisH history is in large part about fighting powerful arse holes like Trump.

    Israel still has no answers.

    Trump will prolly be impeached. His administration is a clown car.

  4. Kathleen on February 15, 2017, 3:27 pm

    BB did not look that happy to me when Trump said he was comfortable with a one state solution. Want to watch the clip again. I thought BB looked very wobbly at that point.

    Before the press conference Andrea Mitchell had Chris Matthews on as a guest to discuss the moments away press event. During this segment on Andrea Mitchell’s Chris Matthews started to say something about Zionism not being able to be a real democracy. Not sure of his exact words. However Andrea I believe purposely cut CM off at the pass. Then later CM came back and finished…How can Israel “reconcile an open state with Zionism” Bingo

    Richard Engel was spot on during his review after the press conference bringing up some of the same issues that Cal Perry covered but not as clearly as that graph. When I first saw the map of a continuous West Bank I thought fuck not that again..(which we know has gone on for decades when any MSM outlet covers this issue) Next graph and up popped the illegal settlements.

    This morning on the last half hour of Washington Journal the focus was the upcoming press conference. The screener at Washington Journal must be pro Israel all of the way…only allowing devoted Israeli firsters trough with the exception of one caller. They put up a map of a continuous West Bank. One step forward for MSNBC…five steps back for Washington Journal. Camera’s Cspan watch must be getting to them.

    Friedmann has been making the rounds on Hardball, Charlie Rose pounding pavement with his new book. He said Israel is moving from a “right/left issue” to a “right/wrong issue”

  5. Maghlawatan on February 15, 2017, 3:31 pm

    Trump’s coup de grâce Is a triumph for Jewish fanaticism. A victory for Morton Klein Jews over Philip Glass Jews. And people like Tom Friedman know how dangerous the victory is. History is never over. Hasbara is dead.

      • Bandolero on February 16, 2017, 8:56 am


        Great link. Tom “Electing such a man would be insanity” Friedman.seems not to understand that Donald Trump is the president of the USA and not the president of Israel. I think if Mr Friedman is so worried the continued existence of his beloved colonial racist apartheid regime in Palestine is in danger due to it’s own colonial behavior, he should petition Netanyahu, not Trump.

        But regarding his analysis I largely agree:

        … Can you appreciate the corrosive impact on Israel’s democracy of what it’s now doing in the West Bank? I ask because you may be the last man standing between Israel and a complete, self-inflicted disaster for the Jewish state …

        I think Trump sees it almost the same way, just that he doesn’t want to be “the last man standing between” Israel and a complete, self-inflicted disaster for the Jewish state. I think Trump deliberately prefers to stand on the side line and watch the preposterous “Jewish state” self-destruct.

        And then Tom Friedman wrote:

        This is about right versus wrong. … That debate will tear apart virtually every synagogue, Jewish organization and Jewish group on every campus in America, and around the world. Israel will divide world Jewry. There is only one person who can now stop this disaster — you.

        I largely agree, and I think Trump privately does so, too. Just one word I wouldn’t use in that description: “disaster.” I think it’s better described as a “jackpot.”

        Why should any decent person describe the prospect of the self-descrution of the zionist power structures, which hold Palestine, the U.S. and many more countries in the world in a chokehold and inflicted untold suffering on the people of the world by starting one proxy war after the other, as a disaster?

      • Maghlawatan on February 16, 2017, 10:37 am

        Apartheid is the logical endgame of the settlement project. Trump won’t get anything by standing up to it.

        Best to let Israel hang. And sell it as a gift. Zionists are too doped on groupthink to see the wood for the trees.

      • Mooser on February 16, 2017, 5:49 pm

        “…Tom Friedman wrote That debate will tear apart virtually every synagogue, Jewish organization and Jewish group on every campus in America, and around the world. Israel will divide world Jewry. There is only one person who can now stop this disaster — you

        Yup, doesn’t “keep all the Jews happy and cozy” come right after the part about being “Commander in Chief” of the Armed Forces?

  6. amigo on February 15, 2017, 4:35 pm

    We now know why the Trump WH is in chaos and posts are not being filled and everyone is running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

    Trump and his senior advisors have been locked in a room since day one developing this “Mother of all deals” while the roof has been falling in around their heads.

    Au contraire–My take is, it was just more of the standard shoot from the hip policy that Trump is renowned for.

    On the positive side , we can look forward to not reading about the 2ss . All that is left now is to place the blame on the Palestinians .

    • Pixel on February 16, 2017, 2:13 am

      I suspect that he may be more of a 4D chess player than a shoot from the hip kind of guy but who could tell the difference, they both appear the same.

      Here’s just one example:

      Betsy DeVos was beyond a divisive nominee for Secretary of Education. That was intentional. Trump nominated her for one reason and one reason only – to dismantle the Department of Education – in part fulfilling his campaign promise to cut bloated bureaucracy.

      H.R. 899 was introduced the same day DeVos was confirmed by the Senate. The bill is only one sentence long: “The Department of Education shall terminate on December 31, 2018”

      DeVos is so despised that many on the Left will begrudgingly get on board with that, some even begging for the Department to be eliminated just to get rid of her.

      Think what you will about Trump but it was a brilliant tactical move. There are many others, some involving Israel. Bibi knows it. That’s why he sounded more like Rodney Dangerfield at today’s press conference than a Head of State. But, hey, it takes a con to know a con.

      • amigo on February 16, 2017, 10:37 am

        “The Department of Education shall terminate on December 31, 2018” – See more at:

        This is Trumps plan to prevent the children of his supporters from ever being smart enough to think for themselves.All those white supremacist are still shilling for trump and will continue to do so no matter how much he screws them over.I watched many of them blaming Obama for the leaks coming out of the WH .A vast conspiracy organised by BO from Branson,s island in the sun.Not a word about the antics of the idiot they so naively made the custodian of their welfare.

    • Maghlawatan on February 16, 2017, 7:00 am

      “Trump’s possible mental deficiencies are also a troubling question: serious medical professionals suspect he has narcissistic personality disorder, and also oncoming dementia, judging from his limited vocabulary. (If one compares his earlier appearances on YouTube, for example a 1988 interview with Larry King, it appears that Trump used to speak more fluently and coherently than he does now, especially in some of his recent rambling presentations.) His perseverating about such matters as the size of his inauguration crowd, or the fantasy that three to five million illegal voters denied him a popular vote victory (he got these estimates from a dodgy source who has yet to offer documentation), or, as he told CIA employees, the number of times he’s been on the cover of Time (sometimes inflating the actual number) has become a joke, but it also suggests that there may be something troubling about his mental state. Numerous eminent psychologists and psychiatrists have written about or expressed their concerns about Trump’s mental stability”

      • CigarGod on February 16, 2017, 10:27 am

        Using your examples, 5 year olds are mentally unstable.

      • Mooser on February 16, 2017, 5:44 pm

        “Using your examples, 5 year olds are mentally unstable.”

        It would be hard to hold a 5-year-old President to only two terms if or she was popular. Just imagine what they could accomplish when the President gets a driver’s license.

  7. Citizen on February 15, 2017, 4:43 pm

    I left five comments, the first five on this thread; they discussed Fox News and its show Outnumbered’s handling of the Trump-Bibi meeting, including what they each said. Those 5 comments have vanished.

    • Bumblebye on February 16, 2017, 4:10 am

      They’re on “Trump and the Ultimate Deal”.

      • Citizen on February 16, 2017, 10:36 am

        Thanks! I guess Trump’s not the only one getting senile.

      • JLewisDickerson on February 16, 2017, 1:55 pm

        Yes, I’ve had that happen to me as well on occasion. Actually, more often than “on occasion”. I hope it’s merely senility, and not something considerably more ominous. (Nana/Nanie we miss you, but not your “thousand mile stare”.)
        Whatever the case, I fully intend to blame it on this accursed, new-fangled, Multi-Tabbed Browsing (Chrome)! ! ! Much of the time I have no idea where the hell I am (or even, who the hell I am)!

  8. JLewisDickerson on February 15, 2017, 4:43 pm

    RE: “Trump says he’s ‘happy’ with one-state outcome, ringing in a new era”

    MY SNARKCASM: You’re a “big boy” now, Donald. Truly, you are!
    Enjoy it while it lasts.
    Stock up on plenty of “leaves”, and lots of “pink”!
    Your Teapot Dome scandal is no doubt in the works.
    Harding (barely) survived his, but you will not be so lucky.
    It will be yet another bankruptcy (of sorts) for you.

  9. ramzijaber on February 15, 2017, 4:46 pm

    [Posted in another article but more appropriate here]

    I said it years ago. I said it many times before. I say it again: Abbas must immediately dissolve the PA and work quickly towards 1S1P1V with equal rights to all. Let’s not waste time trying to convince Trump he must endorse and beleive in two states.

    Seize the opportunity that Trump and Rivlin provided.
    – Mobilize ALL Palestinians under Israel to hold peaceful mass demos each and every day requesting equality in 1S1P1V
    – Mobilize our missions and friends abroad to support equality for all in 1S1P1V

    Act now!

    • Citizen on February 16, 2017, 10:39 am

      That would be amazing!

      • ramzijaber on February 16, 2017, 6:34 pm

        It would certainly be if we unite and decide to do it… we need true people leaders to drive this.

    • genesto on February 16, 2017, 1:18 pm

      What I’ve been saying for some time now. Thank’s for articulating it so well. Trump’s decision is GREAT news! Now, the 2SS is officially dead (the PA’s protestations notwithstanding) and we can all concentrate on what has long been the ONLY just and lasting solution, 1S1P1V.

      • ramzijaber on February 16, 2017, 6:37 pm

        Thank you for your support.

    • Bandolero on February 16, 2017, 2:21 pm


      It would be a Palestinian blunder of epic proportions if the PA would be abolished now. The Palestinian side should do just the opposite: keep all agreements and insist on Israel to fulfill her part, too.

      The apartheid state that Netanyahu and Trump just agreed on has absolutely no legal basis and Israel will come sooner or later under immense international pressure for that, including from the EU states and from liberal US zionists. If than, Israel urgently wants a one-state-deal with the Palestinian side to end the international pressure without dismantling whatever Israel built over time on occupied Palestinian territory, than Palestinians can offer a one state deal – but one on Palestinian terms. If Israel doesn’t agree, insist on that Israel fulfills all legal obligations for the two state solution and continue to increase pressure by singling out Israel as a willful violator of international law with illegal settlement building and greedy de facto apartheid state.

      • echinococcus on February 16, 2017, 4:34 pm


        The real and most criminal blunder was Oslo and bringing any kind of Palestinian administration under the control and dominance of the Zionists and the US. I suppose that the Judges of the Underworld gave double the highest penalty ever inflicted to the Palestinian leadership who signed that accord.

        One cannot be a second too soon in trashing the current Quislings and getting either out or underground or whatever a real resistance leadership decides to do.

        The only pressure that may ever make the Zionists and their full accomplice the US feel a need to compromise, ever, is effective, physical pressure from outside that control. Why do you think Oslo happened? Because of physical resistance.

        Where the hell did you ever see “immense international pressure … including from the EU states and from liberal US zionists”? That last phrase borders on insanity. Throw in the US Gov, while you’re at it! Belongs to the Santa Claus category. No such thing.

        I’m not saying don’t try all legal means –there is no need for a puppet administration to do that. Anyway, even if there were no totally fictitious “State of Palestine”, there was already some degree of representation and some sponsors for that.

        Now that the Quislings have the Grand Seal of the State of Palestine, given to them by the Zionist entity, do they use it for what you suggested? The answer is not very uplifting.

      • Bandolero on February 16, 2017, 6:30 pm


        I know well that most of arab leaders were little more than US-Israeli puppets since decades, and the Palestinian leadership was usually no exception there. However, some things have unmistakenly changed recently.

        Sympathies with Palestinians grow in Western countries, and Israel is ever-more seen not as a little David, but as bullying Goliath. Israel’s close alliance with the polarizing US president Trump is bound to further these tendencies, and Israels now openly declared will to continue clearly illegal settlement building is a strategic blunder in international diplomacy which Palestinians can capitalize from, if, and only if, the Palestinian side sticks to international law and agreements made to prepare for the 2SS. If Palestine would now dismantle the PA it would give Israel every excuse to bury the 2SS and do whatever Israel wants credibly claiming the Palestinian side broke the 2SS agreements, (too).

        If the Palestinian side sticks to the 2SS, while Israel builds settlements and avoids steps to realize a 2SS, it will be clear for all to see that Israel is grossly violating international law while being a bully and having no desire for peace.

        While it is not clear yet, whether Trump and Netanyahu will soon start fighting each other, which may well happen, Trumpism will anyway not last forever, and when a liberal backlash occurs in a couple of years in the western world, there will be no western liberal love lost for Israel anymore, opening all international doors to put pressure on Israel including UN sanctions and the Palestinians can win. But a major point here is, to make that happen, the Palestinian side must stick to the international 2SS agreements, demonstrating to the world, that Palestine behaves lawful, while Israel violates all laws in the book and behaves contrary to any moral or ethic standard.

        I’m not arguing that Palestinians should abandon their right to resist, but to use it in clever ways. And clever mean in my opinion, challenge Israel with the law and non-violent tactics like BDS where Palestine can win, because Israel permanently violates all the laws and behaves immoral, while avoiding violent tactics whereever possible, because Palestinian violence gives Israel pretexts for the use of more violence against Palestinians, and a violent struggle against the highly armed IDF the largely unarmed Palestinians can’t win at this time. To have at least a realistic chance of winning a violent struggle against the IDF, Palestinians must first manage to get Israel placed under an international arms boycott, and that can only be accomplished by a diplomatic non-violent struggle.

      • ramzijaber on February 16, 2017, 7:08 pm

        Bandolero, I think I see where you may be going with this. In a way, if our current Palestinian “leadership” had the ability to think and plan strategically, maybe we can have our people and effort work on two tracks:
        – one continues with the two-state, ensuring maximum support from all those around the world who still believe in it
        – and the other more “totalist” or “maximalist” asking for one state, putting pressure on the two-state folks to deliver fast

        The problem is: I don’t see us having the ability to do this. No strategy, no long-term planning, and still PLO and Hamas divided. Also all the special interest, financial benefit, and shameful “perks” that many of our current leaders get from the two-state illusion and from Israel and the donors like drugs to neutralize us.

        Also, as echinococcus said, there will never be real pressure on israel let alone “immense international pressure” as you put it. We’ve been waiting for that for FIFTY YEARS!!!! It ain’t coming anytime soon.

        It seems to me no country in the world REALLY wants a Palestinian state. They are all too vested in the status-quo, too much wrapped into anti-semitism fear and holocaust guilt at our expense.

        – Israel never wants a Palestinian state for reasons we all know

        – Jordan never either since it never wants to give Palestinians control over the Jordan valley, also the king is too dependent on Mossad for his survival

        – Egypt could give a s*h** about us

        – EU and Australia want israel’s technology and intelligence

        – African countries want israel’s crowd control and poeple oppression tools and techniques

        – USA just pays lip service toiling under the influence of zionist money and political control

        – EU and USA are just talk talk talk, only increasing the amount of superlatives and adjectives they use to condemn israel but ZERO ACTION…. not even recognizing Palestine as a state so we can negotiate with israel on a basis of two states on the same level playing field. But no, the do not want that. Have you ever wondered WHY, just WHY?

        And don’t forget, the major powers were able to hammer out a complicated deal with Iran on a complex issue in less than 2 years. We’ve been waiting 50 and we’ll be waiting another 500 chasing the tail of a two state. USA can deliver peace in a few weeks, but it doesn’t want to.

        Which brings me to my last point: to win, one must have laser focus exclusively and totally on that ONE goal. Plan B is nothing but a distraction, an escape hatch for those not totally dedicate when things get tough on the way to one’s goal. As the great Arab leader and commander Ṭariq ibn Ziyad said: “Behind you is the sea, before you, the enemy.”

        And so the struggle to freedom continues based on one 1S1P1V with democracy and equality for all.

      • echinococcus on February 17, 2017, 3:05 am


        First off, while you correctly observe that the so-called “right-wing” Zionist entity leadership is doing everything to mobilize European[1] public opinion against the Zionist’s own occupation, you forget that

        – the US is not a separate actor:
        We’re not only paying all expenses of the Zionist operation, arming it, sending tens of thousands of brainwashed US-born soldiers to man their colony, wielding the Zionist veto at the UN[2]. We are waging all the wars of aggression officially ordered by the Zionist entity to the tune of so many wasted countries and million(s) murdered WITHOUT any reaction significant enough to even be a bump in the road! Some Europeans believed they were independent, that was 15 years ago, and look at them now and what happened to the pitiful doormats! None of this is disconnected from Palestine.

        -this cat has nine lives:
        When, and big if (see above), there are negative effects of the Zionist shamelessness strong enough to warrant change, the demagogic tide will turn and the “left” good cops, ie the barehead, bikini-wearing, secular, clean-cut, Western, civilized, Democrat etc. genocidal beasts will take over to “continue the negotiations” and speed up the genocide[3].

        Summary 1: given that we are against some form of Nazifascism, how many divisions has the Pope got?

        Then, if cleverness of ways is judged by the result, in my humble opinion the “clever ways” up to now have only been the exact contrary of what you are calling clever. The only reaction and concession so far has been to classical popular resistance to Zionism, hitting it as hard as only possible, not to lawyers yakking or street demonstrations in London. Without the intifadas (and, as usual, their horrendous price) there would be no change at all, no two-state fiction, no “talks”, nothing but just the naked grinder. Which is not to say that Oslo and total enslavement is any better than that, but that’s a whole nother discussion.

        Nobody is forbidding peaceful action. On the contrary, it is needed and not proceeding is criminal neglect[4], but don’t expect any results at all from only peaceful litigation and BDS etc. in the absence of a real, physical hurt to the Zionists and the US. They (and we) are extremely sensitive and totally unable to take any blows, don’t forget. The Zionists have an additional disadvantage, as they have the draft; significant damage to the draftees and to the “settlers” hurts them a lot more than blows to the US

        [1] but not US opinion: we the people are still as useless as we know we are, as demonstrated by the current wide spectrum member rooster of the successful Great Glorious American Color Revolution

        [2] we’ll talk about the apparent exception later

        [3] and genocide it is, no maybe or let’s-see about it

        [4] who is (intentionally) blocking peaceful action? The PA-PLO, that’s who –the Zionist aboriginal police. Nobody else.

      • Bandolero on February 18, 2017, 12:11 am

        Ramzi, echinococcus

        I’m not naive. Of course, the EU is an informal colony of the US and Israel, and especially Germany. However what I currently see is the greatest disconnect ever between Germany and the EU on one side and Trump’s America and Netanyahu’s Israel on the other side. More and more people here see Trump’s America and Netanyahu’s Israel as their enemy, and Palestinians as their allies. It’s big shifts here going on in public opinion, rigth now. Merkel responds carefully so far, but even she was forced to react:

        There is more beyond the ground. The old Nazis, which were the most important basis of Israel’s successful coercion by shame strategy in Germany, are dying one after the other. Now, the first time in many decades, it looks like Germany can gradually break free from Zionist dominance. If that happens more and more, that’s would be just all good for Palestine.

        To support this process, no more is essential than Palestine fulfilling it’s legal 2SS obligations, quite formally, and continue to blame Israel for not keeping hers. It’s completely OK for Palestine to resist in many ways against occupation and apartheid. But abolishing the PA would let Israel off the hook to fulfill her unfulfillable promises regarding a 2SS, thereby taking lot’s of pressure off of Israel. But I think, to win, the opposite is needed: more pressure on Israel, in any promising way possible.

        So, reducing the PA to what’s permitted by the agreements is fine, the PA doing little else than advocating for BDS and free speech and against apartheid is fine, but abolishing the PA altogether would be a big mistake, since that would let Israel off the hook of her failure to realize the 2ss solution. Make no mistake in my intentions, I’m for a a 1SS on Palestinian terms, completely abolishing the racist project of Israel due to it’s inherent racism, and my advocating is for keeping open the impossible 2SS is only to keep more pressure points against Israel.

    • bintbiba on February 18, 2017, 11:31 am

      YES, YES, and YES

      Thank you Ramzi

  10. [email protected] on February 15, 2017, 5:02 pm

    The main loser today is the Palestinian Authority. It now has zero claims to legitimacy as both Israel and the US Veto at the UN now determine that a state of Palestine will not now or ever come into existence. It’s only purpose is as a Quisling type presence to preserve Israeli Apartheid on the cheap with the international community footing the bills.

    Liberal Zionists are the other looser. They can no longer cling to Jewish Supremacy with token gestures of a separate state for Palestinians to ease their conscience.

    I’d never thought I’d say this but the winner is Reality. Trump has done away with decades of Fake News creating hope for a reality that never was to be. He said today what has been the facts on the ground for decades. It has been the liberal Western Press that has promoted and help brokered peace process after peace process that have only enshrined and enabled the irreversible Apartheid we see today. So those who are so upset at the BS that comes out of our White House today can find decades of fake news and alternative facts regarding Israel-Palestine that would make Bannon squirm with pleasure. The “Free Press” didn’t work to create knowledge in regards to reality, I can only hope that they begin to take their jobs more seriously as we travel down the rabbit hole.

  11. JLewisDickerson on February 15, 2017, 5:13 pm

    PLITNICK: As Israeli journalist Anshel Pfeffer tweeted, “Rabbi Netanyahu ends the press conference giving Trump a ‘Kosher’ stamp on his love for Jews. Many US Jews won’t like that.”

    THERE IS A PRECEDENT (OF SORTS): Back in 1952 the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) gave the Republican VP candidate, Richard Nixon, its ‘stamp of approval’!

    SEE: “Nixon and the Jews. Again.” | By David Greenberg | | March 12, 2002
    • If his tirades against Jews weren’t anti-Semitism, what were they?

    [EXCERPTS] Richard Nixon’s reputation as a hateful, vindictive anti-Semite was reinforced late last month when the National Archives, which has been releasing the 3,700 hours of Nixon’s tape-recorded White House conversations in installments since 1996, dropped another batch. . .

    . . . When the Republicans nominated Nixon as their vice-presidential candidate in 1952, some opponents accused him of anti-Semitism. Nixon had Murray Chotiner, his (Jewish) campaign manager, secure the ADL’s stamp of approval. Still, into the summer voters inundated campaign headquarters with letters asking about Nixon’s feelings toward Jews. The candidate sometimes responded himself, with his characteristic earnestness. “I want to thank you for … your courtesy in calling my attention to the false rumor that I am anti-Semetic [sic],” he wrote in one reply. “I am enclosing a copy of a letter which Murray Chotiner has sent to these people which, I believe, is self-explanatory.” . . .

    SOURCE ~

  12. pabelmont on February 15, 2017, 6:36 pm

    The problem? The offer of one man sometimes one vote will be made, will be turned down by PLO,, and the present apartheid will continue.

    Maybe, just maybe, the fraud of “only democracy in M/E” will be dropped. The fight will go on.

  13. JLewisDickerson on February 15, 2017, 7:07 pm

    RE: “I think the Palestinians have to get rid of some of that hate…” ~ Donald ‘big boy’ Trump

    ■ PHOTO: Israeli Settler Throws Wine at a Palestinian Woman in Hebron

    ■ VIDEO: Israeli soldier executes unarmed, wounded Palestinian attacker –

    P.S. The original Hebron video that clearly showed the execution (albeit at a distance) no longer appears to be available. Nice work, ADL censors!

    • JLewisDickerson on February 17, 2017, 11:13 am

      P.P.S. ALSO SEE: “Palestinian Dies After Being Shot by Israeli Troops on His Way to His Last Chemo Session” | By Gideon Levy and Alex Levac | | Feb 17, 2017

      [EXCERPT] On his way to what was supposed to his final chemotherapy session, last November, he boarded the wrong shared taxi. Discovering his mistake, he got off and ran across the highway to catch a taxi going in the opposite direction. Israel Defense Forces soldiers who may have thought he was going to attack them, shot him, seriously wounding him. For the next three months, he was bedridden in Beilinson Hospital, in Petah Tikva, most of the time in the intensive care unit. Throughout that entire period, no one in the IDF thought of updating his parents and family about the condition of their loved one. His mother was supposed to be allowed to visit him, but even though she came a few times, on all but one occasion, she was not permitted to enter his room.

      Just as his condition seemed to be improving, he died, apparently last week. No one thought to inform the family about his death, or the circumstances surrounding it. Israel has not yet returned the body.

      In his native town of Tul Karm, in the northwestern part of the West Bank, no one believes that Mohammed-Aamar Jalad tried to attack soldiers on the way to his last chemo session. His father is the city’s legendary driving instructor – 45 years behind the wheel – and his grandfather was the first local resident to serve in the Israel Police. A photo of the grandfather in uniform hangs on a wall of Mohammed’s family’s house.

      This, then, was the life and death of the 25-year-old student, who dreamed of living in the United States, and who in 2010 won a U.S. green card through the lottery – but had fulfillment of his dream delayed by cancer, and terminated by Israeli soldiers. . .


  14. HarryLaw on February 15, 2017, 7:42 pm

    “So I’m looking at two-state and one-state and I like the one that both parties like,” Trump said. In some ways this was rather a neutral statement, who couldn’t approve of a solution favoured by both? Unfortunately the Israelis claim sovereignty over the whole of the ‘Land of Israel’ and with Gaza being part of the Palestinian electorate, any one state solution with equal rights would mean an approx 50% electorate of Jewish origin, and 50% Palestinian between the river and the sea. With perhaps a Palestinian majority within the next 10 years. Of course no Israeli leader has that eventuality in mind. Naftali Bennett blurted it out a few weeks ago, then he called for the annexation of area C and for areas A and B to be administered [with no sovereignty] by the Palestinian Authority in other words bantustans and Apartheid.

  15. JWalters on February 15, 2017, 8:10 pm

    It’ll be interesting to see how the Israeli pawns in America’s MSM try to discuss this without revealing the actual facts about Israel, past and present. They’ll certainly try, under penalty of losing their jobs. But if the dam starts cracking in many places at once … maybe … America’s “free press” will break free from from their Zionist choke chains.

    • Citizen on February 16, 2017, 10:56 am

      So far, not a crack in that dam…btw US Ambassador to Israel confirmation hearing has been on CSPAN3, will be back on with more questioning in about 20 minutes…

  16. DaBakr on February 15, 2017, 9:07 pm

    Read the bibi-don press conference . There is evidently a plan that conceivably would include a multi national security agreement where Israel retains full security control over land west of Jordan. Also the same requisite the Palestinians accept Israel as the Jewish Nation. Bib mentions that both theses conditions are not acceptable to Palestinian leadership now and basically didn’t say much more.
    It may sound ridiculous to some and refreshing to others but trump just said, ‘, 2 state, whichever the Israelis and Palestinians like better is ok with me’. Trump gets points vi or originality. The left leaning msm is naturally cherry picking tidbits that support their own take on trump but that tactic will wear out soon enough.

    • Mooser on February 15, 2017, 10:34 pm

      “. There is evidently a plan that conceivably would include a multi national security agreement where Israel retains full security control over land west of Jordan.”

      Yes, the” three-state plan”! Naftali Bennet likes that one.

    • talknic on February 16, 2017, 2:02 am

      @ DaBakr February 15, 2017, 9:07 pm

      ” There is evidently a plan that conceivably would include a multi national security agreement where Israel retains full security control over land west of Jordan. “

      Has no legal basis. States have equal right to their own security.

      “Also the same requisite the Palestinians accept Israel as the Jewish Nation.”

      Has no legal basis. Recognition is not mandatory. There are numerous UN Member states that do not recognize each other.

      ” Bib mentions that both theses conditions are not acceptable to Palestinian leadership”

      Rightly so. Neither condition has any legal basis. In fact, none of Israel’s demands have any legal basis. The Palestinians meanwhile have every right to retain ALL their rights even in negotiations.

      The best solution is for Israel to withdraw from all non-Israeli territories for once. Never been tried.

      • Citizen on February 16, 2017, 11:00 am

        So, withdraw from all said territories and simultaneously install permanent siege on all of it, as was done to Gaza? Sounds like a plan. US MIC will love it!

      • talknic on February 17, 2017, 7:03 pm

        @ Citizen February 16, 2017, 11:00 am

        “So, withdraw from all said territories and simultaneously install permanent siege on all of it, as was done to Gaza? “

        Withdrawal = no more occupation = independence = qualification to become a full member of the United Nation. Palestine borders both Jordan and Egypt it would also open Palestinian territorial waters, and; were we take into account Israel’s only actual proclaimed and recognized borders of 00:01 May 15th 1948, it would open the borders between Palestine and Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt

    • johneill on February 16, 2017, 11:40 am

      a ‘jewish nation’ would be a theocracy. why would anybody want another theocracy in the middle east?

  17. traintosiberia on February 15, 2017, 9:31 pm

    A settler has penned an article in NYT ( when is the nYT going to allow an Al Quida operative to air his world view?)

    There are so may lies in this article

    1 is a result of 30 years of bad policy that has pressed Israel to create a Palestinian state in the historic Jewish heartland of Judea and Samaria,

    2 “But for us settlers, the truth is clear: The two-state solution was misconceived, and will never come to pass, because Judea and Samaria belong to the Jewish people. Our right to this land is derived from our history, religion, international decisions and defensive wars”

    3 When Israel declared independence in 1948, Jordan, along with five other Arab states, attacked Israel, occupied Judea, Samaria and eastern Jerusalem, and drove out Jewish residents. Again, in 1967, Jordan attempted to wipe out the Jewish State,

    4 Hamas seized control in 2007 and turned the territory into a forward base for jihad, starting three wars in seven years. As a result, most Israelis, however pragmatic, no longer believe in a policy of forfeiting land in hopes of getting peace in return.

    5 a fifth alternative, which comes from the head of the new Zehut party, Moshe Feiglin, and Martin Sherman of the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies. They do not see a resolution of conflicting national aspirations in one land and instead propose an exchange of populations with Arab countries, which effectively expelled about 800,000 Jews around the time of Israeli independence.

    One day earlier NYT allows an ” Israeli lawyer” to express his aspirations that Trump would offer some solutions He indirectly condemned Trump for reneging on settlements and on embassy transfer to Jerusalem , alluded to Israeli ongoing settlement without condemning it and without admitting that the ongoing settlement is the as serious as is the terrorism which he blamed Palestinian for undertaking to the settlement activities .One wonders why he even wrote that article other than for to support Israeli activities and other than asking US to embracing Israeli policies albeit with some hand wringing .

  18. iResistDe4iAm on February 15, 2017, 10:02 pm

    The ‘one-state solution’ is a misnomer. There is no one-state solution. There currently is a one-state status quo, the inevitable consequence of the 100+ year Zionist colonisation of Palestine. The only alternatives to the existing one-state apartheid reality are:
    – a civil rights movement (as per Jim Crow USA) leading to equality under the law.
    – an armed uprising coupled with a civil rights movement and/or international sanctions (as per Apartheid South Africa) leading to equality under the law.
    – perpetual war.

    The starting point for any negotiated agreement should include a transition plan that addresses the following:
    1. Dismantling the Occupation
    2. Desegregation
    3. Equality (repeal of discriminatory laws)
    4. Majority Rule (one person one vote)
    5. Justice, Reconciliation & Reparations

  19. JoeSmack on February 15, 2017, 11:09 pm

    The “Solidarity Movement” is acting as though this is a good thing, and bringing up South Africa. South Africa ended awfully. Blacks are still ghettoized and treated with utter contempt — and that is *after* they achieved formal equality, not before. There is no guarantee that this will make the choice on Israel/Palestine as painfully clear as these pieces make it out to be. It could very well make the issue’s international character disappear, resulting in Palestine being simply one of many places where racial discrimination takes place, with no international implications because the discrimination takes place within rather than between states. Annexation would also create a significant bar to international pressure even were international sentiment to be kept up. In short these pieces seem to think that ushering in an era of uncontested Israeli hegemony is somehow going to magically transform into democracy, or at the very least, that it will be easier to obtain. That is incredibly foolish.

    • HarryLaw on February 16, 2017, 7:04 am

      JoeSmack. One thing Trump’s intervention has achieved, it has put the one state issue clearly on the table.
      A one state solution inevitably begs the question, do you mean civil and Human rights for all?
      That question is a no no and fatal for Zionists , but it is inevitable, and it must be answered.
      To answer in the affirmative [which any true Democrat would] means not only the loss of the “Jewish State” but the possible loss of even a Jewish majority between the river and the sea.
      No doubt Zionists will try to come up with some fancy constitutional arrangements which will preserve their sovereign”right” to the whole of Palestine and their unfettered right to govern Palestinians as second class citizens. This is where they are in a bind, they cannot relinquish sovereignty over any part of Judea or Samaria [that’s in Israels DNA] nor can they give Palestinians full civil rights.
      All roads lead to Apartheid. Its their own fault.

    • Sibiriak on February 16, 2017, 7:08 am


      Indeed, incredibly foolish. Borderline delusional.

  20. Talkback on February 16, 2017, 8:14 am

    “Trump says he’s ‘happy’ with one-state outcome, …”

    That’s NOT what he said. He literally said that he is “happy” with any solution both parties like.

  21. hophmi on February 16, 2017, 8:23 am

    I guess you missed the part where Trump said he’d be happy with anything the parties agreed on. Nothing substantial has changed.

    • MHughes976 on February 16, 2017, 11:49 am

      Quite true, business as usual. Maybe a little less 2 state talk from the United States, but I think that is only a cosmetic change.

  22. stanvanhoucke on February 16, 2017, 8:24 am

    and the european union accepts this by not postponing the association treaty with israel until it respects international law. the eu is israel’s biggest trade-partner. long live the european union.

  23. pgtl10 on February 16, 2017, 10:34 am

    I meant to say this yesterday but its great that the fiction of two states is over.

    From the very beginning the whole issue has been always about preserving Jewish dominance over the region rather than equality of all people. From the moment the Zionist conference started in the 1800s till now the question few people have ever actually bothered to view the Palestinians as equal human beings.

    First there was UN General Assembly Resolution 181 which tried to preserve Jewish control by separating the Palestinians into two groups. That failed and a good number of Palestinians were expelled from there land. The plan did not fully succeed.

    The next phase was to repackage the term as “two states” which would prevent Palestinians from ever attaining equal rights and thus challenging Jewish control of the region. This has been policy ever since the 80s. However, this two states policy like 181 before it never viewed Palestinians as equal. The plans were always about minimizing Palestinian rights and maximizing Jewish dominance in the region. Even when there was danger to the peace process, the danger was always framed as Jews needing to be saved because Palestinians might obtain equal rights. Even just this week, Thomas Friedman was asking Trump to save the Jewish people as if Palestinians have no reason to be saved after relentless colonization.

    Whether it was two states or 181 the goal was always segregating the Palestinian population from the Jewish population to the maximum extent possible. Hopefully now a true reconciliation process begins where Palestinians are treated as equal human beings with equal rights.

    • MHughes976 on February 16, 2017, 11:55 am

      I agree that ‘2 states’ has never been more than a fiction but it’s still a best-sellling fiction even if removed from Trump’s shelves or put into a dusty corner where Trump will never look. However, the UN Secretary General has, I think, just announced that it’s the only possibility.

      • Theo on February 16, 2017, 1:29 pm

        The UN SG is and always was a puppet of US interests, or have you ever seen him to contradict US positions?

      • Talkback on February 16, 2017, 1:57 pm

        Like the UN had announced that partition was the only possibility although everybody knew that the Zionist Terrorist Agency would only extract statehood from the resolution and use the territory as a beachhead for further expansion. Zionist NEVER wanted less than the whole of Palestine. It has always been about settlements, expulsion and terrorism.

    • ramzijaber on February 16, 2017, 7:09 pm

      Totally agree, 100%.

  24. ramzijaber on February 16, 2017, 12:33 pm

    Trump is unconsciously forcing clarity to those who buried their heads in the sand or are too blinded by money to want to say it publicly.

    Clarity 1: Zionists NEVER wanted, never want now, and will ever want in the future to establish a Palestinian state.

    Clarity 2: Ditto 1 but for USA and with nuanced WORDS of support only, never in action.

    Clarity 3: PA is way too wedded to the unworkable illusion of a 2-state solution, both economically and personally (including “prestige” perks like a pass through the humiliating military checkpoints!) , that they will fight the one state tooth and nail, but in vain.

    Clarity 4: The whole idea of 100 years ago by Balfour and England to give away part of MY LAND to someone else who came from another part of the world WITHOUT ASKING ME is just ludicrous and would never work.

    Clarity 5: Democratic and Jewish is just an impossible oxymoron. The goal of establishing a country based only on religion is such a 10th century concept that will NEVER WORK or, like a chief rabbi said once when I was a kid “The sad fact is that Israel will become just another Middle Eastern country!”. Otherwise, it’s genocide, ethnic cleansing, and/or apartheid. Or Iran and Saudi Arabia.

    So here we are. Why should I give up all my orange groves in Yaffa or all my houses and lands in “west” Al-Quds? Why? They are mine. My grand father worked very hard for them and now they are mine, not or some Jew from Poland or Russia or Brooklyn.

    So here we are, the truth naked for all to see. 1S1P1V is THE ONLY way left. In fact, it’s the way it was before the zionists myopic visions and it’s the only way that could ever be as a stable, feasible, just, and lasting state for all to live democratically and in peace.

    Time now to do a 180, stop dreaming about two states, and go back to what really is worth fighting for: democracy and equality for all in all of Palestine.

  25. Maghlawatan on February 16, 2017, 1:25 pm

    Netanyahu: I Asked Trump to Recognize Israeli Sovereignty in Golan Heights

  26. mcohen. on February 16, 2017, 2:02 pm

    The ringing cash register era

    Trump says ………state
    Bb king says…….blues redeem

    Money pours in

    Trump says………one state ,two state
    Bb king………terri Terri terri terrifying

    More money pours in

    Trump says…… talks
    Bb king says….bullshit walks

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