We must end the manipulation of history

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I support a free Palestine and I believe in the Palestinian right to live a peaceful, safe and productive life. It must happen and soon! I reject all forms of racism and hate and I condemn without reservation the brutality and cruelty of Zionist colonization and a 70-year-old agenda to refuse the rights of Palestinians to live in peace on their own land.

Systematic lies and propaganda have colored the Zionist agenda to keep alive the myth of Zionist Israel as a Democracy.  Jews-as-victims is hammered in, to include many references to the Nazi Holocaust and quite horrifyingly has twisted, lied and distorted the reality of Zionism, which includes jailors, occupiers, murderers, persecutors, torturers and profoundly  fiendish victimizers. The obsessive propaganda reference to Jews as victims has colored many in the older generation of Jews who maintain a strong allegiance to Zionism.  In this way, references to the Nazi Holocaust are used to imprint and inflame the fear of a second Holocaust. The identification is as eternal victims destined to be wiped out. This time the perpetrators are  “Arabs,” hated would-be destroyers of Israel, sub-human monsters who must be countered or destroyed in order for a Jewish state to be born.  Yes, Zionism an ideology of Nationalism and racism has managed to keep the lies alive through domestic intimidation that obscures the violent agenda of genocide that continues to reign.

I struggle  to understand how the rape of Palestine continues for these endless decades and realize a mastery of manipulation has so brilliantly hidden the nightmare of the Nakba, the Palestinian catastrophe brought on by Zionist Nationalism.

One does not hear it mentioned in the mainstream news.  This brilliant yet so deeply disturbing  introjection of “victim” sustains fears still smoldering  in Jewish consciousness and fed by clever, ugly propaganda. In truth, Israel is an occupying power with powerful military capacities aided by the US and Germany. They are all complicit in what can be called another crime of the century. The “most moral army” has  suffocated and brutally controlled Palestinian life.  Gaza is dying, as is the Zionist fantasy of a Jewish state for Jews only. A Jewish State can never be founded on terrorism and genocide. Lies are woven into the fabric of Zionist society and cover up a most virulent form of man’s inhumanity to man.

We cannot leave out another preposterous lie so destructive to the question of what and who is a Jew.  I embrace this question by recognizing Zionism as a nationalist and racist ideology and NOT a religion. Zionists attempt to blur the distinction and one must be vigilant and clear about this targeted propaganda so deeply flawed and destructive. The Zionist self-serving myth has spread far and wide to condemn  all opponents  as anti-Semitic.

Israel, you have learned well man’s inhumanity to man as the cycle of hate continues. Zionists betray Judaism, once a religion of compassion.  I am deeply ashamed of Jews who continue to support the decades of Israeli occupation propelled by a profound form of racism I could not have imagined since Germany in the 1930’s. I am outraged that Zionists have refused to reflect on how they have disgraced themselves as racists who use biblical references to justify a  profoundly gruesome agenda that exploits history so as to incorporate all victims murdered by the Nazis.

No matter how hard the Israeli government attempts to silence dissenters, we who seek truth and justice and who understand the Palestinian Nakba cannot be silent until the occupation is lifted.

I have always struggled with religion and the inherent violence it has created throughout history.  Rather I have chosen to engage in a more contemplative and spiritual lifestyle.

The false morality that continues to seek supporters who believe the lie of the most “moral” army in the world has become a symbol to those who are breaking the silence, of illegitimacy and illusion. To face the truth behind the Israeli mask shatters a deception that aims to portray Israel as a victim, and symbolic of the fate of Jews in Nazi Germany. This deception speaks to a most clever form of propaganda.

No doubt these decades of contempt and profound human rights abuses have created new generations of hate on both sides.

Ultimately the continued occupation coupled with a victim paranoia that attempts to obscure a violent and self destructive policy could be the demise of Israel in its present form of  right wing nationalism. With the help of outside forces– including the UN, the EU, BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions), and activists in the US, Israel  MUST reinvent itself as a truly democratic society for all with equal rights and principles of human rights in place. The first step is the end of the occupation. Israel must cease the schizophrenic lies that are the pseudo face of Democracy for Jews while engaging in a violent occupation. It is mind boggling that the US media does not speak or write very much about the tragedy of the occupation. The situation in Germany is similar, for Germany retains an eternal guilt of its Nazi past and therefore is also complicit with Israeli crimes. Despite this, there are many human rights activists who oppose the occupation.

No one should tolerate any form of racism that takes away the dignity of life. Israel has created an artificial divide that has kept it separate (apartheid) in a quest for a dream that seems no longer relevant. Multiculturalism makes for a healthy and fascinating society. The hatred and violence in the name of Jews must end. Have they learned nothing from their own history?

Without flinching and from my heart as a refugee from Nazi Germany and as a human being, I condemn the crimes of Zionism.



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I offer my continued respect to Ms. Rosengarten.

“A Jewish State can never be founded on terrorism and genocide. ”

I thought that was the only way a Jewish State could be founded.

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Thank you for your highly informed, courageous, and blunt assessment of the situation. That is the kind of statement that inspires others.