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Video: Israeli soldiers cheer after shooting Palestinian protester in the West Bank

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Two weeks after Israel’s military opened a probe into soldiers who cheered on the shooting of an unarmed Palestinian protester in Gaza, a second video has emerged depicting a similar incident in the West Bank where soldiers applauded the targeting of a demonstrator and took delight in seeing journalists exposed to tear gas.

The footage released today by the Israeli human rights group B’Tselem shows three soldiers in the West Bank village of Madama outside of Nablus on April 13 firing fired stun grenades, tear gas and rubber bullets at nearby Palestinian protesters. The video was recorded by volunteers Mu’awiyah Nassar and Ahmad Ziyadah, and the soldiers were aware they were being video’d. 

B’Tselem reported the soldiers were “50-80 meters” from Palestinian villagers during the incident. The group said in a statement that accompanied the video, the soldiers were “joyfully cheering about shooting a person trying to clear the access road to his home and calmly discussing other ways to hit him and the other people with him are part of the discordant soundtrack accompanying 51 years of occupation.”

B’Tselem provided English subtitles to the video: “I’ll toss it into the middle of the village,” said one of the soldiers of shooting tear gas towards the Palestinians, “it’s coming back, it’s coming back,” responds another, “it feels like you’re starting to choke here.”

One soldier then crouches and aims his weapons at the demonstrators ready to fire. Another tells him to delay shooting until a protester gets closer. “It’s far, it’s still too far. Wait for them to come nearer,” he instructed.

“As soon as he pops up, I swear I’ll give him,” said the kneeling soldier, aiming his weapons at a Palestinian off-camera. The soldier who is providing instructions added, “We need one good hit and that’s it. That’ll teach them not to throw stones.”

The soldier then fires his weapon and stands in delight, raising his fist and exclaiming “Haha!”

“You hit him!” exclaims the second soldier. “That son of a bitch,” said the soldier who fired.

The same three soldiers later muse over live rounds, which were not fired at villagers during the demonstration. 

“One live bullet and the whole thing will be over,” said one of the soldiers. Another tells him, “We don’t fire live ammunition. We don’t need it,” adding a reference to the camera filming the unit, “We don’t need live fire. It’s not good for the video.”

As the recording ends, five more soldiers are seen standing nearby. The group discusses how the wind has shifted the plumes of tear gas they shot at demonstrators. One mentions relocating, “so the photographers will get all of the gas.”

B’Tselem said in a statement today, “Seven residents sustained injuries from the rubber-coated metal bullets the soldiers fired: two were taken to a hospital in Nablus for medical treatment, and the other five were treated on the spot.”


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10 Responses

  1. Kay24 on April 24, 2018, 4:08 pm

    They must think they are so tough. The butchers who carry guns and aims it at unarmed people, always do. One can only imagine the hatred they have for the Palestinians, as they rejoice in killing and injuring them. No wonder they have been called Zionazis.

  2. Citizen on April 24, 2018, 4:44 pm

    Maybe they were nerds in Brooklyn not long ago; now they can unleash their inner bully nature?

  3. gamal on April 24, 2018, 7:03 pm

    shooting and laughing now, that’s progress of a kind.

    • Maghlawatan on April 24, 2018, 8:09 pm

      Shooting and crying is for the goys
      Shooting and laughing is the Hebrew version for the home market

  4. Qualtrough on April 24, 2018, 9:54 pm

    The world’s most moral army in action.

  5. Marnie on April 24, 2018, 11:53 pm

    “See the guy in white. He was a bit brave. He’ll come closer.”

    Of course he will. You sure won’t. Cowards. Armed to the hilt and still scared shitless. The language of toy soldiers wearing diapers and too afraid to come closer because of a few rocks. These punk ass fools don’t have the first clue of what bravery is all about. They see it but can’t emulate it.

  6. Misterioso on April 25, 2018, 2:37 pm

    More evidence of the rot within and the inevitable demise of Zionism and its monstrous spawn, the entity known as “Israel.”

  7. gamal on April 26, 2018, 11:30 am

    “joyfully cheering about shooting a person trying to clear the access road to his home and calmly discussing other ways to hit him and the other people with him are part of the discordant soundtrack accompanying 51 years of occupation.”

    and CNN in an article about the Egyptian Liverpool star Mo Salah describe him as having a “snipers calm in front of goal”, is America having some kind of seizure stuff is leaking out all over.

  8. Argonne18 on April 26, 2018, 3:33 pm

    Did I get banned for my Schindler’s List comment?

  9. gamal on April 26, 2018, 5:46 pm

    “Did I get banned”

    not yet argonne 18 once they complete their Gause-Hermite quadrature formlae you will be but that gives you at least 512 comments till you get subjected to the arbitrary function, can you see the matrix elements.

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