Video: Israeli activists join Gaza protesters on other side of the fence

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Last Friday afternoon, as Gazans gathered by the fence surrounding the Strip to call for an end to decade-long siege and for a return to their colonized lands, a small group of anti-Zionist Israeli and international activists approached the other side of the fence. The group was flying the Palestinian flag and holding a large banner calling for the liberation of the Gaza ghetto, both visible to the Gazans on the other side of the fence. Protesters on both side of the fence – Gazans and solidarity activists – interacted. The solidarity activists were forcibly removed from the site by soldiers, and briefly detained by police before they were released.

This post was originally published on Haim Schwarczenberg’s website on July 20, 2018. 

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It is really great that these Israelis chose to stand up for the Palestinians. If only there were more. It looks like the UN has made a good move too. Crooked Nutty will be enraged: “UN bloc of developing countries elects Palestine as next leader in snub to US and Israel Decision from major group representing diplomatic voice of 80 per cent of the world’s population comes at a time of heightened tensions in the… Read more »


Newsweek, July 20/18
“Trouble at Birthright: Why Young Jews Are Rebelling on Israel Heritage Trips”
By David Brennan

Nazi Israel may be Nazi, but not all within that abominable country are mentally and spiritually ruined. We are all imperfect and will therefore all be corrected, eventually. The issue is ‘to what extent’ are we imperfect, because one can go too far. Not only are the above protesters to be commended, but so too are the all but invisible – as far as I can tell – Hareidi Jews. We should say more about… Read more »