Light show projects Palestinian names on Manhattan buildings

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Last Friday evening the faces of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces during protests near the fence that separates the Gaza Strip from Israel were plastered across two midtown Manhattan buildings, the latest project of the activist-artist collective, Decolonize This Place or the DTP Crew.

Activists projections on a midtown Manhattan building in support of Palestinian protesters in the Gaza Strip (Photo: DTP Crew)

The light protest beamed the phrases, “A call to action  from Gaza” and “Fallen heroes” and “Great March of Return” on to high rises across the street from the hawkish pro-Israel lobby group AIPAC’s office, and from an Israeli bank.

(Photo: DTP Crew)


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Brilliant. Who cudda thunk?

I wonder what time of evening this took place. Was there enough pedestrian traffic?

In any case, hats off to the activist artists.