Video: Gaza mourns cultural center destroyed by Israel

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Earlier this month, Israeli forces bombed the Said Mish’al Center for Culture and Science in Gaza to the ground, claiming it was being used by Hamas for military operations. The center was beloved among Gazans and was celebrated as a place where people could express their pain, grief, happiness, and perseverance through song, dance, and theater. Thousands of Palestinians in Gaza mourned the destruction of the center, which had survived three Israeli offensives over the past decade.

Aside from being a place where people could go to to escape their hardships for a moment, the center was also a space where, according to the director, the people of Gaza resisted the occupation by preserving the Palestinian culture and passing it on to future generations. As Center Director Sameer Mish’al told Mondoweiss, “The occupation has always tried to stifle the voice of the Palestinian people. This place was like a beam of light. Through our work, we protected our culture.”

For more on this story see: ‘It is a war against every part of Palestinian identity’: Israel destroys popular Gaza cultural center

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The Nazis murdered the Jewish artist Bruno Schultz. Franco’s goons murdered Lorca. Fascists are afraid of the power of culture. The power of humanity. Israel has nothing.

I found an old French history magazine today which included an article about the French occupation of Germany in 1945. A number of French soldiers were murdered. « The only technical solution so this situation doesn’t recur is to shoot, to terrorise. It is the Chateaubriand business – 30 hostages murdered. It is Tulle- 86 people hanged. The ultimate is called Oradour sur Glane: village exterminated including women and children. It is a simple question of… Read more »

They are wiping the Palestinians off the map in every way (while whining about being victims of the same). They are using the occupation to steal, obliterate, murder, and erase the very existence of the Palestinians. Islam suffers from the acts of radical extremists, and Judaism suffer from the acts of the zionists. The difference being the zionists pretend to be victims, and a democracy.

Well. Was the Said Mish’al Center being used by Hamas for military purposes? It’s kinda hard to tell from this article.

I was thinking about global numbers of Jews v Palestinians.
There are 13m Jews and about 11m Palestinians. Both groups need a state that includes Jerusalem.
The US non Orthodox population is falling. Bennett says it is a priority. The Jewish core is Orthodox and lunatic. The Palestinian population is growing.
Get some popcorn in.