Video: Dialysis patients in life-or-death situation as Gaza faces new fuel crisis

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Gaza’s hospitals have been thrown into crisis once again, as they face another massive fuel crisis.

Gaza’s health ministry has warned that due to Israel’s blocking of millions of dollars in Qatari aid, hundreds of patients across the besieged coastal enclave are at risk. Ashraf al-Qidra, the spokesperson of the ministry, told Mondoweiss that they need 300,000 liters of fuel as soon as possible to avoid the shutdown of several hospitals. Among those who are the most vulnerable are children on dialysis, who are facing a struggle to survive.

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How I wish that the Zionists could be made to walk a mile in a Palestinian’s shoes. A Zionist mother and father should be made to watch their child fear the power cut while on dialysis. They could watch their children drink filthy water and have no access to a playground or a safe beach or healthcare. And if their child does not get his dialysis on a regular basis, then that child faces confusion,… Read more »

Imagine giving a woman a C-section in an energy-less dark hospital room. It took a while for the back-up generator to kick in. Imagine your son needing a new kidney before his fifth birthday and you have nowhere to take him. Imagine hospital patients lying in their sweltering or freezing hospital beds and having nothing to eat or drink unless a family member brings it in. Imagine an upper middle class white family suddenly confronted… Read more »