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Introducing ChangeMakers

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How does change happen? That’s a question we strive to answer every day with our reporting here at Mondoweiss, and it’s why we’re introducing “ChangeMakers”—a new feature on the site where we’ll be highlighting inspiring stories of people or organizations creating real change, either on the ground in Palestine, or elsewhere within the Palestine solidarity movement. We all know there are some amazing folks in the limelight and we’re so pleased about the work they’re doing; ChangeMakers is intended, on the other hand, to draw attention to those who don’t have mainstream media coverage.

A few examples from the past year:

  • Palestinian political prisoners won concessions from the Israeli government through an open-ended hunger strike.
  • Bahia Amawi, a Texas school district employee, won a lawsuit to regain her job after being fired for refusing to sign an anti-boycott clause in her employment contract.
  • Following Israel’s expulsion of international observers from Hebron in early 2019, Palestinian activists formed their own team of observers who stand watch every morning as children make their way to school. The observers are subject to frequent harassment and violence by both the military and settlers, but they persist.
  • Three leading BDS activists were recognized by an award from the Copenhagen Municipality, showing that not all European politicians fall in line with the Zionist loyalties of U.S. elected officials.

Over the next weeks, we’ll be marking more past and current articles with the ChangeMakers label, and we’ll display a link so you can see all these stories at once.

Now, we’re looking for story suggestions from you, our readers! We would love for you to send along any stories of “ChangeMakers” that have inspired you. These can be either stories that we’ve already covered that you feel fit this theme, or nominations for something you’d like us to cover. Please send your suggestions using this form or fill out the questions below so we can consider a wide range of potential possibilities for this exciting new feature.

And, as always, we would be remiss if we didn’t remind you that Mondoweiss is a nonprofit organization. Our work depends on donations from you, our readers. Please consider making a contribution today, so we can continue to cover these stories for change.