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J Street campaign, and Central Fund letter, show ‘Times’ settlement article hit a nerve

Adam Horowitz on

J Street announced a new campaign today calling on the Treasury Department to investigate whether American non profits who fund Israeli settlements are breaking the law. Their petition says: Please launch an investigation into whether or not the organizations funding settlement activities in the Occupied Territories, including those named in a recent New York Times […]

Rightwing Israeli group gets tax-deductible funds from US foundation

Philip Weiss on

Lately Allison did a post on the rightwing Israeli youth group Im Tirtzu engaging in Nakba denial at Tel Aviv University. This group has a disruptive pro-settler track record.  And it’s got American support– as a charity, with your tax-free subsidy. According to federal filings, an American charity organization, Kingjay Foundation Trusts, gave $10,000 in […]

Lawsuit seeks federal investigation into US groups funding settlements

Alex Kane on

A federal lawsuit filed last week alleges that U.S.-based tax-exempt entities who raise money for Israeli settlements are engaged in money-laundering and other crimes, and seeks a Treasury Department investigation into those activities. The lawsuit could bring attention to the widespread practice of Americans getting tax-deductions for donations that fund illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. “What’s going over there is wholesale violence, ethnic cleansing, theft of private property, murder and maiming of innocent civilians,” said Martin McMahon, one of the lawyers who worked on the suit. “This is not what 501c3s should be doing.”

New York-based foundation supports settler rabbi who justified the killing of non-Jews

Adam Horowitz on

A little over a year ago we began an investigation on this site into the Central Fund for Israel, a New York-based non profit foundation that raises tax deductible donations in the U.S. to support the Israeli settler movement. We found that they are funding settler militias, and that they have some very well know […]

Higher stakes: our birthday challenge has been increased thanks to reader response!

Adam Horowitz on
A photojournalist in Gaza. Photo: Majdi Fathi/APA Images.

In 2008, Mondoweiss was just two people with almost no resources and a loyal but small audience; today, we’re a stable and growing organization with partners, freelancers and a staff that achieves beyond its numbers. And our work reaches hundreds of thousands of people every month. But in a fundamental way, that first exciting investigation I worked on with Phil still represents the core of what Mondoweiss aims to do—and why we ask for your support to keep the work going and growing. Today–because of the enormous response from readers–our challenge donor has upped the ante! As of now, he will donate $20,000 if we can raise $20,000 from the rest of you by the end of Friday. Please help now.

Meet the Chernicks

Philip Weiss on

A few weeks back Juan Cole created a data point to explain the neocons: They have more assets than is visible on the surface. They have perhaps half of America’s 400 billionaires on their side. I am deeply grateful to Cole for that assertion. Even if it’s imprecise, even if it’s off, it’s obviously based […]

US millionaire Kenneth Abramowitz funds settlers linked to attacks on IDF

Alex Kane on

Kenneth Abramowitz (center) at a Westchester County, New York event for the Israeli military (Photo: The narrative that Benjamin Netanyahu’s governing coalition is “cracking down” on those wild West Bank settlers is falling apart with Haaretz‘s revelation that the leader of Netanyahu’s political party passed on information about Israeli military movements to settlers seeking […]

Meet the Falics: West Bank settlement funders, Netanyahu backers, and owners of Duty Free America

Alex Kane on

You know the name Sheldon Adelson. But how about the Falic family? Members of the Falic family have donated millions of dollars to pro-Israel U.S. politicians from both parties and to pro-Israel causes, including West Bank settlements. The family made their money through Duty Free America, which operates stores in airports around the U.S and the world where consumers buy tax-free products.

What’s Your Phone Bill Go to Pay For?

Adam Horowitz on

Adam Horowitz reports: IDT is a telecommunications company based in New Jersey. Here’s a piece about Howard Jonas, the guy behind IDT, in the Forward back in 2002. Jonas is a big philanthropist–to Jewish causes. Interestingly, the Forward says nothing…