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Bernie Sanders: Still Progressive Except for Palestine

Robert Fantina on
Bernie Sanders speaking at a campaign rally

Robert Fantina asked the Bernie Sanders campaign for his position on Palestine and was told the candidate supports “diplomatic efforts to end the occupation and broker a two-state solution.” Fantina says that as Sanders continues to ride his populist wave across the dismal political landscape of the United States, he will continue to burnish his credentials as being progressive except on Palestine.

Party line is PEP (Progressive except for Palestine)

Philip Weiss on

Maureen Dowd is afraid to say a word against Israeli "democracy," but blasts Saudi gender "apartheid." Yet another sign of the blindness to the real conditions in Israel. And a Saudi even tries to tell her, about Israel’s growing intolerance.

P.E.P. Rally

Katie Miranda on

Katie Miranda presents the perfect illustration of the P.E.P. syndrome: Progressive Except for Palestine.

Ben and Jerry’s latest flavor is PEP (Progressive Except for Palestine)

Katharine Shapiro on

Vermonters for a Just Peace are leading a campaign to pressure Ben and Jerry’s to stop distribution of its products in the Israeli settlements, and to take a public stand against the illegal occupation of Palestinian territory that is in line with its social mission.

Unh-oh, Huffpo’s gone PEP

Susie Kneedler on

Susie Kneedler says that Huffpo is going PEP — Progressive Except for Palestine. She points to two rightwing pieces. Here’s Mort Zuckerman given space on the site to tell the untold story about Gaza, and say that Israel has no…

‘PEP’ (Progressive Except Palestine) makes the Washington Post

Philip Weiss on

I first heard the phrase PC in ’87 from a savvy college crowd (it was said of David Barron, now of the Justice Department). And I heard PEP (Progressive Except on Palestine) about two years ago, and it’s now found its way into the Washington Post. Monday, in the Style section of course, not on […]

More PEP talk at MSNBC

Susie Kneedler on

“Progressive” populist broadcaster Ed Schultz has been named the new 6 o’clock anchor on MSNBC. Sounds like he’s a progressive in the Mark Green mode: PEP. Progressive except for Palestine. Susie Kneedler: Three years ago Ed Schultz defended “Israel’s right…

The American street wants to talk about the Israel lobby

Philip Weiss on

Lately, Huffington Post, a battleground for Progressive Except on Palestine forces (my side gets some play now and then) has published Israel lobby spokesmen Lanny Davis, Alan Dershowitz, and Mortimer Zuckerman. Still, CAMERA isn’t happy. The pro-Israel media-monitor finds that…

The American street wants to talk about the Israel lobby

Philip Weiss on

Lately, Huffington Post, a battleground for Progressive Except on Palestine forces (my side gets some play now and then) has published Israel lobby spokesmen Lanny Davis, Alan Dershowitz, and Mortimer Zuckerman. Still, CAMERA isn’t happy. The pro-Israel media-monitor finds that…

Except for Palestine

Steven Salaita on

Steven Salaita on why ‘Progressive Except for Palestine’ is a lie: “a progressive or feminist (or socialist or anti-racist or whatever) with shit politics on Palestine isn’t somebody with an inconsistency; it’s somebody with shit politics in general.  Supporting Israel isn’t a respite from otherwise admirable ethics; it portends ethical flaws across a range of issues.”

There is no such thing as ‘Progressive Except Palestine’

Donna Nevel on

Progressive Except Palestine–PEP. A term many of us know and have used to describe someone who has a commitment to progressive causes—civil rights, human rights, movements for justice–except when it comes to Palestine and Israel. But Donna Nevel believes one can’t be progressive except Palestine: “Being Progressive except Palestine not only means supporting Israeli brutality—it really does mean that—but it also means supporting US imperialism. If you support Israel, then you also support US financial and military support for Israel. It goes together. That is anything but progressive.”

Nader/Zinn– It’s time for Palestinians to participate in power

Philip Weiss on

I just heard Ralph Nader on C-Span, speaking at Howard Zinn’s memorial service in D.C. Nader said that, scarred by his own experience of dropping napalm on French civilians during WW2, Howard Zinn denounced injustice wherever he saw it, and did not pick and choose. And lest we had any doubt what Nader meant, he […]

Suddenly, Israel lobby is fair game for good government types

Philip Weiss on

One of the real shifts since Gaza is that the center-left in the U.S. is accepting the Israel/Palestine issue as part of a progressive agenda–thereby ending the reign of PEP, Progressive Except for Palestine. The Center for Responsive Politics is a good government group that seems to be reflecting this trend: Its report on the […]

Peppers, and PEP, in Brooklyn

Philip Weiss on

I love the idea that a Park Slope, Brooklyn, cooperative food market might end up boycotting persimmons, peppers and mushrooms that it buys from Israel. The idea has created quite a storm, the latest front in the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions…

Adam Schiff is PEP

Susie Kneedler on

I keep waiting for a liberal Jewish congressman to join the new multicultural consensus post-Gaza (epitomized by Reps. Baird/Edwards/Ellison). Could it be Adam Schiff of Burbank? He was for recognizing the Armenian genocide. Nope. Susie Kneedler writes: Distressing news about…

Attention progressives for Palestine: Rep. Alan Grayson wants to hear from you

Today in Palestine on

Rep. Grayson penned an article for Huffington Post today, Looking For Your Ideas and Advice, and created a website where he wants the progressive community to write to him with their ideas about anything from peace to the economy. He will be forwarding all comments to the Progressive Caucus’ two new leaders Reps. Keith Ellison […]

PEP, and Why You Don’t Want to Be PEP

Philip Weiss on

Last week I had a great post written by Anne Silver titled, It is an awful and uncomfortable situation to encounter Jews who are progressive on every issue but Palestine. I thought Anne had put her finger on something we’ve…

If Ayanna Pressley wants to hear from ‘people closest to the pain’, she must listen to Palestinians

Nada Elia on
Ayanna Pressley at a rally for Elizabeth Warren in Cambridge, MA (Photo: Flickr)

Nada Elia on Ayanna Pressley’s dangerous talking points on Palestine: “One cannot speak of the pain on ‘both sides’ of Israel’s war on the Palestinian people without being a normalizer of violent settler-colonialism that hinges on racism. It is tantamount to Trump’s claim that ‘there are fine people on both sides’ of rallies promoting white supremacy, and the protests against these displays of hatred.”

More on Henry Wallace, Alvah Bessie, Dick Cheney too

Jack Ross on

Jack Ross responds to criticism of his anti-Communist/anti-Zionist post of the other day: If Gail grew up in a communist household, then she would likely accept the fact that yes, Henry Wallace’s presidential campaign was dominated by the Communist Party, that yes there were many Communists in the Roosevelt administration, and yes, Paul Robeson, Pete […]

Brooklyn cong’l slugfest is no-holds-barred (except for one issue of course)

Philip Weiss on

Tomorrow’s primary for the Anthony Weiner seat is being watched as an Obama-referendum, in what was supposed to be a safe Democratic district. Report says that Andrew Cuomo and Bill Clinton calls for Democrat David Weprin say nothing about Israel, but Republican Bob Turner is pushing the issue. Trashing Turkey, apparently for the Gaza flotilla […]

Progressive NY attitude on gays in military should be portable to Palestine, but it isn’t

Philip Weiss on

Yesterday Brian Lehrer, the smart host of a public radio talk show in New York, had on Scott Garrett, a Republican congressman from New Jersey, to talk about economic policy. Lehrer also made a point of bringing up an issue dear to his listeners’ concerns: gays in the military. Lehrer supports repeal of don’t-ask-don’t-tell. (So […]