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Bernie Sanders: Still Progressive Except for Palestine

Robert Fantina on
Bernie Sanders speaking at a campaign rally

Robert Fantina asked the Bernie Sanders campaign for his position on Palestine and was told the candidate supports “diplomatic efforts to end the occupation and broker a two-state solution.” Fantina says that as Sanders continues to ride his populist wave across the dismal political landscape of the United States, he will continue to burnish his credentials as being progressive except on Palestine.

Ben and Jerry’s latest flavor is PEP (Progressive Except for Palestine)

Katharine Shapiro on

Mark Hage leaflets outside Ben and Jerry’s in Burlington, on Bastille Day Members of Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel ( leafleted hundreds of passers-by in front of Ben and Jerry’s scoop shop on Burlington’s Church Street mall on Sunday, July 14, wishing them a Happy Bastille Day and asking them to think about […]

Party line is PEP (Progressive except for Palestine)

Philip Weiss on

Maureen Dowd is afraid to say a word against Israeli "democracy," but blasts Saudi gender "apartheid." Yet another sign of the blindness to the real conditions in Israel. And a Saudi even tries to tell her, about Israel’s growing intolerance.

Trump saying he is ‘king of Israel’ is not that far off the mark 

Yossi Gurvitz on
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gives a speech before the newly-unveiled sign for the new settlement of "Ramat Trump", or "Trump Heights" in the Golan Heights on June 16, 2019.

Donald Trump took to Twitter to quote someone who claimed he is considered in Israel to be a king and the second coming of God. Yossi Gurvitz says that when you combine this with Trump’s claim that American Jews who vote Democrat are disloyal, you get a pretty accurate picture of what many Jews in Israel actually believe.

If Ayanna Pressley wants to hear from ‘people closest to the pain’, she must listen to Palestinians

Nada Elia on
Ayanna Pressley at a rally for Elizabeth Warren in Cambridge, MA (Photo: Flickr)

Nada Elia on Ayanna Pressley’s dangerous talking points on Palestine: “One cannot speak of the pain on ‘both sides’ of Israel’s war on the Palestinian people without being a normalizer of violent settler-colonialism that hinges on racism. It is tantamount to Trump’s claim that ‘there are fine people on both sides’ of rallies promoting white supremacy, and the protests against these displays of hatred.”

Except for Palestine

Steven Salaita on

Steven Salaita on why ‘Progressive Except for Palestine’ is a lie: “a progressive or feminist (or socialist or anti-racist or whatever) with shit politics on Palestine isn’t somebody with an inconsistency; it’s somebody with shit politics in general.  Supporting Israel isn’t a respite from otherwise admirable ethics; it portends ethical flaws across a range of issues.”

Ilhan Omar and the anti-Semitic ‘trope/canard’ smear

David Samel on
Batya Ungar-Sargon (via Twitter)

When Batya Ungar-Sargon of the Forward landed on Rep. Ilhan Omar for an alleged anti-Semitic “trope” in calling out the Israel lobby’s use of money to influence politicians, she joined the army of slanderers ready to assign any criticism of Israel to one alleged anti-Semitic prejudice or another.

Nadia Hijab on Palestinian options, Jewish allies, and the Zionist crisis

Philip Weiss on

Nadia Hijab, a leading thinker on Middle East issues, says Palestinians must insist on their right to self-determination and to reparations for their losses from Israel, ahead of the issue of one or two states. She counts on highly-organized Jewish allies in this struggle. She used to ask Jews what they were doing in the movement. Now they’re so common, she never does.

When Sanders changed political reality. And hasbara culture slapped him down.

Yakov Hirsch on

One of Bernie Sanders’s greatest foes in the presidential primary was hasbara culture, an aggressive and proselytizing construction of reality from a minority of the Jewish community that Sanders threatened with statements that changed the political discourse on Israel. Hasbara culture helped to undermine the insurgent senator.

Necessary Transformations: Ending the claim to exclusivity

Nada Elia on

Nada Elia responds to recent statements from Jewish Voice for Peace and Marc Ellis on Yom Kippur which appeal to Jewish values: “Yes, there is an urgent need for accountability and transformation. But maintaining claims to exclusivity is a hindrance, not a contribution to a solution that hinges on co-resistance to racism.”

DC protests mark the end of PEP era — progressive except Palestine

Kristin Szremski on

What happened in Washington DC this week has changed the course of activism in the nation’s capital on the issue of Palestine. Josh Ruebner, policy director for the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, says, “We made it quite clear that it is unacceptable to be ‘progressive except for Palestine’ [PEP] any longer. It is imperative that organizations continue to deny legitimacy to Israeli policies in progressive circles.”

Actions planned to protest Netanyahu’s visit to Washington

Kristin Szremski on

With perhaps a level of organizing unprecedented in Washington DC, 38 faith-based and social justice organizations have come together to plan a series of actions to protest the visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this week to the nation’s capital.

P.E.P. Rally

Katie Miranda on

Katie Miranda presents the perfect illustration of the P.E.P. syndrome: Progressive Except for Palestine.

Surging support for Palestine fuels JVP’s biggest meeting yet

Alex Kane on

On March 13th, Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) kicked off its national membership meeting in Baltimore. What followed over the next three days showcased JVP’s transformation from scrappy California-based group to national force in the American Jewish community and the Palestine solidarity movement.

Hizzonor at AIPAC (has more political room than he thinks)

Richard Congress on

I think Phil’s comment on DeBlasio’s abject groveling before AIPAC lets the mayor off the hook. It seems to say: “Well kissing Israel’s ass is par for the course in American politics, so this no surprise.” For otherwise liberal New York City Democrats to support Israel’s policies and avoid the wrath of the lobby has […]

‘The Nation’ should stage a debate between Alterman and Blumenthal

Philip Weiss on

Max Blumenthal has responded to Nation columnist Eric Alterman’s criticisms of his book with a piece in The Nation, saying: When stripped of distortions and mistakes, Alterman’s commentary on Goliath is reduced to crude insults. Meantime, Eric Alterman has now criticized Blumenthal’s book Goliath for a third time in the Nation, and this piece is […]

Defending the indefensible — badly

Pamela Olson on

The following is a piece from the Jerusalem Post (JPost), which is usually a pretty right-wing Israeli paper, but it has one amazing column called Rattling the Cage by Larry Derfner. Let me back up a minute. Last night I went to a debate about the Goldstone Report featuring former Congressman Dr. Brian Baird (D-WA) […]

Attention progressives for Palestine: Rep. Alan Grayson wants to hear from you

Today in Palestine on

Rep. Grayson penned an article for Huffington Post today, Looking For Your Ideas and Advice, and created a website where he wants the progressive community to write to him with their ideas about anything from peace to the economy. He will be forwarding all comments to the Progressive Caucus’ two new leaders Reps. Keith Ellison […]

Anti-establishment fever? Not on Israel.

Alex Kane on

The narrative of yesterday’s primaries was that both Democratic and Republican incumbents are going to be in trouble this November and that anti-establishment candidates are favored. Representative Joe Sestak ended Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter’s political career, Democrat Bill Halter forced Arkansas Senator Blanche Lincoln into a runoff, and the Tea Party candidate Rand Paul won […]

Say DeNiro and Bil’in in the same breath, and you’ve won the game

Philip Weiss on

Today I am going to try and do hopeful posts that don’t scare anyone off. Because I think our side is winning, and it is important to reach out to the middle. The neocons really are on an ice floe these days. It’s a big ice floe, but it’s an ice floe. The broad middle […]