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Israel adds 227 homes to Ariel settlement and the US is ‘deeply troubled’ (which translates as ‘go right ahead’)

Kate on

Israel approves 227 new homes in West Bank settlement of Ariel [Google Earth map] AP/Haaretz 15 Aug — Defense Minister Ehud Barak okays largest housing project in single settlement since establishment of the Netanyahu government … Barak authorized the construction in Ariel, the core of the settlement bloc deepest inside the West Bank. One hundred […]

Israeli Ministers promote racist vision for Israel (and Judaism)

gangreentv on

In June of this year, Israeli President Shimon Peres convened a conference in Jerusalem called “Tomorrow 2011“, which was attended by intellectuals and industry leaders from all over the world. At one of the conference’s most well-attended panel discussions, two of the highest-ranking government ministers presided: Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Eli Yishai and […]

Peace to my cousins

gangreentv on

When the chief rabbis of dozens of cities in Israel issued a religious ruling earlier this month stating that it is forbidden for Jews to sell or rent property to non-Jews, the government did nothing to stop them, and even continues to pay their salaries. Yesterday, national newspaper Ha’aretz published the results of a scholarly […]

There are more than just Palestinian refugees in Israel

gangreentv on

The Israeli activist who goes by the name gangreentv has sent us the video above. It’s the second video we’ve posted from them. They also sent this explanation below: While much media attention is focused on Israel’s treatment of the Palestinian population, and rightfully so, most English-speakers don’t know about Israel’s asylum seekers and foreign […]

Israel on Tish’a B’Av, 2010

gangreentv on

The video above was sent to us by an Israeli activist who goes by the name gangreentv. They also sent this explanation: Today is Tish’a B’Av, the day on the Hebrew calendar that Jews all over the world commemorate the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem because of baseless hatred. So it’s especially ironic that […]

Israel still can’t prove their version of the flotilla attack

gangreentv on

The above video was released by the IDF as they continue to make their case on the flotilla attack. Although it’s in Hebrew, it’s clear the Israeli story hasn’t changed. A Mondo reader who goes by gangreentv sent us the video along with this note: The IDF claims that their soldiers were stabbed, axed, and […]