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Roger Cohen

Roger Cohen scares his readers: ‘the destruction of Israel as a Jewish state’

Joseph Levine on

Roger Cohen argues in the New York Times that the right of return is code for pushing Jews into the sea. Joseph Levine issues a challenge to Cohen and other liberal Zionists: “It’s time to stop the scare tactics, stop using loaded language about “destruction” and “throwing into the sea” and face the consequences: either defend liberal democracy consistently or admit that one is willing to sacrifice it for ethnic nationalism.”

Roger Cohen misses the Palestinian reality

Darin Hussein on

Two weeks ago, New York Times columnist Roger Cohen entered my life and that of several Palestinians I introduced him to in the West Bank by having us believe that he sincerely wanted to hear our stories and know our reality.  But the column that came out of it, “It’s Time for Mahmoud Abbas to Go,” intentionally ignores the Palestinian reality.

After disturbing tour of Hebron, Roger Cohen takes a step away from Zionism

Philip Weiss on

Roger Cohen published a NYT column from occupied Hebron that takes a step away from Zionism– stating bluntly that the Israeli goal of sterilizing Hebron streets by emptying them of Palestinians is reminiscent of anti-semitic rhetoric, and that the occupation is neverending and it is imposed in the name of Jews, which he rejects.

Zionism didn’t have to turn out so badly for Palestinians, says Roger Cohen

Philip Weiss on

The fact that Israel kicked out 750,000 Palestinians and then occupied the West Bank for 50 years “was not inevitable and is still not irreparable,” Roger Cohen writes in the New York Times. But given the actual history, was it possible for Zionism not to be anti-Palestinian racism. The burden of proof is on Cohen.

Roger Cohen’s epiphany

Phil Weiss and Donald Johnson on

‘One state or two states who cares? What matters is equality’ — NYT columnist Roger Cohen quotes Palestinians on the oppression they experience in Israel and all but states the two-state solution is over.

A cosmopolitan’s regrets: Roger Cohen on the Jewish condition

Philip Weiss on

In his new book, Roger Cohen’s description of his late mother’s mental illness and the way it traumatized him as a boy is spiritually scouring. His belief that Israel is necessary because Jews feel displaced is not as compelling.

Roger Cohen recites Livni talking points in ‘NYT’ column to blame Palestinians for peace process failure

Matthew Taylor on

In a disingenuous ‘NYT’ column Roger Cohen presents a fawning interview of Tzipi Livni and blames the Palestinian Authority for the Spring 2014 collapse of peace negotiations. The article is a recitation of standard Israeli talking points and fails to include Palestinian or American viewpoints which squarely put the failure of negotiations on continued Israeli settlement construction.

When the going gets tough, Roger Cohen gets going

Philip Weiss on

Roger Cohen’s says a “manageable conflict” and military occupation in Israel and Palestine can go on forever, because Tel Aviv is such a purring success. Reminiscent of Jabotinsky’s Iron Wall idea.

Anatomy of a Falsehood: Roger Cohen recycles pro-Israel attack against Omar Barghouti

Adam Horowitz on

Roger Cohen has an International Herald Tribune column today titled “Zero Dark Zero” that outlines the dire state of the two-state solution. In the process of making his case Cohen recycles an out-of-context quote from Omar Barghouti that has become popular among Israel supporters looking to smear the BDS movement. Cohen and the ‘New York Times’ are standing by the quote, further discrediting the paper of record when it comes to honestly discerning fact from simple propaganda.

Roger Cohen, dreamer

Philip Weiss on

Three years ago Roger Cohen said that Obama was going to forge a Middle East peace, dismissing the power of the Israel lobby to stop him. He’s at it again

Roger Cohen says Jewish identity must be founded on opposition to Israeli treatment of Palestinians

Philip Weiss on

Roger Cohen has an important Jewish identity piece in the Times. Any sincere piece about Jewish identity is valuable these days, as Jewish identity is so critical. Cohen is clearly uncomfortable with anti-Zionism and tries to chart… the middle course…. toward the two-state solution, implicitly, and the preservation of Israel. And chiefly he argues: Diaspora […]

Roger Cohen’s excellent piece on Goldstone reconsideration

Philip Weiss on

Here is an excellent column by Roger Cohen in the global edition of the New York Times containing a vivid description of Israel’s growing isolation, what supporters call the delegitimization process: “the world’s growing disavowal of this corrosive dominion that humiliates its victims and eats into the soul of its masters.” The piece is very […]

Brian Baird and Anthony Weiner to talk Israel/Palestine, moderated by Roger Cohen

Philip Weiss on

I urge folks in the New York area to go to the debate about American policy in Israel and Palestine on Thursday night at the New School, featuring Brooklyn congressman Anthony Weiner, former Washington state congressman Brian Baird, and New York Times columnist Roger Cohen. It is sure to be an important moment in the […]

Roger Cohen’s split screen on interventionism

Philip Weiss on

This column, an encomium to the late Richard Holbrooke, yields some insight into Roger Cohen. He still cherishes an early-1990s idea of the U.S. as, potentially, the benign sole superpower: a nation entrusted with the moral task of executing humanitarian wars and interventions worldwide–informed by the wisdom of men like Holbrooke.

NYT should be printing Roger Cohen in its UWS edition (and LES… and OBX… and MV)

Philip Weiss on

Regarding Roger Cohen’s column on who are the real Jews, which hit such a nerve. Writes a friend, “Note the ‘iht’ in the link. “Roger Cohen’s article only appeared online in the NYT and not in print. What a loss. On what grounds do they decide to run some of his pieces and exclude others, […]

NYT’s Roger Cohen valorizes ‘Palestinian national struggle’

Philip Weiss on

Roger Cohen also scores Obama’s "lovefest" with Netanyahu here, and is shrewd in pointing out the conflation of Israel’s permanent war with the U.S. "war on terror." I don’t like his sardine can metaphor for Gaza; it dehumanizes 1.5 million people in an open-air prison. (I don’t get his love affair with Fayyad. I mean […]