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Why we march for justice and not just us

Jay Saper on
Activists with Jewish Voice for Peace and Jews for Racial and Economic Justice at the “No Hate, No Fear” march in New York City, January 5, 2020. (Photo: Twitter)

Amidst fear and mourning, the Jewish community is turning towards antiracist solidarity to create real safety. “One thing is clear,” JVP member Jay Saper writes, “our shared enemy is white supremacy and our shared solution is one another.”

A secular Palestinian’s Hanukkah 2019 message

Nada Elia on
A Jewish Voice for Peace graphic for their Deadly Exchange campaign. (Image: Jewish Voice for Peace)

Nada Elia reflects on the the complexities of the rise in antisemitism we are currently seeing in the United States. “More than ever before, as hatred sweeps this country, we must be the ones who protect each other,” Elia writes.

Is Olmert an Antisemite?

Philip Weiss on

Today’s Haaretz features an interview with Ehud Olmert datelined the U.S. in which the P.M. says that Israel must allow a two-state solution now or face a “South-African style struggle for equal voting rights” that will alienate American Jewish groups….

Zionism’s uneasy relationship with antisemitism

Alice Rothchild on
A folk dance troupe in Kibbutz Dalia, January 5, 1945. (Photo: National Photo Collection of Israel, Photography dept. GPO)

Alice Rothchild grew up with a deep love for Israel, the redemptive, out-of the-ashes, kibbutz-loving, feisty little country that could do no wrong. Yet she writes, “it is often said, if we don’t know our history, we are destined and doomed to repeat it.”

The hypocrisy behind Zionist cries of ‘antisemitism’

Yoav Litvin on

By colluding with antisemites worldwide and weaponizing the term “antisemitism” to inappropriately include anti-Zionism, Zionists have transformed a very real and ongoing threat to Jews into a political tool that serves their own settler colonialist goals.

AJC President Justifies Israeli Occupation as ‘Presence’

Philip Weiss on

Last month the executive director of the American Jewish Committee attacked Walt and Mearsheimer in a speech in Germany for the usual reasons. They’re not antisemitic or they’re antisemitic, they sure smell antisemitic, that whole thread. But here are some…

Antisemitism and its useful idiots

Amitai Ben-Abba on

All over the world people who challenge Zionism are being accused of antisemitism. You might imagine the one group of dissidents who are safe from this kind of delegitimization is the Israeli Jews—they are not. This cruel irony, when exposed, may actually play a productive role in decoupling antisemitism and anti-Zionism. As actual antisemites take positions of power in the US government while maintaining a pro-Israel stance, the need to oppose the false accusations of antisemitism becomes ever more vital.

Debating antisemitism on the BBC

Robert Cohen on

Robert Cohen debates Melanie Phillips on BBC radio. “The Jews are the only people for whom the Land of Israel was ever their national kingdom,” she says. He says, “That’s a muddle” of Zionism and Judaism.

The “American Street” and Antisemitism

Philip Weiss on

When I tuned in C-Span for the White House briefing today, they were reairing this morning’s Washington Journal call-in. In the space of five minutes I heard two attacks on the closeness of U.S. policy to Israel. Both callers described…

Trump’s executive order on antisemitism is only meant to suppress Palestine solidarity on campus

California Scholars for Academic Freedom on
UNC-Chapel Hill Students for Justice in Palestine, December 24, 2012. (Photo: Facebook)

The Trump administration’s executive order on antisemitism signals a repressive state action—in effect, setting policy by executive fiat—and an increasingly hostile limit on speech. It will give permission to those university administrations who wish to suppress Palestine solidarity activity rather than make a strong defense of academic freedom.

UK to investigate ‘far-left websites’ for ‘antisemitism’

Tom Suarez on

In the wake of Boris Johnson overwhelming victory in UK elections, Lord John Mann, the government’s independent antisemitism adviser, announced “I will be instigating an investigation this January into the role of the Canary and other websites in the growth of antisemitism in the United Kingdom.”

Leading NY rabbi says opposition to Israel is ‘litmus test’ for Jews participating on left, and that’s anti-Semitic

Philip Weiss on

In a sermon decrying anti-Semitism, Central Synagogue rabbi Angela Buchdahl calls out the left for demonizing Israel by demanding that young Jews renounce Zionism in order to take part in social justice causes. But Israel is a liberal ideal, she says, “Jews have always been at the forefront against oppression.” And Israels killings of unarmed Palestinian protesters at the Gaza border is “complicated.”

Klug on Kristallnacht: Opponents in Israel/Palestine debate are locked in an ‘acrimonious circle’

Philip Weiss on

On November 9, Brian Klug, the philosophy scholar at Oxford, gave a talk on anti-Semitism at the Jewish Museum in Berlin to mark the anniversary of Kristallnacht. The assignment had become politicized because of Klug’s noble positions on behalf of Palestinians; haters created a “dossier” against him, saying that he was an “immoral anti-Zionist,” and […]

Smoke without fire: the myth of a ‘Labour antisemitism crisis’

Jamie Stern-Weiner and Alan Maddison on

Faced with claims that Labour antisemitism poses an existential threat to Jews, on the one side, and arguments that antisemitism is neither widespread nor institutionalised in the party, on the other, it might be tempting to split the difference and assume that the truth lies somewhere in between. But Jamie Stern-Weiner and Alan Maddison say the truth of this controversy lies not in the middle but at one pole: there is no ‘Labour antisemitism crisis’.

British MPs won’t get to see ‘WitchHunt’ in the House of Commons – the very place it needs to be shown

Robert Cohen on

A new documentary called WitchHunt points out the narrow room for debate over alleged antisemitism in the British Labour Party. Anti-Zionist Jews are excluded as unrepresentative of British Jews. And why is it okay to talk about antisemitism and Zionism in Britain without asking a Palestinian what their direct experience of Zionism has looked and felt like?

39 worldwide Jewish groups state that BDS is not anti-Semitic

Mondoweiss Editors on

The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of antisemitism equates antisemitism with advocacy for Palestinian rights and undermines both the Palestinian struggle for freedom and the global struggle against antisemitism, say 39 Jewish groups around the world that do not oppose BDS.

How (not) to tackle antisemitism in the Age of Boris

Robert Cohen on

Under Boris Johnson in Britain, Jewish institutions, rabbis, and Jewish student leaders are claiming to fight antisemitism while simultaneously defending, excusing, or denying the discrimination and oppression of another people. It’s a narrative framework that’s not sustainable, Robert Cohen writes.

Trump executive order marks culmination of deliberate strategy to stifle campus organizing for Palestinian rights

Josh Ruebner on
UNC-Chapel Hill Students for Justice in Palestine, December 24, 2012. (Photo: Facebook)

Trump’s Executive Order empowering the federal government to crack down on campus organizing for Palestinian rights under the guise of combating antisemitism was not issued on a whim but as the culmination of a deliberate strategy to stifle pro-Palestinian solidarity. On the campaign trail, Jason Greenblatt and David Friedman menacingly pledged that “the Trump administration will ask the Justice Department to investigate coordinated attempts on college campuses to intimidate students who support Israel.”

Chief Rabbi, we need a better way to fight antisemitism than attacking Labour

Robert Cohen on

Chief Rabbi Mirvis, what is the clear and present danger presented by the Labour party to Jews? Perhaps you can give me a rough idea of what I should expect, so I know whether to be ready to pack my bags when the election results come through. You are right when you say “the soul of our nation is at stake.” But you don’t seem to care about how we treat the poorest and most vulnerable, how urgently we tackle climate change, or our attitude towards human rights and international law. From Robert Cohen’s letter to the Jewish leader.

UK black and minority ethnic groups blast Labour Party antisemitism debate for seeking to defend Israel by erasing Palestinian history

Mohamed Elmaazi on

Last week an unprecedented intervention occurred into the debate in the UK over the definition of antisemitism. Over 80 community, professional and rights-based organisations representing black, minority ethnic and diaspora peoples decried what they say is the framing of antisemitism in a way to ‘silence’ Palestinians, and other migrant groups, from speaking about their history.