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Continue honoring Palestinian heroes, despite false accusations of antisemitism

Clare Maxwell on

Clare Maxwell writes, “At a time when real anti-Jewish rhetoric and violence is growing in the country, we all need to stand up, condemn it, and find ways to protect Jews and other threatened religious groups. But disingenuous accusations of anti-Semitism that are hurled at Palestinians, or at human rights activists can cause damage as well. I know this because I’ve been there.”

Is Olmert an Antisemite?

Philip Weiss on

Today’s Haaretz features an interview with Ehud Olmert datelined the U.S. in which the P.M. says that Israel must allow a two-state solution now or face a “South-African style struggle for equal voting rights” that will alienate American Jewish groups….

Debating antisemitism on the BBC

Robert Cohen on

Robert Cohen debates Melanie Phillips on BBC radio. “The Jews are the only people for whom the Land of Israel was ever their national kingdom,” she says. He says, “That’s a muddle” of Zionism and Judaism.

Antisemitism and its useful idiots

Amitai Ben-Abba on

All over the world people who challenge Zionism are being accused of antisemitism. You might imagine the one group of dissidents who are safe from this kind of delegitimization is the Israeli Jews—they are not. This cruel irony, when exposed, may actually play a productive role in decoupling antisemitism and anti-Zionism. As actual antisemites take positions of power in the US government while maintaining a pro-Israel stance, the need to oppose the false accusations of antisemitism becomes ever more vital.

The “American Street” and Antisemitism

Philip Weiss on

When I tuned in C-Span for the White House briefing today, they were reairing this morning’s Washington Journal call-in. In the space of five minutes I heard two attacks on the closeness of U.S. policy to Israel. Both callers described…

The hypocrisy behind Zionist cries of ‘antisemitism’

Yoav Litvin on

By colluding with antisemites worldwide and weaponizing the term “antisemitism” to inappropriately include anti-Zionism, Zionists have transformed a very real and ongoing threat to Jews into a political tool that serves their own settler colonialist goals.

AJC President Justifies Israeli Occupation as ‘Presence’

Philip Weiss on

Last month the executive director of the American Jewish Committee attacked Walt and Mearsheimer in a speech in Germany for the usual reasons. They’re not antisemitic or they’re antisemitic, they sure smell antisemitic, that whole thread. But here are some…

Leading NY rabbi says opposition to Israel is ‘litmus test’ for Jews participating on left, and that’s anti-Semitic

Philip Weiss on

In a sermon decrying anti-Semitism, Central Synagogue rabbi Angela Buchdahl calls out the left for demonizing Israel by demanding that young Jews renounce Zionism in order to take part in social justice causes. But Israel is a liberal ideal, she says, “Jews have always been at the forefront against oppression.” And Israels killings of unarmed Palestinian protesters at the Gaza border is “complicated.”

39 worldwide Jewish groups state that BDS is not anti-Semitic

Mondoweiss Editors on

The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of antisemitism equates antisemitism with advocacy for Palestinian rights and undermines both the Palestinian struggle for freedom and the global struggle against antisemitism, say 39 Jewish groups around the world that do not oppose BDS.

British MPs won’t get to see ‘WitchHunt’ in the House of Commons – the very place it needs to be shown

Robert Cohen on

A new documentary called WitchHunt points out the narrow room for debate over alleged antisemitism in the British Labour Party. Anti-Zionist Jews are excluded as unrepresentative of British Jews. And why is it okay to talk about antisemitism and Zionism in Britain without asking a Palestinian what their direct experience of Zionism has looked and felt like?

Si Newhouse Faces Antisemitism–and Blinks

Philip Weiss on

In the latest Commentary, Ben Toledano tells the following story in a piece about New Orleans: …a wonderful story, possibly apocryphal, concerns the press mogul S.I. (“Si”) Newhouse, who among his many newspapers owned the New Orleans Times Picayune, the…

Klug on Kristallnacht: Opponents in Israel/Palestine debate are locked in an ‘acrimonious circle’

Philip Weiss on

On November 9, Brian Klug, the philosophy scholar at Oxford, gave a talk on anti-Semitism at the Jewish Museum in Berlin to mark the anniversary of Kristallnacht. The assignment had become politicized because of Klug’s noble positions on behalf of Palestinians; haters created a “dossier” against him, saying that he was an “immoral anti-Zionist,” and […]

Criticism of Women’s March leaders reminiscent of attacks on Jesse Jackson 30 years ago

Eric Morgenson on

Recent criticism of Women’s March activists Linda Sarsour and Tamika Mallory over accusations of antisemitism have caused a new round of moral manic about left-wing antisemitism. Eric Morgenson recounts a similar episode from the 1980s when Jesse Jackson faced criticism over Israel and his association with Louis Farrakhan: “If the Jewish community’s experiences with Jesse Jackson in the 1980s teaches progressives anything, it should be that accusations of antisemitism can be weaponized to de-legitimize those on the left, especially people of color.”

The Israel Lobby Is Not a Conspiracy. It’s a Faction.

Philip Weiss on

There are two ways that supporters of Israel have so far successfully limited the discussion about their influence on American policy. One is by saying the critics are antisemites. Scary. I don’t want to be an antisemite! The other is…

France’s Macron leads the way as western leaders malevolently confuse anti-Zionism with antisemitism

Jonathan Cook on

Jonathan Cook says that elites in the U.S. and Europe have moved on from their once-defensive posture that Zionism is not racism. Now, they are on the attack. Their presumption is that anti-Zionism is synonymous with racism and across the West there are efforts to codify this into law. Nowhere is this clearer than in France where Emmanuel Macron recently threatened to outlaw anti-Zionism.

Update: Israeli Ministry of Ed teacher is moderator of scholars’ listserv on anti-Semitism (with predictable results)

Terri Ginsberg on

Menashe, photo from H-Net site I sent the following e-mail to Heather Hawley, Associate Director of H-Net, a major international academic listserv consortium boasting thousands of subscribers, three days ago.  The letter was also forwarded to H-Net’s executives and Executive Council.  As H-Net describes itself: “An international consortium of scholars and teachers, H-Net creates and […]

First Time Tragedy, Second Time Farce: Jewish Comics Use Antisemitic Shtik

Philip Weiss on

Jeet Heer writes that “percolating anti-Semitism” is behind the Saturday Night Live skit savaging “wealthy real-world Jews” George Soros and the Sandlers. And yes, the New Yorkish accent used for old Herbert Sandler sure sounded like antisemitic caricature to me….

Those who criticize Israel join campaign to ‘slaughter the Jews en masse’

Philip Weiss on

This is what I always wanted, an open conversation inside the American Jewish community in which attitudes are exposed. And when those attitudes are exposed, folks get to say, That’s stupid! Or reactionary in this case. Here is a sort of catechism on the question, Is criticizing Israel anti-semitic? by Benjamin Kerstein at Pajamas Media. […]

Hebron, Hebron

Philip Weiss on

In the comments to my recent post on Antisemites being on my side of these issues, Richard Witty said that I had failed to demonstrate journalistic “due diligence” and had indulged in a “prejudicial journalistic exercise” in reporting from Hebron…

Ilhan Omar and the anatomy of a trope

Tom Suarez on
Ilhan Omar

Tom Suarez writes that the real taboo Ilhan Omar broke was not accusing AIPAC of buying politicians, it was correctly distinguishing between Jews and the Israeli state.