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Antony Loewenstein’s contempt for journalists

Philip Weiss on

Antony Loewenstein, author of Disaster Capitalism: “Journalism has the potential to be transformative, to inform and provoke. Too often I see reporters desperate to be close to power, whether ministers, minders. Insiders. Being embedded.”

I passed along a false report re Ethan Bronner

Philip Weiss on

Yesterday I passed along a report that New York Times Jerusalem correspondent Ethan Bronner’s son is in the IDF. Antony Loewenstein tells me he spoke to Bronner the other day and Bronner said this was inaccurate. Apologies to Ethan Bronner.

Meeting Australian Author Antony Loewenstein

Philip Weiss on

I saw Antony Loewenstein, the Australian activist, yesterday. His new book on the Blogging revolution comes out today. A few strong impressions: Medium height, dark haired, very animated face, informal and Australian manner. Straightforward, personable. Silver earring in left ear….

NYT, Reuters, Economist journalists self-censor reports from Israel so as not to be ‘savagely targeted’ — John Lyons

Philip Weiss on

Veteran Australian journalist John Lyons says that reporters from the New York Times, The Economist, Agence France-Presse, and Reuters told him that they censor themselves in reporting from Israel lest they be “savagely targeted” by Israel. Reuters even has a list of special words that won’t “upset” Israeli authorities, he said. These pressures are levied by Israel’s friends overseas, to the point that they tie up reporters “for months” when they write critical investigations of Israel.

British Paper Publishes Jewish Anti-Zionist

Philip Weiss on

How refreshing to read, in the Guardian, a piece on Ahad Ha’am, the cultural Zionist who opposed Herzl’s dreams of a Jewish state in Palestine. The writer, David Goldberg, is plainly an anti-Zionist, and urges readers to go past the…

“Israel Is in Serious Decline,” Says a Progressive Jew

Philip Weiss on

Antony Loewenstein is saying just what I’m saying about Israel’s crisis, but in Australia. The author of the book, My Israel Question, Loewenstein writes in The Age: Israel is a nation in serious decline. Israel’s long-term future lies not with…

Baltzer, Finkelstein and Chomsky to speak on state of American Jews re Jewish state

Philip Weiss on

Jewish American Relationship with Israel This looks interesting. Anna Baltzer, Norman Finkelstein and Noam Chomsky talking about the Jewish-American relationship with Israel being at a crossroads. I sure hope Daniel Gordis, Steven Cohen, and Malcolm Hoenlein come out and ask some penetrating questions. And speaking of upcoming events, I keep meaning to promote an event […]

Brecht Forum event with Antony Loewenstein of ‘After Zionism’

Philip Weiss on

Last Tuesday Antony Loewenstein, the Australian co-editor of the new collection, After Zionism, and I, one of the contributors, gave a talk at the Brecht Forum in NY. It’s below.  Loewenstein, on a book tour that is taking him from Palestine to Los Angeles, starts it out, on the one-state reality of Israel and Palestine, […]

Fear and loathing and bikini

Philip Weiss on

Three moods of an unidentified woman who attended Sunday’s Tel Aviv beach celebration in Central Park at the behest of the Israeli Ministry of Tourism–and who decided to confront the demonstrators. Photos by Michael Bitar. In the third photograph below,…

Two reactions to the Salute to Israel Parade

Adam Horowitz on

Here are two interesting reactions to the Salute to Israel parade that Antony Loewenstein reported on for us yesterday. The first is a reaction to Loewenstein’s piece, and the second is an oped by Rabbi Sidney Schwarz in The Jewish…

‘apartheid is here’

Philip Weiss on

says the legal affairs editor at Yediot Ahronot, the largest-circulation Israeli daily. Thanks to Antony Loewenstein. Oh and Haaretz goes it one better. Here is Yitzhak Laor saying "Israel’s apartheid is worse than South Africa’s." Evidently because settlers are in control in this situation.

Curb your racism

Eleanor Kilroy on

  I’ve watched every episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm I could get hold of, and the clip from this Season 8 episode has left me grim-faced and angry. Larry David and Jeff enthusiastically check-out a (fictional) L.A. Palestinian restaurant, ‘Al-Abbas’, famed for its chicken, and whilst praising the cuisine they set about insulting the people. […]

‘you can’t still adore Obama if Israel bombs Iran…’

Philip Weiss on

Sharing a cab to JFK, business for him, a frolic for me, Antony Loewenstein challenged me, If Israel bombs Iran, then you really have to get over your adoration of Obama. But I said I wouldn’t. I would say that…

Help fund new Antony Loewenstein documentary on disaster capitalism

Philip Weiss on

Our friend Antony Loewenstein is working on an important documentary about the pillaging of resources without respect for the people’s interests in Afghanistan, Haiti, and Papua New Guinea. He’s got a Kickstarter campaign up for the project; I’m going to donate today (because we all know this is the way journalism will be funded in […]

‘After Zionism’ at the Brecht Forum next Tuesday night

Philip Weiss on

After Zionism Heads up, next Tuesday night, Antony Loewenstein and I will be speaking at the Brecht Forum in downtown Manhattan about the exciting new volume, After Zionism. And what with the demise of the two-state solution and the crisis of the Israel lobby, there couldn’t be a better time. Loewenstein is particularly ravaging about […]