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Last year Birthright began offering academic study abroad programs to U.S. college students. Educator Liz Rose writes about the course descriptions and what they say about how Birthright represents Israel and Palestinians: “Israel is represented as minding its own business, just trying to survive. Students are told they will talk with the Jewish residents near Gaza, but they won’t speak with Gazans or hear their perspective.”

Tufts student Sophia Goodfriend introduces the new ‘zine ‘Whose Birthright’ which seeks to expose the politics embedded in each site visited on the Birthright Israel trip and challenge the explicitly Zionist Jewish identity that Birthright Israel imparts.

Adam Horowitz writes: There is no way the Lobby avoided the Madoff collapse. Read Haaretz: The loss to Jewish philanthropy as a whole has been estimated between $600 million and $1 billion. “I consider that, if anything, a conservative estimate,”…