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Ethan Bronner’s ‘benign occupation’

Ilene Cohen on

Prior to the First Intifada in December 1987 Israelis used to boast about their “benign” occupation—indeed, the “most benign occupation” in the world. Following the outbreak of the First Intifada, that mantra disappeared from the discourse. But, when things are looking bad on the PR front and you’ve got nothing else to pull out of […]

Ethan Bronner’s Palestinian goodbye party

Philip Weiss on

Today The New York Times publishes a valentine to Artists4Israel, a group that paints pretty pictures in the occupation. Jodi Rudoren’s report from the occupied Golan Heights is yet another example of the Times’s deep fascination with the Israeli mindset even as the newspaper of record is incurious about Palestinian culture. As several recent posts […]

I passed along a false report re Ethan Bronner

Philip Weiss on

Yesterday I passed along a report that New York Times Jerusalem correspondent Ethan Bronner’s son is in the IDF. Antony Loewenstein tells me he spoke to Bronner the other day and Bronner said this was inaccurate. Apologies to Ethan Bronner.

This is Ethan Bronner’s chance to seize the Friedman laurels

Philip Weiss on

I notice that Ethan Bronner’s coverage of Gaza in the Times continues to be cautious. He balances attacks on Islamic University with the threats to Israelis in the Negev. The most vivid moments in this story are anti-Hamas. The execution…

Mearsheimer on the Times’ Ethan Bronner

Philip Weiss on

John Mearsheimer blurbed Avraham Burg’s great new book on the Holocaust, which, two months after its publication, was written up by Ethan Bronner in the New York Times two days ago. Mearsheimer had this response to Bronner’s piece: Bronner’s job…

Two strikes for Ethan Bronner; does he get a third?

James North on

Once again, the New York Times‘s public editor has taken the paper’s Jerusalem bureau chief, Ethan Bronner, to the woodshed for conflict of interest. This time, Bronner was caught (by the tireless Max Blumenthal) getting paid to give speeches by a public relations firm linked to the Israeli right. The public editor, Arthur Brisbane, found […]

Media watchdog asks: Is Ethan Bronner’s son in the IDF?

Adam Horowitz on

The venerable media watchdog Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting is asking the question many of us are wondering – Does NYT’s Top Israel Reporter Have a Son in the IDF?: What the Times needs to ask itself is whether it expects that its bureau chief has the normal human feelings about matters of life or […]

Haaretz: Bronner’s son’s service has fostered ‘mini blog storm’

Philip Weiss on

I’m on record saying that Ethan Bronner’s son serving in the IDF is going to affect his assignment at The New York Times. The Times doesn’t like its reporters making news, and Bronner’s making it. From Anshel Pfeffer at Haaretz, who advises Bronner how to spin the deal:

Defending Bronner’s conflict, the Times has proved too much

Anonymous Contributor on

The arguments by Keller, Goldberg, Avishai, etc. in defense of retaining Ethan Bronner at his post in spite of the conspicuous conflict of interest, show how hard it is for us to judge Israel by the standard we apply to other countries.The sympathy/kinship/affinity runs too deep. Imagine a Times reporter on the Zapatista rebellion of […]

Questions Ethan Bronner could have asked

Norman G. Finkelstein on

The New York Times lately published a story on the flotilla raid, by Ethan Bronner and Sabrina Tavernise. Finkelstein’s interpolations are in shaded segments: In Israel, ideas on how to halt the boats — sabotage of propellers or engines, the use of ropes or chains — were examined, military officials say, but all were rejected […]

Israeli PR firm scrubs Bronner from website as investigative report appears

Adam Horowitz on

Max Blumenthal’s investigative report into Ethan Bronner’s relationship with the Israeli PR firm Lone Star Communications references a photo of Bronner “arm-in-arm” with Charley Levine, the West Bank settler who founded the firm. When I went to the Lone Star website I couldn’t find it. Blumenthal sent me the following screen shot and said this […]

The jury is in – Times readers decide against Bronner

Adam Horowitz on

Today’s New York Times features letters responding to Public Editor Arthur Brisbane’s column last week on Ethan Bronner’s conflict of interest regarding his relationship with Lone Start Communications. The letters run 6-1 against Bronner. Some highlights: The basic question is: How can your readers take anything that Ethan Bronner writes on the Middle East seriously, […]

Jesus H. Christ, NPR only interviews Keller about Bronner brouhaha

Philip Weiss on

NPR’s show "On the Media," Feb. 12. Typical: Last weekend, New York Times Jerusalem bureau chief Ethan Bronner revealed that his son had joined the Israel Defense Forces. Amid cries over a conflict of interest – including from the paper’s own ombudsman – Times executive editor Bill Keller insisted that, as far as he was […]

Terry Gross interviewed Times’ Ethan Bronner yesterday…

Philip Weiss on

Peter Voskamp writes: Stumbled upon Terry Gross and Fresh Air last night. Bizarre listening to Ethan Bronner and Gross sort of contort themselves to lay the blame, ultimately, at Hamas’ feet. Bronner offers some “horse race” analysis about the why…

Bromwich on Bronner’s shocking euphemism

David Bromwich on

We’ve made a lot of Ethan Bronner’s implicit endorsement of the Israeli battle-orders for West Bank nighttime raids: "cutting the grass." David Bromwich’s analysis: Love of order may present itself as a principle without exceptions so long as the order in view is that of our own society. In practice, the principle gets scaled back […]

An article suggestion for Ethan Bronner (or his successor)

James North on

Here’s an idea for a good article in the New York Times — a profile of Uri Davis, the Israeli Jew who is an elected member of the Fatah Revolutionary Council.  Davis calls himself "a Hebrew Palestinian."  Why can we only read about such interesting people in the alternative press, like the distinguished In These Times?

Is Ethan Bronner whitewashing rape by a former Israeli President?

Today in Palestine on

In this New York Times piece about former Israeli President Moshe Katsav, set to begin a jail sentence today for rape, Ethan Bronner devotes this article to whitewashing his deeds by portraying Katsav as a respectable family man.  See him with his grandchildren…  (Photo: The New York Times/Rina Castelnuovo) Later, it seems like Bronner wants us […]

For NYT’s public editor, Bronner’s a tarbaby

Ira Glunts on

Today, Clark Hoyt, the public editor of the NY Times, devotes his column to reaction to his suggestion that his newspaper reassign Jerusalem correspondent Ethan Bronner due to a conflict of interest relating to his son’s enlistment in the IDF. The column will appear in the print version of the newspaper and a longer version […]

You won’t have Ethan Bronner to kick around anymore . . .

Adam Horowitz on

Jodi Rudoren is the next NYT bureau chief in Jerusalem. She replaces Ethan Bronner, who will cover national legal affairs in NY. — NYTimes World (@nytimesworld) February 14, 2012 Per the NYTimes World twitter account, Ethan Bronner is being re-assigned to cover national legal affairs from New York. The new bureau chief in Jerusalem will […]

NYT’s Bronner to speak about ‘My Israel’ on behalf of liberal Zionist group

Philip Weiss on

Next week Ethan Bronner, a NY Times reporter who till recently was the Jerusalem bureau chief for the newspaper,  is speaking about “My Israel” and his transformative experience with respect to the country, and the $75 donation goes to the New Israel Fund. The New Israel Fund invites you to hear from master storytellers about […]

NYT declines to talk to Al Jazeera for story on Bronner question

Philip Weiss on

Al Jazeera English has a piece all about the Ethan Bronner story, questioning the Times point of view. Reporter Richard Ginzberg says AJ contacted the Times twice seeking an interview with Bronner or his editor. "We received no response." Remember that Bill Keller, Times executive editor, talked to NPR about the story; and was the […]

Ethan, take the buyout

Philip Weiss on

To its journalistic credit, Electronic Intifada has confirmed a tip that many of us got over the last few days, that Ethan Bronner’s son has joined the Israeli Defense Forces. Bronner is of course the Jerusalem bureau chief for the New York Times (and did not respond to my inquiry to him on the issue). […]

Ethan Bronner can’t stop going to lunch with Israelis

Philip Weiss on

Many people have passed along Ethan Bronner’s latest piece in the New York Times, “What Mideast Crisis? Israelis Have Moved On” in which he visits Israel and Palestine and discovers that Israelis are prosperous and happy and have given up on the peace process, and by the way, Palestinians have forgotten about it too.  Though […]

Every bad thought you have had about Ethan Bronner

Anonymous Contributor on

has not been wrong. After seeing the spurious evenhandedness of his comments tonight on Matthews in Jerusalem. And the complacent smile with which he showed himself well satisfied with his performance.