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We’ll be waiting a long time for Al Jazeera’s undercover investigation of Israel lobby

Philip Weiss on

In Oct. 2017, Al Jazeera said it had done an undercover investigation of the Israel lobby in the U.S. in 2016. But the documentary has never aired — and meanwhile Israel advocates Alan Dershowitz and Mort Klein have visited the monarchy and surely put pressure on the government to rein in Al Jazeera. The network should air its findings.

Don’t lose heart. This struggle is a long one

Ahmed Moor on

Evidently, the Israelis and Americans (and the French and Germans?) have succeeded in pressuring the failing Greek government into preventing the flotilla from sailing. As Medea Benjamin pointed out earlier, this likely has a lot to do with Greece’s sovereign debt crisis. While many of us feel angry, it’s probably best not to direct our […]

Netanyahu speech could turn Israel lobby into a political football

Philip Weiss on

The stunning invitation to Netanyahu to address the Congress in March against Obama may at last politicize the “special relationship,” forcing Democrats to side with the president over Israel and unleashing a debate over our Israeli policy, including the damage to the U.S. from the unending occupation

The education of Samantha Power

Philip Weiss on

“Tears streamed down her cheeks” as she described her admiration of Israel, to 40 Jewish leaders in a private White House gathering. Obama’s UN nominee, Irish immigrant Samantha Power, is a philo-Semite with a ton of Zionist buddies. One of them, Leon Wieseltier, quips, “Samantha is either intense or asleep”

Chas Freeman on Israel’s self-inflicted existential crisis

Chas Freeman on

Last week in Washington, The National Interest held a discussion of “Israel’s fraying image” based on Jacob Heilbrunn’s piece warning that American political culture is shifting against Israel. Heilbrunn listed a number of signs: Obama’s detachment from Israel, the farcical Chuck Hagel confirmation hearing and the SNL donkey-fellating skit that parodied it, the Oscars joke […]

Let’s talk about Russian influence

Philip Weiss on

Clinton campaign manager says the “hand of the Kremlin” has been working in US elections, but no one talks about the hand of Israel, which is on everything from pushing the Iraq war to censoring any reference to the “occupation” in the Democratic Party platform. The system is rigged by the Israel lobby, and everyone knows it, even if they can’t talk about it.

Barack sure seems to be graying fast

Philip Weiss on

in his meeting on Monday with Jewish leaders. Talk about stress. And think, right after that meeting he had to meet with a delegation of Arab-Americans! Not! Lady at left is Debra DeLee, the head of Americans for Peace Now….

Director of Emergency Committee for Israel cackles over Arrigoni and those who mourn him

Philip Weiss on

Max Blumenthal sent me this. Blumenthal’s been doing all my thinking lately. It’s Noah Pollak’s response to the murder of Vittorio Arrigoni. Blumenthal said it’s a macaca moment. I don’t know what to say. This has been a deeply dispiriting month. All I want to do is beam love to the families of Juliano, Matthew, […]

Sunday morning macabre

Annie Robbins on

Palestinians are in Jewish West Bank on ‘holiday’ (declared a would-be settler, Gordon McKnight, in 2012)

Netanyahu bluffed an attack on Iran, and Jeffrey Goldberg helped out

Philip Weiss on

Shibley Telhami says that Netanyahu got the nuclear deal with Iran because he tried to play Obama in 2011-2012 to believe that Israel was about to attack Iran. Netanyahu wanted to hurt Obama in the election and get the Americans to attack Iran. Jeffrey Goldberg piece played right into the strategy.

In 1950, Avnery offered first Israeli corroboration of ‘the Palestinian narrative’

Ira Glunts on

A couple of weeks ago, I read an English translation of The Other Side of the Coin by the well–known Israeli journalist and political activist Uri Avnery.  This memoir describes the experiences of the author during the Israeli War of Independence, which is known to Palestinians as the Nakba or Catastrophe.  The book first appeared […]

‘We failed’ (In which a Palestinian activist abandons the peace process)

Jeff Klein on

A conversation with an aging Palestinian activist: I asked Mohammed if any of his children were involved in politics. He said, “Not at all. Why should they want to go into politics? We set a bad example for them. We sacrificed and we struggled for our state but we did not succeed. We failed.”

From Shatila Camp– What does the right of return mean in 2010?

Ahmed Moor on

I’ve been spending more time in the camps recently. Two days a week, I leave my apartment on my leafy street in my quiet neighborhood and jump in a taxi heading southwest. ‘Ala mafra’ sou’ Shatila, iza t-reed,’ is what I usually say to the cab driver. He drives west first, past the open air […]