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More on SNL’s fellate-a-donkey for Israel skit

Philip Weiss on

A “cultural breakthrough” is Sullivan’s description of the Saturday Night Live skit in which Senator John McCain challenges Chuck Hagel to agree to fellate a donkey on the orders of Benjamin Netanyahu for the security of Israel: After being banished from earnest Washington discussion for decades by various press gate-keepers, the absurdly overblown power of […]

Who knew! Donkey fellator is anti-Semitic trope

Philip Weiss on

This was inevitable. Lloyd Grove at the Daily Beast reports on the Anti Defamation League’s letter of outrage to NBC over the Israel lobby skit that Saturday Night Live recorded but did not televise Saturday night, and that was then broadcast on the internet, featuring the immortal question: Would you fellate a donkey for Israel? […]

Fallows calls ‘SNL’ donkey skit a ‘significant’ political marker of lobby’s exposure

Philip Weiss on

Jim Fallows’s steady, quiet, and urgent criticism of the Israel lobby is important because Fallows is an eminent establishment type who has long supported Israel’s public relations effort; but he is evidently concerned about the lobby as a militant, religious faction that could drag us into another war. Fallows is indirect in his criticisms. After […]

Abrams calls Hagel anti-Semitic for questioning legitimacy of the Israel lobby

Philip Weiss on

I frequently criticize Brian Lehrer because he is an intelligent/progressive/influential public-radio host in New York City and also a reflexive defender of Israel. He’s what I’m up against in liberal Jewish establishment opinion.  Well, the other day Lehrer interviewed neoconservative Elliott Abrams (who is due to speak at Brooklyn College’s Political Science Department soon) and– […]

Don’t lose heart. This struggle is a long one

Ahmed Moor on

Evidently, the Israelis and Americans (and the French and Germans?) have succeeded in pressuring the failing Greek government into preventing the flotilla from sailing. As Medea Benjamin pointed out earlier, this likely has a lot to do with Greece’s sovereign debt crisis. While many of us feel angry, it’s probably best not to direct our […]

Netanyahu speech could turn Israel lobby into a political football

Philip Weiss on

The stunning invitation to Netanyahu to address the Congress in March against Obama may at last politicize the “special relationship,” forcing Democrats to side with the president over Israel and unleashing a debate over our Israeli policy, including the damage to the U.S. from the unending occupation

The education of Samantha Power

Philip Weiss on

Samantha Power is Obama’s nominee to be the UN ambassador. I think Power understands the conflict as clearly as Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel does: she is a student of human rights atrocities and has described Israel as a “major” human-rights violator backed by an American lobby with “tremendous… financial and political” clout. She surely recognizes […]

Chas Freeman on Israel’s self-inflicted existential crisis

Chas Freeman on

Last week in Washington, The National Interest held a discussion of “Israel’s fraying image” based on Jacob Heilbrunn’s piece warning that American political culture is shifting against Israel. Heilbrunn listed a number of signs: Obama’s detachment from Israel, the farcical Chuck Hagel confirmation hearing and the SNL donkey-fellating skit that parodied it, the Oscars joke […]

Let’s talk about Russian influence

Philip Weiss on

Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager says the “hand of the Kremlin” has been working in US elections, but no one talks about the hand of Israel, which is on everything from pushing the Iraq war to censoring any reference to the “occupation” in the Democratic Party platform. The system is rigged by the Israel lobby, and everyone knows it, even if they can’t talk about it.

The ‘collateral damage’ of a ‘targeted assassination’ attempt

Annie Robbins on

NYT: Qaddafi Is Said to Survive NATO Airstrike That Kills Son Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi survived a NATO airstrike on Saturday night that struck a house in Tripoli containing several of his family members and killed his youngest son and three of the colonel’s grandchildren, a Libyan government spokesman announced early Sunday. “This was a direct […]

Pentagon issues new combat-related medal for drone operators

David Samel on

(Image: AP) It’s award season, with the recent Golden Globes and Grammy telecasts and lots of buzz about the upcoming Oscars, so it’s no wonder that the Pentagon didn’t want to be left out of the fun. That’s why they’ve come up with a new medal to award for “extraordinary achievement” in the field of […]

Sawarka relatives relate hellish destruction of family of 8 in what Israelis call a ‘mistake’

Ahmad Kabariti on

“What investigation could raise the dead?” Abdullah al-Sawarka, 45, asks, while standing distraught at the edge of a 50-foot-wide crater where his cousin’s tin shack stood. Israelis bombed the house in Gaza on Thursday killing eight family members. They now say it was a mistake but Gazans scoff at the idea that there will be any accountability for the crime. The file will be thrown in the trash, says an aunt of the children killed.

‘Israel-related censorship’ on Upper West Side is deplored by 40 Jews, including Beinart, Hirschmann, Peratis, Zellner

Mondoweiss Editors on

It is “shameful” and “unacceptable,” that on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, a book store, Book Culture, was coerced into signing a political statement opposing the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS) targeting Israel in order to participate in a bookfair at a leading synagogue. More than 40 Jews, including Peter Beinart, Dorothy Zellner and Letty Cottin Pogrebin, write that “a cloud hangs over our neighborhood.”

Daniel Pipes– ‘elated’ by Lieberman

Philip Weiss on

For the racism/Orientalism file. Daniel Pipes says that Avigdor Lieberman’s speech left him “elated.” It said, “Israel is back.” And this guy has standing? Yes. I saw him at a jammed Philadelphia synagogue that would never invited the great Noam…

Simon Moya-Smith relates the experience of settler colonialism on his native land

Philip Weiss on

On his recent visit to the States, Palestinian activist Omar Barghouti challenged Americans by expressing solidarity with Native Americans who were also ethnically-cleansed from their lands. I say challenge because the issue is rarely addressed in activist circles; I rarely address it myself, I don’t know how to think about it. The other night I […]