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As pressure rises on Robbie Williams and UNICEF over Israel gig, conflict of interest emerges between singer and NGO

Ben Whitaker on

Roger Waters has joined the chorus of voices calling on British pop-star Robbie Williams to cancel his May 2nd concert in Tel Aviv. Pressure is also falling on UNICEF as Williams is also one of the organization’s “goodwill ambassadors,” and currently the face of the ‘Children in Danger’ campaign, aiming “to protect children from violence, disease, hunger, and the chaos of war and disaster.” Williams has yet to respond to the campaign, but how about UNICEF? It turns out the organization might have something to gain from Williams’ concert as Tim Clark, vice president of UNICEF UK, is also Robbie Williams’s manager.

In mind-boggling contradiction, UNICEF Ambassador Robbie Williams books gig in Tel Aviv

Annie Robbins on

British mega pop star Robbie Williams, a UK Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) since 2001 , signed on last month to front a new campaign launched by UNICEF UK Children in Danger, which “aims to protect children from violence, disease, hunger and the chaos of war and disaster.” Less than a week later Williams announced on his website he’s booked a gig at Hayarkon Park in Tel Aviv on May 2, 2015, as part of his Let Me Entertain You Tour.

‘We will not be bullied into silence’: Over 350 scholars and Civil Rights movement veterans speak out in support of Palestinian rights and Angela Davis

Open Letter on

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, over 350 scholars of the Civil Rights and Black Freedom Movements, and veterans of these historic struggles, along with educators and human rights advocates, issued the following statement in support of Palestinian human rights, and in defense of, Angela Y. Davis, who was publicly dishonored three weeks ago by the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute when it abruptly reversed its decision to recognize her with its annual award because of her stand on Palestinian rights.