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Israel declares itself apartheid state, and gov’ts must hold it accountable — Omar Barghouti

Palestinian BDS National Committee on

“Israel is effectively declaring itself an apartheid state and dropping its worn-out mask of democracy,” Omar Barghouti says. And now that it is constitutionally mandated “to racially discriminate against” Palestinian citizens, “this should stir people, institutions and governments to take effective action to hold Israel accountable.”

39 worldwide Jewish groups state that BDS is not anti-Semitic

Mondoweiss Editors on

The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of antisemitism equates antisemitism with advocacy for Palestinian rights and undermines both the Palestinian struggle for freedom and the global struggle against antisemitism, say 39 Jewish groups around the world that do not oppose BDS.

Irish senate passes bill banning products from Israeli settlements

Yumna Patel on

The Irish senate has voted in favor of a bill banning the importation of products from illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory, paving the way for the country to become the first EU nation to enforce a boycott of Israeli settlement goods.

Suicides in Gaza are on the rise

Jewish Voice for Peace Health Advisory Council on

Since 2016, suicide rates in Gaza have been rising, reflecting rising levels of despair and hopelessness in the population, the Guardian reports. Until recently suicide in Gaza had been rare, partly due to strong clan networks, but mostly because killing oneself is forbidden in traditional Muslim societies.

‘This is apartheid, there is no better word for it’: Calls for boycott growing among mainstream Israelis

Allison Deger on

Prominent Israeli scientist David Harel and writer and translator Ilana Hammerman penned a joint op-ed for the Guardian last week calling on the international community to intervene on behalf of Palestinians, before time runs out. The pair are not marginal public figures, they do not consider themselves BDS activists or anti-Zionists, but they are calling on the international community to pressure Israeli society because “the state of Israel is facing a catastrophic situation, which could, alarmingly soon, lead to extensive bloodshed.”

‘A Jew who tried to abuse this fact’ — Israel deports activist for supporting BDS

Jonathan Ofir on

Activist Ariel Gold is deported from Israel because of support for BDS, as a Jew. Minister of Interior Aryeh Deri said: “I am again using my authority to prevent the entry into Israel of a woman who came to act against Israel and call for its boycott. This is a Jew who tried to abuse this fact. Those boycott activists must understand that the rules of the game have changed.”

Roger Waters plays Munich despite mayor’s effort to stop concert over his support for BDS

Carlos Latuff on

Last week Roger Waters performed in Munich following a campaign to cancel his concert backed by the city’s mayor, Dieter Reiter, who accused Waters of anti-Semitism. Waters punched back from the stage at Munich’s Olympic Hall: “I believe all people, all of us, all of our brothers and sisters, all of our fragile globe, whatever their ethnicity or religion or nationality deserve the same basic human rights under the law.”

Ireland: A special case of Palestine solidarity

Ronit Lentin on

Given their own history, the Irish understand the implications of Israeli settler colonialism and Palestinians appreciate Irish people’s support. Despite collaboration between Israel and Ireland, Irish universities have been hospitable to pro-Palestinian voices. And an independent Irish senator is planning to introduce a bill seeking to prohibit the import and sale of goods originating in illegal settlements in occupied territories.

Knesset foils efforts to end Israeli apartheid

Jonathan Cook on

In recent days, Palestinian legislators have submitted three legislative measures before parliament to explode the illusion that Israel is a western-style liberal democracy. A bill to revoke the quasi-governmental status of international Zionist organizations like the Jewish National Fund (JNF) and the Jewish Agency that discriminate against non-Jews was defeated when all the Jewish parties voted against it.

Cal State, East Bay student govt unanimously passes BDS resolution

California State University, East Bay Divestment on

On May 23, 2018 the California State University, East Bay’s student government voted unanimously in favor of a resolution in support of divestment from corporations that profit from the occupation of Palestine.

Boycott of Tel Aviv LGBT Film Festival gains momentum with new cancellations

Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel on

Four more filmmakers have joined a growing number of artists boycotting the Tel Aviv LGBT International Film Festival in response to a Palestinian call. French director Océane Michel explained on Facebook: “I stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people and express my total disagreement with Israel’s policy towards Palestine. For this reason, I refuse to take part in the pinkwashing strategy of the Israeli government. I want my movie withdrawn from the festival.”

London stages multiple protests in solidarity with Palestine

Lydia Noon on

On Kensington High Street, around the corner from the Israeli embassy, Londoners protested the killing of Palestinian demonstrators in Gaza yesterday, with more actions across the city in recent days at the U.S. embassy, the Saudi embassy, the BBC, 10 Downing Street, and Parliament Square.

Roseanne Barr says she will fight Jews supporting BDS by educating them about Torah

Allison Deger on

BDS support among Jews is a problem that goes back to Jews being against other Jews in the Torah, says Roseanne Barr. She would reach out to those Israel-criticizing Jews with Torah. “They are not really all that educated,” Barr told the Jerusalem Post conference. “I would tell them….Do you know you’re looking at the greatest recorded rebellion of a slave class of people that’s ever been written?”

Subscribers and donors withdraw support from the Philadelphia Orchestra over Israel tour

Susan Landau on

The campaign against the Philadelphia Orchestra’s upcoming tour to Israel continues to intensify. Eleven longtime subscribers and donors have issued a statement announcing their decision to withdraw their support of the Orchestra if it does not cancel the tour. “We will no longer support the Orchestra if it decides to lend legitimacy to Israel’s apartheid regime,” the statement reads.

George Washington student Senate passes divestment resolution as intimidation campaign continues

Jesse Rubin on

The George Washington University student Senate overwhelmingly passed a resolution to divest from nine companies known to be complicit in Israel’s violations of Palestinian human rights after being delayed a week because of threats to their safety by the anti-BDS group Canary Mission. Still, Canary Mission showed up on campus the night of the Senate vote, and it got very bizarre.

Natalie Portman’s cancellation: Inching towards the tipping point

Nada Elia on

Like the recent Barnard BDS vote, Natalie Portman’s refusal to attend the Genesis Prize award presentation shows how deep the cracks in Zionism are running for a growing number of Jews who today find it “increasingly tricky” to reconcile one’s familiar love for Israel and one’s decency, and eventually opt towards dissociating themselves from Zionism.

In major BDS win, Barnard students vote overwhelmingly to divest from the Israeli occupation

Jesse Rubin on

Barnard and Columbia University administrations have often targeted Palestinian solidarity and censored Palestinian voices on campus, but yesterday Barnard students voted overwhelmingly in favor of a resolution calling on the university to divest from companies complicit in Palestinian human rights violations. With 1,153 total votes cast, yesterday’s turnout was the largest in Barnard’s history according to the Student Government Association. The final vote 64.3% in favor and just 35.7% opposed.

George Washington University divestment vote cancelled due to safety concerns following threatening anti-BDS posters

Jesse Rubin on

On the eve of a divestment vote by George Washington University’s student senate, multiple students witnessed two men who they say clearly did not attend the university, posting flyers around campus attacking the student group responsible for the resolution, as well as Students for Justice in Palestine, Jewish Voice for Peace, and Student Association Senators. The vote was cancelled due to safety concerns and rescheduled for April 23.

50 NYU student groups endorse BDS, call on university to divest from companies complicit in Israeli occupation

NYU Students for Justice in Palestine on

Fifty student organizations at New York University have issued a statement endorsing BDS: “We support the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement for Palestinian human rights as it is a non-violent method of resisting Israeli apartheid from abroad. We call on NYU to divest its holdings from companies and funds that are complicit in the Israeli occupation of Palestine.”

Philadelphians to Philly Orchestra: Cancel your trip to Israel

Philadelphia Don’t Orchestrate Apartheid Campaign on

Over 100  musicians, artists, scholars, union members and activists, as well as 33 social justice organizations, have called on the Philadelphia Orchestra to cancel its planned June tour in Israel. In a March 21 letter, they explained that the orchestra’s trip is part of “the Israeli government’s Brand Israel propaganda strategy,” and called on the orchestra “not to lend your good name to covering up Israel’s oppression of Palestinians.”