Nuseir Yassin

At a time when grassroots activists and organizers everywhere are denouncing normalization with Israel, one Palestinian with a very large global social media following is actively promoting it, pandering to the liberal Zionist line of “both sides” being to blame for the violence and loss of life in Palestine.

Ahmed Erekat and his sister Iman before her wedding (Photo: Twitter)

Ahmed Erekat. Twenty-seven years old, executed on the eve of his sister’s planned wedding, two weeks before his own. He was born, lived, and died, under a brutal, merciless occupation. Honor his life, and that of all Palestinians–under occupation, under apartheid, under siege, and in exile–by not normalizing Israel’s egregious crimes.

From Ramallah to Haifa to the Gaza Strip, Palestinians in the homeland are joining the global denunciations of systems of racial supremacy. This video compiles some of their statements of solidarity, including “We see you,” “your pain is our pain,” and affirming the belief that justice will prevail.

Signs pleading for help are seen in the windows at the Cook county jail complex in Chicago, Illinois, on 9 April. Photograph: Tannen Maury/EPA

Everywhere, COVID-19 has revealed the disproportionate effect of the disease on communities that are already disenfranchised by state-sanctioned violence, including the incarcerated. April 17, Palestinian Prisoners’ Day, brings new urgency to calls to free all prisoners in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

A Palestinian stands on his property overlooking the Israeli settlement Har Homa, West Bank, February 18, 2011. (Photo: UPI/Debbie Hill)

The “Deal of the Century” has reinvigorated the discourse naming Israel’s practices as apartheid, but Nada Elia says we must push for a denunciation of the entire scope of the initial catastrophe that befell Palestinians last century, rather than its recent manifestations.