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Brooklyn-Jenin: Why didn’t the judges prevent the demolition in Lod?

Udi Aloni on

As fifty children lose their homes under the auspices of the Supreme Court the question should be asked: Does the Supreme Court act in the service of a racist ideology in the spirit of Rabbi Eliyahu and his cohorts? One morning, when the storm started shaking the treetops and the dogs howled in terror because […]

Brooklyn-Jenin: The boycott Is legitimate for promoting peace

Udi Aloni on

Oh, Weakness On the way from Brooklyn to Jenin I stopped for a bit of a rest in Tel Aviv and saw that the community of creative artists was still in an uproar around the Ariel Culture Hall issue. I think that some things should be said in the name of militant art and the […]

Brooklyn-Jenin: Wars of the Jews

Udi Aloni on

America, America How odd are the leaders Jewish right-wing in the United States. On the one hand, they raise six million dollars to finance a PR war over Jews like me, members of Jewish Voice for Peace. This is an organization which acts, or so they claim, to delegitimize Israel for anti-Semitic reasons (and not […]

Brooklyn-Jenin: On the banality of good and evil

Udi Aloni on

Abraham went up from Beer-sheva to Moriah three days binding and unbinding his son in his mind three days butchering and weeping we are still bound and unbound who are they weeping and butchering who are they laughing and butchering – from “A Man Goes” by Haviva Pedaya Jenin Mustafa Staiti has been through a […]