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Freedom Funnies

Freedom Funnies: There is a checkpoint around this center!

Ethan Heitner on

In 2011, the board of New York’s LGBT Center instituted a ban on all Palestine-related organizing at the center at the urging of Zionist funders like Michael Lucas. One year ago, queer activists and allies occupied the lobby of the center to protest this ban. Two organizers from the organization FIERCE perfomed an amazing spoken word piece at the demonstration that I felt beautifully, elegantly tied together the disparate struggles of anti-apartheid activists and those fighting for freedom for all people here in NYC. I asked if I could turn that piece into a comic, which I have been slowly working on since then.

Freedom Funnies: ‘You Can’t Just Continue’

Ethan Heitner on

In the second installment of Freedom Funnies Palestinian filmmaker Annemarie Jacir describes how Israeli control over Palestinian movement in the occupied territories impacted the production of her film ‘Salt of This Sea.’