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The bulldozers of Shavuot, 1967

Philip Weiss on

Haifa Khalidi remembers the destruction of the Mughrabi Quarter in Jerusalem, June 11-12, 1967. “Two days and two nights. I remember the noise, the dust, the screams, the tears. The residents had two hours to collect their belongings and leave their houses forever.”

Open Letter to Theresa May: On 100th anniversary of Balfour Declaration recognize an independent Palestinian state

Rev. Alex Awad on

Rev. Alex Awad, who served as Dean of Students at Bethlehem Bible College, writes British Prime Minister Theresa May: “Britain was among the first in creating this tragic conflict but shouldn’t be the last in taking positive steps to resolve it. Let 2017 be the year that Britain conducts its policy for Israel and Palestine independently of the influence and dictates of the United States. A first step would be for Britain to recognize an independent Palestinian State in the West Bank and in the Gaza Strip.”

48 Years Ago: Commemorating the ’67 War

Iris Keltz on

“In the summer of 1967 I cast my fate to the wind and hitchhiked from Paris to Jerusalem hoping to live on an Israeli kibbutz, but a caprice of fate found me welcomed and married into a Palestinian family within weeks of my arrival in East Jerusalem, Jordan.” — Iris Keltz reflects on the 48th anniversary of the 1967 war in an excerpt from her forthcoming book, ‘Unexpected Bride in the Promised Land.’

‘NYT’ perpetuates myth Israel was ‘fighting for its very survival’ during 1967 war

Stephen R. Shalom on

New York Times’ Jodi Rudoren writes about a new Israeli film, Censored Voices, directed by Mor Loushy. The film deals with Israeli war crimes committed during the 1967 war which Rudoren describes as one in which Israel “started out fighting … for its very survival,” and Loushy is quoted as saying that “This is the story of men who went out to war feeling like they had to defend their life, and they were right, of course.” But they were not right, and nor are Rudoren or Loushy.

On Balfour anniversary, Jerusalem boils

Kate on

Jerusalem at a boiling point: The “Zionist endeavor” is “the strengthening of the Jewish presence.” And clashes with Palestinian demonstrators have injured 28 over the weekend

British conference kicks off campaign calling for apology and reparations for the Balfour declaration

Nu'man Abd al-Wahid on

The land of Lord Balfour hosted a rare but much needed conference on his infamous 1917 declaration. The event was convened by the appropriately named organisation, the Palestine Return Centre (PRC) on the 19th January 2013 in London. The aim of the meeting was to inaugurate a campaign for British “mistakes” and to “make reparations to Palestinians […]

‘Le Monde’ is revisionist on Balfour Declaration

Philip Weiss on

Most histories I’ve read portray the Balfour Declaration of 11/2/1917 as a great act of charity or philosemitic vision. This piece in Le Monde Diplomatique, translated at the behest of Antony Loewenstein, portrays it as a gambit of power politics. I think the author, Alain Gresh, is leaving out the financial angle, the war bonds […]

Even Balfour supported equal rights for Palestinians

Jack Ross on

Jack Ross takes on Professor Eliav Shuchtman’s belief that Israel should not be a state of all its citizens: The references to Israel not being “a state of all its citizens” as a principle of international law are clearly alluding…

Peretz and Goldberg Get Obama to Renew the Balfour Declaration

Philip Weiss on

I’m still mulling Marty Peretz’s longish phone conversation with Obama about Israel, also Jeffrey Goldberg’s longish interview with the candidate. One of the weird things about both conversations is the sense that Goldberg and Peretz are extracting a promise from…