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Shoshana in Palestine

Shoshana takes Jaffa: a cold Brechtian rendition of a hot rococo adventure

Shoshana Austerlitz on

Shoshana, an American in Palestine visits Jaffa and finds that it’s different from the movies, “I don’t like Jaffa. In my all-consuming Palestine obsession, I find it frustratingly Israeli. I hear so much Arabic but see no Palestinian flags. It feels generalized and deracinated.”

A moodily outdated Jewish-American activist goes on an informal Israeli paramilitary museum tour, by choice, and because it was a deal

Shoshana Austerlitz on

Shoshana Austerlitz goes on a tour of Tel Aviv’s paramilitary museums honoring Israel’s pre-state militias: “I want to get in there. I want to know what it’s all about. I’m not looking to be wowed by the official narrative but I wanna put myself in the middle of it, to  roll in it, to feel how my blood boils in response to it, to make myself a human test subject. Will the propaganda take?”