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Pro-Palestine groups hold digital day of action to protest Facebook censorship
Jewish Voice for Peace, Palestine Solidarity Campaign UK, The Palestine Institute for Public Diplomacy, 7amleh, and a number of other groups, are holding a digital day of action to draw attention to Facebook's censorship of Palestinian voices.
Zoom cancels panel featuring Leila Khaled amid protests from pro-Israel groups
Zoom has announced that it will deny its services to San Francisco State University today and block an online panel featuring Leila Khaled from happening with its software. Pro-Israel groups, including the Act.IL app which is partially funded by the Israeli government, are taking credit for helping cancel the event.
Palestinians face constant COVID-19 testing shortage
The Palestinian Minister of Health Mai al-Kalia told the Voice of Palestine radio on Tuesday that Israel “obstructed” the entry of 100,000 COVID-19 testing swabs that were destined for the West Bank. As a result, the Ministry will only have enough swabs to last them for three days, after which time the West Bank would run out.
Trump and Biden battle over who’s more pro-Israel, with Adelson and Saban squaring off
Donald Trump is pushing Israel as a wedge issue with Democrats, and it seems to be working slightly, with Trump's Jewish support up to 30 percent. But Haim Saban is all-in for Biden, and some Democratic congresspeople in swing districts are running to Trump's right on Israel.
My view from South Africa on Leila Khaled’s upcoming event
South African anti-apartheid activist Ronnie Kasrils reflects on how an upcoming event with Leila Khaled has sparked an unexpected correspondence with old classmates.
A Palestinian saga of patriarchy and occupation
Sexual and gendered practices in Arab society stand at the core of the novel "Against the Loveless World," with author Susan Abulhawa going full force in a critique of patriarchy: With the exception of the Palestinian underground heroes of both sexes, most gendered interrelations in the novel reflect poorly on the male players.
In 2003, 30 million people hit the streets to reject war. An important new film tells their story.
'We Are Many' tells the story of the protests of February 15th 2003, when 30 million people across the world said no to the Iraq War. It's an inspiring story of resistance, but it also demonstrates how that historic day has shaped our current world.
Omar Barghouti is a threat to Israel’s ‘universal security’ per Israeli lawmaker
Israel could seek to end BDS leader Omar Barghouti's residency by declaring him disloyal, but doing so presents a giant PR problem. Better– he's a security threat. And lawmaker Keti Shitrit says he threatens Israel's "universal security."