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Nation State Law

Abbas and Netanyahu present competing visions of peace, and Trump, at UN General Assembly

Yumna Patel on

Both Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the 73rd session of the UN General Assembly on Thursday in New York. While Netanyahu spent most of his speech boasting of Israel’s raid on an alleged secret Iranian nuclear facility, railing into the Obama-administration’s Iran deal, and criticizing Iran’s influence in Syria and Lebanon, Abbas presented a lackluster criticism of Israel, the Trump administration, and the international community.

Israel’s new Jewish Nation State law is a reaction to Palestinian demands for equality — Ben White

Jonathan Ofir on

Journalist Ben White gave a speech last week about the meaning of Israel’s new Nation State of the Jewish People law. It can only be understood as a pushback against efforts over the last two decades by Palestinian citizens of Israel to challenge Zionism, assert their national identity, mobilise against discrimination, and, critically, to demand a state of all its citizens.

‘The atmosphere is changing here’: The Druze community confronts the Nation State law

Yumna Patel on

The Nation-State law, when Israel officially declared itself a Jewish state, was a wakeup call to many in the Druze community, but not to members of Urfod, a group of Druze activists who have refused military conscription. Urfod member Hadiya Kayoof tells Mondoweiss, “The law showed everyone [in the Druze community] that believed in the Israeli democracy, that there is no real democracy in Israel. Its either you are Jewish or non-Jewish, and if you are non-Jewish you won’t get your rights,” she said matter of factly, “it doesn’t matter if you serve in the army or not.”

Palestinian MK blasts Jewish Nation State law in NY synagogue

Robert Herbst on

In her first address in an American synagogue since becoming a Member of the Knesset, Aida Touma-Sliman ripped into the new Jewish Nation State Law, which she said normalized discrimination and Jewish supremacy, and finally dispensed with equality as a normative value of Israel. “I meet a lot of Jews back home who say we need a Jewish State as an insurance policy, in case something goes wrong,” she told the audience at Temple Israel of New Rochelle. “But why should I pay the price of your insurance policy?”

One State: A view from Gaza

Ahmed Abu Artema on

Ahmed Abu Artema, one of the original founders and organizers of the Great Return March, writes: “The idea of One State is aligned with the spirit of our time. The global consciousness has evolved away from the idea of nationalism toward one of citizenship. Millions of Arabs today are citizens in Europe and America who enjoy the same rights as all other citizens of those countries. Why can’t Jews live in Palestine in exactly the same way – on the basis of citizenship and not of Occupation?”

Jewish Nation State Law: Q&A with Adalah’s Hassan Jabareen

Hassan Jabareen on

Adalah’s General Director, Attorney Hassan Jabareen offers a probing analysis of the “Basic Law: The Jewish Nation-State,” which, he argues, calls for a shift in how one conceptualizes the Israeli regime on both sides of the Green Line. He contends the Israeli regime faces questions about its legitimacy following the enactment of this racist legislation.

Palestinian flags wave in Tel Aviv

Jonathan Ofir on

Palestinian flags were waved at a demonstration against the Israeli Nation-State law yesterday, and although the organizers tried to prevent it in advance, they couldn’t stop it from happening.

Massive Tel Aviv protest sees Palestinians and Jews in solidarity against nation-state law

Yumna Patel on

“It was the first time that the Palestinian community moved in buses from our towns and villages to the middle of a Jewish center, Tel Aviv, to challenge the public discourse in Israel,” Jafir Farah of Mossawa center says of massive demonstration on August 11 that united Jews and Palestinians in solidarity against the new nation state of the Jewish people law.

WNYC hosts Israeli rabbi who is optimistic about new nation-state law

Philip Weiss on

WNYC host Brian Lehrer rationalizes Israel’s nation-state law by saying that Israel under Netanyahu is in the same pickle as the U.S. under Trump. While guest Rabbi Farber says that the Israeli army is a “moral armed services… committed to preserving life.”

‘A very, very, very bad law’ — Justice Joubran on Israel’s new nation state law

Philip Weiss on

Salim Joubran, the first Palestinian justice on the Israeli Supreme Court (2004-2017), earlier this year derided the law the Israeli parliament passed this month declaring Israel the nation state of the Jewish people.
“This law is a very, very, very bad law for the state of Israel… The only thing is to cause damages to the Arab population.”

We repudiate any right to Jewish self-determination in historic Palestine

International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network on

The state of Israel has always been an apartheid state. Its founding was based on denying and destroying Palestinian collective life on the land, while encouraging Jewish immigration and participation in a settler-colony, itself based on a classed racial hierarchy among Jews. –International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network response to Israel’s new nation-state of the Jews basic law.

I wonder about my place in the nation-state of the Jews

Hatim Kanaaneh on

I’d made up my mind to attend the demonstration in Tel Aviv against the new nation-state of the Jewish people law, Hatim Kanaaneh writes. Then I reconsidered. I don’t trust the Israeli security services. The same extreme nationalist religious factions whose compatriot killed Rabin, have pushed for the new law for years.