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Netanyahu cries leftist conspiracy over decision to indict him for bribery and corruption

Yumna Patel on
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be indicted for bribery, fraud and breach of trust in three separate cases, pending a hearing. While it is too early to tell the extent to which Netanyahu will be affected by the announcement, nearly all of his rivals have called on him to step down, and political analysts have said it could spell disaster for him come April 9th.

War on Al-Aqsa: what is the price of a Netanyahu victory?

Ramzy Baroud on

It is quite typical for Israeli politicians to carry out confrontational measures against Palestinians shortly before general elections are due. Ramzy Baroud argues Netanyahu’s closure of a gate that leads to Al-Aqsa mosque was a move to appease extremists at the expense of Palestinians.

What Netanyahu’s indictment means politically

Jonathan Ofir on

The decision to indict Netanyahu is likely to knock down the right wing vote, and may give a path to the centrist Blue and White to form a governing coalition after the April 9 election. One thing is clear though: the indictment will have no effect on Palestinian conditions.

One Friday in Gaza

Jen Marlowe on
Jen Marlowe with Fadi at the Great March of Return in Gaza.

Jen Marlowe shares a day in the life from Gaza: “The Great Return March earlier that day had been a blur of action. Ribbons of tear gas and repeated bursts of live fire, sometimes followed by shouts of “Someone’s wounded!” Was the last of these incidents that I witnessed the moment that Yousef had been shot in the chest and killed?”

Thirty-five years ago Likud wouldn’t conceive of sitting down with Kahane. What changed?

Yossi Gurvitz on

The shock of Netanyahu’s deal with the Kahanist Jewish Power party is that it shows there is growing establishment support in Israel for a final ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people: “The right-wing does speak about it openly, but the Kahanists do. Some 10% of the Jewish population of Israel have been speaking about “a second Nakba” even as they denied the first; now Likud joins them.”

Is Israel’s tax grab a prelude to further hollowing out the PA?

Jonathan Cook on
Mahmoud Abbas

Israel’s decision to withhold part of the taxes it collects on behalf of the Palestinian Authority and plunge it deeper into crisis might be setting the stage for the end of the PA as the Trump administration prepares to launch its long-awaited “peace deal.”

Video: Dialysis patients in life-or-death situation as Gaza faces new fuel crisis

Yumna Patel and Nidal Wuheid on

Gaza’s hospitals have been thrown into crisis once again, as they face another massive fuel crisis. Gaza’s health ministry says they need 300,000 liters of fuel as soon as possible to avoid the shutdown of several hospitals. Among those who are the most vulnerable are children on dialysis, who are facing a struggle to survive. 

Ultra-nationalists join forces ahead of Israeli elections as liberal and Palestinian blocs splinter

Jonathan Ofir on

Benny Gantz partnered with Yair Lapid and Benjamin Netanyahu teamed up with the “David Dukes” of Israeli politics as Israeli parties joined forces ahead of the deadline to find running partners for the April elections. Jonathan Ofir explains where things stand now: “Gantz and Lapid, with their accompanying generals, may possibly succeed in unseating Netanyahu – but they will not unseat Zionist ultra-nationalism. They are running on that ticket too.”

Netanyahu is working hard for racist party of ‘David Dukes’ so as to hold a rightwing majority in Israeli parliament

Mondoweiss Editors on

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been working hard to make sure a racist, xenophobic, homophobic Ultra-Right wing party called “Jewish Power” that has roots in the banned “Kach” party gets into the next Knesset in the April 9 election so that he can maintain a right-wing coalition and stay in office, Barak Ravid reports.

Gaza protesters: Palestine and Venezuela in ‘one trench’

Pam Bailey and Mahmoud Alnaouq on

As the international community divides over who to back for leader of Venezuela—President Nicolás Maduro or opposition legislator Juan Guaidó, who has declared himself the rightful head of government—the Palestinians of Gaza see an unsettling similarity to their own history. “There is a similarity between the Palestinian people and the Venezuelan people,” observes Nisreen Abu Amra, a member of Gaza’s Central Committee for the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine. “We are in the same trench, facing a reactionary, imperialist conspiracy led by the United States of America and Israel.”

Israel evicts Palestinian family in Jerusalem’s Old City and replaces them with settlers

Yumna Patel on

Israeli police forcibly evicted a Palestinian family from their home in the Old City of occupied East Jerusalem on Sunday, immediately replacing them with a group of Israeli settlers. The Abu Asab family, who live in the Muslim Quarter of the city, had been handed an eviction notice by the Israeli Supreme Court, ordering them to vacate the property by February 28th. The court ruled that Jewish settlers were the “rightful owners” of the property under the pretext that Jewish residents lived in the home pre-1948. Video footage of the eviction shows Israeli forces shoving and assaulting members of the Abu Asab family as they removed them from the home. According to local sources, the family were forced to leave without clearing the home of their furniture and other possessions.

‘There are no foreigners left’: Israeli settlers rampage in Hebron following expulsion of human rights observers

Yumna Patel on

Israeli settlers launched an attack on Palestinians in the Old City of Hebron in the southern occupied West Bank on Tuesday night, yelling “death to Arabs!” in the street and hurling rocks at Palestinian homes. Badee Dweik, co-Founder of the Human Rights Defenders group in Hebron, says the attack was a direct result of the lack of international human rights observers who had been expelled by the Israeli government. “Getting rid of [the observers] was a greenlight for settlers to be more violent, not just against Palestinians,but also against any internationals that they see here,” Dweik says.

In Hebron, Israel removes the last restraint on its settlers’ reign of terror

Jonathan Cook on

You might imagine that a report by a multinational observer force documenting a 20-year reign of terror by Israeli soldiers and Jewish settlers against Palestinians, in a city under occupation, would provoke condemnation from European and US politicians. But you would be wrong. The leaking in December of the report on conditions in the city of Hebron, home to 200,000 Palestinians, barely caused a ripple. And now exposure of the confidential report has provided the pretext for Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu to expel the international observers. He shuttered their mission in Hebron this month, in apparent violation of Israel’s obligations under the 25-year-old Oslo peace accords.

Video: Take a trip down Israel’s new Apartheid Road

Yumna Patel, Saleh Zghari and Ahmad Al-Bazz on
A side by side view of Israel's new Apartheid Road in the West Bank.

See what it is like to take a trip down the new four-lane highway West Bank locals and activists have dubbed the ‘Apartheid Road’. It features two separate roads divided by a concrete wall – one for Israeli settlers and the other for Palestinians. Despite Israeli claims that the road “eases traffic congestion” for both Palestinians and Israelis, locals maintain that it is just another step by authorities to further divide the occupied Palestinian territory.

A prisoner named Shorouk Duyat

Dareen Tatour on
Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour reflects on her time in an Israeli prison where she became acquainted with Shorouk Duyat, a Palestinian from Jerusalem who was convicted of an attempted stabbing attack on an Israeli in 2015.

Dareen Tatour writes about her cellmate in prison, Shorouk Duyat, 21, who is held these days at Damon prison in Israel. “Shorouk Duyat is a story that I will keep telling,” Tatour writes. “I will always remember her.”