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Report: Israeli settler attacks increased by 60% in 2018

Kate on

PNN: “According to Israeli information and reports, settler attacks on Palestinians classified as hate crimes have increased by 60%, from the previous year of 2017. Data indicate that, in 2017, there were 79 cases of aggression, but 2018 recorded 127 cases, which means approximately one assault every three days, to include the puncturing of car tires, the uprooting of trees, racist slogans painted on walls, physical assault, killing and assaulting animals.”

On the 10th anniversary of ‘Cast Lead’ — Palestine’s Sharpeville massacre

Haidar Eid on

Haidar Eid writes from Gaza on the 10th anniversary of Operation Cast Lead: “In 2009, we argued that Gaza 2009, like the Sharpeville 1960 massacre, cannot be ignored. It demands a response from all who believe in a common humanity. We never thought that we would witness worse massacres! Now is the time to boycott the Apartheid Israeli state, to divest from its economy and to impose sanctions against it. It is high time that the world imposes a military embargo on Israel the same way it did against the apartheid regime of South Africa.”

Video: Christmas in Palestine

Yumna Patel on

Christmas is one of the most anticipated holidays of the year in Palestine, as both Muslims and Christians enjoy the celebrations with family and friends. In Bethlehem, the festivities are over the top with marching bands, a tree lighting ceremony, fireworks, and a visit from the Palestinian president. Each year thousands of people from all over the world travel to Manger Square in December to experience Christmas in the birthplace of Jesus. Yet, the Israeli occupation is never too far from people’s minds.

Israel heads to early elections as Netanyahu faces ongoing corruption investigations

Yumna Patel on

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing coalition announced on Monday that it would be dispersing the country’s Parliament and holding early elections in April 2019, seven months before their scheduled date next November. Israeli media and political analysts have speculated that the real reason behind the sudden call for snap elections is that Netanyahu wants an election before Israel’s Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit announces whether he will indict the premier in three different corruption cases. If he wins in April, Netanyahu will be able to claim the support of the people, and be better suited to combat potential charges against him.

‘The PA is a mafia’: Family of Palestinian woman imprisoned by PA speaks out against her arrest

Yumna Patel on

After nearly two months of arbitrary detention, brutal interrogations, a hunger strike, and sexual harassment, 31-year-old Suha Jbara is expected to be released from Palestinian Authority custody in the next two days.  Jbara, a Palestinian activist with American and Panamanian citizenship, was arrested by PA security forces on November 3rd over accusations that she collected and distributed money through “illegal methods,” a claim herself and her family vehemently deny. Her father spoke to Mondoweiss about the “nightmare” that his daughter and family have experienced over the past two months.

Talking to the mother of Razan al-Najjar from the other side of the fence

Return on
Return Solidarity protests along side the Great Return March, December 22, 2018

On December 22, 2018, the 39th week of the Great March of Return, anti-Zionist Israeli activists joined Palestinian protestors at Khuza’a Return protest camp from the east side of the fence. Soldiers shot live rounds to prevent the activists from reaching the fence. Despite the military’s aggression, a phone conversation was held with Sabrine al-Najjar, the mother of Razan al-Najjar. She recognized the BDS movement as a positive factor in ending the occupation and contributing to the Palestinian cause of freedom and equality.

A ‘stubborn’ Gaza photographer narrowly escapes being killed but vows to return to fence next week

Ahmad Kabariti on

Gaza photographer Mohammed Asad has just turned away from the fence protest Friday when he felt a sting on his cheek and his camera strap jerk and saw Mohammed al Jahjuh, 16, writhing on the ground Al Jahjuh had been killed by an Israeli sniper. Asad narrowly escaped death, but his $2500 Canon camera was destroyed. He will borrow equipment, he vowed, to return to the protests. Israelis don’t understand “the Palestinian’s stubborn brain.”

Israel’s impersonation of aid workers in Gaza follows US example

Pam Bailey on

Israel and the United States take turns following in each other’s footsteps in many unpleasant ways, ranging from the treatment of hunger-striking prisoners to the militarization of domestic police forces. Another recent example came to light Nov. 11, when Israeli special forces were caught deep inside the Gaza Strip, impersonating employees of a respected local NGO that assists the burgeoning number of Palestinians with disabilities in the wake of three military offensives and ongoing border protests.

Bill to expel families of accused Palestinian attackers passes first Knesset reading

Yumna Patel on

The Israeli Knesset passed on Wednesday the first reading of a bill to forcibly transfer families of Palestinians involved in attacks against Israelis, despite heavy opposition from intelligence and army officials. If passed into law, it would see that within a week of an attack or attempted attack, the Israeli army’s central command would be permitted to expel the relatives of the Palestinian assailants from their hometowns to other areas of the West Bank.

UN: Gaza showing early warning signs for coming ‘unprecedented’ crisis

Jewish Voice for Peace Health Advisory Council on

The UN warns Gaza is showing early warning signs of a coming “unprecedented” humanitarian crisis, Israel is still mulling the death penalty, and the World Health Organization examines Palestinians rights to health under the Israeli occupation in this edition of JVP’s month health advisory.

Airbnb denies Israeli claims that company is reversing West Bank settlement ban

Yumna Patel on

Airbnb is denying claims by an Israeli minister that the company was going to reverse its November decision to remove listings in illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank. Tourism Minister Yariv Levin said in a Facebook post on Monday that following meetings with Israeli government officials, Airbnb would not be implementing its November decision.

‘De-Osloizing’ Palestine is a precondition for peace with justice

Haidar Eid on

Haider Eid says the rise of the BDS movement, the eruption of the Great March of Return, and the outpouring of demonstrations against Israel are in complete contradiction to the Palestinian leadership who still hold up the Oslo peace process and the two state solution as Palestine’s ultimate goal. Eid says there is a strong need for an alternative program that makes the De-Osloization of Palestine its first priority.

Life after demolition: Palestinian family in East Jerusalem reels after being forced to demolish their own home

Yumna Patel on

When Israel’s Jerusalem Municipality served Murad Hashimi with a demolition order for the home he built 20 years ago, he was given two options: demolish the house himself, or wait for Israeli forces to destroy his home, and then pay them a large demolition fee. “The decision to destroy my house by my own hands was difficult, but I had to do it for economic reasons,” Hashimi tells Mondoweiss. Due to the high costs of renting demolition equipment, the Hashimi family worked with activists to start a GoFundMe page to help alleviate the financial burden. “Where else in the world do you have to ask strangers for money so they can help you demolish your home?” he asks.

Netanyahu gov’t steps up collective punishment tactics in the West Bank, pushes bill to expel families of accused attackers

Yumna Patel on

Israel has stepped up its efforts to demolish the homes of Palestinians accused of carrying out attacks on Israelis in recent days, a policy that has been widely criticized for years as collective punishment. In addition, Israel’s Misterial Legislation Committee approved on Sunday a bill that would see the families of accused Palestinians attackers forcibly expelled from their homes and transferred to other areas of the West Bank.

How it feels to have a child in an uninhabitable place

Sarah Algherbawi on

Sarah Algherbawi writes about becoming a first-time mother in Gaza and dealing with the anxiety of knowing she will be raising her child in an area the United Nations warns will be “uninhabitable” by 2020. When she talks with other young parents she finds out that they share her anxiety, and many are considering leaving Gaza.

Four Palestinians, two Israeli soldiers killed in a day of violence in the West Bank

Yumna Patel on

Four Palestinians and two Israelis were killed between Wednesday night and Thursday afternoon in a series of attacks and search and arrest operations in the central occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem. The Palestinian Prisoner’s Society reported that between Wednesday night and Thursday morning, Israeli forces arrested 56 Palestinians from across the occupied territory. In the center of Ramallah city, demonstrations erupted calling for another intifada.

The left-right debate in Israel is over the speed of colonization, not how to end it

Jonathan Ofir on

The liberal-Zionist organization Commanders for Israel’s Security has a new campaign calling on Israel to “divorce” the Palestinians, as a response to growing calls from the right to annex parts of the West Bank. Jonathan Ofir writes that the struggles between right and left Zionism have always historically been not about a Palestinian state alongside Israel, but about the speed at which Israeli expansionism needs to happen. While the Commanders for Israel’s Security are warning about the dire consequences of annexation, Israel is engaged in ongoing slow-motion ethnic cleansing that the group approves of, and is accomplishing similar goals.

Israeli Knesset rejects bill to ‘maintain equal rights amongst all its citizens’

Yossi Gurvitz on

Today, the Knesset voted down the Basic Law: Equality bill by a margin of 71-38. The text of the bill was clear and concise: “The State of Israel shall maintain equal political rights amongst all its citizens, without any difference between religions, race and sex.” With the vote the Knesset told 20% of the country’s citizens that it would demand their loyalty, but would not grant them equality.


Denijal Jegić on

While apartheid, military occupation, and even ethnic cleansing, have at times surfaced in mainstream discussions, these phenomena are not Israel’s ultimate crimes. They are means to control Palestinian lives and, as such, symptoms of the ongoing Nakba. But they are effectively part of a structure that is rarely verbalized: Israel’s genocide of the Palestinian population.

‘Thank you, we are with you’: Palestinian activists stand in solidarity with Marc Lamont Hill

Yumna Patel on

Over the past week, activists in the West Bank have staged multiple protests in support of Dr. Marc Lamont Hill after he was fired from CNN for a speech he gave at the United Nations in which he criticized the Israeli occupation and the abuse of Palestinian rights. Mondoweiss spoke to Munther Amira, Coordinator of the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee, about his support for Dr. Hill and why he believes it is important for Palestinians to stand in solidarity with the activist.