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Israel and AIPAC keep up efforts to save aid for Egyptian military

Alex Kane on

Israel and AIPAC are working hard to save Western aid to Egypt. The lobbying comes as reports emerge about the Obama administration potentially cutting off some aid to the Egyptian armed forces. But any suspension of aid this year would be largely symbolic: the vast majority of the $1.3 billion in annual military aid has already been disbursed. The real question is whether the full package of U.S. military aid will be disbursed next year.

President Obama’s secret plan for Egypt

Marc H. Ellis on

Can President Obama’s secret aid plan and Europe’s constructive engagement trump the will of alliance between Israel and Middle Easter dictators? Stay tuned – with little hope.

Why is the Egyptian regime demonizing Palestinians?

Haidar Eid on

Palestinians know that if Cairo sneezes then Palestine, especially Gaza, is first to get the flu. Indeed, Gaza often serves as a tool of regime policy, as was the case during the Mubarak years and during the short-lived government led by the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party, and is still the case with the current regime since July 2013. Once again, the Palestinians have become the target of the Egyptian authorities’ security complex: They are the weakest link in the Arab chain and have no strong government to represent them.

Mubarak is released while the Obama administration second guesses its second guess

Marc H. Ellis on

When we get to the last person standing the challenge is to survive. In a war of survival every ethical code is suspended – on all sides. Right now Egypt’s situation is worse than civil war where sides are clearly delineated. On the streets no one knows which side the other is on. Chaos is the result.

Ground control to former President Morsi

Marc H. Ellis on

The intrigue grows in Egypt. And the clock is ticking. The squares are still full. Muslim Brotherhood officials remain in jail or on the run. The 15 day charging period for former President Morsi is coming to an end. This raises another issue about formers. What to do with ex-Presidents who have been ousted by military coups?

John Kerry’s democratic coup in Egypt

Marc H. Ellis on

There he said it, Secretary of States John Kerry, commenting on the Egyptian coup: “The military was asked to intervene by millions and millions of people. The military did not take over, to the best of our judgment – so far.” Where did Kerry make his pronouncement? In another “democratic” country run by the military with the help of US aid – Pakistan.

John Kerry’s doomed peace process is deja vu all over again

Phyllis Bennis on

Secretary of State John Kerry actually believes that this latest iteration of the decades-old industry known as the “peace process” might really succeed. But unfortunately for him, Kerry’s political calculations are about to run aground on the unforgiving shoals of political reality. These talks are doomed to the same failure as the 22 years of failed diplomacy that precedes them.

Coupless in Cairo

Marc H. Ellis on

With Egypt on the brink we continue to learn a lot about Egypt and ourselves. Yesterday the Obama administration decided to call it a day on whether the ouster of the democratically elected president of Egypt was a coup or not. The Obama administration decided not to decide.

The Egyptian army and Palestinian Authority join forces to punish Gaza

Max Blumenthal on

Now that the Egyptian army and security services have seized power from the elected Muslim Brotherhood government, the punishment of Palestinians has begun in earnest. While Palestinians are detained or deported en masse at Cairo International Airport, hundreds have been stranded at the Rafah Crossing, which was recently closed by the Egyptian army, compounding a deepening fuel and food crisis. Above, a picture taken today of Palestinian kids waiting at the Rafah Crossing.

The Mubarak (re)turn

Marc H. Ellis on

The reality is that the post-Mubarak era is looking more like the pre-Mubarak era that crystallized in the Mubarak era. Whether in the post-Mubarak Mubarak-like era there will be less repression and more freedom is yet to be seen. So far – not so good. Under martial law, on the brink of civil war, the Presidential elections are a horizon that seems suspended in the distance. How much blood will be shed in the interim and what that bloodshed will mean for the future of Egypt is the great unknown.

Exile and the Prophetic: Egypt’s martial law

Marc H. Ellis on

Though yesterday’s debate in the American press yesterday was about whether the removal of President Morsi was a military coup, the facts on the ground point to an even more troubling state of affairs. Egypt is under martial law.

Never mind the coup: U.S. military aid will continue to flow to Egypt

Alex Kane on

American law stipulates that foreign aid is cut-off in the event of a military coup–but in the case of Egypt, that won’t happen. Too much is at stake for U.S. elite interests–namely Israel, the Suez Canal and influence in the Middle East–for a military aid cut-off to actually go through. In fact, Secretary of State John Kerry already signed off on $1.3 billion in aid to the Egyptian armed forces this year. Above, Egyptian protesters celebrate after Mohamed Morsi was deposed from power.

Arab League slights boycott of Israel by backing ‘land swaps’

Allison Deger on

Until last week the Arab world’s position on Israeli borders was firm. Then Secretary of State John Kerry visited the Middle East and the Arab League reversed its stance on settlements, backing “land swaps” between Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories.

UN: 120 houses destroyed, 3000 displaced during latest Israeli attack on Gaza

Today in Palestine on

500 Israeli soldiers ransack homes in Burqa Around 500 Israeli soldiers invaded the village of Burqa, north-west of Nablus, in the middle of the night, ransacking homes and causing damages amounting to thousands of euros. Soldiers arrived in over 30 military jeeps at around 1:00am and broke into 36 houses where whole families were asleep. […]

Israel demonstrates sovereignty over occupied territories by stamping passports of West Bank visitors ‘Judea and Samaria only’

Today in Palestine on

Settlements / Land Theft & Destruction / Ethnic Cleansing / Restriction of Movement / Apartheid & Occupation  Effective annexation: Israel now stamping passports of West Bank visitors “Judea and Samaria only”, Ali Abunimah The latest change is further proof that Israel is, without announcing it, implementing a racist one-state solution where there is no such […]

Palestine: Oppression will not work

Today in Palestine on

Palestine: Oppression Will not Work Anyone who knows a little bit of history realizes that when there is situation where a people has refused to surrender and abandon its rights, oppressing it will not work. The only ones who may live in denial of this fact are the oppressor and those who support it. Their […]

Video: Gaza grandmother forced to give the news of her granddaughter’s death to hospitalized mother

Today in Palestine on

Someone please tell The New York Times, we mourn, we mourn… Israeli Terrorism / Eyewitness Reports / Testimonials   LISTEN: Israel heavily bombards Gaza, audio recordings by Rana Baker EI’s blogger Rana Baker (@RanaGaza on Twitter) continues to record the harrowing sounds of Israel’s bombings of the Gaza Strip. In the past several days, Rana […]

The war on Gaza

Today in Palestine on

Israeli War on Palestinians in Gaza / Eyewitness Accounts / Testimonies  As it happened: Huge airstrike in Gaza  Airstrikes have continued in Gaza overnight. Have a listen to what happened as our Al Jazeera news presenter was speaking to our correspondent Nicole Johnston in Gaza. Moments later Johnston tweeted that the Israeli airstrike hit a […]