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UPDATE: Hamas, family misled AP reporter on death of five month old child

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A seven-month-old baby in Gaza died on Friday evening after medical equipment he was connected to switched off as a result of a power cut, a Hamas-affiliated TV channel said. Gaza medical spokesman Adham Abu Salmiya confirmed the incident, adding that the infant was born with respiratory problems and doctors had recommended the use of mechanical breathing apparatus to be used at home.

Khader Adnan, 61 days on a hunger strike, near death

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A Palestinian prisoner on his 61st day of hunger strike while shackled to a bed in an Israeli hospital is in immediate danger of death, according to a medical report submitted to the supreme court in an effort to secure his release.

Military trial for 17-year-old girl, charged with… Spilling Water on Soldier

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  Amal Hamamdeh, photo by Efrat Nakash Military Trial of 17-year old Amal Hamamdeh from Mufakarah. Charge: Spilling Water on Soldier, Assaf Oron As reported here, during home demolitions in the cave-dweller village of Mufakarah, two young women who resisted nonviolently were arrested and charged with “assaulting soldiers” under the Israeli Occupation’s draconian martial law. […]