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  • Hey Jews, listen up, Netanyahu is your leader!
    • A lunatic babbling mythology, mixed with jingoism and threats for humanity. Mileikowsky sure is a prime example of a Zionist 'leader'. But the supposed 'Supreme Leader of the Jewish People' he will never be. As much as he wants to tie the world's Jews to his and his cohorts crimes; the world will not have it.

  • 'NYT' reporters parrot Israeli claims re cherry tomato
    • Oh the Zionist propaganda on the cherry tomato! The only one that is probably more ridiculous then that is their false claim to have supposedly been involved with 'inventing' the cell phone: Google Martin Cooper on that.

      I'm not sure what 'point' the hasbara agents are trying to make with these "we are superior!" claims; based, for the most part, on lies, distortions and exaggerations of alleged inventions and achievements. Germany developed and invented a lot of things during Nazi rule, actual German inventions as opposed to these Zionist fibs and fairy tales. Does anyone seriously think that somehow lessens or makes the Nazis any less criminal in any way whatsoever??

  • Ad targeting Sen. Bennet says Iran wants to nuke the world's children
    • Right... Like the world doesn't know who the real threat is: the Likud and their 'brethren' Neocon warmongers.

      Let's see who is the real danger; the countries who nuked the civilian populations of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and those exposed by Mordechai Vanunu with all those nuclear weapons in Dimona? Or the country with a monitored nuclear energy program, that hasn't attacked or invaded another country in all of modern history?? The world knows the answer and isn't falling for this repeat of the 2003 "WMD" lie again.

  • Sheldon Adelson bankrolls NBA player trip to Israel to fight BDS
    • Seeing certain famous athletes who will go along and sellout their own communities to get that Adelson money, really gives one respect for famous people who didn't let their status stop them from speaking truth to power.

      A hero like Muhammad Ali being a great historical example for athletes of conscious today to follow and emulate.

  • Christian Zionists expose their anti-Semitism at conservative summit in Iowa
  • Video: Israelis in West Jerusalem call for attack on Iran
    • Zionist warmongers up to their usual hate, jingoism, and bluster. What really interested me in this one was how they are of course out in the open with saying America is supposedly their "enemy", just because AIPAC's tentacles have been outmaneuvered on this one. We can all see Tel Aviv is the REAL rogue regime with illegal nuclear weapons.

      Then also, the talk of Gog and Magog was also humorous/expected from some of the more end-timers in this crowd. According to most Biblical scholars Gog and Magog, of the Old Testament/Tanakh, was in some mysterious land probably around Antaolia or the Caucasus: with Lydia in ancient western Asia Minor often coming up in scholarly literature. Nothing at all to suggest it was ever Persia/Iran to start with!

      The charlatan Hagee's predecessors like Hal Lindsey back in the '70s and '80s were of course fond of trying to say Gog and Magog was allegedly Russia and thus the big, bad Soviet Union at that time. Of course that fell apart for those end-times "prophets". Who knows some of them have already been reviving that talk in recent years with Putin. I guess it doesn't matter much to these doomsdayers that Russia and the US are not aligned, making how the US would join with "Gog and Magog" a bit of a headscratcher! It's all a "pin the tail on the..." type game, for those who often charge that Obama is the Anti-Christ.

      If one is just guessing, what will this Zionist propagandist crowd say to: Gog and Magog must be the Khazars of the Caucasus, whom historian Shlomo Sand and geneticist Dr. Eran Elhaik have presented an interesting scientific argument in relation to many Ashkenazi Jews today. Of course all of this is just trying to twist modern day things, peoples and events into something Biblical scholars associate with the contemporary world of the anonymous writers of what became the Bible, not a far distant future.

      One of the best books on this history for beginners I s a popular book from back in the late '90s by a writer named Tim Callahan, entitled "Bible Prophecy: Failure or Fulfillment?". It was written back at the day of the scare about Y2K and the whole paranoia about the new millennium, but it still makes very good reading on many topics discussed here.

  • Israel detains and deports American Jews because they are Black
    • Zionists are already alienating themselves from just about every minority group in America; as they become an increasingly Republican, right wing, and older conservative white male supported "issue". The vast majority of Black Americans are not going to be supporting your cult to start with.

      Also Israeli oppression of Ethiopians and African asylum seekers is getting covered more and more by even the mainstream press in the U.S.

  • 'Jewish cow' is udderly superior to all other cows in the world, Netanyahu says
  • Gaza’s al-Nasser Salah al-Din Brigades prepares for next Israeli war
    • Numerous other commenters have already fully dealt with your propaganda. They have also noted the facts on the terrorist Zionist occupiers and their occupation forces that have been raping Palestine since the early 20th century.

      What really is "special" regarding your post is your username in connection with your propaganda line on "unguided" munitions. It is the imperialists in the "First World" that have all the high tech weaponry of mass destruction and slaughter that constantly rains down suffering on the poor and oppressed peoples of the Third World. As Kris said: will you and your other Zionist apologists then support the Palestinian resistance being armed with drones, fighter jets, attack helicopters, laser guided 2000 pound bombs that level whole civilian neighborhoods, etc? Something tells me not.

      In closing, your drivel also reminds one of Sir Peter Ustinov's famous analysis that: terrorism is the war of the poor, and war is the terrorism of the rich.

  • The grotesque injustice of Obama's speech at the Washington synagogue
    • Seeing just how much Barack Obama has prostrated himself over these last few years to the Zionist lobby, corporations, the military-industrial complex, etc. is a lesson in what young activists, of true conviction, should never do or allow the system to do to them. Max Blumenthal just recently made a point on his Twitter page; who would have imagined Obama coming to this, juxtaposed with that well known picture of Obama at a community event back in the late '90s sitting at the same table as Professor Rashid Khalidi and the late giant Edward Said.

  • Obama equates Israel's creation to African-Americans gaining right to vote
    • The attempted "comparison" by President Obama is truly repugnant. But such repugnant words and actions have been part and parcel of Obama's warmongering, anti-liberal presidency of selling out any supposed positive activism this puppet of Wall Street and war criminal drone killer once may have had in his youth.

      As for the supposed "comparison" itself: the idea that the ethnic cleansing of Palestine by Zionist terrorist militias somehow has any relation to African-Americans finally getting the right to vote in America is an assault on all logic or decency. It is clear also that once again we are seeing historical mistreatment and oppression of Jews, predominantly in Europe, attempting to be misused to excuse Zionist crimes in the Middle East. The absurdity of this is evident; what should be just as evident is the insult to Judaism, and those Jews who did suffer that historical oppression, such ridiculous Zionist propaganda claims are.

  • Putting Israel's cynical humanitarian work in Nepal in the proper context
    • The hasbara crew really goes into overdrive to try to exploit human suffering. If only they took some of those cameras over to Gaza.

      These attempts at what have been termed "bluewashing" are some of the more repulsive of the Zionist propaganda variety. The Nepali surrogate mothers who will be "allowed" into Israel, only until "Jewish babies exit the surrogate's body", to paraphrase David Sheen, has to be one of the more "memorable" aspects of this hasbara outting.

      Once again the words of Israeli doctor Yoel Donchin are very important at dealing with these cynical Zionist propaganda screeds. I wonder if the Israeli regime took out some more aid to bring on those extra cameras, as Donchin has noted before. As has been said before: No country does so little, yet makes so much noise about it.

  • Human rights activists thank Lauryn Hill for canceling upcoming concert in Israel
    • With the racist anti-African atmosphere growing by the day in Israel, both against Ethiopians and African asylum seekers, I wouldn't be surprised to see some racist, anti-black venom being spewed forth from many Israelis on Facebook, etc. towards Ms. Hill.

  • Israeli army can't stop patting itself on the back for helping Nepal victims
    • It seems articles this, along with the Twitter posts of people who promote justice like Max Blumenthal, Kenneth Roth, and many others: have hit a nerve with the hasbara crew. As today 'Bloomberg' has an article up to "defend" Israel's attempts to once again exploit another natural disaster; as Gaza still lays in ruins from the IDF's serial criminal activities there. I wasn't surprised to see Michael Bloomberg's rag having this, as Bloomberg himself is a tireless Zionist hatemonger of course.

      One of the best responses to these attempts at "bluewashing", as writer Benjamin Doherty has labeled it, was done by Israeli doctor Yoel Donchin back in 2010. This site covered Dr. Donchin's statements back then on the disaster in Haiti, and the hasbara gang's attempts to exploit that disaster for PR propaganda, in the article "Port-au-Hasbara". Richard Silverstein's wonderful blog also covered Donchin's statements.

      Donchin, who once worked on these Israeli teams, gave a very thoughtful analysis discussing just how cynical Israeli regime propaganda gets when it comes to these PR/hasbara "operations". Including Donchin's own personal anecdotes of seeing medical equipment being removed from a plane, to allow more IDF press crews and their cameras on board. As Max Blumenthal said it appears that natural disasters around the world, to exploit, can't come often enough for Israel's right wing government. And as someone, possibly Dr. Donchin, said: no country does so little, but yet makes so much noise about it.

  • Video: If you voted for Hamas, Israel has a right to kill you, says president of NY Board of Rabbis

      "Israel’s incremental genocide in the Gaza ghetto" by Ilan Pappe

    • Terrorist supporters out cheerleading for the terroristic Tel Aviv regime. The one thing that caught my eye, was the repeating of that old Zionist propaganda on the Gaza "disengagement". I'm sure we all still here a bunch of that "we 'withdrew' and got nothing but rockets in return!" Of course Zionist propagandists here are using this specific lie and myth to both try to "excuse" their murderous assaults and siege on Gaza and also say try to ensconce the always expanding illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank.

      Too bad for these Zionist hasbara spewers that Sharon's old colleague Dov Weisglass let the real facts of the Gaza "disengagement" plan and its' actual aims out of the bag back when that event was transpiring.

      As the news quoted from Weisglass himself:

      "'The disengagement is actually formaldehyde,' he said. 'It supplies the amount of formaldehyde that is necessary so there will not be a political process with the Palestinians.'"

      Another very important and thorough link from back in that period itself:

      And of course most of the illegal Zionist settlers that were in Gaza (after raping its' people and resources) simply were paid large sums of money, in the end supplied by US taxpayers, to move to new expanded illegal settlements in the West Bank and Golan Heights.

  • How long can Israel depend on Mizrahi docile loyalty? Smadar Lavie asks in new book
    • A very interesting read here; Ms. Lavie's book also looks quite intriguing. The political history of the Mizrahis in Israeli politics, talking of course about the dominant "Jewish politics" in the apartheid regime, is indeed noteworthy and complex. Going from the period of more open, clear discrimination in the era that gave rise to Mizrahi protest movements like the Israeli Black Panthers. Through to the 1980s and 1990s where the right wing parties like Likud (while still largely Ashkenazi elitist dominated, like the rival Labour Party is/was as well) were able to come to political ascendancy via courting conservative, religious Mizrahi dominated parties; most specifically Shas of course. This courtship helped the Ashkenazi right wingers to get over on their traditional Labour Party rivals; and gave the often underclass Mizrahis a taste of some actual power inside Israeli political society.

      However, tensions do still exist even today between secular/atheist right wing Ashkenazi politicians like Avigdor Lieberman; and his sometimes allies among a religiously based conservative group like Shas again. Although most Zionist writers today are prone to downplay any lingering systematic discrimination towards Mizrahis, even when people like former Israeli President/current prison inmate on a rape conviction Moshe Katsav (an Iranian Jew) declares he was allegedly prosecuted "more harshly" for being a Mizrahi in power rather than an Ashkenazi in the same position.

      I feel it is most important and critical to comment on one important thing now. That is the fact that the Mizrahis are not and never have been "refugees". Claims that have tried to assert that argument have only been advanced by hasbara propagandists trying to "offset" the real issue of actual Palestinian refugees from the Nakba. Scholars have noted that no fair analyst, whether Zionist or not, could seriously try to claim the Mizrahi immigrants to Israel are somehow comparable to the Palestinian refugee community. The immigration of Mizrahi Jews to Israel happened predominantly in the 1950s and 1960s and was quite clearly brought about and organized by the Israeli government and its' affiliated institutions and organizations. "Eastern Jews" who self identify as "Zionist" today, are certainly no fans of being labeled as alleged "refugees" and have quite clearly said as much in public.

      On the overall history of the Israeli government importing "Oriental" Jews into occupied Palestine. Professor Ilan Pappe noted that the Zionist movement, when unable to attract "enough" European Jews to their colonialist project in occupied Palestine, set about this importation of "Eastern Jews" (i.e. Mizrahis) as part of their always ongoing "demographic war" with the Palestinian people in historic Palestine. The European dominated Zionist movement has always looked at things like this as a "second option" or plan B when unable to attract "enough" Western Jews to Israel's colonial project in historic Palestine. Interestingly, the importation of Eastern Jews actually goes against some of the Ashkenazi controlled Zionist movement's earlier ideological positions and policies that openly had disdain for the Mizrahim and considered doing things like making European Yiddish the national language of the Israeli state, etc.

      Pappe stated, starting with European Jews just post WW2: "Only a very tiny minority (of European Jews) came to Israel, and that’s why, contrary to their earlier wishes, the Zionist movement decided to bring Jews from the Arab world and de-Arabize them so they would become Jewish and not identify with the Arab population."


      The Arab Jews that were brought to Israel, again via Israeli state endeavors of immigration for demographic manipulation purposes AFTER the Nakba, had experienced a wide array of different circumstances in their home countries. Ranging from quite good statuses and upper-class livelihoods to clear instances of discrimination and occasional mistreatment of varying degrees. Historian Avi Shlaim, himself an Iraqi Jew, summed this all up quite well in a relevant book review he wrote which was covered here:

      The only real instance many Zionist propagandists and others would point to in regard to the Mizrahim in their homelands; is the series of bombings in 1950-1951 Iraq that in one famous case targeted a historic synagogue in Baghdad. The history of that specific incident remains hotly debated and clouded in mystery. With people like Naeim Giladi, saying it was Zionist false flag terror. And Zionists against Mr. Giladi, actually admitting that Israeli agents were present in Baghdad and both capable and planning such false flag attacks but where allegedly "beaten to the punch" by angry Islamists or Iraqi nationalists wanting "revenge" for the earlier Nakba, etc.

      As one recent source, discussing Iraq, mentioned on this particular event once again;

      "the only incident was the 1941 violent looting of Jewish neighbourhoods – which is still shrouded in mystery as to who planned it. Documents relating to that criminal incident are still kept secret at the Public Records Office by orders of successive British governments. The bombing of synagogues in Baghdad in 1950-51 turned out to be the work of Zionists to frighten Iraq's Jews – one of the oldest Jewish communities in the world – into emigrating to Israel following their refusal to do so."

      To close, a conclusive summary of this whole issue was authored by the academic Yehouda Shenhav (himself an Iraqi Jew as well), in his now classic 2000s era Haaretz article "Hitching A Ride on the Magic Carpet"

      Professor Shenhav writes concisely:

      "Any reasonable person, Zionist or non-Zionist, must acknowledge that the analogy drawn between Palestinians and Mizrahi Jews is unfounded. Palestinian refugees did not want to leave Palestine. Many Palestinian communities were destroyed in 1948, and some 700,000 Palestinians were expelled, or fled, from the borders of historic Palestine. Those who left did not do so of their own volition.

      In contrast, Jews from Arab lands came to this country under the initiative of the State of Israel and Jewish organizations. Some came of their own free will; others arrived against their will. Some lived comfortably and securely in Arab lands; others suffered from fear and oppression."

  • No Jews allowed
    • The only "groups" of people in question who try to (as you write) "ascend" the Noble Sanctuary/Temple Mount on regular occasions (as is covered quite widely in the Israeli media itself) are those affiliated with various extremist settler groups. In particular settler groups quite openly linked to the banned terrorist group Kach. Names like Feiglin come to mind there.

      Your comments are disconnected from this reality.

      As for what other, actually thoughtful commenters, have mentioned here. Of course, Jerusalem/Al-Quds should be completely open to followers of all the 3 faiths in question. Once again the main reason the large bulk of followers of the Jewish religion, in particular Orthodox Jews, do not even seek to enter the site in question is due to their own religious sensibilities (protecting "the holy of holies" etc.)

      So your whole line of pseudo-"argument" there "Palikari" has no basis to stand on from the start (putting aside you not being willing to discuss the background of general Zionist crimes to start with). But we actually do have a very good historical example. That is the fact that prior to the start of Zionist colonization a minority population of staunchly anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews, precisely in the heart of Jerusalem, lived and worshipped quite freely and openly in Ottoman and British Mandate Palestine. Before the start of large-scale Zionist colonization once again.

    • A) You were the one making your whole rant about "the family". Is this a metaphysical "family of faith" in your writing?? The author of this page clearly seems (by saying she is not even that interested in religious designations to start with) to be quite likely secular humanist to begin with.

      B) "Secondly-the statement that a Jew is a Jew….becuase he chose is the biggest bunch of BS I ever read here" And you just contradicted the bile you wrote in "A", Judaism is and always was a religion. Regardless of what Judeophobes or Zionists like you try to claim. Also your other scribbles here are not truly intended to be memorializing to any victims of various forms of intolerance and crimes (peoples who severed these atrocities for a multiplicity of reasons) but rather sees you taking the same "tact" that scholars like Norman Finkelstein so classically dealt with in his past works on Zionist manipulation and abuses of human history.

      Once again your ethnocentric, largely incoherent rants fail to deal with anything in this article. Aside from you trying to pathetically assail a courageous woman seeking justice and peace in the modern world.

    • The only people who would might get something thrown at them are the racist extremist settlers who attempt to invade the complex, with the stated aim of taking it over and occupying it. Also, as is easily confirmed with a simple internet search, the majority of religious Jews will not enter the Noble Sanctuary/Temple Mount due to the fact they follow the edicts of the mainstream of Orthodox Rabbinical scholars. You know that whole thing about not stepping on the complex in fear that one may accidentally "desecrate the holy of holies".

    • Contrary to the thinking and opinions you are giving; we are all one family, the human family ("corny" as an ethnocentrist like you might think that is or sounds).

      You really need to read up on the topic of linguistics before you attempt to speak on it; specifically the work of Tel Aviv University linguists like Paul Wexler and Ghil'ad Zuckermann.

      Also then, while first noting that one should stand up and oppose the actions of even "family members" if they are committing grievous crimes against any other fellow human being. I also must say that your comments also attempt to devalue Judaism from something that seeks to "repair the WORLD" (i.e. all human beings) and sees you attempting to proclaim it to simply be a supposed "tribalistic" organization. This whole "tribalistic" mythology is something that Judeophobes have long promoted in their hatemongering, and both you and they are wrong on this point.

      In concluding I think two quotes are of use here, first from Columbia University biologist and scholar Robert Pollack (who looks at the intersection of science and religion) "There are no DNA sequences common to all Jews and absent from all non-Jews; there is nothing in the human genome that makes or diagnoses a person as a Jew."

      And secondly from Israeli scholar A.B. Yehoshua "A Jew is a Jew because he chose to be a Jew and not because he was forced - because of biology or by some external social force, to define himself as a Jew"

    • A very well written and informative article here. The Open Shuhada Street movement is very important, it is extremely tragic what has been done to the Palestinian families that used to live and work in that part of Al-Khalil. Their lives have been ripped apart; and now, as the author of this piece illustrates, above-the-law thuggish illegal settlers roam about this "ghost town" like street.

      As for the point the author of this piece made about not being able to travel to the souq (privileged as she acknowledges she is in comparison to the indigenous Palestinians, given her Western nationality) reminded me of something I've heard Miko Peled mention in one of his remarkable, informative lectures. Peled noted the system of separation is clearly demarcated, and often designed to try to keep Israelis from being able to have human-to-human contact with Palestinians. Wouldn't want to take the chance of some of them possibly learning the truth and starting to empathize with the people the Zionist movement has long worked to categorize as their own untermenschen.

      This also fits into the apartheid (land stealing) separation wall. That the Zionist "Left" in the 90s actually had a key role in developing, with their openly segregationist slogan: "Us over here, them over there". Showing once again that the Zionist Left's "support" for a supposed two-state solution, of some kind, is merely a ploy or matter of necessity in their minds to attempt to maintain their current ethnocracy.

  • Simon Schama's Israel whitewash
    • I'm a little surprised more hasn't been made of the fact that Schama's "background" seems to be more in the world of art and various facets of modern European history (along with art history as well).

      This was actually one of the principal "angles" of attack that was made against the work of Shlomo Sand. That is that Professor Sand is a specialist in modern history (specifically nationalism). Of course the zios who made these silly attempts at attack, were apparently unaware that Sand's work was clearly (and specifically) a critique of the modern Zionist movement and the historiography it developed. As Sand said in this interview from this site itself; "The first book is not about Jewish religion and history. The book was and is about the Zionist historiography that deals with Jewish history."

      It should also be noted there that Sand noted his work was also a general critiquing on the teaching of "history" (or as some joke generally, his-story) in the general Israeli milieu.

      But we don't have to even go this angle on Schama's work. His pathetic "lobbying" for Zionist oppression is transparent, empty, and disgusting. Not that I expected anything else from a self-proclaimed Zionist like Schama; who also has been criticized for writing an "economic history" of the Dutch Republic that very noticeably left out any actual mention of slavery or colonialism.

    • "Rational Zionist",

      The claims you made have already been thoroughly dealt with by others, but allow me to speak on them also. First, you should be applauded in that you at least appear to acknowledge the crimes of the Zionist movement; as you seem to accept comparing them to the genocide of Native Americans. This at least puts you a step above Nakba deniers. But then again right wing ziofascists in Israel today are fond of chanting at Palestinian Israelis such things as "we have brought a Nakba upon you".

      As for your attempted "analogy" or "argument", it is just a little bit flawed and faulty! As others have noted; America, Canada, Australia, etc. have all apologized for what they did in an era before modern international law. And all of these states have done SOME things to try to "rectify" a portion of the historical wrongs done. These have been, in my opinion, mostly woefully inadequate but they are infinitely more than any Israeli regime (operating in the modern period of course) has even thought of doing (kind of hard for Israel to be making any form of restitution whatsoever, when they are still committing ongoing crimes of course).

      That leads to modern international law; the international law is on the Palestinians side and that is (in the end) all that matters in our modern world of international conventions.


      Another good article that already responded to this cheap "tactic" of your ilk, was this one (there are others like it) by Ali Abunimah back in 2010

      In concluding this very well written essay, Abunimah makes a very important point (again in response to the type of pseudo-"argument" you tried to advance here). I quote from Mr. Abunimah:

      "Finally, it is disingenuous to make this an issue solely about property rights. Property rights are a difficult issue that would affect a fraction of Palestinians and Israelis. Most Palestinians, however, could return to land in Israel that is currently empty. Israelis reject the right of return primarily on ethnoreligious grounds: they just don’t want too many Palestinians polluting the 'Jewish democracy.'"

      With that, and the Palestinian refugees internationally guaranteed right of return to their homes in mind, I recommend reading the work of scholar Salman Abu Sitta "Palestine Right Of Return, Sacred, Legal, and Possible"

      A relevant article there:

      America, for instance, doesn't have too many "white Christians" openly calling for an ethnocractic regime in the modern United States. Whereas the Israeli apartheid and ethnocractically based regime is today attempting to solidify their unjust ethnocracy even further.

  • Brandeis retracts plan to honor anti-Muslim activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali
    • Everything about this Ayaan Hirsi Magan character was exposed to be a lie! Nothing in the entire fake story she crafted for herself even happened as she alleged. It is hard to decide who is a bigger liar and hack; her or someone like Walid Shoebat!!

      These Islamophobic clowns, who often front for various right wing Zionist groups as well, all turn out to be frauds and weavers of tall tales.

      As for Ayaan, the Dutch program TV Zembla issued the authoritative debunking and exposure of her (which is why she had to go crawling out of the Netherlands and seek "support" from right wing neocons in the US, to be able to take her schtick to American shores).

      Among other things Zembla showed Magan lied about her name, did not grow up in war-torn Somalia but rather in an upscale Nairobi villa, there was no "forced marriage", etc. etc. Basically, once again, her whole "backstory" (which she used to "sell herself" to various right wing groups and such) was purely fictitious.

    • No one (including Professor Sand himself) tried to claim Shlomo Sand was a geneticist. On that specific topic Sand himself noted he merely pointed out the manipulation and clear biases of those who "hunt" for what they themselves absurdly claim is a supposed "Jewish gene".

      Sand "It is a bitter irony to see the descendants of Holocaust survivors set out to find a biological Jewish identity: Hitler would certainly have been very pleased! And it is all the more repulsive that this kind of research should be conducted in a state that has waged for years a declared policy of 'Judaization of the country' in which even today a Jew is not allowed to marry a non-Jew."

      And Sand also mentions, he critiques specific "special" individuals from "Yeshiva University" and those who own just slightly shady (lol) for-profit businesses based on selling "Jewish DNA kits" to race-hungry Zionist sycophants

      As for the genetics, Professor Sand leaves that to others to debate:

      etc. etc.

      As for Ayaan Hirsi Magan, the point is she was exposed as a liar and a shameless fraud. Oh and also she is no supposed "advocate" for anyone (other than her own publicity and ego). This was self-evident by the fact of her lying to get into the Netherlands and then serving as a tool and pathetic puppet and mouthpiece of right wing fascistic groups trying to block "non-white" immigration into the Netherlands (for purely racist reasons of course).

  • The Israel lobby’s trojan horse: ‘Reforming’ education laws to defund Middle East studies programs
    • The "American" (these censorship seeking clowns don't deserve that title) zios seem to be out to form their own little incarnation of "im tirzu" it appears. I guess fascists flock together.

  • Not an April Fool's joke: U.S. weighs releasing Pollard to keep Israelis at negotiating table
    • The zios would actually be smart to be careful on this whole matter. One would have to think getting a convicted spy like Pollard released, couldn't be good "pr" for Israel in the US. I guess the Likudniks and their neocon associates think the hasbara crew and its' agents still have enough "pull" and control around the American "mainstream" media to get them through any "rough patches".

      If this does come about I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of the hasbara gang spewing the myths on the convicted spy/traitor Pollard (that they've been using for some time) that allegedly Pollard's espionage "didn't harm America" and that supposedly Pollard "only spied for an 'ally'". A nice refutation of those (false) claims by Pollard's apologists

      "'Much of what he took, contrary to what he'd have you believe, had nothing to do with Arab countries or the security of Israel, but had everything to do with U.S. collection methods, to include most specifically against the Soviet Union,' Admiral Thomas Brooks (Ret.), a former director of naval intelligence who Pollard worked for in 1980, told Foreign Policy."

      Not to mention the American's who's covers Pollard's espionage blew.

      Oh and as for these endless "talks", the talk on supposedly halting (some) of the illegal settlements has to be some of the vaguest stuff one could ever read. It definitely does seem that the resumption of "peace talks" have a direct correlation with an increase in the illegal settlement activity of the Israeli regime. If Abbas and the PA weren't so totally controlled by the same American officials (that AIPAC has their claws so fully into) they'd say "screw these Israeli games and ploys!" and go directly and unilaterally to the UN and ICC tomorrow.

  • The demand for a demilitarized state is telling Palestinians to give away the right to be free
  • Kerry's framework according to Friedman and Indyk (Updated: Abbas Weighs In)
    • The one thing that really caught my eye here was on the issue of refugees (that is the real refugee issue of course; the Palestinian refugees). When will the international community finally fulfill its' obligations to the Palestinian refugees?!

      UN General Assembly Resolution 194 has been affirmed by the UN over 110 times since its introduction in 1948 with universal consensus except for Israel and the U.S. This resolution was further clarified by UN General Assembly Resolution 3236 which reaffirms in Subsection 2: "the inalienable right of Palestinians to return to their homes and property from which they have been displaced and uprooted, and calls for their return."

      And then I see that this article notes a Zionist propagandist like Indyk may try to trot out, the old/already dealt with nonsense of supposed "Jewish refugees from Arab countries"


      One of the best responses to this particular Zionist propaganda was authored by Professor Yehouda Shenhav in his classic Haaretz essay entitled "Hitching a ride on the magic carpet"

      The organization's claims infuriated many Mizrahi Israelis who defined themselves as Zionists. As early as 1975, at the time of WOJAC's formation, Knesset speaker Yisrael Yeshayahu declared: "We are not refugees. [Some of us] came to this country before the state was born. We had messianic aspirations."

      Shlomo Hillel, a government minister and an active Zionist in Iraq, adamantly opposed the analogy: "I don't regard the departure of Jews from Arab lands as that of refugees. They came here because they wanted to, as Zionists."

      In a Knesset hearing, Ran Cohen stated emphatically: "I have this to say: I am not a refugee." He added: "I came at the behest of Zionism, due to the pull that this land exerts, and due to the idea of redemption. Nobody is going to define me as a refugee."

      The whole claim of supposed "Jewish refugees" is in stark contradiction with that other core mythology the Zionist movement is always constantly spewing. That whole "Jews 'returning' to their 'homeland'" mythology. In fact what these Zionist propagandists are doing here is actually (unwittingly) voicing what could be termed either an anti-Zionist or a "post-Zionist" argument.

      And then to close, I think Professor Ilan Pappe also did a good job succinitly dealing with this specific "Jewish refugees" Zionist myth:

      Speaking about the aftermath of WW2 in Europe, Pappe states: "The Jewish community in the world preferred to go to Britain, the United States or stay in Europe despite the Holocaust. Only a very tiny minority came to Israel, and that’s why, contrary to their earlier wishes, the Zionist movement decided to bring Jews from the Arab world and de-Arabize them so they would become Jewish and not identify with the Arab population."

  • Europeans with 'no legitimate claim' to America wiped out indigenous people -- 'totally different' from Israel (Harris)
  • The 'genetic truth' of Jesus's (and Hanna Rosin's) 'classically Semitic appearance,' as revealed to Jeffrey Goldberg
  • White House tightens enforcement of Iran sanctions amid meetings with Israelis
    • Adding on to what commenter "just" said; these sanctions (which are in and of themselves immoral, unjust, and imperialistic in nature to start with) actually harm the chance at the United States achieving a positive relationship with the nation of Iran: in particular with regards to economics. The American people would benefit enormously from America having better access to things like say, contracts for Iranian natural resources. But things that would benefit America and the American people are of course of absolutely no concern for the apartheid apologists and leeches over at AIPAC.

  • Buckeyes take their stand for Palestine
  • Beinart demands equality for the Cheney sisters, but is 'willing to compromise' equality of Palestinian Israelis
    • The hypocrisy of people like Peter Beinart is shocking, appalling, and somewhat humorous (all in one). People like Beinart are definitely "PEP" (Progressive on Everything EXCEPT Palestine); and it should be noted Beinart only really becomes somewhat "progressive" here (i.e. his stance on the illegal settlements) only because of those to the right of him being so extreme (kind of like how some corporate funded Democrats can appear "not as bad"; in relation to the insanity coming out of today's Republican party).

      I'm also reminded of the hypocrisy, that many others have noted, that these Zionists (including many "liberal" Zionists) show on certain other issues as well. Two of the most prominent being: what we could call the demographic "make-up" of a society and then secondly questions on immigration policy. Some of these Zionists will join with Americans (including myself) supporting and truly celebrating the growing diversity of American society. While from the other side of their mouth these same "liberal" Zionists always "warn" about the Palestinian baby boom as a "demographic threat" in purely racist Zionist language

      And on immigration some of these same Zionists (particularly "liberal" Zionists in America, who are very likely to vote Democratic most of the time) will speak up (along with people like me again) for the plight of undocumented immigrants in the United States. But then these same "liberal" Zionists turn into right wingers when it comes to African migrants in Israel (who are "of course" yet another "threat" to the ethnocratic "Jewish state"). and "liberal" Zionist hypocrisy on full/open display

      I guess as that one famous statement, I think "coined" in the modern era by those fascists over at the "JDL", is what most of the Zionists go by. That is in their minds all that matters (in any situation) is according to their deluded Zionist opinion "is it good for Jews?"; by that they of course only mean "good" for their vile Zionist "project".

  • Netanyahu calls on American Jews to stand 'together with us' to stop Iran deal
    • In response to "yonah"; disgusting, cynical and pathetic Zionist attempts to manipulate certain atrocities from the atrocity filled WW2 era, certainly is something that has been shown to have no bounds. This disgusting "trend" has of course already been talked about in-depth

      Some of this disgusting Zionist propaganda also has included, absurd/slightly humorous attempts to label Jews who oppose Zionist criminality as supposed "self-hating Jews"; when the sordid history of the Zionism movement during WW2 apparently is completely unknown to said Zionist propagandists (or they just willfully ignore it)

      In the end this is all fairly ironic as the Zionist movement (while liking to try to misuse the memory of WW2 era atrocities for modern propaganda of theirs, see Finkelstein's analysis there again) actually in many ways doesn't like to use this "argument" in relation to Zionist colonialism both yesterday and today. They much prefer the mythology (or supposed "Biblical") angle.

      As the Zionists themselves have stated:

      "'In Cairo, Obama was asking the Arab world to feel sorry for the Jews,' he said, 'and by doing so, he inadvertently played into the hands of those whose response is, 'Well, if there was a Holocaust, let the Germans pay for it, not the Arabs. That’s a reasonable response if you don’t believe that Jews are from here.'"

  • Israel lobby group counters Palestinian dispossession with-- Jewish creationism
    • These Zionist propagandists are indeed very "special" people!

      Reality versus their lies:

      "Palestine, therefore, was not partitioned in 1921–1922. Transjordan was not excised but, on the contrary, added to the mandatory area. Zionism was barred from seeking to expand there – but the Balfour Declaration had never previously applied to the area east of the Jordan. Why is this important? Because the myth of Palestine's 'first partition' has become part of the concept of 'Greater Israel' and of the ideology of Jabotinsky's Revisionist movement." Wasserstein, Bernard (2004). Israel and Palestine: Why They Fight and Can They Stop?, pp. 105–106.

      So basically these Zionist propagandist clowns are trying to play around with modern history that is really just involving how the modern Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan came into being (which is a separate history from this same general era of European colonialism in the region drawing the map of the modern Middle East we see today. Importantly that is a different specific "question", than that of the "question" of Palestine that the British also were "grappling with" post ww2)

      Some relevant links there:

      Avi Shlaim "Collusion Across the Jordan: King Abdullah, the Zionist Movement, and the Partition of Palestine"


      And to continue with the real history, we can note the mythology book in question (with a talking snake, talking trees, etc.) says the Canaanites where there in Canaan "first" anyway!

      Shlomo Sand "The Invention of the Jewish People"

      Shlomo Sand "The Invention of the Land of Israel"

      Johns Hopkins University geneticist Dr. Eran Elhaik ( "The Missing Link of Jewish European Ancestry: Contrasting the Rhineland and the Khazarian Hypotheses"

      From Dr. Eran Elhaik's Haaretz interview (of December 28, 2012) "The various groups of Jews in the world today do not share a common genetic origin. We are talking here about groups that are very heterogeneous and which are connected solely by religion."
      "The majority of Jews do not have the Middle Eastern genetic component in the quantity we would expect to find if they were descendants of the Jews of antiquity." (a copy of the original Haaretz article)

      And from October 8, 2013, University of Huddersfield (in the UK) geneticist Dr. Martin Richards ( "A substantial prehistoric European ancestry amongst Ashkenazi maternal lineages"

      Jewish Women's Genes Traced Mostly to Europe — Not Israel
      Study Hits Claim Ashkenazi Jews Migrated From Holy Land

      Dr. Eran Elhaik gave is own response to this very interesting new paper by Dr. Martin Richards and company (Costa et al. 2013)

      "Only autosomal analysis can be used to investigate recent events during which Judaism was formed. Jews and non-Jews residing in the regions of Khazaria are underrepresented, which biases the results toward Europe as we have seen in many other studies. The authors’ insistence on providing a single origin to all European Jews causes them to ignore major differences between Eastern and Central-Western European Jews and non-Jews that hinder a more complex explanation." (the Khazar hypothesis there

      As for that supposed "migration" or as it is more commonly called the alleged "exile", which is a MYTH! See the following: "The Myth of the Jewish Exile from the Land of Israel: A Demonstration of Irenic Scholarship" Professor Jacob Yuval "No, Rivkele, The Jews Weren't Driven into Exile by the Romans"

      As Professor Sand correctly noted (and as Dr. Eran Elhaik confirmed) "But if there was no exile after 70 AD, where did all the Jews who have populated the Mediterranean since antiquity come from? The smokescreen of national historiography hides an astonishing reality. From the Maccabean revolt of the mid-2nd century BC to the Bar Kokhba revolt of the 2nd century AD, Judaism was the most actively proselytising religion. The Judeo-Hellenic Hasmoneans forcibly converted the Idumeans of southern Judea and the Itureans of Galilee and incorporated them into the people of Israel. Judaism spread across the Middle East and round the Mediterranean. The 1st century AD saw the emergence in modern Kurdistan of the Jewish kingdom of Adiabene, just one of many that converted.

      The writings of Flavius Josephus are not the only evidence of the proselytising zeal of the Jews. Horace, Seneca, Juvenal and Tacitus were among the Roman writers who feared it. The Mishnah and the Talmud (3) authorised conversion, even if the wise men of the Talmudic tradition expressed reservations in the face of the mounting pressure from Christianity.

      Although the early 4th century triumph of Christianity did not mark the end of Jewish expansion, it relegated Jewish proselytism to the margins of the Christian cultural world. During the 5th century, in modern Yemen, a vigorous Jewish kingdom emerged in Himyar, whose descendants preserved their faith through the Islamic conquest and down to the present day. Arab chronicles tell of the existence, during the 7th century, of Judaised Berber tribes; and at the end of the century the legendary Jewish queen Dihya contested the Arab advance into northwest Africa. Jewish Berbers participated in the conquest of the Iberian peninsula and helped establish the unique symbiosis between Jews and Muslims that characterised Hispano-Arabic culture.

      The most significant mass conversion occurred in the 8th century, in the massive Khazar kingdom between the Black and Caspian seas. The expansion of Judaism from the Caucasus into modern Ukraine created a multiplicity of communities, many of which retreated from the 13th century Mongol invasions into eastern Europe. There, with Jews from the Slavic lands to the south and from what is now modern Germany, they formed the basis of Yiddish culture (4)."

      The pathetic propaganda of the Zionist buffoons over at "standwithus" really is only "appealing" to clowns like this:

      "Rapture Ready: The Christians United for Israel Tour" by Max Blumenthal

      Showing how analysis like this has much truth behind it in many ways:

  • Israel refuses to recognize its own nationality: Israeli Supreme Court says 'Israeli' nationality could endanger idea of Jewish state
  • 'J Street' is quick to pounce on NYT piece shrugging off end of Jewish state
    • The same typical nonsense from the so-called "liberal" Zionists. Showing again, as always, Zionism "lite" is still Zionism (aka apartheid, ethnocracy, etc.)

      I see they managed to even throw debunked mythology in there as well! Elsner claims on the Arab Jews "They managed to preserve their Jewish identity for 2,000 years in exile".

      First, there was no "exile" (as Shlomo Sand notes "show me just one book!" on this supposed "exile")

      Jeremiah Haber noted in the above article, quite correctly, that: "To this day, most lay people, Jews and non-Jews, accept the myth of the exile, whereas no historian, Jew or non-Jew, takes it seriously."

      "The Myth of the Jewish Exile from the Land of Israel: A Demonstration of Irenic Scholarship" by Israel Jacob Yuval

      The "exile" was a myth that was actually developed by early Christians, and was designed to insult Jews and claim they had supposedly been "exiled from the land" as a punishment from God for rejecting the Christian Gospel (once again see historians like Israel Jacob Yuval, Shlomo Sand, etc.)

      As for Arab Jews, they mostly descend from various converts to the religion of Judaism in the Arab world. There was widespread Judaizing in (just for a few examples) Iraq (see Nippur) and also very famously in Yemen (with the Himyarite/Himyar convert empire there). The same was true in Berber North Africa (which was later of course mostly culturally and linguistically Arabized and mostly religiously Islamized), conversion to the religion of Judaism was quite common among the pre-Islamic Berbers (and that is were modern Jews of Tunisian, Algerian, etc. backgrounds predominantly come from: i.e. Arabized Berber Jews, who while being Arabized never adopted the religion of Islam). The only thing that was ever "different" about these people (speaking about Arab Jews in the modern era) was their religious beliefs and practices, in every other manner they were completely products of their home culture and also very much alien to the culture, "tastes" and culture of the far more numerous European Jews. Anyone who knows about the history of the so-called "Oriental Jews" in Israel (i.e. the Israeli Black Panther party, etc.) knows the tensions that were heavily present between the European Jewish elite and the Arab Jews from the start.

      Johns Hopkins University geneticist Dr. Eran Elhaik ( "The various groups of Jews in the world today do not share a common genetic origin. We are talking here about groups that are very heterogeneous and which are connected solely by religion." (Haaretz)

  • Glad tidings from NY: Power gets wise counsel from her hero Wiesel
    • Some of the best writing analyzing the apartheid, colonialist apologist Wiesel was by done by Norman Finkelstein.

  • For criticizing Israel not Russia, Roger Waters reveals anti-Semitic 'undercurrents' -- Foxman
  • The settlers willing to vacate the West Bank for a Kerry-brokered two-state solution
    • An interesting article. However, the "nicer" illegal settlers like this are a minority to be sure.

      The one quote that stuck out to me is, in relation to these settlers saying they'd be willing to go back to Israel under the two-state solution, the settler who said "until Palestinians understand that there is a Jewish state between the river and the sea, there will not be peace." Statements like this show that "Zionism lite" (and its' idea of a supposed "Jewish state"), is still Zionism and thus STILL a racist, exclusivist, colonial movement that wants a system of ethnocracy and locked in institutionalized discrimination against the Native people (who they always "must" view themselves as in a "demographic war" with, to maintain their coveted Zionist majority in the environs they happen to dwell in).

      Someone who is for actual peace (i.e. peace with JUSTICE) is for a just system that will treat everyone who lives between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea as fully equal residents i.e. a one-state solution. And contrary to some of the claims these settlers echo from the Zionist movement, many Palestinians have stated openly they want to insure this one-state is a fully equitable state of all its citizens where everyone is treated equally (despite the history of oppression the Zionists have carried out against the Palestinians for all of modern history. Examples like Nelson Mandela's role in helping shape a new South African nation gives us hope for a brighter future to be sure). There is certainly the ability to do this, see scholar Salman Abu Sitta's work "Palestine Right Of Return, Sacred, Legal, and Possible By Dr. Salman Abu Sitta". The only people who stand "against" this, are people who again are followers of an ethnocractic ideology; that is oppressive even if it is "Zionism lite".

  • Jackie Mason says 'giving' the Palestinians the West Bank is like giving them half of Florida
  • In tour for 16 college leaders, ADL says occupied East Jerusalem is Israel
  • 'The one and only Jewish state,' Netanyahu says, pounding the rostrum
    • A link to the Haaretz interview with Dr. Eran Elhaik that is not behind a paywall

    • To add to what many people here have been noting.

      I think Professor Shlomo Sand sums up pretty well what this supposed "Jewish state" really means; in a recent Haaretz article on his new book (that it is said will be entitled "The Invention of the Secular Jew" in its' English translation version). Quoting from this recent Haaretz article interviewing Sand; "'Being a Jew in Israel means, first and foremost, not being an Arab,' he (Sand) writes, comparing the elevated status of Jews in Israel to that of whites in the American south through the 1960s, French settlers in Algeria before 1962, and white and Afrikaner residents of South Africa before 1994"

      And I will also add two more relevant quotes from this angle as well:

      First from writer and activist Henry Lowi noting what exactly this ethnocratic so-called "Jewish state" actually means again; "The State of Israel is ethnic nationalism institutionalized and gone wild. With all the limitations of historical analogies, Israel is a 'Jewish state' in the sense that racist South Africa was a Boer state and in the sense that Nazi Germany was an Aryan state. In short, there is nothing 'Jewish' worth preserving in the 'Jewish state'."

      And then from historian Noel Ignatiev; "Unlike many countries, including the United States, the Israeli state does not belong, even in principle, to those who reside within its borders, but is defined as the state of the Jewish people, wherever they may be. That peculiar definition is one reason why the state has to this day failed to produce a written constitution, define its borders, or even declare the existence of an Israeli nationality. Moreover, in this 'outpost of democracy,' no party that opposes the existence of the Jewish state is permitted to take part in elections. It is as if the United States were to declare itself a Christian state, define 'Christian' not by religious belief but by descent, and then pass a 'gag law' prohibiting public discussion of the issue."

      And to conclude, from the groundbreaking work of Johns Hopkins University geneticist Dr. Eran Elhaik ( in his December 28, 2012 interview with Haaretz entitled "The Jewish People's Ultimate Treasure Hunt" by Ofer Aderet.

      "The geneticist (Dr. Eran Elhaik) goes on to explain that, among the various groups of European and non-European Jews, there are no blood or family connections: 'The various groups of Jews in the world today do not share a common genetic origin. We are talking here about groups that are very heterogeneous and which are connected solely by religion.'

      The bottom line, he claims, is that the 'genome of European Jews is a mosaic of ancient peoples and its origin is largely Khazar.'"

      There are two specific groups that both claim Judaism is not just a religion but rather supposedly a "race" ("race" itself being a totally unscientific social construct) and those two groups are Nazis and Zionists.

  • Nazareth Illit mayor says, 'If you think I’m a racist, then Israel is a racist state'
    • I have to say this RACIST nutcase (Gapso) does certainly do a good job summing up the disgusting, vile and yet humorous (in a way) ideology of Zionism. He starts with an "appeal" (if you want to call it that) to mythology (mythology that "sadly", for these people I guess, has taken a big hit since Johns Hopkins University geneticist Dr. Eran Elhaik confirmed once again that, contrary to what Nazis and Zionists claim, Judaism is only a religion And it is also humorous when people like Gapso go this mythological "Biblical route", when all the founders of Zionism in Europe were totally atheists!

      And then Gapso goes on with ethnocentric blabbering that is definitely out of another time and place (i.e. before respectable, multicultural societies developed. And it should be noted many compassionate Jewish people around the world stand strongly for that tradition of multiculturalism and harmony and against disgusting people like Gapso: the "proud" bigot and supremacist).

      And then Gapso finishes off with the whopper of "There will not be a single Jew in the future Palestinian state, but that’s all right. That isn’t racism." This "doozy", shall we say, reminds me very much of the other right wing Zionist extremists and their apologists who have the gall to claim that implementing international law ( is SUPPOSEDLY a "plan" to make Palestine "Judenrein". Language from them which immediately reminds one of the classic and important work of scholar Norman Finkelstein dealing with the disgusting handiwork and manipulations of such vile Zionist propagandists

      I guess this Gapso clown is just totally ignoring that many Palestinians and their supporters around the world support and promote the One-State solution, and many would be fine with Jews remaining in Palestine as long as they agree to be equal citizens like everyone else, rather than the thieving oppressive extremist terrorists, racists and lunatics they currently are as a group (the settlers that is). That is a One-State solution of justice, as opposed to the modern and continuing ethnic cleansing plans of openly fascistic Zionist criminals.

  • Jews are smarter, and funnier too
    • A far more convincing historical thesis was put forth by sociologist Stephen Steinberg in his book "The Ethnic Myth", in a chapter about what Steinberg termed the "Jewish Horatio Alger Myth"

      Here is an important section from an article written back in 2000 by anti-racism activist, author and educator Tim Wise discussing this general topic and citing Steinberg's work among others

      "The truth is always more complex than the fantasy. Read Stephen Steinberg’s The Ethnic Myth: Fact is, Jews haven’t all been successful, and pretending otherwise harms the less-than-affluent Jews who, thanks to the triumphalist image, are perceived as especially flawed in some way. Even as Glazer and others were developing the Jewish Horatio Alger image in the ’60s and ’70s, fifteen percent of Jews in New York City were poor or near poor, as were twelve percent of Jews nationally. About a third of Jewish men at this time were working class, not the professionals and scholars portrayed by stereotype.

      And Jews who came to America and succeeded hardly came with nothing. Jews from Russia came with experience in manufacturing, commerce, or as artisans: three expanding economic sectors in the 'New World.' It wasn’t our culture or values that were impeccable, but rather, our timing. Our experience in the garment and textile industries fit perfectly with an economy where those industries were growing 2-3 times faster than the economy as a whole. Indeed, two-thirds of Jewish immigrants between 1899 and 1910 were skilled laborers, compared to forty-nine percent of English immigrants, fifteen percent of Southern Italians, thirteen percent of the Irish, and six percent of Poles. And blacks, no matter their skills, abilities or ambitions, were locked out of the sectors open to many Jews, seeing as how for most of this period, ninety percent were still serfs on the national plantation known as the American South.

      When my great-grandfather came to America in 1910, though he was poor, and a religious minority, he was offered work the very first day that was off limits to African Americans whose families had been here for over 200 years. Not yet fully 'white,' he was nonetheless favored over America’s untermenschen. Over time, if he played the game, and tried hard to forget the old world ways that had kept his family and people alive, and if he took special care not to teach his children Yiddish, nor act or speak too Jewish, then he could work, save some money, send his child (my grandfather) to a college blacks couldn’t attend, who would then be able to get a house in a suburb where blacks couldn’t live, and send his children, including my father to schools that were segregated. He was a hard worker, to be sure, but one whose hard work was met by access to an opportunity structure. No shame in that, but also no model minority.

      And the much-heralded Jewish cultural emphasis on education is also largely mythical. As anthropologist Miriam Slater has noted, and as Selma Berrol’s study of Jewish experience in New York City confirms, economic mobility and success — largely due to the above-mentioned good timing, pre-existing skills, and apartheid barriers elevating us over blacks — came before substantial educational gains in the Jewish community. In the early part of the century, the average American Jew (supposedly part of a culture with a special affinity for education) was a 7th grade dropout, and working class Jewish kids typically received no greater level of schooling than other working class immigrant children. Indeed, a look at pre-immigrant Jewish 'education' makes clear that to whatever degree learning was valued, it was largely Talmud-based instruction, for males only: hardly indicative of a special love of the life of the mind."

  • Netanyahu may require DNA tests to prove immigrants have a Jewish 'bloodline'
  • Video: Israeli soldier suffering 'flashbacks' brutally attacked Palestinian workers near settlement
  • In 'NYT' profile of Jewish leader, apartheid was long ago and far away and resisted by brave South African Jews
  • In 'earthquake' diplomatic move, EU calls on Israel to 'recognize in writing that the West Bank settlements are not part of Israel'
  • Liberal MSNBC host says Snowden thinks he's in a Spielberg movie and Greenwald is a 'jerk'
  • The homogeneity and 'intense political programming' of Jewish day schools
    • I was just thought how hilarious it would be to somehow have all these "schools" (in this case: indoctrination centers is clearly a more accurate term for most of these places!) come together and have to go to an "assembly" where they were lectured to by Professor Shlomo Sand.

      I have a feeling Sand would likely be physically attacked within minutes, at most!

  • Chomsky is to Jews what Clarence Thomas is to blacks-- representing a fringe, says WNYC's Lehrer
    • Whenever I hear nonsense such as this against Noam Chomsky, by some pathetic Zionist propagandists, I am always reminded of how it is also common for these same deluded Zionist propagandists to often absurdly shout the term "kapo" at Jews who stand against their oppressive apartheid Zionist ideology.

      The really "interesting" thing there is then viewing the documented links between Nazism and Zionism historically, links that historians like Lenni Brenner in particular have covered in-depth. With that information in mind these Zionist trolls should really be trying to avoid the word "kapo" as it boomerangs around on their colonialist "movement" pretty quickly!

  • When will hotly contested NY mayoral field make mincemeat of Weiner's statements denying occupation?
    • That is exactly what I was going to say Woody.

      If these people (like the Perv Weiner, as you noted!) want to absurdly try to "deny" the reality of the entirely illegal ( occupation; they are actually de-facto admitting to the reality of Israeli apartheid.

      As the only attempted "defense" against the accurate label of apartheid for the situation (that is occasionally trotted forward by some of the slightly more "savvy" Zionist propagandists and hasbara agents) is that there is allegedly not direct or full apartheid in Israel itself (some of these people will even occasionally acknowledge some of the massive amounts of institutionalized discrimination that Palestinian Israelis face in Israel itself, etc.) and that the occupied territories are of course not legally part of Israel and as such the Israeli regime is merely maintaining an occupation regime allegedly "only until" a political settlement (aka the two-state solution) will come about.

      I believe this is the style of argument that is advanced by say Peter Beinart, who does actually call for BDS against the Israeli settlements; but then adds on top of this a "call" to then "invest more" in Israel itself. Showing he clearly doesn't care about the apartheid nature of Zionism as an ideology itself.


  • 'Palestine' is an ancient name, for a land of many cultures
  • 'We turned a refusing land into an inspiring oasis' --the narcissism of Shimon Peres
    • Zionist propagandists such as Szymon Perski (the birth name of Shimon Peres) and Bill Clinton are indeed absolutely shameless liars and propagandists. Individuals like these (who aren't idiots, as much as they try to act like it!) don't have the "out" of being uneducated propagandists, as they should (and I'm sure do) know better than the lies, debunked propaganda (aka hasbara), and total falsehoods they continue to spew and regurgitate.

  • Obama told friends he reneged on progressive promises out of fear of assassination -- former CIA analyst
  • Hey New York, get ready for the big (anti-Zionist) parade!
    • "Religious Zionist arguments are based primarily on the commandment to settle the land"

      The main response I see, theologically, from the anti-Zionist Jews is that these "commandments" about "settling the land"; where all prior to the Three Oaths coming into play. And thus after the Three Oaths were issued, it then became absolutely forbidden (until the Messiah came) to even try to follow those earlier (pre-Three Oaths) commandments about "settling the land". Of course this would then enter the arena of the debate between the anti-Zionists and the Zionists. From everything I've red, and from the fact that no mass "settlement" was tried by religious Jews anytime prior to Zionism, the Three Oaths seem to indeed be very, very important as far as the religion of Judaism goes. And this is would I saw Sand write in his most recent book again

      Also on this general wikipedia article again a large amount of the "arguments" from the "Religious Zionism" side seem to again boil down to "we'll we 'succeeded' meaning the Oaths are null and void"

      From this link:

      In response to questions of why God would allow the Zionists some measure of success if Zionism is against the Talmud; anti-Zionist religious Jews respond with the following; "The fallacy of the argument lies in the undeniable fact that there is evil in this world. Hashem allows people free will to choose to do wrong, and even to be successful in doing wrong on a large scale. ... Why Hashem decided to grant their efforts some degree of success is one of the mysteries of our era. But the fact that they succeeded is no more a proof that they were doing the right thing, than is the fact that the Germans succeeded in killing six million Jews a proof that they were doing the right thing."[43]

    • I stated above that Shlomo Sand makes a point of saying that over the centuries the religion of Judaism (via the Three Oaths specifically) strongly preached that Jerusalem was something to be “longed for” (not lived in) as one waited “patiently” from afar for the Messiah to arrive.

      Information on Shlomo Sand's first book "The Invention of the Jewish People" again states that over the centuries the religion of Judaism taught that "the holy places were seen as places to long for, not to be lived in."

    • Professor Shlomo Sand certainly attaches a lot of importance to the Three Oaths for why an ideology like Zionism never developed within religious Jewish society over the centuries; in his new book again he makes a point of saying that over the centuries the religion of Judaism (via the Three Oaths specifically) strongly preached that Jerusalem was something to be "longing for" (not lived in) as one waited "patiently" from afar for the Messiah to arrive.

      This basic wikipedia link is fairly well done and within that link I think most people who are just reading to gain an understanding of this specific topic will probably find the anti-Zionist arguments "stronger" from a "theological" perspective even

      As the "Religious Zionist" arguments seem to be compromised mainly of things like "well we 'succeeded' so obviously G-d 'approved'" which makes absolutely no sense if someone believes in a theology that contains a concept of human free will.

      And to close with Shlomo Sand's newest book in mind again, I would say that historically one can make a much stronger argument that anti-Zionism is more firmly grounded in the theological tradition of the religion of Judaism; whereas the "Religious Zionism" movement really only developed (one could say out of ideological "necessity") in modern times against the backdrop of a moment (Zionism) which was again founded almost exclusively by European secularists and open atheists such as Theodor Herzl

    • Most anti-Zionist Jews who post here seem to be more from the secular side, that is closer to activists, humanitarians, and opponents of racism, discrimination, and Zionist oppression like these I would say

      But as far as theology within the religion of Judaism goes, the arguments brought up for anti-Zionism within religious Judaism are much stronger theologically (one can say) then those of the recently developed "Religious Zionism" movement. That is the whole issue of the "Three Oaths" coming from Babylonian Talmud Tractate Ketubot 110b and 111a.

      Professor Shlomo Sand discusses this briefly (the Three Oaths that is) in his new book "The Invention of the Land of Israel: From Holy Land to Homeland" and how important these Talmudic Three Oaths were for the historic opposition to Zionism (which of course was actually started in late 19th century CE Europe by secularists and atheists like Herzl ironically, who were "inspired" by things like German Romantic nationalism around them, etc.) within organized religious Judaism up until very recently (with the very recent "phenomenon" of "Religious Zionism" again)

      And again groups like Neturei Karta are very important for showing everyone that traditional anti-Zionism among religious Jews (who theologically believe they must "patiently wait" for the Messiah to come) is still very active and alive today

  • Young people with American accents declare they won't be ethnically cleansed from their 'native land' (Jerusalem)
    • "We are the ancient Israelites" more of these Zionist propaganda lies.

      In reality they descend primarily from Khazar converts to the religion of Judaism from the Caucasus (starting under the Khazar King, who the Khazar's called the Kagan, Bulan in the 8th century CE), as Johns Hopkins University geneticist Dr. Eran Elhaik, Ph.D. has now confirmed conclusively.

      Dr. Eran Elhaik "The Missing Link of Jewish European Ancestry: Contrasting the Rhineland and the Khazarian Hypotheses"

      Gene study settles debate over origin of European Jews

      (AFP) – Jan 16, 2013

      PARIS — Jews of European origin are a mix of ancestries, with many hailing from tribes in the Caucasus who converted to Judaism and created an empire that lasted half a millennium, according to a gene study.

  • How Israel's government negotiates with terrorists
    • Again hasbara clowns like you whining about Hamas, are depending both on people not being aware of the crimes you commit against the Palestinian people and also people not having any knowledge of the history of the foundation of Israel itself (the general ignorant US citizenry is in fact far, far behind what Israel's new historians themselves have even proven

      Anyone who knows about the Irgun, Stern Gang, etc. etc. knows that Israel itself was founded by terrorists (and proud, often self-declared terrorists at that), so before people like Tzipi Livni whine on with their tired hasbara about "the Hamas", she might want to acknowledge the history of her own father! But of course that would be honesty and acknowledgement of history and facts, all things you Zionists have proven over and over again that you aren't very good at.

    • The British MP Gerald Kaufman dealt very well with this general topic in this famous speech:

      Kaufman specifically discussed Tzipi Livni's Irgun terrorist father, and the thus shall we say "humorous" contradiction by Livni (with her personal family terrorist background in mind) and her hasbara/propaganda whining about Hamas today.

  • Memo to the world: Israel is never leaving the West Bank
  • AIPAC promotes Netanyahu on two states (and ignores the statements from the rest of his government)
    • "AIPAC promotes Netanayahu on two states"

      Reminded me of this analysis by Fareed Zakaria

      Zakaria shows that Benjamin Mileikowsky (aka Netanyahu, or as others call him "lovingly" Nitwityahoo) in the past was so anti-Palestinian state (using the old Zionist canard that supposedly "Palestine is Jordan", i.e. the Zionist propaganda, that was started by the Revisionist Zionist movement of Vladimir Jabotinsky whose personal secretary was Benjamin's father, to try to fool people who aren't informed on the separate history of the rise of the Emirate of Transjordan which is today the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, etc.) he even floated the idea of a Zionist dominated "one-state solution" where the Palestinians in the occupied territories would be given some form of Israeli citizenship (likely to be tenth class pseudo-"citizenship" with a lifetime of continuous institutionalized discrimination and continued total disenfranchisement of course).

  • CBS stands by Bob Simon, blowing off CAMERA's charges of anti-Semitism
    • "the image of the treatment of ‘Christians of the Holy Land’ is completely coveted by israel"

      Sadly it seems the Zionists are realizing more and more the unfortunate political power in the United States (inside the Republicans) of the nutcases of the "Christian Zionist" movement (led by blowhards and charlatans like John Hagee for example). These "Christian Zionist" rapture cultists could care less about any suffering caused by Israeli crimes, in fact these people basically believe they have to literally "worship" the modern Israeli apartheid regime as a part of their very dogma! And I'm pretty sure the whole ignorant, deluded and nutjob Hagee following crowd aren't even aware that there are Palestinian Christians to start with! Either that or they again simply don't even care about their "fellow Christians" either, especially in view of their whole "bringing on the rapture" goal shall we say.

      Max Blumenthal's classic video with those nutcases again

  • New York City Council official urges Brooklyn College to hire 'professor from Israel'
    • "Jewish students feel that professors are biased against Israel, the Jewish Week recently reported."

      Yeah reality and the historical and political FACTS do indeed have a heavy "anti-Israel" alleged "bias" to them don't they! I guess these are the American equivalent of the fascist Zionist clowns of groups like "Im Tirzu" in Israel: i.e. people who run around "protesting" (and harassing) "liberal" academia and scholars who dare to speak and write the truth!!

      Reminds me of scholar Joseph Massad's mid-2000s article in the US on people like Daniel Pipes and David Horowitz during the Bush regime "Can a patriotic mob takeover the universities?" an old Baruch Kimmerling article on this topic from back in the day (2005 in this case)

  • Demonizing Mandy Patinkin is a tough sell
    • These are people who have even tried "demonize" legendary anti-apartheid activists like Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu and who have also now moved on to uttering some of the most vile statements imaginable against a renowned intellectual and scholar like Stephen Hawking.

  • Latest Geller ad seeks to mute criticism of Israeli apartheid
    • Umm that whole thing about "marrying" ones' rapist is found in the Old Testament/Jewish Bible and is not found in any Islamic religious text whatsoever.

      Deuteronomy 22:28-29

      28 If a man find a damsel that is a virgin, which is not betrothed, and lay hold on her, and lie with her, and they be found; 29 Then the man that lay with her shall give unto the damsel's father fifty shekels of silver, and she shall be his wife; because he hath humbled her, he may not put her away all his days. (King James Version, Deuteronomy 22:28-29)

      As for supposed "aid" to the Islamic countries; as others have noted here this "aid", chiefly to say Egypt, is merely a bribe to make sure Egypt holds its collaborationist/surrender "peace treaty" with the expansionist colonialist Israeli regime (which includes things like the Egyptian government selling Egyptian natural gas to Israel at rock bottom prices far below the actual market price).

      Stop American aid to Zionist criminals

  • Jerusalem Day response - 'the only statement we make on Jerusalem Day is our thanks for the freedom to live and pray in our holiest city'
  • Israeli right-wing flys off the deep end following Hawking boycott
    • "pull out his Intel Core i7 from his tablet"

      Oh these absolutely vapid supposed "arguments" from the oppressive Zionist propagandist morons. Let us see; "Intel Corporation is an American multinational semiconductor chip maker corporation headquartered in Santa Clara, California." again an AMERICAN corporation (that happens to have opened up various offices around the world in countless different countries, not changing the central fact that it is an American company headquartered in the United States again!). And it has been noted that the Israeli regime uses American "aid" money ITSELF to often incentivise American corporations to send some of their production overseas to Israel (with tax breaks, Israeli regime building of facilities saving these American corporations money, etc. etc.)

      Literally, these hasbara claims from this pathetic "style" usually are either this (some ridiculous claim about an AMERICAN corporation, while of course not being open that it is an American corporation in question!) or just straight up Zionist lies of course. The two funniest lies have to be the Zionist claims that they supposedly "invented the cell phone" the real inventor of the cell phone American Martin Cooper of Illinois
      and then their claim to have supposedly "invented" the cherry tomato! Even though cherry tomatoes go back as far as Aztec Mexico in the 15th century CE

      What the Zionists point to there is a newer variety of cherry tomato (there are tons of different varieties of cherry tomatoes, again going back to Aztec Mexico centuries ago!) that some Israeli developed in MODERN TIMES (on stolen Palestinian land) using Peruvian seeds (i.e. seeds from Peru).

      And just to close, this supposed "argument" from the Zionist hasbara clowns is probably most stupid in that they themselves will completely reject such attempted "defenses" of oh lets say Nazi Germany!! I tell these hasbara agents just three things (of the many I could bring up!); unless you "love" Nazi Germany you allegedly must stop using any modern freeway system because the first freeway system in the world was the German autobahn (that the Nazi regime inaugurated), you must stop using COMPUTERS!! because the first modern computer was developed by the Nazi German scientist Konrad Zuse and also stop using anything related in any way to satellites because the basis of all modern rocketry (and thus by extension satellites being sent into orbit) was the Nazi V-1 and V-2 rocket programs (the American government brought over Nazi SS man Werner von Braun to lead NASA after the WW2)
      "Statements on the Internet on what the Nazis invented/ contributed to the modern world" (the person asking the question here seems to be a very similar person to the Zionist propagandists!)

      But something tells me these disreputable Zionist propagandists will actually agree with me on this one, in that none of these inventions supposedly "exonerate" the Nazis of even one of their crimes. Just like the PATHETIC Zionist appeals (and often lies) about their alleged "achievements"; do NOT "exonerate" them of even one of their crimes either.

  • The three whoppers of Alan Dershowitz
    • I think one the best "whoppers", or exposures I should say, of Dershowitz still has to be what the Dersh considers supposed "scholarship", as Norman Finkelstein humorously exposed in their legendary Democracy Now debate. With Finkelstein showing that Dershowitz's supposedly "scholarly" book used such "vaunted" references and source material as a High School syllabus, a Sony Pictures website, and I believe also an Orlando Sentinel opinion page writing!

  • It's in Jerusalem's DNA to be under 'sole Jewish rule,' mayor declares
  • Hagel, Livni and Free Syrian Army commanders reported to gather in D.C. at behest of Israel lobby
    • A good analysis of current events in Syria from "The Real News" network

      "US Syria Policy Promotes Endless Civil War"

      Omar Dahi: Daniel Pipes, neo-con and ultra Zionist, spells out US policy towards Syria - let both sides destroy each other

      As for any of these people in the Free Syrian Army that Western or Zionist groups meet with, I would think they are pretty much just Syrian versions of Ahmed Chalabi pre-2003. As for who holds actual sway on the ground in Syria among the rebels themselves, the strongest and most effective fighting force by far is the group known as Jabhat Al-Nusra (usually given in English as the Al-Nusra Front) which is known to be significantly linked operationally to the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI) aka Al-Qaeda in Iraq and to have officially "signed up" as an Al-Qaeda affiliate with a pledge of loyalty to Ayman al-Zawahiri.

  • Jewish Federations mount campaign against Berkeley divestment measure as 'alienating and hateful'
    • "a world-leader in technology and innovation." This old propaganda nonsense by the hasbara crowd!!

      Not only is much of what they claim simply false to start with (like their absolutely laughably incorrect/LUDICROUS claims such as declaring that Israel allegedly "invented" the cell phone which is actually credited to American Martin Cooper; or claiming Israel "invented" cherry tomatoes when cherry tomatoes go back as far as Aztec Mexico in the 15th century CE!) but there is also an immediate response to these pathetic hasbara claims anyway (again putting aside the simple falsehood of much of what these Zionist propagandists claim to start with) "Top 10 Things The Nazis Got Right"

      Do all the inventions and technology that came out of Nazi Germany (see post #3 in particular) somehow supposedly "exonerate" the Nazis of their crimes as well??! Something tells me the Zionist propagandists in question here, would respond NO very forcefully to that!

  • Diaspora Jews must speak out against the Israeli Law of Return
  • Jewish space plays host to spirited debate over whether Israel is a democracy
    • One central point that comes to mind when anyone tries to claim Israel is supposedly a "democracy" is this quick point from scholar Noel Ignatiev:

      "Unlike many countries, including the United States, the Israeli state does not belong, even in principle, to those who reside within its borders, but is defined as the state of the Jewish people, wherever they may be. That peculiar definition is one reason why the state has to this day failed to produce a written constitution, define its borders, or even declare the existence of an Israeli nationality."

      I believe Professor Shlomo Sand once noted in a lecture on the topic of his first book, "The Invention of the Jewish People", that in this Israel violates the very first principal of what makes a state an actual democracy: that it is owned by all the citizens who live in its' borders. Thus Zionism, by its very own definition and ideology, violates this basic starting principal. Ilan Pappe "Israel is not a democracy"

  • NY synagogue's invitation to Geller to 'promote bigotry' elicits call to cancel event
  • Israel Project 'makeover' shows how U.S. stands between Israel and total isolation
    • I would be interested if anyone has seen what the demographic figures are thought to be, within the United States that is, of right-wing Evangelical nutjobs also often known as Dispensationalists or the Rapture cult lol. Profiled in videos like this classic from Max Blumenthal "Rapture Ready: The Christians United for Israel Tour "

      These clowns, like those Max Blumenthal profiled back in that 2007 video, are certainly (and unfortunately) a quite sizable and powerful force in Republican politics in the US; but I'm not sure about their size relative to the US population as a whole. People like these "rapture" seeking buffoons are not interested in any reality; they are simply brainwashed cultists.

  • 'Do you know any Arabs in London?' Israeli airport authorities grill British photojournalist before kicking him out
    • Khazar is not a "racist" term at all, it is simply the predominant background for somewhere around 90% of the world population that is identified as Jewish (putting aside the little fact that Judaism was, is, and always will be ONLY a religion; no matter how much "race" obsessed neo-Nazis and Zionists will try to deny this simple fact).

      Gene study settles debate over origin of European Jews

      (AFP) – Jan 16, 2013

      PARIS — Jews of European origin are a mix of ancestries, with many hailing from tribes in the Caucasus who converted to Judaism and created an empire that lasted half a millennium, according to a gene study.

      The investigation, its author says, should settle a debate that has been roiling for more than two centuries.

      Jews of European descent, often called Ashkenazis, account for some 90 percent of the more than 13 million Jews in the world today.

      According to the so-called Rhineland Hypothesis, Ashkenazis descended from Jews who progressively fled Palestine after the Moslem conquest of 638 AD.

      They settled in southern Europe and then, in the late Middle Ages, about 50,000 of them moved from the Rhineland in Germany into eastern Europe, according to the hypothesis.

      But detractors say this idea is implausible.

      Barring a miracle --which some supporters of the Rhineland Hypothesis have in fact suggested -- the scenario would have been demographically impossible.

      It would mean that the population of Eastern European Jews leapt from 50,000 in the 15th century to around eight million at the start of the 20th century.

      That birth rate would have been 10 times greater than that of the local non-Jewish population. And it would have occurred despite economic hardship, disease, wars and pogroms that ravaged Jewish communities.

      Seeking new light in the argument, a study published in the British journal Genome Biology and Evolution, compares the genomes of 1,287 unrelated individuals who hail from eight Jewish and 74 non-Jewish populations.

      Geneticist Eran Elhaik of the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health in Baltimore, Maryland, trawled through this small mountain of data in search of single changes in the DNA code that are linked to a group's geographical origins.

      Such telltales have been used in past research to delve into the origins of the Basque people and the pygmy people of central Africa.

      Among European Jews, Elhaik found ancestral signatures that pointed clearly to the Caucasus and also, but to a smaller degree, the Middle East.

      The results, said Elhaik, give sound backing for the rival theory -- the "Khazarian Hypothesis."

      Under this concept, eastern European Jews descended from the Khazars, a hotchpotch of Turkic clans that settled the Caucasus in the early centuries AD and, influenced by Jews from Palestine, converted to Judaism in the 8th century.

      The Judeo-Khazars built a flourishing empire, drawing in Jews from Mesopotamia and imperial Byzantium.

      They became so successful that they sent offshoots into Hungary and Romania, planting the seeds of a great diaspora.

      But Khazaria collapsed in the 13th century when it was attacked by the Mongols and became weakened by outbreaks of the Black Death.

      The Judeo-Khazars fled westwards, settling in the rising Polish Kingdom and in Hungary, where their skills in finance, economics and politics were in demand, and eventually spread to central and western Europe, according to the "Khazarian Hypothesis."

      "We conclude that the genome of European Jews is a tapestry of ancient populations including Judaised Khazars, Greco-Roman Jews, Mesopotamian Jews and Judeans," says Elhaik.

      "Their population structure was formed in the Caucasus and the banks of the Volga, with roots stretching to Canaan and the banks of the Jordan."

      Many things are unknown about the Khazars, whose tribal confederation gathered Slavs, Scythians, Hunnic-Bulgars, Iranians, Alans and Turks.

      But, argues Elhaik, the tale sketched in the genes is backed by archaeological findings, by Jewish literature that describes the Khazars' conversion to Judaism, and by language, too.

      "Yiddish, the language of Central and Eastern European Jews, began as a Slavic language" before being reclassified as High German, he notes.

      Another pointer is that European Jews and their ancestral groups in the Caucasus and Middle East share a relatively high risk of diseases such as cystic fibrosis.

      The investigation should help fine-tune a fast-expanding branch of genomics, which looks at single-change DNA mutations that are linked with inherited disease, adds Elhaik.

      Copyright © 2013 AFP. All rights reserved.

  • If Debbie Wasserman Schultz wants a Palestinian state, why is she embracing Naftali Bennett?
    • The photos in this article of the AIPAC fifth-columnist Wasserman-Schultz are definitely vomit worthy.

      As for what you said about; "israel supporters in the US are always liberals…till you say israel… then it is hard right neocon speak"

      You are completely correct. One of the main areas of this hypocrisy that immediately came to my mind, is how these American Zionist "liberals" are for a path to legalization for undocumented immigrants in the US (something I actually support as well); BUT then these American Zionist supporting "liberals" turn around and wholeheartedly support Israel's racist, draconian anti-migrant laws (which have seen right wing fascistic Zionist politicians saying something has to be done against these mostly African migrants because they "threaten the Jewish character of the state" and are allegedly "a cancer" in the words of one right wing Ziofascist from the Shas party if I recall).

      As Mr. Weiss noted in an article here at Mondoweiss last year: "U.S. Jewish orgs are liberal on illegal immigration here, but intolerant of illegals in Israel"

  • Obama was 'absolutely livid' when Dem platform didn't say Jerusalem is Israel's capital -- Villaraigosa
    • "I banged the gavel for God and Jerusalem and I'm proud that I did."

      WOW!!! What a clown!

      "United Nations Security Council Resolution 478, adopted on 20 August 1980, is one of seven UNSC resolutions condemning Israel's attempted annexation of East Jerusalem."

  • Khalidi's wishlist: Obama will comment on hideous wall and end 'charitable' contributions to illegal settlers
  • Day One of Obama in Israel/Palestine -- 'It's good to be back in the land of Israel,' Obama says in Hebrew
  • Benjamin Netanyahu vs. The Two-State Solution
    • CNN's Fareed Zakaria had a very interesting piece on this a couple of years back:

      The vid even shows Bennie Mileikowksy as a younger man saying he will never accept "another Arab state" or a "second Palestinian state"; i.e. that old fascistic Jabotinsky Revisionist Zionist movement claim that "Jordan is Palestine!" Because these right wing Revisionist Zionists, unlike even the main block of Labour Zionists under David Gryn aka Ben-Gurion, considered the British granting the Emirate of Transjordan to the Hashemites (who had lost out to the also British allied house of Saud aka Saudis in the Arabian Peninsula itself) as supposedly "stealing" Jordan from them (i.e. the Revisionist Zionists, who had wanted and promoted an ideology of having their colonization "on BOTH sides of the Jordan River").

      And Bennie Mileikowsky finishes up by VERY INTERESTINGLY having said in this old vid that Palestinians should be offered either Israeli or Jordanian citizenship (instead of having their own independent state)! Fareed Zakaria notes the Palestinians should take him up on this old offer, and demand FULL, equal Israeli citizenship today! i.e. the road to a One-State Solution.

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