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  • Scarlett and Oxfam chat over Palestinian land loss
  • NY Mayor tells AIPAC: 'Part of my job description is to be a defender of Israel'
  • Ben-Gurion airport security cites Nazis to justify invasive search
    • Hey fox, this is the usual procedure in the US's airports..... So once it had been occurred in Israel it's suddenly a Nazi action for you? Bad Joke.

  • Jewish establishment slams MLA boycott panel for not including Israel advocates
  • Defending Zionism under the cloak of academic freedom
    • Don't you think that "broad-brush boycott of ALL Israeli institutions and businesses" will economically hurt and hit first the Palestinians and the PA, because they are the weaker economic chain in the area? That situation will lead to a new Intifada which will inflict disastrous consequences over the Arabs in the "West Bank". Israel will surely exploit the chaos to hit further and farther the Islamic terror infrastructure in the "West Bank" which will lead the Arabs to a new Nakba.

  • Avigdor's triumph: Israel reportedly wants to transfer northern villages into Palestinian state
    • What fascism in letting the Arabs stay at their place and just move the border so that their national state will be also their home? I think the opposite, that this suggestion is moral and human of the most extant.

    • Is a Palestinian state without Jews not apartheid and Judenrein?

    • What's wrong with handing Umm al-Fahm and Taibeh to the Palestinians under the PA state? Don't these Arab Muslims want be a part of their national state and prefer to stay under the rule of their Jewish enemy?
      Something weird here.

  • Video: Nabi Saleh activist shot at point blank range by Israeli border police (Updated)
    • Manal Tamimi is an excellent HasbaraH agent. But what state let violent protestors to get closer and approach the police / army soldiers? It is not happend in the US nor even in Denmark! Protesters know that they should apply to the police rules or otherwise will be treated properly. The Palestinians are using the generosity of the Israelis and trying to impose their roll on the scene and fix their rules there. Yet the Israelis treat them too soft, but when needs to stop their violent it stops even by shoot.
      Btw, I saw no hit on the leg, No hole in the trousers! no pouring blood. It’s all amature decorated makeup!!! It’s all again a Falsetinian proPALganda HasbaraH that you wish to buy for free and not paid by you!!!!

  • Danny Ayalon fabricates Christian fears in Islamophobic hasbara video
  • 'Fast Times in Palestine' offers a glimpse of what has been, what is, and what could be
    • Thanks for your approval to attack Iran's nuke sites, but the attacker has his timeline and consideration to execute the mission in the proper time. I'm very much exited for your tempestuous reaction but you have to understand that living in the somnambulist Islamic Middle East is not like living in Bombston, it much enthusiastic mission.
      Thanks for you grief, I'll pass it to the Iranians.

    • War on Iran? better say an attack on Iran's nuclear infrastructure. It has nothing to do with ground divisions invasion, but by aerial attacks. Israel already prevented Iraq (1981) and Syria (2007) from accomplish their nuclear missions and nothing special occurred after. The same will be if Israel or the US will attack Iranian's sites. Iran has nothing practically to do to stop the attacks or to retaliate militarily. What they can do is to send their "revolutionary guards" and bomb some Israel embassy in South America (when there are large Shiites congregations).

  • State Dept human rights report on Israel: 'most significant human rights problems during the year were terrorist attacks against civilians; institutional and societal discrimination against Arab citizens'
  • Diaspora Jews must speak out against the Israeli Law of Return
  • Teachers’ Union of Ireland endorses academic boycott of Israel in unanimous vote
    • Dublin sociology lecturer and anti-Israel TUI's activist David Landy said the move “set an historic precedent". I'm sure he meant by saying "historic precedent" to Nazi Germany boycotting of the Jews of Europe (Ashkenazim) and Northern Africa (Mizrahim) that was later continued to destruction and murder of most Jews there. I'm really sorry that there are still some pro-Nazis left in America who continue to support the boycotting and extermination of the Jews.

  • 'Do you know any Arabs in London?' Israeli airport authorities grill British photojournalist before kicking him out
    • The Zionists follow America and Britain. 4% of Israelis deny entry to Britain and US. ..... btw, most of them Muslim Arabs. Only 0.7% Americans deny entry to Israel. Israel is a better democracy!

  • Israeli drumbeat grows for Pollard's release ahead of Obama visit
    • Pollard will be released, if not this year, then until 2016, when he will be 30 years at jail. You should remember that his trial was a slut. Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger passed secret memorandum to the eyes of the judge only without the knowledge of Pollard's attorney. His document was full of false allegations against Pollard as if he had betrayed and revealed to the Russians some CIA agents that were caught at the same time. What was not known at the time that whoever passed the intelligence to the Russians were three Americans who spied for the Russians. Unfortunately, these spies were uncovered only after Pollard's trial was over. It turns out that Pollard received the bulk of his sentence because the Americans suspected that he had passed information to the Russians too, proved to be incorrect later. However, the American legal system would not make Pollard retrial in light of the new facts that shown Weinberger allegations as simple lies. Ironically, two American spies working for the Soviet Union whom caught after Pollard were already released from prison! Something rotten in the American justice!

      Contrary to the widespread belief, the 2012’s CIA report reveals that Pollard did not procure secrets about the United States—nor did Israel ask him to. The intelligence he provided his Israeli handlers consisted of the information that the United States had acquired concerning Arab and other Middle Eastern states.
      More ridiculously, that most of the information Pollard passed to Israel was also passed to Israel by the U.S. military intelligence in the daily life sharing knowledge between both countries.

      It should be noted that in the 80’s Israel caught three Israelis employed by American intelligence officer in the US embassy in Israel. One of them was an Air Force’s major. But on this issue the United States asked Israel not to make noise in these cases, preferring to judge them to minor penalties and without a lot of buzz.
      My feeling is Pollard case is still on topic just because he is a Jew who spied for Israel, which further infuriates Americans, especially the Jews who feel strange remote from Israel. Like Weinberger feared that if not work hard against Pollard, there will be some people around him thinking that he is playing still the hidden Jew.

  • Using secret travel ban, Israel prepares to deport activist Adam Shapiro preventing him from being at the birth of his first child
    • What apartheid has to do here? Israel, as the US, has the same mandate to forbid her enemies to enter the land. Do you know how many tourists the US holds at airports and sends back each year? and they don't even know if they are Anti Americans or not.

  • Shared Values Watch: US honors Rosa Parks, Israel announces segregated buses
    • Why An Arab-Israel student goes to Ariel College in the West Bank?
      What a Chutzpah!!!! (-;

  • Denied entry by Israel, American teacher prepares to say goodbye to Palestinian students
    • Israel doesn't meet the 3% rule because most of these 3% are Arab Israelis. So check yourselves first. Americans are free to enter Israel (but as we see Israel as any other peace loving democracy hold back any foreign warmonger intruders).

      Israelis have free pass to all European countries including Russia. They have free pass to main not Islamic Eastern Asian states and South America.

  • 'Emergency Committee for Israel' can dish it out, but it can't--
    • The sad true is that he is an Anti-Semite. Anti-Semites always will blame the Jew for the bad and the ugly in the world. For that case Anti-Semites blame Israel for the "Arab spring", 911, Titanic, WWI and WWII, Civil war..... you name it.

  • Israel's image takes another hit with the 'Prisoner X' scandal
    • As seen today in Australia, the public interests on prisoner X rapidly decaying. The public is not interested in prisoner X and minding on its own business. Jewish communities expressed their confident and support for Israel. Australian Government officials call to explore and check the Australian security agencies. The Anti-Israel ‘Blogeria’ trying to keep the issue on top headlines, not because they care for Zygier who acted wrongly but because they understand that they can bash Israel , especially because most of the facts are not known to them and their readers.
      But the detainee X is a X that has a name (so he is no X). When he was arrested, the Australian ambassador to Israel was updated, revised Australian defense and intelligence officials, the Zygier family was updated at the first day and Zygier had four well known Israeli lawyers to help him.
      The Zygier case is that he was investigated by the Australian inner security agency for the reason he renewed his passport, and during the investigation Zygier revealed that he was working for the Mossad and he also told them what the project he did for them. The Israelis found it and questioned him about the leak. He was supposed to be released after signing a non-disclosure state secrets agreement. Zygier probably committed suicide in prison before that, because of the shame and weakness he felt.

  • Exchange on anti-Sephardi racism on the left
    • Ashkenazim Jews also rejecting their European-ness in Israel because they grew up under sovereign Jewish culture. Forth Mizrahi Jews descendants in Israel don't see themselves "Arabs" by culture, as the Ashkenazim Jews. The third and forth generations of Israelis are already mixed because of large numbers of intermarriage.
      Keffiyeh, Humus etc. are not solely Arabic by nature but a Middle Eastern culture that is shared among all tribes and peoples. Keffiyeh is an old head cover that all ancient peoples wore even before the Arabs invaded out of Saudi Arabia. Ancient Hebrews, Israelites, Judeans and Jews in the Middle East wore the same cloths then and until 20th century. The Jews wore also Keffyie which in Hebrew is called “Kipa”. They didn’t have to “steal” the Keffiye or the Kipa from Arabs. The same is about Humus and Pita, for example. Humus (chickpeas) was the main food of the oriental for the last 10,000 years. Jews ate it as the others. Humus is mentioned in the Bible even before Arabs were first mentioned in history scripts. – Ruth, 2, 14 : “And Boaz said unto her, At mealtime come thou hither, and eat of the bread, and dip thy morsel in the vinegar…..” . There is a problem in translation from Hebrew to English but what in English is called “Morsel” is written in Hebrew “Pita” (flat round bread) and the “Vinegar” is not the now day’s liquid but Hometz (chickpeas) or Himtza and in Arabic it called Hummus. The Hummus is mention again in Isaia, 30, 24 : “The oxen likewise and the young asses that till the ground shall eat savoury provender, which hath been winnowed with the shovel and with the fan”. “Savoury provender” written in the Hebrew texts as “Blil Hamitz Yochelu”, “Mixture of Hamitz they shall eat”, a perfect Yiddish Hummus.

  • Multiple reports say Chuck Hagel to be Defense Secretary nominee

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