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Annie Robbins

Annie Robbins is Editor at Large for Mondoweiss, a mother, a human rights activist and a ceramic artist. She lives in the SF bay area. Follow her on Twitter @anniefofani

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  • 'This is our state, the Jewish state.... our nation, language and flag' --Netanyahu triumphs with new law
    • where did the beginning of the end of israel go? hmm. is that a trick question? it's been on a downhill road since the beginning.

    • Interesting to look at how the NYT is reporting this.
      on page A6!

    • the beginning of the end came and went a long time ago.

  • Leading US Israel supporter is abused at Israeli airport for having 'Palestine' pamphlet
    • sad. no words.

    • not that i know of

    • that video is beyond intense.

    • i stumbled upon Michael Koplow's thread of tweets a few hours ago without realizing this post was up, and left a few comments too regarding israel isolating palestinians and not making it easy for them to have any visitors at all.

      as an aside here is an example of a trip possibly similar to the one Mr Koplow attended
      this trips is by invitation only, i am not sure if all of their trips are but it appears so from their list of upcoming programs, they are all "Intensive Leadership Seminars"

      Encounter’s Intensive Leadership Seminars are by-invitation-only programs designed for mid-to-high level Jewish communal leaders. Each seminar cohort is comprised of leading Jewish professionals in their various fields and select lay leaders committed to a more nuanced, informed and constructive engagement with Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

      Our Programs
      Encounter’s educational programs equip Jewish leaders with a more textured understanding of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Participants return with a renewed commitment to engaging with perspectives entirely different from their own, and a dedication to leading new conversations in their communities. Through our Immersive and Continuing Education programs, Encounter is building the capacity of the Jewish people to confront the complexities of Israeli-Palestinian issues and lead in new ways.

      on the "about us"page it says "Many of our community’s leaders — leaders who play an active role in shaping American Jewish engagement with Israel and the conflict — rarely have the opportunity to hear directly from the Palestinians with whom our people’s story is so intimately intertwined. "

      so it sounds like they are providing a structured opportunity for hand picked jewish leaders to engage with hand picked palestinians. interesting.

      another aside, Michael Koplow just tweeted an article he wrote at the forward

      "Me in @jdforward on Israel’s nation-state bill and how it falls short of the standards that ethical nationalism (which Zionism is) should strive to meet"

    • Page: 234
  • Ocasio-Cortez hedges criticisms of Israel-- 'I may not use the right words'
    • monday morning, echi's found himself another really big fish to fry.

    • rob, i hope you're wrong too. i read Stepping's article and wasn't impressed. wrote about why earlier, see my archives.

    • the only one around here with a superman costume is echi, the keyboard champion of mondoweiss. boring!

    • Ocasio-Cortez seemed to walk back her comments. She wrote that tweet as an “activist,” she said — she’s not an activist anymore, now she’s about to be a congressperson representing a broad district (with many Zionist Jews in it), and she promised to “learn and evolve.” Ocasio-Cortez vowed that she supports the two-state solution, she seemed flustered when asked why she used the term “occupation,” and she apologized for herself, saying that she’s not an expert on Middle East issues. “I may not use the right words.”

      i didn't hear her walk back her tweet. saying "this is not a referendum on the "state" of israel" (and she emphasized "state" with her voice and her hands) doesn't mean she doesn't think a massacre was taking place.

      i didn't hear her say she wasn't an activist anymore: "I saw this incident, as an activist, as an organizer"......"people are starting to see in the occupation of Palestine is just an increasing crisis of humanitarian conditions and that to me is just where I tend to come from on this issue." there was nothing in there about 'i'm about to become a congressperson' and therefore no longer see this as a crises.

      I just look at things through a human rights lens, and I may not use the right words– I know this is a very intense issue.

      that to me is not an apology. i just didn't hear her apologize nor walk back her words. furthermore, she comes from DSA, she has not walked back anything from DSA and they voted 90-10 to boycott israel. furthermore, as she explained on an earlier interview, when crowley ask her if she would endorse him if he won the primary, she said she represented a movement and she's have to discuss that with her movement.

      AOC: Oh– I think, what I meant is that the settlements that are increasing in some of these areas and places where Palestinians are experiencing difficulty in access to housing and homes.

      more accurately:

      AOC: Oh um (long pause) – I think it, what I meant is like the - the settlements that are increasing in some of these areas and places where um where Palestinians are experiencing ah difficulty in access to ah their housing and homes.

      this is more body language and hesitation than i've ever heard her, and i've watched a lot of her interviews. what stood out for me the most in this interview was when Hoover tried to separate protestors in gaza from protestors in ferguson, puerto rico, or the bronx , with her "very different from people expressing their First Amendment right to protest". ocasio-cortez responded to these words with caution, but she said them:

      AOC: Well, yes, but I also think that what people are starting to see, at least in the occupation of Palestine, is just an increasing crisis of humanitarian conditions. And that to me is just where I tend to come from on this issue.

      how often do we even hear "occupation of palestine" on national TV? or "palestine" for that matter? she didn't say palestinian occupied territories. she's been around the block, she knows what a hot button issue this is.

      no apology, no walking back. she'll listen to both sides, sure. but she went on national tv and said "the occupation of palestine" is an increasing crisis of humanitarian conditions. And that to her, is just where she tends to come from on this issue. she stuck to her guns.

  • Irish senate passes bill banning products from Israeli settlements
    • oss, at this juncture, i wouldn't worry too much about the purity patrol. let's just hope it passes the final vote.

  • 100 days since protests began, Gazans reflect on what the Great March of Return has accomplished so far
    • a ballon is not a real threat to life, not unless you swallow it or are a complete idiot.

    • the teachers kept the children away from the balloon and noone was hurt? this is our rawan, my dear friend, who rarely ever speaks of, or references, physical threats to her person. and contrary to the threat of the ballon, many people died on this day, including children. your callousness and insensitivity to real threats is grotesque. this preceded the "ballon". do you really think israel can keep slaughtering palestinians endlessly with no repercussions? apparently yes, you do:

    • a fire bearing balloon?

    • what's that supposed to mean jon? all of "Trump-Kushner" plans are adelson or israel dictates. they don't just pull things out of their collective hats. and didn't you read the blockquotes i provided, specifically

      Some of these ideas were first raised by Maj. Gen. (ret.) Yoav Mordechai, who until recently was the coordinator of government activities in the territories. Mordechai represented Israel at a Gaza conference at the White House earlier this year.

      and the plan preceded trump by a long time. or do you have some kind of reading comprehension issue, cited by AJ (above) from aug 2014 (after the summer slaughter):

      he told Egyptian TV that the Israeli plan had “unfortunately been accepted by some here [in Egypt] … Don’t ask me more about that. We abolished it.”

      apparently they didn't "abolish it" for good now did they? and your response is

      Ok, I get it, it’s a Trump-Kushner plan.
      And I thought for a moment that it was something serious…
      and then divert to a dead falcon? what a waste of time taking your query seriously and digging up the links.

      Trump-Kushner are just pushing through an israeli plan no other US administration would take up. israel is determined to split palestine permanently and if there's another war on gaza it won't be because of some ballons or falcons it will be to push through their ethnic cleansing sinai plans once and for all because trump won't be in office forever. this is what's at the core of this escalation right now. and none of your silly reactionary diversionary hasbara will distract from what's really going on here. kurshner came to the region and palestinians refused his advances and israel is taking it out on gaza. pressure pressure pressure.

    • re egypt: from a year ago:

      At a meeting of Fatah loyalists in August 2014, Abbas reportedly said that a "senior leader in Egypt" had told him: "A refuge must be found for the Palestinians and we have all this open land."

      A week earlier, he told Egyptian TV that the Israeli plan had "unfortunately been accepted by some here [in Egypt] … Don't ask me more about that. We abolished it."

      Abbas was unclear about whether these were references to Sisi or his predecessor, Mohamed Morsi, who briefly headed a Muslim Brotherhood government before being removed by the Egyptian military.

      At the same time, a report in the London-based Arab newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat indicated how long the Sinai plan may have been gestating. An aide to Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian president until he was toppled in 2011, quoted the former leader as saying: "We are fighting both the US and Israel … In a year or two, the issue of Palestinian refugee camps in Sinai will be internationalised."

      Indications that the Sinai plan may have been revived at a high level have come from Ayoub Kara, a government minister and ally of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

      In February, shortly before Netanyahu and Trump met in Washington, Kara tweeted that the two leaders would "adopt the plan of Egypt's Sisi. A Palestinian state in Gaza and Sinai".

    • egypt doesn't have to agree, just some corrupt egyptian puppets. sic black cube on them, i'm sure they can come up w/something. that's not the stumbling block, it's that palestine won't negotiate their own demise.

    • also, if they start pounding gaza again this will be why. remember back in 2012 when israel made that war to get abbas to back off the statehood bid, same thing. abbas is refusing to talk to kushner (because no palestinian will negotiate their removal from palestine) and this is what israel does when they can't squeeze more blood out of the turnip, they squeeze more. but it's not seemly to massacre lots of people because they won't bend to your geopolitical genocidal plans so making it about kites is the current excuse. there would be no burning kites if that reconstruction had taken place which they have no intention of doing.

    • i'm surprised you have not heard of it by now jon. i know it's not officially announced in the US, but the plan has been around for awhile. they want to take all of gaza's reconstruction money and build in the sinai instead. that's the new peace plan. that's why abbas won't speak to them.

      this is a long term plan as described here Minister claims Netanyahu, Trump will push for Palestinian state in Sinai: and here IS TRUMP EYEING A PLAN TO EXPAND A PALESTINIAN STATE INTO SINAI?: those are both from 2017.

      more recently "Trump Administration Will Ask Gulf States to Invest Up to $1 Billion in Gaza Economy
      Most projects, like port and solar energy grid, planned for northern Sinai near border ■ Sources: Kushner, Greenblatt will raise issue on upcoming Mideast trip to generate momentum before peace plan unveiling"

      … According to these sources, Kushner and Greenblatt hope to secure funding from the Gulf states and the cooperation of Israel and Egypt in implementing the economic projects.
      The White House declined to elaborate, telling Haaretz that the administration “won’t discuss specifics before the conversations have taken place.” Kushner and Greenblatt are heading to the Middle East this week for talks focusing on both Gaza and the administration’s upcoming peace plan.

      According to Israeli sources, one option being discussed is a solar energy project that would serve some of Gaza’s energy needs. It would be built near the Egyptian town of El-Arish in northern Sinai. The sources said that overall the White House hoped that somewhere between $500 million and $1 billion would be raised.

      .....Among long-term projects to serve Gaza would be the construction of a port in northern Sinai and the building of a power plant and water desalination plant. The general framework of most of the projects is construction in northern Sinai near the Gaza border. Such undertakings could create jobs for thousands of Gazans.
      Some of these ideas were first raised by Maj. Gen. (ret.) Yoav Mordechai, who until recently was the coordinator of government activities in the territories. Mordechai represented Israel at a Gaza conference at the White House earlier this year.
      As Haaretz reported last month, the plans being considered include a new industrial zone, desalination plants and plants making construction materials in northern Sinai.

      this is why kurshner is not revealing the plan. see the interview

      palestinians have every right to protest, they are now squeezing them more and more and try to frame this as about kites. it's not. netanyahu has this finite time while trump is president and he wants to start implementing this sinai plan. it really doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this stuff out.

    • jon, what do you think of the plan to reconstruct gaza in the sinai?

  • Netanyahu’s war on transcendence 
    • (1) open, (2) half-open or half-closed, (3) closed.

      2, the middle ages. 3, holocaust. 1, common everyday usage in cities and districts all across the country and the world in 2018.

      my point, cherry picking isolated periods in history where ghettos acted as prisons doesn't change the fundamental definition of a ghetto.

      a part of a city, especially a slum area, occupied by a minority group or groups.

    • i agree keith. plus, ghettos (unlike prisons and concentration camps) you can enter and exit. big difference.

  • 'Killing Gaza' gives faces to statistics of 2014 massacre, echoing Goldstone
    • “imposed a blockade designed not only to prevent Hamas from importing weapons, but to punish Gazans for electing it.”

      hamas won in the west bank too.

  • Palestinians on high alert as Israel prepares to hand over East Jerusalem nature reserve and Muslim cemetery to settlers
  • On Rabbi Andy Bachman’s public congratulations to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
    • your strawman logic being common logic no doubt. of course, why didn't i think of that. take last word - boring.

    • misterioso, yes i have heard about Omar's campaign. there's also a dem candidate in new mexico Deb Haaland, who just won the primary, who had tweeted out the names of palestinians massacred by israel during the great return march (or so i've heard). if she wins the election she'll be the first native american woman in congress. there's some handwringing going on:

    • getting new votes for the Democrat Party makes it that she works against the Democrat Party, is that it?

      that's a strawman. maybe i didn't make myself clear.

    • keith, i'm not really sure she is a dem, although she's running on the party ticket, as i mentioned elsewhere she's dsa. in her interview w/crowley he asked if she'd support him if he won and she said she wouldn't say as she works with a movement. there's this civil war in the dem party and i think some people think it would be easier to take over the party. so i'm not sure what's going on but she did take out a very big fish, part of the old guard. about steppling's article:

      there is something curious about her whole story. And her web page says her father was a small business owner and other places it says he is an architect. None of this matters, mind you, except that she is certainly not well known in the Bronx by activists or anyone else. She strikes me, personally, as culturally a Westchester County product, not the Bronx.

      i don't find this very compelling. for one thing, if something doesn't matter, why say it? her dad's dead since she was 18 so it goes to show he did very little research when he writes "it says he is an architect". and who is he to know "she is certainly not well known in the Bronx by activists or anyone else"? that reeks of innuendo. i think it's a little too early to write her off. i don't know her views on venuzuela and am not into the russia thing at all. but health care, palestine, the job thing, running with no corp funds, i like this. and i really like DSA. they voted 90-10 for bds, rather famously. that's her roots, not kennedy when she was 18. and sanders, whatever he's become, was never part of the dem party "machine". for the most part, he ran an independent campaign. she says she's an organizer, so let's see what she organizes. i don't know if culturally she more Westchester County than the bronx. 40 minutes away, all her cousins there, she speaks spanish, something tells me they visited more than twice a year. she lives in the same apartment she did as a child, that means you have some roots there. i get your caution but i'm all for moving out the old guard and seeing what the millennials have to offer. sure, she could be a cia plant or something, but i'm not prone in that direction right now.

    • There might be some logic in that –just not the usual kind of logic.

      that's how strawmen usually seem to me too.

    • she's not "come back to the fold" she targets voters who have not voted before. she's DSA running on a dem ticket.

    • keith, i think ocasio-cortez is way ahead of the pack. i rec this new interview with her:

  • First they came for Alan Dershowitz
    • tuyzentfloot, most people in the country don't vote. the dem party is ripe for an overthrow. not sure that could happen without an influx of new left voters. the alternative is a new party, or parties.

    • Tuyzentfloot, your link went straight to english for me. lots of bullies out to get her and crowley won't take his name off the ballot, so maybe they're going full throttle to take her out early in the games, who knows.

      but the clues from which you conclude that Cortez is more of the same, they aren’t worth anything.

      to me either.

      i just watched a great interview with her here.

  • 'We have been ignored': Palestinian diaspora in Guatemala responds to Jerusalem embassy move
  • Dems have four congressional candidates willing to criticize Israel -- and 'reap political rewards'
    • why rusty? she turns 35 a few weeks before the election.

    • misterioso, this reminds me of an article i read this morning in the new republic (of all places) called "give the left a chance".

      If the Democratic Party wants to reclaim state legislatures and Congress, it will have to turn out voters. And if voters want universal health care, free public college, and a fairer immigration policy, then the party should give them what they want. It’s also what we all need.

      the way to get women to turn out en masse for an election, is to give them something to vote for, not against. seems so simple doesn't it.

    • Luckily for the Lobby she can’t run for 1600 Pennsylvania for another ten years.

      she was born on October 13, 1989. that means she will be 35 on October 13, 2024. that's only 6+ years.

  • Speaker at Israeli gov't conference promotes genocide against Arabs and non-Jews
    • shorter peacedoc: metaphorically,'wiping out tens of thousands of Jews’ means it's possible to co-existence with jews from birth out of the belief that in mutuality it is possible to live in peace with them.'

      yeah that makes total sense.

  • Miriam Adelson urges young American Jews to 'have more Jewish babies' and 'lobby governments' for Israel
    • ask the PA and Hamas why Jews are excluded from the areas they control.

      if the PA and hamas are were in control the blockade would not exist, nor the occupation. that said, it's not true jews are excluded from gaza or the west bank. i was on a delegation to gaza of at least 60 people that was likely at least 30% jewish. i don't think they even asked if people were jewish. it wasn't until we entered israel we were required to identify as affiliated with a religion (of which i am not a part of but they would not take "none" for an answer and after many questions assigned me as "christian"). so this allegation of yours is patently false ("dead wrong").

    • modus operandi

  • The Gaza blockade is illegal-- and so is the use of force to maintain it
    • the United Nations’ Palmer Commission Report concluded

      the 4 person inquiry w/Uribe on it? color me unimpressed.

      he [Uribe] helped organize a series of armed self-defense groups. Many grew into right-wing paramilitaries, allied with drug cartels and landowners. The paracos, as they were called, operated across the country, massacring civilians suspected of guerrilla ties, sometimes in close coördination with the Army: one favored method of instilling terror was to chainsaw people to death in public.

    • An unresolved conflict means that there is no right of return.

      yeah, we figured out israel's MO a long time ago.

    • whether or not they had been there before is irrelevant.

      exactly, whether or not they weren't returning is irrelevant to the israeli government, they just called it a return for propaganda purposes.

      the vast, vast majority of Palestinians

      ouch, the double vast. considering over 50% of palestinians are children and their parents and grandparents ethnically cleansed from their land, so.what.

    • The Palestinian Right of Return is an extralegal demand made by the enemies of Israel, against the wishes of and in defiance of Israel.

      The Palestinian Right of Return preceded israel's Law of Return, no doubt named in competition of the palestinian original. however, the meaning of the term "return" for palestinians, in its origin, was literal. it meant a literal return, the way the word is generally understood (come or go back to a place or person), not some hypothetical idea 1000's of years in the future people immigrating to a place the forefathers of their religion at one time departed.

      just thought i'd point that out. none of the jewish colonists who immigrated to israel in the 20th century were, in actuality and in contrast to palestinians, returning to a place they had ever set foot in, nor had their parents or grandparents 100 times over, and if ever, for anyone jewish by means of conversion which applied to 1000's of them. just sayin'. you can't really return to a place you've never set foot in nor your parents. that's brainwashing, but very clever pr/hasbara legislation by israel.

    • oh i think it's a lot more than 30m.

  • Jewish allies must understand that solidarity entails a loss of privilege
    • "Obviously" private visits to anywhere in Zionist-occupied Palestine is open collaboration with the enemy?


    • I feel that the flow of ideas that is encouraged when leftist Jews comes to Israel is good both for Israel and for those leftist Jews

      and the flow of ideas that come from palestinians? reminds me of a story i read this week about a jewish man interacting with a palestinian journalist. his assistant had never met a jew before who was not a soldier.

      My parents live there, my siblings live there, most of my nieces and nephews live there. I have an uncle and cousins there. I have a few close friends there..... So I make my decisions for me, but I wonder what decisions I would make if I were in the same “it really makes no difference whether I eat grapes and support La Huelga” or not situation like you.

      I wonder what decisions you would make if your parents, your siblings, most of your nieces and nephews, an uncle, cousins and a few close friends were palestinian and lived there.

    • you guys make an awesome tag team -- think about working out together more often.

      kid, the gleefully misquoting part, absolutely right.

      speaking of optimism, how's that wait working out for you?

    • ech, i'm not ever answering for anyone but myself, contrary to allegations. me suggesting you could start a public statement yourself, asking you if not why not, was inspired by you. if you find it fallacious, so be it.

    • paranam, you just quoted echi, not me. and no, i have not deleted any comments today, including yours. i don't do the lion's share of moderation here anymore.

      and for anyone trying to reach adam or phil i suggest email , as i doubt they read most of the comments here unless someone calls their attention to them.

    • your simple yes-or-no question of 'if not why not' is right after '67 you got baptized and legally changed your typically jewish last name which has severely restricted your career choices. and for this reason you can't start a campaign for American Jews to renounce their right to Israeli citizenship.

      of course, that's perfectly logical. no reason to question it merely because you're anonymous and could literally say anything.

    • An agency could be set up to issue certificates of transfer

      stephen, this reminds me of an installation at blackrock (burning man) that issued and stamped passports, not sure if they're still doing it. what a great idea.
      i wonder if birthwrong would be into it

    • I’m just a lowly tapeworm.

      you post anonymously by choice. but i suppose anyone jewish could make such a public statement "to renounce their right to Israeli citizenship" in their own name. if a petition or public statement got 1000 names it wouldn't need anyone famous -- it would be news.

      your dismissive response (as an anonymous "tapeworm"?), could well be misinterpreted as an attempt to deflect responsibility.

    • you could start a public statement echi, you don't need phil to do it. if not, why not?

    • oh please

  • Isaac Herzog won't apologize for saying intermarriage is a 'plague'
  • Riveting Thai cave story was missing one element -- Israel to the rescue!
  • Birthright dissident calls on 1000s of Jews doing trip to 'make Birthright uncomfortable'
    • when i was in jerusalem, after spending a week in gaza and a few days in the west bank, i think what surprised me the most was so many jewish women being completely covered. i remember walking around a market in the morning and thinking 'they are as covered as the women in gaza'. cuffs covering the wrists and the necklines, everything. i didn't expect it.

  • What happens when you say 'Nakba' in Hebrew – an interview with Eitan Bronstein Aparicio
    • what an interesting interview. these attempts to utilize the courts and past draconian legislation (the nabka law) for incremental tightening of the noose to wrestle this gallery away from leftists and clamp down further on any reference to nakba is fodder for a Fellini movie.

  • 'This is apartheid, there is no better word for it': Calls for boycott growing among mainstream Israelis
    • I’ll just throw in the fact that it is very much a Meditarranean type culture in many ways where the sea and the sun and political cynicism play a big role.

      gurvitz's article zeroed in on a specific facet of the culture that spanned from Issac Herzog, Jewish Agency, to Baruch Marzel, the 2 former not necessarily overtly (or commonly) associated with blatant racism unlike Marzel (although i'd beg to differ), and demonstrated how they share the same essentially racist ideology. and i'd argue this is cultural. but you bring up a point about culture w/this 'sea and sun' comment that more accurately reflects my ideas about culture in general which is that it doesn't imply everyone has to be on board with something, or share it culturally, to have it be part of a culture. ie, some people might think of american culture as apple pie and baseball where others might associate it with incarceration, the country on the planet with the highest percentage of citizen's imprisoned, and how that is an extension of our culture of slavery. both are true, but one can easily be steeped in american culture w/nary a thought of either one.

      certainly when i think of israel 'sea, sun and the mediterranean' are not what pops into my mind, but for many that's exactly what israel is, or how they experience it. but israel, as a zionist entity, i'd imagine it would be practically impossible to separate that from the legacy of israeli jews and all their right wing supporters.

    • ech, first off, i'm not objecting to your statement, i just didn't know what you were basing your opinion on. and personally, i don't expect anything in the region to unfold peacefully except perhaps some incremental changes (albeit most changes, incremental or not, are violent). as far as omitting any of your words, i intended my commentary to address your full statement, and the omission was due to being precise in the part i didn't understand.

      that said, "1" is self evident. "As far as the effectiveness of boycott alone", doesn't change the premise of my question.

      A huge lot of people I know do.

      because we all know you discussed this article with a huge amount of people. s/ this is called the bandwagon effect in point scoring. either way, i'm not suggesting there's 100's standing behind him. we all know the left in israel is small. but again, i have no reason to think he's lying. "a group of intellectuals and cultural figures " could be 20 people in a country of millions. i agree they'd be "1,000x more effective by announcing, with signatures, that they refuse to participate in invasion", if there were a lot of them which there probably are not. as far as emigrating, it's effective up to a point. pappe emigrated, not sure how much of a difference it made. of course if there were 1000's standing behind him that might make a difference, but a couple dozen? not so much.

      still not getting where the "blissfully unaware of the suicidal nature of ideological Zionists" comes from, in relation to the effectiveness of boycott or not. he seems like a relatively smart guy, i'd imagine it's occurred to him, in whatever "blissful" state you're imagining.

    • In the total absence of any cultural element common to the different species of “Jews”, the only “cultural Jewishness” that can be invoked with a semblance of reality is the Zionist entity culture.

      aside from totally rejecting your idea of jews being a species, or several species, it appears you're arguing there's a "total absence of any cultural element" jews have in common, hence, and as a result of that, you've determined “cultural Jewishness” is equal to "zionist entity culture"? is that what you're saying? could you explain further?

      because how can one simultaneously argue there's a "total absence" of any common cultural element and also maintain all jews share "zionist entity culture"? i'm confused!

    • he seems ..blissfully unaware of the suicidal nature of ideological Zionists ...and equally unaware of the relentless push by the Zionist leadership who...currently sees no reason to compromise.

      curious why you write that. they described the situation as

      a timebomb of national and religious tensions, there will be no future and no life

      and they didn't specifically address zionism nor the term "suicidal" but effectively "no future and no life" amounts to the same thing. but why would you assume they are "blissfully unaware"? did you listen to the soundcloud interview?

      Wonder why all we have is 2 authors, no other signatures?

      it's very common to write and publish op-eds without attached signatures. they wrote "We represent a group of intellectuals and cultural figures central to Israeli society, several of whom are world renowned in their fields" and i have no reason to assume they are lying.

  • US Jewish leader expresses compassion for refugees at US border-- and contempt for Palestinian refugees
    • I served honourably in the IDF, that doesn’t make me a terrorist.

      not sure it's possible to serve honourably in the armed forces of an apartheid state who routinely participates in war crimes. it seems like a contradiction in terms.

  • Birthright walkout is met with vitriolic rage in Israel -- 'Radicals' 'You will get raped'
    • it's true tho, if the country had nothing to hide and had no legitimacy issues, anyone who asked questions would likely receive answers and those who wanted to leave the group to go see & experience for themselves would be able to do so.

    • a yiddish proverb! how interesting mooser.

    • 87% of adults depend on substantial financial support from their parents? wow, that's outrageous. i had no idea. is that a cultural thing? i could understand 25% or something in that range, but 87%? i thought adults of a certain age were more likely to be helping to support their elderly parents, not the other way around.

      i wonder what the percentages are in this country.

  • "A Watershed Moment in Palestinian History": Interview with Jamal Juma’
    • Israel has never expressed a political, social or cultural inclination to destroy our rid itself of its Palestinian citizens or the Palestinian culture that exists outside of Israel

      you've likely got a very narrow definition of expression.


    • Israel has offered the West Bank Gaza and parts of East Jerusalem on many occasions in the past which were rejected

      the palestine papers ripped the mask off that lie

    • the palestinians continue to thrive

      i'd urge you to seek out the definition of "thrive". because i can assure you palestinian development in the region of palestine is neither "well, vigorous, prospering or flourishing".

      there is always the option of negotiating a peace

      only if one perceive peace as total surrender. have you been following the news?

      for your edification:

      ... any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

      (a) Killing members of the group;
      (b) Causing serious bodily harm, or harm to mental health, to members of the group;
      (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
      (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
      (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

      if it walks and talks like a's a duck. israel keeps chugging along, at the expense of palestinians.

    • it's so grotesque sibiriak

    • as the genocidal noose is drawn tighter and tighter choking the life out of palestine israel keeps chugging along.

    • great article.

  • Israeli activists respond to Palestinian call, hang photos of fallen protesters along Gaza fence
    • thanks talkback.

    • one more thing, the specific "Palestinian call" as linked to in the article: was not a call for people to defend or speak out (advocacy) per se, it was a call to action:

      Palestinian organisations in Gaza are calling upon all people of conscience around the world, to make posters of the fallen heroes of the recent Great March of Return and plaster these all over your cities and towns, especially opposite Israeli and American embassies. This is an action that will greatly benefit the visibility of our cause!

      that requires activists!

    • why? because i was intrigued by your Ngram Viewer that i presumed you were using as evidence of something. so i posted two other Ngram Views, one showing clearly that "human rights activist" appeared to be going straight up (popular?), the other, for human rights advocate, not too popular. your Ngram View, merging or showing a cross over of "militant,activist", i presumed this meant something, but i didn't know what. then i linked to an Ngram view of "militant" and "f*ck" just on a whim, and they met almost exactly at the same place. so what exactly does this Ngram evidence point to? what does it mean in the battle over activist vs advocate? what does it portend that militant and f*ck meet at the same point? are they becoming extinct at equal rates? are you going to tell me your opinion is irrelevant? what's the point of introducing this graph feature if one has no idea how to apply it to the question at hand? and when i asked it's suggested i am attacking (or something about "aspersions on you or any of your family" whatever that means) and your opinion is irrelevant.. it just “linguistic fact” or something.

      and you didn't just 'observe he had a point', you produced a graph which implied supported the notion or some relation. so applying that same graph, what do you make of the ones i provided? what implication? or is your opinion "irrelevant to sociolinguistic mechanisms"?

      Nobody said critical mass was there, that’s all in your own head.

      ah, no. that appears to be michie's point. or did you miss all that about my so called "denial"?

      i just want answers. maybe instead of explaining to me how discourse changes naturally over the course of history, you could explain to me how this graph supports the notion the term "activist" is going out of style or fading from popular use, or being overtaken by "advocate" (which btw, primarily involves speech vs direct action).

    • i was trying to get specific answers from you about your opinion and you told me that was irrelevant. not that big a deal echi. then i ask you more questions, about the implications of this Ngram Viewer (which i had never seen nor played around before). it's fine if you don't want to address my specific question. but you don't have to explain to me words and lexicons change, that's a "linguistic fact" i am well aware of. i have old letters from the 1800 and some old books.

      this cyclical mechanism is generally initiated by those who are the PC crowd of their times and by the press (or whoever replaced it in olden times.) Also that once a critical mass of consensus is reached, anyone’s subjective preferences are irrelevant.

      ok, are we assume michie represents the pc crowd of our time and critical mass of consensus is reaching some peak surrounding the term activist? or is what you think irrelevant? my point, is i don't think critical mass has been reached on that word, i think it's the appropriate word to use. i gave a couple examples of that (2 popular politicians). we could also stop using the word "example" or "freeway" or "songwriter" or any such thing. unless there's some evidence the word activist is going out the window in the near horizon, why not use it? or is that irrelevant too?

      it appears to me a (cranky?) person who routinely complains to the staff here has had a slight conniption fit over the word "activist". i have no idea why. but i think i'm done on this topic. it seems like spamming to me (myself included!).

    • i had not seen it just. yesterday i was fairly glued to reviewing everything i could find on alexandria ocasio cortez, again. i can't get enough of her.

    • no idea but this seems like the craziest thing to go off the res for. just googled "haaretz activist" and there were over 600k hits. advocates? not so much and they appeared to primarily address israeli advocacy. an activist is an activist is an activist, end of story.

    • thanks for this just. for some reason i can't get haaretz to open, but i see this story is covered at jpost and elsewhere. if not now has been very aggressive on this, good for them.

      just saw we've got it up! i am so late in seeing this

    • mooser, speaking of irrelevance, have you checked out james's coup de grace down thread?

    • james, the "feelings" vs "clarity" and "logic" argument was echi's, not mine. this attitude you have, where you think you are qualified to speak for others ("you know that it is far more accurate and descriptive to label"..etc.."Annie Robbins and her dislike for “feelings”"..bla bla bla and the list goes on) fools no one. i happen to like feelings just fine, have personal friends in gaza (who i skype with routinely) and certainly don't need you speaking to me in their place. i find your instructional lecture about activist vs advocate overwrought, mundane and unimpressive.

      Cynthia Ellen Nixon (born April 9, 1966) is an American actress, activist, and gubernatorial candidate in the State of New York.

      oh look, another activist. hee hee hee. love her.

    • so echi, "under heavy, slanderous fire and misuse by the accursed" james michie do you also think we should cease using the term activist and start using advocate instead? and then the next generation will cower over because advocate will be thought of as extreme and before you know it then what? what pansy word will be left over for us to self identify that doesn't ruffle the little feathers of our overlords -- until the next generation comes along and makes even that word extreme?

    • lol!

    • The label “activist”, as I am sure most of you can appreciate, often is used to cast aspersions onto individuals and liken them to extremists.

      no i don't appreciate that notion. a self defined community activist, alexandria ocasio-cortez, just ousted the 4th ranking dem congress person. most people don't liken activists to extremists unless the cause is extreme. activists act. when engaging in an action (which this is) the correct term to use is activist.

  • Israeli left leader says intermarriage by U.S. Jews is 'actual plague' and he vows to find 'a solution'
    • Well, as hard as this might be to understand, there are people out there in the world who don’t share your judgment of what’s important.

      that's just the way the world works nathan, different strokes for different folks. all those jewish people in the world who think like Herzog, they don't have to marry non jews. but why he, or anybody else, should have an opinion on other people's love life or marriage, it's just none of their business.

      maybe instead of trying to get other people to change he should focus on changing himself.

    • We have to rack our brains to figure out how to solve this great challenge.

      he should fix himself, something he has control over. this is so sick.

      the Jewish Agency for Israel, which seeks to strengthen bonds between Jews worldwide

      this is propaganda, a nice way of saying -- which seeks to end assimilation of jews worldwide. because if this is his priority after a week on the job, it stinks. keep a constant semi threatening drumbeat of accusations of anti semitism while simultaneously promoting a bigoted notion the non jews are unacceptable life partners. the hypocrisy is stunning.

  • Hitchhiking to Treblinka
    • what a creepy link leaNder. the forced disappearance of 100,000 people. i noticed this "(Aryan-looking)" reference:

      Moreover, by way of the Rassenpolitisches Amt der NSDAP (Nazi Party Office of Racial Policy),[12] the racially valuable (Aryan-looking) children of the Polish intelligentsia were to be kidnapped to the Reich proper, for Germanization;[8] Nazi ideology claimed that such non-Slavic acculturation would prevent the generational resurgence of the Polish intelligentsia, and thus prevent the resurgence of Polish nationalism in Germanised Poland.[10]

    • i think it's more like 30k, according to this local jewish community site i visited earlier. i will try to find it.

      edit, here it is:

      We're Here: Polish Jews Today

      ....By comparison, today’s population of Jews living in the country is estimated to be around 30,000.

    • just so we’re clear. Poland has lots of anti-Semites, but no Jews. This fact alone, explains the need for a Jewish State.

      because of one country? it would have made more sense to place a jewish state in a section of poland or germany. arab jews could have stayed put where they had been fruitful, prosperous and multiplied for centuries and european countries who could have paid retribution by giving up parts of their land. all of this animosity would have gotten ironed out during and after the marshal plan and like other wars, vietman and korea included, would be part of the last century and on the historical record but largely considered past tense. but no.. here we are 1/5 into the new century and it just keeps getting worse! now we have a real estate mogul heir bartering the sinai (a permanent separation of gaza from the rest of palestine) for what exactly? and if they're really good they can even have an airport .. someday? are you kidding me. this is like a macabre fellini movie.

  • Gaza protests are where we say 'NO' to Trump's decision to move embassy -- demonstrator explains
  • Democrats are losing their fear of AIPAC and Haim Saban
    • no doubt that's why they keep bitchin' about it, because, like bds, it's so irrelevant bs.

    • you also know. So don’t try to tell me fairy tales ... That party is there for the sole purpose of advancing the interests of the Owners od the Country.

      all that handwringing about israel's bipartisan appeal, by all means ignore it.

    • I don’t think it’s worth anyone’s time to reopen this discussion here and now, as I had only alluded to it ... So let’s lay it to rest and discuss it on other fora. Please.

      our master of ceremonies has established a list, an assignment so to speak, above. all of them are to mondoweiss articles and any diversion of this list is not advised. keith, who are you making another list? please! Lhunter, the sheer audacity i cherry picking that one line that threatens to derail the inquiry at hand!

      myself, i got very distracted opening those libya links! i had not been following the sarkozy scandal. AMAZING.. murder and intrigue. france's mediapart has been on this lie flies on sh*t.

      anyway, back to the preordained track according to our master of ceremonies.

      You are the the search whiz kid here. Not me.

      clearly. as for your opening line of questioning,

      Which “Democrats”?
      You’re talking about some of the lowly peons

      oddly enough, when searching for signs of Dem's losing their fear of AIPAC and Haim Saban, it's worthwhile checking out the lowly peons (otherwise known as the masses) because, while an uninformed public doesn't pose much of the threat, an informed public can and does often play a role in how public actors act. now echi, knowing you're searched challenged, i'd urge you to start your quest by reading the opening and paragraph, specifically open the link provided. phil doesn't allude hyman is in the lead, that's not what is important. what's important is The would-be congressman’s sangfroid is surely a sign of things to come in the progressive wing of the Democratic Party. and i agree. furthermore, hyman's medium article "Likudism Is Not Judaism" reads like something you could read here:

      The US media ran unprecedented criticism of Israel’s militarism, as well as condemnation from many senior political figures. It seems that while America’s conscience was reawakening to the plight of the Palestinians in Gaza, members of the House and Senate responded by introducing the The Anti-Semitism Awareness Act of 2018

      that's just one example. there are others in the embed, if you'd take the time to open and read. also, in the article above:

      with the exception of [Chuck] Schumer, no Democrats have been defending Israel’s actions. In fact, quite a number, in fact over a dozen, have spoken out against what Israel has done over the course of the last six weeks. And you contrast that with 2014, when I think it was something like 78 senators signed a statement supporting the Gaza war.

      so you want to know which democrats? what you refer to as the "lowly peons", would probably be the same lowly peons that prevented clinton from clinching the nomination. ordinary people.

      boring! and hell yes let's talk about libya.

  • 'Ali is on the grill!' Israeli settlers celebrate burning of Palestinian baby
    • i'm sorry zaid. i have no idea why he is able to post stuff like that nor do i know why or who would clear/moderate a comment such as that. it's a lie, rude and dehumanizing. especially given the circumstance that so many new words in the "new" hebrew (since the state was founded) are borrowed from arabic, as i understand it.

      i just checked and he has not posted since the 22nd. maybe he got banned. let's cross our fingers.

    • oh look what i found googling new square

      Mate Friesel continued to win every election as mayor of New Square, up through November 2013, dying in office on August 1, 2015. He continued to run uncontested for the position even after his son Avrum David Friesel, a former town clerk, fled the country in 1997, just before he and six others were indicted for embezzlement of tens of millions of dollars in federal funds for non-existent educational and welfare programs.

      wonder where they went?

    • don't know if i've heard the story of the camel putting its nose in the tent.

      this town in the story, lots and lots has been written about it but generally it's only in the regional press. like stories of the pedophilia in some of those orthodox communities, they rarely if ever make national news. one has to google around to find them. i wouldn't have ran into that article had someone not linked to it here, but i know about it. however, i didn't know it was the worst town for food stamps in the US. i think their impact on public schools system in the area is really sad. if it was me, i'd be tempted to move out of the area. don't really think they're the best of neighbors.

    • better yet mondonut, Name the currently existing recognized state(s) that have no borders and are still considered legal entities.

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