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Annie Robbins

Annie Robbins is Editor at Large for Mondoweiss, a mother, a human rights activist and a ceramic artist. She lives in the SF bay area. Follow her on Twitter @anniefofani

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  • In video tours of Palestine, Nas Daily plays native informant
  • One in a Thousand: The Art and Wit of Carlos Latuff
  • US vetoes UN resolution on Jerusalem, as Muslim states recognize East Jerusalem as Palestine's capital
    • The Zionists did not have a right to create Israel, but Israel was created and it was recognized by other states. As such, it has a right to continue to exist.

      david, you claimed there is no concept in international law of an illegally existing state. could you provide a source in international law for this "right to continue to exist" that you referenced?

  • Israeli Jews 'will never accept' giving vote to Palestinians -- liberal Zionist leader
    • if you have negative feelings towards a group of people (rather than an individual on the basis of his actions), you are sort of a bigot.

      in catalan's world view, you are 'sort of a bigot' if you have negative feelings towards the klu klux clan, rather than an individual klan member on the basis of his actions.

      Do you reject all religious beliefs (since they are all “absurd”) or do you just stick to rejecting the Zionist beliefs.

      he asks as if we are to believe zionism, a political structure, is a religion. as if all religious beliefs are absurd. as if it is absurd to love thy neighbor as thyself or do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

      not even worthy of response.

    • phil, here's her self description:

      I am a Zionist. My family came to Israel 100 years ago, from Russia, young, idealistic pioneers. They dreamed of establishing the Jewish national state here in the land of Israel. They established Kibbutz Kiryat Anavim which, during the siege of Jerusalem, kept the city going.

      Then 30 years later, in front of their eyes, the state of Israel was established. It was a miracle for them, a miracle that cost a lot of blood, but a miracle. That was the education that I got. So I define myself as a Zionist.

    • thanks for remembering mhughes. yeah, i said that and still believe it.

      i'm not interested in hearing her ideas of "dialogue for peace… I don’t know if we could end it with a peace agreement, but a dialogue would start". someone should tell her the dialogue already started decades ago and has continually facilitated the ethnic cleansing of palestine.

      she's too immersed in her own, a jewish-israeli, perspective she can't hear how jewish centric she sounds, "violence and terror by Palestinians" but not a word of violence and terror by jews (albeit perhaps an allusion to it but nothing so blatant as blurting out "violence and terror by jews" yet that slid so easily from her tongue when referencing israel's adversaries). "Israelis will never accept" as if reality is necessarily a reflection of what zionists "will accept", without the same regard for what's acceptable to palestinians.

      i'm just not interested in hearing her views again. we've been hearing them for years. for me, it's boring and worn out. "liberal", not liberal, it's irrelevant. i don't think she's an important thinker.

  • The Chanukah of fire and occupation (is not about ancient times)
  • Anti-Christianism
  • Voices of the Thousand: Mondoweiss authors tell why they write for us
    • eva, you currently have 2 comments marked "59/67" on the first page of your archives. there are some other inconsistencies w/your number system.

  • Ibrahim 'the half bodied,' an icon of Gaza skirmishes, loses his other half for Jerusalem
  • Israel passes 'anti-infiltration law' to speed up the deportation of African refugees
    • huh? what double commas? i would have written it like this:

      Israel has scored over a century now and shows no sign of stopping.

    • let’s remember that 6 million Jews died because majority-Christian & majority-Muslim countries refused to take in Jewish refugees.

      can you source this please?

  • Neoconservatives may finally get their war with Iran, from Donald Trump
  • Times super-Zionist Bret Stephens commits fallacy and falsehood, on Jerusalem
    • My roots can be traced back to Eastern Europe, and earlier than that is all speculation and conjecture, nothing that can compete with the Palestinians’ actual residence on the land for the past hundreds of years.

      nathan's absurd response to this is to think levine "is raising the point that he has the right of veto." (setting up another strawman with which to argue) and goes on to declare levine's "narrative has thereby been disqualified". more yackity yack and then this: "The issue is what is the narrative of the Jews themselves."

      note how for nathan the center of everything revolves around him, jews and jewish narrative. note how for levine, it doesn't:

      nothing that can compete with the Palestinians’ actual residence on the land for the past hundreds of years.

      maybe nathan thinks "narrative" supersedes reality. maybe he imagines "the Jews themselves" are the overriding issue here and they all agree on something, both really stupid assumptions.

    • let’s assume as a fact that the Jews’ constituting a nation is “a very recent idea”. So, Joseph Levine believes that the Jews constitute a nation, and he claims that this fact has been forcefully argued. It would seem silly, therefore, that Joseph Levine would claim that “this is religious dogma, not history and not political reality”.

      why would you claim it’s a “fact" that levine believes jews constitute a nation just because he wrote that sand "forcefully argued that the very idea that Jews, as a collective, constitute a nation, is a very recent idea, largely coinciding with the rise of Zionism”? one does not add up to the other.

      levine stated "religious laws about who can count as a Jew that are mostly biologically based” were “religious dogma, not history and not political reality”— you can’t cherry pick his words and apply them to whatever you want for the sake of argument and then claims his ideas silly.

      if you think religious laws about who can count as a Jew are not mostly biologically based, not religious dogma and are historical and political reality, then try arguing that. but don’t twist his words into something he did not say. don’t make the claim "He has just argued that the Jews constitute a nation” when in fact, he didn’t.

      it's not worth arguing all your strawmen, because you claim something unstated as "fact" and then argue against it. maybe you should just strike the word "fact" from your ridiculous arguments since you fabricate so much crap.

  • 'We overstepped in that case' -- David Brooks offers another empty apology for supporting Iraq war
  • Only grassroots activism and global solidarity can bring justice to Palestine

      December 11, 2017 — The Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium has announced its withdrawal from a controversial EU-funded research cooperation project with the Israeli police and the Israeli Ministry of Public Security. The decision comes as EU Foreign Ministers meet this morning with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is struggling to contain Israel’s growing international isolation as a result of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

      For months, advocates for human rights — Palestinian and European civil society, academics, artists and MEPs — have been questioning the research project for common prisoner interrogation techniques with two Israeli entities that are complicit in the torture of Palestinian prisoners, including children, in violation of international law.

      LAW TRAIN, as the project is known, is financed by the European Union under the framework of Horizon2020, the Union’s research fund.

      we've written about Horizon2020 here. lots of money.

      which nations do we push? .... Are we talking about phone calls?

      catalan, one way to do something is to find local groups who are boycotting and already in the bds movement and follow their lead. stuff is happening all over the place. ask them what you can do. you're in albuquerque, right? the peace center there is involved. get in touch with them. but since you're always mocking the movement, you might appear as an opposition plant.

  • 'If these decisions go into effect my life here will become like a prison': Palestinians in Jerusalem respond to Trump
  • Photos: 'Day of Rage' rocks Jabalya refugee camp in Gaza after Trump's Jerusalem announcement
    • oh look see. jews burning tires too.

      Teva workers protest layoffs as solidarity strike grinds country to halt
      Demonstrations held across Israel; protesters block traffic and burn tires over pharma giant's plan to slash 1,750 jobs .....In Jerusalem, protesters blocked traffic as they began walking from the company’s two factories — both threatened with closure — in the Har Hotzvim industrial area towards the Prime Minister’s office. Police said protesters had set tires on fire

      (photos included)

      and chances are, a good portion of these "kids" spent time studying math and science in the middle of the night too.

    • these are incredible photos by Mahmoud Abu Salama. did you know he won the 2017 National Geographic Abu Dhabi photography competition People's Choice Award:

      check out his winning photo, so beautiful.

      it's an honor having photos of this quality on mondoweiss.

    • cazador, catalan is by far the most autobiographical commenter i've ever ran into. just click on his archives for a collection of the most fantastical combination of allegations in the blogosphere. it's a great method of spamming imho. as if it matters one iota that he doesn't like mobs. palestinians don't need a lecture on the virtues studying vs protesting. because for palestinians, education and studying is also resistance! they are one and the same!

      i recommend "How Israel occupies education in East Jerusalem", published 10 hours ago. can you imagine having your school raided routinely and your teachers and classmates dragged away?

      The Israeli permit was revoked as part of Israel's goal to shut down private Palestinian schools in occupied East Jerusalem that teach the Palestinian curriculum, and to force students to attend the public schools that are directly controlled by Israel, Ateeq said.

      In September, three Israeli officials entered Zahwat al-Quds to notify staff that it was being shut down. They returned last month, searching classrooms, detaining three teachers and the deputy principal, and photographing some of the children. One child urinated on herself and another fainted during the incident, Ateeq said.


      "They can't shut us down legally, so they put pressure on us socially in order to force us to close," Ateeq said.

      According to some Palestinians in East Jerusalem, the raids on Zahwat al-Quds come in the context of Israel's goal to systematically depoliticise young Palestinians by pushing them into public schools, where Israel can more easily control what they are learning.

      "Israel doesn't want the children to learn about what has happened here," Ateeq said. "They hope that in the future, everyone will eventually forget about it."


      As at Zahwat al-Quds, the raids have had an effect: Of the 250 students who attended Dar al-Aytam last year, 58 have dropped out.

      Mumen al-Taweel, 18, was just 14 when he was sent to Israel's HaSharon prison for allegedly throwing stones. He spent a year and a half there. "We all want to study, but Israel doesn't want us to continue our education," he said.

      Another student, 16-year-old Amir al-Rishid, was first detained when he was 10 for possessing nail cutters after a search by Israeli forces. Rishid says he has lost count of the number of times he has been arrested by Israel.

      "Israel wants us to have police records at a young age, so in the future it will be difficult for us to continue our education or get good jobs. This is an intentional policy," Rishid said.

      read the whole thing. it doesn't matter if palestinians study or protest, if israel wants to kill and imprison them, they will.

      Sheren Khalel reported on this same school for mondoweiss last month here, delving into the psychological effects in the children:

      israel thinks if palestinian kids do not learn about the nakba, about their own history, they won't resist the occupation. not going to happen.

    • “Cry, the beloved country, for the unborn child that's the inheritor of our fear. Let him not love the earth too deeply. Let him not laugh too gladly when the water runs through his fingers, nor stand too silent when the setting sun makes red the veld with fire. Let him not be too moved when the birds of his land are singing. Nor give too much of his heart to a mountain or a valley. For fear will rob him if he gives too much.”

    • "Today so far 14 Palestinians have been wounded in Gaza by occupation forces as protesting Trump’s decision."

    • love you gamal

    • that's sort of a no brainer catalan, since the proportion of engineers and doctors (or future ones) in crowds of people is relatively low. let's see if you're smart enough to figure out why that is.

    • next catalan's going to inform us how he knows none of those people in the streets are students who study math/science in the middle of the night.

      another sadist pours salt in open wounds.

    • LOVE it gamal! the perfect antidote to rinse boris out of my mind. i'm reminded me of soloman determining who was the true mother of the baby. no one who loved jerusalem would ever ask his questions. no surrender.

    • as opposed to having a cup of tea and discussing it calmly? human nature, that's why. sort of like watching a video of someone screwing your wife in your own home. if no one is else was present would you ask, why is that person throwing a fit?

      i clawed the walls of my living room when i found out my sister died, i was the only one there.

      Maybe someone can explain this to me.

      if you loved jerusalem, you'd understand.

  • Israeli ‘leftist hero’ Barak regrets US didn’t recognize Jerusalem 65 years ago
    • dickerson, for updates on the days of rage i recommend IMEU twitter feed

      44 minutes ago they reported "Nearly 500 more Palestinians have been injured in the past 2 hours." to bring the total thus far to 767 palestinians injured and 1 killed.

  • Palestinian officials say, Trump 'destroyed' the two-state solution
    • we know that there was a dynasty founded by a man called David

      "we" don't know it. you may think you know it.

      I was surprised that you said that it would be a problem if turned out that David was a real person.

      please do not twist my words. i said "for one thing, there would be a problem with this theory presented as fact".

      claiming that the story is fictitious does NOT necessarily mean that the people mentioned in the story were not real people

      no it doesn't. could he have really lived? sure. jesus could have really lived too. color me skeptical.

      Anyway, there is no ideology or politics here. If future research proves there was no Kingdom of Israel or there was no David, it wouldn’t make any difference in our world today. It’s just interesting academic research in the realm of the humanities.

      generally, academic researchers set about proving something exists prior to proving something doesn't. i'm not sure those standards have been met. i think that's why they are still digging around underneath al aqsa. either way, there's a lot resting on this ideology, politically and otherwise.

      speaking of stories, once upon a time i was listening to this zionist tour guide, all he wanted to say was that palestinians had originally built jerusalem (ursalem) and centuries later european jews had colonized it. but he wouldn't say it. so we pressed him and pressed him and he finally admitted it. he knew all along. He really knew something about archeology and ancient history, but he really didn’t want to share it with us. It was all quite silly. once upon a time, really. and there is no ideology or politics here. If future research proves different, so be it.

    • You are avoiding answering a very interesting question. I asked you if there is some political or ideological problem if David was a real person. You should be able to give an opinion on the issue.

      my thinking behind this is in bias towards considering biblical text as primarily based on myth and morals. your question puts the cart before the horse. you might as well ask if there is some political or ideological problem if the creationist theory was real. there are big debates about this issue. why do you think so much has been invested in proving this david and goliath stuff is real.

      so to answer your question, yes. there is a problem. the stakes are high. and i do not believe you when you say:

      No, there is no ideological or political problem if it would turn out that David was not an historic character

      for one thing, there would be a problem with this theory presented as fact:

      The Tel-Dan inscription is for real.

      a lot is riding on that. i think it's speculative.

    • The king from Damascus knew in the 9th century BC that there was a person named David who was the founder of a dynasty (the House of David).

      well, that is the theory if one accepts the authenticity of the stele and the interpretation of the stele. (except for the "founder of a dynasty" part, not sure the stele said that). as for secondary use, i am not an expert, so i will cite one:

      Aaron Demsky (2007), Reading Northwest Semitic Inscriptions, Near Eastern Archaeology 70/2. Quote: “The first thing to consider when examining an ancient inscription is whether it was discovered in context or not. It is obvious that a document purchased on the antiquities market is suspect. If it was found in an archeological site, one should note whether it was found in its primary context, as with the inscription of King Achish from Ekron, or in secondary use, as with the Tel Dan inscription. Of course texts that were found in an archaeological site, but not in a secure archaeological context present certain problems of exact dating, as with the Gezer Calendar.”

      now, this last bolded part is important. you say It was discovered in a real archeological excavation, yes, it was a "real" archeological excavation. but was it
      in a "a secure archaeological context"? i don't know about that. it was discovered in 1993 but what about this:

      In 1992, in order to tidy up the site for presentation to visitors, a heap of debris was removed which dated from the time of the Assyrian destruction of the city by Tiglath-Pileser III in 733/2 BCE. A hitherto unknown earlier gateway to the city was uncovered. The entrance complex led to a courtyard paved with stone with a low stone platform.

      so, the year before it was discovered, who removed the heap of debris? who uncovered the entrance complex in 1992 "in order to tidy up the site" for visitors? and was that "a secure archaeological context". how many people were traipsing around there between the time it was 'tidied up' for visitors? that was only the year before. whenever there's sooo much interest in a discovery like this, it up the stakes.

      Is there some ideological or political problem that David was a real person?

      I think a question more appropriate to ask might be -- is there some ideological or political problem that David wasn't a real person? and the answer to that is a big huge YES. and that should not factor into judgements of authenticity.

    • More importantly, since the “House of David” is mentioned in a 9th century BC Aramaic stele, it’s rather obvious that the name of David (and his having founded a dynasty) were common knowledge.

      re "(and his having founded a dynasty) ...common knowledge" the tel dan inscription is not without controversy nathan, for 2 primary concerns. some scholars consider it a forgery.

      scholars have disputed the reference to David, due to the lack of a word divider between byt and dwd, and other translations have been proposed. The stele was not excavated in its primary context, but in its secondary use.[2]

      source links and more on that controversy here:

      and most sources writing about the stela at least reference this controversy, even when they don't outright mention "forgery". ie:

      The “House of David” inscription had its skeptics...who attempted to dismiss the “House of David” reading as implausible and even sensationalistic. In a famous BAR article, Philip Davies argued that the Hebrew term bytdwd referred to a specific place (akin to bytlhm for Bethlehem) rather than the ancestral dynasty of David.

      undoubtedly the question of the stele's authenticity has been politicized, which doesn't mean it isn't real. it might be. but with so much riding on it being real, it's hard to fathom there has not been pressure to confirm it time will tell.

      more here:

  • Video: Israeli soldiers harass Palestinian elementary school teachers and students in Hebron
    • Actually, the series of video clips show Israeli soldiers in a good light

      because it's perfectly normal and rational to have the israeli army respond to allegations of children throwing rocks. because why shouldn't a states military set up a checkpoint in front of an elementary school to monitor children? nothing bout this shows anything "good" about this military occupation.

      anyone who finds "good light" in this story is delusional at best. likely sadistic, and pedophiliac at worst. harassing children is a form of manipulating adults who care about those kids. it's a threat much more powerful than a 6 year old with a rock.

      this situation is disgusting and shameful.

  • Netanyahu ditches US Jews for alliance with Christian evangelicals and the alt-right
    • roha, i have been purposely living somewhat/somewhere under a rock these last few days weeks or whatevers. the requests from the uppers for me to not express myself so much (vs so freely) coupled with the horrifying jerusalem/trump/kershner situation literally burying in recluse mode. but nothing prepares me for losing you my dear friend. just take care. i am not the only one around here who loves you.

    • Sliced my chest open, shifted a few tubes around

      heaven to murgatroyd RoHA!!!!! just heal ok. don't scare me like this.

  • Arthur Finkelstein ruined Israel, says Ehud Barak
    • Barak is peddling the hoary origin story that Israel began as the project of robust and right-thinking Zionists, tilling the land and bringing civilization to the jungle.

      yeah, all that mumbo jumbo about the "moral high ground":

      we lost this instinct that Zionism had from day one to always hold the moral ground

      this is not an instinctual. this thinking, that zionism, from day one, had to hold 'higher ground' --- is a carefully crafted brain washing.

  • US embassy move to Jerusalem would spark 'fanaticism and violence' and end US status as negotiator -- Arab leaders
    • You claim that the article is very “silly” in claiming that ..... Well, there are other silly claims in the article that you should have mentioned.

      nathan, joseph didn't make any claims about the article per se. he was referencing ideas and quotes reported in the article, which were reported accurately btw. i think it's important to make a distinction between critiquing what arab leaders, politicians or whoever, vs critiquing the article.

      if you have any evidence the quotes or information in the article are reported inaccurately, please present them. otherwise, what you're saying, essentially, is that the claims of erekat, abbas, Jordanian Minister of Foreign and Expatriate Affairs, and others mentioned in the article are all silly.

      The reality of “serious unrest and protests across the Arab world” in addition to “fanaticism and violence” would seem to be the way things have always been even without having moved the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

      iow, it's silly to assume there will be heightened unrest by moving the embassy because there is already unrest? is that your point? because that sounds very silly. or is your point that since there's already unrest why not just do it now. what's your point?

  • Letter to a drone
  • Liberal Zionists confront, or deny, the 'Doomsday settlement'
    • gamal, just seeing this now. your August Pablos son! how wonderful. i opened the link but can't get the ustream to work, just a spinning circle. i also opened it on another browser, some thing! please let me know if and when there's a youtube video, i would so love to listen..

    • Scott Roth points out that equating Israel’s ability to absorb the immigrants from the Soviet Union with removing settlers is a false equivalence because in fact those settlers are doing what the Soviet immigrants did: fulfilling the Zionist ideology.

      in all fairness to Seidemann, a false equivalence is a logical fallacy in which two opposing arguments appear to be logically equivalent when in fact they are not. so what are his opposing arguments? he said israel had “the capacity” to remove the settlers,“because we absorbed 1 million immigrants from the Former Soviet Union,” but that israel has no will to do that. so there's no opposing argument there. the two thoughts are perfectly compatible. they fit like a hand in glove. why? because as roth points out -- they are both fulfilling the Zionist ideology. and i seriously doubt Seidemann would argue otherwise.

      i recommend Seidemann's podcast. he said a bunch of other stuff, including notes on religious radicalization. "the groups on the ascendency are all of those who weaponize religion" -- the temple mount crowd. contains the "seeds of morphing" into religious conflict. freaky.

      thanks for the update phil.

  • American Jewish visitor forced to sign loyalty oath in order to get tourist visa to Israel
    • In other news, every action has a reaction.

      given the available text, what action do you think this anonymous person may have engaged in to cause this reaction.

      Even though there is little evidence publicly or otherwise to indicate the individual even supports Palestinian rights, upon return to Israel from vacation this past summer, the border police explicitly said it was their job to figure out if the individual supports BDS.

      The individual in question has been involved in peace and educational work for many years, both in the U.S. and Israel/Palestine, so when authorities found prior communication with Palestinians during the interrogation, this was reason enough to detain the activist.

      ........“It’s clear that my history of peace and interfaith work was used against me.”

  • Forget pinkwashing, it's brownwashing time: self-Orientalizing on the US campus
    • o m g, just reading this now. downright frightening RoHa, i really do adore you. for so many reasons. just stick around ok. don't make me get sentimental on you.

    • “I think there is a definite link between the Jews and all other displaced and persecuted nations.”

      that would depend on which jew. like lots of other people, many jews have never been displaced or persecuted*, nor displaced or persecuted others. but regarding a "link", absolutely. ie: lots of jews are displacing and persecuting palestinians. i'd definitely consider that a link. like germans and jews are linked but not always in a good way. like the rapist and the victim are linked, especially if the attack produces a child. i absolutely agree there is a definite link between some Jews and other displaced and persecuted nations. but all jews and all other displaced and persecuted nations? not so sure about that.

      *albeit, one would be hard pressed to go back in lineage and not find a relative to any living jew who was not displaced or persecuted. but if we're to include relatives, nary a person exists who did not have a relative displaced or persecuted at one time -- especially if you go back 2k years. heck, i have a relative hung for (allegedly) freeing slaves, so am i (and my entire family) part of the persecuted? is persecution passed on through generations -- inherited by virtue of being related?

    • i hope that doesn't mean you're in ill health at the hospital RoHa.
      if so, hang in there, please.

    • i'm not arguing there are not ghettos in the us, france or belgium that are as hostile as areas of south tel aviv. but it seems as tho yonah's arguing Israel's "encouraged discrimination" is primarily just part of some historical past based on intermarriage between ashkenazi and mizrahi. i don't think that's an applicable analogy given the governments current policies and systemic racism.



      let's consider how this conversation started, you claimed it's "easier" for israeli society to integrate people of colour. "it is not perfect but generally speaking it works"

      so whether you meant it's easier now than it was in the past, or whether you mean it's easier for israeli society to integrate poc than it is for poc to integrate in the US, i don't know. but historically in the US new immigrants were othered (including jewish, irish, german etc). and after decades that othering becomes less so. and in israel to varying degrees this lessening has occurred for the mizrahi community. but the principle of israeli society integrating people of colour, considering what's going on right now -- the radical deportation plan of thousands of african immigrants, makes the statement, on it's face, grossly absurd. and the very idea of requiring thousands of black people to live in detention centers in the negev... it doesn't speak well for the concept of integration. and now the government is limiting entry to the country based on political belief.

      i'm not sure what other conclusion i could come to by comparing south tel aviv to ghettos in other countries. but in no other country on earth that i know of do their governments require half the people it rules over (based on ethnicity) living w/no rights, mostly in ghetto-like conditions, not allowed to integrate at all. to the point of separate roads even.

    • succinct and prescient keith.

    • kaisa, there's a excellent movie about moroccan jews who emigrated (sort of a forced emigration for some) called "They Were Promised the Sea", it's really worth watching.

    • But let’s try to deal with 2017 and “intermarriage” rates.

      yonah, you "try to deal with" intermarriage rates by simply not even mentioning african-israelis in your comparison to US intermarriage rates between white vs african americans? hmm, interesting. by what standard are do you use the terms "people of colour" and "black"? because if you're including mizrahi, which it appears you are, why are you limiting POC in the US solely to african americans and ignoring ethiopian jews in israel? you're using a completely different standard for poc in the 2 countries.

      historic grievances are not the main story (except for obfuscaters and propagandists.)

      did you even read the article?

      Thirty years after their arrival in Israel, their situation remains largely the same: two families in one small apartment.

      this is an article about modern day israel. and this sort of discrimination has legislative backing via the neighborhood committees. segregation is systematic in israel.

      i am curious what you thought of the native american looking headdress with the word judah underneath it. it seems like cultural appropriation to me. especially since traditionally there's already sort of a (big furry) jewish headdress. why not just wear one of them? and did you see the logo the kids chose for the event, the star and the fist? same as the JDL logo.

    • hmm mcohen, not sure how much i would consider israel an intergrated society considering they have systematic separation in neighborhoods (those pesky neighborhood committees) and schools. have you read "Anti-Mizrahi discrimination was official Israeli policy" by mossi raz?

      The Israeli government has kept documents detailing systematic racism against Jews from the Middle East and North Africa sealed for 70 years. This week the Knesset rejected a proposal to open the state archives. To correct the historical injustice, the public needs to know the truth.


      Israel’s founders .. made decisions that created social and economic inequalities that have lasted for generations. Among these decisions, they created a system of population dispersal known as development towns.

      Between 1954 and 1956, Israel built dozens of development towns in the country’s northern and southern geographic peripheries, far from the country’s economic and cultural centers. During that period, 75,000 immigrants arrived from Morocco and Tunisia. They made up 85 percent of the immigrants at the time. Anywhere from 70 to 90 percent of them were sent to development towns, in contrast to the Eastern European immigrants who were allowed to settle in places in the country’s center, in and near Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

      The findings that have emerged from the few files that have been declassified are disturbing. Jewish immigrants from North Africa and the Middle East, who expected to end up in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, to live in the Holy City or by the beach, were sent to the Negev; when they refused to settle there, Israeli leaders used violence and deceit to force them.

      The new immigrants often tried to resist. They refused to comply, they spoke out against their unfair treatment. But the government did not hesitate to take severe measures against them: it manipulated them, threatened to take away their children. In some instances, authorities instructed the drivers of trucks carrying the new immigrants to literally throw the new immigrants out of their trucks and onto the ground, and leave them behind against their will.

      The documents that record these decisions have been sealed for decades, in the hopes of hiding the injustice. Seventy years later, most of the documents are hidden from the public. It is precisely this information blackout that enables the continuation of the problematic policy of population dispersal to this day........

      In the 1990s, Ethiopian immigrants boarded planes expecting, with all the excitement of a people returning to their homeland after 2000 years’ exile, to be taken to Jerusalem. When they landed, they were sent to absorption centers. In many cases, two families were forced to share a single small apartment. Linguistic and bureaucratic barriers prevented them from taking full advantage of the immigration benefits to which they were entitled. Thirty years after their arrival in Israel, their situation remains largely the same: two families in one small apartment.

      The policy of population dispersal was—and remains—a disgrace: from the way new developments are built in the Negev, without considering their effects on existing communities, to the way African refugees arriving at Israel’s southern border were bused directly to the poor Mizrahi neighborhoods of south Tel Aviv. The deep gaps between Israel’s socio-geographic periphery and its center were created knowingly, and on the basis of racist assumptions.

      more at the link..

    • hi eva, i just did a search in the trashed comments and looked back over the last year. there was only one comment of yours in there. at the base of it it said "45/52" which is a little odd because you have a comment in your archives tagged w/ the same numerical coding at the end but containing different content.

      i don't know if there's some filter moderating posts before it's done manually, but i'm fairly certain everything personally moderated here goes into our trash (or a separate spam -- basically promos/advertisements), so if a moderator here personally trashes one of your comments that's where it would be. my suggestion would be if a comment doesn't go through try posting it again. or write adam, there could be some glitch.

  • Trump administration using unjust US law to pressure Palestinians
    • boomer, considering it's a requirement for junior congressional reps to make the required trip to israel early in their careers i'd imagine there are dossiers on each one and every of them. and israel fawning politicians like lindsey graham, oh they've likely got very thick dossiers because of techniques like this.

    • i am just sooo sick of russiagate. i mean, the guy is a total dufus, did you see this?

      this person, is so out of control, his value as an "agent" would be practically worthless. so what if on this trip to russia with his first wife, he did sleep with a prostitute? i mean, so what?? i just can't see this as anything that would compel trump to act any particular way. i mean, don't we have enough on our plates w/this guy? who's idea is it to have all of our media so obsessed with russia?? is it how we leverage ourselves over our failure in syria? is it how dems plan on compelling people to vote for their candidate in the next election? or is it supposed to be the new dominant theme like monica was or whitewater? because we have so many other things the msm could be going nuts over.

      my hunch is that all of this could be the coverup of the dem party's utter failure, the real reason why trump is in office, and it's very very simple. dems forced and unpopular, and in many ways despised, candidate on the american people. but they want it to be remembered as manipulated by russia. like it going down in history as memorable as bush&gore landing in the supreme court or something. but it's just not fair to the country to drag us through this crap. and the hypocrisy of it considering all the color revolutions we've engaged in all over the friggin world. i can't imagine there's anything or any way russia impacted our election that comes even close to the stuff the US/cia does all over the world. why don't they explain the worst thing trump could do to us if he was a russian agent. seriously, the guy in that tweet? what kind of asset would he be anyway? you think he can take orders? think again.

    • I wonder if any other countries do similar things with Americans?

      for real? i couldn't find anything in the article that didn't sound like routine spy recruitment any country w/an intel agency would not apply.

      ie, the article sites a book called Comrade Kryuchkov’s Instructions: Top Secret Files on KGB Foreign Operations 1975–1985. co authored by Oleg Gordievsky. oleg was a soviet/british double agent. here's his wiki page:

      During his Danish posting [as a soviet foreign service agent], Gordievsky became disenchanted with his work in the KGB, particularly after the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968.[2] This had been noticed by the Danish Security Intelligence Service which resulted in extensive efforts to see if Gordievsky could be recruited. When Danish Intelligence were convinced an approach could be made, they contacted MI6. DSIS felt they needed a partner among the big intelligence agencies due to the relatively small size of the DSIS to make the operation successful, and chose the British.[3] MI6 via DSIS, subsequently made contact with him.

      The value of MI6's recruitment of such a highly placed and valuable intelligence asset increased dramatically when, in 1982, Gordievsky was assigned to the Soviet embassy in London as the KGB resident-designate ("rezident"), responsible for Soviet intelligence gathering and espionage in the UK.

      so there's an example of 2 other countries trying to recruit spies, denmark and the UK. the article has lots of spicy juicy info, but most of it is routine. ie, what ambassador for any country would not be interested in making contact with a country's business elite? and what country cultivates foreign contacts with "full support and approval" of their intel agency?:

      Dubinin’s other daughter, Irina, said that her late father—he died in 2013—was on a mission as ambassador. This was, she said, to make contact with America’s business elite. For sure, Gorbachev’s Politburo was interested in understanding capitalism. But Dubinin’s invitation to Trump to visit Moscow looks like a classic cultivation exercise, which would have had the KGB’s full support and approval.

      and this: "There were many ambitious real estate developers in the United States—why had Moscow picked Trump?"

      for name brand recognition, i can't think of a more famous US "ambitious real estate developer". the question would not be why moscow picked trump, it is why they wouldn't. the same article could be written about trump and saudi arabia or trump and france. it's all a bunch of hot air and offers no information whatsoever trump was an agent of russia. it's all a bunch of speculative nonsense:

      Soviet spy agencies were always interested in cultivating “young ambitious people,” he said—an upwardly mobile businessman, a scientist, a “guy with a future.”

      guess what? US spy agencies, as well as any spy agency in the world, are always interested in cultivating “young ambitious people,” -- upwardly mobile businessmen, a scientist, a “guy with a future.” aren't they?

      does the cia do this? mossad? saudia arabia, denmark, the UK? i mean, what country doesn't or wouldn't have dossiers on elite citizens of foreign countries they see as potential assets?

      whereas, the info in james zogby's article, by a long shot, is way more nefarious and unusual than anything in that clickbait politico article.

  • Dispatch from Gaza on reconciliation between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority
    • if hamas was unwilling to stem attacks israel wouldn't routinely announce how they hold hamas responsible for any attacks coming from gaza. just this morning

      The army said it knew the attack was carried out by the Islamic Jihad terror group.

      “We know who conducted the attack, we even know them by name,” Conricus said.

      Nevertheless, in accordance with its established policy, the military said it holds Hamas responsible “for any hostile activity perpetrated against Israel from the Gaza Strip.”

      mayhem, who are you to speak of hama's "unwillingness"? it's been over a month since israel bombed the tunnels killing several hamas members, and have they retaliated yet? no.

      i wonder if israel will bomb the plo and hold the plo responsible for further attacks from gaza once hamas turns over the leadership next month? hmm.

    • What is so difficult in denying that one identifies with the call to destroy Israel? What is so difficult in confirming that one wishes to destroy Israel?

      generally people identify themselves, they don't adopt and cling to their adversaries descriptions of who they are. ie: a supporter of israel doesn't identify with the call to genocide palestinians and destroy palestine.

      (nathan, What is so difficult in confirming that you wish to destroy Palestine? -- come on, spit it out. where's your "courage" to confirm?)

      israeli hasbara is centered on the ad hominem crutch. their primary tool is slandering the opponent. so the (constant repetitive) call to corner those who advocate for equal rights to self identify as seeking the destruction of their oppressor is -- primarily propaganda. plus, it's hypocritical to the max since israel has been seeking the destruction of palestine and palestinian culture for decades under the guise of so-called self determination, a jewish liberation movement --iow, 'my liberation is your demise' and not only will you not admit it, you're playing word games implying the victim is the oppressor -- and transparent so).

  • 'Where did we go wrong in our homes and schools?' David Harris laments young Jews' hostility to Israel
    • they don’t seem focused on launching BDS movements against their native authoritarian countries.

      bds wasn't launched in the diaspora, by students or otherwise. it was launched in palestine and supported by civil society. supporting that movement spread to the diaspora and beyond. launching a movement is a big deal and there are most definitely young arab americans engaged in other liberation movements whether it be in relation to the rohingya, bahrain, saudi arabia, syria, yemen, libyans, somalians etc they all have facebook pages and such. visit any MENA studies department.

      albeit, most of these movements have not been around as long as bds nor are as organized. after 70 years of occupation, palestine got a head start.

    • I presume that relationships have developed that are based upon looks and personality without regard to ethnicity

      as well as physical attraction and personality, i think it's safe to assume that frequently kids in high school (as well as other members of our society), develop relations based on shared interests too.

    • perhaps indeed pabelmont, if not for the noble* ticklings in those young minds all the indecencies might be swept under the rug.

      *having or showing fine personal qualities or high moral principles and ideals.

    • What is it? What is it that allows us to ignore this extraordinary journey, the journey that Churchill once said was a journey not to be measured in years or decades, but centuries and millennia, in the extraordinary excitement of the Jewish people returning to their land and rebuilding their state and defending their state.

      the truth, the ethnic cleansing, apartheid, and colonization -- that's what it is. it's natural for young people to want to disassociate from war crimes and massive human rights violations.

      also, harris should know that most young people with even a minor understanding of the principles of democracy understand it to be representative of all the people, not just people of one ethnicity. so when he says Israel is part of that community that says we are a democracy ultimately responsive to the people, what he means is "the jewish people". because for half the people under which the israeli regime rules, the regime is not only not responsive to, but it is downright abusive towards.

      it boggles my mind he doesn't get this. this 'why?' and 'what is it?' approach -- he could easily find out these answers if he just speaks to young people. it's kind of a no-brainer.

  • Israel has more legitimacy than US because the bible mentions Jerusalem, not New York -- says David Harris
    • goodness gracious!

    • Ugly, right?

      ah, the tired ol anti semite accusation. with more facelifts than jocelyn wildenstein and hang mioku put together and you still think she's got more miles in her eh? still hot, good for a few more humps? i don't know about you jack, but you're sounding a little desperate there.

    • shorter hops: 'LOL, arabs engage in religious whataboutery too!'

    • yeah, you mentioned earlier "Israeli Jews owe massive reparations to the Palestinians". i just don't think it will ever happen because for the most part they feel entitled and find so many ways to justify their crimes, which they do not recognize as crimes.

    • gamal, that is so sweet of you to say.

      righting wrongs is tricky business. i'm somewhat a fan of reparations myself -- all in the interest of healing of course. i think people take these 'solutions' (to crimes especially) more seriously when there's some structure of accountability. often there's sort of a grace period, like - anyone who comes forward in such a such a time is granted some kind of immunity. but the idea of "acknowledging it, admitting it was wrong, and granting the principle of equal rights for everyone" sort of skips an important part. i mean, that approach was not afforded to germany after WW2. i think they are still paying for it aren't they? the next generation is still paying for it.

      i mean, if someone is living in your house forty years is it really enough that they say "i acknowledge and admit it was wrong to take your house. let's now start out on equal footing with the same rights? " but doesn't offer the house back, does your equality really feel equal?

      after the civil war some blacks got some land, but most of those people were then screwed out of their land. i think, even years later, there should be some sort of reparations for slavery. it's not as if most of those ill gotten gains didn't remain with the families who profited.

      sometimes righting injustice requires giving up something. admitting and acknowledging -- what cost is there to pay? what payback? our normal system of justice generally requires something of people who commit crimes. penalties and things like that.

      the US, we never acknowledged much less apologized for genociding native americans. but at least certain tribes ended up with some decent chunks of land. but corporations ride roughshod over that whenever they want. we're still screwing those people over to this very day.

    • Their actual non-existence doesn’t prove that they lacked a right to exist

      mhughes, there are no actual "rights of existence" (or "right to exist")for states. if you'd like to prove otherwise simply provide the text of the so called right and what body adopted it and who signed on.

      the only anomaly i can think of that even compares to a state having rights designed for humans is the US supreme court granting personhood rights to corporations, which has been a disaster.

      the actual non-existence of rights for states to exist does prove that states lack a right to exist.

    • the whole legitimacy vs delegitimacy conversation is hasbara based, designed and perpetuated. it was developed by ruit and frank lutz pr specialists. it is irrelevant and goes hand in hand with the claim israel is singled out unfairly.

      the argument pretends people have a problem with colonization and ethnic cleansing because the colonizers are jewish -- which is stupid. it posits that because historically society has accepted and perpetuated mass colonization/ethnic cleansing that it should be accepted and perpetuated in the present and the future when it's simply unacceptable in todays world, as it was unacceptable at israels founding. those days are just over. so any conversation about legitimacy vs delegitimacy should be confined to the topic, justifying colonization and forced displacement of people. legitimizing that is a racist fool's game.

    • thanks for the link misterioso.

  • Draft-dodger Tzipi Hotovely comes out as an anti-Semite
    • I suspect (again, real hard to get hard data) that Jews are over-represented in their socio-economic status when you include those serving in Israel.

      but why would anyone "include those serving in israel" when considering "Jewish under-representation in the American military". maybe i am just confused.

      You chalk up Jewish under-representation in the American military to socio-economic status without making an argument or dissecting the statistics that would prove this to be so.

      you've also made assumptions based on how "it appears" .. "from anecdotal evidence". albeit assuming 'Jews serve in the IDF in high numbers' is not so much a leap in logic.

      the statistics from 2014 show, of the 4,000 non-Israeli-born troops, 1000 (25%) were american jews (who grew up in the US) serving in the idf.

      as for percentages of american jews immigrating to israel the numbers are very low -- 0.06%. the three main 'feeder states' are france, the ukraine, and russia. there are reverse /negative statistics for british jews (more leaving israel than immigrating there) but the article doesn't address trends for american jews retreating (reverse immigration) back to the US.

      neither of the articles addressed the socio economic status of the jews migrating to or from israel or those choosing to serve in the idf. i wonder what the average socio economic status is of american jews making aliyah.

  • Israel's top diplomat spouts anti-Semitic criticism of American Jews -- 'having quite convenient lives'
    • that does seem strange citizen. i guess someone didn't like the implications of it.

    • I lived in the US for 55 years. I made Aliyah five years ago.

      I’m a Jew. I’m an American, and I’m proud.

      interesting you don't reference yourself as an israeli.

  • Lockheed Martin: A global giant in supporting of Israeli war crimes
  • 'Struggle for basic rights within binational state has begun and we will win' --Shulman in 'NYRB'
  • The Clinton scandals entailed violent threats against people who knew about his sex life
  • Video: Living Under Fire
  • Bret Stephens equates anti-Zionists with white nationalists in the 'New York Times'
    • Genetic evidence says otherwise

      iow, your 2010 link says otherwise, but here's another interesting 2017 link from frontiers in genetics that misterioso linked to (here: ). i recommend:

      p.s. jerry, i noticed you failed to respond to my comment challenging you on your "thoroughly debunked" allegation.

    • Elhaik’s work supporting this theory has been thoroughly debunked.

      where? because your forward link neither "thoroughly debunked" his thesis nor linked to one that did. furthermore, it came 3 years after the “Rhineland hypothesis” you linked to, and as such, didn't even reference elhaik's theory. quoting one leading researcher in "jewish genetics" as saying “He’s just wrong” is not thoroughly debunking. in fact, the only mention of "bebunk" in the forward article is this:

      Elhaik, an Israeli molecular geneticist, has published research that he says debunks this claim.

      in order to scientifically debunk something you have to do research on it, reference it, and compare statistics.

      He had no Khazar DNA to compare to so he substituted Armenian and Georgian DNA instead.

      excuse me, he was doing comparative research of non jews from the exact region, and since there are no longer khazars, there is nothing wrong with substituting the native peoples of the region. nor does the forward article or anyone else claim Elhaik work was compromised due to this substitution.

      it's one thing to dismiss the work of a geneticist, it's another to claim it has been "debunked", with no source whatsoever.

      Elhaik research directly referenced and utilized the statistical data in the study you linked to. one cannot "expose the falseness or hollowness of" a scientific theory by merely claiming it's false. whereas this is a graphic example of a comparative study:

  • Israel bars Palestinian grandmother from visiting slain father's grave for 70 years
    • you've got it wrong again jack. denying Salwa Salem-Copty, or any person, the right to visit a loved ones gravesite is what's full of malice, childish, petty, hateful and rotten to the core. and you know it too.

      Enjoy the rest of your life

      you're a fake. as mooser put it so well, a herd of irrelevance!

    • Defenseless? The Arab Liberation Army invades from the North

      invade what? nazareth and surrounding area were not part of the future jewish state. jewish forces invaded nazareth.

  • Washing ashore in Hawaii
  • Target Hezbollah
  • UK minister forced to resign over secret Israel meetings as questions continue to swirl
    • someone who was trying to improve the dynamic in the I/P conflict zone

      i've no idea what you're talking about.

      Sir Alan Duncan has been accused of having the “means and the motivation”

      that just means they have no clue, no evidence, nothing. it's old news mossad wants him out. tables turned the other way this time.

  • 'His bone turned to sand' -- Murad Shteiwi describes IDF shootings at nonviolent protests in Kufr Qaddum
  • The Russia influence story just crashed into the Israel influence story
    • neither of those statements are wrong. Focus GPS was hired to find dirt on trump, that they were (allegedly) hired to find dirt on the other gop candidates too doesn't make the first statement wrong. and the firm did ultimately produced the famous Russia file.

      once trump was the nominee, that beacon turned the fruits of their labors over to clinton to continue the smearing doesn't erase their role in the initiation of the project. besides, free beacon is hardly a beacon of truth, they are smear merchants. so whatever their denials i'm not compelled to believe a word they say.

      but that's just my personal opinion. i have not really been following the russia thing and think it's primarily just distracting dnc/clinton bs. reminds me of the monica scandal. hilary trying to take down trump. squabbling politicians neither of whom i respect.

      we all know why these people (singer/free beacon) spend their money, to influence who is in power for the benefit of israel. the bigger the storm the more we're supposed to forget the little tails wagging the big dog.

  • Leon Wieseltier on the Jewish people sounds a lot like Richard Spencer on white people
    • Leon and Harvey can maybe go in for an autoerotic gang bang on a potted plant in the rec room of their treatment center.

      and don't forget to include MSNBC political analyst Mark Halperin --

    • why do you believe neo nazi's are ok with muslims if they are white? what is your definition of white? do you think richard spencer would have no problem with a person named mohammed or hassan if he's white? many jews say they are christian and no one knows the difference. what informs your logic about what nazis adhere to regarding white muslims. or is this just your hunch.

      gentiles are non humanoid mud people, depending on who you ask.

  • Texas city drops Israel boycott ban for individuals but says businesses must still reject BDS to get hurricane aid

      “The leading civil and human rights challenge facing North American Jewry is the resurgent problem of anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism on university campuses,” the Brandeis Center states in the vision statement on its website. “This social problem requires an immediate, effective and coordinated legal response.”

      help!!! the civil and human rights of North American Jewy is in dire straits!

      maybe every kid who wants a pell grant or student loan should be required to take a loyalty pledge to israel. and everyone seeking a job in teaching too. maybe they should plaster on applications and class registrations.

  • American Jewry and Israel, unbound
    • true, but kuwait is not sumer.

    • i thought Ur was in iraq.

    • Even Finkelstein agrees that Israel has the legal right to exist under International law.

      that's sort of a moot point since they've been violating international law since they came into existence. they abhor international law. the whole "right to exist" is a boondoggle with distinct purposes of diversion and confusion and cover up for what they are doing which is to guarantee palestine will be totally obliterated - wiped from existence. they even claim palestinians do not exist. there simply is no such "right of existence" -- formalized or otherwise. but only educated people know that. others, they hear about it over and over and assume it's there. something either exists or it doesn't.

      these demands to recognize israel as a jewish state or right to exist while israel goes on bulldozing and killing its way through palestine -- all the while whining about their so called rights. personally i think the days of make believe narratives (which the nation fed off of for the first decades of its existence) favoring israel are over. the masses are not on israel's side anymore and you'd have to have a few generations of no internet to ever see that turn around. as a rule, colonization is not popular.

    • thanks citizen

    • strikes me as a form of projection.

      me too, and by design. pr people, and people like frank luntz, that's what they do. like the twisted claim removing the settlers is ethnic cleansing. that was constructed by luntz in 08-09 (as his "best settlement argument and more recently echoed by netanyahu.

      to create emotional pressures to draw the object into compliance with the projection and to reinforce it

      btw, i do not equate finkelstein w/luntz nor intend to suggest any similar motivation. but once you start owning the language others become accustomed to it "emotional pressures to draw the object into compliance" which reinforces it.

    • for the most part our society already discriminates against criminals and criminal activity. so by your definition, being anti criminal would be destructive to 1st amendment rights.

      and i have no dilemma regarding bds, hence there's nothing i need to resolve about my support for it.

    • touche! awesome essay danaa!

  • Balfour anniversary drives a wedge into British consensus on Israel
  • Trump plays to the neocons and Netanyahu to get some establishment support
    • yeah, it's pretty clear israel and the neocons want the US to make war on iran for them. they want all the countries in the ME totally destroyed. one big massive warring sea of madness and the little shining star israel burning bright smack dab in the middle of it. how charming. and they want us to make that happen for them.

  • Alternative travel facts from 'the Tuscany of the Middle East'
    • amigo, maybe jack thinks if he puts fake quotemarks around his allegations they will be more convincing.

  • Newspaper ads offer employment help for new immigrants to Israel -- but only if you're Jewish

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