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Annie Robbins

Annie Robbins is Editor at Large for Mondoweiss, a mother, a human rights activist and a ceramic artist. She lives in the SF bay area. Follow her on Twitter @anniefofani

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  • Israeli prosecutors try to make Ahed Tamimi a terrorist
    • You claim that the Jews had “illegally stashed weapons” before the war in 1947-8. Are you trying to say that they should have stashed weapons legally?

      nathan, when you write "you claim", are you trying to say jews legally stashed weapons?

      Why did the Arab side insist on going to war?

      why did the jewish side insist on ethnically cleansing all those villages?

      Actually, this conclusion is true today as well: Either the Palestinians are making a very serious strategic/political blunder in their refusal to negotiate the final-status agreement with Israel (thus ending the conflict)

      why would you think palestine negotiating "today" would end the conflict when they've negotiated time and time again for decades which has only resulted in the occupation becoming more entrenched? as you may recall :

      Yasser Abed Rabbo, deputy head of the PLO, cautioned on Wednesday against simply returning to an “empty routine” at the negotiating table. He reaffirmed that Palestinians wanted talks to focus on setting the future borders of their state.

      “We can’t return to the empty routine, a search for a framework for talks – this empty routine which is negotiating about negotiating,” he told reporters.

      Continuing the talks beyond the end of this month, he said, “must proceed from and depend on one main point, and this is looking into the issue of borders.“

      don't you remember? the last time palestine agreed to negotiate, israel refused. in lieu of negotiating a solution, israel just wanted to negotiate a framework on how to negotiate. big waste of time. more at the link It's the borders, stupid.

    • This isn’t skydiving. One person has decided to intentionally target and take the life of another. The victim is unarmed and defenseless. She didn’t walk into the middle of a minefield.

      i'm curious how you know Dalal asked Gail Rubin where they were on the beach.

      The bus was filled with bus drivers and their families out for a day trip. They also attacked random civilians in cars. Which aspects of this are not terrorism? These were not military targets.

      I'm wondering if you've heard of the dahiya doctrine? israel's slaughtered lots of civilians justifying it with this lawfare.

      The Dahiya doctrine or, Dahya doctrine,[1] is a military strategy of asymmetric warfare, outlined by Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Chief of General Staff Gadi Eizenkot, which foresees the destruction of the civilian infrastructure of regimes deemed to be hostile as a measure calculated to deny combatants the use of that infrastructure.[2] and endorses the employment of "disproportionate power" to secure that end.[3][4][5]

      note how it doesn't even mention civilians. i wonder how many of those bus drivers or random people in cars are called up on reserve duty? think of those buses and cars as "civilian infrastructure".

      The legal scholar David Kennedy claims that lawfare "demonstrates an emergent relation between modern war and modern law" (see Of War and Law, Princeton University Press, 2006). It is exemplified in the way that, for example, military lawyers in the midst of a campaign "legally [condition] the battlefield" by poring over target-maps and informing soldiers in what way they are entitled to kill civilians. IHL then becomes the ethical vocabulary for marking legitimate power and justifiable death.

      israel justifies killing civilians all the time. takes out whole families aunts and grandparents and children are collateral damage if they think one person in the house (or even not in the house) might be a militant. what's the difference? no lawyers "legally conditioning the battlefield" by poring over target-maps and informing militants in what way they are entitled to kill civilians? take away the lawyers and what do you have? i'll tell you what you have, you have 5 or 10 or a hundred palestinians dead for every israeli dead. cry me a river. so really, you make a big deal about gail rubin, as a colonizer who moved to israel, she had a choice to be on that beach. whereas zakaria baker, what choice did he have? he lived in an outdoor prison. and lawfare with a fancy name legalizes his murder. all those people on the bus, according to the dahiya doctrine, they are fair game in a battlefield that includes civilian infrastructure (which is a polite way of saying civilians are fair game). of course, israel will never admit "decided to intentionally target and take the life of another". it's always a mistake or something collateral damage or something. but you don't call it terrorism and you don't call zakaria's murder squad terrorists.

      but i do.

    • i think it's irrelevant whether she had stated explicitly suicide bombing (which she didn't) or martyrdom operations. and i agree with her that "because Trump announced a decision and they will need to bear responsibility for every response that will come from us – whether it is a stabbing attack, or a suicide bombing or throwing rock".

      and, i agree with her that "everyone needs to do something and unite in order for our message to reach those who want to liberate Palestine”.

      because she said both those things, it does not mean she is advocating suicide bombings any more than me saying "everyone needs to do something and unite in order for our message to reach those who want to liberate Palestine” means that i am advocating for suicide bombings when i say i think trump et al will need to bear responsibility for every response that will come from palestinians – whether it is a stabbing attack, or a suicide bombing or throwing rocks as a response to his grotesque jerusalem announcement.

      remember. these are spoken words from a live Facebook feed.

      I hope everyone will participate in the protests, because that is the only solution to reach a result.

      Our strength is in our rocks and I hope that the entire world will unite to liberate Palestine because Trump announced a decision and they will need to bear responsibility for every response that will come from us whether it is a stabbing attack, or a suicide bombing or throwing rocks.

      Everyone needs to do something and unite in order for our message to reach those who want to liberate Palestine

      i agree with each sentence, or paragraph depending on how one edits this spoken statement (however, primarily, i believe palestinian greatest strength is in their truth, will, and sumud. primarily truth, because israel doesn't have any of that. their entire justification for being there is myth based and they constantly lie and depend on lies an myths to sustain their presence there. i think truth will always be palestinians strongest weapon -- but that's just me).

      she straight up says "I hope everyone will participate in the protests" and "protests .. is the only solution to reach a result". she straight up says "Our strength is in our rocks".

      so construing her message (which i share and think is absolutely common sense), that trump will have to bear responsible for the response to his announcement whatever that may be, including throwing rocks, and "Everyone needs to do something and unite" is a call for suicide attacks, is a radical interpretation --- helped along with the editing of punctuation; comma vs period. she's clearly calling for protests!

  • 'We have taken Jerusalem off the table' -- Trump bullies Palestinians
    • i voted for stein too. i'm over (forever) voting for the less of 2 evils. in good conscience i couldn't vote for clinton after libya -- other reasons too obviously. trump, forget it. for me it was always about take a huge domestic hit vs killing a few more million arabs. face it, had clinton been elected the war in syria would be in full neocon swing right now. our choices from dnc/gop (after bernie was eliminated) totally sucked.

      and let's really hope we don't nuke north korea. don't think clinton would have done that, nor canceling iran deal, nor the jerusalem announcement. she's more a slow bleed libzio (more endless nothing negotiation) kinda politician. i am completely over settling for dnc/gop paradigm. the system, for sure, is broken.

    • that's a totally damning interview of harding on real news network. Aaron Mate wrapped him in circles. and there was another reporter, can't recall who, that allegedly harding got all the info for his book from.

    • absolutely talkback. note the 2nd paragraph of our article (above):

      CNN notes the contradiction — Trump had said he wasn’t prejudicing the status of Jerusalem with his announcement on December 6; but here he admits that he took the issue off the table, gave it to Israel.

      listen to erekat (video) really good.

      you want to dictate territory and then you say "come here boy, we know what's best for you, that you must accept this dictation, this is the art of our deal" ... this is the new fairness of 2018? this is not gonna fly

    • i'm not pulling his foot out of his mouth. that was my interpretation. besides, it doesn't make it any better. and i don't know that "the zios paid his administration a lot of money to take Jerusalem off the negotiating table". albeit, i have no doubt there was some quid pro quo in there (but that could be anything, or some kind of down the road type business, i have no idea).

      talkback, exactly.

      edit, and then there's adelson payback.

    • jasonius, while they are not calling him a bully they are reporting on this issue as well reporting on and quoting palestinians on this issue. open the cnn link in the article. they have a video of erekat speaking to cnn from ramallah (i think it's ramallah). the many quotes in this article came from main stream media coverage. and wapo is reporting it too although i have not read their coverage.

    • nah, that wasn't my take on it. you have to understand trumpspeak.

  • Ahed and Nour Tamimi charged with assault, Nariman Tamimi charged with incitement for broadcasting encounter on Facebook
    • yeah, it's a stunning feat. i have no idea how she does it... thru sickness and health! even through snowstorms. she's compiled hundreds of these lists, hundreds and hundreds, and seham before her. these lists have been here for as long as i can remember.

      it says on our archive page there are 673 of them:


    • This type of report should be posted weekly

      james, we are really lucky to have kate compiling these extraordinary lists for us every few days, and she's been doing it for years. i'm surprised you haven't noticed before! it's a vital part our site and there's always a big featured photo at the base of our homepage that says:

      Today in Palestine is a regular collection of links from across the web of news and analysis pertaining to Israel/Palestine and U.S. foreign policy.

      you can access them all here:

      or, just scroll up on this page and click "Other posts by Kate." at the base of every Today in Palestine list.

      as an aside, i use these lists all the time for archival purposes. ie; last week i was searching for an attack in nablus from a few years ago. i had the general date. so i checked 2 of kate's lists from that week, placed "nablus" in the search -- and there it was!

  • Shmuley Boteach's unhinged attack on Lorde will only help the movement to boycott Israel
  • Why Ahed Tamimi's slap is so thrilling to Palestinians
    • talkback, from your link:

      "Israeli army said Musab had "appeared to be holding a gun", but that it was "not immediately confirmed that al-Tamimi had been armed at the time of the shooting".

      chance they executed him randomly having nothing to do with ahed? 0

    • seriously kaisa. "we" -- the rulers of the world no doubt -- have have taken jerusalem off the table! i know. it's seriously mind boggling.

    • did you see this?

    • this after one of your compadres shot her cousin in the face

      and another killed her other cousin, mustafa, not long ago. it's challenging keeping track of how many tamimis they've abducted, interrogated, tortured, incarcerated, maimed and killed.

    • kaisa, i can't tell the difference and i'm from northern california. (locals don't have an accents here/s)

    • oh hatim, thank you. just .. tears.

    • an extremely rare seal impression discovered in Jerusalem’s Western Wall plaza and bearing the inscription “Belonging to the governor of the city” was presented to Jerusalem Mayor

      now that makes total sense. and later in the article:

      “the minute we took away the Early Islamic eighth-century plaster installations ..… immediately, in 20 centimeters — ‘one basket of dirt’ archaeologically speaking — we went from the eighth-century A.D. to the eighth century B.C.”

      16 centuries -- gone -- in one basket of dirt. shocking.

    • omg this song for ahed is so beautiful.. i am listening now. what are the lyrics misterioso?

      my bing translate says it is "you are the covenant" this is bringing tears to my eyes.

    • gamal, i received the same fundraising appeal except mine began with "Dear annie". i'd urge everyone to donate here:

      if you'd like to get on youth against settlements mailing list (you could get this letter addressed to you in your inbox! and other timely news/info) write them at [email protected]

  • I'm proud to stand with Cindy Corrie in this fight
    • mooser, i wonder if tova has ever considered this angle in her fundraising appeals

      Why would you not fund Mondoweiss? I can think of no reason!

      what a novel idea. our end of the year drive is over, but there's always next season.

    • I don’t believe that.


    • mooser, it's posted on the base (bottom right) of every single page. scroll down. ;)

    • whoops! you're likely right RoHa.

    • yes yes! here's doubling down for a happy 2018!

    • thanks for clearing that up tova. as i suspected.

      also, mooser mentioned "Especially if the contributions are not tax-deductible." just thought i'd reiterate, all donations to mondoweiss are tax deductible.

    • i'd also like to thank Cindy and Craig Corrie, whom i have had the pleasure of meeting. you are truly wonderful inspiring people.

      i wanted to mention i was thinking about Rachel earlier today. she came into my thoughts when i found out the beautiful soul Erica Garner died (may she rest in peace). i thought to myself how, like Rachel, she will go down in history as one of the great americans, great activists and humanitarians who represents the best humanity has to offer who -- who spoke truth to power.

    • emory, i've heard allegations in the comments before about jvp being the "top money source" for mondoweiss. i was just curious where you read or heard that. or is there some site you've accessed showing who mondoweiss top donors are. or is this just your hunch?

  • Jewish activist who counseled Lorde on BDS gets the full 'kapo' treatment in the Israeli press
    • uh, because you think it's "logical" to have jewish-zionist communities, literally little israels, w/"full-spectrum domination and control systems... C4ISTAR capable weapons,COMINT/SIGINT/OSINT/HUMINT, electro-optically guided missiles" in 6 (or more) countries.

      heck, why not ask them to rule the world while you're at it.

    • hi rhkroell, happy new year to you too. that was dbakr's quote you had mistakenly attributed to me (hence i fixed it) so i'll let him address your question. but no, i don't think your idea sounds "reasonable".

    • talkback, note the last paragraph in your article. director-general of the Health Ministry said health inequality stemmed largely from "socioeconomic gaps whose origin is outside the health system". take that (rather obvious) logic and apply it to jack's comment about life expectancy for Jews here in the US, vs "any other large religious group". so, is it their religion? or their socioeconomic status? there are millions of black and hispanic christians, the same cannot be said for judaism (mostly white in US). whereas asian americans (not a religious distinction) have the same life expectancy in the US as jewish-americans.

    • thanks brewer, outrageous isn't it? inbound just posted it on this thread too

      did you see this?

      theres no end to shmuely. and i went to his gofundme link, this guy just gave him 25k

    • Arab babies in Israel have lower infant mortality than Arab babies in any Arab country

      jack, infant mortality rate in Saudi Arabia is 53.8 per 1,000.

      it's 6.4 per 1,000 for palestinian-israelis

      check out:

      In Israel, infant mortality rate 3 times higher among Arabs

    • brewer, how could you not mention Jacinda Ardern! New Zealand's new awesome (and gorgeous) prime minister!

    • Is Assaf Wohl’s piece a part of this campaign? If so, the campaign promises to be great for BDS. Such pieces only strengthen its cause.

      i left a comment under wohl's article thanking ynet for publishing it (but i don't know if it will pass moderation), explaining it wasn't just the putrid vitriol of wohl's article but the comments it generated which really shed a light on the kind of characters who support israel. the level of discourse from commenter after commenter, defending israel, was astoundingly ugly. i read the whole thread and there were only 2 pro israel comments that we're not uber rude. they urged compassion for sachs, suggesting she should visit israel to get a sense of it, and expressed they didn't support bds and she should meet the people. other than that, it was just vile vile vile. there's no way a normal person could get through that comment section and come out the other end thinking israel supporters were, for the most part, nice people.

      so not only does wohl's article promise to be great for bds, but the comment section is a gold mine. i'd be embarrassed to be part of a club where this kind of discourse was the norm. outrageous.

    • Author simple hates ... and won’t stop hating

      dabkr, seriously, is there some hasbara handbook somewhere that advises accusations of hatred as being effective on social media, or do you guys just come by it naturally, or coincidentally? and aside from the obvious ad hominem, what advantage do you think it gives your argument to be using this hatred label? i am really curious.

      a nation where jews have sovereignty over their own affairs

      well, realistically, when addressing sovereignty in an apartheid state, it involves million more than their "own" affairs.

      which absolutely means israel is destroyed as a nation

      maybe that's something zionists should have considered while israel was destroying palestine. because i hear this, and i'm thinking there are a heck of a lot of people out there who could give a crap about completely destroying a nation -- zionists in particular.

  • Lorde didn't bow to pressure, she rose to the occasion
  • Why liberal Zionists have nothing to say about Ahed Tamimi's slap and arrest
    • RoHa, i love that play!


    • i don't have to respond to every tom dick and harry who prefaces their hasbara with "annie". and i ignore stuff all the time/routinely. and the absurdity of documenting decades of palestinian efforts to end the occupation presented by this benign little sadistic query where one already knows virtually any specific answer/offer would just lead to claims we've all heard ad nauseum over the years. in this case, you can chalk up my so called "silence" for utter boredom with this line of query. take your bravo and go toast champagne with it. i could care less.

    • eljay December 30, you're right.

    • i'm not in the mood to play your sadistic games nathan. find someone else to chat with.

    • What would be your offer to end the conflict with Israel?

      boycott, divestment and sanction. it's irrelevant what "offers" would be made. israel doesn't want to end the conflict so any idea put forward besides perhaps palestinian mass suicide won't please them. it's not about 'offering' israel anything. it's about demanding they get out of the occupied territory, immediately.

      Lynk said; so if the international community took “unified actions on an escalating basis” to declare the occupation illegal and demand Israel’s withdrawal, Israel would respond.

      That means sanctions.

      Israel is very dependent upon trade with the outside world, it’s very dependent upon its market with the United States, it’s very dependent upon its market with Europe. If there was an understanding that all of a sudden Israelis wanting to travel abroad needed to have visas, if all of a sudden Israel wasn’t going to get preferential trading agreements with the EU. If all of a sudden, the many and multitude of forms of military or economic cooperation or academic cooperation with Israel were now going to come to an end as long as Israel continued that, I think you’d begin to see a sea-change in the attitude of ordinary Israelis and in the attitude of the Israeli government…. Every journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step.....

      This is the longest-running military occupation in the modern world. Notwithstanding insistent calls by the international community, most recently in 2016, that the Israeli occupation must come to a complete end, that many of its features are in profound breach of international law, and that its perpetuation both violates the fundamental right of the Palestinian people to self-determination and undermines the possibility of a two-state solution, it has become more entrenched and harsher than ever. Indeed, the Israeli occupation has become a legal and humanitarian oxymoron: an occupation without end.

      Thirty-seven years ago, in June 1980, the Security Council – sufficiently alarmed by the duration and severity of the occupation and Israel’s defiance of prior resolutions – adopted Resolution 476. At the time, the Israeli occupation was already thirteen years old. In its 1980 resolution, the Security Council reaffirmed “…the overwhelming necessity to end the prolonged occupation of Arab territories…by Israel” and “strongly deplore the continuing refusal of Israel to comply with the relevant resolutions of the Security Council and the General Assembly.”

      The inability to end the Israeli occupation has been an abject failure of international diplomacy, a darkening stain on the efficacy of international law and the source of multiple broken promises to the Palestinian people. Nor does the prolongation of this occupation serve the people of Israel, for it corrodes their society and their public institutions by entangling them in their government’s drive to foreclose a viable and just solution to the half-century of occupation and the century-long conflict, and makes them the beneficiaries – unwittingly or not – of a profoundly unequal and unjust relationship.

      The prevailing approach of the international community has been to treat Israel as the lawful occupant of the Palestinian territory, albeit an occupant that has committed a number of grave breaches of international law in its conduct of the occupation, including the settlement enterprise, the construction of the Wall, the annexation of East Jerusalem and the systemic violations of Palestinian human rights. In the view of the Special Rapporteur, while the lawful occupant approach may have been the appropriate diplomatic and legal portrayal of the occupation in its early years, it has since become wholly inadequate both as an accurate legal characterization of what the occupation has become and as a viable political, diplomatic and legal catalyst...

      The only credible explanation for Israel’s continuation of the occupation and its thickening of the settlement regime is to enshrine its sovereign claim over part or all of the Palestinian territory, a colonial ambition par excellence. Every Israeli government since 1967 has pursued the continuous growth of the settlements, and the significant financial, military and political resources committed to the enterprise belies any intention on its part to make the occupation temporary…

      video of U.N. speech at the link

    • Even Prince Bandar bin Sultan of Saudi Arabia .... said that Arafat’s refusal to accept the January 2001 offer was a crime.

      omg, you're kidding? i am flabberghasted at this incredible news. he was the consultant to bush was he not? that's practically like gandhi saying it. and the idea that any arab leader would come down on the other side of another is just .. just unthinkable... they always stick together. oh, i thought this might interest you:

      Bandar bought a hamlet in Oxfordshire, in a picturesque area of central England, and a 2,000-acre sporting estate with part of the proceeds from kickbacks he received in the al-Yamamah arms deal, which netted British manufacturer BAE £43bn ($56.5bn) in contracts for fighter aircraft.

      As much as $30m (£15m) is alleged to have been paid into Bandar’s dollar account at Riggs Bank in Washington and the affair led to corruption probes in the US and UK, although the case was dropped in the UK in 2006 after an intervention by then-prime minister Tony Blair.

      anyway, i am sure if the prince said it it must be true, for what reason would he ever have to make something like that up? truly mind-boggling. thanks for the lead jack, keep up the sleuthing, it might just be your forte.

    • nathan, read the palestine papers. palestinians have offered many proposals -- all rejected.

    • jack, i wonder how they would be ranked if they included all the area and people they control? kind of a neat trick having half the population not included. especially when you extract taxes from that population, steal their resources and make them pay to get them back. the occupation is very profitable. plus, israel makes money from all the international aid that goes through israel to get to palestine. they charge a fee for 'managing' and distributing it. plus, the prevent palestinians from free trade especially in competitive markets like agriculture where they steal palestinian land and only allow jews to farm it. the list is too long to mention. but i'd take that 29 ranking, and throw it right out the window.

    • the video proves she was hit first by the soldier, so one could easily construe she was protecting herself.

    • The Nabi Saleh article here is also eye opening.

      atime forpeace, that is the same +972 article by lisa goldman jonathan links to and cites in his article too. it is an excellent article.

  • No, Rachael Ray, hummus is not Israeli: How and why Palestinian culture gets erased
  • A most unlikely martyr: matriarch Hamda Zubeidat, killed in the night by stun grenades
    • Tawfiq’s brothers, nephews, and cousins nodded in agreement. The day of the raid, they said, there were not even any clashes or stone throwing going on on the main road, leading all of them to believe that the village was being used as a training ground for new soldiers who were learning the trade of night raids on Palestinian towns and villages...

      ...they were here firing bombs and gas like it was a game, they weren’t thinking that we are real people living here.

      the inhumanity i will never get used to.

  • Writing about what should be done to girls in the dark is incitement to sexual assault -- Shany Littman to Ben Caspit
    • oh, sorry for jumping in jon. i thought the question you asked mist was "how do these stats compare to other modern armies? Is this higher than the US occupation or Germany?" the question you asked at December 30, 2017, 1:38 pm, after quoting mist; "What evidence is there to support this statement?" was prefaced by my name "Annie," so i thought you were asking me. i'll just shut up for the time being!

    • why not ask the person you're quoting jon? besides, when i address your quotes you simply ignore them. ie: what evidence do you have misterioso brought up the topic of rape "in order to generalize about that group" or "pretend that this differs from other armies of the period " or made a "statement about the moral compass of this military". you've got some explaining to do of your own before launching into another of your question traps. first you ask something rather benignly, like "how do these stats compare to other modern armies? Is this higher than the US occupation or Germany?" and then you launch into some diatribe about bigotry based on what exactly?

      so now, after over emphasizing how israel doesn't commit any kind of atrocities not carried out by others (la--di--da) what is your point of your question? that they are in fact more moral? anyway, it wasn't my quote. it's neither the sort of thing soldiers brag about nor do women, certainly in most cultures including our own, claim to be victim too. but there's certainly enough of them who were witnesses and no exposure or accountability from gov officials or the military, so what's gonna be? why don't you try disproving Morris's “many documents" that were not available to him when he wrote the original book.

    • It’s bigotry to focus on the actions of one ethnic group in order to generalize about that group

      how is this even relevant jon? there's nothing in misterioso's comment that generalizes jews or israelis. no one is making the case other warriors have not raped and pillaged. albeit, i'm not really aware of other armies claiming to be the most moral in the world - while committing unspeakable crimes. and while an entire industry has cropped up, including hundreds of museums, to dissect and study crimes perpetrated against jews, the same cannot be said about the incidences in misterioso's comment. in fact, it seems quite the opposite, that efforts have been made to hide the atrocities carried out during the nakba.

      It’s perfectly acceptable to condemn the Israeli forces for war crimes committed during the 48 war, but it is bigotry to pretend that this differs from other armies of the period or that it makes a statement about the moral compass of this military,

      since you're just repeating yourself, the onus is on you to show where anyone made a claim (or denial) about "other armies of the period". it seems as though you're bringing up this topic to distract from discussing or even recognizing what had (clearly) been covered up and hidden.

      they took them to our empty houses and raped them. [Then,] about seventy of our young men were blind-folded and shot to death, one after the other, in front of us’.”

      no comment, except to make the point these crimes are not unique? and then try to lecture us for some yet unspoken implication. and what "statement about the moral compass of this military" might you be referring, other than 'the most moral army in the world'? do tell.

      you need a comparison or directive from the leadership to assert your claim that rape was a tactic of the army and not a consequence of war as is the case in other contemporary wars.

      what claim? the only claim being made here is yours. no one claimed these massacres and slaughters and rapes were not a consequence of war. but as for "as is the case in other contemporary wars" i am not sure that claim can be made. if your claim is that the US military routinely raped and slaughtered their way through the occupation of germany -- just source that -- and those (allegedly) denying it. certainly i read during the bosnian war "Serb paramilitary units, who used genocidal rape as an instrument of terror as part of their programme of ethnic cleansing."

      if this is the point you want to make, why not just list several other contemporary wars whose participants carried out these kinds of atrocities to accompany their ethnic cleansing campaigns. if it would make you feel better about the grotesque incidences carried out by jewish soldiers referenced in misterioso's comment. by all means, we are all ears. there was Abeer in iraq, i will never forget her being raped and burned alive.

      that is your point right? to divert away from discussing the sexual crimes of israel's founding (which btw, unlike the bosnian war, doesn't have it's own wiki page). wonder why??,7340,L-4827240,00.html

      IDF's chief rabbi-to-be permits raping women in wartime

    • Rape is a war crime and should never be condoned and should always be prosecuted.

      sounds like a throwaway line jon. is that all you've got to say? besides, wrt israel it's irrelevant. none of those soldiers were punished nor would they be today given it's condoned in religious texts... isn't it? and what war crime does israel ever admit to? so your denunciation is rather a moot point.

      is this higher than the US occupation or Germany?

      do you mean the 7 year allied occupation of germany 1945-52?

  • New Israeli train line with station named after Trump was built on stolen Palestinian land
  • Zionism didn't have to turn out so badly for Palestinians, says Roger Cohen
    • You mean the “Zionist aspiration” to take Palestine and the “Palestinian aspiration”

      i'd love to put a leash around the neck of someone i know and walk him around my neighborhood on his knees. and after a few rounds around the block and his knees all bloody and the bones sticking out, with the leash pulled tight, i'd say "There are a few factors that clash between your aspirations and mine."

    • At a time of facile anti-Zionism spilling sometimes into outright anti-Semitism

      sure, facile anti zionism can spill into anti semitism. but this statement implies we are "at a time" when a preponderance of anti zionism is facile -- which is not the case. anti zionism is neither effortless, easy, undemanding, unexacting, painless, trouble-free... or superficial. it's quite the opposite.

      Schama has made an eloquent and a far-reaching case for why Jews needed a small piece of earth they could call home.

      it's hard to imagine there'd be anything worth saying on this topic that has not been said millions of times before. we know, we know about the eternal victims.

      Tell me: how much prejudice/abuse/persecution have you experienced in your personal arc? Do you have any responsibility to reshape your ideas of Jewish insecurity based on our privileged lives ......I’ve issued a similar challenge to you on other occasions; and you always ignore it.

      and he will continue to ignore you. he talks to those inside the LZ bubble. the shoot and cry brigades.

  • Israeli lawmaker calls Palestinians visiting relatives in Israeli prison 'beasts' and 'human scum'
    • jon, sorry. i think i misunderstood your original question. you want talkback’s opinion as to the legal status of IDF soldiers adjacent to the Gaza border. try stating what you think the legal status of soldiers manning an illegal occupation are, and then ask him his opinion about that. is it even legal to declare war on illegally occupied people?

    • you ask for his "opinion" and when you didn't like or didn't know how to argue against, or were not satisfied with, his answer, you then asked for a "reference for this category" for his opinion. maybe he didn't use a "term". not all opinions are confined within terms.

      so i repeat, you ask his opinion, now you want to know if it’s defined as a category? strange.

      do you understand the meaning of the word "Institutionalized"? how about "settler"? now "terrorist"? it does not have to be a "term" or a "category".

      if i asked you Do have an opinion as to the status of that tiger and you said, 'my opinion is it's a lethal striped killing mammal', if i responded "I can’t seem to find it defined as a category"? you'd probably think i was a nut. what are you trying to establish jon?

    • you ask his opinion, now you want to know if it's defined as a category? strange.

  • Israeli journalist who called for unspeakable acts against Ahed Tamimi tries, and fails, to backpedal
    • I’m unclear what the paragraph location has to do with the familial relationship.

      jon, sorry for the late response . for your review, i stated "what i find astounding is the dearth of msm articles about this event that either fail to mention, or mention at the very end of the coverage, "

      the location of the information in the article -- in this case --- 16 paragraphs down, is called burying the context (or burying the lede). lots of people do not read that far down. and if you do not get the significance of her relation being shot directly prior to the slap, so be it. did you read "Liberal Zionists can’t talk about the shooting of Mohammed Tamimi"

    • The significance of assiduously moral forms of resistance, non-violent in the meaning of non-harming not just in range of tactic, is that the actions stimulate admiration, rather than generating rational fear.

      Ahed Tamimi has crossed a line.

      iow, you rationally fear ahmed tamimi? yeah, most israelis fear her -- understandably. she's scary!

    • i feel bad for the roth's. i don't think anyone gets over losing a child. but 25 years later, their persistent anger at the villagers of nabi saleh knows no bounds. and to think how horrendous they would feel if, like palestinians, the casualties of their children had been ten fold. they make claims like "Or to say it another way: they are entitled to kill the Israelis and have done so again and again, but it’s not effective" when they paraphrase bassem tamimi "He and everyone else I spoke with in the village insisted they had the right to armed resistance; they just don’t think it works.”"

      the thing is, they do have a right to armed resistance.

      a child exploited as a political weapon, indoctrinated from birth by a family with close links to terrorism.

      you should be ashamed mayhem.

      My daughter has spent her whole life under the heavy shadow of the Israeli prison — from my lengthy incarcerations throughout her childhood, to the repeated arrests of her mother, brother and friends, to the covert-overt threat implied by your soldiers’ ongoing presence in our lives. So her own arrest was just a matter of time. An inevitable tragedy waiting to happen.

      when a child grows up with night raids and tear gas and death, who are you to claim they are indoctrinated from birth by their family? this reminds me:

    • cat calls kettle!

    • thanks jon, but your assessment is actually incorrect. first off, it was 16 paragraphs down. 2nd, it wasn't "according to AJ". here's what they wrote:

      According to Bassem, Ahed and Nour were attempting to push the soldiers away from their home in the video after their 15-year-old cousin Mohammad was struck point-blank in the face with a rubber bullet, which left him in a coma for 72 hours.

    • It is completely absent in renderings of Israeli media, including Caspit. Not to mention the whole paradigm of occupation

      what i find astounding is the dearth of msm articles about this event that either fail to mention, or mention at the very end of the coverage, that this took place right after her younger brother was shot in the head. can't recall which article i read (maybe her father's) stating the bullet entered his mouth and lodged into his brain, and how soldiers then entered the tamimi property by climbing over the fence. i would be livid if that was my brother. i would be going out of my mind.

      it is as if they think palestinians have no normal emotions. can you imagine if a palestinian entered a settlement after shooting an israeli child, or a settler child, in the head? the people showing restraint here, are without a doubt the tamimi's. because under similar circumstances, with the perps reversed, a settler family would have greeted the palestinians not by slapping them, but by killing them.

      thanks for your excellent coverage jonathan.

    • So why worry?

      did you read the article? the context being the journalist's job and reputation and the mind set of those who read his words and think they are acceptable discourse. i do think she will be released relatively shortly and not spend decades behind bars for this alleged infraction (which as i recall was your claim along with making this situation all our fault/responsibility -- your typical attempts of diversion/guilt tripping). and i did not say she'd be released without punishment.try to stay on topic.

    • and what is this:

      To keep one’s restraint in this impossible situation is far more difficult than applying force, especially when the bitter enemy in front of you is three girls

      only a readership who has completely normalized this justification of oppressor vs oppressed occupation mentality could view this situation, of completely militarized and armed soldiers facing slapping teenage girls, as "impossible". impossible is when your life is threatened. impossible is facing an armed bitter enemy with the opportunity to physical harm you, kidnap you, overpower you -- not merely with an opportunity to embarrass or shame you.

      for any mature person, fully armed, it doesn't take "restraint" not to lash out and exact revenge on an unarmed teen. it's just common sense.

    • exactly! "girls, exact a price .... in the dark, without witnesses"

      please. everyone knows what the implication of that is. if he was talking about your sister or daughter...

  • Pop star 'Lorde' honors BDS call, cancels Tel Aviv concert
    • talkback, since i wrote that i read Yousef Munayyer's article saying something very similar:

      others have slammed her for giving in to BDS “pressure” — curious language given she responded to a letter from fans and decided to forgo what would have surely been a lucrative concert.

      If anything, the incentives were structured very heavily in favor of her playing Tel Aviv, as they are for every artist facing the decision to forego a lucrative opportunity. Any pressure she faced came only from her own conscience after learning, weighing and discussing the issue carefully......

      .....One of her Israeli concert producers found a way to insult her in the process of explaining her decision, saying he was “naive to think a singer of her age could handle the pressure.” Keep in mind, Lorde is 21, and in Israeli society, 18-year-olds are conscripted and deemed perfectly capable of handling the responsibility of making life and death decisions while armed with heavy machine guns frequently directed toward Palestinian children. ....

      Read more:

    • i wouldn't take this too seriously kaisa. TMZ, who was the article's source, wrote

      Dror will certainly be competing with other top designers.

      also, note the independent's unsourced sentence:

      There is now speculation that a fashion designer has been chosen to design Markle’s wedding dress.

      anyone can speculate. note this line from TMZ:

      Dror confirmed Monday she was contacted by the Royal Family about possibly dressing Meghan

      but it doesn't mention who initiated this contact. it could be self promotion by the designer who could have independently sent the designs to kensington palace and they could have acknowledged receiving them and thanks the designer for sending them or said something to the effect of taking them into consideration. as it states in the independent:

      Since images of Dror’s sketches were leaked to TMZ, the brand’s vice president of marketing Yehuda Katzman sent them to The Independent directly....

      Two of the sketches even include a personal note from the designer herself, writing: “For Meghan Markle with love.”

      which doesn't excluded the possibility they were originally leaked to TMZ by katzman himself! this strikes me as a lot of speculation. also, i would assume the future bride would use a british designer. or possibly and american.

    • pop singer Lorde announced on Sunday that she would be canceling her June 5th performance in Tel Aviv after pressure from the Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement

      did she really say that? did she use the word "pressure"? because the quotes from her in this article do not imply pressure:

      I’ve received an overwhelming number of messages & letters and have had a lot of discussions with people holding many views, and I think the right decision at this time is to cancel the show,”...“I pride myself on being an informed young citizen, and I had done a lot of reading and sought a lot of opinions before deciding to book a show in Tel Aviv, but I’m not too proud to admit I didn’t make the right call on this one.”

      to me, this framing implies she changed her mind after her discussions with lots of people, that she became more informed. and, if she did feel pressure to change her mind, i am sure she also felt pressure from anti bds people not to change her tour.

      i'm just wondering if it was "pressure" more than it was the information and the logic of those who appealed to her --- for her to write "I didn’t make the right call on this one."

      just thought i'd mention, because i think "pressure" is zionist framing.

  • Mohammad Saba'aneh sends Christmas greetings from Palestine
  • New Yorkers rally in solidarity with Ahed Tamimi
    • demand? good luck with that. they can't offend their big donors.

    • kaisa, in finland that may be the case, but here in america taxpayer funded media works in a similar way as taxpayer funded military. for the most part, the people do not have a say in the choices being made.

  • The New York Times tries to make the Ahed Tamimi story go away
    • My point is…. that PEP is a bogus term. Progressive except for Palestine implies that Palestine is a progressive issue. The fact that conservative support Palestine, but do not support other progressive causes means that it is not a progressive stance.

      it's a progressive stance if one supports it for progressive or humanitarian reasons. did you read Grace Halsell's article?

      Times highly praised my efforts to help these groups of oppressed peoples, the dichotomy became apparent: most “liberal” U.S. Jews stand on the side of all poor and oppressed peoples save one—the Palestinians.

      that's what a pep is. a person who supports palestinian rights because they "stand on the side of all poor and oppressed people" will not be supporting it for the same reason a conservative might. that doesn't mean it's not a progressive issue. it just means it's not exclusively progressive. iow, don't presume a progressive who support palestine does it for the same reason a conservative might.

    • phil wrote an article called Conservatives for Palestine, i rec:

      Do you disagree that these countries are both conservative and anti-Zionist?

      jon, you didn't 'directly answer:' ("Would you care to name one"), you named countries. and did i miss something? did someone argue there were not both conservatives and progressives supporting palestine? or is asking you for an example (presumably from the US and not yemen) because it sort of seems, and please correct me if it's in the thread and i missed it, but it seemed as tho you brought it up earlier rather out of the blue as if you were responding or countering someone. what was it specifically you were initially addressing? was it hughes

      "The words of Grace Halsell, quoted above, are a remarkable illustration of what PEP (as Phil has led us to call them)"

      because a PEP is not the same as a conservative. it's someone who identifies as progressive (read halsell's whole exceptional article for context) and a humanitarian for everyone but palestinians. and she gives really good examples. what did you think of the article?

    • the goal of the boycott is to make Tel Aviv Islamic

      this is your idea of dumbing it down?

  • A day after UN vote on Jerusalem, Israeli aggression intensifies in the West Bank
    • Their enablers from abroad, demanding absurd terms

      a racist orientalist's logic. as if Ahed and her family resist because of foreigners demands. as if they are not palestinian leaders who resist by their own terms.

      the orientalist's tragic violin concerto is completely unconvincing:

      It’s a tragedy that she will spend the next decade or so in an Israeli jail. I can’t begin to think what this means for her education, health and mental state. The biggest victims of this conflict are individual Palestinians.

      and about that alleged decade in jail. the occupier will have to mull over whether it's worth the exposure and global pushback of imprisoning her for any length of time.

  • The never-ending crisis of Zionism
    • did you open the link and the subsequent links? palestinians have made proposal after proposal (ie israel, not so much. have you read the palestine papers? the so called olmert proposal is a total farce.

    • oh thank you gamal, perfect.

    • Never had an Israeli prime minister presented such a detailed, coherent position for resolution ....There was no counter to the proposal.

      oh that's a bunch of hogwash. i heard olmert tell his story in SF. he practically bragged about dangling a map from his hand across the table from abbas, he got a laugh out of it too. wouldn't even give abbas a copy of the map. so abbas had to draw it by hand on a napkin!

      and then i went to see the Maen Rashid Areikat, former chief of the PLO Delegation, again at a world affairs council in SF a week later, and they most definitely did respond with a proposal. one that olmert later claimed he never received.

      this olmert proposal was infamous for the "napkin map". please, you are not expecting us to believe this "detailed, coherent position for resolution " ?? what good is a detailed coherent resolution if it's unacceptable? how bout palestinians propose the most fabulously detailed coherent resolution imaginable, go read the palestine papers, israel would not accept it. they will accept nothing but total surrender.

      a lot more revealed in the palestine papers.

    • really overwhelmed by the powerful message of this article. i keep reading it. wish i could spread it everywhere. love you phil. and really loving the tamimi's and their ultimate sacrifice.

    • great article phil. along with yossi gurvitz's article yesterday, the best articles of israel's recent crimes against the tamimi family.

  • How a Palestinian girl from an occupied village emasculated the Israeli army
    • jon is uppity today mooser. he just wrote on another thread he won't "tolerate" anyone claiming hummus wasn't israeli food! too insulting! what's next? israeli dakba? israeli keffiyeh?


      Posted on 03/17/2011 By Shemspeed

    • removing fanatical settlers is not realistic when the israeli gov supports those fanatics. you're not being realistic jon, if after decades the reality of endless occupation has not sunk in. this is the israeli way of life, colonization. after acknowledging that, then lets talk about what's realistic.

  • Trump threatens to cut aid to countries voting against Jerusalem decision at UN
    • for many years will continue to be occupied.... this is a good thing

      catalan is a sadist troll who derives pleasure from continually posting his antagonistic diversionary inflammatory fantasies:

      BDS – (if/when it ever brought any sort of pain to Israel, that pain gets transferred to the Palestinians tenfold

      speaking of israel's "pain", i highly recommend yossi gurvitz's How a Palestinian girl from an occupied village emasculated the Israeli army:

  • Lexicography for Dummies
  • The case for US government sanctions on Israel
  • In video tours of Palestine, Nas Daily plays native informant
    • Hummus which is made in Israel, sold in Israel and consumed in Israel is, by definition, Israeli hummus.

      "by definition" pizza made, sold and consumed in america is still italian food. just like mexican tacos made, sold and consumed in italy are not, by definition, italian tacos. the only way a taco would be considered italian is if you fundamentally changed the ingredients used to make the taco, filling or crust. i mean, maybe one would consider pineapple and ham pizza american pizza. hummus is an arabic dish. you can serve it wherever you want, but it won't change the cultural origins of the food -- which is arabic, not israeli.

      plus, it is not an "insult" to claim pizza made in america is italian food and not "american pizza". it's not an insult, it's a fact. nor is it an "insult" to claim hummus made in israel is not israeli hummus. what's an insult is cultural appropriation and not giving credit where credit is due.

      what's the hebrew word for hummus jon?

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