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i apologize in advance for my rants. brevity is often impossible for me when the topic is I/P.

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  • Dear Mr. Netanyahu, please don't cancel your speech
    • I differ with Taxi, and that is rare. Empire was the game for most all, but empires were waning, and died DEAD for sure on 9/11/01.

      If you think national interest is not supplanted by nothing but war profits, right wing zionism, and even darker geopolitical machinations, you have not been watching the (de)volition close enough.

      Was "blowing up" trillions of dollars in Iraq and Afghanistan good for the empire when there was only alienation of the ME and the rest of the world clear, along with increased/hastened dollar devaluation (and nothing else clear, but messing with future perceived Israeli regional 'threats')? Perhaps those true (calcified and irrelevant) people who though the WOT was good for the US/Western EMPIRE are not down with biting off Iran. This is true... I agree. I predict we lay off Iran for this reason, and because 2-staters are now trying to prevent biblical mayhem, and others know it is just too much BS, and other people have balanced the equation. But Iran was the end game of 9/11, after the other stated 6 countries.

      But the empire is dead, and we can expect only war profits, and playing out Israeli agendas to CONTINUE. Only checked slightly, at times, by a few worried about US interests and the USD.


  • Brandeis damaged itself by suspending relationship with Nusseibeh, Ratner says in resigning from board
  • BDS' big night: Loyola student government passes divestment, U. Mich votes it down
    • anonymouscomments March 26, 2014 at 11:49 pm

      it is sad to see this fail, but we know the wind is at our backs.

      also, we should note that even before BDS, there were divestment conferences at UMich.

      i personally attended the second one in 2002, which was great (complete with buses of zionists brought in to rally out front and yell at us). i noted what we all know.... a win for divestment is having the DISCUSSION in itself, as we have the facts, justice, and morality on our side.

      actually achieving divestment is a distant second, and is just a sign that we have *won* the debate in a given place. and i will say that the student government is not usually the true reflection of the student body.

      i would be interested in polls of the student body at UMich. that is the true target, not dumping some stocks of some vile corporations, to be bought again by others at effectively the same price.

      [from the Forward in 2002; i speak at the end, noting the reality of achieving 'actual' divestment in the near term. but i will correct myself and note that in time, divestment itself will be a serious issue impacting corporations and west bank/israeli economics- and it is starting to pinch in certain places already. also i was misquoted on 'equal voices'.... there was one loud zionist voice, and the voices for palestinian rights were just rising]

      18 October 2002

      ANN ARBOR, Mich. — Pro-Palestinian students from some 70 campuses converged on the University of Michigan campus last weekend for a conference to advance their campaign to force colleges and universities to divest themselves of holdings in companies that do business with Israel. But the conference ended in bitter disagreements between key factions of the divestment movement.

      Jewish protesters charged the organizers of the Second National Student Conference on the Palestine Solidarity Movement with promoting terrorism and antisemitism, while speakers at the two-day parley variously accused Israel of "ethnic cleansing" and racism.

      "Israel is the prime example of human rights violators in the world," said Eric Reichenberger, spokesman for Students Allied for Freedom and Equality, or SAFE, the pro-Palestinian University of Michigan organization that hosted the conference.

      Organizers said the conference drew some 400 participants on its first day and had to turn away over 100 people for lack of space. Most of the conference attendees appeared to be Middle Eastern or Muslim, although there were sizable numbers of others, including large numbers of left-wing activists. According to one Jewish organizer, approximately 15 Jewish students participated.

      The national divestment campaign is modeled after campus campaigns against apartheid South Africa during the 1980s. According to Fadi Kiblawi, co-founder of SAFE, divestment campaigns have been launched against Israel on some 40 campuses across the country. Thus far, however, no university has agreed to divest from Israel, and student- organized anti-divestment Web petitions have often succeeded in garnering more signatures than their campuses' respective pro- divestment petitions.

      In September, Harvard University President Lawrence Summers suggested that calls for divestment from Israel are "anti-Semitic in their effect if not in their intent." Late last month, University of Michigan President Mary Sue Coleman stated her opposition to calls for divestment.

      Nevertheless, conference organizers insist they remain committed to the goal of achieving divestment, noting that it took the campus anti- apartheid movement years to achieve its goals.

      On Sunday, the conference's second day, deep divisions became apparent within the student divestment movement between pragmatists concerned with the movement's public image and more radical ideologues.

      The fissures — one participant called them "basically a debate between Michigan and Berkeley," two key centers of pro-Palestinian campus activism — came to the fore in the conference sessions devoted to revising the divestment movement's guiding principles, which had been adopted in February at the movement's first conference at the University of California at Berkeley.

      Citing public-relations concerns, the largely Arab-American leadership of SAFE fought vigorously to excise from the movement's guiding principles language condemning "the racism and discrimination inherent in Zionism." Members of SAFE also fought to drop from the guiding principles the statement: "As a solidarity movement, it is not our place to dictate the strategies or tactics adopted by the Palestinian people in their struggle for liberation." The latter statement has been labeled by critics as a pointed refusal to condemn Palestinian suicide bombings.

      But more radical conference-goers — some of the most vocal of whom were non-Arab activists from Berkeley — successfully resisted the efforts to excise the language.

      A visibly frustrated Kiblawi told those assembled, "These guiding principles are not representative of our campus's views," adding that the language that was finally adopted was "not something that I feel comfortable with."

      There was, however, one resolution on which near-unanimity prevailed. As the conference was drawing to a close, an older, Jewish conference participant offered a resolution that would have explicitly stated that the divestment movement's vision of a "true peace" included "coexistence" with a "transformed and democratized" Israel and a renunciation of Palestinian claims on Israeli cities such as Haifa and Jaffa. It failed to find a single supporter.

      David Post, a University of Michigan senior and spokesman for the American Movement for Israel campus group who attended many of the conference sessions as an observer, said he didn't hear any speakers make overtly anti-Jewish remarks, but nevertheless called the conference "destructive."

      "The common message in every speaker that you hear is 'Israel is an apartheid state. Israel is wrong.' There's no blame put on anything the Palestinians do," he said. "There's not even an acknowledgement of the fact that this is a two-sided conflict and it needs to be worked out through negotiations for the two sides, who are both doing things wrong. I think it really undermines the peace process, it undermines ideas of peace."

      While the pro-Palestinian student movement has declared its support for a "right of return" for Palestinian refugees, it has no official position on whether it accepts Israel's right to exist or supports a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Organizers say there is a diversity of views within the movement on this issue.

      At the conference a few attendees wore T-shirts featuring both the Israeli and Palestinian flags with the words "Free Palestine" and "Secure Israel," while some others were clad in T-shirts emblazoned with the slogan "Palestine Will Be Free From the River to the Sea." The latter of these two slogans was taken up as a chant by a large number of attendees at one point. When a speaker called for "one single Palestinian state over the whole of historical Palestine," he received a tremendous ovation.

      Conference critics assailed the organizers' choice of speakers, particularly Sami Al-Arian, a controversial University of South Florida computer science professor who the school is trying to fire in the face of allegations that he is tied to the terrorist group Islamic Jihad. Al-Arian has denied these allegations, and he has never been charged.

      In his speech, Al-Arian called Israel's treatment of the Palestinians "much worse than what the black South Africans had to endure under apartheid."

      Jewish groups responded to the conference with a pair of pro-Israel rallies, both of which drew several hundred participants. The larger one of the two was sponsored by the University of Michigan's Hillel and took place two days before the conference began. The second rally, which took place Sunday, was organized by a campus group, the Michigan Student Zionists, and many of its participants were bused in from New York by AMCHA-The Coalition for Jewish Concerns.

      Two members of Michigan Student Zionists filed a lawsuit against the University of Michigan alleging that some of the invited conference speakers might incite violence on campus. A judge denied the plaintiffs a hearing.

      Rabbi Avi Weiss, AMCHA's national president, who picketed with a small group outside the conference entrance Saturday, clad in a prayer shawl for the Sabbath, said some of the attendees had said in Arabic, "murder the Jews."

      Conference organizers have rejected charges of antisemitism and said they oppose terrorism. "We absolutely condemn suicide bombings," Reichenberger said in response to a question at SAFE's press conference. "As far as attacks on civilian populations, we condemn all forms of attack on civilian populations both by the Palestinians, by the Israelis, or whoever may be involved."

      A conference attendee from Boston University, Mike Figa, said he doubted the movement would be able to convince many colleges to divest from Israel. He noted that unlike the anti-apartheid movement, in the debate over divesting with Israel, "there's two voices almost equally represented."

      "The reason why I support the movement is it's going to raise awareness and essentially foster dialogue and that's about it," Figa said. "I think you're living in an illusion if you think that there's going to be massive divestment."

  • Israel lobby group compiles secret dossiers on pro-Palestinian speakers
    • Is there a reason why the whole of their list is not released? Or at least the NAMES of those profiled (if you fear copyright or the source has issues etc.?).

      I am wondering if certain people I know were profiled and I assume they would be far more interested. Then perhaps you could release text to them, or at least they would know. We've already seen from your article that they deny that they have profiles on people they do.

  • Calls grow for Oxfam to drop Scarlett Johansson following her defense of Israeli occupation
    • now that i realize sodastream is a public company with ticker on NASDAQ, not private... and it has many factories, not just the one illegally located in the OPT...

      when will the SODA stockholders vote to simply remove the illegal factory, as the only logical move to grow the company and seek the (mandated) best return for stockholders? which is also of course the moral step, but corps are largely amoral.

      are there some big shareholders who are expansionist zionists, and put illegal oppression and their twisted politics over the future growth of their own company/stock?

  • The self-hating goy
    • sorry i find it funny. namely the larry david bit above, but even the goy thing. the goy bit almost points to the absurdity of talmudic crap.

      call it my thin (or unstereotypically thick?) half jewish skin. but then again my mother is not jewish, and my father converted to christianity... rabbi says 'no'

      btw i'm nothing, in the end, but this does seem to come down to comedic taste and personal latitude, not mendacity and racism as much as some believe.

  • Petition to Hillary assails 'right wing Democrats' who take 'warmonger AIPAC' cash
    • Thanks, seems to have been corrected in article.

      But a bigger issue is that Phil seemed to be quoting an email from the petition writer, Naiman, about the petition, not the actual petition.

      This seems to be a significant an oversight- the actual petition is very short and even the background info does not mention AIPAC.

  • Christian Zionists help settler-farmers take over Palestinian lands
    • i feel that people like us, and honest reporting on israel/palestine, needs to shift with regard to occupied territories and east jerusalem. we almost cede them east jerusalem in a way.

      myself and many of us, have bent to the narrative of the zionist expansion, and act like occupied east jerusalem and the west bank are different.

      we often include the number of settlers in east jerusalem as an aside, but at times leave it out entirely. hell, when we do that, we are de facto more zionist than almost every nation in the world, including very zionist lobbied nations, which do not even recognize the annexation.

      there is no difference, just because israel illegally annexed east jerusalem (also with the expanded 'borders' of the municipality to go up to bethlehem and making 'jerusalem' HUGE, as it never was!).

      we should make no distinction. it must be combined, to truly state the reality, or at least always boldly noted as the 'other' part of the blatantly illegal israeli expansion in the occupied territories. a nuanced difference technically, but the SAME bag of tricks, and the same blatant land grab.

      settlers in east j, are settlers. it is essentially another layer of the same type of colonization, ethnic cleansing, permit denials, expulsion/'deportation', and home demolition paradigm we see in the west bank.

  • US Jews leave 'Gatekeepers' asking why we give money to Israel -- says Oren, outraged
  • FBI video of convicted spy suggests that US let Israeli gov't off hook in the case
    • anonymouscomments March 8, 2013 at 6:56 pm

      why did our government go easy [on] the Israelis?

      because agents for israel, or more properly, multinationals elites and bankers and MIC profiteers.... *control* the effing USG, and most every gov of note. including israel.

  • US Congress seeks to thwart Palestinian reconciliation -- hearing WINEP testimony based on Israeli army blog
    • and perhaps this was mentioned above, but we should (again) note that a guy at WINEP called for a false-flag to initiate war with iran.

      further, the only page i finished at this website is on (world wide) past false flags. it includes two of israel's most notorious failed false flags, the lavon affair, and the USS liberty.

      regarding the USS liberty, anyone with a brain, who has reviewed the evidence and whistle-blowers, knows it was intentional (what we do not know is if key people in the USG approved it in advance). my uncle, who is a USAF colonel, when i asked him about it, said "that was an act of war." ralph nader himself, minced no words about the cover-up of the USS liberty, which was spearheaded by join mccain's father, and which john mccain has covered for including an endorsement of a book which whitewashed the attack.

  • What J Street is up to
  • Bloomberg backs Brooklyn College over BDS event as another official withdraws funding threat
    • amy goodman is generally quite good in relation to israel... especially in comparison to all larger media outfits. she will not go into it as deep and as often as she can, or be as brutally honest, as some here at MW. but she is very good and hosts all the "radical mainstream" people like chomsky and finkelstein and barghouti. she covers the UN resolutions, the vetoes, and many of israel's worst offenses.

      when israel did the first gaza war, cast lead, i though she was going to cry- she almost couldn't get through a newscast it seemed.

      of course i hate her light deception and more often, stark evasion with regard to 9/11... but that is only the underpinning of current world politics and also the paradigm under which israel's impunity is indefinitely extended. that is off limits at MW, for good reason, but you can google to see how amy deals with the obvious questions (and evidence) wrt 9/11.

  • Chomsky: Obama strongly supported Israel's 2006 Lebanon invasion
    • and chomsky still derides or soft peddles the "pro-israel lobby"? is israel still our client state serving US (the godfather's) will? or is he starting to acknowledge the obvious reality?

      or has the old man with great intellect but astonishing blind spots, changed his tune now that he can't survive in the establishment left without a new tune?

      i live in boston and saw him for like the 5th time a few months ago... i used to respect him greatly, but some of his positions have turned out to be unforgivable, and doom the "left" and others to utter failure, and perpetual futility. ie his position on the israel lobby, his position on "(un)strategic voting" every 4 years, and his take on 9/11.

      and to bring back, yet again, jeffrey blankfort-
      MUST listen about chomsky and the left.... and israel of course-

  • If you were a Palestinian Israeli, and your polling place looked like this--
    • And BTW this comment was to yrn, "Every sign in Israel has both Hebrew and Arabic."

      Utter BS lie, and this is from someone accusing the article and comments of lacking truth.....

      The hypocrisy of Zionists is often not even hypocrisy.... it is projection, 100%. The hurl charges at others that do not fit to those they slander, but clearly applies to them in the same breath.

      The heights of deception, and often self-deception. Poor brainwashed and immoral Zios.... I really am starting to pity them, especially as their twisted ideology will end so badly for all involved.

    • Actually I was struck by the lack of Arabic the first hours I entered Israel. MANY highway signs on the way to Tel Aviv had ONLY English and Hebrew. Street signs were generally Hebrew and English only. Arabic was almost nonexistent in the Jewish dominated areas which is almost everywhere and in the most key places. And on top of it with 20 percent of Israelis Arabic speaking, and about 50% of those under their control? With a few words of Arabic from friends I far surpassed all, ALL the many Israelis I knew/know.... yeah they take Arabic in school for a bit but apparently it is a farce, odd when such comes in handy when occupying and colonizing a people... And the few words of Arabic Israelis often know? Often appropriated into Hebrew, and sometimes they do not even know it.

      You my friend are ignorant of the use of Arabic in Israel, and/or lying.

  • Anointed by Kristol, rising Middle East expert Rand Paul lectures Kerry
    • and to bring blankfort back from the MW graveyard, it is good to read this piece on the tactics and power of the lobby, and the fairly deluded chomskian position-

    • american,

      i agree and hope that is rand's "plan"... but even if so, there is a hitch.

      in this common approach which includes an appeasement of the lobby/currying favor... those with good intentions think it is a temporary evil for gaining power, and they can moderate or even spurn them in time.

      then they are faced with various stark issues-

      1) the lobby and its allies often get enough dirt that they can bury an admin, or at least prevent re-election, so there goes term 1 basically...
      2) they saw the lobby as enablers, but did not realize the full extent of the lobby's power... they might have envisioned carrots and some sticks, but they did not realize the extent of the sticks- media pundits and some MSM outlets can be turned on them, on issues distinct from israel (economy, security, competency, etc.), and they can even cause a mild mutiny and disarray in congress.
      3) given the power centers linked with the lobby, one who strongly and effectively bucks all the soft and hard power, there is always a major event, scandal, impeachment, or even a bullet to the head... we are not dealing with just AIPAC, but them and associated forces.
      4) etc. there are many ways the lobby will keep them on agenda

      basically, we need to make it such that rational and true speech with regard to israel is not a liability, but even an asset. we need to defeat the lobby, for as long as we are hoping for a trojan horse, we will always be let down.

  • 'It is a grave disservice to Israel and Jews to confuse criticism of Israel’s behavior with anti-Semitism' -- Richard Falk
      just quoting, and as a volunteer with architects and engineers for 9/11 truth, i do agree-
      9/11 and the Bush administration
      In 2004, Falk wrote the preface to David Ray Griffin's book The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions About the Bush Administration and 9/11 which maintains that the George W. Bush administration was complicit in the September 11 attacks.[76] In that preface he argued: "There have been questions raised here and there and allegations of official complicity made almost from the day of the attacks, especially in Europe, but no one until Griffin has had the patience, the fortitude, the courage, and the intelligence to put the pieces together in a single coherent account."[37] Falk also wrote a chapter for Griffin's 2006 book, 9/11 and American Empire: Intellectuals Speak Out.[77]

      In November 2008, Falk wrote in The Journal, a student publication in Edinburgh, Scotland: “It is not paranoid under such circumstances to assume that the established elites of the American governmental structure have something to hide and much to explain... The persisting inability to resolve this fundamental controversy about 9/11 subtly taints the legitimacy of the American government. It can only be removed by a willingness, however belated, to reconstruct the truth of that day, and to reveal the story behind its prolonged suppression.”[78][79]

      In 2004 Falk signed a statement released by the organization 9/11 Truth that calls for a new investigation into the September 11 attacks. Falk confirmed his support for the statement in 2009.[80] In 2008 Falk called for an official commission to further study these issues, including the role neoconservatives may have played in the attacks, saying "It is possibly true that especially the neoconservatives thought there was a situation in the country and in the world where something had to happen to wake up the American people. Whether they are innocent about the contention that they made that something happen or not, I don't think we can answer definitively at this point."[37]

  • In backing Hagel, mainstream news organizations call out the Israel lobby
    • do people realize how far we have what is "speakable".... in the past 2 years?

      i know nothing on the ground, or of substance, has changed- yet.

      walt and mearsheimer cracked a door, and people just timidly peeked through the crack. they would *not* talk about the lobby in the MSM, but some would cover the controversy of W&M to bring it up (in a safe manner).

      then eventually more and more people got brave, and (a few) were comfortable talking about the lobby at times, in a careful and nuanced and hedged manner.

      now where are we today? friedman noted that the lobby bought bibi's standing ovations. and yesterday he defended hagel....

      when hagel comes up, almost *nobody* is questioning his take on "the lobby". his detractors are calling out the fact that he said "jewish lobby" (once), but not questioning his take on "the lobby". and some people who are truly bold, are saying there is nothing fundamentally wrong with hagel terming it the "jewish lobby".

      from AIPAC- "A lobby is like a night flower: It thrives in the dark and dies in the sun."

      the sun is rising on the lobby, and as we reach high noon, the sun will "set" on this fanatical lobby. considering the lack of movement on these issues for SOOOOO long, the recent shift in discourse is startling. we deride phil when he gets all optimistic on us.... but who could have fathomed hagel as sec of defense 2 years ago, or even a year ago?

      assuming obama goes through with hagel, what does this mean ahead? the coming 2 to 4 years really may see those big cracks we have been waiting for, between some in washington and israel/likud/nutter zionism, and within the american jewish community itself.

  • Terror lurking in a Christmas tree? Israel tries to ban non-Jewish celebrations
    • the mayor and rabbis must be very dismayed if they end up in tel aviv on the "christian" new year..... i think it turns into a street party. no hotels needed, and "jews" are the ones celebrating.

      i think it's time for a kristallnacht on russian orthodox shops all over tel aviv. and a curfew. this christian impurity must be suppressed and stopped.

      i'm glad they already do not allow christians to marry jews.... gotta go to cyprus or some sh*t for those marriages. and proselytizing is banned. so i guess israel is already proactive on this serious "demographic threat"....

  • Bowing to Israel lobby group, 'NYT' editors neuter reporters' assertion that Israel is nixing two-state solution
    • ariel already nearly bisects the west bank!!! and the jordan valley has been largely depopulated.

      i suppose those lobbying the NYTimes would contend, jaffa (in tel aviv) could even be the capital of a palestinian state.... cause you know, roads do go from jaffa to the west bank! just like some roads still connect EJ to the west bank.

      i suggest jodi or ANY people who can get in the NYTimes, does an article which explicitly includes the MAP of the west bank. when i showed the map to my aunt (a colonel who was studying the ME and israel for a degree course, and was representing labor/left in her class; pro 2-states).... she fell silent.

      she never even knew what the west bank LOOKS like currently.

      the map, in a NYTimes article, will tell ALL. no retraction possible, on an israeli or israeli NGO map.
      (coloring can be more stark, for print)

      jimmy carter, fatah rep, a pal activist, or some notable person needs to get this in the NYTimes. the map which never gets shown.... the apartheid map.

      ironically, i bet the NYTimes has printed articles claiming israel's pre-1967 borders are "indefensible", with no sober retraction of that (provable from history multiple times even) lie.

  • Roots of Resistance: Bringing the uprising home - Advocacy to shift US policy during the first intifada
    • nancy-

      good to see you here at MW, and great summary of a period i was too little to follow. really appreciate the overview, as we often focus on the 2nd intifada and after, forgetting the 1st one put down so brutally, with the "break the bones" policy from rabin of all people.

      also, hope you look into the info i gave you at the CT conference, yet anew with an open mind. i am familiar with the 1967 "event" but will be looking into bamford's take.

      ~mike from boston

  • Joseph and Mary can't make it to Bethlehem, on Banksy's Christmas card
    • all this blah blah about land and who can buy it or go (or not go) where. the hasbarists are deluded.

      jews can go to bethlehem any day they want. they can drive right in and smile at a PA policeman, if they happen to go by one. i have stated many times that i have met with dozens of jewish israelis in bethlehem ~2 years ago.

      but there is a *simple* solution if jews desire to live *anywhere* in palestine/israel.

      a SINGLE STATE. much like many jews, and almost all palestinians wanted, circa 1947. zionists vetoed this logical solution with blood, terrorism, lobbying, and other acts.

      make the single state democracy, and all jews (and more importantly and rightfully, palestinians) can live and travel and buy land anywhere in israel/palestine.

      oh, but i forgot.... zionism has become a fascistic ideology based on ethnic nationalism. whoops. ....well turn that absurd regressive ideology around, and all will live in peace with full mobility.

      ....but of course that isn't in the (zionist) cards, cause the zionists hold the aces and wild cards. so they will continue to forge greater israel on an ethnoreligious basis, and plan for the day when they can spark off a regional war, ethnic violence, and repeat the ethnic cleansing of ~1948.

      orwell couldn't have predicted the deluded upside-downism, beyond hypocrisy of modern day zionists. hasbara bots go beyond even 1984 paradigms...

  • One day later: B'nai Jeshurun leaders regret voicing support for Palestine UN bid
    • ...did not reflect the complexities...

      it's always "complex" when we all know it is very simple. i'm sure afrikaners always stressed the "complexity" and even american colonists.

      though i am very happy about the cracks in the hasbara line, it does scare me, as it does you. israel has created a domestic political landscape wholly unable to offer a viable resolution. greater israel people won out. but the world is now resisting more stridently. in time, the US may join..... but that is something israel will prevent at any cost, and something they can thwart with both covert and overt actions.

      since the neocon agenda came into implementation (and it continues though dragged out), i have been on edge. what does a "caged" "animal" do? israel's only path forward, for both domestic and foreign consumption, is conflict and war (absent a seismic shift in israeli politics... yet they are heading in the wrong direction, even without the shocking 2nd inifada, and relatively limited security issues).

      i'm now waiting for that next war, but fear it may come with transformative "events". contrived, or helped along...

      i swear some people might like to validate mayan prophecy in one interpretation, and others might want the rapture. most just want to profit.... and push their bigoted agendas.

  • Apartheid? Don't be silly
    • ha ha...
      no palestine would have a border, and decide who enters, like any sovereign nation. they would, of course, accept all israelis that were going there for trade, tourism, or whatnot. as it is, israelis and palestinians do business on the shared roads all the time, ARAB israelis are always going into area A, and the FEW awesome peace activists are also going into area A with regularity.

      BTW, israel also has a (uniquely undefined) border. and they do not allow any palestinians in, unless they have a permit. sometimes they do not even allow US nationals and others in, when they intend to go to bethlehem/OPT.... (flytilla?).

      further i know two dual "nationals", PA passport, and canada/other. when they try to fly into tel aviv, the fascist zionist state just can't stand the fact that they are one of the occupied unwanted less than humans.... and they deport them. then when they fly to jordan, and cross from jordan, the effed up israeli fascist "state" charges them a fee to cross into their occupied homeland, while getting harassed as well....

      aside from israel not really having a defined border, this is how nations generally operate.... having discretion about who comes in. but as i stated above, i am fairly confident the SIGN and the LAW is an ISRAELI law. and if it is a PA law, they openly do not enforce it. at all.

      in fact, the shin bet works with israel, and when the israeli thugs want to go into area A, they coordinate with the PA. the PA police oddly disappear, just before the israeli "incursion", and they nab some nonviolent peace activist, or the "threatening" persona of the day.

    • THOSE signs are put there, by the ISRAELIS. it is ISRAELI law. [i am fairly confident]

      but i will tell you that i have *personally* been in area A with dozens of ISRAELIS, many times. the PA is fine with israelis going into area A.

      BTW, if you are not a zionists fanatic schizophrenic bully/scared at the same time, you TOO can go to area A all you want. you can even go have beers with palestinians, refugees, and internationals.... at the AIC cafe. i promise you.... you will find israelis there as well at almost every event ;) just don't tell the shin bet. well.... they know.

      were it then middle of the 2nd intifada, it would make sense- to avoid hostage situations. now it is largely a psychological thing, as is the wall (which is also a land grab, is entirely porous, and is crossed easily DAILY by dozens if not HUNDREDS of palestinians.

      grow up... and figure out how israeli apartheid REALLY functions.

  • Regurgitating Israeli talking points, Amanpour lectures Meshal that 'int'l agreements' bar right of return
    • "what do you want to doooooooo?" (repeated incessantly, and annoyingly)

      amanpour- he wants justice, how many times does he have to say it?
      [based on clear international law, UN sec council resolutions, simple morality, and even agreements from the nascent israeli state]

      amanpour would apparently be asking this question of every freedom fighter in history, when up against a seemingly unbeatable oppressor. i can picture her asking this of ghandi, and martin luther king, and countless others. she just does not get that some principled people do not accept an overwhelming power imbalance as a seal on their fate.... might makes right for this shallow, small minded "reporter".

  • Brzezinski challenges Obama to put world peace ahead of 'specific constituencies'
    • agreed... don't like his past, but he is remarkably candid and productive when speaking on IP. he basically doesn't want the neocons to fully run the US into the ground (have they already?). and he knows american power is waning, and without at least a reasonable shift towards *justice* the US will be marginalized the world over (aren't we already, but just acting like it is still 1980?).

      obama needs to call for PA elections and then candid negotiations ASAP (just wait 1-2 months for the hamas "bump" to subside).

  • NYT's Rudoren: Gaza funeral 'didn't feel incredibly human to me'
    • their learned helplessness, and the death and brutality they see in gaza, clearly does develop a level of desensitization... as a reaction, and form of selfdefense. i think many of us, wherever in the world, even get somewhat desensitized to bodies in the I/P "conflict", due to the regularity of civilian deaths, in gaza and the west bank.... and even in israel proper at times.

      i can see her making this observation, but if she does, she needs to take a full accounting of the context..... *israeli* use of force, often amazingly disproportionate and often taking only civilian lives, is the context. if anything, the "normalization" of death speaks more to the massive amount of death and desperation israel has precipitated not some islamic or gazan "indifference".

      and the "didn't feel incredibly human" phrase is not only odd, but inexcusable... given both nazi propaganda, current israeli dehumanization, and the general thrust of such a statement.... it is really a comment that "didn't feel incredibly human to me".

  • NYT's Jodi Rudoren responds to criticism of Facebook comments
    • and let us see who the "bad journalist" is....

      i'll be waiting for an in depth analysis by rudoren on WHY jabari, of all people, was killed, precisely *when* he was killed. and how this recent attack on gaza was inexcusable as there are about a dozen things israel could have done to not only mitigate and even end rocket attacks.... but force a clear and lasting peace!!!

      or maybe, like a really good journalist... someday she will lay bare the bird's eye, longer view.... the entire neocolonial nature of israel, from the colonization of palestine (the words of zionists), to the terror campaigns, to the ethnic cleansing circa 1948, then through 1967 and the depopulation of the jordan valley, and the fully apartheid west bank.

      i'll be waiting for a good journalist at the nytimes, reporting on IP, till the day i die.

      and wouldn't it make sense for the nytimes to also get a ramallah based reporter as well? IP seems to be a central topic in the nytimes, so it would not be overkill. i'll happily accept a jew, but this should not be a requirement for the post...

  • Gazans are 'ho-hum' about the deaths of relatives -- NYT's Rudoren
    • considering there is daily "collateral damage", is it wrong to hope that someone indifferent to the gazan plight, become a part of said plight?

      really, i consider all life equal, rudoren's as well. but if another child can die, or her.... which death would actually alter the landscape of the conflict?


      of course i'm sure she spends >95% of her time in the gaza "green zone" around internationals with limited/no bombings, perhaps with a GPS beacon for the IDF for all i know.

      [let me reiterate, i consider all life equal, i even raise combatants to the same level as civilians, on both sides; each lost life is a tragedy.... and assuming such, when holding up two equal lives.... which life lost would alter the landscape of the conflict immeasurably, and which life lost would have *no* effect on the conflict, and simply be one of hundreds....]

  • Yes! The New Yorker publishes Munayyer's call for 'representative and democratic single state'
    • i've commented on this many times. i have lived in tel aviv and the west bank briefly. culturally, i actually found the disposition of palestinians much more amenable to 1 state..... israelis were, on a majority level, callous, openly racist, and in no way open to a democratic state where there was not a sig "jewish" majority.

      but you are right.... many people within *israeli* society [ie zionism itself?] make a single state a distant dream....

      zionists ~1948 also made this fact known, through terror campaigns, and very real actions on the ground. if they wanted a single parliamentary democracy.... we would have just that today. and this conflict would not EXIST. it was born of zionism, the leaders of which, sought a *jewish* state. this is the intolerant kernel of the whole sh*tshow. and it is only further entrenched in the last few decades.

  • Exile and the Prophetic: Few are guilty – all are responsible
    • "Yes, I know – not all Jews are involved on the side of injustice. I’m more or less Orthodox on this point, though. We’re one people."

      sounds like a zionist anti-zionist if there ever was one.

      mission control to all jews.... your being jewish (99% of the time) is simply due to the random fact that you were born to people who identified as jews. "jewish" is neither an ethnicity (given the great diversity, and periods of conversion, and mixing), nor even clearly a religion (so many jews are not religious).

      HUMANITY is ONE PEOPLE, and also infinitely diverse. the "jews" are not one people, they are a very complex identity, also infinitely diverse, forged over time, and i personally consider those presiding over the corralling of people into this category as often quite abusive and exploitative... same goes with most religions and similar types of "identities", and those who insist these identities are "primary" in some way.

      can we all just dispense with these strong identities, and act as humans only?

      can judaism become a religion, like so many others?

      should jews who are not religious simply note their often very mixed heritage, and leave it at that? i'm scottish irish polish jewish. i am an american. firstly and mainly i am a human. everything else is secondary, a distant second. i am not responsible for the actions of some "jewish" "one people" collective.

      maybe assimilation is the only answer. let judasim be a faith, of many. screw the rest of it all....

      so many obsess over their jewish history. their jewishness. it's a crock of shit, and these things have been used as a bludgeon by jewish elites and spiritual leaders, and also non-jews. how about we realize "our" history should be that of humanity. i have no ownership in jewish history, and that history should not confer odd rights upon me.

  • 'Up With Chris' on MSNBC features 2 Palestinians out of 4 guests -- and bankruptcy of neocon Frum's claims
    • frum acts like there was a "war" between nations, and palestinians "lost" so they should lose some more rights/territory/whatever.

      i can't believe they did not JUMP on him. it was an uprising of a stateless, occupied, colonized, oppressed people. that was it.... not a war.

      and further, even if it were a "war" between two nations, he suggests the "loser" should LOSE something (who starts wars anyways? the loser or the one who will win? and who really can define who starts most wars?). unless this is the case, he suggests, war will be a perpetual temptation.

      bullshit... that would prompt overt and covert wars (and has in israel's case). it is the opposite... we have the "inadmissibility of the acquisition of land by force". if you do NOT allow nations to take land and resources from war, then you remove the impetus for most wars (israeli wars in particular). of course, the international community has to actually act on this central point of international law, and sanction and otherwise dissuade countries from taking land by force.

      zionists drive me crazy.

  • On the Jewish Israeli street, there's no solution to Palestinian issue but more violence
    • i agree

      the profiteers and puppet-masters of zionism are basically thugs and have very narrow goals; money and power. they tend to be secular, even atheist. some likely know the cage they made of judaism, quite intentionally, just as jews were being emancipated and assimilated.

      it is all about means of control, and having a captive identity you can utilize; skim money from, and direct in a form of actualized political or economic power. same goes for extreme strains of islam or most anything. the zionists just did it in amazing fashion.

      but to get things done they need their zealots, and their true-believers. they have, largely, made secular israelis into nutty ethnic nationalists, but the true religious zealots who buy the talmud/etc. are the very useful front line. they will be the ones who follow the "king's torah", and will jump into ethnic violence the most readily. who do you think will bomb the al-aqsa mosque with an IAF jet, or some other means?

      and jews will drift in and out of this more extreme political current. i've seen secular jews in my family go from secular, to religious.... and with it comes a shocking transformation.... frequently including base racism, delusions of grandeur, coupled with a paradoxical obsession with both jewish persecution and power.

      all i know is that this is going to end badly. it started badly. it already has ended badly, just has more to play out...

    • thanks danaa-

      i worked for halper briefly and have heard his delusional positive "takes". he seems to have learned nothing from what the fascistic and nuttier zionists DID from 1900-1949, when his mentality was actually much more common among jews in palestine.

      there is one thing that always struck me so deeply, having lived briefly in hippie south tel aviv (florentin), and in a palestinian city next to bethlehem (beit sahour)...

      israelis were majority racist, and often let loose their genocidal desires. even with no infringement on their rights, and almost no violence, they were largely sickly racist, in some cultural darwinism BS mode. the few who took comething close to my view, were utterly silent. someone could say the most insane thing, and to give any resistance made you liable for verbal or possibly physical attack. to voice my view was what would cause "outrage", and i always soft-pedaled my views for the israelis.

      among all the palestinians i met, which were not entirely representative i'll admit, they were friends with israeli activists and jews, desired one or 2 states, and did not talk in such ways..... but it is PALESTINIANS who have suffered the lion's share of injustice, and live under repeated and constant violence and dehumanization.

      i actually think that judaism does feed to some degree into this mentality we see in israelis, even though most are not religious in the least; as does the drilling in of the holocaust for psychological and political reasons. but even history and religion aside.... the root is the media and education system in israel, and the power players and political elites in israel....

      the reality is that we have a very sick and racist israeli population, on the whole. almost entirely insensitive to palestinian suffering, and the attacks on their rights and their expulsion(s), while israelis live with the "benefits" of such (i see no benefit from it however).

      the other very odd thing is the clear "displacement" of the respective mentalities. yes, *some* palestinians want all the jews out or some such nonsense; that is actually quite predictable given what zionism has done to them, and given their hopelessness and impotence (who would not wish away their very harsh oppressor for so many decades?). but at the core, israelis on a majority level desire or support the following, directly or indirectly-
      1) the expulsion of arabs (almost all support the 1948 expulsion, many wish it was 100%, and about a majority support further actions of this type)
      2) the "destruction" of palestine, which of course was never allowed to exist
      ->likud position deleted from the knesset website months ago, but found here-
      3) the use of lies and propaganda to relentlessly advocate for their policies
      4) attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure to achieve political or military aims
      5) the use of lobbying abroad, even with very questionable and even illegal means, even in a conspiratorial way, to ensure support for said repression of and effective destruction of palestine

      in reality, many israelis are in denial about their very clear support for the above.... but they turn all these very real political desires and political actions on their head- and they relentlessly accuse "arabs" and "muslims" of these criminal postures.

      the tragedy is that the trends and actions they accuse arabs of, they possess at more prevalent levels. further, israel has the ability, and HAS, and DOES, partake in these very crimes.

      israel is like the pinnacle of hypocrisy. ever. almost everything i hear from a typical israeli supporter about the "other", applies more tangible to themselves. i really feel like i am living in 1984 in israel, and it has seeped into the USA since 9/11/01.

  • 'New York Times' covers up a key Netanyahu motive for the vicious Gaza attack
    • when the control of the press on certain issues, grave issues, is so shockingly complete, what can we do?

      the (somewhat reassuring?) thing is, despite the constant lies and false logic, and saturation with BS, so many americans see through it. they just largely stay quite, feel impotent, and avoid confrontation.

      there is a very eerie thing though, about the atomization of a country of over 300 million people, highly "plugged in", busy working, and separated by social circles, ideology, religion, ethnicity, identity, location....

      in this very loose "society", what actually defines reality? or at least, perceived reality?

      more than half the country can poll or feel or KNOW something. but if the highly concentrated media suppresses it.... it might as well not exist, and the americans who would buck the MSM, generally stay quite.

      manufacturing consent has reached new heights. and passivity or feelings of impotence are the norm.

      we need more than just getting the truth out, and more than getting it to a majority of americans; we practically are there anyways. this is NOT ENOUGH given the criminal elites with fingers on the MSM and the politicians.

      we need-
      1) new media which is reliable, and respected, and gains market share (clearly in motion already, but needs growth)
      2) many more americans need to take the time to find out what is going on, do something, and *voice* their opinions

      both are tall orders, but we need both, likely in that order.

  • Couldn't make this up -- Official name of Israeli demolition plan for new East Jerusalem park is 'They Won’t Know and Won’t Understand 2012'
    • translation...

      some dispossessed palestinians rejected the idea of a "jewish state" built upon massive dispossession. much like early calls for a parliamentary palestinian state, accepted by some jews, they desire such a sweeping and just resolution.

      so in response to some (idealistic, toothless) calls for a just resolution, we should view israeli past and present dispossession in a favorable light! and i will not quote old zionist quotes, let alone actions, as that just confuses my circular logic even more, and reveals marked hypocrisy.

      long live greater israel!

  • Exile and the Prophetic: Chomsky’s presidential debate appearance
    • chomsky would do his same, stale analysis, if he took a skype podium. half-truths and a narrow analysis. from the guy who wrote manufacturing consent, he will not speak of the concerted effort of some, who manufacture the consent (and support) for israeli criminality.

      it's the US, and israel is our imperial puppet; but of course. we are the godfather, even when the lobby is the main driving force for our latest decade of wars, and pushing for iran (while things blow up in iran).

      the MW banned jeffrey blankfort called out chomsky and his simplified analysis long ago.

      and what does chomsky do every 4 years, aside from ignoring the lobby as a passing thing that just fits/coincides with US "imperial" interests?...

      ...he always runs to support the lesser of two large evils, like clockwork. no threat there for a real left, or forcing the dems to work for votes... there is always "substantive differences" and if in a swing state- vote DEM!

      also... chomsky will kvetch about the empire till he ends up in his grave, all the while it growing and getting bloodier and bolder. cause he will not touch the dark issues which move public opinion without fail, if we even came close to mainstreaming his opinion. i speak of 9/11 and all the other "events". if chomsky wanted to, he could crack the issue(s) open, but he speaks of a movement which is not materializing, while the "war on terror" is fully normalized... when he could help shoot a silver bullet to criminal facade of western govs.

      many would follow chomsky and shift, but he always misfires, and does his sweeping analysis, with amazing attention to detail in south american history, but none for the events on US soil... why not?

  • Obama beat Romney, 17-14, in mentions of Israel during debate
    • the bipartisan support for israeli insanity, as well as SO many other issues, will not be broken, if us principled and informed people KEEP voting for the *perceived* lesser of two evils. the push button topics are designed to split us down the middle, and keep us running to the side which protects our leanings on some issues.

      yeah, some things we much prefer w/ obama, but aren't they both united on the *worst* of US policy? immoral support for israel, various wars and full/semi-occupations, covert wars, insane military spending, huge deficits causing a debt crisis/inflation in time (regardless of what they say), NDAA, a veritable police state, increased secrecy, and BOTH very possibly ready to lead us against iran in time (and already *united* in supporting various ACTS of war on iran).

      i think people from both parties need to get brave, and we need to *grow* an independent party, which ideally draws people almost equally from the Rs and Ds. this way we can remove the fear of leaving your "lesser of two evils", as the party is especially designed, ideologically, to draw from both parties *equally*, and really pull them in with the "true conservative"/"liberal anti-war" message.

      basically, we need a centrist anti-war party, which seeks to cut defense, and aims to balance the budget through mixed means. everything else is rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic.

      we are under a yoke of a false 2 party system. they both answer to the same masters, and all that changes on the *biggest* issues is rhetoric (slightly), and tactics (sometimes), or nothing at all.

      this has us driving off a cliff in time, and i already feel we drove off at high speed after 9/11/01 and are coasting just as gravity starts to accelerate us downward (and neither R or D puppet can fight the laws of gravity).

      let's not vote for either, and if you are *NOT* in a swing state, you have zero excuse.... it is CLEAR. just vote for any of the moral 3rd party candidates. it's a protest vote, as much as it may scare you that romney is bibi's friend and might start WWIII (so might obama, and are you in a swing state, or not?). i want that vote count to show the "other" column with a few percent, and 4 years from now, i hope it balloons.

      but we need, after this elections, to form a real 3rd party option (can be independent), which pulls both Rs and Ds. i always thought a ron paul, kucinich ticket would be cool, but that is a little extreme. but we need a carefully crafted anti-war ticket, and it should garner support from all the other fringe parties/individuals. and the campaign should start in january.

      where should the ticket split from the bipartisan consensus, thus getting voters and supporters? my guesses-

      1) audit the fed [get the ron paulians]

      2) end the wars [get true conservatives, and republicans who want to come home, and a chunk of the "dems"; the majority of the independents]

      3) push some powers/issues to states (where they constitutionally belong), and state that local politics are less corrupt and more accountable, and that the states should be able to freely lean left or right on various issues, which will help work out the best tactics for various issues, and be suited to the local population's economy and ideological opinions....
      [this can be made to appeal to both Rs and Ds, as each will think their red or green state will be able to show its true colors. liberals will have to get over their condescending pretentions that they are the protectors of all those people stuck in red states. the federal courts can protect them for the most important things, or else they can pay to move them out of the red states if they effing want.... in reality red states would not get all "crazy", and they can learn from their mistakes if they get extreme. i do not even care if they teach creationism and say evolution is a lie, kids have the internet, and who really cares, we have much bigger fish to fry]

      4) seek a balanced budget through a variety of measures, that will include some decreases in the federal gov, but also taxes on corporations, the >$250k population, real inheritance taxes on >$1 million estates, and small taxes on some financial transactions.

      [possibly] 5) a clear message on israel may be given, if it does not scare too many away [ie support for a 2 state solution based on various resolutions and the longstanding international consensus. we will not dictate anything to israel, but if they continue any illegal settlement expansion, they do not deserve unconditional gifts of $$billions from the US, it is their choice, and we feel it is in israel's interest to cease settlements anyways]

      sorry for the rant, but i feel such a 3rd party/independent ticket is NEEDED, and we needed it this election. but maybe we can make it happen next one.

      the key is that the candidates are well vetted, generally centrist, and the *clear* message is that the system is broke, and they explicitly want to draw from all americans, and *equal* numbers of Rs and Ds.

  • Israeli commandos board ship to Gaza and direct it to Israel
    • 9 activists on the beach?
      sums up the israeli movement for peace and justice in one picture.

      there are about a hundred principled and *active* jewish israelis, dedicated to the cause.

      now i know there is fear of retribution from the state, but can anyone speak to why the ~20% arab israeli population is largely inactive, as well? what kinds of retribution does israel take, if they work on actions in "israel proper"? i know of course they would be unwise to protest in the territories of course.

  • Documents expose Boston police working with FBI to track Palestine solidarity activists
    • who said that a vastly different posturing by the US would in any way advocate ending the occupation through *violence*?

      in reality, israel right-or-wrong policies, allow israel to not only avoid a negotiated settlement, it has enables the many excesses of the occupation, and of course CONTINUAL settlement growth.

      israel will only *negotiate* a reasonably just (not 100% just) resolution, if she were forced to due to the balance of power and *threatened/actual* loss of US support. this requires a massive shift in the US posture, europe, and the people of the world, including jews in the diaspora (and jews in israel eventually).

      FYI, people oppressed, especially as violently as the palestinians, will always have some who take up arms, and some who even resort to terrorism at times. at the same time, please not the frequent violence perpetrated by illegal settlers.... why is the US condoning that, and not saying a peep?

      if you want to recall the manner in which israel came into *existence*, it involved both political lobbying (reasonable, but they were lobbying for an unjust partition from distant and biased europeans), but also rampant terrorism and intimidation- of both jews, arabs, and even europeans.

      get off your high horse, and realize the US is enabling israel's destruction/descent, which may in decades, end in a fascistic mess, where non fanatical jews with means, will flee israel with their 2nd passport, or on a visa.

    • more progressive? more like, more deluded.

      why when i was living in the west bank, documenting the israeli wall being built around an *entire* peaceful palestinian village, did *barak obama* veto a security council resolution on the settlements, intentionally crafted using moderate US state dept language?

      cause obama, when it comes to israel (at a bare minimum) is CONTROLLED by the zionist lobby.

      repeat after me- the US congress, and by extension, whoever is in the WH, is largely controlled by the israel lobby in major foreign policy areas. the lobby effectively dictates US policy in the ME. and likely some other things, cause power is power... so why not use it in any political issue where you have an interest?

      and "the lobby" is not limited to AIPAC, by any means, though AIPAC is formidable....

  • Palestinians block Israeli-only road in the West Bank: 'Israeli daily life can’t continue on as normal while Palestinians suffer under settler terror'
    • your incoherent and false statements are quite impressive.

      you might to re-read the history of conflict around 1947-1951, and mark the various terror attacks, populations flows, and military actions.

      and you do the hasbara line on 1967 borders. now they are "so called" 1967 lines, as if this means anything for the case you are unable to actually make. but of course you bring out the tired "1967 borders are indefensible".

      the self-created israel not only FOUGHT to and held the "1967 lines", but they expanded from them decisively in 1967. indefensible? apparently not, proved 2x over. then we could also take into account modern warfare, and other things which make the previous borders even more defensible.

      more like you covet the land and the resources, and are expanding INTO the occupied territories.... making a TRULY indefensible swiss cheese border. a border which is indefensible on MANY levels.... not just militarily, but morally, and logically.

      up is down for you tribalist zionists steeped in hasbara.

  • No room for racism in a movement working for equality and freedom
    • Rba- you got your spurious accusations of racism wrong, danaa is a jewish israeli. the correct false charge would be "self-hating jew".

    • wait a second, is it clear she is RACIST?

      i know most all jews and many non jews are extremely sensitive to bigotry, for quite good reasons. but do i think berlin has a hatred for jews for being jews, jews in general, or the religious practices of jews? i actually do not.

      i think she posted links to absurd theories about zionists, around WWII. often the sign of a racist, but i think *posting* such does not make her racist. i also happen to think that *even* believing such absurd theories (which i am unsure she does) generally propagated *by* racists, does not make her de facto racist, just intellectually challenged at a minimum.

      i do not disagree with her being removed from acceptable circles in the fight for palestinian rights.... i think this in entirely warranted. we do not want such people at all, assuming she was posting these links in a gesture of support/belief, and we have no context to refute such.

      but let's be specific.... this does not make her by definition racist or anti-semitic.

      i have very firm and informed opinions about the USG, and what our government/power elites do and have done in recent decades.... this does not make me "anti-american" or racist. i also have very informed and fairly unassailable opinions about the lavon affair and the USS liberty, but this does not make me racist or "anti-semitic" or even "anti-israel".

      do not misinterpret this as support for her actions, i agree that she should have no prominence after such posts, even if it was misconstrued. but we don't need to run around saying she is racist, and that a large portion of people working for palestinian rights support her (and are, therefore, supporters of racists and/or de facto racists).

      and while we purge our ranks though, wouldn't it be nice if zionists would condemn and purge their racists? including so many past and present members of the israeli gov? we have the quotes, and they do not involve possible support for ahistorical ideas, generally espoused by racists.... we have unmitigated racist language, and racist ACTS.

      i'm really proposing we are clear about our semantics. purge her away, and this i agree to. but make sure we note that we simply have no tolerance for what *may* be a sign of racism, but what is more undeniably a sign of untenable fringe ideas on history...

  • Goldberg ignores decades of consistent Iranian statements on nuclear weapons for the sake of propaganda
    • i read juan cole... in fact i got to hear how naive and/or self-censored he really was last week on kevin barrett's radio show. it was dismal, but then again, my opinions are not represented in the MSM.

      ahmadinejad really did seem to deny having gays at columbia or in some speech. it was just laughable and disgusting at the same time, but not as fatal as the lies from western leaders and israel (or their *wars* and *actions*).

      regarding the holocaust? i've seen ahmadinejad make some dicey comments, but he seems more open to the concept of revisionism, likely for populist and political reasons, that are somewhat immaterial. of course, this topic draws in a huge swatch of anti-semites, crackpots, and absurdist "theories".

      however, the holocaust happened (my father's family survivors), and not only was it politicized, but after all the allied war crimes, there was a CLEAR drive further demonize and lay it on as thick as possible on the germans. what resulted from this common post war propagandization and twisting of reality? things got mythologized, and numbers were inflated to some degree. in the decades since WWII, the activities at some of the camps, and the numbers dead at camps, have actually been modified.

      in the west we cannot talk rationally about WWII, which is constricting (sometimes legally out of bounds, despite our "freedom" of speech and thought). iran hosts honest fact based debate, but also anti-semites and hack historians. i consider both paradigms intellectually distasteful, perhaps equally so.

      but then again, why do some fringe and absurd opinions matter so much, coming from a lame duck elected president of iran? they probably do not... and we are distracted from the real EVIDENCE-

      iranian actions and threats (or lack of them), NIEs, IAEA reports, and the many comments from various iranian leaders about their *geopolitical* positions.

    • why don't you re-read the NIEs, if you ever read them.

      no my friend, not all countries seek weapons of mass destruction, ESPECIALLY when the world's superpower and other powerful entities might very well destroy that regime should it be found to come close to such weapons. further, it seems israelis and americans are PROJECTING their previous political and military paradigms onto iran, when this is false, and unsupported by any evidence. BTW how many wars of aggression has iran started, in its recent history? how many have the US and israel? clearly, we are not dealing with an identical entity.

      nuclear weapons are sought quite often as a deterrent. when the seeking of such actually invites possible destruction? the strategy is turned on its head, and regardless of the opaque "true" nature of the iranian regime... they would most likely not seek the bomb... given the inherent risks, for an unsure reward. further we have the fact that their conventional and asymmetrical response abilities already serve as a reasonably strong deterrent from direct attack.

      what exactly would iran achieve from getting the bomb, while taking immense risk?

  • The privileging of Jewish American voices on the issue is rooted in racism
    • FYI i tried to retract, and clarify my incoherent and illogical rant about greta... but as i did, seems it was closed for comment.

      i agree with your critic of my comment. i was myself reactionary, had not reviewed the facts, and was also pandering to phil/adam...

      my deal was, well, IF she is going to pushed out, at least call it a sad circumstance due to a questionable action which may have been entirely a mistake and explicable. and i wanted to stress that in no way can we conclude, or should we even suggest she is a *racist*.


  • 'Peace Now' video against binational state features scary soundtrack: Muslim call to prayer
    • anonymouscomments October 4, 2012 at 1:08 pm

      they also say, the common lib zio refrain-

      "two states for two peoples"

      WTF does that mean? 20% arabs in israel are just an unwelcome, unrepresented, marginalized vestigial organ from an incomplete ethnic cleansing in 1948-1951?

      i've come to the conclusion, that the strain of zionism that emerged triumphant (over some benign forms) IS racism. yes it was largely a reaction to racism, but lets not ignore the fact that there always WERE and ARE jewish racists, well before israel, like in all ethno-religious groups. and israel with its strain of zionism, is irredeemably racist. the UN should revisit this concept, they seem to have had it right.

  • Netanyahu arrives in NY with his public image in smithereens
    • "Six months, and the Israelis get rid of him."- but with what?

      all i know is that lieberman had support among many, including young secular formerly "dovish" israelis (when i was last there).

      also, some things might blow up in israel, if the whole region itself does not, which would increase the already strong right wing in israel.... so this either helps bibi, or someone to the RIGHT of him. in no way do i expect the next PM to be an *improvement* over bibi.

      [and what might blow up? i expect it could be a sincere attack, but a false flag, or assisted/allowed attack is more likely, given the zionist history]

  • Mona Eltahawy arrested for defacing Geller's racist savage ad in NYC subway
    • but i really hope someone does a front page article here on the long history of israeli covert actions... including working with jundallah and lobbying to delist MEK (that i assume both israel and the US are working with already).

    • OT, and i assume most MW folks saw this... (is this REAL?)

      but man.... that is brazen. you don't discuss false flags, covert actions, and provocations to start a war of aggression *publicly*, right?

      he should have gone all in and mentioned the lavon affair and the USS liberty, as examples of how to not carry out a false flag (BTW, i assume israel had the OK for the attempted false flag on the USS liberty in advance... as we covered it up instantly, while it was failing).

  • Pro-Israel ads suggesting Muslims are 'savage' set to arrive in NY subways next week
    • overstep.... i love it. bring it on.

      iran is too much of an overstep for me, and unpredictable. but all the rest of the machinations? bring it.

      the lobby used to work in the shadows, for decades. they knew that was the only way to retain influence, and avoid scrutiny. now there are so many arms of zionistas working to push the "clash of civilizations"... they likely can't even control the various millionaires and billionaires chucking money at such stuff. the light is shining on it all, and people are now talking. and people are resisting.

  • Israel's version of the two-state 'solution' is anything but dead
    • (Of course, in the event of all-out, sustained regional war, all bets would be off...)

      that is a key comment, and you are assuming this is off the table for the sake of discussion

      bibi and various people have pushed for an iran war.... though they have not got it yet; this is insane and would precipitate such a sustained regional war
      we also have 911 (i'm of the principled, fact-based, alternative view on that)
      we have many powerful people pushing for, and getting, islamophobia in europe and the US
      we also have a pending reworking of the financial system in time, as the dollar eventually gets devalued/displaced, which will likely come with wars as a planned byproduct
      then we have the ability for some zealot to take out the mosque on the "temple mount"

      i fear chances are significant that people will push for the unthinkable option, when we consider all these factors, bubbling up in the coming decade

      think of it this way- the zionists got away with one ethnic cleansing and the establishment of "1948" israel, by most measures. why would they think another repeat is not feasible? the right conditions, and they would be able to repeat 1948-1951.... i'm not saying this is sustainable, or the (then expanded) number of refugees would go away. the problem would persist, but it would have the same dynamics of 1948-1967. but the mind of a zionist has always been OK with dispossession, and managing the resultant conflict.

      but i do agree with your analysis as a very likely trajectory... i'm just pointing out the not insignificant chances that the unthinkable, is being thought of by some, and might be attempted, and even successful if only for a period of time.

  • Netanyahu's touchdown: David Gregory interviews 'the leader of the Jewish people' without talking Palestine
    • ha ha... i think phil looks for the optimistic parts, but sometimes misses the bigger picture.

      gregory should have slammed him that
      1) there is NO hard evidence of an iranian nuclear program, and in fact NIEs and evidence points to the lack of such a program
      2) an attack on iran would in fact be a disaster, which would prompt iran to leave the NPT, shift to the *right*, and likely start an actual nuclear weapons program

      if we/israel attacks iran, we will then be "forced" by the powers that be to invade with boots on the ground, and/or turn all of iran into an open air prison like gaza, where we constantly patrol the skies with drones and jets, and blow up anything that could be used for military capacity....

      if bibi or the other powers that be spark off this iran "war", we are utterly effed, as a GLOBE.

    • and he didn't "joyfully" bring up the protests/storming. more like happily brings it up again and again cause it fits the narrative he embraces and advances... a "clash of civilizations" and demonization of the irrational and nutty muuuuuuslims. and what do fringe sunni extremists/militants/guns for hire have to do with persian shiites in iran anyways??


    • notice his repeated references to those "storming" our embassies...

      the hit in libya was done by professionals, def under saudi direction, possibly israeli influence, and perhaps even some in the USG having knowledge.

      the protests in egypt (originally) had nothing to do with the "film", and were about the blink sheik in US jail for the 1993 WTC bombing---- the sheik a CIA asset before, and perhaps *when* the 1993 bombing went down. who knows who pushed this egyptian protest to coincide with the anniversary of 9/11.... not a logical decision when almost all muslims not only condemn those events, but the majority also believe that the USG and/or israel were responsible, not some random collection of islamist terrorists.

      news clip with an agenda, but it does tell the truth about the original protests.... *not* related to the "film"-

      gordon duff and others talking about the film, indicating all these things are a psyop, and gordon duff indicating an israeli role (yes gordon duff is often way over the top in fingering zionists, but sometimes he also has good intel)-

      this whole interview is BS, and we should note bibi harps on
      1) the iranian nuclear weapons program that DOES NOT EXIST
      2) he joyfully brings up the recent protests and embassy stormings.... something he may have had a hand in (cui bono?)

  • Obama will go to NY to see Letterman-- but not Netanyahu
    • painfully, and deadly slow.

      oh how do we count the days or the bodies? years, decades, dunams, bodies, refugees, and more.... and so many people with a "scratch on the brain".

      and so so slow, it may not prevent the bleed out. and many will bleed out, or be incinerated, if this is the case. and i think we all fear this is the case. no going back, but the way forward is a living hell for all involved, or death.

      and there is no justice. it's a mess.

    • BTW this may indicate the beginnings of the rift within the general body politic and american jewry re israel. the neocons represent one cataclysmic and aggressive greater israel tact, while perhaps the sane people are now populating the dem side. much more to go but perhaps obama term two will see an opening of debate on what policies are good for regular israelis and america. not very hopeful, but it is possible, especially if our ideas and the truth keep breaking into the MSM.

    • i was shocked when i turned on NPR to catch the beginning of kerry's speech last week. the head on attack on neocons is a *breakthrough*. can you imagine such occurring in 2008? i figured MW would touch upon this.

      he also, obliquely, indicates the FOREIGN interests and pedigree of most neocons.
      (i will not note kerry "flip-flopping" on many issues her, and speaking untruths, but the neocon attack is encouraging, being at the DNC)
      We’ve all learned Mitt Romney doesn’t know much about foreign policy. But he has all these Neo-Con advisers who know all the wrong things about foreign policy. He would rely on them. After all he’s the great out-sourcer. But I say to you this is not the time to outsource the job of commander in chief.

      still voting 3rd party, but perhaps the dems are inching away from the neocon agenda, despite the various regimes they have recently helped destroy (a continuation of the neocon agenda). perhaps they are drawing the line at iran, while romney might do that global disaster.

  • Dems buckle, will add language to party platform referring to Jerusalem as Israel's capital
    • the right wing zionist lobby...
      destroying american democracy one vote at a time.
      also ensuring peace is not remotely possible, one vote at a time.

      (often the votes are bought and bullied, but this time, the votes weren't even bothered with, only the use of a lackey to blatantly disregard reality)

      however, i actually LOVE events like this. the only way the lobby will collapse is through overreach. this is another nail in the coffin, as people stand up and say "WTF was that about?????"

  • Sheldon Adelson's daughter rams 'Democracy Now' crew as it questions her dad
    • that's antisemitic!

      oh wait... it's true though... can something be true and "antisemitic"? not in my book, but in reality, the zios are most apt to scream antisemitism, when someone is actually pointing out a straightforward, verifiable, fact.

      g-d damn it, i hate it when stating the truth sounds antisemitic, or at least gets called antisemitic by everyone and their holocaust surviving grandmother. actually, i think the holocaust survivors themselves are rare to scream "antisemitism!".

      it's often the elitest, empowered, agenda pushing, thin skinned, and arrogant offspring that are sooooo sensitive to *perceived* antisemitism.

      Give me absolute control
      over every living soul
      And lie beside me, baby,
      that's an order!
      Give me crack and anal sex
      Take the only tree that's left
      and stuff it up the hole
      in your culture
      Give me back the Berlin wall
      give me Stalin and St Paul
      I've seen the future, brother:
      it is murder.

      Things are going to slide, slide in all directions
      Won't be nothing
      Nothing you can measure anymore
      The blizzard, the blizzard of the world
      has crossed the threshold
      and it has overturned
      the order of the soul
      When they said repent repent
      I wonder what they meant
      When they said repent repent
      I wonder what they meant
      When they said repent repent
      I wonder what they meant

      You don't know me from the wind
      you never will, you never did
      I'm the little Jew
      who wrote the Bible
      I've seen the nations rise and fall
      I've heard their stories, heard them all
      but love's the only engine of survival
      Your servant here, he has been told
      to say it clear, to say it cold:
      It's over, it ain't going
      any further
      And now the wheels of heaven stop
      you feel the devil's riding crop
      Get ready for the future:
      it is murder

      Things are going to slide ...

      There'll be the breaking of the ancient
      western code
      Your private life will suddenly explode
      There'll be phantoms
      There'll be fires on the road
      and the white man dancing
      You'll see a woman
      hanging upside down
      her features covered by her fallen gown
      and all the lousy little poets
      coming round
      tryin' to sound like Charlie Manson
      and the white man dancin'

      Give me back the Berlin wall
      Give me Stalin and St Paul
      Give me Christ
      or give me Hiroshima
      Destroy another fetus now
      We don't like children anyhow
      I've seen the future, baby:
      it is murder

    • anonymouscomments August 31, 2012 at 2:36 pm

      i think we might need to also probe arms trafficking, leaking USG/private intel information to organized crime, conflict diamonds, the international sex trade, and even the murky and underreported organ trade.,2933,534838,00.html
      "The report said organs were at times also harvested from Palestinians and foreign workers."
      ~it may all sound like the old blood libel, but it is actually a fact. i also think there were a number of cases where palestinians killed by the israelis were returned sans various organs. of course, our press doesn't want to run with that, so you have to rely on the various testimonies and smaller press outfits for the info.

  • Israel's secret Iran meeting between security officials and Rabbi who wants to 'annihilate' Arabs
    • this talk you get from fringe zionists, and most starkly from some talmudic extremists...
      sounds just like the protocols.

      i am serious, i think a higher percentage of jewish extremists might believe the protocols the work of elite jews, than non-jewish europeans believe such. 2 israelis, non religious, told me "we control the world" when i was living there. WTF is going on in these people's minds? further, why are jewish extremists seemingly attempting to *conform* to the protocols? yes, i am sure this will be censored, but i think we need an analysis of the insane manner in which modern right wing jewish elites are enamored with the *ideas* set forth in the protocols, and almost abjectly utilizing those concepts in their political machinations...

  • My correspondence with NYT's Rudoren
    • The most interesting things I read about Mohamed Atta, "leader of the Sept 11 attacks", indicated he drank, dabbled in drugs, went to clubs, lived with a stripper, etc.

      Personality profiles are great, when they actually tell you about a person *truly*, not some BS cover story either played out in "real life" and/or stitched together by the powers that be.

      I suggest you read more about Mohamed Atta. You might want to look into the owner of the FL flight school he drank with, which trained him and other *cough* patsies, fall-guys, and/or operatives.

  • Kahanist message holds strong, now with IDF's blessing
    • anonymouscomments August 15, 2012 at 6:58 pm

      under the cover of a regional war, especially if zionist/israeli agents can further ramp up fascism and islamophobia in the "west"? and if they can carry out, provoke, or aid in some "islamic" terrorist events concurrently?

      you betcha.

      and i bet al aqsa would be destroyed at the same time as well, perhaps blamed on a stray hezbollah or iranian missile or some nonesense. or perhaps, israeli "extremists" would destroy the mosque first, to spark off the regional war (which will draw us all in).

      i think at least 10%+ of israelis realish the idea, and many more of the political elite... "normal" secular israelis have told me their desires along the lines of transfer. sounds crazy, but hell, israel is crazy.

  • Boston airport security program rife with racial profiling has Israeli links
    • the israelification of the US makes me sick. my dad's family choose the USA over israel, when sitting in a german DP camp in 1949. they likely didn't want anything to do with the insanity going on in israel.

      now zionists have made the US one with israel....

      they orchestrated the US occupation of muslim lands (neocons), so that just like israel, we would be in a mindless, needless, concocted, abusive, murderous relationship with the muslim world.

      at boston university, the charlatan wolf in sheep's clothing, elie wiesel, stated in my college newspaper that "israel's fight is now our fight", DAYS after 9/11. no delay to capitalize on the events. ehud barak was on TV the morning of 9/11, pushing his agenda with skill.

      and dare i say, israel, their lobbyists, and their agents were involved in the american coup, roughly 11 years ago.

      this needs to be reversed, but i cannot see how...

      like a cornered animal, israel-firsters will stop at nothing, especially as americans and the american political elite start to resist the israeli line, and the scripted "clash of civilizations". we know the history of zionism. we know the pedigree of their zealots. we know their string of actions, including the USS liberty.
      (the US as complicit as israel in that failed event; my uncle, a US air force colonel said it "was an act of war" with no hesitation when i probed him, but i said it was more than that; there had to be US buy-in; it was actually treason)
      we know their game. but we are few.... so the macabre "game" continues. and israelis and americans suffer horribly as civilians under this BS, but our suffering pales in comparison to that dealt out to the palestinians and the muslim world....

      but our very morality and collective sanity is also being lost, while i see perseverance, steadfastness, and amazing restraint from the vast vast vast majority of palestinians and muslims. i prefer the occupied west bank to the immoral bubble of tel aviv.

      when will it stop? when will israelis figure out the agenda of their own elites, and stop it? when will americans throw off the lobby of the few (unrepresentative of most all american jews)? when? i fear it will be too late, and it is already decades too late....

  • Why Israel is 'singled out'
    • anonymouscomments August 14, 2012 at 2:59 am

      "...people pay too much attention to it."

      hoppie seems to pay a lot of attention to it. i do as well. too much attention? well, this subjective assertion is utterly meaningless, but he is free to say so. but if there was not so much horrible BS to pay attention to, we would not be paying any attention to it.

      come on hophmi, why don't you actually stop defending israel and excusing it, and work to change the policies we all pay too much attention to. get going, hop to it....

  • Savage Geller bus ad hits San Francisco Muni
    • is it against our constitution?

      i would say-
      "Is against US interests, and even the interests of said foreign country, and their civilians who seek peace and justice"

  • Time magazine's romanticized Jerusalem battleground leaves out Palestinians
  • Born to fight
    • anonymouscomments August 7, 2012 at 7:35 pm

      I think Blankfort was right that some who pull strings here and whisper to Phil, had him banned. And when Phil is away perhaps the worst among them let more BS through... Maybe Phil will clean house some day.

  • Gore Vidal: In memoriam
  • Why Obama shouldn't go to Israel
    • i am interested in this event, or nonevent as well.

      phil- being on the ground there, can you chase down the story on the assassination attempt on hillary, first broken on israeli radio i believe?

      maybe you could track down an israeli witness, or israeli reporting on it. or maybe have your israeli friends shake the trees on the issue, and see if anything falls out?

      it would be a real scoop.

  • CIA considers Israel the largest counterintelligence threat in the Middle East
    • anonymouscomments July 30, 2012 at 5:53 pm

      not the mentality of ruthless gangsters- they are ruthless gangsters.

      this is not true only after the influx of russian gangster types, like lieberman.

      it was true from the beginning, with the right wing fascist zionists, who even attacked jews for organizing labor, or protesting their acts of terror.


  • The blatancy of apartheid
    • anonymouscomments July 29, 2012 at 2:41 am

      BTW thanks for this lovely rare link... i really liked it.

      but it makes me again dream history was different. if only the zionist immigration was at the consent of the natives (limited, and integrated whence they came), and a beautiful parliamentary democracy called palestine would have come to exist.

      if only....

  • Diane Rehm gets chatty on Syria, asks how assassinations of regime officials occurred
    • anonymouscomments July 27, 2012 at 12:00 am

      this is what is so ludicrous about the revolution going on, as outside powers are going to define the "winners" in time...

      assad, a despotic dictator, will be overthrown by people supported by.... wait for it...

      saudi arabi, and qatar
      [and also, behind them, the US and israel of course]

      what a model. also.... if you follow the US/zionist narrative for the ME, i fear the ONLY point in what we are doing to syria is to *break* syria. breaking it is the point, and rather than a US puppet, a fractured country will suit us fine.

      in fact, refugees, ethnic strife, and especially christian flight is a *positive* in the mindset of the israelis. and the israelis, as we all know, largely define our ME policy. and we help define saudi and gulf policy.

      and if you want to know regional strategy, from 1982, which came to define US and neocon strategy?

      and a great lecturer, referencing this right wing zionist plan to fracture and control the middle east-

      (and by the way, does anyone have any reliable sources on *who* was killing all the iraqi scientists after the US invasion??? i have my suspicions, but no great tangible evidence)

  • Netanyahu seeks war with Iran so he can ethnically cleanse the West Bank -- Machover
    • anonymouscomments July 23, 2012 at 6:46 pm

      people are referring to the crazy, put very plausible, scenario of transfer under the cover of regional (global?) war.

      i think this is in the realm of possibility, and have mentioned this multiple times.

      but if israel attempts this, i think many are not considering the parallel actions israel (and israel's agents and supporters) would likely take, in order to ensure western passivity and even support... essentially what actions israel would take to ensure success, over possible national suicide.

      during and after the transfer, israel would enter a new "iron wall" policy with her neighbors, and the world would need to be in a real "clash of civilizations" paradigm for israel to retain (required) western support. to allow israel's ethnic cleansing to occur, the west would require a much deeper shift in not only the perception of mulsims/arabs, but perhaps even greater repressive and antidemocratic measures within their state structures.

      how is this to be achieved? 9/11 brought the US far along this path, including the MSM and islamophobic pressure groups moving public perception in the decade since 9/11. in europe, you also have a rise of the right, and increasing islamophobia... also fanned by the MSM and by select politicians on the right (and even "centrists").

      but the final shift in western public opinion would need to come in the form of multiple false-flag attacks blamed on muslims, or at least two very major attacks. at a minimum, one event is required in the USA, and at least one event in europe. the event in the US could "kill two birds with one stone", if the party blamed is iran. but it is possible the event that finally brings the US into war against iran is an event (staged or provoked) in the straight of hormuz, or even the fallout after an israeli bombing campaign of iranian sites (should iran respond against US assets in the region).

      there you have it....

      the key ingredient is false-flags and mayhem in the west, with perhaps a NATO/US war on iran finally sparked off. with these ingredients, israel is free to do whatever she wants. can israel, israel's agents, fascists, and christian zionists make these pieces fall into place? sadly, i think they can. and i think it likely they at least give it a try.

  • 3 stories without legs
    • please woody, i would like some quotes. the old testament freaks me the hell out, and parts of the new testament....

      but what words and things about jesus himself "were very much less than righteous"?

      honestly, i haven't read much of the bible.... so i actually am requesting an answer, and am sincere. i'm sure there is some questionable stuff, but i'm not familiar with it....

  • The crisis of Jewish identity
    • well put annie.

      and the 2nd intifada didn't derail process.... israel did. through clear actions. and israel *could* revive 2 states, but apparently, she does not *want* to.

      come what may, schlemiel, but try not blaming the victims. blame the regional hegemon, with the monopoly on force, making "facts" on the ground.... making these facts since 1967 (and about a million other "facts" made ~1947-1951, with some bloody wars and regional insanity in the interim).

  • At 'Daily Kos,' a liberal Zionist calls for BDS
    • as much as i usually hate paradoxical "liberal zionists" we need to not look a gift horse in the mouth, with this particular one.

      i know a single democratic state is the only truly just solution (and means political zionism dies). my issue is that i do not see that option coming on the table.... for at least our natural *lives*. and justice delayed in perpetuity is justice denied. right wing zionists, wether in the state or not, can veto this end of zionism, just like they vetoed a democratic palestine about a century ago- through terrorism and violence. they can and would achieve this with relative ease.

      a 2 state solution, based on 1967, with some substantive right of return for refugees is the best i can hope for. if we do not GET this, it ends in another zionist dispossession, greater israel, and gaza pushed into egypt. and an iron wall policy towards jordan (with new pal refugees), and egypt (now "holing" gaza). this is not fantasy, it is what zionist elites in israel CAN do, under the cover of a regional war and an intifada. it is likely what they plan and intend to do.... and may do.

      if we someday get the HARD to get 2SS, then we can hope in time, it evolves into a porous border binational state of sorts... in decades.

      those who insist on "absolute" justice here, wrt israel, will end up playing into the expansionist's hands, and delay indefinitely a modicum of justice.

      we need liberal zionists of this type, if you have any respect for the MORE PRESSING NEEDS of the millions living under occupation, apart from the refugees and those ethnically cleansed (who often, also, suffer under occupation dearly).

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