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  • Introducing Mondoweiss In Print: 'The World the Settlers Made'
    • Ordered! I agree with Amigo. Very low shipping cost to London. Looking forward to receiving it

  • 'Zionism is nationalism, not Judaism,' a former Hebrew school teacher explains
    • "Mooser is a particularly intelligent, articulate, knowledgeable, thoughtful and funny contributor, i.e. the diametrical opposite of Hophmi in every point." (Echi)

      Here here! Couldn't agree more

  • 'Life in the camp is tough, but at least the war is far': Palestinians flee Syria for Shatila refugee camp
    • "By the way, am I the only one who’s option to get notice of follow-up comments doesn’t work? It use to."

      Thank you for mentioning this issue Citizen. I also stopped getting the notifications. It makes it really difficult to keep track of comments, especially on threads with lots of comments. I tried a few things to get it working but with no success. I won't go so far as to blame this issue as the sole reason why I've stopped commenting recently, but it's definitely a factor

  • Documentary feature 'Killing Gaza' needs your help
  • Videos: Proof of Sanders's lifelong anti-racist activism breaks on eve of Nevada Caucus
    • "I understand that this site has turned into an unofficial Bernie Sanders site and with it comes the sadly usual tendency to judge everything “Bernie” with rose-colored glasses while loudly booing the designated villainess" (Tree)

      I think Sanders is probably the best choice available and IMO if MW has become an unofficial Bernie Sanders site then it's a good thing.

      Tree, I think you are the smartest commenter on MW. You have an incredibly analytical mind and I love reading your comments. But I think you are off the mark on this one. I know you find it absolutely incredible that I could believe the satirical article about Hillary Clinton but I'm not ashamed to say that I did, as well as Taxi and a few others who read it that day. In fact I didn't bat an eyelid when I read it because I completely believe that she is capable of saying something like that.

      Not that long ago I thought she would at least be a better alternative to the Republican candidates, especially when Cruz and Rubio threw their hat in the ring. These two, especially, are very scary characters IMO. I thought Clinton would at least not lead us into a world war. But then I started reading up on her exploits, particularly the period when she was Secretary of State. It didn't take long to realise that she was a neocon in sheep's clothing. She presided over what can only be described as foreign policy disasters, not just in the Middle East but also in Honduras and Haiti. I'm not saying she was 100% responsible for all those calamities, but she was at least partly responsible for the situation in Libya and Syria today. And it was she who actually chose the neocon Victoria Nuland, the neocon, (wife of Robert Kagan , the neocon) to be the State Department's Chief Spokesperson, who was one of the main protagonists behind the coup in Ukraine.

      You said "What makes her so much worse than most of the bozos we have running for high office today?What makes her so much worse than Bush, Trump or Cruz or Obama or Sanders for that matter?" Well I can't say that she's worse than the disgraceful Obama because like her we are able to judge him by his disgraceful deeds and failed promises. The others have not held the same positions of power and so we don't know what they will really be like if they were in power. Yes we can guess and with the likes of Rubio and Cruz it doesn't bear thinking about but we cannot pass judgement just on what we might think will happen. But with Clinton we can judge her by her past actions. There is a record.

      When I see pictures of whole families drowning trying to reach Europe to get away from the hell that was once the stable and prosperous country of Libya I think of her. When I see hordes of refugees marching along endless roads with their babies and belongings in their hands only to be treated like cockroaches when they get to Europe, I think of her. You said " She isn’t evil-incarnate, nor is she appreciably different or worse than the sorry lot of politicians we have today, and yet you’d think she chews the heads off babies to hear people talk". Well I agree that she doesn't chew the heads off babies but how many people including babies have died because of her disgraceful so-called humanitarian interventionist policies in Libya and Syria? How many are now homeless refugees who have been vilified in Europe? She was not 100% responsible but she was a co-architect of this disgraceful misery and after Obama she was the most senior person in charge.

      Many of her financial donors are zionists, the biggest being Haim Saban who has openly said that “I'm a one-issue guy, and my issue is Israel,” She has sold her soul for Zionist money and if she becomes the next POTUS she will be paying for those favours by furthering the Zionist agenda which will result in more deaths, oppression and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians.

      I would love to see a woman in the Whitehouse. Jill Stein would be amazing. But to suggest that the pushback against Clinton is due to her gender is a notion I cannot reconcile myself to. It's because of her past deeds, her record, what she's actually done while she's held high office and it's not pretty. She will probably get to the Whitehouse mainly because she is a woman, in my opinion

  • Trump says he must be 'neutral' on Israel/Palestine, then slags Palestinians as anti-Semites
    • "Israeli Jews have spent many years teaching Palestinians to hate Jews. They must surely have had some success"
      :-) very funny, very true

      Yes how terrible of the Palestinians not to teach their children to love those adorable Israelis who stole their land, water, human rights, who kills them, tortures them, oppresses them and would simply just like to get rid of all of them. So bloody unreasonable, those Palestinians.

      (Yes I know the punctuation is probably wrong).

  • British schoolboy questioned for pro-Palestine badge and pro-BDS pamphlet
    • Thanks for posting that Just. This school is right around the corner from where I grew up and for a while my brothers and I were forced to attend a similar school. Not only is this no surprise to me but this is completely normal within that community. What the hell did they think they were learning in those private faith schools anyway?

      In summary, an orthodox Jewish school teaches that women are nothing but baby factories, cooks and cleaners, that other faiths are not important and looked down on and kids are taught almost f**k all about anything else except their own dogmatic ethnocentric, supremacist religion. That includes being a chosen person walking around on a flat earth.

      It's really funny that the inspectors were surprised to find this out.

    • "Man, now all I need is a job and the future will look very bright."

      Have you thought about comedy? Judging by your comments it seems you have a talent for it.

  • Law firm pulls $250,000 gift to Harvard over Palestine event (demonstrating Zionism's pervasiveness)
    • @bettyberenson

      Hey I really loved your comments. I was feeling a bit down and needed a good chuckle. You really are a comedy genius. Have you considered a career in comedy?

      I especially loved this line "The conflict in the Middle East is complicated, and takes a lot of study and thought". Yeah that one really got me going. And just when I thought I was all out of laughter your comedic genius hit me with this gem:

      "Yes, Jews have a right to our ancient and modern homeland. It is a beautiful and thriving country. You should be honest anti-Semites: no technology or polio vaccines for you."

      Brilliant! How on earth do you come up with this stuff? This is pure comedy gold.

      Thanks a million for the huge laughs. Can't wait to read more.

  • Video: Scenes from a bloody Sunday in Palestine
  • Six Palestinians killed by Israeli forces over the weekend
    • Oops! Thanks for letting me know Tree. I'll also report this back to the Plato's site where I read it

    • It's true Just, for a Senior international politician she's literally the only person willing to stand up and speak the truth but nobody has backed her up and more or less hung her out to dry

      And as Kay points out its quite unbelievable that here in the UK our British zionist whore government has just made it illegal for local authorities to Boycott Israeli goods and services, even from the occupied territories. I'm continually stunned at just how much power and influence the pro israel lobby has. Just when you think the tide is turning they hit back with measures you couldn't believe possible

      It's almost surreal. And this completely unjustified protection of this rogue nazi-esque state only encourages even more sadistic and brutal behaviour towards the vulnerable and defenceless Palestinians. According to the major powers they can continue to do whatever they like with no consequences. So they do. And if Killary says she's happy for them to kill 200,000 Gazans instead of 2000 then that's just what they'll do, probably even more. It's already a genocide but she's stated in writing that if they give her enough cash to become the next POTUS, then they can continue the genocide officially and at a much faster pace.

  • Cartoon: Netanyahu plans fortress Israel to protect against 'wild beasts'
    • Great cartoon!

      Actually what he's also done is completely cage israel in. It's a 3 sided cage with the Mediterranean forming the 4th side. They've put themselves in a cage like some giant zio-zoo. All we need now are some "don't feed the animals" signs

  • To my fellow Israelis: We can stop this
  • Israeli soldiers kill 14-year-old Palestinian boy in occupied village for allegedly throwing Molotov cocktail
    • I wonder what would happen if a Palestinian Authority security officer shot dead a 14 year Jewish Israeli kid for allegedly throwing a Molotov cocktail?

      Why didn't they try and apprehend him? Was it really necessary to shoot him dead on the spot?

      But unfortunately 14 year old Haitham Ismail al-Baw was an expendable Palestinian. A nonentity. No proper investigation required. In fact you can kill them for sport

      Just another routine day at the office for the criminal zionist enterprise

      Thank you Kate

  • Facebook censors cartoon critical of Israel
    • "Curiously, recently I searched for current videos of Israeli violence against Palestinians on both Google and Youtube and the only videos readily available dated back to last October, nothing current. Strange."

      Likewise. Either the videos have been removed or the search tags have been tampered with but you just can't find any recent ones. I wonder if they will start to systematically remove the older ones too? If this censorship is real, and it seems it is, then this is a very worrying development. I have no idea if it's the ceo's who are responsible or outside pressure

      It's a great cartoon and it portrays truth and reality

      Many thanks Annie

  • Israeli ambassador flings Nazi label at Israeli leaders, after latest authoritarian step
    • @Greg

      You really think you sound like a reasonable person don't you? You are just a slightly slicker version of a hasbara troll using the same old tactics dressed up in a more sophisticated camouflage. You sound like a couple of my Israeli cousins who actually think they're really sincere and progressive but just have no idea how they really come across

      I will paraphrase what you sound like to me.

      "it's not my fault. You need to break out of the matrix. Can't you see that the person I've been raping in HER OWN basement in her own house is just another victim of those other genocidal leaders? I mean that's why she is down there being brutally subjugated, violated, her dignity removed, with zero human rights or any hope whatsoever. And I really feel sorry for her (short pause to sob a few crocodile tears). Yes I really do. And I want to help her but I can only do that if her own family and community and all the other local neighbours take responsibility for the fact she's down there in the first place. And you know what? If those other people do that then I'm even willing to help a bit too. Well that's just the kind of guy I am. I'm here to be part of the solution! Look, once in a while I let her out on a long chain and I give her a bit of pocket money to help me clean the toilets and build my new rear extension. She should be grateful. But when she gets together with all the other rape victims, do you think they sit down and work out how to develop a proper society, using the pocket money we give them? After all there are some barren areas of scrubland we don't really want and they can go and live there as a community as long as we maintain full military control over them and they only work for us on slave labour wages which they have to give straight back to us for their water, electricity and the vast majority of the goods they will need to survive. But hey, at least the air is still free! What more do they want?

      But no! Instead of doing that, they spend all their time and money pursuing this silly and purely fantastical notion about justice. They just hang on to this crazy idea that we are to blame for their problems but it's really MOSTLY THEIR OWN FAULT (oh and those other genocidal leaders who caused this mess in the first place of course)

      Now I'll be willing to let her out but she has to drop this crazy idea about justice, whatever that means. She must not think about justice, reparations, compensation and she needs to quietly go and live with one of the neighbours and sign an agreement that she will never pursue this silly idea about all the so called years of injustice she's suffered. After all, as I already explained, she's down there being brutally raped by me because of those other people. So she should just let it go and depart quietly to go live with a neighbour and leave me in peace so I can continue to live a privileged life in her house. After all, I'm just (sob, sob...) a poor victim too. "

    • You bet Annie. Thanks for the kind words which I'm not sure I deserve. But there is no doubt that you do.

    • "Thank you Annie for all that you do here in Mondoweiss"

      Allow me to humbly ditto that Zaid

      Dear Annie, wishing you and the whole Mondoweiss team a great 2016. Thank you all for everything you do.

  • Netanyahu's craziness is calculated, to drive out Palestinians
    • Unfortunately I don't believe you are wrong Avigail. The evil psychopaths do not need to kill millions of Palestinians. It will be a repeat of 47-48. Indiscriminate massacres forcing the majority to flee for their lives, mostly into Jordan, and never allowed to return. Why change a winning formula?

      I thought that once Nutty-psycho got back in, the world would realise the true face of Zionism and it would be the beginning of the end of this disgusting project. But even after his speech in Congress, even after his racist comments during the election, even after stating that there would never be a Palestinian state, even after blaming the holocaust on the Palestinians, even after not arresting the killers of the Dawabshe family even though he knows who they are, even after his incitement at Al Aqsa, even after the appointments of some of the most right wing zealots into powerful positions, even after relaxing the gun laws, even after approving of cabinet ministers to carry guns and encouraging as many Israeli civilians as possible to do the same and the list goes on... Even after all of this absolutely nothing happens. He has proven that he can do whatever he wants and this is the message being passed down to the IOF and the increasingly right wing population. Whatever they do, their enabler, the USA will never actually sanction them in any meaningful way and once Obama is out of the way they will proceed to the next stage, probably with the full blessing of Hillary "psycho" Clinton and her zionist backers

      There is one chance only for the Palestinians. The PA needs to disband and hand the keys and the full responsibility of the occupation back to Israel. That is the real and only nuclear option. The PA are nothing short of Palestinian Kapos and are allowing and enabling israel to carry out their rotten agenda to its final conclusion

      Quote from my cousin in israel (48, lives in Haifa, highly paid management job, considers himself a centrist and voted for Herzog in the last election) "If I had the chance I would kill every single Arab EXCEPT the ones that can cook because I admit that they know how to cook better than us". He said that during Cast Lead. And he considers himself a moderate

      People draw parallels between the Israelis and the Nazis, I wonder why.

    • Many thanks for another spot on article Avigail. Couldn't agree more.

      I left a comment on another mondoweiss thread a few weeks ago which I'll just copy here

      "The police all carry guns. All soldiers carry guns and rifles. Most of the sadistic illegal settlers carry guns. All security guards carry guns. The mayor of Jerusalem and Bennett are carrying guns. Record numbers of Israeli civilians are carrying guns and the rules have been relaxed for many more to acquire guns too.

      And here is nutty yahoo telling the world that it was the "father of the Palestinian nation" who planted the idea in Hitler's mind to exterminate European Jewry. So the Palestinians were really responsible for the holocaust. Well the Nazis are all dead, they've already squeezed the maximum out of the Germans so no more mileage there. Time to use the holocaust in another creative way: now blame it on the Palestinians!

      Another reason - not that they needed one - to gun down even more Palestinians. And now they can add the holocaust to their list of curses as their victims lay dying on the ground

      I have to admit that he's an even sicker puppy than I thought he was. But this only proves that he can do and say whatever he wants with total impunity. He's untouchable and fully protected and he knows it. Only an Israeli leader could get away with this as they know that they are immune from any authority and any international law.

      After all nothing is actually going to change"

  • Despite global disgust, Netanyahu doubles down on claim that Hitler got idea of Final Solution from a Palestinian
    • The police all carry guns. All soldiers carry guns and rifles. Most of the sadistic illegal settlers carry guns. All security guards carry guns. The mayor of Jerusalem and Bennett are carrying guns. Record numbers of Israeli civilians are carrying guns and the rules have been relaxed for many more to acquire guns too.

      And here is nutty yahoo telling the world that it was the father of the Palestinian nation who planted the idea in Hitler's mind to exterminate European Jewry. So the Palestinians were really responsible for the holocaust. Well the Nazis are all dead, they've already squeezed the maximum out of the Germans so no more mileage there. Time to use the holocaust in another creative way: now blame it on the Palestinians!

      Another reason - not that they needed one - to gun down even more Palestinians. And now they can add the holocaust to their list of curses as their victims lay dying on the ground

      I have to admit that he's an even sicker puppy than I thought he was. But this only proves that he can do and say whatever he wants with total impunity. He's untouchable and fully protected and he knows it. Only an Israeli leader could get away with this as they know that they are immune from any authority and any international law.

      After all nothing is actually going to change

  • Set up? Video appears to show Israeli soldier placing object next to Palestinian killed in Hebron (Update)
    • Richard Silverstein wrote this the other day at the end of an excellent article:

      "It almost breaks my heart to say that the only development that can get the world to act is organized mass murder like Srebrenica or Rwanda. But do we really have to wait for an act of mass killing so severe that the world can no longer avert its gaze?"

      I'm inclined to agree with him

    • "some days i just want to cry and scream."

      I know that feeling. I'm also extremely angry and full of rage

      The picture of that illegal, evil, disgusting settler with his gun actually makes me physically sick. Everything about that sick and sadistic society makes me sick.

      But what makes me sick more than all of that is the fact that nobody is stepping in to help and protect these vulnerable people from their brutal, evil, rotten, supremacist occupiers. That's the worst part.

  • Settlers gawk as Palestinian woman lies dying at checkpoint (Update)
    • Passport control entering/leaving a country is not the same as a checkpoint within a country controlling the movements of people who live in that country who just want to travel from a to b within their own country!

      In the UK a female passenger wearing a burqa can request that her passport is matched to her face in a private room by a female officer. They don't shoot and murder them

    • "How do you travel through a checkpoint in a full burqa? Aren’t you supposed to present a photo ID? Does anyone not see this?"

      No idea. We don't have them here in London.

      So she deserved to be shot and left to die in agony for not understanding Israeli checkpoint etiquette? Yes how stupid of her for not following the so called rules you have created inside her own country. How dare she not behave like a good occupied citizen and follow her master's exact orders!

      Yes it must have been her fault right?

      Its obvious you have no empathy whatsoever for "those" people

    • This kippah wearing religious nationalist bastard soldier could easily be the son of one of one of my cousins who are just like this. He probably had a bet that he would kill another cockroach or rat that day because to them killing an Arab is a mitzvah (good deed) as they don't really see the Palestinians as human beings. To them they are just vermin that need to be eradicated. Those settlers weren't watching a human being bleed to death, they were watching some wretched animal being put down. Look at their faces. There is no sign of anguish or empathy because those feelings do not even exist within them.

      As Avigail Abarbanel has stated on regular occasions these people are extremely sick and very dangerous. They cannot be reasoned with. The Palestinian people, who are completely vulnerable and defenceless, need to be urgently protected from these hate filled psychopathic killers. We are just watching them being slaughtered and tortured and it's just being allowed to happen day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. I really can't comprehend how this is allowed to go on after all these decades. This is such a sick world.

  • Calling Herzog and liberal Zionism ‘racist,’ Gideon Levy instigates a reckoning
    • “Our goal should not be to attack Zionists as a group, but instead to point out the moral flaws in the ideology of Zionism while simultaneously showing a new, just path forward, and a way to gracefully let go of anachronistic forms of Zionism and instead embrace equality"

      Thanks to everyone for your comments. Great analogy Echinococcus!

      Matthew, can you please give us an estimation of how long this methodology might take? Let's explain to the Zionists where they're going wrong and hopefully, possibly, they may see the error of their ways?

      So we just wait for them to do all their soul searching and agonising and hopefully one day, maybe in a couple of decades from now they might see the light and "embrace equality"

      And in the meantime how many more Palestinians have to suffer until the Zionists are given the time they need to do all this agonising and soul searching? Every 2 or 3 days Kate here at mondoweiss puts together a news compilation and in these compilations you will read about the daily horrors of this disgraceful Occupation. Every day there are murders, injuries, detentions and arrests (even of children rounded up in the middle of the night), attacks by settlers, home demolitions, theft of land and water. The list of crimes is endless.

      Gaza, an open air prison, under a ruthless siege has been bombed to hell on 3 occasions. One ton bombs have been dropped onto apartment buildings which have wiped out entire families. White phosphorus has been used and new weapons have been tested in this open air laboratory. Thousands have been injured and traumatised and now as Gazans approach their second winter since the cold blooded slaughter, tens of thousands remain homeless. And 95% of Israelis backed this slaughter, some of them even munching popcorn while cheering on the death and destruction

      I would recommend a couple of articles by Avigail Abarbanel that were featured here. An ex Israeli and a trained psychoanalyst, she explains how dangerous these people really are and any idea of trying to reason with them is utterly foolish. Here is one which was presented and summarised by Hazel Kahan but I would urge you to read Avigail's responses in the comments below:

      While we try and reason with these maniacs they are killing, torturing and continuing their incremental ethnic cleansing and slow motion genocide.

      They need to be stopped from the outside and as quickly as possible. That's why I (and many others here) wanted Netanyahu/Likud to be reelected because at least they are the 'honest' face of Zionism. At least with them it's all out in the open. Finally the world is able to see a glimpse of the real truth which has in the past been covered up by the more 'dishonest' zionists just like Herzog who would continue the same policies indefinitely but pretend he's a peacemaker

      Zionists have no empathy whatsoever for the suffering they have caused the Palestinians who have been dehumanised to a status lower than their pet dogs which they care a lot more about

      There needs to be a UN resolution as fast as possible followed by a UN peacekeeping force sent in to protect the Palestinian people, who urgently need that protection from these criminals.

      But what the Zionists really want are people to sit and talk in endless circles for another few decades to give them time to finish the job. Anyone who hasn't figured out that game by now is extremely naive

      I wish you luck with your efforts. Maybe you can start with Hophmi. I mean he's supposed to be on the board of directors of a couple of Muslim outreach organisations but he talks about living in a state with an Arab majority as some kind of horror. My family and ancestors lived as a Jewish minority in countries with Arab majorities for hundreds of years before the Zionists fucked everything up.

      I'm sorry you found my initial comment not kosher enough. I also used to think that it was possible to reasonably debate with zionists and common sense would eventually prevail. But three decades later you realise you've been duped because you are giving them what they want; time to complete what they started

    • Thanks Ritzl!

    • "Not kosher, in my book, and not welcome as a comment under this article."

      Matthew, I thought that the comments were decided by the moderators, not the author. I'm sure if they find it offensive they'll go back and delete it. Maybe you found Hophmi's comment more welcoming. I'm afraid that's what happens when you write an article which is open to comments, you're not going to like or agree with all of them, possibly most of them

      I'd love to respond more fully but I can't right now but will try tomorrow (unless I'm banned by then of course)

    • These zionists, the whole spectrum, from liberal to psycho nutjob all think they sound reasonable. Levy ripped this fool to shreds and exposes just how delusional and racist (and scary) they all really are. The only difference between Netanyahu and Herzog is presentation. Herzog is good at pretending he's not the same as Netanyahu

      Levy really is someone special and extremely brave, but I honestly do fear for him. I'm sure there are many from the psycho nutjob end of the Zionist spectrum that would like to do him harm. I hope he stays safe and continues to shine a light in that very dark place

      Thank you Matthew Taylor

  • 'NYT' and Chris Matthews are frank about Jewish role in Iran Deal debate
  • How my return to Zimbabwe redoubled my enthusiasm for BDS in Israel/Palestine
    • "Holding Mugabe alone responsible exonerates the poisonous legacy of British colonialism, which was compounded by an immoral decision taken by Tony Blair’s government in the late 1990s."

      So Satan, aka Tony Blair, can also add this to his list of *achievements*

      Great comments Diasp0ra. +1!

  • Hockenberry skewers Menendez for double standard on Israeli nukes and killings of civilians
    • "It is long overdue that Americans reclaimed their government from Israel’s grasp and long overdue that the American Taxpayer ceased funding Israeli War Crimes by supplying weapons and ammunition to Israel that is largely used to continue the Occupation and murder Palestinians by the thousands. American needs to end this insult to itself by ending its complicity."

      Hear, hear! Or is it here, here?

      Whatever! Well said inbound39

  • Israeli begins construction of Jewish-only town on ruins of demolished Bedouin village
    • Phew! Thanks for letting me know Kate. I thought something was up because as I was reading it just went on and on...

      I hope you're feeling a bit better after the reaction to your vaccination. Keep well, you're invaluable!

    • Is it just me or are these compilations getting longer and longer Kate?

      Steal, demolish, build illegal settlements, expel, segregate, kill, kidnap, torture, maim and injure. No wonder the list has to be so long. Such depressing reading

      Thank you Kate for the valuable work you do

  • Beinart's fear of 'Israstine'
    • "Problem is hopknee , people like you do not want equality for all. You just want to maintain the position of “ubermencshen” and supremacy for Jews"

      Absolutely Amigo. And Hophmi will also tell us that Israel simply must remain as a majority "Jewish state" because most gentiles suffer from the disease of anti semitism, sometimes latent, sometimes virulent. Therefore they must segregate themselves to protect themselves against those evil gentiles. I mean you just never know when it suddenly goes from latent to virulent.

  • Racism is part of the landscape in the southern Israeli town of Dimona (Updated)
    • “When I walked down the street to the local bakery, there were adult men sitting outside the entrance openly speaking of mass-murdering leftist Israelis. They spoke without inhibition from making these statements aloud in one of the most popular public spaces in the city.”

      Oi vey

  • Omar Barghouti on Matisyahu: 'Perfectly reasonable to oppose performance by any bigot'
    • Thanks for the links Eguard. Yes, those examples were indeed already in Ben's article. And that was a very impressive display of Palestinian flags. It's obvious hophmi didn't even read the article

      But you really must try and see this from Hophmi's point of view. Don't you know that those alleged Palestinian supporters are really up to? In hophmi's world, this is what really happened:

      "Hey Amigos y amigas. A wonder opportunity has arisen to be able to express our latent anti semitism which in some of us has already turned virulent. You see there's this Jewish reggae singer coming to town and we can all pretend we support these Palestinian people which will give us the excuse we need to express our irrational Jew hatred by getting him banned. And if that don't work we can turn up at the gig with those Palestinian flags and give him some verbal abuse. I mean I don't know about the rest of you guys but if I don't get some of this virulent anti semitism disease thingy out of my system I'm gonna explode! '

    • Thanks Ben

      "Some of Matisyahu’s lyrics, so full of hate and denial of the very existence of the Palestinian people, are written by an Israeli settler living illegally on occupied Palestinian territory. This racist record directly contradicts the peace, human rights and justice principles and spirit of the festival."


      "think it is perfectly reasonable for conscientious citizens in any country to oppose a performance by any bigot or someone who incites to racial hatred."

      Barghouti makes perfect sense. There is no doubt whatsoever, imo, that the original decision was indeed correct. The Boycott should have stood (and his music is crap too, that's another good reason.)

      But for the record, I believe Barghouti's decision to come out against Alison Weir was wrong because she is not a bigot.

  • Jimmy Carter says Netanyahu has turned his back on peace
  • 'There is no Jewish terror': Conspiracy theory that Palestinians committed Duma firebombing spreads among Israelis
    • "There are Palestinian Terrorists but no Palestinians" (Amigo)

      Thanks for pointing that one out Amigo! One minute there is no such thing as the Palestinian people and the next there are Palestinian terrorists and long standing Palestinian family feuds.

      You can't make this stuff up

  • Over 1,000 Black activists, scholars and artists sign statement supporting freedom and equality for Palestinian people
    • "You, jhitchcock have not been assigned or provided with the absolute authority to pick and choose “anti-semites” like a bird picks seeds"

      +1000 Danaa! . You are able to articulate things I think about but cannot put into words. You also say things I want to say but maybe I'm too scared to

      THANK YOU! Great comment

    • Bravo! This is really a great development. Terrific news

      And on the other issue:
      "so if you make the lobby too important in your messaging or resist the lobby, your verging into a possible "white supremacist" position (being used as code which is how jimmy carter is included in this smear) . hence, the opposite of recognizing american complicity in the occupation of palestine (enough), or the way or degree in which you recognize it -- as opposed to prioritizing the lobby -- lands one in white supremacists territory. therefore linking alison to white supremacists is key to the real target> people who prioritize the lobby. - See more at: (Annie)

      Great analysis Annie. I think you're on to something!

  • Leading Israeli journalist says Israel is an Apartheid state
    • "Seems like SOMETHING is actually changing. I just wonder if it’s a significant (as in milestone, but probably not tipping point) something. I have zero sense of that."

      I'm afraid I have zero sense of that too Ritzl. But I would love to hear either Jon S or Yonah's view on this epiphany!

      I don't think that the highly resistant strain of thought can change just like that. I do believe that if enough of their role models come out then there will be lots of cases of follow the leader. But in reality even the so called non existent left is moving further to the right in order to pander to the ever increasing right wing views of the majority of the population. So no real chance of that

      I agree with Krauss. Burston would never have made this statement if the Zionist Union mob had won the election. The overall effect of this declaration by Burston will be zero because change from within is now impossible. Only outside pressure can make a difference

    • Better late than never I suppose. It's just amazing how long it's taken for this liberal zionist on the so called left to finally admit the actual reality on the ground! Okay, let's be grateful that he finally did! (I came to this conclusion over 30 years ago)

      I wonder if Yonah is reading this? I remember Yonah saying that he was very much in tune with the politics and thinking of Bradley Burston (i can't find the comment now). So does Yonah now also agree with Burston that Israel is an apartheid state? Or is this where he parts company with Burston? What about Jon S? Would love to get their views on Burston's epiphany

  • Roundtable on the Palestinian solidarity movement and Alison Weir
    • "And you say Ali Abunimah only tweeted about this, that does not count as an argued stand."

      Really? Okay EGuard, whatever you say because in a parallel universe when you tweet your support for someone else's position you are also making your position clear regardless of what you mean by "argued stand"

      With regards to Barghouti I was sent information which I assumed was correct. However when I tried to view the original source, that particular link is not working or has been purposely disabled on the jvp website. I've written to jvp asking for an explanation

      I hope that clarifies the situation

    • Here is the link to the page on the jvp website regarding that particular webinar. It's the last one of four. All the other links to the first three work, but for some reason the link to that particular webinar with Omar Barghouti is not working or has been disabled!

    • Didn't know that W.Jones
      But if you search you will find a few pro israel sites using it too (joo tube, joomag)

    • EGuard
      I got the information about Barghouti from a friend who emailed me an article from a site which I don't really know which states:
      "The people I know and trust in the Palestine solidarity movement all say “good riddance” to Weir, including the most prominent leaders. Omar Barghouti, on a webinar hosted by JVP this week, commented directly on the controversy: "As a movement that is inclusive and anti-racist, we cannot tolerate any form of anti-Jewish racism. We need to unify the movement based on anti-racist principles. Groups that cannot respect anti-racist principles have no place in this movement."

      However, since your request I've been looking for the original source and I can't find it. Therefore I may have to retract that information because I have no idea if it's genuine. My fault for relying on second hand information

      Blumenthal and Abunimah made their position clear on Twitter. Here's one link:

    • W.Jones
      You are the only person who has ever mentioned my username, twice now. I have no idea what connotation it holds for you (which is why you changed the joo to jew). Let me explain. I used to drive a cab, one of the zillions of things I've done to make ends meet. At one point I worked for a cab company in North West London in an affluent area called St John's Wood. One of my regular jobs was to pick up a wealthy Jewish chap and drive him to a liberal progressive synagogue in that area. I used to have to wait for him to finish his whatevers and drop him back home. While I waited outside that synagogue I used to watch the other members turn up in their very nice cars (Yes these Jews drive to the synagogue!) and a number of them had personalised number plates with "joo 1", "joo 2" "joo 3". That's how they referred to themselves and that's where I got the idea from. Maybe it means something else on the USA. I have no idea

      I'm happy to be drummed out of anywhere I'm not welcome. That's the story of my life

    • "OK, Mondoweis. Time’s up. Enough comments to make up your mind. What is it for MW?" (EGuard)

      Actually I think that's a question that quite a few people here would like some clarification about

      I don't want to put anyone on the spot but I suppose the question is; now that jvp, eto, Barghouti, abunimah, Blumenthal et al have come out very firmly against any further association with Alison Weir and IAK, is it now inevitable that Mondoweiss will have to adopt the same position?

    • Tree.
      Many thanks for posting the two links. The Alison Weir one didn't show up (that could just be on my pc) but I found it on YouTube. I couldn't agree more with your comment about Alison Weir. I've seen lots of videos of her speaking and read lots of stuff she's written. I've never once ever detected any sign of bigotry and she has always come across as balanced and reasonable.

      So it's strange that after having those experiences for several years that all of a sudden there is a witch hunt against her which had led to jvp and others from publicly stating that they refuse to continue to work with her. She's been branded as a bigot and white supremacist. I read through every allegation made against her and I read her response. I saw the videos, read the transcripts and the counterpunch article. My conclusion is that those who have made these allegations are completely wrong. I refuse to go along with their conclusions. I refuse to jump on that bandwagon.

      And yes, when you read through the transcript of the speech by Alissa Wise I absolutely agree that it was a condescending and bigoted speech. I actually really liked Atzmon's critique of her speech. I think he was spot on too.

      Your juxtaposition of the two speeches illustrate your point really well.

      So if forced to make a choice, I'm with Alison Weir all the way.

    • Welcome to MW Naren. I'm in the UK too.
      You make some excellent points and I'm not sure if you have had a chance to read another amazing comment by Danaa on the "1000 black activists.." article further up on this page. Jennifer Hitchcock gets a well deserved hammering but there is a similarity in the points you are both making

      I know the sites you are referring to (JSF and Tony greenstein) and I did read the Hendrick Counterpunch article on the Tony greenstein site

      I'm finding it all a bit confusing to be honest. Until a couple of months ago I was reading all those blogs and MW and they all appeared to be in harmony with each other. Suddenly the Alison Weir issue comes along and then the stuff about Counterpunch and I find myself sitting there thinking "Oh no! I must be some sort of closet white supremacist because I have never detected anything like that in Alison Weir or most of the counterpunch contributers. Help!"

      There is something very 'off' about all of this, especially the timing and I agree with you that it's a discussion that does need to be fully thrashed out

      Tony greenstein is a very smart and intelligent chap. He does comment here from time to time. It would be great if he makes an appearance to give his views on why he thinks so many people here, almost everyone, supports the Alison Weir position and not the position he has taken and to confirm that therefore the Palestinian people are better off without the likes of us. In their view, Weir is now damaged goods, a poison chalice and that now goes for anyone who continues to associate with her, including Hedy Epstein!

      I think Annie also made a similar point to you about the Lobby on the other thread too

    • "Here’s a brilliant analysis by Dr. Stephen Sniegoski"

      Yes it certainly is! Many thanks IM! Sorry for the late reply but working is a real nuisance!

      You made another great comment. I agree with your analysis and suggestions:

      "I would prefer we spent some time hashing out the specific goals of our Palestinian Justice Faction. i.e. What represents true justice for the Palestinians? What compromises are acceptable, what are not? That sort of thing. In other words, let’s first start with a definition of who we are and what we stand for and then leave it to the Liberal Zionist Faction to decide whether who we are is acceptable to them. I suspect there are a lot of JVP members who lean more toward our side than the other. I’d like to see a group formed that represents our Palestinian Justice Faction." +1!

      And another terrific comment by Danaa too. This has been an enlightening thread. Have to say another huge THANK YOU to Annie (and any other moderators) for keeping this going. Really grateful

    • "It’s an invaluable tool which also allows you to reply to a comment even when the reply button has disappeared on the thread page. I don’t know what I’d do without it."

      True IM. It usually is for me but I still can't find your comment where you divide up the 2 pro Palestinian groups into your own terminologies. That was an interesting comment but I can't find it right now

      So IM, do you think we might be living through and experiencing the "Great Schism"? Is this the point where the two groups say farewell and go their separate ways? Is any reconciliation possible?

      Strange how this has happened just as things were finally going well and some good progress was being made. And what would be the exact thing the Zionists would want right now to stop the momentum? Well a split in the opposition of course. Nothing like a good bit of division and infighting, very similar to what happened between Fatah and Hamas and I wonder how that all started? That's worked wonders for them too

      Coincidental? Maybe. But I'm a very cynical chap by nature

      On another thread, Jennifer Hitchcock suggested that Alison Weir might be a zionist agent. I seriously doubt that. However if there are any zionist agents at work here then they are far more likely to be coming from the side that initiated this smear campaign in the first place. That makes MUCH more sense. To me anyway

    • "It is unconscionable to me that some fellow activists for Palestine are shunning her now because, it seems, they disapprove of some of the company she keeps."

      Thanks for sharing that incredible story Mariapalestina

      Unfortunately it appears that nobody, whoever they are, will be spared by the "Purity Brigade" (term borrowed from Tree) if your name makes it onto their list

      As I've been reading into this issue which has taken me to quite a few different places I'm also learning from some of the same people, that I must be a right wing, white supremacist fascist because I regularly read Counterpunch. Oh well, who am I to argue? I think I'll just make a cuppa and wait for them to take me away and burn me at the stake

    • "I thought his analysis of the rabbi’s speech was mostly spot-on."

      I agree with you Irishmoses

    • "Later, we may retire to a bar (frequented by oh so white, of so old, oh so not jewish enough) where, after a couple of beers, we may discuss the true nature of reality – is it the empire or the emperor that had no cloths?

      In the meantime, another Palestinian was shot in the back, a baby burnt, kids arrested, village raised, water denied."

      Outstanding comment Danaa!

    • "I promise you if a large majority of Jews would stop either oppressing Palestinians or making excuses for other Jews who are oppressing Palestinians, interest in talking about Jews would disappear overnight."

      I said that Hophmi a few months ago and he replied that he didn't believe me and that people like me will not stop until I see israel completely destroyed!

      "... it wouldn’t address the Palestinians’ problems one iota, because what is tormenting them is Jewish bigotry. And yet we are expected to care more about possible anti-semitism towards the oppressors in this case rather than the widespread and structural bigotry of the oppressors towards Palestinians. That is, as they say, seriously f**ked up."

      Brilliantly stated Tree! That's it exactly and precisely. +100!

      Thanks for your excellent comment

    • "not to be a broken record because i know i’ve said this a zillion times, but i adore norm. i don’t agree wiht everything he’s ever said, but he’s right up there with the greats as far as i am concerned. a courageous moral giant. a true warrior."

      Ditto! Thanks Annie, Kathleen and also Bintbiba much further up this gargantuan thread. Totally agree with all of you. Norm is one of the greats!

    • "Help.!!..anyone..!!. RoHa , Talknic, annie, Bornajoo …..I’ve mangled my thoughts hopelessly and need someone to make sense of what I’m trying to say"

      No help required Bintbiba. You said it passionately and well!

      Thank you and ditto!

    • "BTW, I was just re-reading tree’s long post to Jennifer (August 14, 2015, 7:48 pm). Boy, if she’s not working as a professional writer of some sort, then the planet is not managing its resources properly."

      Snap! Out of all the posts, and so many excellent ones, that was also the one that stood out to me too. Superb

    • What an incredible thread! After being unavailable for a few days, it's taken me most of the day to read through all of the 550+ comments. I've learned a lot

      Superb comments from W.Jones, Tree, Citizen and so many others.

      Alison Weir is one of my heroes. She deserves NONE of this

      But the hero of this thread has to be Annie (and any other moderators) for moderating what must be a record breaking bunch of mostly very long comments! Superhuman effort.

      Thank you

  • It's not bigoted to call out the Israel lobby over Iran Deal
    • "...... in a region without a democracy where countries regularly imprison/kill/expel minority groups, remained a democracy with a strong civil liberties record." (Hophmi)

      Imprison, kill and expel minority groups? That's exactly israel you are describing. What do you think has been happening to the Palestinians since 48?

      Yes a democracy and a strong civil liberties record for Jewish Israelis maybe, but not for Palestinians, bedouins and African immigrants

    • "When it suits their purposes, Zio-supremacists will tell you that Jewish is much more than just a religion: It’s a tribe, a culture, an ethnicity, a people, a nation and a civilization.

      But when it suits their purposes, Zio-supremacists are mighty quick to reduce Jewish to just a religion.

      That’s interesting, pure and simple." (Eljay)

      +1 Eljay! Absolutely spot on. That's precisely the tactic used.

    • Superb article Annie. One of the best I've ever read dealing with *sensitive* issue, especially when you have hords of zios looking at every word and every phrase you write to try and pin that same old accusation on you.

      It's so shameful and pathetic that they continually resort to that same false defence of their rotten behaviour time and time and time again. Schumer, aipac etc al are acting as agents of a foreign country and it's obvious where their real loyalty lies. But they charge anyone and everyone with anti semitism who even dares mention this, including the President himself! Eventually it just won't work any more and the quicker we reach that point the better.

      In the meantime I suppose we have to continue to suffer with Hophmi and the mob and I'm sure one of them will be along soon (quadruple yawn)

      Many thanks for saying what NEEDED to be said

  • Schumer defection raises fears about firewall on Jewish support for Iran Deal
    • Thanks for the link JLD! John Whitbeck certainly sums it up perfectly. This is exactly why it would be beneficial for the deal to be defeated

      He says:

      "Since this diplomatic agreement is obviously good news for the world, the UN Security Council has unanimously approved it and only one of the UN’s 193 member states, Israel, is currently opposed to it.

      The choice before members of Congress is thus a clear and simple one: Do they owe their primary allegiance and loyalty to the United States of America or to Israel?

      The great majority of members of Congress have traditionally seen less personal career risk in favoring Israeli desires over American interests than in favoring American interests over Israel desires. There has been good empirical evidence to support this self-serving calculation. Several prominent and patriotic American politicians have lost their reelection bids as a result of the perception that they put American interests ahead of Israeli desires, and it has become a truism in American politics that “no one has ever lost an election for being too pro-Israel.”

      However, the choice facing members of Congress has never been so clear-cut and consequential as in the imminent “disapproval” votes on the Iran nuclear agreement.

      At first glance, it appeared that President Obama had outsmarted the Republican Congressional leadership by getting them to agree that approval of American participation in any Iran nuclear agreement would not require an inconceivable two-thirds majority of the Senate but, rather, only a post-veto one-third minority approval in one of the two houses of Congress.

      However, particularly since the influential Democratic Senator from New York Chuck Schumer, poised to become the next Democratic leader in the Senate, has confirmed his personal allegiance to Israel and consequent intention to vote for “disapproval”, it is by no means certain that even one third of one house of Congress will choose the United States over Israel.

      What if Prime Minister Netanyahu does defeat President Obama in the American Congress? How might Obama and John Kerry react to a defeat more crushing and humiliating than any defeat ever suffered by any American president and secretary of state?

      In Obama’s case, one can envision three alternatives, one cowardly and two courageous:

      1. He could accept his and his country’s humiliation and retreat into irrelevance for the remaining 16 months of his term in office; or

      2. He could go before the American people, announce that he has no desire to continue to represent a country in which more than two-thirds of the members of the legislative branch owe their allegiance to a foreign country and resign as president; or

      3, He could seek patriotically to restore the independence and dignity of his country (or simply to take personal revenge against Netanyahu) by supporting or not vetoing a new application by the State of Palestine for full member state status at the United Nations and by supporting or not vetoing a UN Security Council resolution imposing meaningful sanctions on Israel until it withdraws fully from the occupied State of Palestine and the occupied Syrian Golan Heights.

      In Kerry’s case, one may hope that he would resign as secretary of state and run again for the Democratic nomination for president, this time with an America-First focus on restoring the independence and dignity of the United States.

      Palestinians and those who seek some measure of justice for Palestine and the Palestinian people must view this remarkable spectacle with mixed emotions.

      All the signs suggest that, if Obama “wins”, even by a hair’s breadth, he will immediately seek to “compensate” Israel for his unprecedented act of disobedience though a significant increase in the amount of America’s annual tribute payment to Israel, through even deeper military largesse and cooperation and through continuing American diplomatic and political support at the United Nations and elsewere.

      However, if Netanyahu “wins”, Obama just might finally do the right and decent thing for Palestine, the Palestinian people and the United States.

      To cite the ancient Chinese curse, we are living in interesting times."

      I agree with him. Thanks again JLD

    • "I am very much for the deal agreement, but there is a long-term silver lining in the event it is defeated by the Likud Lobby. For one thing, it would really drive a wedge between Europe and the United States. I believe the EU would then feel free to ignore the US’ position on Israel/Palestine. I also believe there would be a good possibility of a backlash here in the US. In addition, BDS would really take off big time!" (JLD)

      +100 JLD! Thanks for summing up exactly what I also believe but which you have expressed so well. I want them to defeat the deal for the reasons you have stated. It will be a huge plus for the Palestinian cause

  • Rightwing Israeli violence on the rise as leader calls for arson attacks on churches
    • Thanks Kate and Annie

      I just read about that in Kate's compilation. Unbelievable!

      "Extremist Israeli settlers attacked a Palestinian home with firebombs and rocks in the village of Duma south of Nablus in the northern West Bank on Saturday morning, Palestinian officials told Ma‘an. Ghassan Daghlas, who monitors settler activities in the northern West Bank, told Ma‘an that “a number of extremist settlers hurled two firebombs at the home of Mahmoud Fazza al-Kaabna.” The fire bombs, Daghlas said, landed on the outer wall of the home near a window, but did not make it inside the house. The attackers also hurled stones at the house, with one of them hitting al-Kaabna in the abdomen. The settler attack took place a week after the deadly arson attack which killed 18-month-old Ali Dawabsha and his father Saad from the same village. The mother Riham and 4-year-old brother Ahmad are still struggling for their lives after they sustained third-degree burns on most of their bodies. - See more at:

      How sick and evil are these state funded terrorists? Maybe Jon S, hophmi, Ivri or one of the others can try and explain this to me?

  • 'They are the terrorists'–-Palestinians mourn a second death from settler arson attack
    • "everything became radically escalated. live ammo used against palestinians, it becamse open season. they are on a race with the international community — with the UN — to establish ‘facts on the ground’. it makes my blood boil!

      this is policy. no doubt in my mind."

      - See more at:

      Thanks for pointing out these glaring facts Annie. No doubt in my mind either. Not even a teeny weeny bit

    • "No surprise Palestinians call them terrorists. Of course they are terrorists, they are terrorizing the Palestinian people, attacking them at night, stealing their property, land, olive trees, and firebombing their Mosques and Churches. There is no other word to describe what they are doing - See more at:

      +1 Kay! You are absolutely right. This has only made the news due to the exceptional horrific nature of this particular incident. But as you rightly state, the Palestinians are being terrorised daily, constantly, brutally and in numerous ways but 99% of these acts of terror never get mentioned in the msm.

  • Shocker: 'NYT' runs front page press release for AIPAC warning Obama to cool his jets
    • I read this article this morning and somehow knew that the great and good at mondoweiss would once again call out the NYT on this shameless article.

      Many thanks James and Phil

  • 'NYT' turns settler murder of Palestinian baby into occasion for 'soulsearching' by Israeli Jews and Jews only
    • Thanks James for this superb dissection of yet another disgraceful Rudoren/NYT whitewash. Thanks for exposing the NYT for what it is on the i/p issue; a zionist propaganda rag.

      "Jodi Rudoren, the bureau chief of the New York Times, can never state this simple truth. She must massage it away forever, so that Americans don’t abandon Israel."

      Perfectly stated

  • Defying Obama on Iran deal, Schumer cites Hamas
    • Good comment HarryLaw

      I think Scott Roth has it spot on:
      "The truth is the deal is probably going 2 pass & assholes like @SenSchumer and @RepSteveIsrael will get 2 say they were the tough holdouts."

      I doubt this double agent would have come out against the deal if he really believed it would be defeated. But it's obvious that his reputation to his tribe is much more important than his loyalty to his country.

      At least that's been exposed a bit more

  • The day after 9/11, Kagan father-son duo said 'take the war' to Palestine
    • Many thanks for this Annie.
      These people really are dangerous psychopaths.

      "Never let a crisis go to waste" (Whizdom)

      OT, but it reminds me of Netanyahu when he said:

      "Israel should have exploited the repression of the demonstrations in China [Tiananmen Square], when world attention focused on that country, to carry out mass expulsions among the Arabs of the territories."

  • Obama tells Americans it is 'abrogation of my constitutional duty' to defer to Israel on Iran Deal
    • "Hostage, one of your posts about inspired me to make up a joke the other day and it goes like this:

      Q: A decade from now, what will be the main difference between American zionists, and American ex-zionists, non-zionists and anti-zionists?

      A: Whether or not the person is still the subject of a Federal investigation, or under indictment."

      Ha ha Brilliant Mooser! Too good

    • "You’ve only managed to prove nearly every single one of Avigail Abarbanel’s points in her many comments and articles here.

      You put your tribe, your cult, your people above all other people and concerns in the world~ that’s not human, it’s sick. Israel is a sick society. Your comment says much about you and is disgusting, imo."

      Thank you Just. Absolutely spot on. +100!

      Unfortunately nothing will get through to hophmi unless he undergoes intensive de-programming

    • "NO, it is most definitely NOT beside the point, predictably defensive, and obtuse. and you’re most definitely ‘taking something away from the Allies’ trees right, it’s a blood libel and it’s gross. you act like we don’t have personal memories ourselves, relatives – fathers and unlces who died and suffered. just stop hops. i think we’ve collectively heard the fact of the matter is that 6 out of every 11 Jews in Europe were murdered about a zillion times . it will never erase others suffering. it was a WORLD WAR – lots of suffering!!!" (Annie)

      +100 Annie! Perfectly and passionately stated. Absolutely true and correct

      Hophmi believes that Jewish victimhood trumps all other suffering which just doesn't seem to count very much at all in his world view. Yes Tree is absolutely right, it is a blood libel

    • Thanks RoHa. I guess I never noticed it before. It is indeed the origin of the word. Introduced in 1876 and still going today. From Wikipedia:

      "Moxie is a brand of carbonated beverage that was an early example of mass-produced soft drinks in the United States. It continues to be regionally popular today. It is produced by the Moxie Beverage Company of Bedford, New Hampshire, which (through several levels of wholly owned subsidiaries) is part of the Kirin Holdings Company of Tokyo, Japan). As a result of widespread brand advertising, the brand name has become the word "moxie" in the English language, meaning "courage, daring, or spirit".

    • Just looked up "moxie".

      "force of character, determination, or nerve."

      Great word. Thanks. But nah.... He doesn't have enough moxie to do that in my opinion. But he might do something out of revenge if the deal is defeated

    • "He’ll be in a great position to do so if he has the moxie. If he does, he’ll go down as one of the great presidents."

      Well, whatever" moxie" actually means I don't believe he has it. I do think something positive will happen for the Palestinians but only if the deal is defeated

    • "Herzog has said nothing to indicate that his policies would be any different than Netanyahu’s, in fact he’s come out against the Iran deal. He supported the carnage in Gaza. He refuses to team up with the Joint List to provide a real opposition and spends all his time trying to convince the Jewish Israeli public that he’s not a lefty and hates Arabs as much as they do. Herzog as PM would only allow the government there to sport a more polite veneer on their awful policies.

      The only reason he wants to be PM is because he’s a member of the Zionist elite and it’s his turn."

      +1 abc! Great comment. I absolutely agree.

  • 'I love Obama' 'You're infatuated' (The argument on the left)
    • "What has Obama done to help Palestinians, or to reduce American complicity in their oppression?" (Boomer)

      +1 Boomer. And he could have.

      Michael Smith's analysis describes the facts laid out in front of us. Obama had me fooled but as Kieth says further up

      "But give Obama credit in one area, he is a consummate con man". I agree

  • AIPAC taking all but 3 freshmen Congresspeople to Israel in effort to sabotage Iran deal
    • "Never mind the fact that the deal cannot be ‘sabotaged’. It has been unanimously approved by the EU AND the UN. It’s a done deal. Nobody cares what a few bought and paid for Yankee politicians think."

      Precisely MDM! Which is why I'm hoping that they do in fact defeat the deal even though, as far as everyone else who was involved with it considers it done and dusted. Nobody is waiting for the vote in Congress! Today Germany announced its opening a branch of its central bank in Tehran to facilitate the newly established trade ties. That's just one example of dozens of moves being made to quickly establish trade ties with Iran by the international community. And the American business community will not want to miss out on that action either

      It won't lead to war. The USA won't act against Iran unilaterally or together with israel. The USA will eventually have to play ball because there's no way to kill this deal unilaterally. But it will lead to the isolation of the USA and israel which will (hopefully) lead to Obama having a good enough excuse to withhold the veto at a future SC resolution vote which will immediately begin to unravel the occupation.

      None of this will happen, imo, if the deal is not defeated by Congress. If the deal goes through Obama will continue to use the veto and the occupation will continue endlessly and probably made even worse by the next POTUS (Hillary, Jeb?)

      Even Kerry has said that defeating the deal will only lead to Israel being isolated. It's a warning. I hope they walk right into it by defeating the deal

  • The two-state pipedream: Israel will move 100s of 1000s of settlers
    • "Most settlers live in the blocs, not in far-flung places, and they will move as long as the government takes care of paying them for their trouble. The rest are not going to take up arms against the IDF. Mostly, it would be like Disengagement multiplied by a factor of 10. Lots of civil disobedience, lots of crying, but not civil war. (Hophmi)

      Bullshit Hophmi! It will lead to civil war and it will be other's turn to munch popcorn while watching the whole gruesome show take place. That's why a 2ss will never happen

      Thank you James, you are absolutely spot on

  • Is it beyond the World Union for Progressive Judaism to mourn the death of a Palestinian toddler?
    • "Is it beyond the World Union for Progressive Judaism to mourn the death of a Palestinian toddler?"

      Yes I'm afraid it is beyond them Adam. In order to mourn the death of a Palestinian toddler you have to honestly and sincerely believe that toddler to be an equal human being deserving of the same rights to life, peace, justice, dignity and human rights as you.

      They just don't believe that.

  • Israel vs the Violin
    • I can't really add anything else to the great comments already made. Ditto to all!

      Many, many thanks Tom Suarez for this superb article and for everything that you do

  • Mother of Palestinian baby burned to death tried to save her child
    • Isaac Herzog said:

      "We must tell the truth. This is Jewish terror, racist terror. Full of hate. These are terrorists,” said opposition leader Isaac Herzog from the Zionist Camp. “We can’t loose this battle. We can’t allow the hate to go wild. We can’t let extremist groups to hide under a cloak of social, or political movements. To enjoy state funds and the blessing of leaders and rabbis and teachers, whether directly or in directly,”

      This is the guy who complained that Netanyahu didn't hit Gaza hard enough. I don't believe one syllable let alone one full word that comes out of this two faced liar's mouth. He's the same as the rest of them but he's just better at pretending he isn't.

      What a terrible, awful tragedy. How can this poor family endure this.

  • Understanding the Partition plan
    • “Arabs do not accept the idea of Jewish sovereignty in their part of the world,”

      "That is to say that Arabs do not accept the idea that European Jews have the right to invade Palestine, claim exclusive rights to the country, and then, through terrorism and violence, drive Arabs of their farms, steal Arab houses and businesses, expel a large proportion of the Arab population and make the remainder second class citizens, reject all reasonable peace deals, make war on the Arab neighbours, expand into another section of Palestine, subject the people there to an oppressive regime while dispossessing as many more of them, slaughter many more both in Gaza and the neighbouring countries, and lie continuously about the whole thing.

      What irrational bigots those Arabs are!" (RoHa)

      Superbly stated. + 67! (1 for each year since the start of the Nakba)

    • "the whole area could be subject to mortars, Israeli style, from anywhere across the Green line – altogether, having the potential to disrupt life completely in the west bank and Gaza. That`s the story in a nutshell."

      Brilliant Annie! +100

    • Thanks for your reply David

      My own opinion is that Obama will not withhold the veto if the Iran deal goes through as expected. However I believe that the very best thing that could possibly happen is if the Republicans, zionists and israel firsters actually do indeed defeat the deal. It will not lead to war or unilateral action against Iran by either the USA or israel (i won't go into the reasons why here) . It will be a complete backfire on the Zionists and Republicans (and the Democrats who voted against) because I do very much believe that Obama will be much more inclined to withhold the veto at the next sc resolution about settlements and that will be the catalyst for the unravelling of the occupation

      I'm not sure if others think I'm crazy but a couple of other commenter agree with me. If the Zionists manage to gain enough votes to nullify Obama's veto then it could be the best thing that could ever happen

      I actually see it as the last chance for a long while, not because I believe it's hopeless but simply because of the USA political reality that will come after Obama has gone

    • Many thanks for this David Gerald Fincham

      In your response to Blownaway further up you said

      "If there was an enforceable Security Council Resolution, not vetoed by the USA, setting a deadline for a withdrawal, Palestine and Israel would be independent states. The American people can achieve that if they make clear to their politicians that they cannot be bought by AIPAC money, adn will only vote for politicians who support Palestinian independence. - See more at:

      Well that is the crux, the key to the whole thing isn't it and always has been. The USA veto is what keeps the whole occupation enterprise in place. Without it the whole thing would inevitably have to unravel and israel would be forced to disengage and play by the rules

      So the real question is do you ever see a situation where this will happen? Do you believe (like some do but I don't) that Obama may not use the veto in the very near future? And let's look at who is likely to replace him. Will any of those front runners ever withhold the veto? Psychos Hillary and Jeb? It seems that if it doesn't happen now it just won't happen ever. Or are you more optimistic?

  • Did the BBC cover up the anti-Semitism of Gaza's children?
    • Thanks for the link Just. Most of the comments there are off topic and he hasn't responded in any case

      I would really appreciate it if he will respond here. I think it's a very important must have conversation

    • "And you’re right tree. The JC article did not imply killing anyone.

      My bad. I glommed it all together."

      Ditto that Ritzl. I made the same assumption.

      As Tree points out its actually RC who infers that the child in Gaza doesn't deserve any sympathy IF that child really was somehow anti semitic. RC exonerates the child by showing the child is not anti semitic. But we can only assume therefore, that this child (and according to RC all "Gaza's children") deserves no sympathy for being blown up if the child was *proven* to be genuinely anti semitic

      It would be great if RC could respond

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