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i'm a perpetual student.

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  • 'Jewish Council for Public Affairs' mounts denial campaign against '60 Minutes'
    • yeah, but what if something happens, and you choose to speak out on behalf of people, going against their explicit statements about their plight and self-interest to the contrary. Where do they get off? Who gave them the right to (mis)represent another people? The Kairos Document, which the 60 Minutes segment highlighted, was supported by the leadership of all the various stripes of Palestinian Christian groups. American Jewish groups are then going to come in and say that these leaders actually do not know what the interest of their communities and what is going on, on the ground in their communities? Is there something in the water in the Tri-State area that gives people an x-ray vision to see through Palestinian Christian False Consciousness?

      'Something happens...then you make a choice and take a side...' And then others, half a world a way and with no first-hand knowledge of what is going on, much less the language you speak, come in and say that choice and side you have made and taken really aren't your choice and side, the opposite is. And in fact, nothing has really happened.


    • what i can't figure out is what right american jews or american christians or american anyone have to speak out on behalf of another group of people half a world away. i mean, really, how many people in Christians for Israel actually know Palestinian Christians or an actual living, breathing palestinian christian? How many of the people who are writing in through the JCPA know a Palestinian, much less a Palestinian Christian? Why should CBS give their opinions any weight at all? What do these people know? How do they know it? The whole thing's ludicrous if you think about it for more than two seconds. This all goes back to one of the most fundamental issues in the entire conflict, at least in the US, one of representation. Who has the right to speak for Palestinians in general and, in this case, for Palestinian Christians in particular? Are they not human beings who can express themselves and speak to their own experience and their own situation without being told that they are delusional and deceived by people thousands of miles away. It's so ridiculous that it beggars belief.

  • P5 +1 Iran nuclear talks went swimmingly! Netanyahu is fuming
    • is the irony that Netanyahu is complaining about Iran engaging in bad faith negotiations in order to buy more time, kick the can down the road, stall, etc., lost on anyone? Is this the pot calling the kettle black?

  • Europe asks: Where's Israel's proposal?
    • so, it's okay for Bibi Netanyahu to come and give a speech before the US Congress, siding with our opposition in open defiance and even derision for a democratically-elected, sitting US president--that's not meddling in US internal affairs--but it's not okay for the UNSC or the Quartet to ask that Israel adhere to signed international commitments and promises it has made and violated for decades? How does one square that circle?

  • Egyptian revolutionary cartoons (part 1)
    • the second means something like, 'on the phenomenon of media clamor.'

    • i understood the second cartoon to read 'unemployment,' not 'heroes.' hero is 'batal' and heroes is 'abtal.' the verb 'battala' means something like 'to stop' or even, i think, 'to make nothing.' i took it to mean that unemployment is eating the youth of egypt.

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