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  • The Gaza blockade is illegal-- and so is the use of force to maintain it
    • “defensive pose to hide a sweet and sensitive soul”
      You can but you would be wrong. Sweetness and sensitivity disappeared at the age of 4. Socialism - of the undemocratic variety of course - had that effect on lots of people. That’s why we Eastern Europeans have done on the whole pretty well in the American capitalist jungle. Better than the natives really.

    • " he/she strikes me having been one of those inherently jealous/nasty / unpopular kids at school"
      I like that - inherently nasty, jealous and unpopular. I don't think I have ever seen such an accurate description of myself. I sure wasn't popular. I guess I didn't really have much choice, since my nastiness was "inherent". But guess what - the popular kids are winning now - with BDS! In a sense, BDS represents the win of the popular kids, and a better world, in which everyone will be popular. Ossinev, you are making friends for the Palestinian cause at an alarming rate.

    • “The near term emphasis needs to be on lifting the Gaza blockade. “
      You are seriously underestimating the power of BDS. Israel is in a state of panic that they will end up like South Africa. They are spending 30 million dollars to fight BDS which proves its effectiveness. Israel simply cannot resist BDS.

  • Jewish allies must understand that solidarity entails a loss of privilege
    • “And in Zionist mythology, the “essence of the Gentile” is irrational and eternal anti-Semitism.”
      I am curious what your take on Chelmno is?

  • Riveting Thai cave story was missing one element -- Israel to the rescue!
    • “Why not simply say ‘an attack on Israel is an attack on the Jewish religion’? “
      Mooser actually you inspired me to read Shirers rise and fall. I am in about 70 percent. I don’t know what effect it had on you but it didn’t make me sweeter and softer. In fact I am kind of in shock by the complicity of Europeans in the rise of Nazis. Shirer sure bring the point home better than anyone else. Guys like ossinev make perfect sense in this context.

    • “Back to Brooklyn or wherever, and don’t forget to collect the trash.”
      Indeed, I think that BDS - especially that of HP, Starbucks and Chevy will force them back to Brooklyn. No wonder Israel is in panic and spending more than $30 million to fight BDS. I don’t know the number but I do know it is huge. Much bigger than 30m. Perhaps even 40.

  • Wah!!! Dershowitz shunned on Martha's Vineyard!
    • “And if Dershowitz is guilty he should be held to account.”
      He is 79 yet still firm enough to do stuff. He could get rich by just sharing the secret.

  • Birthright walkout is met with vitriolic rage in Israel -- 'Radicals' 'You will get raped'
    • “It’s past time for progressives, from anywhere, to clearly and unequivocally decide and declare which side they are on”
      I agree. As a former illegal immigrant I support progressive plans to abolish ICE, open the Mexian border for Latin Americans, and allow illegals the right to work and stay here. That, combined with a federal job guarantee, free healthcare and free public college is a wonderful plan. I am a big fan of miss Cortez in New York.

  • Gay Liberation Network declares 'We Stand With Palestine' during Chicago's Gay Pride Parade
    • “Gays can’t get married in Israel. So why do the Israelis keep saying Israel’s a democracy?”
      I agree that Israel is very backward regarding gays. In my opinion Russia is more enlightened on this topic. Also, Iran is a decent example.

  • Israeli left leader says intermarriage by U.S. Jews is 'actual plague' and he vows to find 'a solution'
    • “So you had your DNA tested, and you had all those, but no Jewish DNA?”
      I have some Jewish too. To my relief, I have no Croat dna. Apparently, they hold the distinction of having had the single most sadistic concentration camp bar none. Jasenovac. The place made Auschwitz look like a summer resort.

    • “it nearly impossible hold prejudices against other people when you have a strain of them in your own DNA!”
      That is true. When my dna was tested, I found that I am 30 percent Palestinian Arab, I also have Greek and Slavic blood. I think that’s why I am so open minded. On the other hand, you look at people that don’t have many strains of DNA, like Navajo and Icelanders, and they tend to be very prejudiced.

  • One Democratic State: an ongoing debate
    • “Supremacists and other evil-doers always do their best to drag it back into the gutter of injustice and immorality.”
      Yes - however we, the righteous ones, will defeat them. We have BDS and they are running scared: that’s why they spend 30 million a year to fight it, but in vain.

    • “You are blinded by your racism and because of your denial that Zionism has NOTHING to do with co existence”
      Yes he is. However, with BDS, we don’t have to worry about Israeli racism because BDS will force two states based on partition lines and the return of the refugees. BDS worked in South Africa and will work in Palestine. If it wasn’t working, Israel wouldn’t be spending 30 million a year to fight it (which is futile anyway). The moral universe always progresses towards justice and away from nationalism.

  • 'Ali is on the grill!' Israeli settlers celebrate burning of Palestinian baby
  • Palestinian official links US withdrawal from UN human rights body with US taking 'crying babies from their parents’
    • “I support open American borders. The whites depopulated a continent...”
      I support that as well. I don’t see how the Americans have any moral right to stop people from coming. Personally, I welcome everyone.

  • Palestinian medic, 21, is killed by Israeli sniper as she tends wounded in Gaza
    • “Confess his crimes, name those who issued the order to murder, have his day in court.” Jon
      He didn’t do anything wrong, he was just following orders. Plus, he is a hero among the BDS people, why give that up? Twitter banned him, but he is welcome here.

  • How an anti-Semitic US law helped bring about Israel's creation
    • “Always the victim. The only victim” Emory
      They just play the victim but in fact they keep winning. BDS will change that because justice always prevails. Shakira rejecting them is the begginning of the end. I do my part as well - yesterday I had a craving for a latte at Starbucks but instead brewed the coffee at home (Yuban brand). Is Yuban allowed?

  • Genesis Prize threw Natalie Portman under the bus to protect Netanyahu
    • “support for justice, equality and human rights (BDS)” Eljay
      Yes, BDS is on the side of justice and equality. The arc of the moral universe bends towards justice. Therefore, BDS cannot lose. The Zionists could have even seen Shakira in a live concert if they were to withdraw to the partition borders and accept 7 million refugees. Their loss.

  • Joyless in Zion
    • "while there are some big problems, like not much water in Capetown and corruption," John Fearney
      I agree that not having water in Capetown is a little bit of a problem. However, thirst is a much more minor issue than racial and social justice, which South Africa is on its way of attaining.

    • "Zionism is rapidly approaching its death throes." misterioso
      Indeed - BDS, the concert cancellation by gorgeous Shakira, and the poor morals of the Zionists guarantee that the end is coming. Their long life expectancy (higher than the US), and high nominal GDP per capita (higher than France or the UK) simply masks the underlying malaise.

    • "actually a Jewish version of the Christian Crusades–that’s how backward they actually are." Citizen
      While the rest of the world is advancing towards an enlightened humanism and away from superstition, war, and fanaticism, the Zionists are going backward.

    • "Every time the IDF goes up against armed adults they break and run."
      I agree that Zionist soldiers lack the inherent bravery and nobility of their Arab cousins. Odd, because they are both semites. That is why Zionism is losing and despite the vast amounts spent to fight BDS (30 million USD), the community of nations is waking up. As someone who lives in America I can attest to the superiority of Americans (courageous, noble, generous of spirit) compared with the Zionists who are fearful.

  • Republican Jewish Coalition emerges as Trump's hub for raising money, and making foreign policy
    • “one of the guests who cancelled is Brazilian transgender singer Linn da Quebrada, the star of the award-winning documentary film ‘Tranny Fag’ …”
      This is another devastating blow to Zionism. First Shakira, whose voice, music and hips I worship and now Linn. In spite of $30 million spent to fight BDS, Israelis are faced with a stark choice - miss seeing Shakira’s short skirt in Tel Aviv or accept the refugees. They could also travel to Athens or Sofia but that’s another huge expense. Zionism is bankrupt.

    • “incitement catalan, your speciality”
      I am curious, who am I inciting, and what am I inciting them to do? Do people (Zionists?) actually do something based on my comments? Since I mostly can’t incite myself to even clean my desk.

    • “THIS. IS. HUGE.
      Shakira is sending a super-star powered message:” misterioso
      I agree that the cancellation will do incalculable damage to the Zionist cause. Shakira singlehandedly has delivered a giant blow to the Zionists. A few more of those cancellations will undoubtedly lead to two secular states based on the partition borders and full ROR. Thank you Shakira!

  • Tom Friedman has advice for Palestinians: Embrace Zionism
    • "How about if America instead shuts off the welfare spigot for Israel and stops protecting/enabling them?" Emory
      I agree that we should stop paying them, all the more so that they seem to live longer, be happier, travel more and have a much better quality of life than most of the EU countries. Also, I support free healthcare, free college, universal basic income, subsidized housing for us Americans. Indeed, I think I support anything that's free (e.g. why not food and housing?). Why not use the money we send to Israel to provide all these free things for the 350M souls who are barely making it now in the USA?

  • They prayed for Gaza's dead. Now it's time to say the mourner's prayer for Zionism
    • “Zionism has provided material benefits for Zionist Jews,” Keith
      I can attest to that and wholeheartedly so; I don’t think that a little boy from a working class part of Sofia would have been able to get to where I am without Zionism. My love for Israel has helped me in getting a decent position and life in the States. Had I been a non-Zionist shmoe, I would have probably been a cab driver in Munich. I always wonder, how do non Zionists even survive?

    • “The only way for Israel to change its brutal policies is by pressure from the outside, pressure by the BDS movement” Eve
      BDS worked in South Africa and is working in Israel. It’s only a matter of time, probably a few years at most. Just like in the United States, progressives will rule in a few years (Bernie is winning in 2020, no doubt). A much better world is arriving.

  • Video: Who are the Palestinians traveling through Rafah crossing?
    • “Is this good for the Jews, or bad for the Jews?” Mooser
      A moral and just world is good for everyone. Fortunately, Zionism is spiraling towards its bitter end; ergo, we finally will live in a just and moral world. I, for one, look forward to it (as incidentally I look forward to free healthcare, free college and perhaps universal basic income).

    • "the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice." Annie
      I agree with you - I think that eventually, the world will be moral and just. The moral universe has a bright future, that is indisputable. The physical universe - not so much: our little earth will become unlivable in at most 1 billion years, with the oceans boiling. Eventually the sun will absorb the earth, with all of our operas, graves, and arguments burning up in hot helium. However, morality and justice - they will for sure prevail. Why would I be desperate about that - what could be bad about a moral and just world?

    • “the inhumanity is deafening.” Annie
      It’s easy to feel desperation in these circumstances. However, let us remember that Israel is collapsing, Zionism is at its end, and BDS is winning.

  • Being Palestinian
    • “Well then “catalan” it is your obligation to make their predicament easier to endure” Mooser
      Eljay says that being a poor Algerian lesbian is worse (African, homosexual, Arab, woman, all simultaneously). So we stand corrected.

    • “Being an average American (98% not Jewish), I awake in the morning to more dehumanization”
      Being not Jewish in America is one of the worst predicaments a human being can endure.

  • West's failure to act will be cause of the next Gaza massacre
    • "Neither history nor morality is on your side" oldgeezer
      Both history and morality are on the side of equality, justice and brotherhood. That's why the world is literally awash in generosity. I look at today's world leaders - Trump, Putin, Erdogan, Sisi, Li - and I think, this world CAN become paradise.

    • "holed up in some room w/a crew of others on their computers" annie
      He may be earning some of the 30 million USD assigned to fight BDS. If he is making 50K a year, that would allow them to hire 600 people per annum. The money is of course wasted; but, having a job is a good thing in these touch economic times so perhaps that's a minor saving grace.

  • 'Today is one of the most tragic days in the history of the Jewish people': one American Jew's response to the Gaza massacre
    • “Had you listened to the goys, this day would never have arrived” broadside
      I personally listen a lot to goys. But I am still confused about the boycott. Today I went in the morning and had a latte at Starbucks. I know it’s against the rules but I hope that in the process I didn’t hurt any Palestinians. Or is it against the rules? I am so confused l.

  • London stages multiple protests in solidarity with Palestine
    • “The occupier is afraid, or else it would not have invested millions of dollars to fight the movement. So it must be working.” Kay
      Of course it is working; you won’t get any argument from me. I have accepted that Israel is finished. That’s why I live in New Mexico. Who could be against peace? These are good times to be Jewish and also good times to be a Palestinian.
      One question - I thought I was supposed to boycott not just Israeli companies but also Nestle, Starbucks, YouTube and Ben and Jerry. Has something changed? I just want to do my bit for peace.

    • “You can be proud of your part in ending Zionism.” Mooser
      I am. Also, when Bernie wins in 2020 I won’t have to pay for healthcare or education; jobs will be guaranteed and Gaza will be free again. Also, I hope he solves global warming which is a biggie in the desert - I could use lower electric bills. We live truly in the best time to be alive and in 3 years the world will be finally fair and free. I look forward to these days. I believe that Bernie in 2020 combined with BDS of Youtube and the Free Press of Las Vegas is the answer to all the prayers of mankind through the ages. Hang on Mooser we are almost there!

    • “BDS is the only way now.”
      Agreed. The key thing is that we have to boycott all complicit corporations - Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Starbucks,YouTube and especially Nestle with their coffee and candy. Also the Free Press of Las Vegas needs to be sued. That will make Israel withdraw to the Partition borders and accept all Palestinian refugees. These are good days for the Palestinians as victory is finally near. The March of Return has been a huge success as Trump would say.

  • An open letter from a Palestinian refugee to an ex-Irgun terrorist on the 70th year of the Nakba
    • “I have no use for israel and have been boycotting ALL their products for a very long time.”
      I do too. I also boycott Nestle (Crunch, Kit Kat), Starbucks and Chevrolet. They help the occupation. We each help.

  • Live Blog: Massacre in Gaza as US and Israel celebrate embassy move to Jerusalem
    • “Jon s is channeling catalan today. “
      What are you involving me for? I am helping the Palestinians - I don’t go to Ben and Jerry or Starbucks. That’s how we won in South Africa. BDS is the answer.

  • Jews Say No! publishes 'Moving Forward’ to highlight Jewish National Fund role in the Nakba
    • "Those Persian B…ards mocked the Holocaust so we are going to accidentally on purpose kill 40"
      I know nothing about crowd control or military matters and generally think that there must be better ways that Israel can keep these guys inside Gaza without killing them. We are clearly dealing with people who are happy to send their kids to an armed protest and draw swastikas on kites. I think this is a mental health issue and needs to be approached that way.
      I do think that it is important to emulate Iran in making sure that there is freedom of speech and generally good fun, and I am sure Israel can make a very nice exhibit of cartoons of the recent events, so that we can all have a good laugh. My entry for the competition would be a picture of a lady from California who eats lobsters at Fisherman's Wharf with her oh so liberal and enlightened friends and meanwhile tweets about martyrdom in Gaza (after scolding the waiter for being too slow).

    • “Over the past 40 days, over 40 Palestinian protesters in Gaza have been killed by Israeli snipers." Misterioso
      A few years back, the favorite country of Mondoweiss commenters - Iran, scheduled a hilarious Holocaust cartoon competition. It was so funny. Perhaps it's time for Israel to schedule a "Great March of Return" international cartoon competition in Tel Aviv during the pretty summer days - in the name of hilarity and freedom of speech and just in good fun. Oh, the possibilities!

  • Maybe Israel is interfering in our politics over the Iran Deal? Naaah!
    • “You are indeed a sad little man.”
      It is the truth. I am sad and I am little - but isn’t it the kind of enemy one prefers. That’s why Zionism is losing; because we are sad little people. Soon Israel will be history and socialism will win in the US. Until then though I plan to enjoy the show.

    • “I don’t know if Boeing is “a BDS target.” “
      It is listed as one of the companies that the GW students want to divest from. You can find the article on this very site. So the goal of divestment is reducing the stock price in order to hurt the company. So now the company is hurt because of the loss of the Iran deal. If you want to hurt Boeing, which is what BDs wants, then you should be happy they lost the business. Otherwise, what is the point of BDS? On the one side, divest and boycott, and on the other side, cry when they lose business?

    • ““Trump’s Iran Deal Exit Halts Historic, $40 Billion Boeing, Airbus Deals” misterioso
      I thought that Boeing is a BDS target. So then it would be a good thing that they lost the Iran business. Or am I missing something?

  • Philadelphia Jewish groups try to stop publication of article critical of Israel, insist on BDS training for Inquirer editors
    • "But it won’t make any difference at all if he doesn’t send any money to Israel. And he doesn’t." Mooser
      It is true. I feel like I have earned what I have. If any generosity is in order, I would help people who are homeless, blind, or something like that. Nationality has very little to do with my ideas of who to give. If an Arab is blind or homeless I would love to help them. I don't believe in heaven though.

    • “Wow, that’s tough. I’ll say a brocha for you”.
      No need. Now I am a 1 percenter which is also not fair or moral but I will take it.

    • “It seems to me the best antidote to meaninglessness is love. “
      I feel plenty of love. But I don’t think that consciousness comes back like in reincarnation. We die and disolve and can get cremated or buried. Nothing we do or say has any significance. There is no fairness or morality because we humans are part of nature. Or rather, there is morality, but it is a fairy tale that we tell ourselves to justify why we are right and everyone else is wrong. Nature is immoral, i.e. - beautiful kids die of cancer and assholes become president. At any rate, our whole species has been around for very little and will most likely disappear soon enough. No meaning. When I was younger, I wondered, how come I was not born in London or Canada or Switzerland. What did I do to be born in an awful place? Well, now I know - life is not fair.

    • “Naomi Adler finds the situation “complicated” because of the conflict in her mind between the obvious facts and her deep brainwashing as a child.” Jwaters
      I suffer from similar frustrations: the obvious fact is that I am going to die some day and the world will continue its merry ways without me and in two generations nobody will remember me. And the “brainwashing” that there is some meaning to this life of suffering and longing. Perhaps I need therapy too.

  • The 'One Democratic State Campaign' program for a multicultural democratic state in Palestine/Israel
    • “RoR isn’t and won’t be in the near future. “ Keith
      I am with echin on this and I think that Keith is mistaken. I think that Israel will be forced to agree to the right of return if we implement a complete boycott of corporations such as Starbucks, Nestle or Boeing. That means that you buy coffee from a locally owned chain. And you fly Airbus and Embraer when you go on vacation and skip Boeing. It’s not that hard.

    • "If BDS was hopeless you wouldn’t keep mentioning it, would you?"
      It's not hopeless - for instance, it looks to me that both Starbucks and Google have stalled their growth a little bit. Also Boeing is not doing as well as it used to. Add to that a picketing campaign against the Free Press of Las Vegas and the settlers are going to definitely listen. In Bulgaria, we say - Hope always dies last.

    • "NB Building tunnels connecting enlarged Zio settlements underneath what is left of Palestinian land in the West Bank"
      That's why I don't drink at Starbucks any more; I also don't fly in Boeing and boycott YouTube and Nestle. But I think the big turning point will be the lawsuit against Free Press of Las Vegas, this will be a lesson for the Zios.

  • Natalie Portman says, Enough!
    • "I recommend you learn Arabic. You’ll need it." misterioso
      I would love to learn Arabic; right now however I am studying Italian. But Arabic is a beautiful language; rich culture. It would be wonderful to speak it. Life is short though, so who knows. Also, I don't live in Israel, I live in the United States. I am just an observer of the conflict, not a participant in it.

    • "If all the high profile international Jewish women went over to the side of light Israel would be left with the likes of Zippy to woman the barricades of hatred."
      All of this will bring more misery to the Palestinians. The idea that Israel will agree to the right of return because of celebrities watching out for their image is just nuts. BDS is a faith-based movement. What truly scares me is what the Palestinians will experience because of it.

  • Jewish leader refuses to debate BDS with young Jew, at J Street conference
    • "We are what we eat." rico
      That's why you are winning the struggle; while I languish in New Mexico.

    • “Catalan”, you have a very special way of always showing the dignity and nobility, the higher ethics, of the anti-BDS struggle.
      I admire BDS folks: you guys say no to Nescafé and Ben and Jerry for the greater good. As a selfish and greedy individual myself, I applaud you.

    • "irrelevant and childish “humour” (e.g., your references to ice cream, chocolates, etc.), is that he/she “hasn’t got a leg to stand on"
      Perhaps Israel is rotting as you say. However, Annie brought up the fact that Ben and Jerry, Nestle and Chevy (GM) are boycotted by the BDS adherents. Indeed, this very website had an ad urging a boycott of Ben and Jerry. So I noted that irony that as of today, the only people being deprived of anything are the BDS people themselves. Perhaps down the road they won’t be able to drink Nescafé in Israel. But as of this moment, I just feel sorry for you BDS guys - you have to say no to that Haagendasz and that stinks. You only live once and your ideology sounds so restrictive. Plus I love junk food.

    • "BDS is getting on your nerves, huh"
      No. Learning that you guys can't enjoy a Nestle Crunch kind of made my day. It still makes me laugh.
      I even wrote a little Haiku for you:
      He can't eat at Ben and Jerry
      Or take for a spin a Chevy
      And he has many friends.

    • I understand that BDS adherents are not allowed to eat Nestle products which include some of the best chocolates and ice creams. This makes me feel really sorry for them; but it does explain their general bitterness about life. A part of me though does enjoy the fact that most of the commenters here will never taste Kit Kat, Nestle Crunch or Butterfinger. Also, I know Ben and Jerry is prohibited to eat - but here is news: Haagendasz is a Nestle product. I guess they are left with just Baskin Robbins then.
      Being a BDS member sounds almost as bad as religious Jews - no shellfish. I do love crab. For myself, I am in search of a belief system that allows me to eat anything I want (peace of mind would be nice too).

  • Thousands demonstrate at Gaza border in 'Burn Israeli Flags' Friday
    • “Israel on the the other hand is placed at the botom three along with Pakistan / Iran and NK.”
      Why would that bother me - I am an American Bulgarian with most of my friends Hispanic and Native American. A man of means by no means and I even know integrals.

    • “And you still maintain a completely parasitic fantasy that Israel will be there to take you in, at its own expense, when you get in trouble.”
      It is parasitic but not in the way you figure - I don’t see it a refuge. Rather, I wonder, what will the mondoweiss guys do when Israel is gone? Would they stay unemployed (figuratively speaking) or would they go after people like me (runs the world, killed Jesus, etc). I like you Mooser but not enough to share a tight compartment during a one way trip. After Israel, you and I are next (and I know you don’t comprehend that). You are the Fritz Habers of the world.

    • “Screw what the rest of the world thinks, as long as the Jewish fascists are happy. “
      I never said that. I just noted that for a people whose doom is impending (we all agree that BDS is destroying Zionism), the zionists seem like a happy lot. One wishes they would see what awaits them and - I don’t know - get sad or scared.
      Perhaps they figure that when Zionism falls it will be replaced by a just and prosperous society where everyone is equal before the law. Something like Switzerland perhaps, or Sweden. So that’s not so bad either. It seems like a win - win.

    • "Whistling past the cemetery. The Jewish state is doomed by its own actions." emory riddle
      I totally agree that they are doomed. That's why I have chosen to live comfortably in the US. I wish that Israelis would understand that too - they keep travelling for fun, enjoying the beaches, attending colleges, and being much higher on the happiness index than the US, UK, France or Germany ( Why can't these Zionists get with the program and become depressed about their impending doom? They are even happier than the Irish; amigo - why so sad?

  • Global outrage mounts over Israeli killing of Yaser Murtaja, from 'NYT' to Federation of Arab Journalists
    • “You don’t send a penny to Israel, do you? “
      Of course not - it’s a rich country with free healthcare and all sorts of social services. I figure, I will let Gal Gadot and her billionaire husband give money to charity. I actually don’t even particularly like Israeli culture although there are some good things there. Mondoweiss has alerted me though to the continued pathological hatred of Jews even in the comfortable United States. Therefore, my views are shaped simply by desire for self preservation.

    • “I’m sure you have e-mail in New Mexico so you must have gotten the memo that the “Jewish State” will last a Thousand Years!”
      I am not on any email list involving Israel. Nonetheless, if there was such a memo, it was before the ice cream boycotts. NO regime can last a thousand years without ice cream from Vermont.

    • “Yup, if you’re lucky your “Jewish State” will do a real number on the Palestinians”
      I have accepted that Zionism is doomed, especially considering that it is being deprived of the delicious Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. So I figure, enjoy the party while it lasts. And since we all agree the Palestinians are having a huge success with the great march to return, what’s not to like?

    • "The best case scenario for the Palestinians as a product of the March is playing itself out!" Genesto
      I agree with you and hope for many more successes like that for the Palestinians. I hope they continue to succeed like that every weekend. This is indeed the best case scenario.

  • Jews and trauma
    • “Mourning what? surely not just one holocaust among many?”
      I am not mourning anything. I know what they did in Babiy Yar and Thessaloniki. However, we are not victims any more. We are extremely successful and wealthy in the US and Israel is flourishing economically. Our enemies are the ones that are victims now. Incidentally, I think that recent events have ensured that Gaza will be under blockade for at least the next several decades.

  • Thousands demand the right to return as smoke envelops Gaza on a new 'bloody Friday'
    • “and back onto their ancestral homeland.”
      I wonder what my “ancestral” land is - Spain, Greece, Turkey, Macedonia, north Africa? What qualifies a place to be ancestral? That I had ancestors living somewhere, under a certain government? So then there are two options - we all have the same ancestors, with a specific woman being our primordial mother - in this case any of us has the whole earth as ancestral land; or, less politically correct, but quite plausible, we originate from several different species of Homo. In that case, some of us may not have direct “cousins” in, say China (although we might still have common non hominid ancestors.)
      This ancestral land business just leads to all sorts of dead ends. My sons best friend is a Native American girl. Is she somehow more “rooted” into these lands than my son of the Spanish, Polish, and who knows what else background?

  • Killing Palestinian protesters turns into a PR debacle for Israel
    • "your posts stand as one (of many) examples of why israel is not revered online" annie
      Of course it is not revered; as we see from the comments here, the Jewish religion and people is intensely disliked by a not small sector of the population. Islam/Buddhism/Confucianism/Christianity is never questioned the same way. I feel like I have worked pretty hard my entire life. Yet, there are so many people who believe that I am an enemy of the human race for simply existing (or, alternately, that whatever I have is ill begotten). Mondoweiss has convinced me that there never will be peace and that the root of the problem is hatred of Jews. You think BDS is the way to go for your side and I wish you luck. But don't expect me to wish for my own destruction.

    • " tell us, what experiences have led to such unique prescience. your originality is mind-boggling."
      it does not matter what I think because BDS is winning and Israel is losing. In a few years, Israel will be defeated. Who can withstand the power of boycotts? As to how I know - I just do; lots of reading I guess. I understand sociopaths very well.

    • "To quote only three statements by the leadership of Hamas regarding the matter" Misterioso
      Of course what they say publicly is different. Your quotes are worthless. I understand these types of people very well - what they want is to annihilate Israel and then to kill all Jews worldwide. They won't say it publicly though, but they say it privately.
      Either way, what does it matter what "my ilk" and I think - you have indicated on numerous occasions that Israel is collapsing under the pressure of BDS. So I have accepted it - you are right - Israel is basically finished because of the consumer boycotts. You have won the battle!
      As to my grandparents being ashamed of me - what an odd statement. Why do you think that all Jews who survived the Holocaust hate Israel? Plenty of them live in Israel. Mondoweiss is not the world.

    • "You would have had a brilliant career serving Germany’s Third Reich!!"
      I sure wish; but given that they took my grandparents to camps and almost put them on the trains I doubt they would have taken me. On the other hand, surely Hamas with their ideology of exterminating Jews everywhere would have gotten along with Hitler just great.

    • I think that the Israelis did not handle that well. What they could do next time is wait for the fence to be breached. Then once the Hamas guys come into Israeli territory the IDF can legitimately open fire; probably there will be a lot more victims and no claim can be made about peaceful protesting.

  • 'NY Times' covers up Israel's killing of nonviolent protesters along the Gaza border
    • “I’m just shocked that you are unable to say you don’t favour non-Jews suicide-bombing Jews.”
      I don’t see the world as divided by Jews vs non Jews. So that’s completely irrelevant for me. I don’t feel sadder when a Jew gets killed vs, say a Mexican catholic. As to what tactics the Palestinians choose, it’s just none of my business.

    • “I find it odd that you seem unable simply to say that you are not in favour of non-Jews suicide-bombing Jews”
      Unlike you I don’t have any desire to tell others what to do. I can relate to anything human and can understand the sentiments of a suicide bomber. Being Jewish or not is irrelevant. If I were a Palestinian I would have perhaps even become a suicide bomber myself. I can understand their feelings of helpless rage.

    • “Sure you do: You know enough to say ” … at least suicide bombings are effective – you sacrifice one person but you can kill ten or more of the enemy. … “ eljay
      I don’t have to be “in favor of” something in order to understand it. I can understand wanting to kill the enemy using - for instance - suicide bombings. I can even see how some things can bring positive publicity. This border business achieves neither. That’s why I think the leaders of Hamas should be at the front lines here. The Israeli cabinet is not sending its people to die; Hamas is. Perhaps the order comes from Tehran and Hamas is basically without a choice in the matter. It doesn’t matter though because for sure BDS will solve the problem.

    • “So you’re in favour of non-Jews suicide-bombing Jews. Wow. “ Eljay
      I don’t know much about any particular military tactic. But sending people to die or get injured just seems so futile unless there is something I am missing. I have two explanations. One is that Hamas has devolved into a tyranny and the subordinates are afraid to tell the top guy, hey, this may not be such a good idea. Perhaps you get shot if you question the leader. Or possibly life in Gaza has become so horrible that people are willing to literally die or get injured just out sheer desperation. The short term solution of course is for Hamas to admit failure and hand over the territory to the Palestinian authority. The chances of that are zero though. Long term it all seems hopeless.

    • “how would you know?” Annie
      I figured the news would mention it of a member of the Hamas government was there. Am I wrong?
      I have to admit, I am mystified by this new strategy of sending unarmed people including kids towards the tanks. I mean, at least suicide bombings are effective - you sacrifice one person but you can kill ten or more of the enemy. This thing seems to be some kind of publicity stunt but very tragic and useless.

    • "The Palestinians are under no obligation to agree to give up any more land." Atlanta
      I have never claimed anything about obligations. Since we humans have free will (or the illusion of it), than we are free to do anything, including breaking the law. Indeed many do. I break the law every day by going above the speed limit and so does virtually everyone here. Of course, then the police is free to punish me. I am not talking at all about obligations but rather that the most rational course for the Palestinians is to sign an agreement giving up some of these demands of theirs. But being human, they are going to choose the hard way and will get themselves shot (both figuratively and literally). Probably, in a few decades, things will end up with an agreement with the parameters I mentioned. But what a loss of life. And how ironic that neither the leaders of Hamas no our brave BDS computer warriors are there on the front lines. What you are saying is not logical - being under no obligation is does not mean you have to do something either. I am under no obligation to go to work, but I choose to.

    • I think that the leaders of Hamas, having encouraged this, now can go ahead and lead by example. Join the march at the front lines and show that they can walk the walk. Secondly, this is an example of what happens when dumb people get power. Unintelligent people are generally safe when they post on twitter or facebook. Unfortunately, the Gazans are governed by such people and now we see this train wreck and needless tragedy. Finally, the Palestinians simply can accept a state in Gaza on about 90 percent of the West Bank, excluding the major settlements and the Jordan valley. Then they will be able to go on Friday to a visa free shopping trip to Tel Aviv instead of getting themselves shot. It's so simple.

  • Despite Israel's threats of violence, Gaza protesters have peaceful dream
    • "The mainstream media will not report it at all" Stephen
      Actually it is the leading article on Yahoo. It describes the protest, its goals, and the Israeli response. It skips the part about Passover, Purim, and Jewish financiers though.

  • The problem with Passover
    • "Or the Mongols?" Mag
      It turns out that that a lot of the bad reputation of the Mongols is the result of recent racism, exaggeration, and just bad history. You can check out the 2014 bestseller by Jack Weatherford, Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World and you will see that their history is much more complicated; including major, incredible contributions to humanity. The stories of cruelty are mostly unconfirmed myths.
      As to whataboutery - I know that context is not allowed. Jews are the worst. Passover is the worst. I wish I were an Englishman. Born in London. To moderate, gentle Anglican parents. If I behave well, maybe next life I will return as an Englishman. Or, second best, an Italian. What a language!

    • "One teeny problem I find with Passover is the slaughter of the Egyptian firstborn children."
      Without the Jewish people, the story of Homo sapiens would have been a festival of roses and spirituality. There are minor hiccups like the recent annihilation of 2/3 of other species; the Assyrians flaying alive the defeated; or Isis burning alive the Jordanian pilot and putting it on video. And the Rwandan genocide. But back to Passover - an odious holiday in times when humanity as a whole celebrates its gentleness towards each other and other species (that island of plastic bags three times the size of France notwithstanding). Think of it - the 4th of July or the fourteenth of July, they both celebrate man's kindness to each other. What else are wars and revolutions?

  • Ron Lauder's two-state epiphany elicits rage and condescension in Israel
    • "Either you are joking or so thoroughly brainwashed that you have no idea what you are saying". genesto
      I was not joking so I am probably brainwashed. It must be the calculus that is doing this to me. Either way, can you please explain, what specific points you don't agree with. Perhaps you think that if Israel were to retreat to 1967, somehow the demands for further territorial concessions would go away? You feel that it is perfectly possible for Israel to accept 8-10 million refugees without any social and economic problems? Or you perhaps think that an independent Palestinian state would have a thriving economy and peaceful relations with Israel?
      I am not in any position of power or influence on this issue (or almost any other issue). Assuming I have been brainwashed, or I am just dumb, or even evil, this still doesn't bring you a step closer to anything you want to achieve. I am just saying, if you want to influence Israelis, you are kind of gonna have to address these questions. Or maybe you don't need to convince anyone at all in which case my opinion doesn't matter by default (I am not an Israeli, do not speak Hebrew, and have no plans at all to move or even travel there). I wouldn't mind learning some Hebrew but right now I am much more interested in Italian.

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