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  • Forgiving the anti-Semites
    • Giles,
      You should hear the Adam Sandler song about Jews in Hollywood. I am most proud of Harrison Ford. Only a quarter Jew, but I will take that. You could do worse than having Han Solo as a member.
      About the Fed, I am with you. I say they give the next chair to Kocherlakota. Let the Hindus get the next wave of hatred. Plus, they already destroy everyone at the spelling bees.
      Han Solo. I think that may be the role of the century. Him and Milosh Forman are my favorite. I wish Jack Nickolson was a Jew.

    • But I get it. It is the magical “marketplace” that results in such Jewish domination. - Giles
      You figured us out. We only network with other Jews. That's why 70 percent of Jews marry non Jews lol.
      By the way, Giles, the term for what you are alleging is called disparate treatment. It's in violation of Federal law. You should file a complaint with the federal EEO commission because I am sure you didn't get that job because the hiring manager was Jewish.
      By the way, I am a hiring manager and I would never hire a conspiracy nut.

    • "It’s your fellow traveler Catalan who has stupidly tried to divorce race from politics in nazi ideology". - Mark b
      Of course your logical acumen is an unattainable standard that we can all strive to emulate. You are right there with Bertrand Russell. It must be fun living in such a logical inner world, free of contradiction or ignorance. Congratulations.
      I actually never tried to divorce anything from anything. I was saying that the complete annihilation of the Jewish citizens of Bitolia, Pinsk, or Thesalloniki did not confer any military advantages. The non Jewish majorities of these places were harmed to a much lesser degree during the war, after all they mostly survived, while Jewish residents were sometimes killed to the very last one. Likewise with the murder of the mentally ill in Germany and elsewhere. You are arguing with yourself if you think that I or others somehow don't understand that the Nazis used racial, gender and other hatred for political means. I also by no means wish to belittle the suffering of sacrifice of others during the war, such as the Greek and Serb partisans. The fact is that Jews in Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia and all over Europe were singled out for murder in a genocidal manner. This is our people and we are sad about the destruction of Jewish culture in Europe.

    • I don’t want you – or anyone – to be any type of supremacist, not even a Zio-supremacist"
      I don't care for the caste system in India either, because I am an individualist. I don't like public executions of "witches" in Saudi Arabia. However, if I want to be listened to by a Hindu or a Muslim, I better learn to talk to them with respect. India has a 6 thousand year civilization, of which the caste system is a product.
      Yelling and name calling, which is what you specialize in (with Giles and Keith), will not change the opinions of those who disagree with you. Learn from commenters like Martin Hughes or Seafoid or even Phil Weiss.

    • Giles,
      Civilized people commemorate their dead. The Hindus, Russians, and Germans do it. Everyone does it. I am not sure why you single out Jews for remembering what happened to our people so recently. If not us, who will remember them? If a Hindu writes a book about the horrors of the Bengali famine in 1943, does that mean he doesn't care about the Navajo nation? Of course not. I am not comprehending your problem.
      As far what you consider to be the excessive succes of Jews in the United States, I have no answer to that. I feel for myself that I have worked hard to attain the position in government that I have, and my ethnicity or whatever has not been a factor. I cannot speak for anyone else.

    • "They’re content to commit – or to have their hardier co-collectivists commit – acts of injustice and immorality"- Eljay
      Eljay, thank you for the kind words. In all truth I have no idea what St. Peter will do with me at the gates. I have done my share of things I am not proud of.
      That said, I have never served in a military and don't know how to use a gun. I have never voted for any extremists. I treat my employees well and give to charity. I am very flawed but I don't think my offenses rise to the level you insunuate. Not sure what so irks you in my comments, honestly. It's like you want me to be a "Zionist" so you can do "gotcha".
      I just try to express my opinions in a civilized manner. What's so bad about having an opinion that differs from yours?

    • "See what I mean. The uniqueness of Jewish suffering. -" Giles
      Unique does not mean that it cannot be compared or analyzed. Everything is both unique and similar to other things. I obviously mean that in the context of WW2 the extermination of Jews was committed with a unique level of thoroughness. Look at Macedonia, where my grandfather is from. Out of 7125 people, the entire Jewish community, only 140 survived. Of the 3276 men, women, and children Jews of the city of Bitolia, not one survived. There was absolutely no military reason for this extermination. Other targeted groups simply were not killed with such thoroughness. Many Jews were not used for labor even, just gassed.

      Now, through history there have definitely been similar horrors. The Muslim invasion of India strikes one as possibly the worst mass murder of all time, committed through centuries. Intolerance has been around forever. You show it toward your Jewish brothers and sisters, whom you accuse of taking over society and being indifferent towards others, when the majority of them are good people getting by. Your comments make me really sad. It's like humans just never learn. There is nothing unique about your sentiments either, they are all too common. Jews just can please some people. If they are successful, they take over. If they are not and live secluded, they do not want to blend. I am familiar with the drill.

    • "So, everyone cheats at one point or another? How did you deduce that conclusion?" - Citizen
      First let me clarify, everyone but saints cheat, and yes, there are saints in this world, but so few.
      How do I know - Part of what I do in my work is dealing and learning about fraud. The statistics speak for themselves. For instance, 90 percent of college students cheat at one point or another. It's kind of sad when you learn the types of things that happen, but a lot of accounting is establishing internal controls to prevent fraud. Checks and balances types of things.
      I also worked in retail before, both at the store level and at at the corporate level, and let's just say I have seen things, without getting into specifics.
      I am glad if you feel you are above temptation yourself or you have dealt with many honest people who never cheat.

    • "Maybe they like us for our humility."
      Nice comeback! I do have the degrees though I don't claim to remember anything:)

    • "Must be one of the reasons we are regularly in the top 3 most liked nations on earth -" Amigo
      Not among the top 3 most humble ones though, clearly. I guess you subscribe to "if you've got it, flaunt it". By the way, the royal "we" is cute. I am sure you have been authorized by all Irish to speak on their behalf.

    • "The Holocaust deaths — well the Jewish ones — are then raised above the other 70 million or so deaths". - Giles
      The killing of Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, and the mentally ill in Europe was unique in that it was detached from any political or military considerations. It was racial. It didn't matter if you were a catholic nun with Jewish roots like Edith Stein or a child in Ivanhorod (check out the second picture here ( Hungarian Jews were gassed in June of 1944, actually diverting resources from the war. Hitler himself in his last testament expressed his pride at ridding the world if Jews, despite causing such harm to his own country.
      As to oppression, my own grandfather in Bulgaria was an attorney, he was prohibited from practicing law and instead sent to build railway tracks. Thankfully the guards were humane to the recruits, otherwise he wouldn't have made it, he was smart but physically frail.

    • This article is such a "glass is half empty" type of thing. Life is complicated. Everyone cheats at one point or another. There is a stunning amount of fraud out there, in every field.
      That said, there is also a lot of good. It's sad that you see everything so one-sidedly. It's just not objective.

  • Mark Shields blasts Adelson for 'making foreign policy for the United States'
    • "Yeah, because pre-war Germany was the epitome of evil colonialism lol" - oyvey
      It kind of was. Below are demands made by the German emassador count Bernstorff in 1914, at the beginning of the war. Pretty evil, no?

      1) All French colonies, including Morocco, Algeria, and Tunis; (2) all North-Eastern France from Saint-Valfiry to Lyons, being more than one-quarter of French territory, including fifteen million inhabitants; (3) an indemnity of .8400,000,000;

      (4) a tariff allowing all German goods to enter France free for twenty-five years, without reciprocity for French goods entering Germany; (5) the suppression of recruiting in France for twenty- five years; (6) the destruction of all French fortresses; (7) France to hand over three million rifles, two thousand cannon, and forty thousand horses; (8) the protection of all German patents used in France without reciprocity for French patents in Germany; (0) France to abandon any alliance with Russia crr Great Britain; (10) a treaty of alliance with Germany for twenty-five years.

  • AIPAC-backed legislation targeting BDS movement advances in Congress
    • "You are not an ancient Jew, nor do you have any relation to one.

      You are the product of conversion. Judaism is a religion, first and foremost. "
      And I say he is a direct descendant of Judah Maccabee. Seriously, are you in possession of his family tree? Share it or I call bs.

  • Palestinian teenager is shot dead at a checkpoint outside Jerusalem
    • Joer,
      Poor people in America have running water, electricity, vaccines, religious freedom, toilet paper, uncontinated food, public transportation, foodbanks, public libraries, public education. This puts them at the top 10 percent of the world population. Sorry to put cold water on that firing rage.

    • "have you ever met anyone from gaza?"
      Not many. I do know that Baltimore is a thriving city in a rich country. I lived in the Baltimore Washington area for a decade.
      Gaza is a war torn territory almost entirely dependent on foreign assistance programs.
      This Baltimore-Gaza stuff is just an echo of the old "proletariat in the whole world, unite". Like Eastern European socialism, it is nonsense.

    • "Will the people of Ferguson, Baltimore, Oakland, etc. be able to find common cause with the people of Gaza and the West Bank," Joer
      I find frankly stunning the comparison between Baltimore and Gaza. Surely, even the poorest citizens of Baltimore have it much better than the top one percent of Gaza. It's like me finding common cause with the Walton family to somehow upend the world order. We are from the same species, that's where the similarities end. Same with citizens of Baltimore compared to those of Gaza.

  • Marking Memorial Day in Tel Aviv with Kahanists and Combatants for Peace
    • What would yonah, hophmi, jeffb, catalan have to say? - Oldgeezer
      Don't know about the rest, but personally I try to take things with some humor. What's the point of getting angry, say, over the recently made call here that I step away from the accounting profession because there are too many Jews in it and I am upsetting the balance of the universe?
      How are the claims of "too many" Jewish doctors and lawyers different from some parade. Bigotry has many faces.

  • Jews of France: should they stay or should they go?
    • "If so, should not French Jews call upon Israel to mend its way?"- Pabelmont
      No they should not. French Jews can be communist (many are), far-right (some are), or apathetic. They can love Israel (many do) or hate Israel (some do). They pay taxes and fight in France's wars. They "should" not do anything or say anything other than what pleases them. They don't owe anything more than other citizens.
      It's the loss for France of they go. Or gain, since then they don't have to worry about over-representation of Jews among lawyers. And we know that's the cause for both malaria and deforestation.

  • Leaked Sony emails reveal Hollywood execs efforts to support Israel
    • "Jews don’t control Hollywood. There just happen to be lots of Jews there"-oyvey.
      It is because we make great comedians. I can never stop laughing at my own jokes.

  • Understanding the Jewish National Home
    • "All so I can say “catalan” will you please ‘can it’?" - mooser
      Well at least nobody can accuse you of "bias and favoritism". You must be one of these "universalist" Jews. How did you do it? Kabbalah?

    • "there are now antisemites like Keith"- hophmi
      His term of preference is "overrepresentation". I am thinking to become an army general to alleviate that problem, too many Jewish accountants not enough Jewish generals. I figure that would be a good fit since I am also narcissistic ( though Narcissis may have had a bad rap. Possibly he was searching for the shadow of his dead sister, says another legend).

  • Just like the Nazis, Iran 'plans to exterminate six million Jews' -- Netanyahu
    • "Lastly, and on a totally philosophical level, perhaps you could explain why I should love our “Judeo-Christian civilization.” which brought us WW I/II, the Nakba, the Holocaust and the Inquisition" - Oldgeezer
      Antibiotics and the polio vaccine. Bach, Newton, and Shakespeare.

    • "‘Catalan’ thinks it’s all about him!" Maximus
      Teach us how to be an Altruist, a veritable saint, a selfless Giver always looking out for everyone else.

    • in Iran and/or the Ukraine get ready for a massive disaster followed by a complete re-ordering of US society - Giles
      What does that reordering entail exactly? Does it mean successful people like myself being fired? Are you going to be confiscating properties? I am not scared at all of these things happening. Much greater is the chance of me being hit by a truck.

  • Israel could reduce anti-Semitic violence by not calling itself the Jewish state, Finkelstein says
    • "Zionists are the most humourless, pontificating self-regarding bunch you are likely to meet". - justicewillprevail
      Actually it's all ideologues, especially Neo Marxists. Humor is based on contradiction. If you think you have found a perfectly harmonious system there is nothing left to laugh about. They can be mean though.

    • "You know, “catalan”, I used to think Jewish success was due to bias and favoritism" - Mooser
      So what is the code? Why not share it with a dummy brother? What should I say next time there is a Jew interviewing me for a job? Come on, be a dear, don't keep it to yourself. Share a trifle.

    • Keith,
      I also have not accused anyone of antisemitism, in fact till now I have not used that word on that forum. I don't know how you feel about Jews. Indeed, if you don't like Jews, I have no problem with that. I don't think I am a victim of anything, not more than anyone else. I think you are confusing with me other people.
      Where we disagree is the source of Jewish success in the United States. You think it results from bias and favoritism, I think it results from education and hard work. Until you show me examples of this alleged favoritism, you have shown yourself to be making baseless accusations. It's just a mystery to me how Jews go about helping other Jews. Explain the logistics of this help, show examples, provide statistics of Jews being selected over non-Jews for positions. If you can't do that you cannot convince anyone.

    • "I claimed no such thing, and you have once again misrepresented me in your typically intellectually dishonest fashion" Keith
      You have claimed that Jews are over represented in positions of power and in the media. You also claim that this is the result of "bias and favoritism", which are your words, not mine. Bias and favoritism are illegal and against government and corporate statutes. You are alleging illegal behavior on a mass scale that somehow is not addressed and yet you are not providing any evidence.
      I agree that there a lot of successful Jews but disagree that Jews are specifically favored. I think most of their success is due to education and personal efforts.
      By the way I am not high powered, I am in middle management. I could have a bigger career but I am not interested. As to my degrees they are from Bulgarian, American and British institutions and include both humanities and economics.

    • Mooser,
      the quote which alleges that Jews are engaged in a conspiracy to discriminate against Gentiles, is this quote from Keith:
      "I have not commented on individual instances, an impossible task, rather I have consistently referred to the macro level where statistically speaking Jewish over-representation is painfully obvious. I have stated my opinion that this strongly suggests bias and favoritism."
      Do you agree that Jews show bias and favoritism when they make hiring decisions?
      As to Keith, he still cannot find a way to prove his assertions with either individual instances or some kind of statistical data. I agree that there are a lot of successful Jews, a surprising number given the overall proportion in the general population. However, until I am shown that this is the result of Jews helping each other out, I will continue to believe that this is the result of education and their efforts.
      I am also at a loss to understand why, if there is a pervasive pattern of Jews showing bias and favoritism, it is so difficult to show instances of that. That's a normal procedure in the social sciences, you have to prove your assertions with quantitative data. Thomas Pickety wrote a whole book full of numbers to prove his claims on inequality. Yet Keith makes huge assertions, and the only prove is "Jewish over-representation"? Well excuse me for getting four Master's degrees, I am sorry if this offended you and increased the representation of Jews. I will be sure to tell my son to study little so that he doesn't offend Keith's sensibilities of too many Jews in prominent positions.

    • Mooser,
      I appreciate that you try to be funny. That's good. But share with us, what is your your opinion - is there a network of Jews who promote one another on the basis of kinship and due to their fear of Gentiles? Since preferring a candidate for a job or as a student at university on the basis of ethnicity is in violation of so many statutes and company policies, surely such information would be of interest to the authorities. The claim is that Jews are engaged in a vast conspiracy to discriminate against Gentiles. In the interest of common decency I am all for uncovering this illegal pattern of discrimination.

    • Keith,
      I think your allegations that Mrs. Janet Yellen obtained her position due to some kind of ethnic or religious networking actually constitutes libel. I don't think that she will bother with you though. Then again, it may be worth it.

    • Keith,
      The class admitted to Harvard in 2015 was 17.8 Asian Americans. Asian Americans constitute about 5 percent of the general population. Is that preferential treatment?
      Actually, I never suggested a perfect meritocracy. What I said is that there are too few Jews almost anywhere outside of New York City for them to be able to execute a plan of preferential treatment. I am in the southwest. Everyone is either Hispanic or Anglo. If there are any undercurrents of preferences they are along those lines, with Hispanics winning due to overwhelming numbers.
      Anyway you have descended into personal attacks due to inability to substantiate your accusations.

    • "He’s pretty much a one-trick pony"- Mooser.

    • "The implication being that because you don’t feel that you have personally benefit from special treatment that favoritism doesn’t exist? "-
      Keith, no point to get into an ideological discussion, you have your views and I mine. If you are aware of a specific case or cases where Jews were chosen over non-Jews with all other qualifications being equal, then you can bring them up. All corporations and government bodies have strong codes against that and internal control departments charged with monitoring this type of stuff. There are laws against it as well and plenty of lawyers who would love such a case.
      I was quoting my experience because it has helped me see the system from within and I just fail to see the logistics of such alleged favoritism. There is usually a series of job interviews, HR, internal audit. Many levels of approval and high risks for anyone attempting funny business.
      As to me I used to be an illegal working with Poles, Philippinos and others in the restaurant business. I also studied a lot. Things worked out in the last few years because some people believed in me. Turned out I have skills in IT which are rare among financial professionals. I am also pretty mellow and kind. I like to think I have improved some lives.

    • Seriously, defend why the East Coast Ashkenazi have been so successful -
      Keith, I am a finance manager in a U.S. government and have never encountered this alleged favoritism. I have also worked in major corporations. Hiring decisions generally go through so many levels of review that it is generally very hard to show preferential treatment. People don't risk their livelihood to help others,and Jews don't differ.
      Myself, I earned several advanced certifications with impossibly high scores and have four graduate degrees. The people who helped and guided me along the way were pretty much all not Jewish, most have been religious Christians.
      As to success of Jews, I find the story of Sidney Farber very inspiring. He developed the fist chemotherapy in his quest to cure childhood leukemia. He saw thousands of children die but persevered.
      Keith, there are no shortcuts to success. You can force equality but there is a natural difference of skill among men. Why some cultures are so much more successful than others, well that's a huge question. Look at Europe - why are Netherlands and Norway so much better off than Bulgaria and Albania? That's not something that can be answered in a comment,

    • In western Europe, Canada, and the U.S., being Jewish “opens many doors and it closes none.” - Keith
      Please tell me where this door is. I am going in as as soon as I know! Thanks. One will suffice.

  • White House 'trolls' Netanyahu by co-opting infamous UN cartoon to sell Iran deal
    • "It is obnoxious and condescending to correct grammar in a comment section" Joer
      I don't agree. A native English speaker needs to know how to create a conditional clause.

  • Who cares what Jeffrey Goldberg and Netanyahu don't like about the Iran deal?
    • Oh that’s right. It is a US “weakened and fatigued” - Giles
      I have lived in the United States for 20 years, having worked first in fast food restaurants and then in management in major corporations and now in government. The single most depressing thing I have observed is the incessant complaining of Americans about how bad they have it. It's just a sad comment on human nature that in a country where teenagers have more spending money from their parents than trained doctors do in Bulgaria (an EU country!), people still find it so easy to bitch and moan.
      Let's face it, the vast majority of Americans have it pretty good. Even the poor have more than the so called rich anywhere else.

  • Faithwashing: the Muslim Leadership Institute and the academic boycott
    • Given the level of control American Jews have over American media, this will be a tough job. - RoHa
      That is true - whenever I don't like a TV show I have a little word with the station owners. And at synagogue(I go every Friday of course!) we always discuss media content. My only dilemma is whether to spend my billions on my yacht or to engage in media control. Because I am Jewish, I prefer controlling others, even though for someone better having fun would be preferable.

  • Iran is 'congenital cheating' 'Islamic power bent on world domination' -- Netanyahu tells US media
    • "The Netherlands under sanctions is it? Talknic
      I was just pointing out some facts. The interpretation of the facts is a different matter. Clearly, having sanctions against you doesn't help. That said, there are no sanctions against Egypt for instance and they are doing way worse than Iran. So the sanctions alone don't explain why some countries do better than others in ensuring prosperity. Nobody owes anyone anything.
      Ultimately the Iranian people and their leaders have to make the choices to secure a better future. That means more compromising and less blame throwing. I am simply not an expert on Iran at all (to put it mildly) and therefore would not recommend solutions. However, economic data is now available for all to see.

    • I mentioned that Iran is a country with a low nominal GNP per capita. I prefer that metric because I think the gdp adjusted for purchasing power (PPP) has significant problems as it tends to smooth the differences between countries. Nominal GNP measures output according to a standard measure, e.g. dollars. Could be gold, euros or whatever. PPP claims to adjust these numbers for purchasing power, for instance how many eggs or milk you can buy with it. Inevitably, agricultural products tend to be cheaeper in poorer countries and therefore the PPP calxulation makes them look better. However, the more advanced the product is, e.g. autos, software, medical instruments, or similar technologies, the less price flexibility there is. What happens is that PPP hides overreliance on basic products and lack of access to advanced technology. It is tempting to use it to diminish actual differences.
      As to the human capital comment, I never said that Iran has lack of good education or intelligent people. The problem is that there are skills that cannot be learned in schools no matter how good the education. I work in IT and finance and find that schooling is a good indicator of knowledge and intelligence, but true potential can only be reached if there is access to the most advanced technologies. Sad but true.

    • My guess would be Israel will sail into first place unseating North Korea, Pakistan –aaaaand–Iran who will slip down to 10th position. - Amigo
      Friend, it's about being happy, not about being liked. The two frequently contradict each other. Who is happier - the teenage girl with a body dismorphic disorder or the one eating to her heart's content? One can please others, but it's more important to please oneself. Why should either Pakistanis or Israelis worry so much what the snobs think of them?

    • Iran’s growing regional power, economically,"Harry
      Iran nominal GDP per capita is 4.7k.or 98 place in the world. Inflation is 18 percent, people below poverty line 18 percent. Exports are almost exclusively oil - 80 percent and some fruits.
      This is a third world country with virtually no competitive companies in the growing sectors such as IT, biotech, entertainment, or retail.
      Like Venezuela, Egypt, or Argentina, they are loud and have a big army. However, they have no human capital to compete in the 21 century. Their economy is less than half that of the Netherlands, which has 14M people.
      I cannot speak as to Netanyahu's emotional state, but facts are facts.
      Talking a big game doesn't pay the bills. The geeks rule in the grown up world.

  • Double standard in US political culture: BDS is fine for Indiana, not Israel
    • Have not heard calls for people from Indiana to be prohibited from traveling, to impose export restrictions on their products, or to make it illegal to invest there.

  • Open Hillel's big month: Swarthmore 'Kehilah' is born and a student resigns over Hillel restrictions
    • mainline Jewish community. Ritzl
      The term mainline Jewish community is a source of deep confusion to me. It sounds like something cool to belong to, some type of in-group, and yet I cannot quite get there. I got some education, even a little bit of money. And yet, how do I become "mainline"? Are the Orthodox Jews mainline? Is the Jewish guy who works at the gym "mainline". Or do I have to be something famous to be mainline, an actor or a journalist, or something cool like that? I feel like this is some type of big picture stuff, a pillar of society sort of thing that my base nature just has no access to. I understand there are a lot of networks there, access to cool goodies, and yet, it's closed. Perhaps Phil Weiss is a member of this thing.

  • White House will go after AIPAC next -- Newsweek
    • The sleeping giant awakes, finds all these tiny people have him strapped down. I wanna puke. - citizen
      I am assuming the sleeping giant is America. Very apt, considering Americans are the most overweight people on earth (AIPAC feeding them candies!).

  • Emails show Missouri museum canceled 'Ferguson to Palestine' event under pressure from Jewish group
    • Amigo,
      Sorry, it seems like I touched a raw nerve there. i was just trying to be helpful.

    • Catalan /Hopknee/Yonah / Jeff B , (wasn,t he referred to as blockhead somewhere?? –tosefta come to mind jeffy boy), et al
      Amigo, I see what happened here. You are offended that I only invited Seafoid to the U.S. You can come as well. We love the Irish here. I can understand the envy. I am a European, I know the place is depressing. And yes, I know I am "not authorized" to make invitations, but Ey, I am doing it anyway.

  • 'New anti-Semitism' on college campuses is largely blowback against orchestrated Israel advocacy
    • I have never understood the problem with dual or triple loyalty. I am a dual citizen. I have loyalty to many things besides countries. In case of conflict, you are just kind of in the middle and hope for a good outcome. I guess that's the deal for Chinese Americans or Turkish Bulgarians. With all the migrations in the 20 century there are many people with multiple national loyalties.

  • In Israel, the mask is finally off
    • Just,
      No exceptionalism at all. The Hindus have done just as well if not better in the US. It's all about education. Their culture is deeper. They don't whine endlessly like the locals.
      Also, why the meanness? The stories about waiting in line were from the workers' paradise of Bulgaria during the socialist era. I did alright in the US, even though it has been a journey. Not sure what my perceived offense is that you are so personal in your retorts.

    • @seafoid it's not a facade and I am not a 'bot''. Just trying to bring some nuance. Social media and complexity are not like horse and carriage.

    • Amigo,
      I live in the USA. Seafoid always talks how American Jews have it so good and I extended an invitation. The Irish here are managing quite well as well.

    • @seafoid it was a lot more than 70k Tamils killed. American Jews prosper because they study for decades and learn how to design houses and create new medicines and fix teeth. Less glorious but more effective than endless whining about the Fed and the one percent. Don't be so envious, come to this country instead and you can be "comfortable" as well.

  • Jeb Bush bashes Iran talks as 'foolish' and hails Israeli settlements as 'new apartment buildings in Jerusalem'
    • Warren could win huge with her anti Wall St risk taking stance - Seafoid
      Warren is cranky old aunt Elma that scares the neighborhood kids. No chance. Zero charisma.
      Also, 60 percent or so care to vote. Their money is in stocks. They won't push the cart over.

  • Zochrot and BADIL bring Nakba to U.S. audience
    • Mooser let's face it. Zionism after the ww 2 has mostly been a ticket out of the shit life in Eastern Europe. Whoever can, gets to Canada or the U.S. People can only manage so much waiting for milk and cooking oil before you bail out to the first place with real doctors and no lines. After that, it all became a belief of convenience. We all like to think we are just great, that's some kind of human universal, whether you are Navajo or Tibetan.

    • So we can’t manage a simple boycott, but we have the power and authority to secure by violence, and declare a state in the name of the Jews -
      All I was saying is that the Jews of Pinsk and Thesaloniki didn't deserve what happened to them because of some boycotts they never heard of. There was no Internet in the thirties, life was more local. They were mostly ordinary people minding their lives and dying of diseases now easily treatable. They had other worries. Germany was an economic, military, and cultural powerhouse.

    • annie I think the sanctions against Iran are stupid. You can't compare worldwide Jews with the bds movement. The bds movement is a group of people that agree on certain topics and pursue them. That has never been true of Jews. Just because some Jews at some point wanted to boycott German businesses and declared themselves leaders means nothing for the rest. Many American Jews went to study in Germany between the wars, including Farber, the creator of Chemotherapy. And we know that the German economy pretty much boomed during the first Hitler years. All I am saying is, there are no leaders of the Jews. There is no global Jewry. There is just a bunch of people sharing some sort of heritage, and anyone can speak for anyone if they so choose. There never was a common goal of any kind.
      I have said this, defending Israeli policy simply does not interest me.

    • iow, by cutting off trade with corporation that employ thousands of workers, say Volkswagen, Basf, Krupps, Mercedes and Bosch – annie.
      There never was a worldwide Jewish boycott of Nazi Germany because there is no worldwide Jewish community that has either the power or the authority to decide on such a boycott. Anyone can call themselves leader of the Jews and announce boycotts. There is no legitimacy in such a Jewish boycotts because Jews have neither elected leadership not monarchy.
      But for what it is worth I am pretty certain that boycotts of firms in Nazi Germany probably did not help. It probably aggravated things. Some of these business tycoons in Germany were actually good guys.
      I have no idea how you can push governments to do what you want them to do, that doesn't mean that boycotting works. Just because I know something is a bad medicine doesn't mean I have the good medicine.

    • Don’t get too dramatic, Catalan, the war that was declared was an economic war on Nazi businesses. - walid,
      Poor poor Volkswagen and Basf, Krupps and Mercedes and Bosch, the suffering they all endured due to this economic war is well documented. Their profits were just terrible.
      I guess the mentally ill and gays also declared an economic war and got what was due to them.
      "Economic war". What a joke!
      The most dramatic person tells me to not be dramatic?!?!

    • i appreciate your support for the BDS movement. annie
      I support the right of people to assemble, organize, and to push their beliefs as long as those are not absolutely abhorrent (say torture).
      That said I do believe that dialogue and communcation are always more productive means of persuasion that sanctions and isolation, as well as more ethical ones. My problem is with making innocent people bear consequences for things they should not. Essentially all sanctions are a form of collective punishment, as they affect children, elderly, mentally ill people etc. considerably more than billionaires and politicians.
      I am aware that's a minority view.

    • the leaders of the worldwide Jewish community formally declared war on the “New Germany” - @giles
      Did this "worldwide" community have a Ministry of Defence or elections for these "leaders"? A standing army that could challenge Germany and "formally" declare war? Were the Jews of Hungary or Iran consulted on this question? Never mind, I hereby present an apology to Germany on behalf of my grandparents, they doubtlessly deserved what happened to them.

  • A response to Michael Douglas
    • "Israel encouraged Jewish refugees to take Israeli citizenship, forgoing their refugee status". - Talknic
      Talknic, can you please cite the international agreement, convention or other document which stipulates that taking citizenship in the host country deprives refugees of their status?
      Does that mean that the millions of refugees from Sudan, Congo, Central Asia, etc who are now citizens of countries such as Canada and the U.S., are now deprived of their refugee status and/or their right to return to their home country and get back their property?
      Where is this rule codified?

  • From Nogales, Arizona to Ofer prison: Witnessing racism in the American and Israeli borderlands
    • @hostage "even the World Bank agrees" ...well, I mean, who could argue with THAT? The World Bank, now, that's a final authority on all matters. Well I guess the Venezuelans did get tired of waiting in line, if we are to believe the latest surveys of Maduro's rating.
      Nothing like an American lecturing on how waiting in line is no big deal.

    • Our own government’s misdeeds left much of those regions economically and politically devastated - Hostage
      Yup, the reason Venezuelans wait in line for 3 hours to get their quotas of toilet paper and tampons is the evil US. If the genius of Maduro was given full rein we would no doubt cure cancer and solve illiteracy and overpopulation too. Lol.

  • Israelis go to the polls today--and nobody knows who will win (Updated)
    • Yeah. Whatever, dude.” I think you will hear it a lot. -"
      I do. That's how I became a loathed "one-percenter". You won't believe the stimulating power of contempt. Eye of the outsider and all that.

    • phff. just another hasbrat.” Annie,
      I indeed have a little brat so that does make me a has-brat. Add my cat and it is has-brats.
      I do see the "rat" as well but as an environmentalist I love every species, rats and weasels the most as they don't seem to get any love.

    • It wasn't flattery. It's just that Mooser does not understand the European caste system, where England and Germany are the Brahmans and Bulgaria is the peasants. And a Jew in Bulgaria, that's just pathetic. I just can't compare with an Irishman from England. Respect for my betters is ingrained from day one.
      But now I am in the other promised land, the one I always loved.

    • Duke Seafoid until he tells you it’s all right. Mooser
      He kind of is for a bulgarian Jew. Northern Europeans all feel like dukes to us. It's hard to explain.

    • Google is your friend, catalan. You should try it. Kris
      Let me qualify - I am talking about boycotts against countries. Like that against Cuba.
      In the case of South Africa, it is my opinion, both from what I have learned and from common sense, that the boycott probably slowed down the changes there instead of stimulating them. The white South Africans were not that bothered by it. There were internal problems there that led to the overthrow of the government.
      I can be wrong, but so far the sanctions are hardening the Israelis and not softening them.
      Also, spare the patronizing tone. It does not suit you.

    • Just for the record, I joined because of Seafoid. He has passion but no hatred. This is practically unheard of. A member of the ruling caste of northwest Europe/north America that actually knows of a world beyond.

    • I am not sure Seafoid. I have always been squeezed and lived among the squeezed. I am living the affluence here in the States but inside I will aways be a 7 year old boy with boogers waiting in line in the cold for the once a year oranges. It doesn't work like that. People don't change their ways under pressure. That's hard for Westerners to understand. Most Israelis are from Eastern Europe and the Middle East. They dance to a different tune, notwithstanding their iPhones.

    • Easy to “see” you, catalan. Thanks for removing any doubt. - Just
      Not sure what is there to see. Boycotts and sanctions never work. Period. The way forward is openness, communication, trade, and learning. I have done my part. I speak 6 languages and have lived in all sorts of places. Known poverty. Been illegal.

    • Israel is softer than Russia. Yossi likes his Apple products. Ivan doesn’t care. - Seafoid
      And Hassan from Haifa? Whose benefits will be cut first when the economy tanks?

    • Only BDS can change Israel for the better - seafoid
      Just like eternal sanctions against Russia will make it relinquish Crimea. Not.

  • Why I hope Netanyahu will be crushed tonight
    • We humans are the same “tribe!” Ellen
      Doesn't seem like they got your memo in Ukraine. Or Yemen. Or anywhere.

  • Fans of Barcelona basketball team show support for Palestine despite attacks on free speech
    • The reason I left South Aftica off my list of unsuccessful boycotts is that I think the changes there occurred in spite of, and not because of the boycott. Boycotts always affect disproportionately the poorest and least powerful people.
      As to punishing people for how they vote, I think that's absurd. Not everyone votes the same and a huge number don't vote at all. Even if someone votes "incorrectly", where do you draw the line? Should people be deprived of certain foods or certain medications? As someone who has been on the receiving end of power for most of my life, I am against teaching people "lessons". Mostly, because we get mean when we are attacked. Poverty does not engender nobility.

    • Iran, Gaza, Cuba, Venezuela, India/Pakistan,Russia/Ukraine, Northern Ireland, Nagorno Karabakh - tell me one place where boycott/isolation/embargo/demonization/refusal to speak have achieved anything to write home about?
      The truth is that boycotts and isolation lead to hatred and resentment. It's as simple as that.

  • The farewell party of the mezuzah-kissers
    • The idea that you can schlep around the world and then claim “ancestral lands” - Piotr
      And yet that's exactly the claim that Polish nationalists made when they took over Stettin and the rest of East Prussia. I understand you wanted even Hamburg. What was that about glasshouses?

    • even attack an American President" Kay
      The American president has not become a deity yet despite American fascination with the late Roman republic. Attacking him is perfectly legal, one might even say a civic duty. Elsewise why not move to Venezuela?

  • Herzog and Netanyahu are likely to share power -- because Herzog won't share it with Arab List
    • Just, I was referring to seafoid's oft repeated observation that the last four chairs of the Fed have been Jews, which bugs him immensely and is the reason for our social ills including poverty and So you think you can dance. Since we are such a small community and I am pretty qualified I thought I might put my hat out there.

    • Seafoid why would I need saving. I am plugged into the power network. Heck, I am the power network, right? It's all a phone call away for me. Just tell me your desired Fed interest rate and it will happen tomorrow. I am chosen, if you know what I am sayin'.

    • He has to change American Jews, and Fox News. MRW
      I am waiting with bated breath to see how Herzog will change me.

  • Sheldon Adelson is not the problem
    • Would you defend them from the marauding zionist fanatics roaming the streets of Jerusalem - Amigo
      If I could, I would. I am not a fan of nationalist fervor of any kind. How could I be? I have been a stranger in many places, a guest more or less, it seems.

    • Mooser,
      No need to put my nick in quotes. It's my family name on my mother's side. Sephardic. Someone way back in the day was from Catalonia, I guess. Not a bad place.

    • "Methinks I detect a humble- passive / über- aggressive stance, catalan. tsk tsk tsk ! " bibithba.
      Add to that lots of anxiety, some neurosis, and definitely insecurity and you get the picture. To be fair though, I am at least aware :).

    • Seafoid,
      Yes, grammar is dumb. Political economy, now that's original! But I can't penetrate "deep structural problems" lol. Please enlighten me on the Fed and interest rates lol.

    • Seafoid,
      Yes grammar is dumb. Political economy, now that's original! Not all feud have the mind to penetrate "deep structural problems" lol.

    • Bornajoo,
      As to your Hasbara comment, cool it down a little bit, please. I just express my own opinions, which are frequently wrong. It is gracious of the editors of this popular web site to allow that. Yes, I am Jewish, but certainly don't feel that the Israelis, or anyone else for that matter, have much need of me to defend them.

    • Bornajoo,
      The editors corrected the errors after my comment. Talknic himself admitted he is bad with apostrophes. I apologized to him for making the rude comment. You can see all this in the comment section if you bother to read it.
      A word of advise: read all the information before hurling insults at someone you know nothing about.

    • Talknic,
      Your reply about apostrophes was so humble and gracious. I am sorry for making the grammar comment. In hindsight, it was unnecessarily harsh. It was a mean and arrogant thing to say on my part. Lesson learned.

    • Mooser,
      I am definitely more of a looser.

    • Mooser,
      Unlike talknic I don't claim expertise in international law. I stopped acquiring knowledge right after learning how to tie my shoes. However, shouldn't experts in the high disciplines know basic grammar? it just seems to elevate things if nothing else.

    • Seafoid,
      The 'it's' were corrected to 'its' by the editors after my comment. So glad you figured me out, but then again I am much simpler than this mysterious thing you refer to as "political economy".
      I guess I don't see the point of the endless posting of quotes from the Israeli Declaration of Independence, but if it benefits you so much that's tremendous. Also, I get the difference between normal mistakes from typing and idiosyncrasies on the one hand and poor grammar on the other. We all make mistakes, I more than others.
      Some people though just seem to not know basic rules yet speak with incredible authority. Anyway I know there are like three people in America that care about it's vs its and you're vs you are so no biggie.

    • John,
      You are making some great points. However, respectfully, talknic is no Jane Austen or Emily Dickinson. He just repeats the same things about over and over, each time making the same grammatical errors as well. Browse through his archive if you don't believe me.
      You are correct though. I have a relative who is a published writer and yet confuses the contractions. I guess that's what editors are for.

    • Kris,
      It does appear that the editors have corrected it's with its. So my comment has done something good:)
      On your other point, I don't think I am a Zionist. Nationalism, be it Russian, American, Venezuelan, Arab, or Jewish (Zionism) is just not my cup of tea. I get why it exists and that it has good sides, but just not my thing. That is probably because I grew up as a Jew in Bulgaria, which made me kind of an outsider (no complaints though). And here in the States I am an immigrant with a Slavic accent so I don't think I make a good American nationalist. I guess I believe in loving individuals not countries.

    • Donald,
      English is not my first language. Bulgarian is. It's just hard for me to take seriously people discussing law, politics or economics when they don't know third grade grammar of their first language. Grammar itself is not indicative of substance of course. However, it does tend to show the quality of one's education and willingness to learn basics. It's form, not substance, like clothes, manners, etc. Would you like to take a class in international law from a poorly dressed person who cannot spell and confuses you are with your?

    • Annie, everything is indeed in flux. I was trying to point out that in the range of solutions, both 1967 and a one state solution seem far more likely than returning to the partition plan.

    • @just - Talknic has an obsession with the borders proposed under the Partition Plan. Yet the UN, the Arab League, Hamas, Fatah, and even Iran have indicated that they would accept a two-state solution based on the 1967 borders, assuming the other issues are resolved as well. I just fail to understand why the partition plan needs to be discussed any more.

    • @ talknic - you, presumably a native speaker of the English language, clearly do not know the rules for using contractions and apostrophes (it's vs its). Yet you wish to be heard on international law. Learn grammar first:).

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