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  • American Jewish visitor forced to sign loyalty oath in order to get tourist visa to Israel
  • The left must give thanks to... Donald Trump
    • If Bernie runs and wins in 2020 at least we will see whether the promises live up to the expectation. At this point I am curious what will actually happen if there is free healthcare, free college tuition, break up of the big banks and possibly other companies, massive increase in immigration (that’s also part of the left platform), huge raises in the minimum wage, and a lot of new taxes including taxes on gasoline and stocks. I am a little bit conservative but I am open to the idea that I am wrong and all these changes will usher a Swedish paradise rather than a Maduro hell.

  • Bret Stephens equates anti-Zionists with white nationalists in the 'New York Times'
    • “I think that Spain decided a few years back to offer citizenship to any descendant of the Jewish people expelled in the days of the Catholic Kings. This became difficult to do meaningfully...,” mhughes
      It is actually fairly easy to prove meaningfully for legal purposes. Here on Mondo people often engage in abstract logical acrobatics, seeking of absolute moral truths, pseudo scientific genetic debates, etc. In civil law, a much simpler standard applies, what a reasonable person would think. So I very much qualify as a Bulgarian Jew. My family name is Catalan, my grandparents spoke Ladino and it is a matter of general agreement that the Bulgarian Jewish community has Spanish origin. All this search for absolutes makes for a good logical game but in practical terms everyone knows who is a Sephardic Jew. I didn’t take advantage of the offer because by the time it was made I was already an American citizen. But were I to go to the Spanish embassy, they would immediately understand the heart of the matter. My religion is of no consequence in this, it’s just a thing you know in your gut. As a philosopher you tend to seek complexity when none is needed.

  • Prince Charles decried White House's failure to take on 'Jewish lobby' over Israel
    • "Wow, and after that, you are still looking out for us Jews." Thanks, bro. Mooser
      I think you misunderstood. You choose to be Jewish - and thereby invite the understandable wrath of tolerant, respectful people like Vera Gottlieb. Therefore, I invite you to join a universalist religious theory where you would unburden yourself from your superiority issues.

    • “Oh, these bloody Hebes. “ Vera Gotlieb
      The urban dictionary describes the term Hebe as a slur for a Jewish person. Honesty is important and it’s good to see people expressing their true feelings.

  • A plea to Israel: Don't start the third Lebanon War
    • “A religious ideology that sanctions the killing of, not just opponents, but any or all non-members of its lunatic cult” brewer
      As a former member of this cult I can tell you that this is precisely what I was taught in their synagogues by the priests. That is why I left them and I recommend that they all leave the cult and join me in a peaceful and universalist religion (Christianity).

  • Balfour Declaration, now 100, was 'gun pointed at heads' of Palestinians -- Khalidi
    • “Senior Israeli officials said the Israeli fear of divestment or scaled-down business due to the blacklist is already becoming a reality.”
      Such wonderful news - BDS works! The grassroots are defeating the elites. All the money of Sheldon Adelson cannot stop common people working towards good.

  • High holidays? Meh
    • "catalan”, wouldn’t it be better not to indict Judaism, and just concentrate on your future in the Unitarian-Universalist community?"
      Mooser, you have chosen the religion-based identity of "Jewish" because of the privileges it bestows on you. As a universalist, and also just a caring person, I cannot sit by as small groups of people exercise power completely inordinate with their social contribution.

    • People who choose the religion based identity of "Jewish" wish for society to confer upon them special rights. The same people deny these rights to the Palestinians. It's all due to the victim hood mythology which holidays such as these encourage.

    • "And you lose no chance to let us know it. If you’ve got it, flaunt it." mooser
      No more mooser - I am a better person now. I know there is no "chosen" people. I have accepted all men as my brothers and my equals. I invite you to join me. This battle you have been fighting, it is not worth it. You will lose the tribal privileges that you enjoy, the access to power, the ability to enter any field you like. But you will gain what I have now - peace of mind. All this stuff, usury, Holywood, the media, Zionism, anti-Zionism - you won't have anything to do with it. Also, remember, the Christians help each other too. It's not like you will be left alone.

    • ““Hello, my name is “Catalan”. I am not Jewish. Not Jewish. NOT JEWISH, I tell you! “ Mooser
      It’s a choice Mooser. My choice is to be a Unitarian Christian; ethnically I choose to be half French and half Chinese. With some Greek and English mixed in. It’s a much easier life now where I am not responsible for Israel, high (or low) interest rates or bad Hollywood movies (or Netflix or whatever the thing is now). What a relief! It’s totally worth it; yes I will never have real power (by virtue of being Jewish a lot was granted to me effortlessly) but honestly it’s a better life.

    • “and the mindboggling thing is how many people fueling this hatred are jewish (“ annie

      I agree completely, people who are Jewish just fuel the hatred. That’s why I choose to not be Jewish, because I like peace, harmony, understanding. Like Marnie, I am disappointed with Judaism.

  • Why the split inside the Democratic Party over BDS needs to happen
    • “Your mother must be so proud, Catalan. Are you a dentist from Long Island?” Mag
      Actually I don’t talk to my parents. Horrible people. Self absorbed and abusive (maybe something to do with their religion?) I am a businessman from New Mexico. I get to benefit immensely from tax reform AND to blame others for it. I am a happy man now that the Good News has arrived.

    • "4. Guess who will be blamed for the collapse" Mag
      The Jews, and for good reason - Cohn, Mnuchin, Kushner, Yellen and others are the chief architects of tax reform. Their quest for power at the expense of the poor knows no bounds. That's why I have joined the brotherhood of Christians (the Unitarians); because that way I can both enjoy the fruits of tax reform - they will benefit those like me beyond my wildest expectations - and watch those that think they are special (i.e. "chosen") be blamed. It's a win-win and I highly recommend my approach to other Jews.

  • Believing in hope in Gaza. Even when hope lies
    • “I hope one day these people will be allowed to live without blockades, in freedom.” Joseph
      Of course they will. BDS cannot lose, look at South Africa! Add to that how much smarter and more logical the supporters of Palestine are compared to the Zionists. It’s only a matter of time till the Zionists accept their defeat and let 7.25 million refugees back to their home.

  • Is Yiddish the language of the Jewish soul?
    • “In fact I think we can take it as read that the Jewish experience in America has no relevance in any way shape or form, and is best forgotten.” Mooser
      Well I am planning to convert. That way I can be a nice Christian guy and Keith, Annie and Yoni would like me. I would lose access to the Jewish power networks (no easy jobs and money and all) but would gain so many friendships.

  • Rightwing campaign against Jewish exec who called for exposing Nakba seems likely to fail
    • "Just repeating perfectly legitimate questions with a scandalized air does not solve them. " echi
      It was just an opinion as to why the site may be construed as antisemitic. I am not at all scandalized - I think sites such as this play a vital role in exhibiting the full range of views out there. Unlike others, I don't think that not hearing or seeing something makes it to cease to exist.

    • "Why does M J Rosenberg see Mondoweiss seething with anti-Semites? " Keith
      Perhaps because Annie (who works for the site) and regular commenters such as yourself and Mooser frequently heap praise on Yoni Falic of the Turkish Slavic school. The same individual recently stated on his twitter feed that: "I don't understand why anyone with IQ > 50 clings to Judaism or to Jewish identity. " He has also called for the death of said MJ Rosenberg with this tweet:"It is important to understand that Zios are outlaws under international anti-genocide law and may be killed at any time and in any place" Note that Yoni's definition of Zios would include the whole spectrum of Zionism.

  • 'Nazi stuff': The Israeli government takes on African refugees
    • "I don’t care if it is one, two, three or what ever amount of states, just this madness you constantly keep defending here ends." Kaisa
      I don't defend any "madness" as you put it. I have zero impact on the Middle East, Israel or world politics. I am my own person and have my own thoughts about things. Sometimes they converge with yours, sometimes they diverge.

    • "but feel free to make me understand your point of view!!"
      My point of view is clear - holding beliefs and expressing an opinion should be free regardless of how offensive they are. One can hold the belief and write articles about how pedophilia should be allowed or torture should be allowed or Blacks should be send back to Africa. Indeed, many do so. Hitler was a statesman and his orders to invade Russia or Holland were actual actions. However, the regular German who voted for the Nazi party or supported its actions was not deemed a criminal by the allies after the war. Ultimately, I sense that you feel that I should be put in jail for what I believe in - a two state solution. But then you would have to put in jail most of the world. Or maybe you think I should rot in jail for not supporting a boycott. That is kind of why I chose to live in these great United States. Here I can do and believe and say whatever I want and I don't need to justify and defend myself for it. It's an academic debate. In truth, it is perfectly legal in the US to not support a boycott.

    • "I say that it should be Zionists (Jewish or not)." Eljay
      I think we have to clarity the word responsibility. If you are talking about moral responsibility, of course, everyone has moral responsibility for their actions. I don't know that there is any moral responsibility for beliefs. For example, I can fantasize about rape or murder or theft, but that's just my fantasies. Where do we draw the line? Do people have moral responsibility for their dreams?
      Then, there is the issue of criminal responsibility. In the United States, beliefs and ideals are not subject to criminal responsibility as far as I know. You can support the genocide in South Sudan, the murder of Tutsis, or any sort of abhorrent regimes or people. That's not against the law unless you take actions that are prohibited, like trading with North Korea or paying bribes to foreign officials.
      It seems to me that the people who you call Zionists, those that like Israel and say publicly that they support Israel are not in violation of any current law. As far as moral responsibility, I don't think that liking or not liking something has anything to do with morality. If they take actions, beyond expressing an opinion, like let's say if they give money to the Israeli army, then surely they have a moral responsibility. But they would say that they are doing the moral thing and that you are immoral. Who gets to be the ultimate judges of this morality?

    • "I did not specify what form that accountability should take. Do you think it should be less than, comparable to or greater than the responsibility you feel older Jews should bear? " Eljay
      I don't think that people have any responsibility to hold a set of beliefs or not to hold one. I think that the majority of us would like to live in a society where any belief is permissible, including morally questionable ones. For example, there is no responsibility to NOT be a white nationalist, a Muslim or Jewish fanatic, anything really. I think that the expression of these beliefs should be free too, although there might be some benefit to excluding some very extreme ones like the advocating of rape, invasion of privacy, stuff like that. Voting, in my opinion should also be free and we should be able to vote for candidates who hold some very offensive opinions, like David Duke, Le Pen, whatever. Our "responsibility" is not to commit crimes, real crimes. I don't think that housing an illegal immigrant is a crime even if it is against the law. Anything that doesn't break the law is personal business. So I don't see any responsibility that Jews in America have regarding what beliefs they hold about Israel. Being a Zionist does not make one responsible for anything. Likewise, Americans don't have a responsibility to be against communism, even though my own experience with communism was much less than perfect.

    • "Zionists should bear all responsibility for what Israel’s actions. Non-Zionist Jews should not bear any responsibility." eljay
      Several questions - who is a Zionist? Someone who says "I am a Zionist", or someone who acts like a Zionist as defined by someone else? Who gets to distinguish Zionist vs. non-Zionist Jews, i.e. is it possible that some are in the middle?
      Also - when you say bear responsibility, what do you mean? Do we want to say that anyone that subscribes to a creed "bears responsibility" for all its shortcomings? So if the democrat Clinton bombed Serbian civilian cities, do all democrats "bear responsibility", or just those that approve. If just those that approve, that why all Zionists "bear responsibility"; why is it not possible to be a Zionist and not approve of a specific action.
      Finally, what is the "bear responsibility" practically - you mentioned ones that you think I should be kicked out of the United States because I was once illegal, even though I have lived here for 20 years, paid taxes, worked, and have a kid who is an American citizen. What in your mind should be done to Zionist Jews, let's say in America - should they be deported, hanged, made to pay money?

    • "Berthold Brecht said that everyone should speak about his own disgrace. Israel is ours."
      I don't see why younger Jews (I was born in the early 1970s) should bear any responsibility for what Israel does or does not do. Should Chinese-Americans be responsible about the ugliness of the communist regime in China? The point is not whether Israel is the best place or the worst place, it's neither really; but why should a four year old Jewish kid born in the the United States have to own up to any "disgrace" related to Israel. I am all for a negotiated settlement in Palestine, realizing how difficult that would be. But American Jews have nothing to do with this, unless they want to be involved. American Jews are actually safe of course - not because we are so loved, but because we are one of a hundred nationalities, religions, cultures, and creeds living here. We could go against each other, like in a prison riot, but unlikely that all the strains would combine against anyone (Armenians, Jews, Muslims, whatever).

  • US Ambassador blames Obama for 'absolute betrayal' of Israel, and Palestinians for killing the peace process
    • "Will David Friedman kindly tell us what he thinks the borders of Palestine should be?"
      He probably would say 1967 with agreed upon modifications. We may see that sooner rather than later provided that Gaza is liberated from Hamas. The final agreement will leave most people on both sides very unhappy.

  • Gideon Levy calls out Israel's fundamental, racist religion: Zionism
    • "contemporary Zionism is deranged and still oppresses the Palestinian people-as-policy and still relies on universal ritual defamation and still dehumanizes across the board"
      So you believe this - but how does that help the Palestinians? If there is ever going to be peace, how is insulting Israel bringing you closer to that goal? Or do you believe in a military solution, where Israel is destroyed but the Palestinians somehow survive? Or do you believe that boycotting Israeli products and Caterpillar is going to bring peace? Shouting "you are bad and I am just so much better than you" is great for here, but I promise you, it changes nothing. Actually, people have a way of responding poorly to insults.

  • Are you an auto-anti-Semite? Take this simple test
    • I am with eljay - we choose our identity. I like the idea of being 100% Aryan. No more this Turkish Slav stuff or celtics. Sorry Mooser, German Leftie is my Aryan sister.

  • Changing the narrative, from BDS to antifa
    • "Zionism post 1967 has placed a strong emphasis on the Holocaust and Jewish victimhood with the inherent anti-Gentilism that this necessarily entails." Keith
      there is no inherent anti-Gentilism in emphasizing the Holocaust. I think it is just something so important to Jews and it has nothing to do with Israel or Zionism. Babiy Yar happened and we care about it. I think most Jews understand (well at least I do) that the perpetrators are not alive. You have this illusion that if there were less movies about the Holocaust or WWII, Jews would just move on. It's not like that. Also, you are too influenced by Israel Shahak and putting in the same sentence two things that are apart, i.e. Jewish "victimhood" through the ages vs the Holocaust. We all can see that despite the pogroms and persecutions, Jews survived. I myself am a descendant of Jews who were kicked out of Spain. The genocide of WWII is not something we can just "move on" from, on the other hand. But please understand - there is no some universal "anti-Gentilism". Rather, we recognize that some people don't like Jews because they are Jews while others may not like Jews because of this alleged power or influence. The first type is the scary one, the second type is OK.

  • The United State of Israel and Palestine
    • "Didn’t you say you have a “high-level position in a local government" Kaisa
      Just to clarify, my position has no policy making authority. Meaning that policies are set by city council and the mayor and then executed by the mayor and those higher up than me. I am simply a finance guy and my opinions on matters like homelessness do not matter. The administration is thousands of people, there are many high level employees in specialized areas like medicine, information technology or finance.

    • "If you have “louzy jails, homelessness, crime, you name it”, do not come crying here. You are doing fine, so do something about it or bathe in your money. " kaisa
      What do you want me to do to solve homelessness, crime, and lousy prisons? Why do you think it is my responsibility to do this? And most important, you know how to reduce crime in America? Please share!

    • "So now, when you have made it from the powerty and abuse and are doing good, you are choosing to support oppression and abuse of other people in Palestine??" Kaisa
      I actually do not support oppression and abuse of other people in Palestine or anywhere else.
      There is plenty of oppression right where I live - out of control Police, third-world jails, homelessness, crime, you name it. Just because I live here doesn't mean I "support" it. I also don't support any "abuse" in Palestine - but that doesn't mean I have to agree with you or anyone else about what constitutes "abuse", or about how to end the "abuse". So, let's say, you are horrified by the conditions in American jails. Commenting on the internet might help you vent some frustration, but it won't in any way help the prisoners. If you want to really help, you have to engage with those that do not agree with you. If you actually want to help the Palestinians, you might achieve much more by talking to Israelis. But of course, that's harder - you can't just sermonize from a position of moral superiority. You choose "BDS", i.e. no buying Israeli cheese or Ben and Jerry's icecream. I happen to think that doesn't help Palestinians or anyone else.

    • "When Finns move to f.ex. Australia, they’ll rent or buy a house or a flat, they learn to speak the local language and they’ll obey the Australian laws and respect the locals."
      you present a very idealized version of immigration. I had to stay in the United States for years illegally, breaking all sorts of immigration laws. Now I have a quite high-level position in a local government and own businesses. People just don't like immigrants, we are territorial creatures. Of course, if you are a star of some kind, you get a welcome, but most of us are average or even below. Even in New Mexico, which is majority Hispanic, most people are not keen on more Mexicans coming in. Almost everyone here has a Spanish last name, many speak some Spanish but they still don't like Hispanic immigrants. The version of immigration you present - you move legally, everything is great, it happens when people move from one wealthy country to another, e.g. from Finland to Australia. Well, about 1/8 of Bulgarians left in the 1990s because you can only take so much crap and poverty and abuse. So people did all sorts of things they are not probably proud of.

  • As many as 1 million Israelis have left for the U.S.
    • "What a clever way of saying that Israel’s population is heavily weighted toward (and by) the aging and elderly." Mooser
      That might be but I wonder how you conclude that. According to wiki Israeli median age is 29 which is way younger than the other OECD countries.

    • There are three assumptions in this article that I am not sure are correct. This calculation of 6.5 million on both sides includes Gaza. But Israel has given up on Gaza and is building walls around it. The two sides are at war but Gaza is not really a part of the Israeli state. The second assumption is that if the label Apartheid is applied all will be well and Israel will be forced to retreat or something. But this is a new age now with powerful countries like India, Chia, Brazil, and Russia who are interested in economics and are not keen on participating in boycotts and so on. Third, Israel has many ways to reduce the growth of the Palestinian population in the West Bank - for example, by regulating water, utilities, medical services, checkpoints and so on. Indeed, that's what it is likely to do if the situation continues to deteriorate. In conclusion, none of this is great news for the Palestinians or at least those that envision an open and liberal state side by side with Israel.

  • On boycotts, Palestine, and resistance: a review of 'Assuming Boycott'
    • People from San Francisco can afford to demand the impossible - the return of 7 million refugees- because they have good lives. They are engaging in debates over whether eating Haagendasz vs Ben and Jerry ice cream would help bring the end of Israel. Meanwhile, Gazans have no electricity and are starving. If that's not let them eat cake type of stuff, I don't know what is.

  • 'We came to school and found the school destroyed': Israeli forces demolish West Bank school hours before children's first day
    • "You may think you do but, evidently, you don’t." Eljay
      That's probably true - I think that I see where you are coming from with people "choosing" their identity. I want to add though that identity is more like calculus than discrete mathematics - i.e. more like you can approach it but not reach it. You say you were Croatian and Italian - but if you delve in that you will find that these are illusory identities. For example, Italians can be Venetians and Romans and Sardinians and Neapolitans and sometimes they speak different languages. Now they are in the same country but in the future they may not be. There are Italians in France and Austria and other countries. Same with Croatians - if you looked into that origin, I bet there is German, or Serb, or Romanian, or Hungarian, or Turkish mixtures. In other words, you are thinking, my father is "Italian" or my mother "Croatian", but beneath it all there is other and other unlimited identities. For me, I am a dual citizen; I am New Mexican (which is so different from an Oregonian). I am Bulgarian, but within that identity, there are so many others, geographic ones, ethnic ones, even linguistic ones. My dialect from Sofia is completely different from some other regions. I do get a warm feeling when I think of Judaism but I am also incredibly bored during services and don't like nationalism. You say you are secular but I can't make up mind if I am secular or religious. On good days I am secular but on bad days I could use a little help from the powers that be. I am a mutt I guess.

    • "chose to relinquish the first three identities and to keep the fourth (because I’m a citizen of Canada)" eljay
      I think I know what you are saying. I feel for me that my identity as a manager in a local government, as an investor, or an American is somehow illusionary. Rather, I mostly still feel I am a little boy from downtown Sofia, running around with my friends and exploring the nooks and crannies of the old and decrepit stores, climbing roofs, picking cherries. It's like life after I am ten years old is a dream and all these things that matter on the outside, like money and power and looks and so on are just some silly cover that I put on. I am as innocent and ignorant now as I was then but have to appear knowledgeable...although Bulgaria is a big country and Sofia is a big city and I still mostly feel I am from this old city center area which is now completely changed.

  • White Jews: deal with your privilege and call out Jewish support for white supremacy
    • "She should be putting rates up and canceliing debt. As per the 50s . The Fed’s job is financial stability. It is running a Ponzi scheme." Mag
      The German 10 year yield is .38% and Japan yields .0009%. The US is 2.1% - 7 times more than Germany and 250 times more than Japan. Raising the rate strengthens the dollar which ruins the exports. Also, there is the stock market where all of our retirement resides including mine as a municipal employee. And anyway I thought that Jews are for usury - now you are blaming them that interest is too low?

    • "The Kochs, Milton Friedman, Cohn , Mitch McConnell, Yellen, Trump" Mag
      I am curious what your dissatisfaction with Yellen is, beyond her ethnic origin. She is not doing a good job? A Christian would raise interest rates? Or lower interest rates? What do you think the Fed should be doing, that she is not doing?

  • Jews are safer in Israel than U.S. because our kids drop their M-16s on the sofa -- NYT op-ed
    • "They were to be denied the recognition as a people they received in Europe.” festus
      I think you are missing mooser's sense of humor here, his sarcasm. In "Orange is the new black" one of the characters says "Where is this famous Muslim sense of humor?" To paraphrase, "Where is the famous anti-Zionist sense of humor?" Could it be that one can get more with humor than fire and brimstone? Who knows? Perhaps making people like you would be more effective than buying icecream not from Ben and Jerry's?!

  • Charlottesville is moment of truth for empowered U.S. Zionists (who name their children after Israeli generals)
    • I am not sure that we can disregard the possibility that both Charlottesville and Barcelona were events made possible by the dark hands of Mossad. It is interesting that so called terrorists would attack one of the cities most friendly to the Palestinians in Europe - Barcelona. Could it be that Israel is trying to stir up anti-Islamic sentiment? And of course we see the usual killing of all "suspects" in the aftermath, to silence anyone who might speak out. As to the neo-Nazi that ran into a crowd - that also seems very suspicious. Now everyone is talking about anti-Semitism, while the suffering of the Palestinians takes a back stage.

  • Video: Under protection from Israeli forces, settlers take over Palestinian home in Hebron's Old City
    • "including righteous Jews." Misterioso
      I am definitely not righteous; on the contrary I am the poster child for sins - lust, sloth, greed, you name it. I don't even believe in anything. It warms my heart to come to Mondo though and see people who just care. Who are generous, kind and most important moral. Because my own morality is pretty much selfishness.

  • Lessons from Finkelstein: International Law and equal rights should be the focus for Palestine solidarity
    • "When there is a really horrible situation with no obvious solution in sight, many people become inclined to wishful thinking." Sibiriak
      Horrible or not, we all have to do our bit to solve it. For example, I haven't bought Ben and Jerry ice cream in a long time. Also, I haven't bought Sabra hummus lately. I don't even own a Soda Stream machine. I make sacrifices like that so Gaza will get electricity.

  • Israel would use nuclear weapons to keep refugees from returning -- Noam Chomsky
    • "I notice you are moving further to the right" Amigo to Jon S
      He has finally understood that an agreement based on the 1967 lines is a delusion; rather, it's a first step towards demanding the 1947 borders, followed by the whole region from the river to the sea. And that the Palestinians would never compromise on the issue of the return of the 7 million refugees and their descendants - they can't even if they wanted to because the Arab states would never grant the refugees full citizenship. Mondoweiss is very enlightening to those on the Israeli left who think that there is a solution other than a continuous war. Just like all else in life, you fight, or you die. Well, of course, the boycott of Ben and Jerry ice cream might have devastating consequences for the Israeli economy so there is hope for you.

    • -it occurred to me chomsky’s reference to the use of nukes to prevent ror does not necessarily mean they would use them against palestinians-
      He is saying, simply, that only a full scale invasion and occupation of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv by foreign powers (by Egypt, Jordan, Iran, whoever) would force Israel to agree to a right of return. Surely, if Israel loses a conventional war so bad, that's what nukes are for - a last resort. Its an end of times scenario and that's why so many of those demanding ROR are old - they have less to lose in case of a nuclear war potentially engulfing the world. Also people who are not close to their children or just unhappy people.

    • "catalan, you seem to be a little confused. Is a repatriation of refugees an “invasion”?"
      Yes, if the refugees are members of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Hizbollah, that would be an invasion. Their primary goal would be the destruction of Israel as a state and the elimination of its Jewish population. As to what happened in the past - yes, the Jews invaded. However, they left a sizable Arabic population within the border of Israel. Despite the occupation, there are Arabs in the West Bank too. Under the scenario you propose - the "repatriation" of seven million members of an extremely hostile group to Israel, there would simply be a complete breakdown of social order: there are no resources or housing for doubling the population. Are there supposed to be judges in the future state who are members of Hizbollah and Hamas? What would the police force look like - Hamas guys and Jews patrolling the street together? Are terrorists going to be on welfare? The whole thing is like a bad movie plot - it will never happen, it's like these conversations college students have about hypotheticals. It's so stupid it's not worth the discussion. It's like, let's take the people who hate each most at work, who can't stand to look at each other, and lock them up in the elevator together. You know, for a social experiment. Because it would be so funny when they go at each others' throats.

    • "That pretty much sums up the history of Zionism. So why do you have a problem if this would go the other way around?"
      What makes you think you have a problem? That means that the status-quo remains. Israelis will go on vacation in India; Gaza will be without power; and the BDS folks will buy Dairy Queen instead of Ben Jerry's because that's really scary. Everyone wins, right?

    • What does the "return of refugees" mean in practice: Israel would allow, under this scenario, millions of Palestinians who now live in Gaza, Lebanon, Jordan, etc, to "return". Presumably, provide them with housing, healthcare, and welfare benefits. This is such lunacy on so many levels but the main problem is that these people are Muslims, many of them adherents of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, etc. For one, they could immediately vote themselves to live in some kind of a Muslim state, since they would have a majority. What would be the role of Jews in this now Islamic state? Chomsky is right, this is a red line and nuclear issue that would cause a new world war. But this issue has been a boon to the Israeli right wing who can now say - see, that's what they really want. All that talk of 67 is just bs, what they truly want is a full-scale invasion.

  • Zionism is apartheid, and worse
    • "True, but we’ll put up with it to achieve a greater good.” John O
      I doubt that the Palestinians in the West Bank will go for martyrdom in order for the refugees from Gaza to come back. Since Israel would use nuclear weapons to not let that happen, it seems that all that starving will be useless. The case of South Africa is different in that many whites there were willing to change the system. What BDS is asking Israel is to let Hamas set up central headquarters in Tel Aviv with government funding. After all, most leaders of Hamas are descendants of refugees from 1948 Israel.

    • "You are right, “Jack”, Israel should think long and hard about its intransigence." mooser
      There are millions of Arabs under Israel's control. If BDS ever caused actual food shortages (GDP per capita there is still 40K), who do you think would be actually dying of hunger first? If there is limited food, or electricity, or hospitals in Israel, what do you think the order of supply would be? Ironically, the best BDS can hope for is to starve the people it aims to help.

    • Happy to report that Israel ranked number 11 in the world in the United Nations happiness report for 2017- ahead of Ireland, the United States, and Germany: This is a huge surprise because I thought the boycotts of tomatos, Feta, wine, and Ben and Jerry's would have made them unhappy. Our commenter Yoni, on the other hand, does not seem happy at all.

  • Dershowitz and Chomsky agree on one thing
    • "Still carping about anti-Semitism — real or imagined — from many decades ago but not a peep about Jewish power today. Amazing."
      We don't carp anymore. Israel will continue to destroy the enemy with an iron fist and without mercy. I love it.

    • “I’m 61, a generation younger than these men, and I grew up with the communal expectation that anti-Semitism would affect the course of my life”
      Antisemitism, like other racisms, is just dumb. It really doesn't deserve all that analysis. Are Blacks more stupid than whites? Dumb question. Do Jews control the world? Same. All this analysis of this stupidity is a waste of time. That said, idiots can sometimes rise to the top, become journalists, etc. For example, Bernie and Trump are now are two of the most famous leaders. Is either of them very intelligent? Of course not- they both have the vocabulary of morons, they don't speak any foreign languages, they don't have any sort of advanced degrees...
      So while antisemitism is extremely stupid, that doesn't mean that we should underestimate its adherents. Indeed, stupid people who are also mean make the worst enemies. Idiots can be very shrewd at a gut level- like Hitler and many other uneducated sociopaths.

  • If you can't say 'equal rights,' I can't work with you
    • "Right now I see no reason for optimism. In fact, matters just get worse."
      Well I am a regular reader of Mondoweiss and very optimistic - BDS is forcing people to buy Haagendazs ice cream instead of Ben and Jerry's because Ben and Jerry's sells in the settlements. Also people in droves are going for French and Greek Feta over the Israeli one. European wines are chosen over the ones from Golan. This will force Israel, very soon, in fact probably in the next few months, to allow 7 million refugees and their descendants to come back and to retreat behind the partition borders (not the 67 borders, it will go all the way to partition). So there is huge reasons for optimism. The only thing is, the winning side is very bitter, I don't know why they kick the opponent when they are down.

    • "This article is sort of like some bad dates I’ve had. "
      You mean women are not interested in a guy who spends his time uncovering Jewish conspiracies?

  • 'I will not be bullied, intimidated threatened over my unshakeable support for Palestinian liberation' -- Linda Sarsour
  • As Israeli soldiers crushed Gaza, world Jewry united, and sent Ben & Jerry's ice cream to the front
    • The boycott of Ben and Jerry is so interesting - they are massive supporters of Bernie Sanders and it is heartwarming to see his supporters split now over this. Like Soda Stream, Unilever - the owners of Ben and Jerry are doing fantastic. This suggests that these boycotts actually help companies.

  • Debunking the 2 claims: anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism, and BDS unfairly singles out Israel
    • Talkback,
      In a response to me you stated that by your own estimation you are very intelligent while I am stupid. I accept that of course but I do wonder: why not harness this amazing brain power of yours to liberate the Palestinians? Why do you bother replying to mental midgets like myself on blogs that are already pro - Palestinian?

    • "possibly from a computer generated composite repeated to illicit jealous or anger? "
      Why be jealous or angry?All statistics - HDI, happiness, longevity show that Israel is one of the best places in the world to live in. Same with American Jews, who are the wealthiest group in one of the richest countries. Gaza and the West Bank are on the other hand, according to the same statistics, some of the worst places to live in. I love this situation.

    • "Maybe he is just trying to debunk the myth that Jews as such are intelligent. So far his being very succesful." Talkback
      I am of course not smart. Michael Spivak and John Milnor are smart. I do have one ability which is to accumulate some major wealth through my business. As it happens, I am very happy to be stupid and wealthy. Everything is vanity anyway but might as well wait for the end in comfort.

    • "not Slavo-Turkic in origin. Rather Berber or possibly Celtiberian." Echi
      So according to you, I am Berber. Either way, not sure what my business is here in native American country. Still, I like it, and plan to stay. I am very light skinned though so these Berbers must have played around quite a bit.

    • "Palestinians, i.e. human beings that are native to the landmass of Palestine through ancestral ties to the land" Bont
      I wish I was ancestral to any land - but I live in New Mexico and am apparently of Slavo-Turkish origin (even though my ancestors spoke Spanish), so I guess I am a stranger here. Although I do feel pretty connected to the trees in my backyard and would hate to lose my house.
      I guess a lot of people feel like you have to live where you were born (within a certain radius perhaps?). But then what if you were born in El Paso - you are a step away from Mexico, and thousands of miles from Washington, DC, and yet they say you are "American" and not Mexican. I was born in Sofia, which is much closer to Serbia than the geographic center of Bulgaria, so why am I Bulgarian and not Serb? I always get confused with who is native to what. I also do not understand the mystery "ties" that people have to a "land". Like, I don't have any ties to anything. I just go to work and come back home. People must have some special connections to things.

    • "Israel, North Korea, Pakistan and Iran came out worst in terms of how they are viewed globally”-amigo
      Who cares about polls, i.e. questions asked by agenda-driven observers to those that are crazy enough to answer strangers on the phone? The relevant thing is business, and Israeli business with India, China, Russia, Turkey and Brazil is booming - and that's where the future is. Look at the video of Netanyahu with Modi dipping their feet in the Mediterranean, or the welcome that was given to Netanyahu in China. The point is, Jews are well liked in the countries where there are many of them - i.e. the United States, France, UK, and Germany; and Israel is doing incredibly well, with a Human Development Index ranking ahead of Belgium, France, Luxembourg, and Italy. Impressive!

    • "Are you really this stupid, “catalan”?" Mooser
      Like Socrates, I accept my complete ignorance. But answer this, so you think it is a complete coincidence that since the founding of Israel, Jews went from a detested and despised minority to the most liked and admired group in the West? Just look at it - both Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton married Jews. Our college acceptance test scores and grades are the highest of any minority. Being Jewish has become from a massive liability and danger to a huge asset in exactly the same period that Israel has existed.
      I personally think that Israel has something to do with this immensely positive change.

    • "A little pity, maybe, or some contempt." mooser
      since the creation of Israel, Jews outside of Israel are enjoying unprecedented success, acceptance and tranquility. Before Israel, we had persecution, pogroms, Holocaust, and discrimination. After Israel, we are liked to such a degree that countries open their doors specifically for Jews - e.g. Germany's invitation to the Soviet Jews, and Spanish and Portuguese invitation to Sephardic Jews. The notion that Israel increases antisemitism is just absolutely ludicrous in light of the evidence. The smallest expressions of antisemitism are condemned by almost everyone. Israel has dramatically improved the quality of life of all Jews.
      Indeed, it ensures your survival too.

    • "the modern state of Israel does not advance Jewish interests around the world – quite the opposite!" JosephA
      I feel that it advances my interests very much. It is nice to know that if someone gets any funny ideas about harming Jews, Israel can take them out. I am all for free speech and expressing dislike for Jews on the internet. That tells me we are doing great - people are jealous of our intelligence and success.

    • "Uncritical Jewish identification with oppressive Israeli policies fuels anti-Semitism"
      I must be one of the rare Jews that actually loves anti-Semitism. If the regular commenters on Mondoweiss or Al-Jazeera actually started LIKING Jews, I would be really scared. I would be, like, holy crap, what's wrong with me? But them not liking me, that shows me the world is in order. Why would I want bad people to like me? That would mean I am bad as well.

  • 'Transferring' Palestinian citizens of Israel to a Palestinian state goes from outrage to Netanyahu policy
    • "Territory belongs to all its legitimate inhabitants whether they own real estate, rent or lease real estate or live homeless under a bridge."talknic
      I totally agree and I am sure the homeless men and women living under the bridges in Albuquerque feel the same way. Like, they feel that the United States definitely belongs to them and they are proud Americans for getting such a bargain. They wouldn't want for us to invaded by, say, Sweden, who would force such inconveniences on them as comfortable housing, food, clothing and healthcare, all for free. No sir, they are proud of living under the bridges and begging on the streets next to Costcos and Walmarts. It is true you should come by and check for yourself.

    • "Maybe along the same lines the US will give away Brooklyn and other Jewish neighborhoods to Israel. "ahadhaadam
      Given the state of the American healthcare, prison, retirement, and education systems we would expect that most Americans would be soon working as illegals in these Jewish neighborhoods. Not to mention that the top 5 percent of earners (many of them Jews) pay about 80 percent of the total income tax, which means that the remaining America would be a financial basketcase on par with the poorest South American and African countries. Kind of funny, imagining America without the Jewish neighborhoods. Just like in Israel, the Muslims in Detroit would soon be moving to Brooklyn.

  • 'Lack of hope' drives Palestinians to carry out terrorist attacks, State Department says
    • "The Rand Corporation, the US think-tank, says the costs could be more than three times higher: $47bn over 10 years”" amigo
      Ok let's go with the higher estimate. So the choice would be to lose 4.7 Billion a year on the one hand due to boycotts ($500 per citizen); and on the other hand, give up the strategic West Bank, allow 7 million hostile aliens, evacuate hundreds of thousands of settlers; and begin living in a Muslim majority country. I think it's a no-brainer.

    • Maybe a simple counter theory as to why you think so much money (including israel gov funding) is being poured into stopping bds?
      Annie, Israel has a $350 billion economy. Is spending a few million on PR to counter boycotts really that much? Johnson and Johnson's marketing budget is several billion.

    • " It seems the zionists are putting in millions of shekels to try and stop the BDS movement, they have lost millions of shekels, and are desperate." Kay
      Perhaps Kay they are desparate. The Zionists in Israel I know have a very nice standard of living, vacation in Greece, travel, and live some of the longest lives on the planet. The American Zionists, well, I think we can agree we are doing rather well too. So I haven't met these desperate Zionists but sure, if you say so.

    • "It is obvious that the Palestinians have no hope, are depressed, and full of anger." Kay
      And here I thought that the victory of BDS over Israel is around the corner. I just don't understand why they are depressed if they are winning.

  • Israeli minister says Palestinians are bringing a 'third Nakba' upon themselves
    • "Finally and most importantly will you and your family be upping stakes and going off to Israel to fight the good fight in this war and help with the resultant daily grind of rounding up and expelling the Untermenschen" Ossinev
      No, not at all. I am planning to watch it from here, on CNN or Youtube or whatever. As to how it would happen, you look at Syria or Iraq for example. People leave when the going gets tough...and Israel has the willingness and capacity to make it very tough for the enemy. Where would these people go - maybe to Saudi Arabia, or they can go to France. Or Germany, they have good benefits for refugees. Then they can join the boycott movement; I personally think both Greek and French Feta are at least as good if not better than the Israeli one, so they can eat French Feta in France.

    • The minister is correct and he is warning should be heeded. The next war will result in the expulsion of the Palestinians from the regions Israel will keep, such was the Jordan valley. They can then go to Europe and boycott Israeli tomatoes.

  • 'Netanyahu doesn't have a vision for peace,' Gillibrand says at town hall aroused by boycott bill
    • I agree that Netanyahu's vision is for war. As it should be for a responsible leader. War is the normal state of human affairs. Peace happens when we die.

  • My latest encounter with a stranger
  • How 1967 changed American Jews
    • Sibiriak,
      Terms like deligitimization, image, etc. are so abstract that there is no point in discussing them. I continue to believe that BDS has become an institution with all its trappings, particularly the need to self-perpetuate. Institutions do not thrive unless they have proper accountability mechanisms. For instance, Theresa May lost about 12 seats. So people want her to go. Or if a CEO is not meeting revenue targets, he gets fired. However, what are the accountability mechanisms of BDS? What targets are to be met? It seems to me that the attitude is, if anything at all happens it is good. What is the timeline? There are no answers to these questions, obviously. Importantly, nobody has explained the connection between harm to Israel and its acceptance of the demands. If Israeli kids are dying on the streets from hunger would it accept seven million refugees? Of course not, then they would die from being killed in a civil war. It doesn't matter because a movement will always find its unquestioning adherents. Just like North Korean soldiers would die for the fatherland. Or look at how the Athenians killed Socrates because he dared to ask the hard questions.

    • Misterioso,
      the articles do not address the points I made. Suppose you want to retire. Success is defined as having 5 million at the age 65. First we have determined the amount that it would allow me to retire, which is 5 million. Second, we have a clear target to reach. If I don't have 5M at 65, I cannot retire.
      Now, let's apply that to BDS. First, what is the harm to Israel that causes it to allow refugees to come back in and withdraw from the occupied territories? I have no idea, but for the sake of argument, let's say 20% of GDP.
      Second, how close is BDS to having Israel lose 20% of GDP? Not close at all.
      Your definition of success - that Israel is worried, that it spend money on countering BDS, is like saying, I have 30 dollars, I can retire, I am a success. No, you are not, because you need 5M.

    • Misterioso,
      arguing about the success or failure of BDS is meaningless without appropriate quantitative benchmarks on which both sides can agree. Those benchmarks could be in terms of harm to Israel, benefit to the Palestinians, or both. Since the benefit to the Palestinians is an indirect consequence of the harm to the Israelis, i.e. the Israelis suffer therefore they elect a left wing government which ends the occupation, I think that we should focus on the direct consequence of BDS - harm to the Israelis. Now, how many times hophmi talks about it is not a benchmark because that does not affect Israel. So can you show, what are the benchmarks that you use to determine that the movement is a "success"? Like, how much did it reduce Israeli exports? Or how much Israelis stocks lost value because they were divested from? In other words, what is your criteria that BDS is "successful" - what is the threshold of harm to Israel that would lead to achieving the goals of BDS (return of refugees, ending the occupation, changing Israeli laws). Once we agree on a criteria, it would be very easy to check against it. Like in a game of poker, you call the other player. If Israel lost 10% of its GDP due to BDS, would it accept the three goals of BDS? Perhaps. How close is BDS to getting Israel to lose 10% of its GDP? Not very.

    • "So, only leftists are thoughtful, and everything else is propaganda. "-
      I am thinking to attend the People's Summit in Chicago this weekend. We have a lot of rich people in New Mexico, and I think I can be the voice of the people. I would like to learn how to get elected. For example, I could start my career with a City Council seat in Albuquerque. I would like to run as a democratic socialist: rich people will pay more in taxes, we will provide free healthcare and education including day care, we will break up the banks, and fight the neoliberals. I will even promise to save the Palestinians in the process. I think New Mexico is ripe for my election.

  • Maqloube denied! Celebrating Ramadan dinner at the checkpoint in Hebron
    • "Is breaking up in fits of laughter the same as sobbing in Ziolosophy?" - Ossinev
      I am glad you find the situation in the Middle East so funny. I do too. Perhaps we can get together and laugh about it together over a beer. I thought that you were one of those that like to sob and whine about it all, glad you are not.

    • "The Ziobots have form for claiming Arab dishes as being traditional Jewish dishes from their ancient historic never to be forgotten (sob) homeland. " - Ossinev
      About half of Israelis originate from "Arab" countries, surely they cooked similar dishes. Also - you are the one doing the sobbing these days: Jews are about a third of Ivy League graduates and Israel has a GDP per capita similar to that of Italy. We run the show, you sob.

  • Making the crossover from Elie Wiesel to Marc Ellis
    • "earn your pay instead of using the companies time to spout irrelevant twaddle. " - amigo
      It's not a company, it's the government - they treat people more humanely, you know. Either way, I love you - you clearly have a sense of humor, which is the best tell of a good person. One thing that unites all haters is their dark views of the world, from Adolph to Yoni Falic, they are always a sad bunch. Good for you that you can laugh, you will live longer that way.

    • "I never understood why Elie Wiesel is considered so special. "-
      Some people like him, some do not. Some people like Marwan Bargouti, others think that he is a murderer lucky to be alive and getting way better treatment than he deserves. You see, it's all in the viewpoint.

  • 'To live or to perish' -- Norman Finkelstein on the Six-Day-War and its mythology
    • "bernie sanders made a video addressing israelis today for the 50year occupation anniversary. “this occupation must end”: -"
      He is an amazing man. Such a truly rare thing to see a politician who cares. He would have made higher education free, healthcare free, freed Palestine from oppression. Minimum wage would be higher and there would only be small banks that offer low interest rates. America would lead the world in everything, Palestine would be free. If only the DNC had not conspired against him, we would live in a totally different world.

    • Does Schumer strike anyone as an extremely bright person? - festus
      He does strike me as extremely bright. New York is an exceptional state - great universities, Wall Street, architecture, economy, culture, there is an abundance of bright people. It's also a very liberal state. For a person to be able to overcome all the other democrats in the state in order to become the one of two senators from New York, that does strike me as exceptional. So in the field of politics, he is obviously extremely bright. That doesn't mean he knows physics or ancient Greek. But it does mean that he is brilliant in his chosen field.
      But that's my definition of the word "bright". If your definition of "bright" is to anonymously comment on how bad Israel is and Jews rule the world, then he is not extremely bright, rather he is extremely stupid. Under that definition, talknic and yourself would be extremely bright.

  • Oren sees 'radical implosion' of US Jewish support for Israel -- then calls Palestinian polygamy 'existential threat'
    • It’s “toe the line”, not “tow the line”.

      Thank you RoHa. As I wrote it, I began thinking about it and started conjuring images of a bunch of people towing some line (while fishing?) together and this did not make sense because towing is a voluntary action and I was trying to show something as forced. But then you know how it is once you hit the "post comment" button.
      Either way, the point stays that it would be hard for anyone in Russia to say anything against Putin. He could probably get the IP address of anyone here though and if so wished, shut any of us up. One has to be cautious and avoid strange car accidents.

    • The definitive shift against colonialism in international law occurred in 1960. - Sibiriak
      I was thinking what is the reason that sibiriak always expresses the official Russian government line. And it struck me that he has basically disclosed who he is, after all how many Americans immigrate to Russia? So he has no choice but to tow the line of Putin otherwise he would lose his citizenship. It is entirely possible that he has now begun believing that Putin and Assad are great guys due to the Stockholm syndrome. There is also evidence that people lie best when they believe their own lies. He reminds me of all the true believers in Bulgaria in the communist days. In his case though it is very obvious that he has no choice, Putin is not known to treat this type of stuff lightly and we all know his goons monitor boards like this one.

  • Mother Palestine takes on her most diabolical enemy yet -- Apartheid!
  • The responsibility of non-Zionist Jews during the 'year of Zionist anniversaries'
    • "Nothing would satisfy Israeli leaders more than an outbreak of lethal antisemitism in the West, particularly in the U.S. with its 5.3 million mostly Ashkenazi Jews. " -
      Yes, it is very likely in the US that all the Blacks, Hispanics, Whites, Indians, Native Americans etc. will abandon their differences and join hands in fighting the common enemy - the Jews (who in America are not registered anywhere so nobody knows who they actually are). Especially likely to happen in New Mexico where I am legally allowed to buy a gun arsenal and carry a gun anywhere. I am extremely worried about mass violence against Jews, sounds like a real possibility.

  • If Trump is serious we may be seeing the most significant step in 20 years of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations
    • "if some troll wants to argue the occupation is smart, be my guest. - "
      Ok so I guess you are saying that without the occcupation Israelis would be happier, richer, and healthier. Why? They won't be richer because BDS would continue until there is right of return. Why would Israelis be happier and healthier withi T the occupation. Because they would lose he next war much easier? To me it seems that occupation is a rational choice that any self interested actor would take in that situation. Perhaps you do t like it. I don't like it that dentists are so expensive. But me. It liking something does not make it "stupid".

    • I took the high school drop out rate for here It says that 25 percent of freshmen fail to graduate on time.
      But the point I was trying to make is that Israelis are not a stupid group of people - as shown by HDI, life expectancy, happiness, and a myriad of other indicators. Americans, despite their wealth, are not a happy people. I explain that with their high level of bitterness, anger, stress, etc. It is just funny when you hear Americans lecture other, happier and healthier people. A lot of commenters fear for Israel and predict its demise. I actually fear for America more - it is clear that we are getting more and more dysfunctional.

    • "stupid is foreva"
      US high school drop out rate - 25%. Israel rate - 1.9%.
      Health adjusred life expectancy - Israel - 8 in the world.
      The US - 31 in the world. It seems just based on statistics that Israelis are smarter (in the sense of smart life choices) than Americans.

  • In groundbreaking resolution, California Democratic Party decries US support for Israeli occupation
    • "From what I’ve heard about other Western countries, most Jews vote conservative. - "
      This is just terrible. I am appalled that Jews vote conservative. How dare they? Nobody else does. Indeed, I think it has to do with our inherent selfishness. We are just too tribal. But I am still stunned that Jews don't check with anonymous German "lefties?" before voting. Sounds criminal.

    • "No doubt your company is deadly –not only for philosophers". - Echi
      Why do you think so? I am an excellent listener and fun to hang with. The internet is a very binary environment. Everything is are you for or against...I function better dealing with human problems, you know, family, kids, work stuff. Nobody in real life talks the way people do here. Or maybe I should say, sociopaths do. Normal people accommodate, compromise, etc. People just accept the world and then try to get by. The whole thing is, you can't function well in constant confrontation.

    • "Inevitably, in pursuit of its own best geopolitical and economic interests, the United States will set Israel adrift. -" misterioso
      Beyond death and taxes, nobody knows anything. But since you know that Israel will collapse (and its stock market with it) you can make a ton of money just based on that prediction alone. Then start an organization to help the Palestinians. They need it- Israel is number 8 in life expectancy, Palestine 110 (interestingly, ahead of Russia and Ukraine). Well maybe you can help Russia first. Putin looks great naked but his people die young.

    • "According to your fellow Zionists, anyway." Eljay
      Throughout my life I have always tried to not do or even care what the majority does. I like the company of dead philosophers best.

    • Of course, Israel’s evident moral and spiritual annihilation is of no concern to you, as a Jew. - Sibiriak
      Not of any concern. I just live my life - I am not an Israeli citizen. There are all sort of Jews - some great, some not so. However, for many people, my being born Jewish is the problem and they want my death because of it. Israel with its many Jews provides a useful distraction for them for the time being. I have no doubt that I am next in line once they are done with Israel.

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