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  • Smile -- it's the Upper West Side
    • Ritzl, I think the congregants also should have a pre discussion before the meeting, so you don't have members wanting to say somthing, but fear that they will not be supported by the others. The opposition often uses shills in the audience, so why not come prepared.

    • "double bind..."

      It's a bind of your own making. Don't invite the Rabbi and his council person into your house of worship - you guys are all grown up and can make decisions for yourself (ask yourself would they ever invite you to their Shul and get your perspective?). You and your fellow congregants are clearly are being manipulated with this tactic, and they are playing you and your congregation because your liberal UWS ideology causes you to feel trapped.

      I thought there was going to be something positive someone said in the audience. So everyone endured the guilt trip and no one had anything to say to counter this discussion? If you were only recently in Gaza you didn't have the burning desire to say anything opposing this rabbi?

  • By stressing accused Orlando shooter's Muslim name, Trump can gain upper hand on Clinton -- Michael Oren
    • Good point, and when the state is Israel killed more than 1500 civilians in Gaza in 2014, of course the killing occurs under the guise of the paramount safety of the Jewish state, hardly any news outlets in the US media made any stink about it. The were no op-eds challenging the slaughter.

      495 children in Gaza died during that war. Collective punishment is acceptable when Israel does it, but it's an horrid aberration when it is done to them.

  • Condemn! Condemn!
    • Al Jazeera had a sound documentary entitled : The Day Israel Attacked America.

      AJ shut down this year because the cable provider oligarchs would not allow them to share a posted links. So much for 'Freedom of the Press'.
      See below-

      AJAM’s contracts with cable providers prohibited it from “re-purposing” its news clips on its own Web site, thus cutting off a key circulation path in an age of social-media sharing. “It’s been a tremendous handicap,” said Ray Suarez, the former “PBS NewsHour” journalist who hosts AJAM’s “Inside Story.” “People have asked where they can see a show online or where they could get a clip in order to post a link. And we’ve had to say, ‘Those things are not available.’ ”

  • The List: Cuomo's anti-BDS executive order is a first amendment nightmare
    • Cuomo has overstepped his bounds, but he watches meister Hillary and sees how he can emulate a run for president by placating these corrupting anti-democratic forces with an executive order. Not only in the USA, Crony Zionism is a immense corrupting force in the political world.

      Not sure about Latuff's comic where Cuomo is getting a ghastly massage from Senator McCarthy, it would be more apt if the image were the WZO or ADL. Alas, not realizing their hypocrisy, the zionists would cry antisemitism at such a comic.

      Is this Cuomo's first executive order? That would not bode well in a presidential run. It's basically saying he decides personally how New York businesses will behave toward a supposed ally. Nice move Cuomo - you are one slick guy...

  • Trump's America is fascist, says Bret Stephens, but Netanyahu's Israel smells like a rose
    • Media doesn't say jack when it comes to Jewish racism, and their pork pie Israel. Netanyahu and Israel as a whole, are much more racist and vile than Trump. Why the reference to the South? is that even valid today.

    • The double standard is glaringly obvious today. The point about one US wall reinforcing a border while the Jewish Wall that cuts through another inhabitants land is a good one! But the msm doesn't look at the glaring hypocrisy, they only change the subject, cause they've got no leg to stand on.

      Even Fareed could have called out Bret on his hypocrisy, but they (the media agents) are all happy to get paid, and not challenging the corrupted status quo. Rick Sanchez was a reminder to any media shill that goes off script.

  • Cut the Gordian Knot -- a response to Ban Ki-moon's landmark speech
    • "there are 130 jewish holocaust museums.. and one for native americas"

      wow, that is pathetic. And then who runs Holocaust museums? I recall that the US government gets to foot the bill for their upkeep and maintenance. What a scam, if that's the case...

      And when do we get statues of Lenin and Trotsky? The Satanists are pushing for Baphomet statues in the town square.

  • Merry Christmas and get out of Israel, you blood-drinking Christian vampires
    • He looks like he could be John Goodman's cousin. I hope Israel and their cretins keep this
      going because it will be so much easier to cut the umbilical cord from the USA, a majority Christian nation, that has endlessly fueled Israel's existence (Muslims and Christians have more in common anyway as far as religion goes).

      Let the entitled nation of eight million Israelis stand on it's own two feet and see how far they get without asking uncle Sam for another handout. They can't handle independence or self rule because the world is not going to return to animal sacrifices atop the third temple. It's sad, but Israel is an anomaly that probably wouldn't survive a year on it's own if it weren't for the western governments and leaders catering to Zionist money and subversive power. All the bought and paid for US republican candidates, all mooching for Jewish money so they can stay in the race is truly pathetic.

  • Adam Sandler says he's devoted to Israel because of his parents
    • Stern and Sandler have made their careers on acting like goofy teenage boys. It's no wonder they see eye to eye on this issue.
      Many NY Jewish boys cheer for Israel like it's some sort of grand team. You can witness it at the Israel day parade.

  • Trump and Netanyahu call it off
    • I think it should be noted that Trump is more of a wild card, whereas Rubio or Cruz are solidly groomed to take heed from their Zionist patrons.

      Surely after the RJC schmooze-fest this last week Adelson & friends had a conference call with Yahu about how to proceed. And they don't want Trump because he said, 'I don't need your money'. That's a slap in the face to the king makers of the US presidency.

  • Bragging that she and Israel were born within months, Hillary Clinton wants to take relationship to 'next level'
    • Every candidate panders to Israel because every candidate needs Jewish money.
      This last American century has proven that many cannot survive without it, so
      they endlessly pander at the peril of their own nation.

  • Obama can tie Israel's hands? 'Shtuyot!' says Aryeh King
    • There's an eerie quality you capture when you go on these insider missions, but always interesting to hear about Jews pretending they are cowboys & indians of the last century. Especially these overgrown hellions in the Upper East or West Side overlooking Central Park yammering about their version of the Judean Wild West. They are so insidious to the US foreign and domestic policies.

    • 'worst in human nature for guidance'

      see neocon Michael Ledeen's book on Machiavelli. C Span covered it decades ago.

  • Israeli police shoot two scissors-wielding Palestinian teenage girls, killing one
    • What country are you living in?
      Its name is Israel -it's not of the east or the west and their modus operandi today seems to operate on whatever they can get away with and still get support from their corrupted US patron and the zionillionaires that underwrite this corrupt nation. But I am sure inside their bubble they see all the great things that they are accomplishing, only a few decades more of criminal occupation and things will be just dandy for the start up nation. We all must have patience for the great things to come...

  • Israel isn't worried about ISIS
    • Oded Yinon plan

      I don't think the Israeli borders will end even if all of Palestine is consumed by Israel. The Yinon plan seemed to transmute into the 'clean break strategy' which then morphed into PNAC. And since the Neocons rose to prominence post 9-11 and are desperate to control middle east policy, the implementation of Clean Break seems like it's going well - Israel is the kingdom where the surrounding states are becoming the surfdom. And Iraq has been razed, and now it's Syria. Even Egypt has another yes man dictator back after Mbarak.

  • Leading anthropologists group overwhelmingly passes BDS resolution at Denver conference
    • The difference is that the Rosenbergs were innocent and were framed by the McCarthyists and anti-Semites. They were principled communists.

      I've heard that Ethyl may have been innocent in the past, but not Julius. I'm talking about Alexander Vassiliev notebooks:
      "The Vassiliev notebooks also shed light on the impact the Rosenberg ring had on the Korean war. Combined with declassified FBI files and other sources, the Vassiliev notebooks make it possible to construct a detailed timeline of Julius Rosenberg's espionage ring that reveals that it provided the USSR with detailed information about hundreds of weapons systems, including many that were developed too late for use in World War II that were used in anger for the first time in Korea.6 These weapons, such as land- and air-based radar, the proximity fuse, analog computers for aiming antiaircraft artillery, and jet airplanes, were the core military technologies of the early Cold War."

      If you have any links that the Rosenbergs were victims of an antisemitic trap, please provide. It sounds interesting.

  • Video: Undercover Israeli soldiers kill one, arrest one inside Hebron hospital
    • Not many I'd gather after the Gilad Shalit prisoner exchange. 1 soldier for 1,027 prisoners.
      But half of the prisoners were probably guilty of minor offences, and too costly to keep them locked away and fed daily.

    • One has to wonder what the IDF would do if confronted by a REAL enemy army?

      True to form, they'd lobby the USA to fight that battle and the media would parrot that the Jewish people are at risk of extinction, so it's a battle that must be fought.

      Israel is only successful at air strike ops, not a ground wars with a real army. Their success is when they are shooting men with make shift grenades and their children and claiming they are terrorists.

      And, what ever happened to the underground Hamas 'control centers' deep within the Gaza hospitals?

      The ones where Israel in 2014 had to destroy more than 7+ hospitals because of the supposed Hamas operations centers. Do we get to see a picture of the remains of this operation center? Seems like that was complete propaganda to destroy the medical infrastructure for Gazans to survive. Very ugly that not one media agency has followed this up.

  • Netanyahu brings neocons and liberal Zionists together again
    • Eisner was the same person who said last year that the Presbyterian divestment was anti-semetic. I'm not sure why 'liberal' is before the word zionist, as they should probably be called soft-core zionists. 'Liberal' is too generous for these types.

      Have any of these liberal Zionists called for real measures to change the fundamental corrupt nature of Israel? It seems they are more concerned about managing Israel's image (and Jewishness) instead of real plans that would create solutions. Zionism has no business being liberal, only tribalists within like to brand themselves as liberals.

  • The titter-tape charade
    • From what I read, CAP is Clinton/Soros production but doesn't disclose all of it's sources for capitol. I wonder if these past incident of supposed 'anti-semitism' have brought CAP under the microscope of the Lobby.

      1. In 2011, "(Ben) Smith quoted a CAP analyst writing at a ThinkProgress sub-site, Middle East Progress, comparing Israel’s Gaza policy to “segregation in the American south.” Unnamed ThinkProgress officials were reported as saying that the Center’s goal was to open political space to President Obama’s left"

      2. "The Anti-Defamation League (ADL)... also objected to the appropriateness of some ThinkProgress staffers’ comments. It warned against characterizing Americans who supported closer alignment with Israel as “Israel-Firsters.”

    • But she's chummy with the Clintons - working with them over decades, so no wonder she's fawning over this guy. Hillary needs money to churn her dishonest campaign machine
      and zionists are rich with cash dollars. Another example of the symbiotic relationship of
      power for money.

      I was thinking it could also be a nervous laugh, as she probably wants to rip his throat out, if she's really some liberal but resorted to an uncomfortable laugh being the president of CAP.
      At any rate, she didn't ask any tough questions?

  • Israel gets to use violence. Palestinians don't. That's the rule
    • I think Obama in his desire to be liked by all, has a hard time when it comes to standing up principles and following through. He obviously has little support in the Beltway, but surely he was cajoled by zio-people in gov't who know that Yahu issue is making citizens angrier in the US and is ultimately bad for Israel's unending occupation, so they sweet talked Obama to have him 'mend fences'.

      That, and the Democrats are known weaklings who will forget about past issues and euphemistically aim 'to look to the future'. (Recall f'ing coward Obama did this with the subprime mortgage crisis.) And not to be forgotten is that Jewish money has contributed up to 60% in presidential elections in the past (per wash post). So he won't get to go out to East Hampton and Martha's vineyard, and is probably afraid of becoming Jimmy Carter.

  • I went from Bar Mitzvah to BDS at Temple Emanu-el
    • Ha. Do you mean Thanksgiving? Is that Gentile or American- at least you're past the 2015 high holy holidays.

    • Old Zionists are very set in their ways. The get agita at the mere mention of Israel. They are often insufferable on the topic which is why so many younger kids try to ignore the reality of Zionism, to not upset uncle Lenny.

    • 'finding antizionists among the earlier generations should be much easier'

      Where are they now if they exist? But the established power since 1967 has been Zionism, where Bundism AZ's were cast aside. They probably lost the debate and had little media influence to counter the Zionists (even though it's still largely taboo to discuss). And similar to when Sephardic power dwindled in Europe and the new Eastern European Jewish power had taken the reigns. Either way, someone needs to press on and stand up to Zionism, but the willing AZ ranks this last decade have been unimpressive, i.e. JVP sideshow. Money rules all in this war.

    • What Israeli has been evicted by a Palestinian in the last decade?

      I can only imagine getting booted from my home, with children
      and dog to boot, so some greasy settlers could squat in my crib,
      all sanctioned by the Israeli terrorist government.

    • Great tale Rob. I appreciate the wit and your lack of b/s - it really comes through here.
      I wish I was in Emanu-El to hear that question. A you-tube moment, that was surely
      missed, and I could only imagine the tension.

      I hope that as we progress the elderly holocaust generation, that gets completely bonkers at the slightest criticism of Israel, will be finally phased out, as they are like scattered clouds that obscure the light, even if they think they mean well.
      Much of the fervor for Jews supporting Israel today is likely compounded from all the latent pressure that aunts & uncles, etc. apply to their next Jewish generation. Good that you stood up, even if it were all seniors. Who knows, it could have evoked some delayed reaction in some of them, where in a half year they'll see it differently. I've noticed the elderly don't move too quick in thought or action.

  • Netanyahu flips the bird to Obama -- 2200 more settlement units!
    • A4Tech,

      Your argument, attempted by many others, doesn't hold true. Jimmy Johnson made this argument last year, and Citizen had a good reply to him. See below.
      But, if you don't buy this argument maybe you can contact Jimmy and you both can try to find ways where you can hold the US accountable, so Israel can be somehow redeemed of its current criminal behavior that breaks international established law today. Best of luck.

       July 18, 2014, 7:27 am
      @ Jimmy Johnson
      And it’s dishonest of you not to mention this is no longer the 19th Century, and since then we’ve had two world wars resulting in the Nuremberg and Toyko trials and their Geneva progeny. Your argument would reinstate the cave man clan wars, would mean nothing good has come from so many million deaths in the 20th Century. The UN may be corrupt, and international laws and institutions may be weak and selective via enforcement, but they do exist. Israel in this sense is a regressive state operating outside and against existing international law, including all of it Israel itself has signed on to. The US is not helping its own increasingly bad reputation by rubber-stamping Israel, funding it, and immunizing it from accountability to international law.
      - See more at:

    • A4Tech quote :'the term “American Zionist” is an apt descriptor of the Americans who still believe in America is a white country for white people, and an American is by default white person unless he or she is something-American. These people are a major part of the ruling class of America, just like Zionists rule Israel. '

      Is this is some sort of creative revisionism taken on by someone who pretends they're a Muslim. I know you came to MW via the Weir/JVP debate and use JVP to buttress your arguments,so what chapter of JVP do you come from? It seems that they should better educate you about the misinformation you write above about.

    • A4tech:

      Sorry, it's difficult to believe that you are a Muslim with that meager response. Lying on your first comment about being Muslim is a red flag for Hasbara (there have been plenty of this style hasbaraists on this site over the years).

      Then you go on to say that all American Zionists are:

      "American Zionists are just as cunning, two-faced, power-mad emotionally deficient sociopaths as their Israeli counterparts."

      -I think you need to work on your shtick, because you're all over the place.

      Last, why openly make some prejudicial claims about white people? You're the one sounding like the racist with your slander of white people. If I'm a Greek, am I white? Are Italians white people?

    • a4tech:

      Kay24 presents all these quotes (which you asked for) where Israel leaders say they (wish to!) control America [USA] and you can't even accept what she presented as reality? When she provides the evidence you call her an anti-semite. Does burying you head in the sand about Israel's machinations on American Mid East foreign Policy bother you?

      And you say your a Muslim? Sure you are. Why lie about being a Muslim, when it's so obvious you're a Zionist? So many hasbaraists take this tact, misrepresenting that they are someone else, when it becomes so obvious they are not.

      a4tech [first post]: (“As a Muslim, even I can sense the latent anti-semitism in Allison’s (Weir) so called campaign for justice for Palestinians, however subtle it may be.”)

    • Yes. They really seem to stack the deck on their behalf.
      Also a reason why they never debate Zionism and Israel
      in the public square. They'll lose...
      Only candidates can say 'I support Israel' because their
      political coffers depends on it. Even Jim Webb in the
      last democrat debate, was kissing Israel ass to get some
      green for his underfunded campaign.

    • 'peanuts' is the successful strategy for Israel. Make small steps so it doesn't upset the international community regarding their apartheid vision that reclaims 'land' from 2000 years ago (what a sham!). That's why the occupation has lasted for decades. It's an occupier's strategy that only steals a little at a time, therefore less people turn their heads. But, the downside is that those watching see the 50+ year occupier is a thief and conniver. So which is better for the long term?

    • Question: is the president of the US really toothless against settlements?
      Does he have to bite his tongue and endure this humiliation from our little
      apartheid loving Israelite brothers & sisters?

      Will house & senate democrats not support Obama if he withheld Israel
      weapons and loan guarantees today, all the pork they need to survive?

  • All Israeli politics is local -- it's American
    • Carlo: 'She’s perfectly right to seek such a candidate...'

      Exactly, Carlo. Gotta start somewhere to clean up the foreign policy of the USA. But you mention outdated examples of the Roosevelt era which are nearly last century, not sure what that accomplishes.

      I'd say Israel is a bigger problem than Cuba or Hawaii, that is if your not a zionist supporter. And the 'fat cat zionists' are the ones inside the US that manipulate politicians like undignified pawns.
      If Israel is a garrison state of the global US enterprise,
      what is Israel defending for the US, and what does the US empire gain? Surely it's not upholding liberal western values.

  • The Case for Parallel States: Excerpt from 'One Land, Two States: Israel and Palestine as Parallel States'
    • a4tech: ("As a Muslim, even I can sense the latent anti-semitism in Allison's so called campaign for justice for Palestinians, however subtle it may be.")

      Your first comment here says that you are Muslim, As you showed up during the Weir/JVP debate.

      Are you really a Muslim, or another Robert Werdine?

    • Boomer,

      Nice idea in theory, but it assumes that Palestinians have lost (which they haven't) and that the US government and their 50 states should absorb the people that the US & the seedy co-opting zionist agents have indirectly helped destroy for more than 60 years.

      And if Israel gets this wish of eradicating all Palestinians, do you think their 'security needs', will end there? Look forward 50 years and we're sure to hear more of greater Israel muttering, 'we need to press on and take more of the Golan, parts of Jordan', etc. When you feed this beast it only gets hungrier, as it should have been slayed at Camp David.

      Israel doesn't have the political capacity to actually write a constitution after 60 years, and they are obviously treated with kid gloves with their ad nauseam holocaust industry. Without Uncle Sam, Europe and zionist propaganda throughout the west, they would be finished. All they do is take, never giving (only to their political agendas). The zionists have created their own unhealthy state in the middle east, twisting political arms to achieve their ends, meaning they don't have any real allies in the world. At this point, Israel should have one real ally in the region, but it doesn't. Go figure...

      After 60+ years, a nation like Japan has rebuilt itself and moved on from WWII, but the Zionists (still fighting what seems to be WWII) make all these claims about being great, but don't produce much value in the world to show their success. They still milk the West for all they can, and can't even pretend that they are a western democracy in today's world. The rubber never meets the road when it comes to Israel, it's become a over-nurtured disaster that every politician is afraid to touch.

    • Was it Hertzl's dream or other Jews centuries before who wanted to reestablish Jerusalem as the Jewish State?

      In 1799 Napeolean "published a proclamation in which he invites all the Jews of Asia and Africa to gather under his flag in order to re-establish the ancient Jerusalem. He has already given arms to a great number, and their battalions threaten Aleppo"
      It seems here that someone else was also yearning for some return to the holy land, all the while lobbying Napolean.

      Was Israel more about a long term dream of Jews in Europe, than a refuge for post WWII? It seems like it's the grass is always greener from where you stand.

    • 'and that we pay to make that happen.'

      I disagree, because it seems to allow the Zionists their intended victory of occupation and the US will continue to pay the price. The Zionists are the ones responsible for this, and their political arm twisting, not the US citizens.

      And what will be built in the US a few new towns with a disney-like inspired Al Aqsa, so the Palestinians can feel comfy and the Israelis can take over Jerusalem and rebuild their sacrificial temple?

      Sorry, but the Palestinians have dragged their feet, because they want to live where they've lived for centuries before the Zionists arrived last century.

  • Netanyahu's craziness is calculated, to drive out Palestinians
    • The Demjanjuk case was pure show. It didn't make sense that he was identified by 11 holocaust survivors who could identify Demjanjuk, and the forged Nazi ID card, etc.

      And In a couple of decades when Israel collapses, all the IDF warriors will be saying:

      'we were only following the orders'

  • 'NYT' op-ed blaming 'Facebook' for violence parrots Netanyahu and gets push from ADL
    • ADL should change it's title to JADL, because they did/do little to help Muslims when they have been targeted in the US after 9-11. Callnig themselves "the nation's premier civil rights/human relations agency" when they only work 95% for Jewish interest is disingenuous. (Its sister org., SPLC is not much better.)

      JADL or ZADL would be fine.

  • Anniversary of Rabin assassination is marked by incitement
    • Zionists are already using the 'sieg heils' excuse of the opposing fans behavior.
      Here's Liel Leibovitz take on it at Tablet. (Notice the sloppy author seems to justify
      it by closing with -so what, this tribe is my tribe-):

      "It’s no longer so fashionable to recall, but Herzl’s Zionist dream, his original vision, reveled not only in a Jewish state toiling towards utopia but also in Jews free to behave badly, confident enough to leave their sovereign nation for a few days and fly to another and behave like absolute brutes. That’s what I saw last night on TV: savages, but ours; animals, but roaring in our ancient tongue. I wish they hadn’t hurt anyone. I wish Beitar hadn’t lost 5-1. But it’s soccer, and it’s tribal, and this tribe’s mine."

  • Karmah Elmusa rocks Elle Magazine
    • Yes, of course there are plenty of other ways to use a new styled 'megaphone'.
      But the megaphone shows the corrupt nature of skewing polls to favor
      apartheid-ville. Anything to outsmart, and lacks integrity to the greater populace is a win for Israel. Most people don't get that this is how it works, but how else could such a minority win such great portions of support? It isn't magic, but it's definitely tricks.

    • Are Trolls still using the 'windows megaphone tool' to bombard comment sections today? It was certainly a great idea to skew polls and comments boards, although grossly distorts the general opinion.

  • Glen Weyl's agonizing journey to boycott the country he loves
    • Good point about rentier ecomony (income without labor/ those who get rich in their sleep) and this quote is disturbing:
      "...So while progressive taxes may serve as a short-term palliative, we should focus on giving the most capable part of the population better incentives to innovate, while allowing everyone else to benefit from their brilliance as rentiers."

      This is worth reading about neoliberalism and reniers:

      'Phil’s ongoing search for a Jewish white knight to ride to his aid in slaying the Zionist dragon.'
      I've thought the same thing before about this penchant to find this mythical warrior, this David character that stands up to the zionist Goliath. Perhaps you need to call this fabled unknown entity, the Messiah of Anti Zion, because it follows that tradition of Judaism where one searches for a messiah/moshiach. But, I think in reality it's more like Waiting for Godot.

    • Page: 14
    • Reminds me of the other chivalrous knight, Peter Beinart.

      And the 'My People' shtick sounds a bit dated for a 30 year old prodigy
      for having 'spent 6 months agonizing over every word of this piece'.

  • Shoving of SJP activist seen as part of campaign of ‘intimidation’ on campus
    • Max, those are your best quotes? get real... are you 15 about years old. Is this is an exercise to feel like a 'victim' since nothing good is coming out of the bowels of Israeli propaganda. Probably so...

  • (Update) This year for Halloween your child too can help defend the Israeli occupation
    • I'd say this is for kids on the upper west side or deep in Brooklyn, or any other Jewish ethnic neighborhoods. No American kids are going to don an idf uniform. I don't think these costumes should be banned, it will show the neighborhood & communities what type of ideology exists in their social circles, where the parents endorse an occupation army and use their kid as a political statement. That's classy!

    • great comment at Amazon!

      Hasbara R Us
      By Amazon Customer on October 27, 2015

      Your child can set up check points all around the neighborhood and take all the other children's candy claiming its his/her God given right. If they refuse or fight back your child can act out with excessive force while claiming or crying out anti Semitism. Fun for him/her not so much everyone else!



  • Executed: Dania Ersheid, 17, from Hebron
    • "@jon s has no such excuse because he emigrated from the USA to live on stolen land in a stolen country. "

      Great point Yoni. Why do so many of these hypocrites even exist? Not that Jon would ever give a straight answer as to why he would behaves one way in the US, but actively supports and covers for the criminal state's actions. And it's not only Jon, there are plenty of these slippery characters who have no ------Integrity--- when it comes their support for Israel. It's truly disgusting, but why are there so many of them and why is this so common?

  • Open letter to Mayor Bill De Blasio on his upcoming trip to Israel
    • And only yesterday the NY Times practically rubber stamps the trip to Israel:
      "The pilgrimage to Israel is virtually required of New York City mayors, a high-profile opportunity to show solidarity with a large and influential Jewish constituency back home."

      If Jim Jones ever figured out that 'indoctrination tours' for US politicians would be such a success, I'm sure The Peoples Temple Agricultural Project would be alive and successful in Guyana today.

      And note what a statement coming in part from JVP after the IAK smear campaign:
      "The false charges of “anti-Semitism” have been repeatedly used by Israel advocacy groups to smear and silence peaceful, lawful organizations, scholars, and students in the US for speaking out against Israel’s policies—policies that many Israeli Jews also oppose.'
      I suppose the old adage of 'it takes one to know one' should apply here.

      *Editors should add an indoctrination tab at the top of the page, as it's a topic that never seems to quit.

  • New Black-Palestinian Solidarity video features Lauryn Hill, Rasmea Odeh, Danny Glover
  • On Bret Stephens' hate speech
    • Marnie, he's a Jewish supremacist, both his parents are Jewish - he's not ignorant about things at all. Jewish people I know rarely consider themselves white, although their entitlement often far exceeds any white person's entitlement that I've met.

  • Adelson will mold Rubio into 'perfect little puppet' -- Trump
    • A better cartoon would be Adelson on a blue & white sleigh with his
      two Havanese puppies, Cruz and Rubio, running ahead to get the
      golden chalupa hung from a stick above. Onward, mush!

  • Netanyahu approves mandatory prison for stone-throwers
    • This 'conflict' is a ludicrous rigged game in the world today, which is why people are so fascinated with the continued hoax. It's like the media is gaslighting us to believe that there's no occupation.

      Israel is a corrupt agent/nation (using various forms/schemes of victimization to enable their criminal occupation ~ note DeBlasio's trip to Israel this week) that casts itself to be some form of problem resolution from WWII that we must continue to endure. That's what the stale message is to the US and the compliant corporate media stenographers.

      But Democrats like Hillary, Bernie, Trump aren't going to say anything significant against our occupier/criminal friendship, or risk the ire of the group retaliation and forego the chance of rising in the political sphere. And why would any pols hurt their self interests and criticize something that a majority of the electorate have no real understanding about and are often misled by agencies like the NYTimes, Washington Post, etc.? The last century has moreoften proven that the US is certainly not a moral nation, but a nation of power and rule, and Israel is the project of the 1% zionist class.

  • Hectored by Zionist wannabe archaeologists, 'NYT' recasts article on Jewish temples
    • I watched that documentary and that was the most interesting part
      - the foundation stone.

      These nutters will also tell you the messiah is coming, but that part of the hoax will keep the religion churning, look at Chabadnik search for the messiah. They should have picked the dicey Jacob Frank as the messiah. Many Warsaw and Prague families arose out of Frankism and the US Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter is reported to have had a portrait of Eva Frank from his mother [50 Jewish Messiahs; chapter 21]

  • Netanyahu's 44 seconds of silence at UN are being widely mocked -- 'pathetic,' 'creepy'
    • Marnie, I know and I imagine that Naftali Bennett is next in line to be the next little emperor of Israel.

    • Citizen,

      Here's a good documentary on Dimona that covers a lot of the JFK period.

    • Sad, like one of those people you invite to a party and all they do is complain
      because they never have enough of something they really want and cannot get.
      Makes me almost feel pity for the people of Israel that have this type of leader.

  • Parents of slain Palestinian teen say Israeli forces planted knife
    • Brazilian Marcel Leme was smart to get out of Israel and then release the photos. What would a 100lb woman do with a small knife against a group of IDF soldiers with a rifle pointed at her head? And people in the US pay more attention to a lion being killed this summer than this woman being slaughtered by our great ally Israel.

      The cover up indicates that Israel can't endure another blatant killing, and only a few months ago Mike Huckbee is there fundraising for his US political campaign. And what's worse is that people in the US still think that Bernie Sanders is the best choice for president, when he can't even say what his position is on Israel Palestine. We're decades away from progress on Israel and their cesspool stench of occupation. I'd say get used to it, for it's only getting worse.

  • Anti-WASP tropes in the 'NYT'
    • It could be Allan Bloom. Brooks never said whom it was at the time, as he was probably selling new a book. thanks.

    • I thought it was Larchmont Lockjaw...

      Even though I understand what Brooks is aiming to do, he wouldn't do the same to his own tribe. But WASPs are fair game for the Jewish media establishment. They love kicking them so they can take their place - all the while telling themselves how righteous they are.

      But It takes one to know one as Brooks, who is much like Jeb Bush in his reserved and even shy boy mannerisms. Who made him a republican anyway? He's a Rino type.

      Once he said why he shifted from being on the left to the right. He said one person caused him to shift his core beliefs, but I never knew who he referred to. No matter, the Times needed a safe guy for liberals to spar with and they got actor Brooks to fill the stage. Him and Ruth Marcus on PBS were absolutely nauseating to listen to.

  • Pope Francis, American churches, and Palestinian rights
    • YoniFalic,

      What's bad about the Aleinu prayer?

    • Let's not confuse things - you're the mondo-weisser of the two of us…

      Keith: The bottom line is that based upon the historical brutality and war mongering of “Christians,” it is ludicrous to claim some lofty Christian morality compared to other religions.

      That's YOUR bottom line but I'm not convinced of the argument about Christianity as war mongerers( you even slip in that the 'Christian religion was not the driving force behind all of this') Much of the colonial plundering was done by Spanish & English royalty in Europe, not the majority of Christians of the world.
      Genghis was a Tengrist, so are Tengrists responsible for the Mongol conquests of his day? But the conquerors of Spain did bring their missions to convert thy 'heathens', which was a decision of the Spanish Monarch I assume.

      Whereas, the Jewish state under the guise of political Zionism robs the Palestinians of their land and brings transplanted women & children to the land, and thus makes religion the central component of it.

    • Yonah : aligning anti Zionism with anti Judaism as Chu does here is a way of telling the Jews, keep your swords handy, because these haters of Israel are haters of Jews and Judaism.

      I recall you were the one a few years back who said you had Israel settlers as nephews who are illegally occupying another people's land - this was when you were thinking of leaving Israel because it wasn't worth it and you were conflicted. So i'm sure the swords are already sharpened in your family and ready to go regardless of how I understand ancient Jewish history.

    • Keith “This led to Christianity becoming a great universal religion and a moral one that respected all….”
      Surely you jest. History tells quite a different story."

      Two parts
      1. Christianity became a great universal religion - I don't think you deny that it's
      the world largest religion and has a universal human quality. If I made the same comment about Islam, would you also say 'surely you jest'?

      2. 'A moral one that respected all.' I think that most Christians today would say this is the case, and why I said the institution of religion has fouled it up. I was referring to the core beliefs of Christianity . Surely your parents were Christian, so you should have some idea about it.

    • Sbiriak,
      Christianity, is hardly universal at all: it has divided humanity into believers and unbelievers and condemned the latter to eternal damnation.
      It's universal because of the 2 billion adherents global compared to 14 million Jews, but the moral aspect of christianity has been relative over the centuries. I was trying to say that Christianity was more inclusive, at the time of Christ than Judaism and the idea that they are a people apart. 'condemning to eternal damnation' Who does this? I think this represents the 'sins' of people within the group. Christian zios/ fringe groups make this claim, but do majority Catholics and Protestants? I don't believe so.

      “Wandering Jew” is itself myth history, a fable largely invented by Christians and deeply implicated in Christian anti-Semitic ideology."
      I've haven't read Invention of the Jewish People yet, but isn't the racism and hatred of others without a cause, the very sin that destroyed the ancient Jewish community from within and led to its destruction and exile, leaving them to wander?

      To root anti-Zionism in anti-Jewish mythology, as you seem to be doing, would be a huge intellectual, moral and political error.
      Yonah already said that, but I think it's fair to delve into the history of Jewish racism in the Tanakh or Talmud. So often we hear Rabbis in Israel or the US spout many racist ideas and you have to wonder, is this only caused by the ideology of Zionism this last century?

    • All good points that you make. The pope needed to warm the people with a universal message of love, not come here like Netanyahu and lobby the congress to go to war for Israel. Very different messages of the two leaders.

      Jesus Christ had done in his life what someone was bound to do eventually - stand up and say the opposite of what the pharisees preached, which is why they charged him with blasphemy. Love thy neighbor as thyself was never words muttered from the Judean Pharisees, and Jesus challenged their racial creed and war against thy neighbors.
      This led to Christianity becoming a great universal religion and a moral one that respected all (although the institution of religion has surely fouled up that message all too often), whereas the Judahites were left to wander the world and now this last century reconstruct some fabled history on the backs of Arabs.

  • Everyone's kicking AIPAC now that it's down
    • The liberal Zionist group J Street is the white knight of the NPR piece and the New Yorker piece; but as the head of J Street makes clear in NPR’s story, he doesn’t want aid to Israel politicized. Jeremy Ben-Ami is all for more aid to Israel.

      I'm not sure AIPAC is losing power - my guess is that they'll use their controlled opposition, J Street, to play along for a few more years. AIPAC will/can probably decentralize and operate in smaller echo chambers and think tanks.
      No one in the presidential debates have muttered any criticism of Israel. If we start to see true opposition to Israel policy in the next presidential debates, I will believe that AIPAC is headed for the dustbin. Sure this is hopeful news, but a ways away from any significant change.

    • Also this is good reading:

      Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) ignores seven (7)
      Foreign Agent Registration Act orders - 1938-1960

  • Coulter's point is that Republicans pander on Israel to win donors, not voters
    • Jeb was reaching with that response. Everyone knows GW was a moron
      before and after 9-11. At least he's retired and began safer activities like
      water colouring

      Remember his Texas amigo, DC Press Speaker Scott McClellan, accused
      GW of self deception. And McClellan was the mouthpiece of the White House at the time. He couldn't say lied, because he'd likely be implicated in the racket.

    • They may be about 2% but in previous election cycles, per Washington Post, they have contributed up to 60% of the election money.
      ["Democratic candidates depend on Jewish supporters to supply as much as 60 percent of the money raised from private sources."]

      Thanks why sycophants like Huckabee and stooges Cruz/Rubio bend over backwards for them. Rubio's like a horse in a race for a Maimi Jewish Billionaire, While Cruz is another horse for a separate Jewish billionaire. Both are in large measure pre-programmed stooges for a foreign national interest. No wonder Trump is soaring in the polls, as the electorate sees what low-life bottom feeders make it to the stage.

  • I am Israeli
    • I always thought, somewhat joking, that there needs to be a Betty Ford-type clinic for post-zionism. There are obviously a lot of people that may feel the same way as you and Elliot, but may not have the ability to grapple the task of deprogramming. A sad instance this summer was a young woman who jumped off the roof of a building in mid town who was an ex Belz Hasid. She ended her life because she felt alone and did not want to be part of her religion and all that it entailed. Her letter told the story:
      A lot of people are not as independent as others and need some sort of group to link to to make it in this world.

      HBO recently had an impactful documentary about Scientology, the Prison of Belief that interviewed so many well intentioned people within the group that were led astray by their leaders. And they encountered the same tactics of ostracization from the leaders and the collective group. It was the same type of goldstoning tactics at hand, albeit a different religion.

  • AIPAC is going out with a whimper not a bang
    • Clawson couldn't get it from her hands. lol - classic wimpy chickenhawk syndrome.
      At least grampa Cheney is there - who is just about the same caliber of man.

      These think tanks like WINEP are so corrupt and Clawson shows us what a snake he
      is - implying a false flag could work (video below) to get the 'Bomb Iran' campaign going.

  • Racism in Arad: Mayor declares southern Israeli town off-limits to Africans
    • In 1980, Shin Bet put a stop to that plan when the crazy settlers tried to blow up
      The Dome of the Rock. Now it's part Government and Settlers that are causing
      above ground agitation. Like the West Bank -slowly they chip away at The Dome.

      Why do you think Israel wants to build a third temple so badly there? Is this the major
      prize - the crown jewel for Israelis to legitimize their existence? What's your take on the issue?

    • Israelis seem to have it so tough. If only the world could understand the crux of their ethnocentric nature. ~ The more Israel develops in this new century, the less likely the concept of a democratic state seems. It is as if the 'democracy idea' became a set of abandoned training wheels.

      And they are still working at destroying the Al Aqsa Mosque, albeit a very slow effort. It adds up to one big mess that even US political stooges can't embrace.

  • Obama gets Wasserman Schultz-- and salutes her 'homeland' with a Netanyahu valentine
    • It should be something like - 'Israel - our most needy ally ever'

      Even the word ally is tough to endorse. Allies
      don't disrespect the standing president of the USA regardless
      of who is in power. It's a one way street with Israel, and if Yahu
      were replaced tomorrow, we're sure to see someone even nuttier.

      Too bad Israelis are on a crash course headed to pariah status.
      I guess Zoinism is about cutting off the nose, to spite the face.
      Like a drug user of sorts, maybe they need to hit rock bottom -
      as they can only go up from there with an intense 12 step program.
      Some uber-Zionist should put some seed money into a
      Betty Ford type Clinic for Zionism.

    • And eye-liner as well. There's a show called 'What Not to Wear'
      that could help her out.

    • 'Israel, our most staunch ally in the region'

      man - she needs to freshen up on her outdated AIPAC script.
      and maybe relax that fro...

  • Debacle for the Israel lobby: Booker jilts Boteach, and Netanyahu sinks AIPAC
  • Videos: Brave Tamimi women of Nabi Saleh take down Israeli soldier assaulting injured child
    • What an immoral people, and this is what bernie sanders is defending/protecting? I'd love for bernie to man up and talk candidly about Israel. If he wants to be president of the USA he should tell us where he stands. Come clean Bernie, let your followers know. Maybe someone can ask him in the next town hall meeting.

  • Hockenberry skewers Menendez for double standard on Israeli nukes and killings of civilians
  • Congressman Ted Lieu, are you really in bed with AIPAC?
  • Defying Obama on Iran deal, Schumer cites Hamas
    • At this point it does seem like posturing, but I am surprised that the new senate leader would betray the president of the USA and the democratic party. Many news site comments, left or right, are calling this for what it is.

      If it fails, they should take back the Pollard bonus.

  • Pelosi says Iran deal has the votes, and Podhoretz urges Israel to attack Iran
    • It's scary to think about it. - I could see some gov't nut
      falling on the sword to eliminate more enemies of Israel.

      and since their nuke program is classified, we don't even know what
      the protocols are for launching one. I assume a host of clearances
      are req'd, but who knows in crazy town.

    • They could never use nukes. It would be over for them and would completely
      dismantle the apartheid state of Israel.

  • MSM avoids central Pollard question: Did Israel trade secrets to Soviets for emigres?
  • 'This is our Israel, this is for the Jews. No Palestinian should come to Israel': A Palestinian-American's story of being detained at Ben Gurion airport
  • Video: Israelis in West Jerusalem call for attack on Iran
    • A deranged cult in the heart of the Arab world. But US pols continue to underwrite this mess because of zionist dollars. How corrupt.

  • Angela Merkel makes a 14-year old Palestinian girl cry by telling her she is not welcome in Germany
    • stogie god? ~ is that like king of beer

      If you believe Germany needs to continue to pay for Israel’s crimes, no doubt you think that the USA should endlessly fund Israel’s defense. By this logic, if Israel manages to survive, the Jewish state will be paying for their crimes well into the 22nd century. Hasn’t Germany paid enough for holocaust reparations? Accept responsibility for your Jewish homeland, instead of expecting an entitlement from western nations. Furthermore, Zionist Jews in Europe had their eyes on Palestine before Hitler ever rose to power. You should check your privilege. (I was interested in a response from Scott, not your jerk-off insults.)

      October1937 - David Ben Gurion writes to his son —“What we really want is not that the land remain whole and unified. What we want is that the whole and unified land be Jewish. A unified Eretz Israel would be no source of satisfaction for me– if it were Arab.”

    • Perhaps I'm misunderstanding you, but are you implying that because of Germany's role war in WWII 70+ years later, Germany should absorb the Palestinian refugees because of Israel's continued displacement of them?

      What about the right of return?
      It's been said "The palestinians are the last victims of Hitler", which is such bogus deflection.

  • California students resist authorities’ attempt to conflate criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism
    • No other group of any type in the world devotes so much time (any time really) to claiming people hate them and creating groups to sniff out anyone who may hate them and to dwelling on events from hundreds and thousands of years ago that enforce this worldview.

      And now with hate crime laws in effect, pushed by the ADL, we are in a new realm of reality.
      Seems like the hate charge lurks everywhere in the MSM, Huff Post type commentary, and youth freely lob accusations of who is a hater. What a pre-programmed society we live in.

      I suppose BDS will be associated with hate soon enough. Wait for it...

    • great point.

      Last month I read an article by Rabbi Alissa Wise of JVP , explaining in her youth she visited 3 extermination camps in her Jewish youth program. (and explains that her mentors blamed Christianity in part for it). This is more common than I thought for America Jewish kids to engage in this victim/indoctrination, as it solidifies their Zionist character development. Israel students also make annual trips to Auschwitz for similar indoctrination (see film Defamation).

      Alissa Wise: "In High School, I visited Auschwitz, Majdonek and Bergen-Belsen concentration camps with my Jewish youth movement. We were told stories of how the Christian world was complicit in Nazism and their crimes. I sobbed and wailed at each visit to the camps, horrified and disturbed. I knew then my life would be about interrupting today’s violence and hatred however I could."

    • So the international zionists that work for Israel abroad, deem it necessary to change the US law instead of telling Israel to adhere to international laws & ending their 6 decade occupation?

      Seems like the actions of a desperate cult, who scoffs at the current system of US laws, but yet we have the leading democratic candidate Hillary joining hands with Republicans to publicly oppose BDS.

      What kind of world will we live in 15 years time? It's frightening to think about it if nothing changes.

  • Hillary Clinton promises megadonor she will work with Republicans-- to oppose BDS
    • Kucinich had more integrity than any candidate in both parties today, but the media trashed him as an undeveloped man of sorts.

      Also Ron Paul won a straw poll debate a few years ago, and Fox news, edited him from the top slot. It was grounds for a lawsuit, and really trashy standards for Fox, but the other media outlets said little to nothing about it.

  • 'Fresh Air' turns a critique of the occupation into an Oedipal issue
    • Strange how the diaspora Zionists like Gross, are quicker to sweep discussion under the rug than an Israeli like Moverman.

      Hopefully oneday Moveman can produce a film about the occupation that captures the essence of its rotten, stinking reality.

  • Netanyahu likens BDS to Nazi Germany
    • 'Try as I can, I can’t actually think of any other defense.'

      When you get caught by someone, the usual mode for the rest of
      society is to admit that you were caught. I was remarking
      that Israel uses the tactic of 'blame someone else somewhere'.

      That tactic is shady and irresponsible, and it's no wonder why
      Israel has really no allies in the world. You think after 60+ years
      existing in the Arab world they'd have maybe one true ally.

      Why is it they have none?

    • It's deceptive and cynical Israeli politicians at work using
      judo-like political techniques to white wash their corrupt state.

      The position of the Israeli gov't seems to be when you're in a corner
      accuse someone else of something worse i.e. play offense. They usually
      accuse Muslims for everything, but BDS is their next target.

      This will motivate the US congress to write laws against BDS, as Congress
      is the collective handmaiden of the Jewish State- they change the curtains when Israel asks them for cover. All brought to you by American Jewish Zionism.

    • Last time I checked BDS isn't the one with a Auschwitz-Birkenau Gazan prison camp.

      Israel leaders have only become more duplicitous as decades
      of occupation have passed, and it shows us where Israel is headed.

  • 'You have dual citizenship with Israel' -- NPR host hits Sanders with internet canard
    • B’nai Brith: "...whether he is also an Israeli citizen reinforces tropes that Jews are first and foremost loyal to Israel. "

      Those tropes are often the truth. Look at Schmuly Boteach running for Congress. That man clearly is more pro-Israel than pro-American, which is why he was routed in the election in 2012. Voters went 3 to 1 for the other candidate.

  • Front-page attack in New York Times says BDS movement is driven by minorities' 'hostility toward Jews'
    • you're right about Phil's concern. He has said so at the outset of this blog.
      Israel is embarrassing to the progressive agenda of many American Jews, but has extended to every political American sphere of politics. This is decades of suppression. Imagine being in the democratic part like like Kucinich, and trying to carry water for Israel apartheid.

    • I.M., this thread is getting way too long, but if 60% of American Jews favor boycott (1%+-/-)
      that should be indicative for the cross section of the American public, although the media encourages people's humdrum opinions. (I watch CNN Wolf Blitzer twice a week).

      A boycott is a healthy alternative to another Gaza slaughter.

    • BDS in it's current state is an ineffective tactic. It would be comparable to the world boycotting the USA, but only really boycotting Montana.

      I could not find the stats on this, but what percent of Israel GDP is being boycotted? It's probably under 2%. (Israel global GSP is about .05%)

      Here's the website Algemeiner boasting how ineffective BDS has been last decade:

      If BDS is going to be an effective tool against the occupation, why not go whole hog?
      boycotting is also a scare tactic, that will encourage those within Israel to do something.
      Imagine an art exhibit by Israelis is not permitted in many nations. Israelis then feel the door is closing on them - being shunned for a rotten state. It encourages them to change, their wicked direction of their government.

      (ckg - I understand your position, but I think BDS can be more. why would people engage in a boycott that only boycotts less than 5% of the systemic problem)

    • ckg,

      In the political realm, it may be difficult to get the votes for full BDS, but do you think the results would be different? I'd venture to say likely not. If a large growing group threatens Israel with a complete boycott, it will encourage those inside Israeli (universities, political orgs, youth) to step up their game and fight against a seemingly ever dominating fascist government.

      This boycott around the edges is confusing to the average person outside the realm of truly understanding of the conflict. A complete BDS effort against the state of Israel, will hasten their occupation that is dragging on for Decades! Israelis should start to worry about full BDS because it is going to happen sooner or later, because their leadership is asunder and corrupt with racism, and not to mention their Napoleonic complex.

    • Blaine is correct. A total boycott for the State of Israel is required,
      and none of this around the edges crap that is too hard for most
      people to understand what to and what not to boycott.

      And once (if ever) Israelis clean up their sloppy occupation and
      land grabs, then the boycott can be lifted.

  • Rudoren covers up Shaked's genocidal statements in 'NYT'
    • C-God, excellent idea that I've thought about for years. Nytimes pretends to be a liberal newspaper, but if they had a Muslim columnist who shared their experiences in the Arab realm, it would undermine the delicate narrative that Zionism is victim in the Arab world.
      Picking Jodi after Bronner was a clear sign they were choosing a neophyte who they could shape to become Israel's stenographer. It was a like a band aid on a leaking pipe to select her - NYTimes is desperate to shape the perception that Israel is the victim, not the aggressor, in Palestine/Israel conflict.
      But it's refreshing to continually see that all of the Times readers, when allowed to comment, side against the State of Israel that we see today.

  • Forgiving the anti-Semites
    • Great point. It would be like every time I go to an Indian reservation to get some smokes, I would have to apologize for Wounded Knee.

  • Graham and Rubio are dependent on pro-Israel money in bid for White House
    • doesn't matter who they are. They are part of the chorus of the
      pro-Israel beltway gospel.

      They'll steer the debates with their Likud agenda.

  • When it comes to untrustworthiness, the U.S. trumps Iran
    • Imagine any media pundit and/or guest trying to debate this list
      in the television realm?

      They wouldn't have a job the following day. USA, home of the free
      and the brave!

  • Rand Paul greeted by neocon opposition, in $1 million ad calling him 'dangerous'
    • True. I think Hillary should wait as long as possible to announce, because I can see her numbers sinking as we move forward. She's the establishment and part of some deranged Clintonian legacy crap that is eerily reminiscent of the Bushes. I feel like the feudal oligarchy has been
      foisted upon us.

      Americans don't see it but the world does see how we reelect families now. what a bore.

  • Mondoweiss Exclusive: One on One with Rep. Steve Israel
    • Agree, I could see how Adam's article about Netanyahu was clearly satire, but is this interview?

      I don't know much about Steve Israel, but did this interview take place, because it could
      sort of come off as slander, putting false words in his mouth, etc.

      Anywho - can Scott clarify if the interview is truth or not?

    • That was a joke by the Congressman I suppose - Jewish humor at its best. The more he got into the interview it was like watching another personality evolve like Sybil rearing her multiple personality disorder. Even it were a joke to him, he basically laughed in the interviewer's face.

      But, joke or not he sounded like two faced Congressman of the highest order. Probably a phony Liberal Zionist, but a Likud-bwoy at heart. First he's apologizing for his Israel-First positions and then at the end he's calling the USA president (of his own party) 'Hussein', and then concludes that he's only loyal to Israel.

      Watch your back Obama, Chuck Shumer and his Mensheviks are sharpening their blades while your trying to make a peace with the Persians to avoid another Neocon War.

  • Video: Max Blumenthal on the ways Zionism exploits anti-Semitism
    • Zionists can't accept the fact that they've destroyed the Arab levant prior to Israel's creation (they only see what they want to see within their own group-centered development). Zionists only care about what's good for themselves, while Israelis ignore the reality of the place they are in, the Arab sphere.

      Get real though. Imagine an unending stream of Russians coming to Connecticut pushing out all the indigenous and saying 'it's our land now'. What a foreign act of usurping it would be! And surely Massachusetts and New York, etc would have big problems with the mess from these occupying hordes. But this goes on for 60+ years and the Israelis continue to want more. And all people like you do is make excuses for their crimes! sick...

    • Great point. All the zionists gutted the levant, alienated the Arab world with their ever expanding borders, and yet somehow feel as though they are the victim of it all. It's such a boring story where the aggressor plays the eternal victim.

      The need to drop the act, and fess up to their crimes.

  • 12 pretty good signs you're vacationing in an apartheid country
    • great format to convey the story - and trolls will have a harder time dissecting this type of format, because it's first hand observation and doesn't fit into their worn out hasbara playbook rebuttals.

  • American Jews are taking back their power from Israel
  • I want my country back
    • Is this more of the establishment Jews taking controlling of the narrative that
      you predicted a few days ago? They are not going to do it! They are worthless,
      ineffective, and dishonest with themselves. A diaspora cult that is more odd
      each day passing.

      Come on, stop pretending that Rudoren wasn't a hand picked Brooklyn
      apparatchik, as this article is a further example of her stenography on display.

  • Who can save Israel now?
    • I think he refers to Phil's attempt to shine a light on Israel and get it to change,
      but it can't be changed any longer. They've reached the point of no return. lol
      Sad, what a waste to have went full-bore cult on the world.
      Today Israel's ziocane is 99.9% pure

  • It was a bad week for the Israel lobby
    • The Israel story is such a tired tale, everyone is fatigued. It's probably time that the usurpers surprise us all and talk about a 1967 return and even more. You can't come in and take valuable archaeological sites and call them your own - it's an obvious and boring display of charlatanism.

      The idea of 'Israel' could have been a good one, but they royally botched it and chose the wrong site for the 'promised land' in the heart of the Arab world which they seem to despise. Cant they see their plan is backfiring? I dunno... Give them 20 more years and the ruling party in Israel will be called Brothers of Masada.

  • Netanyahu's consciousness-raising
  • 'NYT' reports 'surge of hostile sentiment against Jews' nationwide -- on what basis?
    • Bigot? I recall you want Jerusalem as the undivided capitol of Israel, which means eradicating Palestinians from their city. ~Actual that's more about blind support of a criminal action than bigotry. But it's standard fare for zealots.

  • WSJ columnist says 'I'm almost grateful' for attack on kosher supermarket that killed four
    • "You could make a seperate point that the Islamic world has been falling behind generally, and that’s correct."

      [I think you meant to say 'i could']

      If the Islamic world is falling behind, is the Judaic World at the very forefront of the global system then? Because I think about the occupation and blatant connivance of the Jewish state (its occupation & ethnic cleansing, etc). If you think back, there were more Islamic contributions to Medieval Europe than Jewish contributions.

  • Israeli voters not impressed by Netanyahu's speech to Congress
    • thanks for the great video

      28 is too young, no wonder he is so zio addicted.
      Anthony Weiner is about the same brainwave freq.
      dangers of snorting ...

      The part about birth control and multiplying as they wish is racist.
      but hops can probably put lipstick on it.

    • Yahu's performance in the Halls of Congress makes our 'unwavering' alliance (USA/Israel) seem like a cheap and embarrassing relationship. They give us squat and come here to berate us and ask for more.

      Imagine some punter-satellite nation's leader going to Moscow and berating Putin in front of the Council of Ministers while Putin sat in his office? It wouldn't happen. China must be laughing with Russia, with the rest of the world.

      This desperate relationship seems to have turned to a rejected stalker relationship. I can't determine what kind of stalker relationship we are in, but you can decide pixel ;D Yahu comes off as the rejected stalker in my mind. lol

  • Media are stunned by Congress's 'loyalty' to Netanyahu (but refuse to explain it)
  • Why Iran is not and has never been Israel’s #1 enemy
    • I'd say reality is Israel's enemy. Here's a graphic on Palestine's destruction, all the while Israel masquerades as the greater victim to the Congress today.

    • When I heard him mention Purim and Ester, it's clear he sees the US as a proxy for Israel's military problems.

      Do you think that the media will every connect the rally to war for Iran with the Iraq war? Netanyahu was the doing the selling, but last time it was to Congress in 2002.

      Read the Transparent Cabal to understand the agents of war, are the same as today.
      Clean Break Strategy> Became PNAC > which became American policy in 2002.

  • Warren's out, as list of skippers surges, and White House offers Selma for Iran
    • Susan Rice and her Selma analogies was pretty weak. Here's one infographic to the segregated roads in Israel. Segregation Roads.

    • I like how she uses her son, and Selma as political tools. These politicians and their handlers sound very similar in message making. Listen to Samantha Powers, it's very similar at the outset.

      Susan Rice:
      "I brought one of those young people with me, my seventeen year-old son Jake,
      who insisted he had to come to AIPAC... "

      Most seventeen year old really want to get into the AIPAC soiree. Such a monumental event that is invisible to 95% of the american public.

  • Bipartisanship is dead, as Netanyahu, AIPAC, and GOP square off against Obama over Iran
    • Yahu's speech was average. He must have toned to down to appease the leftists at AIPAC.
      They know they don't want to sever that umbilical cord that feeds Israel the endless gov't pork and guarantees.

      It's clear that the US can never be a serious negotiator of peace after this garish cult of personality performance. Seems like the idea of the USA (beacon of liberty, honesty, etc)
      is over. We're all just rearranging the deck chairs of the titanic - talking about change.

    • Bipartisanship is dead, as Netanyahu, AIPAC, and GOP square off against Obama over Iran -

      -While Democratic party holds their jackets.

  • Netanyahu's speech and the American Jewish condition
  • Kerry says Netanyahu was wrong the last time he pushed war for the U.S.
    • Walid, It's time to move on from this hoax. Who believes it except probably
      congresspeople? They probably use J Street to counter the angry calls
      from constituents. I could see them saying 'I support J Street'. Anyway
      J Street should be proud, they gave the occupation another 5 years, and
      perhaps more.

    • Good point about J Street - as they don't even realize they are looking like Israel Firsters. with their obtuse advert. But J Street was always controlled opposition from DAY 1 - similar to Jodi Rudoren being picked as replacement for Eitan Bronner was when she was selected Jerusalem bureau chief for The New York Times. ~All window dressing really.

      If it's all so rigged, then why do so many people refer to the same false choices as offering a choice? This hoax will go on for another decade...

      It's clear to see Israel is a sinking ship, in so many ways, but no zionist wants to tell the tribe they've steered way off course. I would feel some sorrow for them if they weren't so evil to Palestinians - turning off their power in the freezing winter only a few days ago after they bombed them into the stone ago last summer.

  • Israel turns off power to hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in the dead of winter
    • At this point it would be better to see Israel dismantled or to return to the 1948 borders with serious reparations to the Palestinians/Arabs and/or whomever they've made a living hell to these last 60+ years. Even though their occupation is a rotting stench around the globe, the media manages to make it smell much more pleasant in the US.

  • Israel's new Asian allies

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